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The Gold Mystery


Gold!!!! The We Always Catch Our Crooks Club have gold fever and dreams of becoming rich

but do they? Or will they just dig up only buckets of fools gold and sneaky crooks who will do anything to ruin their dreams

A new adventure begins



Chapter 1:

On a Saturday afternoon Cookie and her friends Daisy Penguin and Vicky Dragonfly

Were sunbathing inside of Cookie’s backyard


“Okay, one of you please take this bag away from me.

 Before I eat the whole bag.” Vicky sighed

Before she handed the bag of crispy chips over to Daisy

Who looked inside the bag and laughed

“What do you mean before?”

 You ate the whole bag already, there’s only two chips left.”

“Well, two is better than none.”

 Vicky shrugged with a big smile on her face

“Can we go inside?” It’s getting way to hot out here.” She added


They were gathering up their stuff when Tommy Cub and Sammy Turtle

 walked inside

Cookie’s backyard

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Did we get a new case to work on?”

 Cookie asked them

“I know it’s been a while since the last one.

 But sorry, nope; we got something better.”

Sammy answered her back smiling

“What can be better than solving a mystery?” Daisy frowned

“You’ll see, we’ll be right back.” Tommy added also smiling.

 They returned a few seconds later

Both holding a wide flat pan,

 that looked like it was sprayed with gold paint


“That’s what you call better?” A couple of dirty old pans.”

Daisy smirked.

 She was about to continue when Tommy, interrupted her

“These are not some dirty old pans, they’re filled with real gold.”


The girls leaned closer to get a better look

“Gold, where?” I don’t see any gold, where did you guys,

 find these things anyways.” Daisy asked them.

 Sammy laughed then answered

“My uncle, sent them to me.

 He recently brought a ranch up in havens mountain

“And invited us to spend our spring break up there with him.”

“Oh wow, that was very nice of him.” Cookie smiled

“But that still doesn’t explain why you’re showing us those pans.”

 She added


“Oh, my uncle Joe, is some sort of treasure hunter or something.

 I really don’t remember him very much

Since the last time I saw him I was just a small baby

“Anyways, according to his email.

 He found gold while panning in one of his streams that run through his ranch.”

 Sammy began

What is panning? The girls wanted to know

“I asked my brother about it.

 And he told me that’s how the old gold miners used to look for gold back in the days

“First, you’d dip your pan into the water, bring it back up and move it back and forth.

 Then dip the water and gravel out of it and hope


 that you found a few pebbles or nuggets of gold.” Sammy explained

“Pretty- cool, so how much do you guys, have inside your pans.”

 Vicky asked Sammy

“Don’t know, he never said. But I don’t think they’re worth very much.”

 Sammy shrugged

“That’s why our plan is; as soon as we get there.

 We’re going find as much gold as we can and become super rich!”

Tommy suddenly cried out

 Sammy gave him a confused look before he asked frowning

“It is?” Since when?”

And the mystery begins

Chapter 2:

A few days later the gang headed out towards their new adventure

“Wow, look at  all those mountains down there.

 I wonder how much gold is just waiting for us to find.”

 Tommy said. While looking out the plan window.

Vicky was about to answer him back

When the flight attendant’s voice came over the loud speaker





A few minutes later they were standing in front of the baggage terminal

 waiting for their bags to arrive

“Chuck, do you mind helping me with my bags?”

 I couldn’t figure out what to pack so I packed up half my closet.”

Daisy asked Tommy’s older brother

“Sure, no problem.” Chuck smiled.

 He was about to pick up Daisy’s bag when some grumpy looking ox

 bumped into him almost knocking him over

“Hey, watch it!”

“What’s his problem?” He’s the one who bumped into me.”

 Chuck thought to himself

“Sorry.” He mumbled

then quickly grabbed Daisy’s over stuffed bags and walked away


“Hey, what was that all about?”

 I thought that jerk was going to pound your face in for a second.”

 Tommy joked once Chuck caught up to him

“What if I pound in yours, then we’d have something really funny to laugh at.”

 Chuck smirked 


Ten minutes later they were cruising down the freeway, goofing with another

Until the ranch came into view.

 Sammy’s uncle turned and gave Sammy a big smile

“So, do you think you and your friends will have a good time

 out here in the middle of nowhere”

“Oh, I think we’ll mange somehow!” Sammy laughed


Joe pulled in front of the main house and they all got out of the car

“Okay kids, why don’t you all grab your bags,

 check out your rooms and unpack. I’ll meet you by the pool in a few minutes.”


Fifteen minutes later the gang was making their way towards the pool area

“Wow, this place is really awesome.” Tommy was telling Sammy

“Yah, a bit creepy looking for my taste and big.

 There’s no way we’re going to explore this whole place in a week.”

Sammy answered.

 They found Sammy’s uncle sitting at one of the tables

“Oh, there you kids, are.

 Come; I’d like to introduce you all to my business partner

Frank Hunter and his cousin Jill.”

Then after they exchanged their hellos Chuck asked Sammy’s uncle

“Have you guys find anymore gold?”


 “Not much to brag about,

 but we’ve found some other stuff that maybe more valuable.”

 Sammy’s uncle began

“Like what?” Sammy asked

“Pieces of jewelry and pottery that Jill,

 believes it may have once belonged to the sky landers tribe.”

 He answered


“The sky landers tribe supposedly according to folk tale;

 owned and lived on this land around a hundred years ago

“Until they suddenly disappeared.” Joe stated

“How can a whole tribe just disappear.” Tommy frowned

“Don’t know, but hopefully we’ll soon find out.

 Now tomorrow I’ll give you kids, the grand tour.” Joe smiled

“I really don’t think that’s such a great idea.

 Especially after all the strange accidents we’ve been having lately.”

 Jill interrupted frowning

“I wouldn’t call a touch of food poisoning a strange accident!” Fred laughed

“I won’t be so quick to joke.

 I find it a bit weird that as soon as we started finding those old pieces

 that’s when it started happening

“I’ve a strange feeling that the spirits of those past are still protecting their land.

 And will cast a curse on those who disrespect it.”

Jill answered in annoyed tone

And before any of them would ask her what she meant by that

 Jill just got up from the table and walked away

Better than gold

Chapter 3:

The next day the gang was taking a much-needed break after looking for gold all morning

“Do we’ve anymore of that lemonade left?” Vicky asked

“Yah, I think there’s a few bottles left inside the cooler.”

 Tommy answered

“Guys, we’ve been doing this for hours and the only thing

 we’ve found so far is just a few tiny pebbles

“Let’s go back to the house and jump in the pool.

 It must be a billion degrees out here.” Daisy suggested

“Sounds good to me, I really don’t want to be out here when the sun goes down.

 Especially after hearing those stories about the sky landers.” Sammy added

“Yah, that was a creepy story.

 I’m still trying to figure out how a whole tribe can just disappear into thin air.”

 Cookie also added


Vicky was about to answer, when something caught her eye

“Hmm, what’s this?”

She wondered as she bent down and picked up a golden monkey head

That had green diamonds shape for its eyes.

 For a few minutes, they stood there in awe

Then quickly ran back to the house to show Sammy’s uncle what Vicky found


“Do you think this belonged to the sky landers?”

 Vicky asked him after she showed him what she found

“Vicky, I think you just made one jack pot of a find!” Joe proudly smiled


Chapter 4:

The next morning the girls were panning next to the spot in where Vicky,

 found the monkey head

“Hey, I thought the boys were supposed to help us this morning?”

Cookie asked

“They were. I bet they just over-slept,

 but if they don’t get their tails here in the next ten minutes

“I say; we go to their rooms and pour a big bucket of cold water over their heads.”

Daisy smirked.


 A couple minutes later they were walking back towards the house

When Cookie whispered over to them

“Hey, isn’t that ox talking to Fred, the same one,

 who had the problem with Chuck back at the airport?”

And before any of the girls could reply the boys join them

“Isn’t that the jerk from the airport, what is he doing here?”

Chuck frowned

“Don’t know. We were just wondering the same thing.”

 Cookie shrugged

“Well, there’s one way to find out.” Vicky added.

Hoping that they won’t get caught

They quickly hid behind some over-grown bushes.

 That was near the ox and Fred and listened


“This isn’t what I agreed to.” Fred was telling the ox

“And I’m telling you, that I paid you good money to do a job.

 And that’s what I expect for you to do.” The ox began.

 And before he could finish he was interrupted by a loud sound   


Sammy sneezed


“What was that noise?” Fred frowned

“Don’t know. But that sounded a lot like a sneeze,

 okay, whoever is out there come on out!” The ox cried out.

 They slowly walked out from their hiding spot from behind the bushes

“Well, well, what do we’ve here?” The ox smirked

“Why were you kids, hiding behind those bushes?” Were you spying on us?”

 Fred asked them

“No, we swear. We were just walking by and hear you two yelling

“We never meant to interrupt.” Vicky began

“Why do I get a feeling that you kids, are lying?” The ox began

“Why would they lie?” Just let them go, they don’t know anything.”

Fred interrupted

“Shut up Fred, they can go as soon as I say they can go.”

 The ox growled. And before Fred could reply

Sammy’s uncle hurried towards them

“What’s going on?” Fred, who is this?”

 and why is he yelling at my nephew, and his friends.”

“What’s going on, though its none of your business. Is that I paid Fred,

 a lot of money to give me all the gold and other stuff you find on this land

“And now is trying double cross me. The ox angrily explained

“Is that true Fred?” I can’t believe that you’d do something like this,

 none of the stuff we’ve found can’t be worth no less than a few hundred dollars.”

 Joe answered sounding both angry and disappointed

“Ha!” Try a few millions! Now this is what we’re going to do,

 we’re all going to go back to the house

“and Fred, is going to give me what I paid him for. If not.”

And before the ox could finish the boys suddenly surprisingly

 along with Fred jumped onto of him

And held the ox down.

 While the girls ran back to the house and phoned the police 


Another job well done

Chapter 5:

A few hours later once they finished talking to the police.

 They were all sitting around the pool

“So, what’s going to happen to Fred, and his creepy friend?”

 Cookie asked Joe

“Well, I really don’t know what will happen with Fred,

 and his friend I can imagine that the cops arrested him.

 But whatever happens I certainly hope they get what they deserve

“I still can’t believe that Fred, was going to get away with this dumb plan.”

 Joe sadly shook his head

“You didn’t believe the ox; when he said that the monkey head Vicky,

 found was worth millions

“Didn’t you?” Sammy asked his uncle

“That my dear boy will have to wait until tomorrow,

I already spoke with a friend from the university

“He’s very excited to examine it.”

 His uncle smiled


A few day later Sammy’s uncle called Sammy to give him the good news

“Sammy, I certainly hope you and your friends had a great time up in the ranch?”

“We had a blast, so did you friend ever get back with you?”

 Sammy answered

“Why yes, that’s one of the reasons I’m calling you.

 I hate to tell you this Sammy, but he was wrong

“None of the pieces that we found were worth millions,

 the most valuable was; believe or not Vicky’s monkey head but

A golden nugget the size of gold ball.

 And that was only worth two hundred dollars.”

 His uncle answered him

“Oh wow,

 I’m sorry. That must’ve been a real bummer when he told you.”

Sammy told him

Sammy’s uncle laughed before he responded

“No, not really, I just wanted for you kids, to have a good time.

 You know Sammy, in a few days I’ll be flying off to a tiny island in Tango

“What do you think if I fly you and your friends with me,

 and see what treasure we can dig up together?’

“Umm, no offense uncle Joe,

 but I think it’d be better if we leave the treasure hunting to you.

 Why don’t you just take us the very best and coolest restaurant,

 that serves all the ice cream that you can eat!” Sammy laughed back


Copyright © belong to jack 2006