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Secret Graveyard


While playing a game of kick ball the gang found a little piece

of what they called their secret paradise but what they really discovered was a mystery that has been haunting their town for years 

Chapter 1

The Mystery of the

Secret Graveyard



Chapter 1:

The gang was playing kick ball on a sunny


“Oh, nice kick nerd.”

Tommy Cub frowned as

The ball flew high over his head

“Sorry, I guess I don’t know my own strength.”

Sammy Turtle laughed

“Well Mr. don’t know your own strength

Why don’t you go and get our ball back.”

Tommy smirked


Sammy flexed his muscles before running

Off towards the little woody area in

Where the ball roll to


A few minutes later Tommy yelled out to


“Hey dude!” did you get lost?”

Sammy poked his head through one of

The over grown bushes and cried out

“No, but I did find something really cool

That you should check out.”


Tommy waved the girls over then they walked

Over to where Sammy was waiting for them


  I never knew this was back here. Some of

These grave stone look really old.”

Vicky Dragonfly told them as she took a closer



 Check this one out!” Cookie cried out laughing

As she read it out loud

“See I told you that I needed a doctor!”

“Well, at least they had a good sense of humor

Until the very end.” She added


“Look. There’s a little path

Let’s see where it leads to.”

 Tommy told them

“Or we can just leave and go back

To our game.” Sammy shrugged

Tommy shook his

 head as he guided Sammy down the path

“Whoa! I think we just found our own secret


 A bit creepy but still beautiful.” Vicky


“Yah, it even comes with our own beach

House.” Tommy added pointing to a

Small marble house that looked more like

An ancient temple

“I don’t think that’s a beach house

It looks more like a.”

A sudden flash of lightening interrupted

Daisy Penguin

“Okay, what was that?” Sammy asked

“I think it was lightening. We should leave

Before it starts pouring on us. Daisy answered


“Besides we promised Honey,

 that we’d meet

Her at the ice cream shop

“And help her with her movie.” She added







Chapter 2

Shortly afterwards they were sitting inside

Honey Kitten’s mom ice cream shop

Going through a big box of old pictures

“Aww, what a cute looking kitten. Is that

You?” Sammy asked Honey

Honey looked at the picture that showed

A little kitten sitting inside a baby crib

 playing with a big ball of yarn

“No, but that kina looks like my mom

When she was little.” She answered him

“What looks like your mom?”

Her mom asked once she sat down and

Joined them at their table


“This picture. Is this you?”

 Honey asked her

“Oh wow, yes it is. I can’t believe

That was in there

“This very nice cabby cat gave me the

Ball of yarn to play with. So I wouldn’t

Be scared when the doctor came to see

Me.” Her mom smiled

“I found out later that she was

A hospital volunteer who like to comfort

Kittens while they stayed there.”

She added

And before any of them could ask what

Happened to the cabby cat

Tommy interrupted


“Hey!” It’s our secret paradise!”


Both Honey and her mother gave him

A confused look. Before Sammy quickly

Explained what he meant by that

“Oh that old place once belong to the

Boxer family

Actually the youngest Boxer was who

I was speaking about.”

Honey’s mom began explaining

“Sadly I believe her name was Betty,

Passed away while I   was away in collage

I don’t think any of the family remained in

Rocky Shores after that.”

“So, who owns it now?”

 Tommy asked

“I’m not really sure. But I’ve heard the

Rumors of how the old Boxers are

Still running around haunting the place.”

Honey’s mom laughed

“Do you believe it’s haunted?”

Cookie asked her


And before she could answered

The lights inside her shop suddenly

Went out

Honey picked up her video camera

And started recording

“This is Honey Kitten; I’m reporting to you

From my mom’s shop in where the lights

Just mysteriously went out.”


“Hey!” what happened to the lights?”

“Okay, okay, let’s all calm down

I’m sure we all have been inside a dark


Before and survived I’m sure the lights

Will be back on

“Any seconds now.”

Honey’s mom cried out






Chapter 3

A few seconds later the lights

Came back on

“There you see.”

Honey’s mom began

“It was her!” she was here!”

A voice cried out pointing

To the cash drawer

On top of it was a signal white rose


Honey pointed her camera towards

The rose and asked

“Who was here?” I didn’t see

Nobody come in.”


let’s not start spreading that

Silly old legend.”

 Honey’s mom frowned

“Silly, legend my paw. Then how

Do you explain that rose?”

An old cat snorted

“What silly legend that you all are

Talking about?” Vicky frowned


“Around fifty years ago Betty Boxer owned this

Very story. It was a flower shop back then.”

The old cat began

“Not only was she obsess with

 her flowers especially her roses

. But she was equally obsess with her

Helper Fred

She swore that they were going

To get married.

But she was wrong Fred,

 wasn’t interested in marrying her

 “Instead he married his college sweetheart.”

“Oh, how awful.” Daisy interrupted

“Awful indeed. Since not only did she

Cursed him

But she cursed the whole town.”



“That’s right.”

The cat nodded

“For those who don’t leave an offering on

 her grave. Will receive nothing but

bad luck. And for those who do will receive

nothing but good luck.” She explained


“That’s the dumbest curses that I

Ever heard.” Tommy frowned

“Sounds more like mind over matter

Than a curse.” Vicky added

“Mind over matter all you wish to.

But I’m still not willing to risk a year of

Bad luck

“Tomorrow morning I’m going to buy

My gift and drop it off.”

The cat huffed before she got up and left

The shop

Chapter 4

The next morning the gang and Honey

Decided just for their curiosity to go

And visit Betty Boxer’s grave


 I guess the story of old Betty; got

Around. Her grave looks more

 like a x-mas tree filled with over stuff


“Then some resting place.” Cookie whistled

“Umm, do you guys think that maybe we

Should buy her a gift

“Just to be on the safe side.”

 Sammy told them. Tommy just gave him

A don’t be dumb look for an answer


“Don’t be dumb dude, there’s no such thing

As ghosts or curses.

“I just wonder who is really receiving

 all these gifts and what they’re doing with

them.” He added

“I was thinking the same thing.

Maybe we should start keeping a closer

Eye on our new found paradise.”

Vicky agreed


And before any of them could reply

A loud grumpy voice yelled out

“You kids get out!” None of you are

Welcome here!”


Who’s that?


“That’s probably the grounds keeper.

We should go before he comes chasing us

Out of here.” Cookie told them


Later on that day they were hanging out

Inside their clubhouse

“It reads;

here that Betty Boxer loved to give

To charities. Especially to hospitals that

Take cares of sick kids.” Vicky frowned

As she read the rest of the article that she

Found online

“None of this sounds like she was bitter

Enough. To put a curse on the town or

Scare them into leaving her gift on her



“Agreed. But there has to be a reason

Those rumors were started.”

Daisy told her

“Well, if there’s one I can’t find it.

And what’s even sadder is that after she

Died. The rest of her family were forced

To move away just to get

Away from the rumors about their

Family and Betty.” Vicky added

















Chapter 5

“Guess what?” I decided to make my

Movie all about Betty Boxer.”

Honey told the gang the next day after


“I’ve a funny feeling that there’s more

To her story than this dumb legend

And who knows maybe when it’s done

“I’ll be a famous director.”

She added laughing

That’s an awesome idea Honey

They all agreed


“Sammy and me walked by her grave

This morning before coming to school

“It looks more like a big gift store

Than a grave.

 You can’t even see her name on her

Tomb anymore.” Tommy told them

“Yah, and before

 we left there were even more

Folks waiting in line to drop their gifts.”

Sammy added


“Wow, you guys weren’t kidding

Pretty soon you can’t even walk through

Here.” Honey said before she took

Out her camera and began filming


“Totally. This is getting out of hand

I heard a rumor that the reason Mr. Tube

Went out of business was because

“He refused to leave old Betty a gift.”

Daisy added

“Wow, talk about getting the story all


We all know that Mr. Tube retired and

Moved out of town to be closer to

His grand kids.” Cookie groaned

“I guess they’ll believe what they want to

Believe. I’ll bet you a million dollars that

If Betty’s ghost rose up and told them

To stop leaving her gift

They’d probably double in leaving her

Gifts!” Daisy giggled


They decided to walk around so

Honey could take some more pictures

“Hey! Check out that old shed I wonder

What’s in there?” She asked taking a few

Pictures of the shed

“Well, there’s one way to find out

Let’s take a quick look around

“Who knows maybe we’ll help you

Catch your first ghost on camera!”

Tommy told Honey smiling


They slowly made their way inside



Chapter 6


They all gasped with surprise once

They saw what was inside the old shed

There were old and new gift boxes

 stacked up from the floor all the

way to the ceiling


“Well, I guess we now know where

All the gifts disappear to.”

Tommy said

“Yah, but who is putting them in here

And why?” Daisy added


And before any of them could answer

Her a voice from behind them

Cried out:


“What do you kids think you’re

Doing inside my house?”


They turned around to see

An old fox standing there glaring

At them

“Well?” Maybe I should just call the cops

And you can tell them what you’re

Doing in here?”


“What do you mean your house?”

This is nothing but an old shed?”

Sammy frowned


“It may be just an old shed to you

But to me its home.”

The old fox began

“Why are you pretending to be Betty’s

Ghost?” and scaring the folks in this town

To leave you gift on her grave?”

Maybe we should ask the cops about that?”

Honey interrupted smirking

“Hog wash!” I’m doing no such thing.”

The old fox snorted

“Oh really?” Then how do you explain

All these gifts?” Honey frowned


The old fox stared at her for a few

Minutes before he let out a sad sigh

“I once worked for Miss Betty, a long

Time ago.

I even tried to stop the spread of all

The rumors about her and her family

When she passed

“But after a while I realized that

I was losing the fight. So I came up with a

Plan if they wanted a ghost I’d give them

a ghost.”




“Like I said before I tried very

Hard to put all the rumors to rest

“But they’d rather believe in those stupid


Than to continue helping out those poor

Kids just like Betty used to do

“When she was still alive.”

The old fox began explaining


“I couldn’t understand how they

Could just forget all the good she did

For the town

“And just believe in untrue rumors

So I started one of my own of how

I was having bad luck

 and how it didn’t end until

I left Betty; her gift.”


“But now that you kids, know

The true.

 I guess I’ll just have to come clean


And tell the truth

“I just wish that I could

Continue but without lying.”

He added shyly

“Don’t worry Mister. We’ll

Help you find a way

“Just leave it up to us. Trust me

We go this!” Cookie smiled






















Chapter 7

The next day Honey asked her mom

If they could hold a town’s meeting

In her ice cream shop


A few hours later the gang took turns

Explaining what they found out about

The Boxer family

Honey even showed them a rough cut

Of her movie  


“So, as you could see there’s no

Ghost, or bad luck curse

“Just a bunch of rumors that grew out

Of control.” Vicky started to explain

“But we’ve came up with an idea

Why don’t we as a town instead of

Continue spreading those dumb rumors

We build a donation booth at the

Children’s hospital

And make Betty proud.”

Cookie added smiling


Chapter 8

A few days later the old fox

treated the gang to the biggest

ice cream cones that Honey’s mom

could make


“I can’t express how grateful I’m

Of you kids

“None of this would’ve happened

Without your help

I don’t know. But somehow I feel

That Betty can finally rest in peace now.”

He told them sobbing


The gang suddenly felt uncomfortable

Since they really never seen a grown up

Sob before


“It was nothing. We were just glad

That we could help.” Tommy shrugged

“Yah, and guess what?” I’ve great news

My film teacher told me that my film

On Betty.

“Was picked by a historical film maker

And wants to show it in a few cities!”

Honey cried out happily

“I guess they loved how my ghost story

Didn’t really have a ghost in it

But a happy ending. And all the money

From it will go to the Betty charity foundation”

She added

“Wow, that’s great Honey!” They all smiled


“I know that Betty is looking down at us

Right now. With the biggest smile on her

Face.” The old fox smiled

We hope so

“Oh, I know so. Look

And this time it wasn’t me.”

The old fox told them


The gang looked to where he

Was pointing to

On top of the cash drawer

Was the biggest whitest rose

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006