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Sammy's Uncle Movie


The gang were all excited to be staring in Sammy's Uncle new horror movie

all expect for Sammy

Chapter 1

“Guys; I really don’t think this was

Such a great idea.”

 Vicky Dragonfly

Whispered over to Daisy Penguin

And Cookie

As they slowly climbed the stairs

Inside the old Havens mansion

“Yah, Daisy.

 I can’t believe that you

Made that stupid bet with


“That we’d sneak into this

 creepy place

And record something haunted

In it.” Cookie frowned


I don’t remember you two

Putting up much of a protest

“When we were making the bet.”

Daisy frowned back


“Never mind that.

We’ve a bigger problem to

Worry about.” Vicky told them

Once they were back down

Stairs. And decided to leave



“The door won’t open. They seem to be

Locked.” Vicky answered them

“How can it be locked?”

Here let me try. They’re probably

Stuck or something.”

Cookie told her handing her flashlight

Over to Vicky


“I bet the boys have something to do

With this. They probably put a

Tree branch against it.”

Daisy added

“Are maybe. The spirits kids who

Went missing inside this house

Are keeping us trapped in here

“Just waiting to jump out and make us

Their next victims.” Cookie giggled

As she tried to open the door

“You’re not funny Cookie.”

Daisy began

But before she could finish speaking

The front door suddenly slammed opened

Causing them all to jump

Then run off




 Sammy Turtle’s uncle Mo cried out

“Sammy, I know that you and your friends

Are super excited about begin in my movie

“But if you’re going to jump out of your

 Shell. Every time the scene gets a bit


We’re never going to finish it.”

“Sorry Uncle Mo, it was an accident

I went to grab my clip board. And it

Fell to the floor.

“I wasn’t scared honestly.”

Sammy apologized


Sammy’s uncle patted him on the

Back and smiled

Since it was well known that Sammy

Was always scared of everything


“Okay Sammy, remember never be

Ashamed to admit when you’re scared

Only chickens are ashamed to admit it

“Now; why don’t you kids go over to

The lunch table

I’ll let you know when I need you again.”

Then he walked off yelling at the

Light crew


“Way to go dude. I was about to

Do my best take

“Before you ruined it.”

Tommy Cub frowned

“You’re best take?” really?”

We’ve been redoing this dumb

Scene three times already

“Since you keep dropping your mask

Once you open the door.”

Daisy smirked

“I still can’t believe that we’re going

To be in a real horror movie.

“I can’t wait until it comes out

We’ll be the talk of the town.”

Cookie added

“Yah, whoopy!” Sammy smirked

“Wow, try to control you’re excitement

There!” Tommy laughed


“Cute, I’m excited. I just wish

That my uncle would stop thinking


“I’m such a scary cat about everything.”

Sammy sighed

“But you are!” Tommy joked

“Whoever told you that you were

Funny Tommy

Lied.” Sammy smirked


“Don’t listen to him Sammy,

I’m pretty sure that your uncle’s

Proud of you. So don’t worry so

Much about it

“Not only is he proud. But this movie

Is going to be awesome

Now come on; let’s grab some lunch.”

Vicky told him smiling














Chapter 2

The next morning the gang were

Walking around the mansion grounds

“Oh wow!” I still don’t get you’d want to

Stay here. This place is beyond creepy.”

Sammy was telling them as they walked

Passed the abounded pool area

“Umm, excuse me. But can you tell me

How to get to the north wing of the mansion? ”

Are you guys in this scene too?”

A voice from behind them asked


“No. we’re just waiting for my uncle

Mo; to finish filming for the day.”

Sammy answered her

“The director is your uncle?”

That’s pretty cool, I’m Blue, my friends

And I are extras in the movie

“”I was supposed to meet them there

. But I’ve no clue where’s

At?” Blue told them

“Yah, this place is pretty big.

I’m Sammy, and these are my friends

Maybe we can help you look for them.”

He added shrugging


“So, do you live around here?”

Daisy asked Blue as they made their

Way towards the main entrance

“No. a couple miles over

Anyway I was surprised that your uncle

Decided to film here.

“Especially after what happened.”

Blue shrugged

“What happened?” Sammy frowned


“Legend has it; that when they built

This house.

They failed to tell the owner that they

Built it. On top of an ancient grave yard

“And when they finally did tell him.

he didn’t seem to care. Since he was so in

love and so excited to surprise his newly bride

“Who he couldn’t wait to surprise her

With the house as a wedding present.”

Blue began


The gang just looked at one another then

Waited for her to continue

“For years they lived in this mansion happily

And had a boat load of kids.

Not caring that the dead weren’t very happy

That their resting place was disturbed

“Until one night the old rooster went completely

Mad. And took an ax and chopped up his

Family into tiny piece. Then buried their

Remains within the walls of the old mansion

“When he got caught he blamed the whole

Thing on the sprits of the house

Ordering him to do it.” She added

“And you actually believe that stupid story?”

Tommy smirked


Blue was about to answer him back

When a voice cried out

“There you are!” I’ve been looking for

You all over.”

“Oh, I got lost and bumped into

Sammy and his friends

“Get this. His uncle is the director

I was just telling them the story of what

Happened out here.” Blue told her friend

“Oh Blue, I can’t believe that you told them

That stupid story

“Anyway Mo asked me to come find

You. He’s ready to start



































Chapter 3

A few minutes later they reached the

Front entrance

They were just about to go in

When they noticed about a half dozen

Skulls popping out from the front lawn

“Gross!” maybe Blue wasn’t lying

Maybe this place is really haunted.”

Tommy half joked as he held the door open

For the others

“Haunted?” there’s no such thing.

The only ghostly thing here will be this


“If we don’t finish it on time.”

Sammy’s uncle laughed once he joined


“Funny Uncle Mo, so I guess you 

Didn’t have anything to do. With all

Those skulls out in the front lawn?”

Sammy asked him



They went back outside and showed Mo what

Sammy was talking about

“Oh great, as if we’re not behind already.

When I find out which of the crew is behind

 This dumb prank. I’m pretty sure that they

Won’t be laughing.” Mo snorted


It took them a few minutes to help

Mo clean up the lawn

When they went back in

Mo told them that he was going to call

It a day. He wasn’t much in the mood

To continue working

Sammy was just about to ask him a question

When a loud crashing noise coming from

The next room interrupted

Now what


The gang slowly followed Mo inside

The dark room. Then flicking on the light


He told them

“You see. There’s nothing here just.”

“Some creepy kid standing by the window

Staring at us.” Cookie interrupted


Mo walked over towards him

“Okay kid, the joke’s over.”

He went over to touch him. But

The kid just floated right through him

“Please tell me that you guys just saw that?”

Uncle Mo, can we please pick up and

Get out of here. Like now!”

Sammy cried out

“Nobody’s going anywhere!”

Not until I get to the bottom of this!”

His uncle answered him

“Wrong!” you can stay and make

Your dumb movie if you want

“But I’m not staying here with those

Things floating around!”

Sammy yelled at him before he ran out

Of the room followed by the others




















































chapter 4

Mo almost ran into Sammy once he

Rushed out to the main hallway

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Where’s my crew?” He frowned

Once he looked around and noticed

The hall was filled with ghostly kids

“Foolish Mo, we tried to warn you not

To come here. And make a mockery out of

This house

“Just for your film. But you wouldn’t listen

And now it’s to late

We’ve no choice but to turn you into

One of us.” One of the kids groaned


Mo started to back away when

Sammy suddenly blocked his path

“Sammy, what do you think you’re doing?”

Move out of the way!”

“Sorry Uncle Mo, you should’ve listen.”

Sammy hissed

“What?” What has gotten into you? Sammy,

Just a few seconds ago you couldn’t wait

To leave. And now.”

Sammy’s evil giggle interrupted

“Grab him!”


“Have you all gone mad?” Get away from


Mo cried as he tried to pull away

“And cut!” Gotcha Uncle Mo, you should see

The look on your face right now.

“It’s priceless!” Sammy started laughing


 You mean this was some kina of prank?”

Mo suddenly frowned

“Yup. But I couldn’t pulled it off without

Some help.” Sammy proudly smiled

“Well done Sammy, my boy.  You nearly gave

Your poor uncle a pure heart attack!”

Mo laughed









Chapter 5

A few days later Mo invited them

over and announced

“Well, it’s a wrap!” the film is done

Why don’t we go to the living room

And I’ll give you kids a premier showing.”

“That’s great Uncle Mo. Can’t wait to see it.”

“Well, wait no more!”


When they all got comfortable inside

 Mo’s living

He turned off the lights, put the CD in

And flicked it on

“I wonder why it’s not showing my film.”

Mo frowned

“Maybe there’s something wrong with

The CD?” Sammy shrugged

“Or maybe we really are just a bunch

Of ghosts!” Cookie laughed


Mo just shook his left the room

Mumbling to himself. When they were

Sure that he was gone

They started laughing until their

stomach ached

“Oh that was awesome!” Did you see

The look on his face?” Before he left he

Looked like he was about to faint!”

Daisy laughed

“Yah, he looked beyond scared just like I wanted

I wonder how long it’s going to take

Him to realize. That his CD was switch with

A blank one.”

Sammy told them with a big evil smile

 On his face

Copyrights © belong to jack 2006