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Log on and beware


A little after eight Tammy Night bell looked around her bedroom to make sure that. 
She had all that she needed for tonight’s stay up all night online chat party
She put her hair up into a pony tail then turned on her computer and waited, for the rest of the gang to log in. 
she didn’t have to wait for long 
One minute later her computer screen was filled with five in-coming boxes  
“Hey guys!” Tammy greeted them happily
“H_, eww!” Whoa, what happened to your face!” Sammy Turtle cried out
“Yah Tammy, are you serving chips with your face?” Tommy Cub joked
“Ha-ha, very funny you guys. I’m just trying out this new facial treatment that I found online”
“It’s a mixture of honey and sugar that’s supposed to clean out your pours.
 And make your face feel fresher.” Tammy shrugged
“Oh cool!” Send us a copy.” Both Cookie and Daisy Penguin yelled out 
“Hey, please don’t tell me that we’re just going to sit around and talk about beauty tips all night?”
 Tommy frowned
“Tommy, didn’t you say that you were interested in what girls, talk about when they get together?”
 Well now you know.” Vicky Dragonfly laughed
“Yah, and with your hair looking as it does. It wouldn’t hurt you to get a few tips.”
 Daisy added also laughing
“Hey, what’s wrong with my hair?” Tommy whined as he combed his paw through it
“Nothing, if you’re going for that I just stuck my finger inside the light socket look!”
 Daisy answered him laughing harder
“Hare, hare, you’re just jealous that yours doesn’t look as good as mines.” Tommy smirked. 
 Daisy was about to answer him back but the sound of Sammy chocking interrupted her
“Are you okay?” She asked him
“Yah, sorry, I was just drinking some water and it went down the wrong way. 
Listening to Tommy’s whining.”
 Sammy smiled 
“Awesome Sammy, thanks. And Daisy, whatever you do don’t turn your head.” Tommy told her
“Huh? Why?” 
“Cause I think I just say a big hairy spider swinging down from your ceiling.” Tommy answered her
“What!” Daisy yelled before she jumped out of her chair
“Oh no, sorry, it was just a piece of fuss on my screen!” Tommy laughed
“Tommy, you’re such a big jerk!”
 You nearly scared the fur off of me, you know how much I hate spiders!”
 Daisy scowled him
“Okay, okay let’s play nice in the online boxes!” Vicky teased 
“So what are we going to do next?” Sammy asked
“I know, why don’t we take turns and see who can tell the best scariest story.”
 Cookie suggested
“Oh, I got a good one!”
 And she lived right here in this very house!” Tammy cried out.
 “Her name was Mary Blackhead.”
Who was Mary Black head they all wanted to know 
“Mary, lived and died right here in Rocky Shores about a hundred years ago.
 Every year her family would throw the best holiday parties,
 Which were usually the talk of the town for weeks afterwards.”
“Mary, would decorated all their trees both inside and outside their house with scented candle holders
Then whenever you’d walk by or into the room it’d smell like sweet candy floating through the air.”
 Sometime during the party Mary, received a message then disappeared into thin air.”
 Tammy began to explain
“Huh? What do you mean she disappeared into thin air?” Daisy asked  
“The story goes: Mary, supposal received a message. Who or what it was remains a mystery”
 But whatever it said must have upset her so much.
 Cause she left the party in such a rush that she forgot to take her jacket with her.”
 Tammy began to explain
“Oh wow, did they ever find out what happened to her?” Vicky asked
“Well noticing that Mary, was missing from the party they formed a search party to go look for her.”
 They found her hours later inside her shed house frozen to death”
“Supposal she went in there to keep warm but when she closed the door.
 All the snow that was on the roof fell against it causing it to shut close.” Tammy answered her
That story was more sad then scary.” Cookie told her. Tammy smiled before she continued
“But the story isn’t over yet. Some swear that her spirit never left” 
That it’s just waiting to seek her revenge on those she believes caused her death.”
“Right. And how is she going to do that if she’s already dead?”
 Tommy frowned. Tammy’s smile grew wider
“Simple, some say that if you dare to chant her name on a dark night like tonight.
 Her spirit will come out to haunt you.” 
Tammy then instructed the gang to close their eyes and chant out lout Mary’s name
“Now quick open your eyes!” Tammy cried out
“Tammy! Look out there’s something behind you!” Daisy yelled 
“Ha!” Nice try Daisy, I’d expect that from coming from Tommy, but sorry. I’m not falling for it.”
 Tammy smiled
“But I’m not trying to fool you.
 I really did see something dressed in black cross your room. As soon as we opened our eyes.”
 Daisy explained
“Oh wow!”
 It really worked we must have made connect with Mary. But just to make sure let’s try it again.”
 Tammy told them
“Umm, maybe we should just leave it alone.”
 Vicky softly mumbled.  
Tammy was about to answer her back when a faint sound of haunting music floated through the air
“Where’s that music coming from?” Cookie asked.
 And before any of them could answer her Tommy interrupted her by asking
“Hey! Where did Daisy disappear to?” 
The gang looked and noticed that Daisy’s computer box was empty expect for a bright blue light coming out of it
“Maybe, she had to go to the little girl’s room.” Cookie joked
“Yah, maybe. Or maybe she’s having computer trouble that’s why her screen turn blue like that.” 
Sammy added
“Either way let’s give her a few minutes I’m sure she’ll be right back.”
“I’m getting kina worried she should’ve came back on by now. Has anyone tried calling her?”
 Vicky asked
“I did. But I keep getting her voice mail I even texted her but she hasn’t answered back.”
 Cookie shrugged. Tammy was about to dial Daisy’s number
When she got a text from Cookie
“Hey, haven’t you noticed how weird Vicky, has been after you told us that story?”
“No, not really. Weird how?” Tammy typed back 
“Don’t know. But she hasn’t been acting like herself, she sent me this weird text.
 Saying that Daisy, was taken by Mary’s spirt and would be back for more.” Cookie typed 
“That’s weird. She could be messing with you.”
“No, that’s not something she’d do for fun.” Cookie typed. 
Tammy was texting her back and was about to hit sent when Tommy cried out
“Oh great, now Cookie is missing!” 
Tammy looked up from her cell phone to her computer screen and noticed that just like Daisy’s box.
 It was bright blue
“Okay, this is getting a bit freaky.
 First Daisy, now Cookie’s missing don’t you guys think?” Sammy frowned
“I warned her, I warned her that she’d be back but did she believe me? And now look what happened.”
 Vicky mumbled
“What are you talking about?” you warned that who would be back?” Tommy frowned
“Never mind, who. I agree with Sammy, I’ve tried calling them both and only got their voice mail. 
Why don’t you guys, come over and see if we can figure out what’s going on”
 Before we all disappear.” Tammy answered. 
Then after discussing it for a few more minutes they all agreed that it’d be a good idea 
Tammy looked at the clock on her night stand and wonder what was taking them so long
“They should’ve been here by now.” She thought to herself. 
She was about to text Tommy to see where they were when her doorbell rang. 
Tammy ran downstairs and opened her front door and was surprised to just see Vicky standing there
With a weird look on her face 
“Oh hey, where’s Tommy and Sammy? I thought they were coming with you.” She asked her. 
We shouldn’t have never brought her back. She was waiting for so long just for something to bring her back”
 So she could get her revenge on all those who wronged her.” Vicky answered her
“Vicky, I don’t know who you’re talking about. But you’re starting to creep me out”
 Now where is Tommy and Sammy?” And why didn’t they come with you?”
 Tammy asked. 
Vicky was about to answer when the lights in Tammy’s house went out
“Well of course. What else could go wrong?” Tammy sighed.
 “I think that there are some flashlights in the kitchen  
They walked inside Tammy’s kitchen when her cell rang
“Well, aren’t you going to answer it?” Vicky frowned.
 Tammy just gave her a weird look before answering it
“Daisy? Are you okay?” Where are you?” Tammy cried out
“Tammy, you’ve to help us.
 I don’t know what happened all I remember is that I went to get a drink of water” 
And the next thing I know I was waking up in your basement next to Cookie” Daisy started to explain
“We tried getting out but there’s a black shadow blocking the door. 
“Oh no!” It’s coming down the stairs I think that’s –“
“Hello?” Daisy?” Tammy yelled.
 But the only thing that answered her back was a loud ghostly laugh then the line went dead 
“Well, what did she say?” Are they okay!” Vicky cried
“They’re down in my basement. We’ve to help them get out.” Tammy answered
“Down in your basement how did they get in there?”
 Umm, I think we should really wait for the boys to arrive. I’m sure they’ll be here any minute now.”
 Vicky mumbled
“We don’t have time to wait for them they need help now!” Tammy yelled at her
“Okay, okay, but we should at least take something that we can use as a weapon with us.”
 Vicky shrugged. 
 Tammy just gave her another weird look before grabbing a couple of flashlights out of her kitchen counter
“Here. You really think that we really need them as weapon?” She asked
“Better safe than sorry. We don’t know what or who we’re going to find down there.” Vicky answered. 
Together they slowly made their way towards the basement door 
Tammy opened the door and reached for the light switch and before she had a chance to flick it on.
 A bright light flashed in her face and cheers from all over cried out
Tammy was so startled that she almost lost her balance and fell down the stairs. If Vicky didn’t hold on to her
“What’s going on here?”
Vicky laughed as she helped her down the stairs
“We really got her, you guys. Tammy, you should’ve seen the look on your face. It was priceless!” 
“Oh wow!”
 I can’t believe that you guys, did all this as soon as my heart stops beating out of my chest. 
I’ll be really happy.”
 Tammy told them. 
 Daisy went up to her and gave her a big hug
“Well, we always planned on throwing you a surprise party to make up for you.
 Having to share your birthday on the same day of our towns hay fair”
“And since we wanted to make it extra special we were waiting for the perfect moment.
 But when you told us that story about Mary, that’s when I text the gang and put it all together”
 Since you love telling spooky stories we decided to turn the tables on you for once.”
 Vicky added laughing
“Oh wow, Vicky!”
 You really deserve award for your performance, you really had me freaked out.
 I still can’t believe you guys, went through all this trouble for me.”
 Tammy cried then punched Vicky lightly on the shoulder
“But I warn all of you now!
 Be ready because soon or later I’ll find a way to pay you all back somehow!”
 She added laughing  
Then after opening her presents and blowing out the candles on her birthday cake
She gave the gang a big smile and cried out
“This was the best birthday party ever!”
 And even if you all did scare me half to death I still can’t wait to see what you’ve planned for next year!” 
Copyrights © belong to jack 2006