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Who Framed Grace


Can you solve this mystery before Cookie and her friends can?

Who framed who

Who Framed Grace Pinks



Chapter 1:

"Can you believe that dork, Peter Cob?”

 He was bragging during homeroom, that he won fifty bucks.

In some dumb contest."

 Tommy Cub was telling them during their lunch period

"Oh wow, what contest did he entered?" Cookie asked him

"He doesn't know!" I told you he's a dork." Tommy laughed

"What do you mean he doesn't know?”

 “Then how does he know that he won?" Sammy Turtle frowned

"That's what I asked him, he just shrugged and said that he got an email telling him that he won.

He has no clue that is one of the oldest scams there's out there."

 Tommy answered

"Well, I hope that you explained that to him, before he gets himself into some real trouble.

 And gives out his personal information out."

 Vicky Dragonfly added

"I tried”

 But he cut me off and told me that I was just jealous, that he was now rich and I wasn't."


 Tommy shrugged. Cookie was about to answer him back

When a snooty looking peacock walked up to their table and interrupted

"I heard that you guys, are some detective club or something like that?"

"Yes, we've helped out lots of kids solve their problems-" Vicky began

"And you never charged them?" The peacock frowned

"No, Grace, we never charge them.

 We do it because we want to help them, not take their money."

 Daisy Penguin also frowned. It was obvious that she didn't like her very much


"Is there a reason that you're asking all these questions?" She added

"In matter of fact there's Daisy, I've a case for you to solve." Grace told her

"Great, let me just take out my notebook. So I can take notes and we'll get started."

 Cookie smiled


Grace nervously looked around the lunch room and whispered over to them before she walked away

"Not here.

 Meet me by the playground after school and I'll explain everything to you then."


After she left the gang just stared at one another with debrief looks on their faces

As to say

Did that just really happened

Did Grace Pinks,

Rocky Shores middle school snottiest popular student really just asked for their help


Chapter 2:

After waiting for Grace for almost an hour Daisy grew tired of waiting

"I'm leaving.

 I've way too much homework to do and a big test to study for than to be just standing around here.

Waiting for Miss Pinks, to show up." She smirked

"Me too.

 But let's give her a few more minutes before leaving." Vicky told her.

 And before Daisy had a chance to reply Sammy cut her off

"Finally!" There she comes!"

"Well, it's about time, we were just about to leave." Daisy smirked

"Sorry, but I got held up in rehearsal took forever to end." Grace explained

"Rehearsal for what? I thought you guys, did the school play already?" Sammy asked

"Yes, we did.

But we're now un-building props and seeing what to keep and what to--

"That's great, but can we talk about the case already?"

 Daisy interrupted. Grace gave Daisy a snooty look before she answered back

"Fine, I'm being framed." Grace began--

 Cookie and Daisy gave her a weird look before they asked at the same time


"Umm, maybe you should start from the beginning." Vicky told her 

“I guess, it all started when Miss Frog, asked us to find ways to raise money for our

Skip-class and see a show day.” Grace began

“I remember that, I think I gained 100 pounds from all those cookies, and other sweets.

 I brought from the drama club sweet sales!” Tommy laughed

“You’re not the only one, I gained more than a 100!” Grace also laughed.

“But it was well worth it when

She told us that not only did we reached our goal but passed it by fifty bucks!”

“Wow, that’s great, but I don’t get what that has anything to do with you being framed.”

Sammy asked her

“I’m getting to that, since the lock in her desk was broken.

 Miss Frog, asked if I could hold the money

Inside my locker until the next day so she can take it to the bank in the morning.”

 Grace explained

“Oh no!” Cookie cried out having some idea on where this was leading to

“Oh yes, the next morning when I handed the envelope to her—

“The money was gone?” Tommy interrupted

“No, worst it was missing sixty dollars from it.

And in place of the money was a pay pal purchase slip for a table I, with my name on it”

“At first I thought it was a joke, but Ms. Frog freaked out and accused me of taking the money even though.

I swore I was innocent, she called my folks, and text them a copy of the purchase slip

“Lucky she didn’t kick me out of drama club,

But not only I’m grounded like forever but I’ve to pay her back before the trip.

Which I can no longer go to, so do you now see why I need you guys, help in proving that I’m innocent.”

 Grace continued


“That’s awful, do you’ve any idea who’d want to get you in trouble or has the lock combo to your locker.”

 Vicky asked her

“Just Jill, but she’d never do anything like this. She’s my bestie, we share everything.”

 Grace answered

“And does she know what happened?” Daisy asked her


“Why?” you just finished telling us that you guys, share everything.

 So why didn’t you tell her maybe she saw something that could help us.”

 Tommy frowned

“Okay, okay, I’ll ask her about it later.

 But I’ve to seriously got to go, I’m seriously super late and don’t want to get grounded again”


 Grace cried out before she walked away


Chapter 3:

The next day Daisy came running up to them.

 And from the look on her face they could tell that she was really upset

“Have any of you seen that twerp, Grace!” She cried out

“No, and why do you look like you’re about to kill somebody?” Sammy asked her

“Because of this!” She yelled.

 She opened her book bag and pulled out a piece of crumpled up paper and handed it to him


Which read:

Can you believe that I had to go to those dorks to help me out

It’s such a joke that they truly believe that they’re some sort of super cops

But if they can find out who set me up and get me off the hook I think I can stomach them for a while

But between me and you I highly doubt it!! Smoothies!!


“I still can’t believe that we were so stupid that we wanted to help her!” Daisy cried out

“Calm down Daisy, let’s at least hear what she has to say for herself. Since she’s heading our way.”

 Vicky warned her

“You!” You really think that you’re so funny, don’t you?”

 Daisy yelled at Grace once she joined them

“Excuse me?” Grace asked

“Oh please, don’t pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about.” Daisy smirked

“But I’m not pretending I really don’t know what you’re so upset blabbing about.”

 Grace shrugged


Daisy shoved the piece of paper in her face. Grace quickly read it then shrugged again

“Sorry, but I’ve no clue who wrote this cause it wasn’t me.”

“Right, then I guess it just wrote and sent it out itself.” Daisy snorted

“I guess so, I’m grounded remember my dad took away my lap top and put it inside his safe.

 Ask him if you don’t believe me.” Grace explained

“Fine, then I guess it was your beastie Jill, after all she’s the one who forward it to me.” Daisy smirked 

“Oh, did she now?” We’ll just see what she has to say about this?”

 Grace snorted before she stormed off


Later that day they found Jill standing by her locker

“Oh hey, what do you guys doing here?” She frowned

“We just want to ask you a few more questions about Grace’s case.

 And ask you why did you forwarded that email to Daisy.”

 Cookie answered her. Jill rolled her eyes before she replied

“To let you guys know that you’re just wasting your time in helping her.

 It’s so obvious that she’s doing all of this just to get attention.”

“So you think steal the money and brought the table I-pad with it, then she wrote emails to you bragging about it?”

 Vicky frowned. “That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“Well, I don’t know if she did or didn’t.

 But I do know that she was jealous when I got mines-“Jill began

“Is it true that you’ve Grace’s lock number?” Cookie interrupted

“Yah, she gave it to me since she’s always forgetting the stupid number so?” Jill shrugged

“You know for being her so called beastie, you sure don’t sound like you like her very much.” Sammy told her.

 Jill gave him a weird look then looked around to make sure no other were listening to them before she answered

“I was.

 Look right now I’m just very upset with her, please feel sorry for me blah-blah, I can say or write whatever about some other kid

 And not feel bad or care if it hurts their feelings attitude.

 But now that it’s on her, she need you all to help her prove that she’s a nice and sweet.” Jill sighed  


Chapter 4:

Two days later the gang solved the case

Jill confessed that since she was fighting with Grace over supposal rumors she believed Grace started about her to their other friends.

 That she’d get even with Grace and took the money

And secretly brought herself another table I-pad, since her mom made her give back the one her friend Roy Fox, brought for her

Her mother thought it was to experience gift for Roy to have brought Jill


Chapter 5:

“Well, I guess that’s it. Another case all wrapped up!” Sammy smiled before he licked off the icing off his upper lip

“I guess so, but I’ve a funny feeling that we’re not done with this case just yet.” Vicky answered him

“Huh?” Jill, confessed to taking the money what’s left for us to find out” Sammy frowned

“What Jill, said about how she brought a Table I pads, for so cheap.

 My aunt brought one for my cousin for her birthday and it coasted her way more than only sixty dollars.”

 Vicky answered

“Yah, that’s bothering me too.” Cookie added.

“I asked one of Roy’s friend if I wanted to buy one for cheap were could I get one

“At first it seemed that he didn’t want to tell me but then he told me to go and talk to Oliver Huston,

 He sells them for really cheap. But not to tell him that he send me he believes that Oliver’s Table I, are stolen.”

 She added


“Why are we doing this again?”

 If this Oliver dude really selling kids stolen Table I pads shouldn’t we be talking to the cops.

 Instead of trying to buy one from him?”

 Sammy whined

“We’ll Sammy, but not until we really know that he’s.” Tommy told him.

“Now how much money do you’ve on you?”

 He added smiling 


A few hours later they met with Oliver by the playground, who was sitting on one of the swings nervously looking around

“Hey Oliver, how’s it going?” Did you bring it?” Cookie smiled

“Only if you brought the money. If not oops!” Oliver answered.

 “How did you guys find out about me anyways?” He added

“Oh, from a little birdy.” Cookie shrugged

“Umm, okay, well let’s get this exchange over with. I’ve to go and remember I don’t do refunds.”

 Oliver instructed


Chapter 6:

Shortly afterwards they were back inside their clubhouse

“Well, I guess we can go to the cops now.” Sammy told them

“Soon not just yet, let me check something out first and make sure that they’re really stolen.”

 Vicky answered him.

 She took out her cell phone and quickly went on the website that sold Table I-pads and entered the serial number.

 Seconds later the numbers came back showing that it was indeed stolen

“Oaky Sammy, now we can go to the cops.” She smiled


“Hey, Oliver, how’s it going?” Cookie asked him

“Umm, okay, I guess.” Oliver shrugged uncertainly on why she was asking him.

 Cookie then walked over to him and whispered in his ear

“Meet me by the playground I need to buy another Table I-pad from you.”

She walked away before he could reply


Sammy looked at his watch and cried out

“I don’t think that he’s going to show up.”

“He will and there he is!” Cookie answered

“Hey, sorry I’m late.

 But I had to run an errand to do and couldn’t get it, but if you want we can go get it now.”

 He explained



“I don’t like this where are we going?” Sammy whispered over to them

“Don’t know. But if we’re going to solve this case we’ve to continue playing along.”

 Cookie whispered back


They reached a small shabby looking house with all the windows boarded up

“Hey, Oliver, whose house is this?” Tommy asked him

“Don’t worry about. Just wait here I’ll be right back.”

 Oliver mumbled before he disappeared inside the house


Chapter 7:

A few minutes later Oliver came out and before he could give Cookie the Table I-pad.

 A strong voice cried out from behind them

“Hold it right there kid!”

Oliver froze for a second before he tried to run away but Tommy was too quick.

 He stuck out his paw and trip Oliver onto the ground

“You’re going to pay for that.” Oliver growled

“I don’t think so kid, the only one who’s going to pay for anything is you.”

 The police officer smirked as he helped Oliver up


Chapter 8:

The next day the chief of police reward the gang a metal of bravery

“I’m very proud of you kids, it was very brave how you came up with the plan to set Oliver up.

 But next time just leave the dangerous work to us.” He told them

“We’ll, thanks chief, so what’s going to happen to Oliver?” Cookie asked him

“I’m not sure Cookie,

 Hopefully he’ll get a break since he gave the names of those who recruited him into selling the stolen tablets.

 I feel bad Oliver, isn’t a bad kid.

 Just made a dumb mistake,

 He told us that he needed to make fast money to help out his family ever since his dad lost his job.

They’ve been going through

 Some rough times and was scared.” The chief of police answered her


Later that afternoon they were about to walk into the ice cream shop when they ran into Jill, who was also about to walk in

“Hey, Jill, how’s it going?” Cookie asked her

“Okay, I guess. I heard about Oliver, so sad.

 But I guess we’ve something in common now, we both are a bunch of losers who did stupid things.”

 Jill answered

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Jill, we all make dumb mistakes sometimes.” Vicky smiled

“I just feel so dumb.

 I can’t believe that I was even friends with Grace, who made me so mad that I did what I did.

 I feel so bad that because of her and me wanting to get even with her.

 I scooped to her level I disappointed my mom and myself in doing so, I should’ve known better.”

 Jill sighed

“Don’t be.

 Like Vicky said we’ll do dumb mistakes, I’m just so glad that this case is finally over.

 I really don’t dislike Grace, only when she opens her mouth and how she treats her so called friends

“That I’m remained on why it’s really hard for me not to like her.” Daisy also sighed

“Yah, she’s so clueless. She’s going around bragging what a bad friend I turned out to be to her.

 And how since she was the victim of this whole thing that’s how you guys, were able to solve this case.”

 Jill shyly smiled

“What!” I’m going-“Daisy began. Cookie patted Daisy on the back and smiled 

“Let it go Daisy, let’s just go inside eat some ice cream it’ll calm you down.

 Getting upset will not solve anything kids like Grace,

 Will never learn and they’ll never know what the real meaning of friendship is all about.”


Copyrights © belong to jack 2006