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The Main Street Theater


The gang was very excited to be helping

restore the old theater out on main street

that was until...



Chapter 1

The Main Street Theater


Chapter 1:

The gang were trading goodies out of their

 lunch boxes among each other

When Nicky Yellow-bee walked over

to their table and asked them


“Hi guys,

 would you like to buy a ticket for

 our show in a few weeks.


 They’re only two bucks and all the money

 will go to help repair

“The old theater out on Main Street?”

They reached inside their book bags

and handed Nicky their money


“Is it true?”

 That Miss Honey-worth got the idea

 for this play from an old script

That she found in a book

 inside one of the prop trunks?”

 Vicky Dragonfly asked her

“Yah, I can’t wait.” Nicky smiled

“Do you know what the play

 is about?”

Sammy Turtle added

“Well, since I’ve a part in it.

 I should know

 or else I’m in big trouble.”

Nicky giggled


Noticing that the gang didn’t get her

 little joke.

 Nicky continued

“It’s a who done it mystery.

 Six sibling who actually dislike each other

Learn that they’ve just inherit their

 grandpa’s money

“Then start scaring each other out of

their shares.”

“Sounds great,

 but I already figured out who it was.”

 Tommy Cub proudly smiled


“You do?” How?”

 When you didn’t even seen it yet?

” Besides there are so many twist in

the play

That they’ll leave you guessing all the way

 until the very end.” Nicky frowned


 but my guess it has to be one of the girls

Us guys, would never do something like

 that unless it had to deal with food

 and video games.” Tommy shrugged


While all the girls busted out laughing.

 Sammy only shook his head and gave him a

Wow aren’t you dumb look

“Sounds great. I can’t wait to see it

So, when does it open?” Vicky asked

“Not for a few more weeks.

 We just finished picking out the cast

“But are still looking for volunteers to

Clean up and work on the props


“Which would go a lot better

If Lenny Davis; would stop spreading

Those dumb rumors

Of how the old theater is haunted.”

Nicky answered

“Haunted how?” Tommy frowned

“Oh, silly stuff.

 The lights go off and on

On their own or our props

Go missing

“Anyways if you guys aren’t

Doing anything

Would you be interested in helping


 we really do need all the help

That we can get.

Nicky answered

“Sure, when can we start?”

Tommy smiled

Chapter 2

The next afternoon the gang

Headed out for the old theater

“Wow, I can’t believe that they’d

Want to reopen this old creepy place


“No wonder Lenny say’s It’s haunted.”

Sammy told them

“Seriously Sammy, for the billion time

Just because a place looks creepy

“It doesn’t mean that it’s haunted.”

Tommy scowled him

“Totally. And besides it’s not that creepy


“Neither has it been closed for so long


The real reason it closed was because the

Owner couldn’t keep up

“After the 3 Crown theater opened a few


Plus not many kids go to the movies anymore

They rather rent or stream them online.”

Daisy Penguin added

“Yah, it’s a shame. Since nothing bets

Movie popcorn!” Cookie laughed


“I totally agree with that!”

 A voice from behind them also laughed

They turned around and found that Nicky

Was standing behind them smiling

“Hi guys, I’m really happy that you decided

To come. Ready to go to work?”


When they walked into the lobby

They were impressed of how much work

Was already done

“Oh wow!” the place is starting to look

Awesome. I really like those cool lions.”

Tommy said pointing to a pair of stone lions

That were placed on either side of the

Ticket booth


“Thanks. We’ve been working really hard

Trying to get everything ready.

“The rest of the crew are waiting inside

The back room. Waiting for Miss Honey-worth

To arrive


, she can hand out todays work assignments.”

Nicky explained


Shortly afterwards they were getting

To know the other kids

“Since I know that Nicky, would never tell

You guys this

So I feel its up to me to tell you guys.

 The real reason this placed closed down.”

Lenny began

“I just hope that it doesn’t creep you out

So much.

That you’ve to sleep with the lights on!”

He added laughing


“Whoa!” We just found Sammy’s long, long

Lost brother!” Tommy whispered over

To the others

Sammy only gave him a dirty look then asked


“So, you believe this place is haunted too?”

“Not exactly. It’s well known that the old

Owner was having serious money problems

“What was never reported was that on

The night. He supposedly closed the doors

For good

He went completely nutty and hung himself

From the balcony.” Lenny answered








Chapter 3

“The story goes; besides going nutty

He figured that if he did what he did

“The theater wouldn’t close. Since kids

Would want to come and see if he’d haunt

The place or not.”

Lenny added

“Lenny, I really don’t get how

You actually believe that dumb story.”

Nicky frowned

“It’s not a dumb story Nicky.”

And before he could finish the lights

In the theater went off


“Hey!” who turned off the lights?”

A terrifying sound interrupted as the

Lights came back on

“What was that all about?”

Daisy frowned once the walked out

Of the room

“Wrong question. What you should

Be asking is who is that?”

Lenny added

They looked up towards the balcony

Hanging from it was a fake dummy


“Oh ha-ha. Very funny Lenny.

Now take that dumb thing down

Before Miss Honey-worth sees it.”

Nicky frowned

“I’m sorry to disappoint you there


“But this wasn’t my doing. I was

Standing right next to you when the lights

Went off

So how could it have been me?”

 Lenny shrugged









Chapter 4

Later that day they gathered inside

Honey’s mom ice cream shop discussing

What was going on with the play

“So, did Miss Honey-worth find out what

Happened?” Honey asked them

“No. or at least we don’t think so

But that was totally weird.

“If Lenny wasn’t with us I could’ve sworn

He was behind it.”

 Daisy answered her

“Yah, if left up to him. I believe that

He’d anything just to prove that

Stupid story

“He told us is real.” Cookie added

“Or maybe it was real.” Sammy shrugged


They all looked over to him

And groaned

“What?” It’s possible.” Sammy whined

“Dude, you really need to stop hanging out

With Lenny.” Tommy teased


The next day they meet inside their clubhouse

Before heading out to mmet Nicky

When Vicky walked in

“Hey guys, I couldn’t stop thinking about

Lenny told us yesterday

So I decided to google it.”


Vicky took out a piece of paper out

Of her back pocket

“Well Lenny, was sort of right.

But it wasn’t the owner who hung

Himself. It was one of his ushers.”

She told them

“Oh wow, how come we never heard

About this?” Cookie asked

“The owner of the theater paid to keep it

Out of the papers

Because he didn’t want any more legal

Problems.” Vicky answered her  

“What does any of this have to do

With what’s happening now?”

Sammy asked

“Maybe nothing. But I’ve a funny feeling

That there’s a connection between

The two

“We’ve to figure out is what?”

Vicky answered him


When they arrived at the theater

Nicky came up to them

It was obvious that she was very upset

“What’s the matter Nicky?”

Cookie asked her

“Its Miss Honey-worth; she’s thinking

About concealing the play.”

Nicky sighed

Why? They all wanted to know

“This morning when she came in all

Of our props were ruined

They covered in black paint.” Nicky began

“I swear if I didn’t know Lenny as well as

I do. I’d think that it was him

Behind all these stupid pranks.”

 She added

“Gee, I’m flattered that you think of me

So highly!” A voice from behind laughed

“Sorry Lenny. I’m just upset. We worked so

Hard trying to get this place and show

“Ready and now it looks like that all our

Hard work was for nothing.” Nicky sobbed


“Cheer up Nicky. A little birdy just finished

Telling me that the ticket sales are

Through the roof

“So, I highly doubt that Miss Honey- worth

Nor the new owner are going to

Conceal this show.”

Lenny smiled


Chapter 5

Three days later


Vicky walked into their clubhouse with

The biggest smile on her face

“Wow, aren’t we happy.” Cookie teased

“Beyond. Since I know who wants to shut

Down the play

. By pulling all those dumb pranks.”

She proudly answered her


Whoa what?


“Last night I was telling my cousin about

The play. And all the weird stuff that

Was going on

“That’s when she told me how weird

She thought it was

That the new owner and the kid who

Hung himself. Have the same names!”

Vicky cried out

“So what?” They’ve the same name.”

Tommy frowned


 after we hung up. I did some research

And found this.” Vicky smiled


She took out a piece of paper

Then read it out loud

“According to this; J. Blackstone

Was Mr. Blackstone’s uncle

And not only did he worked for the

Theater. He was in love with it

“He was saving up his money in

Hopes of one day buying it.”

Oh wow


“So, when his greedy boss announced

That he was closing the theater for good

“He went completely nutty and hung himself.”

She added

“But if Mr. Blackstone knows all of this

Why didn’t he say anything and

Why did he buy it?” Daisy asked

“I wondered the same thing too.

The only thing I could think of was

“Maybe Mr. Blackstone

 only brought the theater as part of

his revenge

Since I found out through Lenny the only

Way he agreed to buy and rebuild it

Was if this play was a total success.”

Vicky began

“If it fails. He’ll pull out of the deal

And the old theater remains shut down.”

She added

“I don’t know Vicky that sounds pretty

Farfetched.” Cookie told her

“Maybe. But I guess there’s only one way

To find out

“Let’s go and ask him.” Vicky shrugged




Chapter 6

When they arrived at theater

They found Nicky, and Mr. Blackstone

Hi kids!

“Hi, umm Mr. Blackstone?”

Can I ask you a question?”

Vicky asked


“The usher who hung himself

A few years ago. He was

Your uncle wasn’t he?”


For a moment he looked like

He was punched in the face

“Excuse me?” I don’t know what

You’re talking about?”

 He muttered

“Oh really. Then why does this

Article that I found online reads


“It even has a picture of the

Two of you

When you were younger.”

Vicky frowned

“Yah why?”

 Cookie also frowned


“Okay, okay fine,

It’s true!”

 Mr. Blackstone yelled out

“I should’ve just brought

This stupid place and then

Tore it down!

“Instead of going through all

This foulness!”

“Mr. Blackstone. What on earth

Are you talking?”

Miss Honey-worth asked in complete


“For years all my father spoke about

Was how this place destroyed

His brother life.

“And how one day he’d revenge his


Ha!” poor fool was always to drunk

And to weak to ever do something

About It.” Mr. Blackstone began  


                                                                     “And when I found that they were                                                                    

Selling the place and how

This play was going to save

It. That’s when I knew that

I had to buy this old dump and made

Sure the place nor the play sees

The light of day.” He added

“So wait?” Vicky was right?

This was all about revenge?”

Tommy frowned

“Well, isn’t she just brilliant?”

He snorted


“And you really believe that your

Plan was really going to work?”

Cookie asked

“Why not?” it’s a great plan

Well, it was. Until you and your

Friends started sticking your

Noses in my business.”

Mr. Blackstone shrugged

“I’m sorry

 Mr. Blackstone. I’m sorry

That you truly believe that

“But I’m afraid that I’ve some bad

News for you.”

A voice from behind them



They turned to see that

Miss Honey-worth was standing

There holding her cell phone

Mr. Blackstone was about to

Rush towards her

When two police officers walked

Inside the theater


Shortly afterwards


“Wow, can you believe what

Just happened

If he wasn’t so out there

“I’d feel sorry for him.”

Lenny told them

“Not me. I still can hear him


“How we should be arrested

For ruining his plans.”

Nicky smirked

Wonder what’s going to


They all wanted to know

“Ah, who cares?” Come on

We’ve a play to ready for!”

Tommy cried out

Chapter 7

Opening Night


“Oh wow. I’m so nervous it

Seems like the whole town

Is out there

“What if I go out there

And fall off the stage or

Something.” Nicky said

While peeking out the curtains

“You’re going to be great.

Stop worrying,

 I guess Mr. Blackstone in all his

Plotting forgot a major role in

Revenge.” Vicky laughed



“That no matter how many rumors

Or lies. You may spread

You can’t control what others

Is going to believe.” Vicky added


 I just hope that he gets all the

Help that he needs to get pass this

“I’ve to really thank you guys. I don’t

Think none of this would be


“If you didn’t figure out what

Mr. Blackstone was up to.”

Nicky smiled


“Thanks, but it was actually

All of us. Who helped solved

This mystery.”

Vicky smiled back

“Okay you two. Enough

With the gloom and doom talk

“Nicky, you’re up in five

Go break a leg.”

Lenny told her

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006