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The Havens Inn


Growing down deep inside of Sammy's aunt basement

there's a mystery just waiting to be solve

Welcome to the Havens Inn

Chapter 1:

It all began when Sammy Turtle’s aunt pulled up into a dusty driveway.

 And parked right next to a sign that read in big bold black letters:



But some prankers had added the word mare after the word inn


 in red spray paint.

 So now the sign read like this:



Oh wow, they should’ve really googled how to spell the word.

 Before wasting paint like that.”

Daisy Penguin giggled after reading what was written.

 Vicky Dragonfly laughed

before she added once they got out of the car


“I bet this place was beautiful before they let it go.”

“Beautiful?” This place is a dump!” Tommy Cub frowned

“I still can’t believe that your aunt actually brought it.” He added

“Me neither. But she keeps saying that with a good rub down,

it’ll look better than it did before.” Sammy shrugged


“Okay kids, I put all of your bags inside.

 But before I go I want you kids,

 to be very careful walking around the house

“Some of the floor boards are a bit lose so try to watch out for them.”

 Sammy’s aunt told them

“We just got here, where are you going?” Sammy frowned

“I won’t be gone long Sammy, just a few hours.

 I need to go into town and see Mr. Cash,

 about signing some legal papers

Now, why don’t you kids, go inside,

 pick your rooms and get settled in.

Then when I get back we’ll go out and grab some ice cream sodas.”

 She answered him

“Sounds great aunt Jen.” Sammy smiled

“Great, and remember to..”

“We know, we know, watch were we’re walking!”

 They all laughed

Exploring the house

Chapter 2:

Hey, what’s wrong with the tv all I get is just a bunch of static.”

 Tommy frowned

“Well, pounding on it isn’t going to help.

 I don’t think that my aunt connected the cable to it yet.”

 Sammy answered him

“Oh great, so what are we supposed to do until she gets back?”

 Tommy asked frowning

“Tommy, will you please stop complaining,

 that’s all you’ve done since we got here.” Daisy scowled him

“I can’t help it. I get cranky when I’m bored.” Tommy shrugged


“Hey, I’ve an idea. Why don’t we explore the house?”

 Cookie suggested

“Umm, I don’t know Cookie.

 I’m sure that my aunt wouldn’t want us to be wandering around

 without her begin here

You heard what she said about some of the floor boards begin lose.”

 Sammy answered her

“We’ll be careful Sammy,

it’ll just give us something to do until she gets back.”

 Cookie smiled.

 Then after discussing a bit further they decided that it was a good idea


“Chuck, told me the reason your aunt is getting this place for so cheap.

 Is because a couple of kids, were found murder in one of the rooms

After they broke in looking for some hidden treasure.

They believed was buried some place inside the house.”

 Tommy was telling them

 as they went downstairs towards the basement

“And you believe that stupid story?” Daisy frowned


“Cool, look what I just found I think it’s one of those old board games.”

Sammy said before he blew off the dust from on top of the box

Then held it up so the rest of the group could see it

“Sweet, I bet if we sold it online we’d get lots of money for it.

 Even if it does smell like old moth balls.”

 Tommy answered taking the box away from him.

 Daisy was just about to ask Tommy if she could see it when Vicky

 cut her off by jumping out from behind some boxes and yelling  

“Whoa, where did you guys, come from?”

“Oh, very funny Vicky, you almost scared the fur off; of me.

Where did you get that spooky mask from?”

 Daisy asked her frowning.

 But instead of answering her back Vicky took the old ox mask off

 her face and cried out

“Okay, where did they disappear to?”

“Where did who disappear to?” Cookie asked her

“You mean you guys,

 didn’t just see a bunch of strange looking kids,

 dressed in old fashion clothing running around.

 One was even holding that board game Sammy, just found.”

Vicky answered her

“Umm, Vicky, did you bang your head or something?”

 There’s no kids, expect for us in here.” Cookie frowned

“Here, just put this on.” Vicky told her handing her the ox mask.

Cookie after taking it from her slowly put it on then gasped


Ghostly kids

Chapter 3:

Suddenly the basement looked older and creepier, and where Vicky was standing.

 A group of kids just as she described were happily playing

 with the board game.

 Cookie yanked the mask off and handed it back to her

“Well, did you see them?” Vicky asked her

“Yah, except I couldn’t get a close look at their faces. It was to blurry.”

 Cookie nodded

“Oh please,

do you really think that we’re that lame to believe that you two.

 Just saw a couple of ghost kids wandering around.”

 Tommy frowned

“Fine, if you don’t believe us,

 why don’t you just put it on and see for yourself.

 If we’re lying or not.” Vicky frowned back

“Oh wow!” Sammy, you really have to check this out!”

Tommy cried out as he took off the mask

“Nah, I’ll pass thanks, I’ll just take you guys, word for it.”

Sammy shrugged

“Okay, my turn.”

 Daisy said taking the mask away from Tommy and put it on

 then yelled out before.

 She yanked it off and suddenly ran back upstairs

“Whoa Daisy!” Wait up!”  


A moment later they were all gathered upstairs in the living room

“So, are you going to tell us what got you so freaked out?”

 Why did you run off like that?” Tommy asked Daisy

“When I put the mask on, I saw the kids.

 The next thing I saw was a big ball of light that blinded me

And when it cleared up they were all laying on the floor not moving.”

 Daisy sobbed

“I don’t think that we should go down there anymore.

 And just forget about the whole thing.” Sammy told them

“But Sammy, there has to be a reason that we saw what we did.”

 Cookie answered him

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, maybe they want us to help them somehow.”

 Cookie added

“How?” If they can’t even see or hear us?” Sammy frowned

“Don’t know?” I haven’t figured that part out yet.”

Cookie shrugged


That night while they were having their ice cream sodas.

 Cookie asked Sammy’s aunt if any kids ever lived at the inn

“No, I don’t think so, why do you ask Cookie?” She answered

“Umm, no reason, we just found a couple of kids toys in the basement

 and was curious that’s all.” Cookie smiled

Solving the mystery

Chapter 4:

The next morning, they got up early and had a club meeting

“So, where did your aunt run off to so early in the morning?”

Tommy asked Sammy

“She had to go back into town to sign some more papers.”

 Sammy answered him

“I think I know of a way on how we could help those kids.”

 Cookie told them


“Last night, when I couldn’t sleep so I went down to the basement again.

 And started looking around and found a box full of old fashion clothing

So, I was thinking what if we put them on.

 And try to connect them.

 Maybe, if they think we’re in the same time- period they’ll talk with us.”

 Cookie began explaining

“Are you serious?” I’m not going to put on some smelly cloths.”

 Sammy snorted

“Oh, don’t be such a wimp Sammy, what do we’ve to lose.”

Tommy told him

“Do you really want me to answer that?” Sammy smirked


A couple minutes later they were back down stairs

“I still don’t think this was such a great idea.”

“Sammy, will you please stop whining and let’s just get this over with.”

 Tommy sighed

“Okay, who’s going to put on the mask?” He added.


 None of them moved

“Oh, this is stupid, here I’ll do it.” Vicky sighed.

 And before she even had a chance to put on the mask


A frighten voice cried out and a couple of strong paws

quickly started dragging them

 upstairs and out of the house

“Are you kids alright?”

 What in the world were you kids, doing down there?”

Sammy’s aunt cried out

 “We’re so sorry we didn’t mean to do anything wrong!”

“We found this old board game yesterday,

 and thought it’d be fun to play with it.”

 Sammy sobbed

“Please don’t cry Sammy, I’m not mad at you.

 I was just so scared when I got home

 and I couldn’t find you kids, I got really scared

And then when I went down stairs and smelled the gas and saw you kids,

starting to doze off I panicked

“I’m sorry that I yelled at you.” His aunt started to explain.

 She then gathered them all up and gave them a big group hug


“Come on, let’s go to the pool house and clean up.

 Then after you’re done you kids,

 can tell me why you’re wearing those funky clothing

 over my mouth watering home-made ice cream!”

She added laughing


And as Cookie watched her confused friends follow Sammy’s aunt

 towards the pool house

It hit her, why she couldn’t see their faces clearly.

The mask wasn’t showing them any ghostly kids from the past

It was showing them, the future of what would’ve happened

 if they’ve stayed inside the basement

And even though she didn’t understand why.

 Cookie couldn’t help but to smile and be grateful that they were all safe

 and lucky to be alive

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006