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Tommy's Wizard Game


This is one game that Tommy can't afford to lose nor will he want to play ever again

Tommy's New Job

Tommy’s Wizard Game


Chapter 1:

On a Saturday afternoon, the gang was having lunch inside

 the Rocky Shores mall food court

After stealing a French fried off his plate. Cookie asked her

friend Tommy Cub

“So, Tommy, how’s the new job going?”

“Ha, new job!”

The only reason I’m stuck there, is because my mom doesn’t

 want me to stay home playing video games

“While she’s at work all day, she says it’ll rot my brain.

 And asked my dumb uncle if I could work with him

Until school starts again next week.” Tommy answered her

“But like I tried explaining to my mom,

 he’s such an old grouch that he doesn’t

 let me touch or do anything. So, I just sit there bored, all day

 just feeling my brain slowly rot away.” He added laughing

“Sounds awesome.” Cookie giggled

“And speaking of the old grouch.

I better get back before he has a cow

 that I took so long eating lunch and calls my mom

“Complaining how I’ve been just goofing off and get in trouble, later.”

 Tommy stated before getting up and leaving the food court


When he returned to his uncle fix it shop.

 He found a note typed to the cash drawer:


Thomas, had to go out for a few hours.

 Just keep an eye on the place and take any phone messages

Be back soon, remember

don’t touch anything and stay out of the back room

X- Uncle J.P.


Yah, yah, great, I’ll watch over your crappy store

 and stay out of the blah, blah.”

 Tommy smirked as he crumpled up the note and threw it away

He started playing with his video game player.

 But after a while he grew bored of playing

Tommy sighed and began wondering what he was going to do

 until the old grouch got back

When Cookie walked into the store  

Cookie's Music Box

Chapter 2:


“Hey, did you drop by to see what a bored rotting brain looks like!”

Tommy joked. Cookie laughed

“No, my mom asked me to check if your uncle had fixed

my music box yet?”

“Oh, umm, let me check in the back.

 I’ll be back in a second.” Tommy answered


Cookie waited fifteen minutes before she called out

“Hey!” Tommy, did you die back there!”

“No, but you won’t believe what I did find!”

 Tommy yelled out

“My music box?” Cookie hopefully asked

“Umm, no, but this old fashion pin ball machine.

 It looks like it hasn’t been touched in years

I’ve been wondering if it still works.” He answered her

Once he returned to the front room

“That’s great.

 But what about my music box?” Did you find it?”

 Cookie asked

“Oh sorry, no, but as soon as my uncle gets back.

I’ll make sure to ask him about it.” Tommy told her

“Okay, thanks, just call me whenever you find out. Later.”

Cookie smiled then walked out

Locked in

Chapter 3:

As soon as Cookie left Tommy went back to playing his video game.

 And after a while he was surprised that

 his uncle didn’t return yet

I wonder what’s taking him so long


Tommy peeked his head out the store’s door and noticed that

 the mall was completely empty

“Whoa, there’s no way that they closed the mall

and left me in here alone.

 Don’t they check to see if all the stores are empty or not

 before they close?” He frowned


Tommy ran downstairs towards the front door to the mall

 and tried opening them.

But they wouldn’t open

“Oh great, now what I’m going to do?” wait,

 I’ll call Cookie, she’ll know what to do.”

He quickly dug into his pockets

“Oh terrific,

 I forgot my cell phone back at the store!”


Tommy ran to a payphone he was about to put a coin into the slot.

 When he heard his name begin called out

“Tommy!” Catch!”

 use this key to open the first ground locker!”

Tommy turned around and

 saw that Cookie was begin dragged away by

 a big ugly looking warlock

“What the--, Cookie?”

 “Hey!” ugly leave her alone!”

 Tommy angrily growled

“Don’t worry about him, he can’t hurt me just grab the key!”

 She yelled before she and the warlock disappeared

 through the double doors


Confused by what just happened Tommy quickly picked up the key

That she threw at him then ran over towards the

      locker section of the mall. And opened the one she told him to

inside was a small wand and a golden terra


this is so weird

Tommy went back to his uncle store, grabbed his cell phone

 and was about to call Cookie.

When he noticed that he had no battery


He was about to walk out again.

 When he heard a strange muffing sound coming out

of the back room


 What’s going on, how did you get back there?”

 and why are you tied up

Who did this to you?” Tommy cried out

“There’s no time to explain,

 did you get the stuff out of the locker?”

 Cookie asked him

“Yah, but I still.” Tommy began


 now as soon as you find my music box, come find me.

And once you crown me the game will be over.”

Cookie interrupted

“Game?” What are you talking about?”

 I don’t understand what game?”

Tommy nervously asked.

 Cookie smiled and was about to answer him back

When a big ball of black smoke filled the room.

 And when it cleared

Let the game begin

Chapter 4:

“Whoa!” What just happened?” Tommy yelled out.

 But the only answer he got back was the sound of an

 evil warlock

And Cookie yelling for him to find her music box

 before it was too late


Tommy spent a few minutes searching for

 Cookie’s music box.

 When he finally found it hidden behind some other boxes

on the top shelves

“Now, I just have to find Cookie,

 give her the stuff and I’ll.

Whoa, hold on a second, this feels like my uncle’s

pin ball game.

 But how did Cookie, get involved

“She didn’t even know that I played with it.”

  Tommy frowned to himself


Tommy quickly put the music box into his book bag.

 pulled out his water gun, filled it with cold water

“And put it in his back pocket

“If this is anything like the game, I’m going to need it.”


A few minutes later Tommy peeked his head through

 the door of the stone place café

 on the third floor of the mall. That looked like a big castle

And saw that Cookie

 was begin held hostage by a big warlock and his goons.

 Tommy pulled out his water gun

Opened the door farther and yelled

“Hey, you jerk’s look thirsty!”

 How about a nice drink of cold water!”


The warlock and goons looked confused.

 And before any of them could react Tommy pulled the trigger

Hitting them right in the face

Seconds later there was nothing left of them expect

 a big puddle of water


Tommy ran over to where Cookie was asked if she was okay

“Yah, thanks Tommy, you’re my hero.

 Would you please do the honors.” She smiled

“My pleasure.”

 Tommy smiled back before he opened his book bag and

 took out her stuff

Then gently place the terra on her head and handed her both

 the wand and her music box


And before any of them could speak.

 A bright flash of light filled the room

Seconds later Tommy found himself standing by the

malls front door

Back where he started hours before


But I won

Chapter 5:

“Hey, what gives?” I just bet you!”

“What am I doing back here again!”

 He yelled out

“Sorry Tommy,

 but I warned you to stay out of the back room.

But no, you just had to disobey me and play with

my pin ball game.”

“I hope you liked it,

 since you’ll be playing the same game over and

 over again forever!”

His uncle’s voice evilly laughed throughout the mall

That wasn't a dream but a nightmare

Chapter 6:

“Tommy, wake up, you’re having a bad dream.”

 A gently voice shook him


“Yes dear, wow, that must’ve been some dream.

 You were yelling that you were trapped inside the mall.”

 Tommy’s mom began

“And that’s not even the half of it.

 Wow, I can’t believe that it was just a dream

So, I guess,

 I really didn’t save Cookie from the evil warlock.”

 Tommy whined

“An evil warlock, oh my,

 I’m sure that Cookie, will get a kick hearing about that.

But you better hurry and get dressed. You don’t want to be late.”

“Aww, mom.

 Do I really have to work at uncle’s J.P.’s shop today?”

 Tommy groaned

“Tommy, your uncle closed his store last year.

 When he retired don’t you remember?”

And when did you ever work there.

Now stop begin silly and get dress.”

 His mother giggled

“Oh, but still can’t I just stay home.

I really don’t feel like going anywhere.”

 Tommy shrugged

“That’s fine dear,

but I thought you were super excited about going with Sammy,

 to video game camp this week?” His mother told him

“I’m. but I was thinking if it wasn’t to late,

maybe instead of video games we’d sign up for something else

“I mean you wouldn’t want for my brain to rot away playing all

 those games right.”

Tommy smiled


Copyrights © belong to jack 2006