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Jill's Pet Sponge


The gang was more than happy to help their friend Cindy move into her new house

but what they didn't expect that inside her new house was a very out of this world surprise just waiting for them

Moving Day

Jill’s Pet Sponge


Chapter 1:

It was a windy Saturday afternoon,

when the gang got on their bikes.

 And headed out towards Cindy Moose’s new house to

 help her move in

When they arrived, her front lawn was fill of boxes.

 And two grumpy looking foxes were taking out more boxes

 out of their vans and carrying them into the house

“Oh wow, look at all that stuff.

 No wonder they’re moving into a larger house

“I’m surprised that they could’ve moved around

 without tripping

 over something at their old house.” Tommy Cub laughed

“It’s not that bad Tommy, and hopefully when we’re done.

 We can ask Ms. Moose,

 if she can bake some of her famous chocolate chip cookies

 for us.”

 Cookie told him


“Hey guys, thanks for coming. Pretty messy, huh?”

 Cindy asked them once she joined them outside

“Messy, isn’t the word.” Tommy began

“So, Cindy

 are you excited about moving into your new house?”

 Daisy Penguin interrupted Tommy.

Cindy pointed to a little porch that was sticking out the

 side of the house

Beyond, I finally get to have my own room.

 See that little porch over there that’s were my room is.”

 She answered

“Oh, that’s pretty cool!”

 It’s like having your own little private club house inside

your room.”

 Sammy Turtle smiled

“I don’t see, what’s so cool about it.

I don’t have one in my room.” Cindy’s little sister Jill frowned

“Jill, how many times do I’ve to tell you.

 Since I’m older that’s why I got the bigger room

“I’m sure that your room is going to be just as cool as mines.”

 Cindy sighed


 I can see why you’re so excited about having your own room!”

 Vicky Dragonfly laughed

“Oh, trust me you don’t know just how much!”

 Cindy also laughed


A Weird Discovery

Chapter 2:

A few minutes later they were helping Cindy put

 away the kitchen dishes.

When they heard a strange noise

 coming from underneath the sink

And when Cindy opened the cabinet they all screamed

 as something reached out of it

And tried to grab her

“Jill!” You nearly scared me half to death

 what are you doing in there?”

I thought you left with mom to get some more

 cleaning supplies.”

 Cindy cried out

“How did you get in there?”

 Would be a better question.”

 Sammy asked looking inside the small space

Oh wow,

 you should’ve seen the look on your face. It was great,

 I can’t wait to tell all my friends

“I really thought that you were going to wet your pants!”

 Jill laughed

“You do and you die.

 Why didn’t you go with mom?” Cindy growled

“I wanted to spend some special sister and

 her special friend alone time. That’s why.” Jill smirked

“Awesome.” Cindy smirked back


“Hey Jill,

 you’ve something stuck on the back of your shirt.”

 Vicky told her.

 She picked it from her shirt then held it closer to look at it

“What is it?” Jill asked

“Don’t know. It looks like some dried up old sponge.”

 Vicky shrugged

“Oh, gross I think it just moved!”

 She added

 as she threw it down on the kitchen counter


 that old thing has probably been there for years.”

 Tommy frowned


 maybe it’s an alien creature disgusted as a sponge!”

 Jill happily cried out

“Well, I don’t care what it is.

We better get rid of it before my mom gets back home

 and freaks over it.” Cindy added





It's An Alien Creature

Chapter 3:

A few days later Cindy was walking past Jill’s room

“Check it out,

 it’s some kind of alien creature or something.”

 Jill was telling her best friend Becky Adams

“Oh wow, it sure is gross looking.

 What are you going to do with it?”

 Becky asked.


 But before Jilly had a chance to answer her back

Cindy walked into her room and said

“Jill, what are you doing with that thing?”

 I thought I threw it away.”

“You did. But I took it back out,

 you only threw it away because I was the one who found it.

 And not you.” Jill smirked

“Me?” Jealous; of some smelly old looking sponge.

 Right?” Cindy smirked back

“It’s an alien creature.

 If it just a sponge it would’ve dried up by now.”

 Jill smirked back


 but it’s not an alien creature either.

 And if mom finds it

 she’s going to throw it away you know how

 she gets when it comes to germs.” Cindy told her

“Mines either, where are you going to hide it?”

Becky asked Jill


Jill stretch her head for a moment then got up from her bed.

 And walked over to her closet

“I never thought about it.

 I guess I can put inside one of my shoe boxes for now

“Until I can find a better place for it.”

 Jill shrugged.

 She was about to pull one off the top shelf

When Cindy jumped up from her chair and pushed

 her out of the way


“Hey!” What’s your problem?”

 Jill cried out.

 But instead of getting an answer the whole top shelf

came crashing down to the floor

“You’re welcome by the way.

 I just saved your life,

 if I didn’t push you out of the way.

 You would’ve been squashed just like a little bug.”

 Cindy smiled

“Oh, and Jill,

 you do know what they say when others save your life

. They’ve to be their slaves for a whole year.”

 She added giggling before she walked out of Jill’s room

It's Bad News

Chapter 4:

Three days later Cindy was walking towards her locker.

 When Becky came running up to her

“Hey Cindy, do you know where Jill is?”

 I’ve something very important to show her.”

“No, What’s with the book?”

 Cindy asked her

 pointing to the big book that she was holding

“Oh, I found it!”

 I found Jill’s alien, it’s in this book!” Becky cried out

“Okay Becky,

 slow down and tell me what has you so excited?”

 Cindy frowned.

 Becky opened the book, which was titled

The Book of Strange Creatures

And began flipping through the pages

 until she found what she was looking for

“Does this look familiar?” She asked her.


 Cindy looked at the picture then began reading the

 article below it:


The Wart Ball monster doesn’t need to eat or drink

 in order to survive.

 It gets its health and strength from the bad luck,

 it causes the owner


“Oh please,

 you really don’t believe any of this? Do you?”

 Cindy frowned

“Not at first, but ever since Jill,

 found that dumb thing.

 She almost got squashed like a bug, failed her math quiz,

 and dropped her lunch tray

“I’m scared that if she doesn’t get rid of that thing.

 Something else is going to happened.” Becky answered

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do.

 As soon as I get home.” Cindy told her


Later that day Cindy was hanging out with the gang

 inside the library

And told them the whole story

“So, wait I’m confused.

 If it doesn’t need to eat or drink how do you get rid of it?”

 Sammy asked her

“I don’t know. But there has to be a way.”

 Cindy sighed as she flipped through the book that

Becky lend her

“So, Jill didn’t lie.

 She really did find an alien creature!”

 Tommy laughed

“Yah, lucky me.

 It’s bad enough that I’ve to live with an alien sister,

 now she found a friend.” Cindy smirked

Okay where is it?

Chapter 5:

“Okay Cindy, I know it was you.

 So, don’t even try to deny it what did you do

with it?” Jill demanded

“Did with what?” Cindy frowned

“Don’t play dumb with me

my alien creature; now where did you hide it!”

 Jill cried

“I don’t know where your stupid sponge is,

 but I’m glad it’s gone.

 Hopefully I’ll never see that thing again.”

Cindy snorted

“You’re not funny!”

 what if since I can’t find it my bad luck never goes away

 or something

 even worst happens.” Jill pouted

“Oh, give me a break,

 there’s no way that a piece of old sponge is causing

 you bad luck.

 Nor is it going to murder you in the middle of the night.”

 Cindy smirked

“How do you know?” Jill began

“Don’t worry Jill,

 you probably just missed placed it somewhere.

 We’ll help you look for it.” Cookie interrupted


A few hours later they were about to give up

“We’ve been looking for the past hour.

 Maybe this is a sign that your luck is about to change for

the better or something.”

 Sammy shrugged

“Or maybe it grew little feet and just ran away!”

Tommy laughed.

 Sammy was about to answer him when he

 suddenly stepped on something slimy and said

“Umm, I think I just found it!”

“Great, now it’s time to get rid of it once and for all!”

Cindy cried out


They followed Cindy into the kitchen in where she threw

 the sponge

 inside her sink and turned on her dispenser

“There it’s gone!”

“Oh, so you think so?” Cookie laughed

“What?” I can’t believe it.

 That should’ve ripped it to pieces!” Cindy frowned

“Well, the book did say;

 that you can’t kill it. Just face it Cindy,

we’re totally doomed.” Jill sighed

“I don’t care what that stupid book says.

 There has to be a way to get rid of it.” Cindy told her

“And I think I just came up with it!”

Cookie suddenly cried out

Cookie's Plan

Chapter 6:

A few minutes later they put Cookie’s plan into action

“Aww, you guys are so lucky to have found it.

 It’s so cute; I wish I had one just like it.”

 Vicky laughed

“That goes double for me.

 If you guys,

 ever need an alien sister for it just call me.”

 Daisy added

“I know, I can’t believe just how lucky I’m.

 I just want to hug and kiss it all the time.” Jill smiled


Soon the alien creature started shrinking like it was horrified

“Hey, check it out keep going.

 I think it’s working.” Tommy whispered over to them.

 Cindy picked it up and gave it a quick kiss

Then as soon as she put it down.

 It suddenly rolled up into a tiny ball and completely

 fell apart


“We did it!” It’s gone!”

 but how did you know it’d work?” Cindy asked Cookie

“Well, the book said it feeds off bad luck.

 So, I figured what if we feed it the opposite maybe

it’d destroy it.” Cookie shrugged

“Great way of thinking Cookie,

 why don’t we go out and celebrate? Ice cream sodas

are on me!”

 Cindy cheered

“Sounds good to me, but where did Jill disappear to?”

Daisy added

“I’m right here.” Jill smiled

“I went to my room for a moment.

 And you guys,

 are never going to guess what I found inside my closet.”

 She added



Jill held out the basket that she was hiding behind

 her back

Inside there were three tiny alien creatures.

 All of them looking up at them with big goofy grins on

their faces

“Oh no!” Not again!” Cindy laughed

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006