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The Ghost Car


There's something very wrong with Chuck's new car

its up to his brother Tommy and Sammy to figure out what its before its to late

Chuck's new car



Chapter 1:

Tommy Cub and Sammy Turtle were both freezing their butts,

 while waiting for Tommy’s brother Chuck

To pick them up from hockey practices

“That’s it, if he isn’t here in the next five minutes.

 I’m calling my mom,

 so, she can pick us up.” Tommy whined.

 Sammy poked his head out of his shell and answered him back

“Why, don’t you just call her now?”

 Before we both turn into big ice cubes.”

Tommy was about to answer when a loud honk interrupted.

They both turned their heads to see where it came from

Parked across the street was a black T-bird with tainted windows


“Hey losers!”

 Are you getting in?” Or just stand there staring at the car all day?”

 A voice yelled out from the open window

“Chuck?” Tommy asked once they crossed the street

“No, it’s mom, so how do you like my new baby?”

 Chuck asked them with a big smile on his face

“Sweet, but where did you get it from and what happened to your old car?”

Sammy answered him

“Poor Beastly, has been giving me problems for a while.

 But she finally conked- out on..” Chuck began

“You named your car Beastly?” Tommy interrupted him frowning.

 Chuck just ignored him then continued

“Anyways, she conked-out on me right in front of this house.

With a big car for sale sign posted in its front yard

Then after talking to this creepy dude, who seemed like.

 He couldn’t wait to get rid of it fast enough.”


 there’s something wrong with it. That’s why he was acting that way.”

 Sammy told him

“That’s what I thought too.

 Especially when I told him that I didn’t have much money on me

Just a few bucks and old Beastly.

 He just shrugged and said that was fine.”

 Chuck explained.

Tommy and Sammy both looked at each other

before they started cracking up

“Dude!” You just got sooo ripped off!”

This car’s  probably a big lemon.” Tommy cried out

“Not funny. So, after he promised that there was nothing wrong with it

That the reason he was selling it so easily was because

 he was starting a new job out of town. And needed to sell it as soon as possible.”

 Chuck told them

“It’s a cool car Chuck, I just hope for your sake. He told you the truth.”

 Tommy smiled

“Me too, I’m going to have dad take it down to the shop.

 As soon as we get home I just hope that I didn’t give up Beastly,

 for a lemon.” Chuck shrugged

Tommy gets trapped

Chapter 2:


Later that night Tommy went to get his book bag out of Chuck’s car.

 But the car door wouldn’t open to let him out

“Oh great, the stupid door is stuck or something,

 how I’m going to get out of here now.” He thought to himself.

 He started pulling harder on the door handle

But still it wouldn’t open

“Maybe, if I start honking hard enough it’ll get Chuck’s attention.

 And he’ll come and let me out.”


Tommy was just about to start honking when he could’ve sworn

 that a faint sound of a girl laughing suddenly came out from the radio

“Terrific, now I’m hearing things I really have to get out of this car.”

Tommy was about to bang on the horn. When the car door suddenly opened


“Whoa, now that was strange.”

Tommy muttered to himself.

 He was about to run inside the house to tell Chuck what just happened

When he bumped into a beautiful fox with big blue eyes


“Oh, hi sorry, I didn’t see you standing there.” Tommy said

“Hi, I was just walking passed your driveway when I saw you

banging against the door.

 And came over to see if you were alright or if I could’ve help you in some way.”

 The fox shyly answered

“Oh, you saw that huh?”

 umm, my brother just brought this car and I guess the doors

 got stuck or something.”

 Tommy shrugged

“Well, I’m glad that you’re okay.

 I just moved in the neighborhood, my name is Carrie.” She smiled

“Nice to meet you, I’m Tommy.”


“Hey, lame brain!” Who are you talking to?”

A voice from behind Tommy yelled out.

 Tommy turned around to see that his brother was standing

 right behind him smiling

Carrie, she just moved here.

 She came to see if I was okay since I got locked inside your car.”

 Tommy began

“And what were you doing inside my car without my permission.”

 Chuck frowned

“I forgot my book bag and when I tried to get out the door got stuck.”

 Tommy answered him

“I see, listen whenever you’re finish talking to your little invisible friend.

 Mom wants you inside dinner’s ready

“And from now on keep your little paws off my car!”

 Okay, thank you.”

Chuck smirked then left before Tommy had a chance to answer him back

You see i told you

Chapter 3:

The next afternoon Sammy and Tommy were playing video games

 in Tommy’s living room

“Tommy, if you could stop blowing up the galaxy for a second.

 See if I left my cell phone charger inside of Chuck’s car.”

 A voice yelled out from the kitchen

“Okay, mom!” Tommy yelled back


“Alright Sammy, make sure that you keep the door open.

 I don’t want to get suck in there again.” Tommy told him

“Okay, no problem.” Sammy smiled.

 A few minutes later Sammy cried out

“Hey, Tommy, did you find it yet?”


Tommy poked his head up from the back seat

“Nope, I bet she didn’t even lose it in here.

 She’s always thinking that she it left in one place

 and it always shows up some place else.” Tommy laughed.

 Sammy was about to answer him back when he suddenly cried out

“Whoa, watch it!”

“Oh, great dude, you just closed the door.

 I just hope that you didn’t lock us in here.”

Tommy frowned

“I didn’t something pushed me in.” Sammy cried

“Right, you probably just lost your balance or something.”

 Tommy told him.

 Sammy was about to reply but instead he asked

“What was that noise?”

“What was what noise?” Tommy asked

“It sounded like the car just started.”

“Sammy, don’t be dumb.

 How can the car start without the key inside of it?” Tommy smirked.

 And before Sammy had a chance to answer.

A faint sound of laughter floated through the car radio

As the car suddenly shifted into drive and started to slide down the drive way

“Well, don’t just sit there, do something Sammy!” Tommy cried out


Why don’t you do something besides yelling for me to do something!”

 Sammy cried back

“I’m trying!” Tommy answered as he started pumping on the breaks.

 But the car didn’t slow down

Tommy grabbed ahold of the steering wheel

 and tried to spin it as hard as he could

 but it was no use the car just slammed right into the big oak tree across

 the street from his house

“Oh wow, Chuck’s going to kill you. when he sees this.”

 Sammy whistled.

 Once they were both outside of the car looking at the damage


Later that night Sammy called to see if Tommy was still alive

“Well, if you call begin grounded until you’re a billion years old.

 Then I’m fine, thanks for asking.” Tommy sighed

“Oh wow,

 but didn’t you tell them how we got trapped inside the car.

 And just suddenly turned on.” Sammy began

“Yah, yah,” Tommy interrupted

“But of course, they didn’t believe any of it.

 they were too busy yelling that I was in enough trouble to be making-up

 some stupid haunted car story


” I really hope that you’re talking with yourself and not on your phone!”

 A voice cried out

“Umm, I better go, before I get grounded for another billion years.

 I’ll see you tomorrow at lunch.”

 Tommy quickly whispered before he hung up


Looking for answers

Chapter 4:

“It’s the new girl!” Tommy announced during lunch the next day

“The new girl?” What new girl?” Sammy frowned

“Carrie, the one, I told you about.

 She was there the first time I got trapped inside of Chuck’s stupid car

And yesterday, I could’ve sworn that I saw her,

 hiding behind a tree just staring at us.” Tommy explained

“Weird,” Sammy answered

“Very, come to think of it. I only see her around when something happens.”

Tommy added

Why, don’t we go to her house after school and ask her.

 If she knows anything about Chuck’s car

Where does she live?”

 Does she even go to our school?” Sammy asked

“Don’t know,

 at least I haven’t seen her around the school yard or any classes.

 All I know is that she told me that she just moved here.”

 Tommy shrugged

“But the only house that has been empty on my block.

 Is the old Wills place, and that place is a complete dump.” He added

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.” Sammy smiled


After school that day they headed out

“Are you sure this is where she lives?” This place looks pretty empty.”

  Sammy asked as they made their way up the rotting front porch

 that was filled with newspapers

“No, but we’re soon going to find out.”

 Tommy said he knocked on the door but there was no answer

“I guess she’s not home. And you’re right, dude,

 the place does look pretty empty I can only see just a bunch of boxes.”

Tommy added as he peeked through the window.

 Sammy was about to answer him when a voice from behind asked

What are you doing here?


They turned around and saw Carrie standing there staring at them

“Oh, umm, hi, we were looking for you actually.

 this is going to sound weird but ever since my brother brought his car

strange things have been happening

And every time it does you seem to pop up out of nowhere.

 Do you know anything about it?” Tommy answered her.


 Carrie just looked at him like he was crazy

“Sorry, I guess not—“

Carrie’s mumbling interrupted him

“I begged my dad, not to sell your brother the car,

 but he did it anyway.”

“What’s wrong with it?” Tommy asked her

“My twin sister’s haunting it.” Carrie sighed



“Do you think we can we go someplace else and talk?”

 Carrie softly asked.

Shortly afterwards they were sitting inside of Sammy’s room

“I loved my sister,

she wasn’t evil even though after you finish hearing my story

 you probably think that she was

I guess it all started after my parents’ split up


 she became bitter since my mom

 just took off without even saying bye. And for her,

 my dad only cared about was that dumb car or he’d favor me over her

which wasn’t true.” Carrie began

“So, what happened to her?” Tommy asked

“For the hundred time Cindy, was grounded.

 But that didn’t stop her from seeking out one night and taking my dad’s car

 for a joy-ride

But she didn’t get very far she quickly lost control of the car

 and crashed into a tree.

“And of course, she wasn’t wearing her seat belt the impact of the crash

 was so bad that

She flew out the window.” Carrie answered him

“Oh wow, sorry.” Both Tommy and Sammy mumbled


“After that things only got worst my dad only became more withdrawn,

 he never stopped blaming himself for the accident

And every time he tried selling the car. The seller would return a day,

 sometimes even hours later demanding their money back.

 Claiming that the car tried to kill them.” Carrie added.


Tommy and Sammy stared at each other for a second

“Wow, from what you’ve told us.

 It seems that your sister’s looking for revenge.

 For not feeling or begin loved.” Sammy told her

“But that’s not true!” Carrie cried out

“I guess, but maybe, she never believed or felt that was true.

Unless she was getting in trouble.” Sammy shrugged

“Yah, and Carrie, you shouldn’t have lied to me.

 You should’ve told me the truth the day we met.

 But I can understand why, you didn’t  

“And I think I’ve an idea on how we can help each other.”

 Tommy added smiling



Another wild car ride

Chapter 5:

An hour later they were sitting inside of Chuck’s car.

 Calling out for Carrie’s sister to show herself

And after a few minutes Sammy complained

“This is dumb.

 There’s no way that she’s going to just pop out.”

And before any of them could reply the inside of the car

suddenly grew cold

“Well, well, look who finally came to visit.

 Miss me much dear sister?”

A voice laughed

“Cindy, I came to talk to you I want you.”

“You want nothing!”

 The voice growled as the sound of the car doors locking

and the engine began to roar

“Oh great, here we go again.”

 Tommy thought to himself before he cried out

“Hold on!”


“You’re just like mom and dad,

 walking around not caring a thing about me or my feelings!”

The voice yelled out throughout the car

“That’s not true!”

 I always tried to protect you, and be by your side.

 But you were always so angry with everything,

 So, full of hate that you were to blind

 to see how you pushed me away.” Carrie sobbed


 But that doesn’t matter since now you and your stupid friends

 are going to be stuck with me forever!”

 The voice laughed as the car began to speed up


“Oh no!” She’s going to crash the car, with us in it!” Carrie cried out

“Not if I can help it!”

 Quick Sammy, when I count to three pump on the breaks

 as hard as you can.” Tommy instructed him

“Okay, but what are you going to do?”

 Sammy asked in a nervous tone of voice


Tommy quickly grabbed the steering then with all his strength.

 He guided the car away from a big tree

“Okay, now!”

“No!” The voice yelled out as second later the car suddenly

 came to a sketching halt

“No, no!” Now, I’m going to be stuck here alone.”

 The voice began to sob

“Again, not true,

 like I told you before I’ve always been with you.

 You just have to let go of your hate and let me in.”

 Another voice from inside the car softly added.

 And before any of the boys could speak the car door suddenly flew open

And a pair of paws pulled them out of the car

“Are you kids, alright what in the world were you kids

 think you were doing?”

“Yah, I think so.” Tommy answered.

 Then they took turns telling what happened

Learning the truth

Chapter 6:

“Again, we didn’t mean to cause any trouble.

 We were just trying to figure out what was wrong with

 my brother’s car

Which you fail to tell him,

 that it was haunted by your revengeful dead daughter’s spirit.

 If it wasn’t for Carrie, we would’ve never have figured it out

“She’s the real hero,

 she managed to distraught her sister long enough.

 So, we could stop the car, before she crashed it into the tree.”

 Tommy explained

“Yah, she saved our lives. But I wonder where she ran off to?”

 Sammy added


Tommy turned around and frowned

“What do you mean she’s right here.”

The old car owner sighed before he informed them

“I’ll never stop blaming myself I was just so blind.

 To see how all our fighting was effecting our girls.”

“Carrie, told us, that she tried to warn you.” Tommy softly interrupted

“Oh yes, and even still; I still was to selfish to listen.” He sighed deeper

“I just wish that I could go back in time and tell them how sorry I am.

 How much I miss them.” He added sobbing

“I think Carrie, knows that.

 That’s why she keeps warning you,

 she was just wanted to help her sister before she really did go

 and hurt others

Because of her anger. I just don’t understand why she ran off.”

Tommy began

“Kids, I’m afraid that you’re a little confused.

 I hate to tell you all this but Carrie,

 was in the car with her sister that day it crashed.”

 The old car owner interrupted


“No way!” We both saw her, she was in the car with us,

 talking to us!” Tommy cried out


“I don’t know nor understand why.

 But I’m hoping it was because like you said before

Maybe the reason you did see her,

 was because she finally found the help she was searching for.

 I’ve a feeling that they’re in peace now

“And, I thank you kids for that.” He smiled.

 Before going inside his house to call their folks


“Wow, I still can’t believe what just happened.

 Carrie, was really a ghost?” Sammy said shaking his head

“Yah, me neither. I guess we’ll never really understand what happen

But I do know is that. The next time Chuck,

 buys a new car I’ll be riding the bus instead!” Tommy laughed


copyrights © belong to jack 2006