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Is the legend of the snow creature really true or just a bunch of melt snow flakes

Let it snow!

Every winter Cookie’s science teacher picks a few students from her class
And invites them to join her on a wonderland fun sea search
This year Ms. Bluestone invited Cookie and her friends
 To sail with her on the Big Gulper
Which was big enough to be used as a research lab and cruise ship 
“Tommy, when you get tired trying to drown Sammy, why don’t climb you onboard. 
And I’ll teach you how to use the spare rod that you’ve been presetting me about.”
 Ms. Bluestone cried out smiling from the side of the Big Gulper
“Oh cool!”
 Tommy Cub answered back happily before he began to swim back 
Once onboard Ms. Bluestone helped Tommy out of his wet suit
Then asked him
“Do you know what this is?”
“A large pole to help scoop Sammy, off of the bottom of the ocean floor. 
After his floozies deflate?” Tommy shrugged
“Your humor is the only thing that seems to be deflated, Thomas.”
Ms. Bluestone smirked.
 “Now pay attention, first, you wrap your paw around the middle of the spare. 
Then you gently pull it back and throw it as far as you can” Here, give it a try.” 
She added. 
 Tommy took a deep breath before 
He pulled his arm back and threw the spare with all his strength
“Ouch!” You just hit my paw!” 
Both Tommy and Ms. Bluestone ran over towards the side rail and looked over it.
 And noticed that Sammy Turtle was holding the spare that 
Tommy just threw with a big smile on his face
“Looking for this?” He asked
“Dude!” That wasn’t funny! What if I really did hit you with the stupid thing?”
 Tommy growled at him
“Oh, please, we all know that there’s a better chance of your target hitting you. 
Then you ever hitting it!” Daisy Penguin interrupted laughing
“Okay, okay, kids, settle down. Why don’t you all go to your rooms, 
Change, then I’ll meet you back in the lunch room”
 In a few minutes and fill you in on the super adventure we’re about to go on.” 
Ms. Bluestone told them 
Minutes later they were all gather down inside the lunch room munching
 On some pizza nuggets
“Okay, first, I’d like to thank you kids, for joining me on this trip.”
 Ms. Bluestone began
“Anytime Ms. B. we were happy that you asked for us to come.” Cookie smiled.
 “So, what’s this super adventure that you’ve planned for us?”
“Well, this is more like a mystery that needs to be solving, then an adventure.”
 Ms. Bluestone answered her back smiling
Ms. Bluestone only laughed at their confusion then continued
“You see, I’d like for you kids, to help me solve the mystery of the snow creature  
“The who creature?”
 That sounds more like a crazy urban legend, then anything else.”
 Tommy frowned
“Possible Tommy, but to the town of Frozen Cove, 
This creature is very much real.
 And they’ve asked my office to help prove if it’s as you called it Tommy.”
 Just another urban legend or this snow creature does truly exist”
“And really does guard and protect a secret cave full of treasures.”
 Ms. Bluestone explained
“Oh wow!” We’re going to be rich!” 
Both Tommy and Sammy cried out
“Now, now, boys, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s see if we can prove that’s real first!”
 Ms. Bluestone laughed
“I didn’t think that a scientists like yourself would be interested in dealing with urban legends.”
 Cookie told her teacher
“Normally I wouldn’t.
 But after doing some research on the subject it’d be such a wonderful discovery. 
If we could actually find some kind of real proof,
 That this creature is just more than some made up legend.”
 Ms. Bluestone answered her
“Now tomorrow, we’ll be taking a small plane—“She added
“Plane?” Why can’t we just take the boat?” Sammy asked frowning
“The town of Frozen Cove, is a real small town. 
The only way you can get there is by plane or car” 
But don’t worry Sammy, you’ll be having so much fun. 
That you won’t even miss this old tug boat!”
 Ms. Bluestone smiled 
The next morning the gang landed inside the Frozen Cove airport
“Okay kids, why don’t you kids, go get your bags. 
While I find Mr. Snake, he’s going to be our town guide.
 Then afterwards we’ll grab something to eat.”
 Ms. Bluestone told them
“Ah!” You must be the party of adventures that I’ve been waiting for!”
 A loud voice from behind then interrupted
“And you must be Mr. Snake, I’m Ms. Bluestone, it’s very nice to meet you.”
 Ms. Bluestone smiled 
Then after picking up their bags they headed out to a local restaurant 
“So Mr. Snake, have you ever seen this snow creature before?” 
Cookie asked him as they waited for their food to arrive
“Sadly, no, I’ve only heard rumors about its existences.” He answered her
“What kina of rumors?” Tommy asked him
“Well, a couple weeks ago a couple of photographers.
 Came into to town, in hopes of capturing some photos of the creatures.”
 Mr. Snake began 
“And?” Tommy frowned after a few seconds of silence
“And, they simply vanished into thin air.” Mr. Snake simply shrugged
“Oh, that’s impossible!” 
They probably didn’t find anything, and just went back to where they came from.”
 Ms. Bluestone frowned
“I certainly hope that you’re right.” Mr. Snake mumbled 
A few hours later they were heading out towards their winter cabins 
“How much further is it?”
 I don’t feel my toes anymore,
 I think they probably froze off by now. It must be two below zero out here.”
 Tommy whined
“Actually, you’ve to put the zero in front of the number first.” Daisy smirked
Thank you so much, for that weather correction what would I do without your help?”
 Tommy smirked back
“Okay, kids, settle down.
 I know that its cold out here, but we should be reaching our cabins pretty soon.” 
Ms. Bluestone interrupted
“I can taste the hot chocolate as we speak.” She added smiling 
Later that night as Ms. Bluestone was in the kitchen making their hot chocolate.
 The gang was inside the living room playing a game of clue 
“It was Mr. Ax, in the bedroom with the hammer!” Sammy cried out
“Sorry dude, but you’re sooooooooooooo wrong!” Tommy laughed
“Hey, did you guys, hear that?” Daisy interrupted
“Listen. It sounded like it came from outside.” She hushed them
“Umm, maybe, we should ask Ms. Bluestone, to take a look.”
 Sammy added
When we can easily do it and be back inside before she even noticed that we were gone.”
 Tommy shrugged 
A few minutes later they were about to head back inside the cabin. 
When they had to suddenly jump back as Mr. Snake speeded off on their snow mobile
“Hey!” Stop!” Where are you going?
 You can’t leave us out here in the middle of nowhere without any transportation!”
 Tommy started to yell. Before he started to chase after it 
They kept chasing it until they couldn’t run anymore
“Oh great!”
 Now what are we going to do” Daisy cried out. 
“There’s no way we could catch up to him.”
 I think we’ve a bigger problem.” Sammy answered her
“Oh, really Sammy, like what?”
 What can be bigger then begin stuck in the middle of nowhere?”
 Tommy frowned
“Well, Tommy, if you can tell us how to get back to the cabin. 
That would be great, cause all I see is snow.” Sammy smirked
“Why don’t we just retrace our paw prints, they should help us get back.”
 Cookie shrugged 
They didn’t get very far.
 Since it was starting to snow again covering up their tracks
“I hate to say it. But this isn’t working we are just walking around in a big circle.”
 Sammy whined
“Yah, I hate to agree with him. 
But I’ve a funny feeling that instead of getting closer, 
We’ve walked further away from the cabin.” Vicky added
“I was thinking the same thing too.” Cookie agreed.”
 Maybe we should take shelter inside that cave we just passed and take it from there.” 
A few minutes later they were inside the cave Cookie was about to tell the gang something. 
When a blind light suddenly blinded them
It was Ms. Bluestone 
“Oh, thank heavens!” I’ve been looking for you kids, all over I was so worried. 
What in the world are you kids, doing out here all alone.” 
She cried out happily 
“We heard a strange noise coming outside and went to investigate.
 It was Mr. Snake, riding off on our snow mobile”
 We started chasing him but it was no use we couldn’t stop him, then we couldn’t find our way back.”
 Daisy explained
“I can’t believe he’d do something as cruel as that!”
 Just wait, until we get back into town. I’m going to make sure he’s punished for his actions!”
 Ms. Bluestone angrily answered
“That’s if we get back.” Tommy sighed
“Oh, that shouldn’t be any problem. 
You kids, didn’t wonder off as far as you believe” 
Only half a mile or so away from the cabin, as soon as we get back inside”
 I’ll radio us in and hopefully we’ll be back in town by tomorrow afternoon.”
 Ms. Bluestone smiled  
A few days later they were back onboard the Big Gulpher
“Wow!” I never thought I’d be so happy to be back on this old rust bucket.
 I don’t want to see snow for a very long, long time.” Tommy joked 
“Yah, but I feel bad that we didn’t.” Vicky began
“Hey kids!” 
Can you all please come down to the lunch hall, I’ve some exciting news to share with you.
” Ms. Bluestone’s voice interrupted from below deck 
They all gathered inside and asked
“What was the exciting news?”
“Well, I’m sure that you’re all glad to be back as Tommy, so nicely put it. The old rust bucket!” 
Ms. Bluestone laughed.” 
But before we reach back to shore I’d like to thank you kids, for coming with me.”
“It was fun.
 But it’s a shame that we couldn’t help you prove if the snow creature existed or not.”
 Vicky told her
“Well, don’t be so hard on yourselves. I’m sure you’ll cheer up after I tell the rest of my news.”
 The police phoned me a while ago to inform me that they found
 Mr. Snake, hiding inside of the caves”
 Not so far away from our cabin.” Ms. Bluestone began explaining 
“Oh wow!”
“According to the police Mr. Snake, has been robbing jewelry stores and local banks. 
Then hiding the stolen items inside different caves.” She continued
“How awful!”
 I can’t believe that he would be involved in doing such a cruel and mean things like that.”
 He seemed nice enough at first.” Cookie told her
“Cookie, sometimes you really can’t trust a person or what they say or do just at face value.
 Even if you like them when you first met, but don’t worry sooner or later” 
Criminals like Mr. Snake, always get caught no matter how many times
 They got away with it in the beginning.
” Ms. Bluestone smiled
“So the whole thing was just a scam there was never any thing as a snow creature?”
 Sammy asked
“We’ll never know. 
The police believe that it was Mr. Snake’s business partner who made that call to my office,
 And led us on this wild goose chase.” Ms. Bluestone shrugged
“But the weird part is that the weather hasn’t been so cold
 To have frozen them as they were found.
 And not only have that but the cops also claimed
 That they both had the strangest looks on their faces”
 Like they were about to scream or something close to it but didn’t have time to. 
They were scared to death,”   
“Oh wow!”
 Maybe the legend of the snow creature does exist!” Vicky cried out   
“Maybe, just like some legends weren’t made to be know they’re best left unknown. 
Now who wants to help me make my world famous brownies?
” A special treat well deserved!” Ms. Bluestone laughed 
Copyrights © belong to jack 2006