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Lighthouse at Bay Road


The gang at we always catch our crooks club recieve a mysterious text but who sent it and why

Chapter 1

Lighthouse at Bay Road


Chapter 1:

The gang stared at their phones in complete silence

“Okay very funny,

 which of you jokers just sent this dumb text?”

Tommy Cub asked frowning

“Really Tommy,

 how could we’ve been the ones who sent it?”

 When we’ve been with you this whole time.”

Sammy Turtle frowned back

“Okay, okay, then maybe; whoever sent it

Sent it as a joke.” Tommy added shrugging

“Some joke.

 I dare you to go and investigate the lighthouse out

 on Bay Road and solve its mystery

“I didn’t even know that there was a lighthouse out there.”

 Daisy Penguin said after she reread the text out loud

“Besides I don’t feel so comfortable checking out any place.

 Without knowing who we’re dealing with in the first place.”

 She added


“I was thinking the same thing too.

 But I also thought maybe,

 they want to test us to make sure we know what we’re doing.”

 Cookie also added

“Maybe, but I still would feel better knowing who it is.

 Instead of sending us this creepy text.

 the only thing out there that I know of is some abounded

 old hotel.”

 Vicky Dragonfly began

“Which is also rumored to be haunted.” Sammy interrupted

“Can we please stop with; the place is haunted.

 Haven’t we learned anything from all the cases we’ve

 been on already?”

 There’s no such thing this was probably just some joke

 nothing more.”

 Tommy sighed


Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

A few days later the gang was still curious about who

 had sent them that strange text

And why

But what really had them curious was wondering what

 kind of

hidden mysteries was waiting for them inside a light-house

They never knew existed in the first place


Later that day Vicky was trying to pay attention to what

 Honey Kitten was telling them

About her new movie on urban legends that she was making.

 But her my mind kept wandering off


“Earth to Vicky, come in Vicky!”

 Honey cried out as she waved her paw in front of

 Vicky’s face

“Oh sorry, I guess I was.”

“Spacing out?”

 I know since I’ve been asking you what you thought about

my new movie ideas

For the last minute now.”

 Honey finished for her shrugging.


 They just stared at each other for a second before they

 both started

 cracking up at the same time

“So, tell me; am I really that boring?” Honey added

 trying to sound serious


Vicky then quickly told her all about the strange text message

they received

“Oh wow,

 that’s weird. And you guys have no idea who sent it?”

Honey asked



“I keep telling them that it’s probably just a joke,” Tommy said

“Tommy, I really don’t think so.

 If it was I would’ve been able to trace the sender by now

“I’ve even asked a friend of mines from computer class.

 And not even he could figure it out.” Vicky answered him

“So, are you going to go and check out the place?

Or just let it go as Tommy, said as a joke.”

Honey asked them

“Well, if we leave it up to Sammy, just let it go.”

 Daisy joked



Daisy walked over to him and gave Sammy a big hug

“You know that I was only teasing.

 But if we’re going to go out there we really should do it soon.”

“Cool, can I come with you guys?”

 I always wanted to take pictures of the old hotel,

 but always been too scared to go by myself

“Especially after hearing all those stories about Al Cat-bones.”

 Honey told them

Who was Al Cat-bones? They wanted to know



Chapter 3

Chapter 3:


“He was a big-time bank robber back in the forties.

 I read that Cat-bones could’ve robbed you blind or worst

“Without you knowing until it was too late.

That’s how mean he was.” Honey began

“Oh wow, what happened to him?” Sammy asked her

“That’s a mystery within itself.

Some rumor has it that one of his gang members was about

 to turn him

 and the rest of the gang in after their last bank job

“But when the cops went to the hotel room to arrest him,

 he was gone,” Honey answered

“What do you mean he was gone?” Tommy frowned.


 Honey looked over at Tommy and laughed

“Gone, as vanished into thin air.

 Not only did was he gone but so was the money.”

 Honey began

 “Wow, what a weird story.

 And they never found out whatever happened to him or the money?”

 Vicky asked

“Nope, some rumored that the money is still hidden someplace

 inside the hotel. but since the place closed down

“It remains as I said before a mystery within itself.”

 Honey answered her

“Wow, I’m getting a funny feeling that this investigation

 just changed from weird

 To I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.”

 Cookie smiled

Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

The next morning the gang’s excitement and curiosity grew

 as they boarded the ferry heading out towards

 the old Bay Road.

 Soon the old hotel came into view

“Oh wow, I never knew this place was so big.”

 Daisy cried out

“Are so dumpy looking,” Tommy added

“It might look dumpy now Tommy, but I bet.

 This place was beautiful a long time ago.” Cookie told him


“That’s right young pup, the grand Bay Hall hotel was the most beautiful

 back in its glory days. It’s a shame how they just let it go.”

 The ferry assistant said

“Why are you kids, going out there?”

this isn’t a no place for you to play around in.”

 He added frowning

“Oh, I’m making a movie on our town’s abounded building

 and urban legends

We’re just going to take a few pictures then leave.”

 Honey explained


The assistant gave her a strange look before he

answered her back

“I see;

 well stay out of trouble and don’t let the ghost of

 Al Cat-bones spook you!”

He suddenly started laughing hysterically as he

walked away

“Well, that wasn’t weird at all.

 Tommy said as he and the gang watched him go


Once they got off the ferry Honey began taking pictures

 of the old building

“Okay, where to now?”

 Sammy asked as they started walking around the place

“Let’s start at the dining room I’m starving.” Tommy groaned

“Shocking!’ When are you not starving?” Daisy joked

“I wonder what kind of food they served back

when it was opened.”

 Cookie asked as they walked towards it

“Whatever it was.

 I’m sure it wasn’t the greasy pizza that they serve

 in school!”

 Vicky laughed

“Hey Tommy, I think you stepped on something.”

 Sammy told him.

 Tommy bent down and picked up the piece of paper


that was

 sticking out from the bottom of his sneaker

Then read it out loud:


The answers you seek are guarded by the light



Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

“What does that mean?” Sammy frowned.

 None of them answered they seemed to be lost in

their own deep thoughts

“Can I see it?”

 Vicky asked Tommy breaking the silence

 between them.

Vicky slowly reread the note then told them

“There’s something else on here. It looks like some kind of

 drawing or something.


 They leaned over Vicky’s shoulder to have a better look

 at it

“It looks like a tower.” Sammy began

“Or we just found our mysterious lighthouse.”

 Cookie smiled




She pointed to the drawing what she believed looked like

 a lighthouse to her

“I think you’re right Cookie,

 let’s see if we can find anything that looks like the drawing.”

 Vicky told them.


 they walked around the hotel grounds for another hour

Looking for anything that looked like what they found

 in the drawing

Without any luck.

 They were just about to give up when Honey yelled out



Pointing to a big tower that was hidden by the hotel’s

 poolside entrance

“So, what are we waiting for?”

 Let’s go and check out what surprises are hidden inside!”

 Tommy laughed before leading the way towards it

“But what if it’s just another dead end?” Sammy yelled out

“Well, we’re never going to know if you just keep

 standing there.

 Now come on!”  Tommy yelled back


A few minutes later they arrived at the tower entrance.

Cookie was just about to go inside when something

caught her eye

“Hey Cookie, you coming?” Daisy asked

“Yah, I just thought

 I saw something ducking behind those bushes.

 I guess my eyes are playing tricks on me.”

 Cookie shrugged


When they walked inside they were awed looking at all

 the stain glass windows

And dusty covered violet carpets.

They silently began examining all the rooms

“Okay, here goes nothing.”

 Tommy shrugged as he slowly opened the last door

 and walked in

“What are we supposed to be looking for anyway?”

 Sammy asked

“I guess anything that would give us a clue on what would be

 a good hiding place for money,” Daisy answered him.


They did a quick search of the room

But didn’t find anything; until Honey sat on the bed

 and looked up at the ceiling fan

“Hey, guys,

 do those panels on the fan look a bit weird to you?”

 She asked


And before any of the gang could answer her back.

 The door slammed opened

“Just taking a few pictures, huh?”



Chapter 6

Chapter 6:


The gang turned around and saw that the ferry assistant

 was standing in the doorway

Glaring at them

“What are you doing in here?” Tommy asked him frowning

“Well, I can ask you, kids, the same question.”

The assistant frowned back

“And don’t repeat that lame story of how you’re just

 taking a few pictures for a movie.” He added


“How do you know what we’ve been doing?” Vicky asked

“Easy, I’ve been following you kids, for the past last hour.

 So have you found it yet?” He smiled


Found what


The ferry assistant laughed

“You kids, aren’t the first ones.

 Who has come out here trying to find my grand great

uncle’s money.”

“Whoa, what?” Al Cat-bones, was your grand great uncle?”

They all cried out at the same time


“Yes, that’s what I’ve been told.

 The name is Catty Bills, I should’ve told you, kids

before but like I said before

“You kids aren’t the first to come out some even have

 claimed to have found the money

I just didn’t want you kids to come out here and get hurt or

 something trying to find it.” Catty explained

“Oh wow,

 have you ever tried to look for the money yourself?”

 Honey asked him

“Sure, when I was younger but I never found anything.

 I now believe that all those stories about uncle Al,

 are probably false tales.” Catty shrugged

“So what really brought you all out here?” He added

Chapter 7

Chapter 7:


The gang quickly told him the whole story


 and you never found out who sent you kids the text?”

 He asked them once they finished

“Nope, just a few clues on how we can hopefully find it.”

 Cookie shrugged

“Yah, like I started telling them before you came in.

 the panels on the ceiling fan

 look a bit weird and big for it.” Honey added

“Well, let’s have a closer look.”

 Catty told them before he climbed on the bed and

 reached up for it


Be careful

“Don’t worry I just have. Whoa, look out!”

 He suddenly cried out as the chandelier came crashing

 down landing hard on the floor

“Are you okay?” Vicky asked him

“I’m fine.

 But I think you kids, are on to something.” Catty smiled.

He bent down and picked up one of the broken panels

 and looked inside of it


“There’s something in here.

 Well, I’ll be darn!”

 Catty laughed as he poured a whole bunch

 of gold nuggets onto the bed

So the gang could have a better look at them


 There must be a billion of them what are you going to do

 with all of them?” Sammy asked

“Well, I guess we call the cops and let

 them figure out what to do.”

 He shrugged

“What! You’re just going to turn them over to the cops?”

 Tommy frowned

“Sorry son, but even though we just found them

 after all these years. They still don’t belong to us

 “Calling the cops is the right thing to do.”

Catty answered him


“Yeah, you’re right. But I still can dream right?”

 Tommy shrugged

 Catty laughed as he rubbed Tommy on top of his head

 leading him and the others out of the room

“Of course you can son; I can do even better

“How about if I treat you kids to the biggest ice cream bowls

 you’ve ever seen. While we wait for the cops?”

“And who knows, maybe;

 they’ll reward you kids for your great detective work

in finding Al Cat-bones hidden treasure.”

 He added with a big grin on his face

Chapter 8

Chapter 8:

The next day the gang got a text that read:


Nice job, in solving the mystery

I knew that you could do it

Just keep in mind that I’ll be watching you

Until then take care



Copyrights © belong to jack 2006