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The Secret Cave


The gang were all excited to be spending a long weekend at Sammy's lake house

but there's something wrong with Sammy's new friend who are staying two house over

and why have they warned the gang not to explore the newly found cave. that they have discovered

what could possible be lurking inside of it

The weekend plans



Chapter 1:

Noticing that his friend Sammy Turtle was just staring at his nutty cookie

For the past few minutes. Tommy Cub jokily cried out

“Dude, are you going to eat that?” Or just stare at it to death!”

“Huh?” Oh, very funny no, here you can have it.

 I’m really not that hungry.”

 Sammy sighed before he handed Tommy his cookie

“Okay Sammy, what gives?”

You look like your puppy just drowned.” Tommy asked him

“Nothing really, I was just thinking about a couple of kids.

 I met by our lake house the other day.” Sammy began

“What about them?” Tommy asked

“Well, they’re a bit strange.

 Every time I’d go over to their house to see if they wanted to hang out or something

They’d just stare at me like I grew another head.”

 Sammy answered him

“Well, maybe they’re just shy.” Tommy shrugged

“That’s what I thought at first,

 or that they were just bummed since their lake house was up for sale.

But the last time I went over there,

 they were just sitting on their sun deck staring at the water.

 Like they were in a trance or something”

“They didn’t even notice that I was standing there until I coughed.”

Sammy explained

“Wow, that does sound weird.

 But instead of making yourself all nutso

trying to figure what’s wrong with them

I’ve an idea.

 We’re going up to your lake house this weekend right?” Tommy began

“Yah, so?” Sammy shrugged

“So, maybe they’ll still be there.

Since school doesn’t start for another week and if they’re

“We’ll just ask them to hang out with us and take it from there.”

 Tommy added

“That’s a great idea.” Sammy smiled


A few days later the boys found the ferret boys

 quietly reading under a big beach umbrella

“Hey guys, this is my friend Tommy,

 and Tommy, this is Bob and Ted Forest.”

 Sammy introduce smiling

“We were wondering if you guys,

would like to come over to my place and meet my other friends.

Who came out here with us and hang out maybe play some video games or something.” He added.

 The two brothers just stared at them with blank confused looks on their faces


Not certain of what to do next Tommy

looked over to Sammy then re asked the boys

“So, are you guys coming?”

“Yes, we’d love to. But we’re not sure that our mom would let us.”

 Bob shrugged

“Why not?”

 It’s just two houses over and it’d be a great way for us to get to know each other better

“I’m sure that if we go and ask her, she’ll say yes.” Sammy smiled


“No!” Bob suddenly cried out

“Umm, what my brother meant you guys, should wait out here.

 While we go ask my mom,

 she doesn’t like to be disturb when she’s working on her book.”

Ted explained. Before they took off running towards their house


And as they watch them run off

 Tommy reached over and patted Sammy on the back and said

“Okay, so maybe you were right they’re a bit weird




The beginning of a mystery

Chapter 2:

A short while later when they went inside Sammy’s house.

 They found the girls playing video games inside his playroom

“Hey girls, I’d like you to meet Ted and Bob,

 they’re staying a few houses down from us.” Sammy told them

“Hi!” and welcome to our little home away from home hide away.”

 Vicky Dragonfly smiled over at Ted


Cookie and Daisy Penguin looked at each other with big smiles on their faces

As they secretly both agreed.

 That there was a little crush connection going on between Vicky and Ted

A few hours later they had a sand castle contest

 in which Vicky won with Ted coming in a close second


“Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you guys,

 what Sammy and I found while collecting some sea shells this morning.”

Tommy began

What they wanted to know

“An entrance to a cave. That looks like it was part of a large rock.”

Tommy explained

Cool where is it at? The girls wanted to know

“It’s just behind the old lighthouse on the far end of the beach.”

Sammy answered them

“Oh, we heard about that place. It’s haunted.” Bob added


And before any of the gang had a chance to ask why, it was haunted

A big flash of lightening flashed across the sky

“Oh wow, we better hurry and head back before it starts pouring.”

 Ted told them.

 But instead of moving the gang just stared at their new friends

 with confused looks on their faces

“Did you just say that it was haunted?”

 You guys, don’t really believe in ghosts, do you?”

 Cookie asked them.

 The two brothers quickly nodded their heads yes

Then took off running before any of them could ask any more question

An unknown clue

Chapter 3:

Later that day Vicky found Ted sitting by himself reading

“Oh, hi.” He mumbled once he saw her

“Hi, I hope you don’t mind.

 But I just came over to make sure you guys, were okay

“You took off before we had a chance to tell you

 that we didn’t mean to make you or Bob feel.

 Like we didn’t believe you,

 it’s just we’ve heard of places begin haunted before

“But it always ended up begin something else then ghost.”

 Vicky explained

“Don’t worry about it. So, I guess you don’t believe in ghost?”

 Ted asked her


“I never seen one.

But I’m not closed-minded about them existing.”

 Vicky shrugged

“That’s cool, and I’m sorry too.

 We shouldn’t have just ran off like that

“It’s just we’re not supposed to go or even talk about that place.”

 Ted explained

“Why not?” Vicky asked him.

 But before Ted had a chance to answer her back

Bob walked over and interrupted

“Hey Ted, mom wants you to come inside.”

“Okay, I’ve to go, thanks, for coming over.”

 Ted sadly smiled as he got up to leave.

 But before he did he leaned over and whispered in her ear

“I wish that I could tell you, why.”



Exploring we will go

Chapter 4:

“So, was he mad?”

 Daisy asked Vicky over breakfast the next morning

“No, but I think there’s something going on that they’re not telling us.”

 Vicky answered she then quickly told them what happened

“Wow, I wonder what he meant by that?”

 Daisy frowned. Vicky only just shrugged

“Don’t know. I wish he would’ve just told me what it was, I like Ted,

“But he can sometime be.”

“Weird, creepy, wimpy, all of the above!”

 Sammy interrupted laughing along with Tommy

 who gave him a big high five

“You guys, are not funny!” Just because they’re a bit different then us,

 doesn’t make them weird or whatever!” Vicky cried out

“Sorry, you girls, know we didn’t mean it like that. I’ve an idea,

 why don’t we go and explore the cave

“Maybe, after we prove that there’s nothing to be scared of.

 They won’t be so freaked out about the place.” Tommy suggested


An hour later they carefully stepped inside the cave entrance

“It’s really creepy in here.”

 Daisy said as they were just about to make their way down

 a large clearing. A ghostly laugh floated through the walls of the cave

They ran out of the cave.

 And didn’t stop running until they reached the safely of Sammy’s lake house

In where they found Bob and Ted waiting for them


“Hi, we were wondering where you guys, have been?”

 We wanted to see if you all wanted to go for a swim?”

 Bob asked them

“Swimming sounds, great.

 It was so hot and stuffy inside that cave.” Tommy began

“Whoa, you guys, really didn’t go in there?” Did you?” Ted asked

“Umm, kina of, but we didn’t go far.”

 Sammy answered him.

 They then took turns in telling what they heard

“Wow, then what happened?”

 Did you go and see what made the noise?” Bob asked them

“No!”  we just ran back here.” Sammy cried

“So, I guess, now you’ll stay away from there.”

 Ted mumbled

“Nah, not until we find out what made those noises

 and what else is in there.” Tommy shrugged

“Oh, we don’t think that’s such a great idea.

 Maybe you guys, should just forget all about it.” Ted told them


And before Ted had a chance to answer Bob cut him off

“Umm, no reason. Come on are we going to go swimming or not?”

A shocking discovery

Chapter 5:

The next day the gang went back

“I wonder why Ted,

 looked so scared when we told them that we were going to keep.

Going back until this mystery was solved.”

 Cookie told them as they stepped inside

“Yah, he looked like he was going to busted out crying or something.”

Daisy added


After walking for a few minutes, they were getting hot and bored.

And were about to turn around and leave

When Sammy picked up an old picture up from the dirt floor

“Oh wow, no way!” Look at this!”

 He cried out waving the picture of Ted and Bob hugging an old ferret.

 All of them smiling at the camera   

“Whoa, is that who I think it is?”

 Daisy yelled grabbing the picture away from him to have a closer look at it  

“That’s so weird, why’d their picture be in here.

 I thought they were scared of this place?” Tommy frowned

“Well, standing around isn’t going to help us solve this.

 Let’s go and find them and ask about it.” Cookie told them


Later that day the gang found Ted and Bob collecting shells

“Hey guys!”

“Hi, umm, we’ve to ask you guys, a very weird question.

Try not to laugh or freak when we do.” Vicky told them.

Bob just gave her an uncertain look before he asked

“Well, like I said. This is going to sound weird,

 but while we were exploring the cave

“Sammy, found an old picture.” Vicky began

“So, what’s so weird about that?”

 I’m sure there’s a lot of junk lying around.” Bob frowned

“Maybe, but it was an old picture of you and Ted.

 Do either of you, have an idea how it could’ve gotten in there.”

Vicky asked them


The ferret boys just stared at them with blank scared looks on their faces.

 Then after a few seconds of silence Bob suddenly started cracking up

“You guys are kidding us, right?”


“Okay, let’s see it then.” Bob smirked

“Sure, show it to him, Sammy.” Tommy nodded

“I don’t have it. I gave it to Daisy.” Sammy shrugged

“And I took it from her, and like a bonehead forgot to bring it with me.”

 Vicky sighed

“Seriously, you guys, don’t actually think that we believe that you found.

 Some so-called picture of us inside a place we’ve never been in before

“Come on Ted, let’s get out of here.

 And hopefully these nut cases will leave us alone from now on!”

“I told you, they were just like the rest!” Bob snorted.

 Before he stormed off

Ted sadly stared at them before he whispered over to them

“You shouldn’t have made him mad.”

Then took off after his brother  

A break in the case

Chapter 6:

“Wow, what just happened?”

 Did we just step inside the weirdo zone or what?” Tommy frowned

“I’m just as confused as you are.

 But I also have a funny feeling that it’s going to get a whole lot weirder

“Before we solve this one.” Cookie answered him


Later that day they returned

“Okay, let’s just get the picture,

 then take it back to their house. so, they can see it.”

 Vicky said.

And before any of them could answer a ghostly cry

floated through the air

They walked in and found Ted, rolled up sitting on the floor crying


“Ted?” Vicky asked

“I really like you guys,

 that’s why I tried to warn you to stay away from this place.

“But you just had to figure out what was going on.”

 Ted sobbed.

 Vick sat down next to Ted and softly rubbed his back

“It’s okay Ted, you can tell us what’s wrong.

 I just hate to see you so upset, we promise not to judge only listen

“And maybe, we can help you with whatever has you so upset.”

Ted took a deep breath before he began

“I shouldn’t have never listen to Bob,

 he was always doing stupid things. That would get us in trouble

“That day we were only supposed to only play in front of our house.

until my mom finished working on her writing for the day

“Of course, Bob, got bored and talked me

 into going with him to explore this stupid cave.

 Even though we weren’t allowed to. But Bob

, called me a wimp, and we went.”


“Halfway, though we suddenly heard a loud rumbling noise.

 We got scared and began running back towards the entrance

“But it was too late,

 the cave caved-in before we could get out and died instantly.” He added


For a long time, none of them spoke nor moved


“So, let me get this straight.

 What you’re trying to tell us is that you’re a ghost?”

Tommy frowned breaking the silence.

Ted just slowly nodded his head yes

“Right, then how come we can see you, or do everything that we can do?”

He added.

Ted sadly, smiled before he answered

“I knew you guys, weren’t going to believe me.

 So, maybe, this will change your minds.”

And before any of the gang could re-act Ted,

 floated in and out through the caves wall

“It took me a couple of year.

 But with a lot of practice we learned how to do a lot of things.”

Sammy’s cries interrupted him

“OMG!” He really is a ghost!”

He tried to run out but he was too scare to even move

“Relax Sammy, I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not like.”


The sad truth

Chapter 7:

“Like what?” Bob’s voice asked from behind them

“Has my dear baby brother, been telling spooky tales again?”

 I wouldn’t believe much of what he has been saying.”

 He added smirking

“I’m not a baby!” And you’re so not funny.

 Me, a liar good one!” Ted yelled at him

“Teddy, just because your little girlfriend is standing next to you.

 Doesn’t mean.” Bob began

“Stop it!” Vicky suddenly yelled out.

 They all looked at her as she was nuts

“Look, I don’t know what’s really going on.

 But for whatever reason we were meant to see you guys

“Maybe, we were meant to help you cross over or something.

 But screaming at one another isn’t helping us figure it out.

 So, knock it off, okay.”

Noticing that they were still looking at her as if she lost her mind.

 Vicky frowned then repeated



“Yah, yah, okay, still it isn’t fair.” Bob began

“Fair?” you’re kidding me, right?”

 Is it fair that that because I was stupid enough to listen to you ten years ago

“I’m still stuck here without ever seeing my friends again or mom

Was it fair to mom blaming herself for what happened to us.

She doesn’t even come up here anymore

“Because you were bored. This is all your fault!”

You never cared about anything expect yourself!” Ted yelled at him


Bob was surprised by his brother’s angry outburst.

 He just stared at him for a long time before he answered him back

“Ted, I never meant to hurt you or mom,

 I was just so mad and hated everything.

 Ever since mom and dad divorced

“And how mom was always on my case

 and always remaining me just how perfect you are.

 That I stopped caring.”


“Earlier that morning, we got into another fight.

 So, when she told us to go outside while she works

I was thinking on how I was going to get her back.

 I was going to talk you, into exploring the cave with me

“Once we were there, I was planning on making some stupid excuse

 on why we should split up.

 Then hiding some place until you freaked out

 and had to run back home and get mom what happened

“And hopefully she’d blame you.”

“What!” Why?” Ted cried out interrupting

“Like I said, I was jealous, angry, that mom loved you more.

 I’m so sorry Ted. I wish I could take that day back

“I wish I could make all this up to you and just start over.

 Can you ever forgive me?” Bob sobbed

A happy ending

Chapter 8:

And before Ted had a chance to answer.

 A sudden big light filled the cave and an older ferret floated out

“There you, boys are!” I’ve been looking for a very long time.

 It’s time for you to come home now.”

She told them with a big smile on her face

“Mom!” Both Bob and Ted cried out as they ran towards her.

 But before Ted reached her,

 he turned around and went to where Vicky, was

And gave her a kiss on her check

“Thank you, I’ll never forget you.”

Vicky blushed as she answered him back

“Neither, will I.”


Within seconds they were gone.

 The gang was still confused by what just happened

And just as Cookie was about to speak,

 small pieces of pebble started falling down all around them

“We better get out of here, before we get caved-in here.

 Just like Ted and Bob did!” Ted cried


Minutes later they were outside the cave.

 Just in time to see rock after rock fell over the entrance.

 Until there was no way in nor out


“Wow, did that really just happened?” Sammy asked them

Vicky put her arm around his shoulder and smiled

“Yes, it did. And it was a beautiful thing instead of catching the bad guys,

 we did something more important

“We helped a mom, find her boys and helped a couple of brothers

 learn how to forgive. And become friends again.

 Hopefully now, they all can rest in peace.”


Copyrights © belong to jack 2006