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Old Spooks Place


There''s something weird going on inside the Old Spooks Place but what?

and can you figure out what it is before the We Always Catch Our Crooks Club solve the case

Chapter 1

The Old Spooks Place


Chapter 1:

Tommy Cub and Sammy Turtle were both squatting down

 behind a parked car.

 Next to Tommy’s house staring out towards his

next-door neighbor’s house.

 Sammy, who was not only bored but getting tired

 of squatting whispered over to Tommy

“I really hope that you didn’t make me rush over here,

 in the middle of the night.

So, I can just squat

 behind this car all night.” Sammy protested

“Stop whining Sammy,

 it’s only eight o clock.

 I’m telling you that there’s something

 weird going on.” Tommy frowned.


 Sammy looked at the old run down Victorian house

who had seen better days.

 And was now known around the neighborhood

as a creepy old haunted house

(better known as the Old Spooks House)


“What’s weird, is us

 hiding behind this car for over an hour.

 Just staring at the house like a bunch of idiots.”

 Sammy frowned

“Just keep looking.” Tommy sighed.

 A few seconds later Sammy complained again

“I’m beginning to cramp.

 Can we just go I don’t see anything.”

“Dude, keep your shell on-

there did you see it!” Tommy cried out

“Did I see, what?”

 Sammy stopped talking just as a claw slowly pulled

 the ripped shade up

“Please don’t tell me that’s why you called me

 freaking out.” He added

“No, just keep watching.

 Doesn’t it look like he’s writing something

 on the glass.”

 Tommy told him.


 Sammy sighed as he popped his head out again to get a better look

“I guess so, but so what?”

 We all know that Old Spooks is a little weird.”

“I know, but I just get a funny feeling that he knows

 we’re watching and is trying to tell us something.”

 Tommy shrugged

“Maybe, but all I see is just a bunch of creepy stick figures.”

 Sammy answered.

 Tommy was going to reply when another pair of claws

 that looked bigger appeared at the window

and swiped it clean

“Okay, now that was weird.

 I thought that old spooks lived alone.”

 Sammy whispered over to him.

But before he had a chance to answer

Tommy’s neighbor front door suddenly flung open

And a fat crab wearing a shapeless dress walked

 onto the front porch.

 She looked around seconds later

 a slimmer crab came out and order her back in


Tommy looked over to Sammy, who had a

 confused look on his face whispered

“You see, I told you something weird was going on.”


Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

The next day Sammy was telling the girls about what

 happened last night.

 When Tommy walked inside their clubhouse

and announced

 that there was a fire late last night at the old spooks place




“Around one in the morning.

 I heard the fire trucks so I jumped out of bed and

 ran to my window

And saw that his house was on fire

“Minutes later

 a pair of medics were taking old Spooks away.”

 Tommy explained

“Wow, that’s awful. Is he going to be okay?”

 Cookie asked him

“Don’t know. But I sure hope so.” Tommy shrugged

“Sammy, was telling us what happened last night.

 Do you know how the fire started?”

 Vicky Dragonfly asked him

“No, not yet.”

“That’s so sad.

 I always felt sorry for him,

 he must be so lonely living inside that old creepy house

 without no one to talk to.” Vicky added

“I heard the reason that he never leaves is cause.

 He’s to haunted by all the spirits that are roaming

 inside his house.”

 Sammy told them.


 Tommy just gave him a are you seriously for real look

Before he answered

“I highly doubt that the place is haunted.

 Since there’s no such thing he doesn’t leave

 because he’s too busy protecting his buried treasure.”

Buried treasure?

“Yah, it’s been rumored

 that old Spooks used to be an old gold miner

 back in the days.

 And hit it big and buried it all inside his house.”

 Tommy explained.


 Cookie was about to ask him a question when

a loud thud

 coming outside their clubhouse made them all jump.

Vicky unlocked the door and took a quick

 look around

“I think we just had an unwanted visitor.

 And they left us a little present.” She told them smiling


She held up a big rock that was wrapped in a piece of paper

 secured with a big rubber band around it.

She slowly unwrapped it then read the note out loud:





Vicky started laughing after she finished reading it

“What’s so funny?” Sammy asked frowning

“This note,

 whoever wrote it really needs to learn how to spell.

 And since we all know that Spooks is at the hospital,

 we know it’s not him

“So, I guess we’ve a little mystery to solve who wrote us

 this dumb note. And who started the fire.”

 She answered him

Chapter 3

Chapter 3:

The next afternoon Tommy asked to meet with them after school

“Guess what?”

 My mom, went to visit Spooks, according to her;

he’s going to be okay. And will be going home in a few days.”

 Tommy informed them

That’s great news

“But here’s the weird part; she also told me.

 That when she was leaving the room a fat crab was about

 to go in

 claiming to be his distant cousin or something

“But instead of asking how he was doing.

 She wanted to know when she and her husband will be

back in the house

To look for some important papers that they’ve asked Spooks for.”

“Oh wow, that’s weird.

 And what did your mom answer her?” Daisy Penguin asked him.


 Tommy smiled then smiled

 “My mom told her that she and her husband should worry

 about his health then some dumb papers.”

“Good for your mom.” Cookie smiled back

“Yah, she also thinks that Spooks is a bit strange.

But she looks after him and doesn’t want anything bad to happen

 to him

“Which made me think those two creeps are up to something no good.

 We should go and search his house and.” Tommy added


 I’m not going inside some old burnt-out haunted house!”

 Sammy interrupted him

“Sammy, Sammy, have many time do I’ve to tell you.

 There’s no such thing as a haunted house

Besides the fire only damaged his living room

“We’ll just go in and take a quick look and try to find anything

 that will help us figure out what they’re up to and leave.”

 Tommy explained


Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

Two days later they sneaked underneath the DO NOT ENTER tape.

 And climbed inside the house through a broken window

“I’m telling you guys,

 I really don’t think this is such a good idea.”

 Sammy whispered over to them.

 They decided it’d go faster if they split up and search


A few minutes later they met back next to the broken window

 they used to climb in

“So, did you guys find anything?” Daisy asked them

“Nope.” Sammy began

 he was interrupted by the sound of keys opening

 the front door

“Oh great, I hope it’s not the cops.” Sammy whispered

“Shh dude, I highly doubt that the cops use keys.

 Now find some place to hide.” Tommy frowned


“What was that?” The fat crab asked her husband

“What was what?”

 I didn’t hear anything let’s just get what we came for

The sooner we find it the sooner we can cheer up your

 good old cousin

And my favorite cousin in law!” Her husband laughed

“Wow, maybe we got this all wrong.”

 Daisy whispered.

 Tommy was going to tell her to be quite

When a crackling laugh interrupted him

“Yah, cheer him up all the way to the funeral home!”

 The fat crab also laughed as they walked away


“Okay, the coast is clear.” Tommy told them.


 Seconds later they quickly escaped through the window and ran all the

 way back to Tommy’s house

“Whew, that was close.”

Sammy told them once they were safely inside

 Tommy’s bedroom

“Yah, it’s to bad that

 we didn’t have enough time to collect any clues.”

 Daisy added

“Except for this!” Vicky happily cried out.

 She then read the ripped piece of paper that she had stuck inside

 her back pocket



“Oh wow,

 I told you guys; there’s something hidden that house!”

 Tommy told them

Chapter 5

Chapter 5:

A few days later they returned back to Old Spooks house

“Aww, what a shame they boarded-up all the windows.

 So we can’t sneak in.” Sammy slightly smirked

“Nice try there slick. I’ll be right back.”

 Tommy smirked back.

 He then took off and returned holding a crow bar

“Here, help me get those boards off.” He told Sammy


Minutes later they were back inside and went straight to where the paper

 told them to go

“Okay, Sammy and I’ll move the couch.

 While you girls, look underneath it.”

The girls bent down and rolled up a dirty rug and slowly began

 to look around it.

 Until Cookie found a lose plank and lifted it up

 with the help of Vicky and Daisy

Hidden inside was a small safe


“Okay, I don’t suppose you know how to open this thing?”

 Sammy asked Tommy

“Actually, I think I might know how to?” Vicky smiled.

 She slowly turn the knob to the right

then to the right again and the middle

And gave it a slight tug

Yes it opened

“Whoa, how did you learn how to do that?”

Daisy asked her in amazement.

Vicky laughed shrugging

“I was just lucky.”


Daisy reached inside the safe and took out a large envelope that

read Red Spooks last word and will

“Umm, why don’t we hold off and read that at the clubhouse.

 I don’t feel very comfortable reading it here.” Sammy began

“Whoa, who’d have figured that old Spooks

 was so loaded!” Tommy laughed



 I just took a quick peek while Sammy was whining.”

                                                           Tommy shrugged as he stuffed the envelope          

 into his back pocket


Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

Minutes later they were back at their clubhouse discussing on what

 to do next

When a loud thud of the door slamming open caused them

 all to jump

“Hey!” What’s the big idea?” Sammy cried out

“Never mind, us,

 we know that you kids broke into our cousin’s house.

 And from all the happy faces and high fives

“I’m pretty sure that you found what we’ve been looking for.

 So if you don’t mind in handing it over to us right now!”

 The skinny crab demanded


 We’ve no idea what you’re talking about, hand what over?”

 Cookie frowned

“Don’t get cute pup,

 now don’t let us ask you again. Where is the copy

of his will!”

The fat crab yelled

“Even if we did have it.

 Why would we ever give it to you losers?”

“For all we know you’re the ones who try to burn down

 his house.”

 Daisy frowned

“Why you little nosey brats!”

 Have no business in our affairs, you better hand us.”

And before she could continue a loud voice from behind

 yelled out


“Hey!” Leave them alone!”


They turned around and noticed that Tommy’s brother Chuck

Was standing daring them to make a move


“Oh crap, I forgot to grab the envelope before we left.”

 Tommy cried out once they were in the

safety of his bedroom

“I hid it inside a hole on the floor before those

two jerks broke in.” He added


“Okay, you little tweeps what have you gotten yourselves into this time.

 Why did those two idiots want to murder you?”

 Chuck asked them frowning.

 They quickly told him the whole story from the fire

 to finding Old Spooks will

 “Oh wow, we better go tell mom and the cops about this.

 Who knows what those two are capable of doing next.”

 Chuck said

Chapter 7

Chapter 7:

Hours later they were inside the local police station repeating

 their story.

 The next morning the chief of police called them in

“I wanted to let you kids,

 know that we arrested Red’s cousin and her husband

 this morning.

 And after a few minutes

 his wife blamed the whole thing on her husband

“According to her,

 she was afraid that’s why she went along with it.

 They were planning on stealing Red’s will and rewriting it

 so if anything would happen to Red

All of his money and other properties would go to them.”

 He explained

“That’s awful I can’t believe that they’d try to do something like that.”

 Vicky sobbed

But what about Spooks is he going to be okay?

They wanted to know

“Oh, I’m sorry kids, but after hearing all that happened


 He suffered a fetal stroke and didn’t survive it.”

He answered back sadly


For a few minutes none of them spoke nor moved.

 They were to sad and confused to do so


Later that day they were hanging out at Tommy’s house

“I can’t believe that Old Spooks is really gone.”

 Tommy sighed as he stared out his window towards

 Old Spooks house.

Cookie walked over to him and put her paw over his

 and smiled

“Me neither.

 But it’s comforting knowing that he’s in a better place.

 Free from all those who try to hurt him and free from all his

 pain he was feeling

“Hey, I know what will cheer us up

 and also celebrate another well-done case closed.

 Let’s go to Honey’s mom ice cream shop and have some shakes

“In old Spooks memory, my treat.”

 Sammy added smiling.


 They were about to leave when they all got the same strange

 text message

That read:



The We Always Catch Our Crooks Club,

 you don’t know me but I know all about you

And what you do and all the cases you’ve solved

Very impressive I don’t mind saying

But I’ve a dare or case if you want to call it that

Interested? Good

I will contact you soon with all the details

But until then take care, and have a good day


Copyrights © belongs to jack 2006