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Maple on Bananas


Alfred becomes upset, decides to leave his mothers home and ends up coming across many absorbing characters. He gets into trouble, becomes a criminal, fights other criminals and falls in love. The strage part however, is his 5 years of age. Despite his tiny body, he thinks and acts as a grown up, without realizing it shouldn't be this way.

Early Bird

The rain was really something else this day. Alfreds shoes kept splashing water at his legs with each step as he made his way down the streets two blocks away from his apartment. In a swamp green raincoat, skinny blue jeans and a pair of green boots, the hunched over 5-year-old Alfred was running away from home. Well, not literally. He was going rather slowly, kicking one foot on front of the other. The people he past couldn’t see his face due to the hood being abnormally large relative to his head. It sunk in over his eyes only letting his round chin touch the wind.

And how he was pissed. First of all, the sleep he got was terrible, absolutely horrific. There was thunder and lightning, his mother mother watched TV with the volume above anything plausible and his 2-year-old sister kept crying like a baby. He woke up around 4 am with his pillow all out of place. Trying hard to get everything into its original position he noticed what a mess his room was. His mom actually had the nerves to leave it be, knowing he would wake up hours before her. After waking up grumpy as he didn’t think possible, he climbed out of bed, put on a shirt and jeans while heading to the kitchen. He peeked into his mothers room, making sure she was fast asleep. Laying there with limbs spread out in all directions and smelling like a week old cheeseburger from Mac Donald’s, she seemed very unfeminine.

Alfred loved the kitchen. No, that’s not true, he loved food, but the kitchen was one of his biggest struggles he encountered, from letting grown ups carry him around to buying things at the store. He got a hold of a stool, which he used to get up onto the counter, that then opened up a whole new world. He kept it simple. A slice of bread, butter, and ham was all he had energy for. Oh, and he put Maple syrup over everything before devouring. Only 10 minutes later he stood in the rain knowing exactly where he was headed and with a plan in mind.