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My Weird Sleepover


We turned off the lights and wind

Down. Then took turns telling each

Other spooky stories

Afterwards one by one drifted off

And that’s when….


Cookie’s Sleepover




 “Hi. Cookie here; and I just love

Sleepovers. To be honest who doesn’t

Love them?

Pigging out on food you normally

Wouldn’t be allow to eat. Staying

Up way pass your bed time, which any

Time your mom lets you stay up after your

Bed time is awesome


So when my mom finally gave in

And let me have one. Before we

Went away for our x-mas cruise vacation

I was beyond excited


The morning of my party we got up

Early. And headed out to the stores

To buy some munchies and other stuff

And if it wasn’t for my mom, I’d have brought

Out every store we went to

When we got ho. I clean my room and

Started setting up for the party

Growing more and more excited with

Each passing moment

Half an hour later

My doorbell rang

“Hi guys,” I smiled as I let in two

Of my best friends Daisy Penguin

And Vicky Dragonfly


A few minutes later

We were all hanging out inside

My room. Eating all sorts of goodies

And exchanging school gossip

But what had my stomach hurting

From laughter. Was when we started

Cranking calling our other best friends

Tommy Cub and Sammy Turtle


I knew it was a bit mean. Especially

Since Sammy gets easily creeped out

With just about everything

But after a few calls they figured out

That it was us

And swore to get us back

Still I’ve a funny feeling that Sammy’s

Going to be checking underneath

His bed tonight


We turned off the lights and wind

Down. Then took turns telling each

Other spooky stories

Afterwards one by one drifted off

And that’s when….

Chapter 1

It was a gloomy afternoon when we

Rode our bikes over to my aunt’s house

Who lived at the far end of town and

Promised them a very special reward fro

Helping her clean up

Her new house that she just finished buying

And was turning it into a B and B

“Wow, this place looks more like a creepy

Castle. Then an old house.” Sammy whistled

As he and the others got off our bikes


 it does look pretty gloomy.” Tommy added

As we slowly walked up the drive way


I rang the front doorbell

The door creaked as it opened

“Well hello,

 and welcome to Havens Manor!”

My Aunt cried as she welcomed us inside

“Hi. Thanks, umm wow.” I began

“A bit messy huh?” My Aunt laughed as we

Looked around the living room

Dirty rags were lying around and they were

Dozens unpacked boxes

Stacked around everywhere in the room

“I know it looks like a big dumpsite. But in a

Few days it’ll be the greatest B and B in

All of Rocky Shores.” She added

“Isn’t this the only B and B in

Rocky Shores?” Sammy asked in a

Confused tone of voice

“That’s why it’ll be the best.”

My Aunt winked over to him


 why don’t I show you; your rooms

Then after you finish unpacking we’ll

Meet back in the best room of the house.”

She added smiling

“Which room is that?” Tommy asked

“Why the kitchen of course!”

 My Aunt laughed


An hour later we found the boys

Sitting around the kitchen table

Munching on some chips

“Well, took you guys long enough

Sammy and I were starting to think

That you got lost or something.”

Tommy joked

“It’s Daisy’s fault.

 I swear she’s going to move in

Instead of just spending the weekend!”

Vicky laughed

“Very funny. So,, I couldn’t figure out

What to bring

What else is new?” Daisy shrugged smiling






Chapter 2

Soon afterwards we began unpacking

My aunt’s boxes

“So, do you really think that your aunt’s

Going to have this place.

Ready by the end of the month?”

Daisy asked me

I looked around the room and sighed

“For her sakes I certainly hope so.”

Sammy nodded before adding

“My brother told me that it was pretty

Brave of her.

To buy this old place especially with all

The stores attached to it.”

“Oh, here we go.” Tommy groaned


“Whatever dude. I wasn’t going to say that

The place was haunted. But supposal has a

Secret railroad hidden inside of it.”

 Sammy shrugged


We just looked at him with confused

Faces waiting for him to continue

Sammy laughed then continued

“It’s not what you’re thinking

From what I read on the internet

“A long time ago life wasn’t very nice

For certain kids and their families

They were bullied, and some time had

 To leave their homes. Just because of

Their fur colors.”

“Oh wow that’s so sad.” Daisy cried


 So to make a better life for themselves

They secretly escape their lives.

Which at that time wasn’t always that

Easy.” Sammy agreed



 Why didn’t they just move?”

Tommy frowned

“Because they really didn’t have the

Same freedom that we do.

If they were caught or even hanging out

In places they weren’t allowed

“They’d be punished or even worst

Thrown in jail for years for no reason

At all.”

Sammy answered him


“This is beyond sad.”

Cookie sobbed

“But what does this has to do

With my aunt’s house?” she asked

“According to what my brother told me

That the very first owner of this house

Were my rich and very kind

It was rumored that they built a

Secret tunnel somewhere in this house

“That would help these families move

 To a place in where they’d be free and


Sammy answered her


Tommy, who had been rocking his

Chair back and forth

Suddenly lost his balance and smacked

The back of his chair against the wall

Making a big hole through it

“Whoa!” He cried out before he fell

Along with his chair onto the floor

“Tommy? Are you okay?”

Both Sammy and I asked as we went

To help him

“Yah, I think so. But I’m sorry Cookie

I hope your aunt won’t be upset about

The hole.” He mumbled


“Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll just

Be glad that you didn’t hurt

Yourself.” I smiled

“Hey guys,

 I think there’s something inside.”

Vicky told them

After peeking inside the hole

Tommy made

. She slowly pulled out a small

Box. And blew the dirt off the lid

“I wonder what’s inside of it.”

I asked

“Well, we’re soon about to find out.”

Vicky smiled




Chapter 3

Vicky took out what was inside

The box

An old fade map along with a note

Which read:


Blessing; I know times are right now

Very hard

But hold on bit farther. You’ll soon be

Free to begin a happy and long life

Without any fear


You’re welcome to stay hidden in

Theses tunnels for as long as

You wish to. And feel safe to move on

To the next part of your journey

Just please

 remember to follow the directions

On this map. Also I’ve left a few gold

Coins for you to keep

In hopes of making your journey

A bit more comfortable

Stay safe and a happy fair winds



For a moment none of us spoke

Until Tommy broke the silence

“Oh wow! What else does it say?”

“Don’t know. The rest of the letter is

To faded to make it out.”

Vicky shrugged

She took out the gold coin and

Held it up. So they all could see it

“Whoa, I wonder if that’s one of the coins

They wrote about?” Sammy whistled


Tommy rolled his eyes before he snorted

“Duh!” of course it is. Why else would it

Be inside the box?”

And now that we found it. We’re going to

Be rich!”

“Wrong Tommy, you should know better

Then that. We don’t take things that don’t

Belong to us

“We’re going to.” Daisy began

“Find the rest of the coins!”

I happily interrupted

“Umm, shouldn’t we wait for your

Aunt to come back. And let her

Call the cops or something.”

Sammy asked

“What’s the fun in doing that?”

Since when do we just give up on going

On a case. And leave it to the

Cops?” Tommy frowned

“Exactly. And this could be our

Biggest one yet.

So, what do you all say are you in?”

I added smiling


We all stared at Sammy waiting

For his answer. Who just smiled back

At and nodded his head yes






chapter 4

After collecting a few supplies

We headed out and closely followed

The directions on the map

Until we reached a big rocky hill

“Great, how are we going to get down

There?” Daisy asked


 I’ll go down first, then you girls

Sammy; you’ll go last just in case any of

The girls need help.” Tommy answered her


Slowly one by one we carefully made

It down then continued until

We found the tunnels old entrance

“I’ve a real bad feeling about this

We should go back. And just wait for

Your aunt to come back.”

Sammy whined

“Dude, you always have a bad feeling

Stop begin such a dock and let’s go

Inside. History awaits!”

Tommy laughed patting him on the back


We walked into the tunnel and began

Searching for any signs of hidden treasure

Without any luck. We were about to give

Up and turn back

When we felt a cool breeze that wasn’t

There before


We grew more excited when we noticed

a giant hole

“Oh wow, I bet that the gold coins are

Hidden in there!”

Tommy yelled out as he slowly climbed

 Through it

“And how do you know that?” Daisy frowned

“Because I’m staring at it.” Tommy smiled as

He peeked his head back out


We all followed him back inside and

Noticed a few small cots and tables

By the far corner there were three large

Flat rocks pushed against each other

On top of them was an old piece of wood

Then two smaller rocks. On top of them

Then another piece of old wood

Which held a few small boxes that looked

A lot like the one they had found earlier


“Okay Tommy, grab the boxes or take

 Some pictures. And let’s get out of here.”

Sammy told him


Why don’t you do it?” Tommy frowned

“Oh seriously, grow up.”

I smirked before I walked over towards it

But as I went to grab the box. The rock that

I was standing on slightly shifted

Causing me along with the rest to come

Crashing down onto the floor






Chapter 5

“Cookie, look out!” Vicky yelled out

But it was to late one of the larger rocks

Suddenly rolled onto my front right paw

“Try not to move Cookie. Okay, you girls

Stay with her

And keep her comfortable. Until Sammy

And me come back with help.”

Tommy nervously told them before

He ran off followed by Sammy


They ran out of the tunnel and climbed

Back up the hill. When they bumped

Right into Cookie’s aunt

“Oh finally!”

 I’ve been going crazy looking

For you kids.” She began

“Sorry, but there’s been an accident

You need to come with us and

Help Cookie.” Sammy interrupted

“What?” Where is she?” She yelled out

And as they ran back the boys quickly

Told her what just happened


“I really wish they’d hurry up. My paw is

Starting to go numb.

 And I’m getting really thirsty.” I sighed

“Begin thirsty is the least of your

Troubles, young lady.”

An angry voice answered her

“Aunt Bell!” I’m really, really sorry.”

I sobbed

“We’ll discuss this later. Cookie, right

Now I’ve to get you kids out of here.”

Her Aunt softly answered


She went over to me and tried to move

The rock. But it was to heavy for her

To move by herself

“Okay kids, I need you all to help

Me. On the count of three push as

Hard as you can

“And Cookie, I know it’s going to hurt

But as soon as we push. I need you

 To pull your paw out as quickly as you

Can. Okay?”

I slowly nodded my head yes

“Okay, one, two, three!”





Chapter 6

After spending a few hours at the hospital

So they could take care of my paw

We headed back to my aunt’s house

“You’re very lucky that your paw wasn’t

Broken. Just badly sprain.”


 My Aunt scowled me

“I’m very upset with you kids, what if I didn’t

Find you when I did?” She added frowning


The next day we told my Aunt the whole

Story. Who afterwards phone

The police and the local newspaper

A few hours later

The living room was filled

With reporters and cops all

Asking us. Questions after

Questions of how we found the

Secret tunnel and its treasure


“That was some adventure you kids

Been on. I remember hearing about

These stories from grand pa growing up

“But I had a hard time believing that any

Kid had to go through such hardship

And sadness

Just because they looked different from

The other kids.” One of the reporters

Told us

“But thanks to you kids. We now; know

That these stories are true. And hopefully

We can find out more about the tunnel

And the families that traveled through

Them.” He added smiling


“What about the gold coins?

What’s going to happen to them?”

Tommy asked

We all just stared at one another and


“That’s a very good question Tommy.

I guess since they were found in

This house. That they belong to Bell.”

One of the officers answered

“That’s very nice. But I’ve a better idea.”

My Aunt smiled

Chapter 7

Later that day my aunt treated us to

All the ice cream that we could eat

“I’m really going to miss you kids.”

My Aunt smiled

“Us too.

 We had a blast.” Vicky smiled back

“Totally Aunt Bell. I’m so proud that you

Decided to put off opening your

B and B

“And let Mr. Bluebird, our local historian

And his team explore the tunnel.

So they can get more information about

The families who lived in them.”


“Thank you Cookie. I only hope that by

Hearing these families stories and the

Hardship. That they had to go through

“It’ll be a strong remainder that we’re all

The same. No matter how different we may

Look or act

That we shouldn’t judge or be unkind just

Because we don’t share the same

Belief or values

“None is better than another

And we shouldn’t never be afraid

Or bullied for them every again.”

My Aunt answered

And as I went to give my aunt a

Big hug

A voice…….



Cookie?” Wake up sleepy head!”

“What?” I cried out “

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.

But you were snoring so loud I think

Your mom is calling you.” Vicky laughed


Giving her a you’re not funny look

I went down stairs and found my mom

 In the kitchen

“Hey mom?” Were you calling me?”

“Oh Cookie, sorry to wake you and your

Friends up so early

But I just got off the phone with your

Aunt Bell. And guess what?”

She just brought the old Havens Manor

And is going to turn it into a B and B

Isn’t that great?”

“Anyways she was wondering if you

And your friends would like to

Spend next weekend. Helping her

Get the place ready.” Her mom explained

“That sounds great mom, I can’t wait.”


Suddenly my dream popped into my head

“Whoa! Wait.

Did you just say that she brought the

Havens Manor?”

“Yes sweetie, why?”

Cookie are you okay?” You look like you

Just saw a ghost or something?”

My mom asked

“No, not a ghost. But history.

Just wait until I tell you all about the

Dream I had.”

Copyrights © belong to Jack 2006