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Old Toby's Treasure


Are the rumors true? Did the gang just actually find the long lost treasure map of old Toby

Message in the bottle

Old Toby’s Treasure



Chapter 1:

The gang was having fun collecting sea shells off the east coast sandy shore

Oh wow, look at this one!”

 Cookie said holding up a big sea shell with different colors strips across it

“That’s a pretty one, it’ll look really nice on our shell wall inside our clubhouse.

 Once it’s all done Vicky Dragonfly replied smiling

“Yah, it’s been a great spring break so far;

 hanging out at your aunt and uncle’s beach house.

 Even if we had to conceal our overnight bonfire

“Due to that lightning storm, last night.” Daisy Penguin added

“Which remains me, you still owe me two bucks.

 From the I kicked our butt playing cards last night.”

 Tommy Cub told Daisy gloating


Sammy Turtle laughed and was about to add to the conversation.

 When something shinning caught his eye

He bent down and started digging in between the two rocks that the object was stuck in.

then slowly pulled it out

“Hey Sammy, what you got there?” Tommy asked him.

 Sammy brushed it off and shrugged

“Don’t know.

 It looks like some sort of old bottle with a piece of paper inside of it

“Let’s take it back to the house.

 I’m sure that my uncle Axel, will know what it is

“He’s always finding cool stuff out here.

“he, once gave me a silver coin that was a hundred years old.

 That he found while walking out on the beach with his metal walker.”

 Cookie suggested

But before they went back since they were hot and thirsty.

 They decided to stop by the Shake shop to grab a nice ice shake to cool them off


Tommy was about to ask Sammy a question.

When he spotted, a weird looking swan staring at them

“Hey Sammy, you think you’re hot. Check out that swan over there

“She must be melting wearing that long black coat.”

 Tommy whispered over to him. Sammy was about to answer him back

When the swan walked up to them and asked Sammy what he was holding   

“Huh?” Oh, this?”

 This is just some old bottle that I found out on the beach.”

 Sammy shrugged holding the bottle up

“Mind if I take a picture of it?”

 I know it sounds weird, but I like walking around the board walk

 taking pictures of the interesting things found buried in the sand.”

The swan asked him


 The gang looked at one another with confused looks on their faces

And thought this swan is a bit strange,

 why would she want to take a picture of an old bottle

“Umm, sure, why not?” Sammy mumbled.

 Then after the swan took the picture she just took off without even a good bye  

The legend of Old Toby

Chapter 2:

“Did you kids, have a good time out on the beach?”

 Cookie’s aunt asked the gang. Once they got back

“Yes, we found all sorts of great sea shells that are going to look great.

 Once we glued them on our clubhouse’s wall.” Cookie smiled

“And, I found this cool old bottle that was hidden between some rocks.

 But I’m not sure how I’m going to get the paper out without breaking the bottle.”

 Sammy added holding the bottle up so she could see it

“Wow, that is nice.

 And I think I know of how we can, I’ll be right back.”

Cookie’s aunt answered.

 She returned a few minutes later with a screw driver and a pair of long tweezers

She carefully placed the screw driver slowly inside the cork

 that was on top of the bottle. And popped it out

She then took the tweezers and pulled out the small piece of paper easily from inside of it


They all gathered around the paper,

 that showed a whole bunch of squiggly tiny lines on it.

 With a few circles that looked like little caves with small x’s over them

Underneath the letters O.T. was written on it


“Whoa, this looks like a treasure map.” Tommy happily cried out

“It certainly does, Tommy,

 and I may be wrong but I believe that this may have belonged to Old Toby.”

 Cookie’s aunt told them with an awe tone of voice

Who was Old Toby? They all wanted to know


“Old Toby, according to his legend was an old stage couch.

 Who depending on who’s telling the story was both lucky and unlucky at the same time

“Huh?” How can you be lucky and unlucky at the same time?”

 Sammy frowned. Cookie’s aunt laughed

“He was lucky, because by the time he was in his twenties.

 He had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars in silver and gold coins

“but sadly, he didn’t live long enough to enjoy any of it.

 Rumors also has it that he’d make real and fake maps of his treasures.

 So, if he was ever captured,

 they’d have the wrong information and his treasure would be safe

“Others still believe that

 Old Toby, is still protecting his loot by haunting it’s where-about.” She added


And before any of the gang could comment on Cookie’s aunt story.

 Her uncle walked in and interrupted laughing

“Well, that’s must be some story you’ve been telling them.

 Since they all have the same awe looks on their faces!”

“She was just telling us the story of Old Toby.” Cookie said.

 The gang then filled him in with what Sammy found out on the beach

“Do you believe the story are true?” Vicky asked

“When I was a young pup, my friends and I’d explore the old caves near the beach.

 Since that a place rumored to have some of his loot buried inside of it

“But of course, we never found any. a few years ago,

 I read a story of how some treasure hunters claimed to have found it.

 I don’t know, if they did or not

But I strongly believe that there’s some of Old Toby’s treasure

 is still out there just waiting to be found.” He answered

Who was Old Toby

Chapter 3:

The next morning Cookie’s uncle asked what they had planned for the day

“We were thinking about going to the library

 and gathered some more information about old Toby,

Before going out to search for his treasure.” Cookie told him

“I see, but I won’t be in a rush on telling others that you kids,

 found may have found one of his treasure maps.” He warned them

“I’m afraid that their secret has been let out already.” His wife added


She handed her husband the morning newspaper,

 which showed a picture of Sammy holding the bottle and blow the picture it read:






“What in the world, Sammy, when did you take this picture?”

Cookie’s uncle asked him

Yesterday, at the Shake shop.

We were just about to walk in,

 when this weird swan came up to me and asked if she could take my picture

“After I agreed, she just took it then ran off without saying thank you, or bye.”

 Sammy explained

What did this swan look like?  They wanted to know

“She had wild looking hair, and was wearing a long black coat.

 That I thought she was going to trip over it when she ran.” Sammy explained

“Grip Pinks!” Both Cookie’s aunt and uncle said at the same time

“Who’s Grip Pinks?” Cookie asked them

“She owns the local newspaper,

 she also very nosey and believes that everything. Has some sort of secret meaning to it

“I bet she saw dollar signs.

When she saw Sammy, carrying that bottle.” Cookie’s uncle answered

“Wow, if I knew that I would’ve never agreed to take the picture.” Sammy mumbled

“It wasn’t your fault Sammy, hopefully Grip, will lose interest soon.

And move on to her next earth breaking story

“But in the mean while.

 If she asks any more question, just smile and answer with a no comment.”

 Cookie’s uncle laughed

Researching the case

Chapter 4:

Soon afterwards the gang was looking up websites,

 and reading books about old Toby. And his mysterious hidden treasures

Sammy went to ask the librarian where the copy machine was at.

 But before she had a chance to answer

Grip, walked up to him and asked

“Can I speak with you for a minute?”


“So, did you find out what the piece of paper inside the bottle read?” Grip asked him

“Sorry, no, didn’t even bother with it. I just sold it online for twenty bucks.”

Sammy smiled

“You did what!” Why would you do such a dumb thing like that for?” Grip gasped

“I don’t think it was so dumb.

 Especially when you want to buy the new Space Rocket video game that just came out.”

 Sammy shrugged.

 Grip was going to reply, but instead she just huffed and walked out of the library


Once they got back Sammy explained what happened at the library to Cookie’s aunt and uncle

“I’ve to give it to you, Sammy, you’re sure one good little actor!”

 I’d have love to see Grip’s face when you told her that!” Cookie’s uncle laughed


“So, did you kids, learn anything interesting about our new friend old Toby?”

 Cookie’s aunt asked smiling

“Well. It’s true that he did make some fake maps then hid them in certain places.”

 Cookie answered

“Interesting, so how do you kids, know that you’ve a copy of the real one?”

 Her uncle asked

“It was Vicky, who figured it out.

 She found a copy of both the fake and real one, then compare ours to it.”

Cookie began

“Yah, the fake one just shows a whole bunch of tiny lines

 that form a small circle leading nowhere. Unlike the one we found.

“We also found out that he only made two real maps.

 One was already discovered a few years ago by a fox digging in his garden

“But sadly, he passed away before he could search for it.

 And the second one I strongly believe is the one that Sammy,

 found out on the beach.” Tommy finished for her

“Oh wow, that’s some interesting facts you kids, discovered.

 So, what’s next?” Cookie’s uncle asked them

“Tomorrow, we’re going to start looking for the treasure.

 Who knows, maybe, when we get back

Not only did we solve the mystery, but we’ll be rich too!” Tommy cried out laughing

Who was that

Chapter 5:

The next morning the gang got up early and were about to head out. To begin their treasure hunt. But before they could leave the front yard

A loud horn startled them.

 A long limo pulled up right next to them

The door slowly opened and a well-dressed boar got out and asked

“Excuse me, but which one of you kids, is Sammy?”

Sammy uncertainly waved then answered the boar

“That would be me, what can I help you with?”

“Well son, you can’t. but I can help you,

I’m here to make you a very nice offer on that bottle you found.”

 The boar answered him.

 But before Sammy could reply Cookie interrupted

“I’m sorry mister, but we really shouldn’t be talking with you.

Wait, right here while we go inside and get my uncle.”

And before the boar could answer

 Cookie and the rest of the gang quickly ran back inside the house


“Oh wow, that was weird.

 Did you see the look on his face when Cookie, said that

 she was going to get her uncle?”

 Daisy told them

 as they watch the limo speed away from the living room window

“Yah, I wonder who he was and why he wanted to buy my bottle?”

 Sammy added

“Don’t worry Sammy,

 I don’t think he’s going to bother you again.”

 Tommy told him patting him on the back

Discovering Old Toby's treasure

Chapter 6:

Minutes later the gang made sure that the coast was clear,

 then made their way toward the beach.

 Once there they study the map

 and carefully began their search for old Toby’s treasure

A short time later they spotted an opening to a small cave

 and slowly made their way inside of it

“Wow, this has to be the smallest cave, we barely fit in here.”

 Daisy said

“Yah, I don’t think there’s nothing in here anyway.

 Besides there’s no way we can.”

Sammy began pointing to a big log that was in the middle of the floor

“Unless we can find something that will help us move it.

 Great idea Sammy.” Tommy interrupted laughing.


 Vicky walked over to it and gently touched it

“Hey, guys, this doesn’t feel like it’s real.

 It feels like one of those plastic ones that you buy at the store.”

She told them

“Hold on, I’ve got an idea.”

Tommy ran over and grab a big stick

 then took a big swing at the log causing small cracks to it

One by one they took turns hitting the log until it broke in half.

 Inside of the log

Was a small treasure chest

“Oh wow!” We did it, we found old Toby’s treasure!” Daisy cried out

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.”

 Tommy smiled before he lifted the lid open


And before any of them had a chance to react.

 A loud voice from behind them yelled out

“I knew it!”

 I knew that you kids, would find my treasure!”


Chapter 7:

They turned around to see that the old boar was standing right behind them

With a big snarly on his face

“Hey!” What are you doing here?” Tommy growled

“Why, I followed you.

 Now move out of my way and let me see what you found.”

 The old boar smirked.

 He whistled once he saw what was inside the treasure chest

“This is better than I dreamed it would be.”

 He added

 looking over all the gold and silver coins that were inside the treasure chest

“What do you mean we found your treasure?”

 We’re the ones who found it.” Cookie cried out

“That’s what you think, I’ve been searching for this.

 Since before any of you were even born!


“Now, what I’m going to do with you nosey kids?” The old boar smirked

“Nothing, but let them go.” An annoyed voice snorted

“Grip, oh great, don’t tell us that you’ve been following us too?”

 Daisy sighed

“Wow, we really have to work on our how not to get followed skills.”

Tommy mumbled over to them

“No, I’ve been following this old fool. I knew that he was up to no good

“And for your sakes, it was a good thing that I did.” Grip smirked

“I don’t know who you are.

 But I suggest that you mind your own business and go away.”

 The old boar sneered

“Oh, put a sock on it, you; old fool.

 And I hate to disappoint you, but that treasure these kids just found is fake.”

“Well, it looks real to me.” The old boar frowned

“Then you’re dumber than you look.

 What’s in this old chest is nothing

 but a box full of golden and silver chocolate coins!”

Grip laughed

“Ha!” I don’t believe you!”


Grip walked over to the chest

and picked one of the coins up and handed it to him

“Go ahead, and try it. But I’m warning you,

 your stomach isn’t going to be very happy if you do.”

She giggled.

 The old boar snorted as he grabbed the coin

 then quickly spit it out as soon as he tried it

And before Grip could gloat Vicky interrupted

“Grip, how did you know that it was all fake?”

Mystery solved

Chapter 8:

“I just do.” Grip frowned

“What about the map is that fake also?” Sammy asked

“I’m afraid so,

 you see before I was young egg my family owned the newspaper business.

 But the years weren’t always kind

So, my grandpa invited and began writing about a mysterious stage couch robber.

 By the name of Old Toby and his hidden treasure

“Soon the papers were selling faster than he could print them out.

 After he passed away my father continued the legend of Toby.”

 Grip began explaining

“He even went as far as printing out fake treasure maps

and hiding them around town. Then when he passed away

“I took over the newspaper,

 but I didn’t want to write about Toby, anymore.

 I just wanted the legend to fade away and write about real stories.”

 She added

“So, that’s why you were so faked out when I found that old bottle.”

Sammy told her

“Somewhat, I’ve been trying to end the legend

 without exposing my family’s secret.” Grip answered


“Why, you little liar. I should-.”

And before the old boar could continue a loud siren filled the air

“Kids?” Are you all okay?” Both Cookie’s aunt and uncle cried out

“Yes, but how did you know where we were.” Cookie happily answered

“Grip, told us; but when she didn’t come back we got worried.

 And phoned the police then followed them out here.”

 Cookie’s uncle answered her

“I’m just glad that you’re all okay,

 let’s get out of here and go home.” Her aunt added  

Another Mystery Solved

Chapter 9:

A short time later they were all gathered inside Cookie’s aunt and uncle kitchen

“So, what’s going to happen to Grip and the old boar?” Sammy asked

“Well, I guess the police will ask them a few questions.

 Then probably let them go.” Cookie’s uncle answered him

“I can’t believe that Grip’s family just made up that whole story about old Toby.”

 Tommy pouted

“I know, that you kids, are disappointed with how this all turned out.

 But sometimes grown-up make up little white lie

s not thinking that it’ll hurt or disappoint others

“When the truth finally comes out.

 But no matter how small or big a lie is still a lie and it’s never okay.”

 Cookie’s aunt told them

“That’s right. Grip, should’ve told us all the truth.

Once she took over the newspaper

 instead of trying to make things better on her own.” Cookie’s uncle added

“Now enough of this gloom and doom looks.

 I’ve a surprise for you kids for doing such a great job in solving this little mystery.”

 He smiled.

 He walked out of the room then returned carrying five chocolate treasure boxes