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Wiggidy, Wiggidy wassup everybody! My name is moondustgaming! I am a fan girl, the BEST kind of fangirl. I am here for the loll's not the hate or to hate others! I will now repeat the Fan Girl Shield Sister Code... I AM A FAN GIRL, I LIVE, BREATH AND READ FAN FICTIONS! WETHER ITS TWO O'CLOCK IN THE MORNIN' OR TWO IN THE AFTERNOON, I WILL READ FAN FICTIONS! -By Me! Now here is some things you may want to know about me... 0. I'm sarcastic as mother hell. 1. I'm annoying as hell. 2. I'm punny. 3. I give way too many references. 4. I'm a meme master. 5. I have a short temper. 6. I get pissed pf easily. 7. I'm a try hard! My favroite colours are blue and yellow. The Fan bases I support... 1. Power rangers 2. Percy Jackson or anything from Rick Riordan! 3. Lockwood and co. 4. TMNT 5.Harry Potter 6. UNDERTALE 7. The maze runner 8.Doctor who And so on Anyway I hope you enjoy having me around as much as I enjoy being around. Anyway... Wiggidy, Wiggidy over and out, chaw!!! -moondustgames


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  • Jim Lake x Reader

    This is a Fan fiction. I wrote it on Wattpad beneath the name BlueMoonnightmare. My name is (Y/n) and I am the first ever human Dragon Hunter. My first day at Arcadia High was as confusing as meeting two dragons in the middle of the night. But their is one more thing I can't wrap my head ar...

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