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Jim Lake x Reader


This is a Fan fiction. I wrote it on Wattpad beneath the name BlueMoonnightmare. My name is (Y/n) and I am the first ever human Dragon Hunter. My first day at Arcadia High was as confusing as meeting two dragons in the middle of the night. But their is one more thing I can't wrap my head around and that is Jim Lake. But I promise that I will find out, no matter how dangerous my life gets...

First day in Arcadia

Your P.O.V I hummed to myself quietly as I swirled around the kitchen preparing lunch for me, my dad and Eli. My dad has been working double shifts at the police station more and more. Which makes it hard for me to spend time with him, but for now I have to worry about my first day in my new high school. I gently placed the toast on the plate and put the glass of orange juice next to it. I quietly walked upstairs and nudged open my Dads door with my foot, and i placed his food on the bedside table. I smiled to myself before I ran down stairs, grabbed my helmet and took my bike from the garage. I took it out side and smiled as i saw Eli standing next to his bike. "Hey Eli! How's it goin?" I asked as I walked up to him. Eli pulled up his glasses and replied: "Its ok! But now that your here you can maybe help me with my bullying problem?" He asked quietly as I chuckled and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey don't worry, I'm sure you'll be fine!" I said as I looked at my watch and gasped. "Holy Heck! I'm gonna be late on my first day! Come on Eli!" I said as I hopped on my bike and sped off. "Hey (Y/n)! Hold up!" Eli shouted from behind me as I looked around. "Eli, do you happen to know any shortcuts?" I asked as I slowed down. "Yeah! Up across the abandoned bridge." Eli said as he went in front of me and led the way. We arrived at the bridge in less that a minute and i stopped as something shiny caught my eye amongst a pile of stone. I got off my bike and ran down towards it but I froze as i heard it call my name in an eerie whisper. (Y/n) Jones~ Eli came up beside me and shivered, i walked towards the pile of stone and saw a purple light  beneath one of the stones. I hauled it up and gasped as i saw a purple Glowing amulet. "Eli, what do you think this is?" I asked as i looked at it closely. " I don't know-" The school bell rang cutting Eli off as panic once again struck my gut. "The School! Were gonna be late!" I shouted as I rushed to my bike and sped off with Eli hot on my trail. -At School- "Class, today we have a new student. Would you please introduce yourself." Mr. Stickler said as i stood up quickly, and said briefly: "The names (Y/n), I'm new here and Eli is my best friend." I sat down and continued my research on the glowing amulet I found. And as Mr. Stickler began talking again I whispered to Eli. "Anything about glowing amulets?" I asked as my eyes scanned the room and came to rest on the chubby boy in front of me. Now i know that its rude to look at someone's stuff but the words Glowing- and- Amulet caught my eye. I shrugged it off and walked out of class unaware that I had two pairs of eyes on me the whole lesson. -End of school day- At the end of the day i was walking out of Spanish with my new friend, Claire! I scanned the area for Eli only to find that Some bully kid was shoving him into a locker. I growled and stormed up to this blond bully and pushed past some skinny, black haired kid and his short (And chubby) friend. "Hey!" I growled as I tapped his back. He turned around and scowled at me. "Leave Eli alone or Else..." I hissed as he picked me up by my collar and looked me dead in the eye. "And just who do you think you are?" He hissed as the black haired kid tried to get him to put me down. "I think that I'm Eli's best friend, and Your worst nightmare. So Buddy... I suggest that you put me D O W N." I looked him straight in the eye and kicked him were the sun don't shine. I rushed past him to Eli and helped him out of his locker before i took his hand and rushed away from the raging bully. -At home- I sighed in frustration as I looked at the purple amulet. I rubbed my eyes and looked down at the amulet once more before I saw writing engraved around the edges. "For the Glory of Merlin, Lunar is mine to control?" I asked more than said. The amulet pulsed and glowed as the clock handle moved. I gasped and dropped the amulet as I backed away from it. It began floating and suddenly three balls of purple light flew into my chest followed by several more. A purple light surrounded me and armour began to form around my body. I dropped to the ground and stumbled a bit as the armour was way to big for me. But in a matter of seconds the armour began to reshape and shrink as it clipped onto my body securely. I rushed over to the mirror and gasped as i saw that the armour had claws and two wings folded onto the back of the chest plate. I took a step back and nearly fell over as a heavy sword formed in my hands. The sword had purple swirls and was pulsing with life. But the sword shrunk to fit my strength and I bit my lip at how cool this was. "I need to tell Eli!" I gasped as I ran to my walkie talkie, a flash of purple light and the amulet dropped to the floor and my armour disappeared. -With Eli- "You need to see this!" I said as i picked up the amulet. "Why? Did it say your name again?" Eli asked curiously. "No, even better just watch." I said as I looked at the amulet. "For the glory of Merlin, Lunar is mine to control," I said but nothing happened. Eli just looked at me as I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. "For The Glory Of Merlin... Lunar Is Mine To Control!" I said clearly and loudly as i began floating and the amulet began spinning and pulsing. I closed my eyes as the armour clipped onto my body and the sword appeared on a sheath between my folded wings. "WOW! You look like a, like a Dragon!" Eli said as he walked around me muttering words like, Epic, Awesome, Cool. Yeah, the list goes on! Bang! Bang! I gasped as Eli and I crept down the stairs and I nearly fainted at the sight of a... of a pitch black dragon Sitting in my kitchen with a smaller emerald dragon standing on two feet beside it. Eli was so freaked out that he ran to the knifes in my kitchen and grabbed one and began pointing it at the dragons and mumbling nonsense. I gulped as i looked at both dragons. Their eyes landed on me and i shrunk back as the smaller green one walked towards me. "Hello, Master (Y/n) I am Emerald and this beside me is Moon. We are here to teach you and stop you from dying new Dragon Hunter!" The dragon called Emerald said. I just stared at her and fainted. -As they leave- "Please just consider this master (Y/n), both of our worlds are in danger and you are the only one who can protect us. And remember... Destiny is but a word of our future, and our choices make our future. Some spend their entire lives searching for the weight that is thrust upon their shoulders. Some more than others. But now we have the chance to embrace what greatness is given to us and we must learn to control it in our own choices. Good night, master (Y/n)." ________________________________________________________________________________


(Y/n's) P.O.V "I donts know what to do Eli, I'm not used to having dragons in my kitchen!" I sighed as I got off my bike and parked it in front of the school. Eli looked from the amulet to me with wide eyes. " Didn't you hear the green one, it said 'First ever Human Dragon hunter' How cool is that?!"  I sighed and took the amulet from him before putting it in my pocket. "Yeah I know but-" I stopped in the middle of my sentence as a purple glow was emitted from my  pocket. "Does it work with battery's or something?" Eli asked as i began panicking and looking around; I was trying to make sure that no one was around. "I don't know!" "Does it feel like your gonna change?" ... "O my gosh, I think I am, what do I do Eli?! where in the middle of a hallway in high school!!" I whisper shouted as Eli roughly pushed me into a class room. Eli's P.O.V A purple light blinded me momentarily, and when the white dots faded I saw the coolest thing ever. (Y/n) in her dragon hunter armour! I opened one of the folded wings on her back before she swatted my hands away and glared at me. "Hello? Eli, (Y/n) are you too in here?" (Y/n) visibly stiffened at this and she threw herself behind the teachers desk. (Y/n's) P.O.V "Hello? Eli, (Y/n) are you two in here?" I stiffened as I looked down at my magical armour. I couldn't be seen in this outfit on my second day of school! In my panic I threw myself behind the teachers desk and made rapid hand signs at Eli to try and get rid of the teacher. "Um hi miss Blue! Um what can I help you with?" Eli asked as he began talking to my maths teacher miss Blue. A minute or two went by before my eyes landed on the poster on the wall of the room. I took in a deep breath and quickly snuck out of my hiding place. "Hello miss Blue, Eli and I where just practising for the... Romeo and Juliet auditions! I smiled as I dusted down my armour and polished my amulet. She raised an eye brow and slowly smiled at us. "Well then miss (Y/n) I suggest you both get a move on for there are only ten minutes left of the auditions." "Of course miss Blue! Thank you very much. Come on Eli, too the auditions!" -after Eli's audition- I breathes in slowly as I walked onto the stage with my armour clanking quietly with each heavy step I took. My eyes scanned the crowd and came to a stop on Eli in his cardboard box.  He gave me a thumbs up and with that I took a deep breath. "And who will you be auditioning for?" "Um, I'll be auditioning for the role of Juliet." I said shakily. Deep. Breaths. "Destiny... Is but a word of our future. Our future is a puzzle constructed with our choices. Some search their entire lives for a weight that is thrust upon the shoulders of few people. But now that we have the chance to embrace our future we must learn to conrol it. Don't wait... Choose." And with that I swung my sword and sheathed it. After a moment of silance the small crowd of people burst into a loud applause. I smiled at Eli and bowed before walking off the stage. As I went back stage my armour de-activated, and the amulet fell into my sweaty hands. I accidentally bumped into some body and I fell to the ground. "Sorry about that i wasn't looking where I was going." I rubbed my head and gingerly accepted the hand that was offered to me.  "S'okie, im very clumsy-" I stopped and stared wide eyed at the dark haired boy in front of me, or more at what he was wearing. He had a glowing suit of armour on that was embedded with blue swirls, and on his chest was a blue amulet. "Your the kid that stood up to steve(?) And punched him the other day! I'm Jim Lake! What's your name?" I snapped out of my transe and picked up my bag along with my amulet. "The names (Y/n), pleasure to meet you Lake. Now if you don't mind I've got a friend that is waiting for me. I walked past him and briskly walked down the stairs shaking my head in confusion. 'What if there was more than one secret race of monsters? No that's impossible!  But is it really?' -time skip to cycling home with Eli- "That. Was. AWESOME (y/n)!" Eli ranted as I smiled and rolled my eyes. I looked up at the sky to see a beautiful swirl of orange, pink, red and yellow. I slowed down and looked at Eli in confusion as silance echoed in the empty streets. Eli had a look of pure terror on his face as his eyes where Glued to the top of a building. I looked up to the roof of the building And froze. My breathing quickened as my eyes scanned the figure that was perched on the bricks. A dark shadow was cast by the large, scaly, red eyed, winged dragon. My pupils shrunk as it's cold gaze locked onto me. "Eli, we need to move, NOW!" I screeched as a column of fire was thrown at Eli and I. ________________________________________________________________________________ A/n- hey everyone! I hope y'all liked this update. I apologise for any grammar or spelling mistakes as I am writing this on my iPad. Anyway, Wiggidy, Wiggidy over and out, Chaw!! -Blue


Y/n P.O.V "RUN!!" I screeched as a column of fire flew past our heads. I put my feet on the peddles and I threw my bike foreword. Eli was screaming as the last of the sun light was shadowed by a monstrous shape. My knuckles gripped the handles tighter as we swerved to avoid another column of flames. Screech! The dragons cry was enough to send me and Eli into overdrive. "WERE GOING TO DIE!" Eli shouted as we rounded a corner. "FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND ELI!" I shouted back to him as I came to a sudden halt and threw Eli and myself behind a tall truck. I pocked my head around the side of the truck as my eyes scanned the now quiet street. "What the-" Eli's hand muffled my question and dragged me back behind the side of the truck. I gave him an annoyed glance as I pushed his hand down from my mouth. "Quick Toby, behind here." A voice sounded as Eli and I pressed our backs closer to the truck. I lifted my hand to my mouth in order to signal silence. Eli nodded as we both watched as... Jim and Toby threw them selves behind our truck? "Get in your armour Dude he's coming!!" Toby urged the panicking figure of Jim. Toby began hyper ventilating and as his eyes cast to the side he jumped in fright. "For the glory of Merlin, Daylight is mine to command... Come on! For the glory of Merlin-" "Jim stop! Eli and The new girl are here!!" Toby said as he pointed to both of us. My heart stopped as the ground gently shook indicating that the dragon that had stalked us now knew our location.  Eli tried making sign's with his hands to tell both Jim and Toby to stop arguing as I shook my head and pulled out my amulet. "For the glory of Merlin, Lunar is mine to control." I mumbled ad my armour appeared.  Toby and Jim stopped arguing as they both looked at me with wide eyes. I sighed in relief as they both stopped panicking. Silence wad thick in the air for about a minute before the truck was torn in two by the dragon. I roared in our faces as Eli, Jim, Toby and I screamed and began thrashing around for our bikes.  "Go, Go, Go!" Jim growled as we all sped down the highway with fire and roars following our terrified stamped. We where all throwing ourselves round corners and into cramped hiding places.  "Master (Y/n)! You need to fly in order to save your friends!" I stopped as I looked over to the roof of a building to see Moon and Emerald perched there watching our every move. I nodded in understanding and looked away. "And watch out for the Giant angry Troll coming for the lanky boy in the blue jacket," Moon shouted as I narrowed my eyes in  confusion. However my confusion quickly turned to fear as the Giant ANGRY, Troll came into our view. "AHHHHHHH!" Eli and Toby where creating a chorus of screams as they both looked from the giant silver dragon, to the massive coal Troll. Jim was looking from Emerald and Moon to me over and over again, as his wide eyes watched our conversation. I hadn't been looking where I was going and The dragon had hit my bike making me fly off and my bike explode. My armour glowed purple as I slowly stood up. My head was pounding and there was a ringing in my ears as I plucked my sword from my back and imagined flying. The wings on my back didn't respond.  So carefully I imagined invisible bones and muscles stretching out from my back as i opened my wings and pushed upwards. Within seconds i was suspended in air. And i had never felt more at home or powerful as i looked at my opponent. I lashed out and My sword was met with an armoured arm. I growled and pressed on fighting.  We clashed in the sky for about 15 seconds before i was knocked out of the sky by the dragons claws meeting my face. I lost control of my wings and began plummeting back down to Earth. My armour deactivated as I opened my eyes and grasped it tightly.  "Master (Y/n)!"Emerald cried as she caught me before I hit the ground. Gently placing me on the ground I looked up groggily to find that Eli was standing over me with a worried look on his face. During the next ten minutes my vision had gone slightly blurry and everything mixed together. "Is girl ok?" I heard a gentle voice ask, "I'm sure she id, do not worry!" My head was pounding as i opened my eyes to see, Jim, Toby, Eli, Emerald, Moon and two other dragons above me. As my vision cleared I saw that they weren't dragons and that one of them had six eyes. Memories flooded back to me and I suddenly remembered that the dragon had knocked me out of the sky with claws to the face. With unsteady hands I shakily brushed my hair that was shielding half of my face out of the way. Eli had turned deadly pale and tears brimmed his eyes. Jim and Toby had their hands covering their mouths and Emerald was panicking. Her voice was shining through the haze of noise. I brought my hand to the side of my face before i analysed it. My stomach churned as my eyes rolled to the back of my head, it was stained with crimson blood. The last thing I heard before my mind shut off was Jim saying: "It'll be alright, You'll be OK."

Gemstone city

Your P. O. V My head was pounding and darkness was clouding my vision as a ringing was echoing through my ears constantly. My memory was fuzzy as I slowly recalled the fight between that dragon and I. As I dozen between consciousness and sleep i began remembering Jim, Toby and Eli. Panick had now settled in the pit of my stomach as I fought my mind back to consciousness. Blackdots of light where dancing across my vision as I wrenched my heavy eyelids open. Painfully sitting up I tried to stand up, however I felt something pushing me back onto the thing I was resting on. Relaxing a little I looked up and noticed Moon looking down at me with her snout? Inches away from my nose. "Moon? What happened? Where am I?" "No need to Panick master Y/n you are safe." somewhere behind me Emerald answered for moon. Shaking my head I thought back to the last thing I saw before I fainted : Piercing ocean blue eyes that I could get lost in. "What about Jim, Toby and Eli.... Or that giant troll that was attacking them as I was fighting the giant ebony dragon?" I threw questions at emerald as I pushed Moon off me and stood up "Jim and Toby are fine. We wiped their memories and advised their trolls to keep what happened from them. Master Eli is wondering around the city. And as for the giant dragon and troll.... We don't know sorry." Taking on what they said I nodded and slowly looked around my surroundings. It. Was. Breath. Taking. Beneath my feet was a carpet of snowy, springy clouds. The sky was a shimmering purple with ripples of orange and peach dying its skin an ombray of colours. The delicate winds carried with them flocks of golden lights as they sailed smoothly through the gusts of wind. Haphazardly strewn from the grown where different gems of all shapes and sizes. Each gem hummed a different tune, and together they created a beautiful lullaby. Somehow the clouds had waterfalls made from the clearest water beating down from the stary heavens. Instead of a sun their was a beautiful blue moon hanging over this wonderland. And to complete this garden of eve where magestic dragons soaring above these scenenes. "woah... What is this place?!" I stuttered, star struck by its magnificence. "This master Y/n is Gemstones City!" Emerald beamed. I opened my mouth to reply but was cut off by a loud girly scream. ........... Eli! Wiggidy Wiggidy over and out, chaw!! -Blue

Sneaking suspicions

My thoughts seemed still as I sat in Maths with glossy eyes, pale skin and nerves as thin as ice. Miss Jones was droning on about pie charts and how to change information from a line chart into a pie chart. Beside me Eli was in the same state as me, his glasses still had a crack snaking through the glass. His hair was messier than normally and his face was frozen in a constant fear. Eli! I sprinted as quickly as my feet would take me as all of my previous fatigue was shook of by the fear for my friend. Eli's screams for help where getting more urgent as I stopped and quickly looked around in a 360 degrees circle. Underneath the bridge was a giant green dragon with Eli in its claws. Different dragons where crowding around the scene as fear gripped my heart. There was a lot of space between our heights and jumping would surely kill me. My heart beet was at an all time record as I spotted a giant gemstone tree with aluminium vines. My body reacted before my brain as I quickly grabbed one, took a step back and jumped. "(Y/n), Eli, pay attention to what I'm telling you!" Miss Jones hissed as I jumped in my seat. cursing under my breath I nodded as I rubbed my sweaty hands down my face and groaned, Eli looked at me with dilated pupils as I weakly smiled at him and willed him to wait until the bell rang so we could get some fresh air. I screamed a battle cry as I tightened my grip on the ice-cold vine. My body zipped around the air as I dramatically caught their attention  by swinging beneath a waterfall of colours and emerging with golden dust swirling around me. The ground got closer at an alarming speed and I realised that I had left my heart and courage on that cloud bridge. O well too late now. I rolled down the steep banc of clouds before I came to a stop in front of the giant group of terrifying dragons. The bell roared and I practically leaped from my seat, as did Eli. Quickly darting out of the room I dragged Eli outside before I let go of his hands and let my nerves out. And by that I mean I threw up everywhere. My thoughts where at the brim of bursting as Eli stuttered out: "(Y/n) you need to go to the nurses office, you obviously aren't well and the cuts on the side of your face have opened up again-" I cut Eli off by coughing and scratchily saying. "I'm not feeling sick I'm fine, and as for my little...cut. It will be fine with a bit of wet toilet paper." (A yes the magical paper with water on that can cure all illnesses - Every single one of my old primary school teachers) Eli stared at me with a slight hint of annoyance in his eyes as I pulled my sleeve down and dabbed the cut on the side of my head and smiled at him. "(Y/n) are you alright? You should really go to the nurses office after you just threw up everywhere." I growled as I let my arm fall to my side before I spun around with a sarcy remark ready for the nosy person that had just told me what to do. But the words got caught in my throat as I met the eyes of the nosy intruder. Silence fell over the ever-growing crowd of dragons as I grunted and pulled myself off the soft ground. I must have looked like a right mess as I regained my composure. My hair was messy from the bellowing wind that had howled at me on my trip down. My face was stained with the blood of my wound that had been reopened by my less-than-graceful landing. And my voice was going to be horse from my 'battle cry'. "Put my friend down... N O W." I growled with a scratchy voice. I must have sounded scarier than I thought as the green dragon threw Eli onto the floor breaking his glasses and strutted over to me. "Another filthy human on our land, how DARE you step into Gemstone city. How you got her is beyond my interest but I shall warn you to quickly scurry away from this place ad keep your little mortal mouth shut if you value your life." His gruff voice was intimidating as I struggled not to shrink back and cry. "And you had better show more respect for your new protector if you value your entire world." I hissed as I stepped up to him with my stomach churning; I was choking on nausea as he laughed before he huffed some crackling fire and turned to me with a more dangerous look. "You aren't the Dragon Hunter, which means you aren't the protector of our world." It was my turn to laugh as I pulled my amulet from my pocket and hung my hand at my side. I smiled my best shit eating grin as I made my way over to Eli and gently helped him to his feet before I asked the dragon: "Do you want me to prove it?" Piercing Blue eyes gently met mine before they scanned my face and widened. Jim went BALLISTIC. And when I say ballistic I mean he was dragging me through the halls of the school towards the nurses office with an iron grip, and a constant stream of questions coming out of his mouth. He seemed determined to get every single detail he could as i bent the truth accordingly his questions. When he asked me what did it to me I answered with: an animal caused me harm so I tried to fight back but ended up getting injured and got a minor case of concussion. Fear griped my heart as Jim turned towards me and stopped, before he said: "(Y/n) listen I don't know what's happening to you, but I promise you that you can talk to me. And no matter how crazy, or how impossible what your going through seems I promise you that I could probably relate more than you think." What he had  said touched me and warmed my heart as I felt tears prick the corner of my eyes. I laughed and hugged Jim tightly. "Thanks Jim,"  He smiled and chuckled before he wrapped his arms gently around me and replied gently. "Don't worry that's what friends are for."   Silence fell over the crowd as I walked forward, raised my arm and shouted: "FOR THE GLORY OF MERLIN, LUNAR IS MINE TO COMMAND!" Gasps of fear and anger came from the crowd as I began levitating and was engulfed in a orb of purple light. I landed on the ground in the spider man crouch before I slowly arose and extended the wings on my back to their full length. "I AM THE FIRST HUMAN DRAGON HUNTER!" I shouted with my voice still scratchy and a funny tickling giving me the urge to laugh. -Time skip to after the mysterious green dragon claims to be the actual dragon hunter and you challenge him- After the giant crowd of disapproving dragons dispersed I felt the nausea hit me like a hammer as I threw up... Rainbows? Jesus Christ I knew that rainbow water smelled dodgy! ___________________________________ Wiggidy, Wiggidy over and out, Chaw!! -Blue

Training, Painful, training

Your P.O.V Moon was giving Eli and I a tour of Gemstone City as we made our way over to my first ever session of Dragon Hunter Training. Emerald was already at the arena preparing things for me, I was scared I'll admit; but who can blame a girl for being scared of a giant fire-breathing, flying, reptile that can bite your head off?! My eyes wandered around over the heads of the dragons that where in all shapes and sizes. Their scales where glittering in the sun light as I spun around in circle after circle still trying to process this amazing place. The sky was still a beautiful ripple of oranges and reds, and the sound of loud chattering was drowning out the soft melodies that where coming from the glowing crystals. "(Y/n) do you think your gonna learn to fly? Or better yet do you think I'll become a Dragon Hunter too?!" Eli ranted as he jumped up and down excitedly nest to me, I laughed and shook my head as I patted him on the head and called out over my shoulder as I walked in front of him: "I don't know about the whole 'Dragon Hunter too' thing but I do want to learn to fly. Also I don't know anyone stupid enough to trust you with their life!" My feet where gliding across the smooth surface of the clouds, I closed my eyes and began quietly humming the tune that was echoing through the skies. And as I opened my eyes they turned into dodgeballs as I quickly threw myself to my right. "Master (Y/n)! Are you ok?" Moon questioned worriedly as she sat on her two back legs, folded her wings, and helped me up. I glared at the stream of  rainbow water that was gently falling onto the cloud right in front of where I was. "Yuppers. I'm just cautious of that bloody rainbow water, Its dodgy as mother hell-" I was cut off by Eli running into the rainbow water and beginning to play in it. Moons mouth hung open as I face palmed and stood up. "Don't go anywhere near Eli if he says he feels sick," I called to Moon as her head snapped to my eyes. She gulped and began trotting over to me quickly and pushed me closer to the arena. Before us was a majestic arena made from glowing purple stones. Magic was flowing through its foundation, I could feel the power running through my veins as my spine began to tingle. My eyes wandered up to the ceiling- or where it was meant to be- where galaxies, planets and stars swirled around. "WOOOW! What the funky mother bull shrimp is this place, its awesome!" Eli sing sang as I raised an eyebrow and scrunched up my face at his.... interesting vocabulary. "I'm guessing its the arena- Look there's Emerald! And.... Loyalty?" I questioned rather then said, as I crossed my arms. Eli came to stand beside me as he pushed his glasses further up his nose. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the little she-hunter. Are you training for the first time? If so, why don't I help you could use a sparring partner!" Loyalty chuckled as he showed his achromatic teeth to me. I took a step back as Emerald butted in. "You cannot spar against her yet, she doesn't even know the three rules!" Loyalty growled and rounded on Emerald. "Well then my dear Emma, she isn't fit to be Dragon Hunter." He turned towards Me as Eli quickly ran to Moon. "I am the only one worthy of that amulet. Ive spent my whole life training to inherit it and yet it chose you, a useless little girl and her special companion" And of course as Eli had perfect timing he began spewing rainbows onto the floor. Moon -startled- set fire to Eli's hair and Emerald began trying to put it out. Loyalty shook his head as he turned to me and pounced pinning me to the floor. He growled before he roared loudly, defining me. I blinked away painful tears and slowly sat up as Loyalty vanished. My breaths where ragged as I looked at Emerald, Moon and Eli. They where still struggling to put his hair out... Might as well help! -Time skip brought to you by Eli singing 'Burn'- My back ached and my ears where still ringing. I had cuts on several parts of my body thanks to flying axes. My hair now has split ends and is an inch shorter thanks to my hair catching fire after I tried to help Eli. And I was covered in several bruises thanks to me not being able to control the wings on my armour. "Come on (Y/n) lets go home!" Eli said as he hook an arm around mine, as he smiled brightly at me and dragged me away from Moon and Emerald. "Ok, Ok, I need to get to Jim's around now anyway-" Eli stopped and pulled me to look at him. "Why?" Eli squinted his eyes accusingly as I rolled my eyes and laughed. "He's going to tutor me in history as I never can pay attention to Mr. Stickler." I pulled Eli along with me as I once again dodged the fountain of colour full water. "..... OK!" Eli said as we both smiled at each other and skipped off into the sunset. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Wiggidy, Wiggidy, over and out, Chaw!! -moondustgaming

Sticks, stones and studying!

Your P.O.V I pulled my bike to a stop outside of Jim's house and slowly pushed it to the side of his garage. Carefully walking up to the door I rang the door bell and waited patiently for someone to answer. Slowly standing looking down at myself once more I shook my head at how many cuts and bruises where on my body. Not to mention I had a bandage wrapped around my eye from where the 'animal' attacked me. My breath was creating ghosts in the crisp air as I shivered and coughed lightly. "Why does everything bad always happen to me?" I mumbled angrily as I heard footsteps racing towards the door. Suddenly the door swung open to reveal a tall woman in a doctors uniform. I smiled kindly as I said: "Hello! You must be Mrs.Lake, I'm (Y/n). Im here to study History with Jim." Mrs.Lake smiled at me as she opened the door wider for me to come in. Quickly adjusting the nag on my shoulders I rushed in, out of the cold. "Please call me Barbra! I'll call Jim for you now," I smiled slightly but tensed as I knew she was looking at the cuts and bruises.  "Jim, Honey. There's a pretty girl called (Y/n) down here." I raised an eye brow at the word pretty but shook my head and dismissed it. I heard a door open upstairs and an annoyed answer echoed down the stairs. "Mom~ I know that the pretty girls name is (Y/n)- I-I mean I know that (Y/n) is down there." Jim walked down the stairs with a light pink dusting his cheeks. Hey they matched mine!  I carefully looked just Jim over and almost instantly noticed that he was covered in cuts and bruises. His hand was wrapped in bandages and he had a scar on his cheek. He looked troubled by my appearance to. I knew that there was no way that either of us where going to get out of this study session without going all sherlock Holmes on each other. It seemed as thought both Jim and I realised we had been staring at each other at the same time. I smiled before I quickly grasped his hand and dragged him up the stairs to what I assumed was his room. As soon as the door closed I let go of Jim's hand and turned to face him with both of my hands on my hips. Jim quickly copied my stance and raised an eyebrow.  "why are you covered in more cuts and bruises than you where yesterday? Are you hiding something?" Jim questioned as he stepped closer to me. I scoffed angrily and took a step closer to him. "Wow, your one to talk arnt you Judge Jim! Because your definitely not covered in cuts and bruises and bandages either." Jim's expression was blank for a second before he sighed and flopped onto the bed. Following his example I sat down next to him, and looked out of his window. My stomach dropped to the floor as I locked eyes with the troll that was trying to kill Jim, Toby, Eli and I the night I became a Dragon hunter. It's golden pupils dilated as it tilled it's head to the side and barred it's razor teeth at me. I gulped and elbowed Jim in the leg. "Oof, what the hell (Y/n)-" Jim stopped as his eyes landed on the creature in the shadows. It then turned and walked away as silance fell over Jim and I . "Well that answers my questions." I simply said as I stood up and grabbed my text book from my bag. "Now I'm guessing you have some questions of your own?" I asked as Jim looked me in the eyes. "Actually Blinky told me everything about what happened that night, so I was thinking maybe we could team up."  I straightened up instantly and turned to smile at Jim. "You read my thoughts exactly Troll Hunter."  Jim smiled and said: "might as well get comfortable seeing as we've both gotta give each other run down on the others world." Let's just say that now that we know about each others secrets. There is going to be a whole lot of confusion, adventures, secrets and dangers ahead of us... _________________________________ Wiggidy, Wiggidy over and out, chaw!! -Blue

Blinky and Aaargh?!

Jim's P. O. V I led (Y/n) through the gateway to troll market. Having just opened it beneath the bridge I smiled to myself as she walked through gasping with wide star-filled eyes. I smirked as I looked at her and said: "watch this!" before I stepped onto the first crystal making it shine a beautiful sapphire blue. (Y/n) looked stunned for a second before a large smile grew on her lips; swiftly running past me down the spiral crystal stair case she called over her shoulder. " Race ya to the bottom!" I gasped as I began running after her. "No fair you got a haidar start!" I protested as I finally caught up with (Y/n) who was doing some kind of ridiculous victory dance. "well you know this place better than I do so I'm assuming that your going to win any further Challanges Mr. Troll Hunter." She glanced at me before I shrugged and grabbed her hand as I led her to the entrance of troll Market. "Holy shit, this is where trolls dwell?!? It's almost as impressive as Gemstone city!" (Y/n) laughed as she began racing down the steps into Hearthstone Troll Market. I raced after her worriedly as I thought of what she had just said. Almost as impressive? What could possibly beat a giant underground cavern filled with glowing rocks and trolls and gnomes?!? (Y/n) P. O. V I rushed through the market taking in everything at once, I loved it all. I greeted the flabbergasted trolls as I bumped into them and I may have thrown one of those tiny little elf-things across the cavern when it tried to steal my amulet. "(Y/n)! There you are, damn you are hard to keep up with, anyway come on I want to introduce you to Blinky and Aaargh!" I gasped as Jim once again grabbed my hand feeling my cheeks warm lightly. You know I'm slightly disappointed with Hearthstone since none of the gems and crystals can sing or hum, I expected them to be able to do opera for gods sake. But all in all its still a breath-taking scene to see. I've began to notice some of the trolls giving me dirty looks and begin whispering among one a other as I pouted and stuck out my toung to one that was giving me a particularly dirty look. To be fair he couldnt be judging how I looked because I'm not the one that looks like a radioactive hedgehog that's had all of its pointy things painted gold. "OK, we're here! Watch your step though." Jim told me as he led me over a narrow rocky bridge and into a giant hall, lined with statues of what I could only assume where the precious troll Hunters. I gulped a little glancing down as both sides of the path we where on dropped down into a lake of lava, and I don't know about you people but I'd much rather be burnt to death by a dragon heroically... Then have the skin melted of my bones by a lake of lava boringly. "Ah master Jim! Just in time for training-" my eyes widened as I looked at the two trolls that where with Jim, Eli, Toby and I the night I got my scar properly. They reminded me of Moon and Emerald in the sort of sense that Aarghh was big and intimidating while inky seemed to be the brains of the two. "Hello! You two must be Aarghh and Blinky! My names (Y/n) and-" I was cut of by Aarghh and Blinky bursting into a fit of laughter. I skeptically raised my eyebrows as I looked at Jim for help. Unfortunately he looked just as lost as I felt. "Oh we know who you are Mistress (Y/n), your the dragon hunter that got hit by the marshmallow dragon and the girl that Jim won't stop going on about." Blinky told me in between fits of giggles as I struggled to absorb all of the information. "Hold up there fella, three things. One, what the hell is a freaking Marshmallow dragon? And second," I stopped to look at Jim. "You need to go into more detail about the whole 'Jim won't shut up about (Y/n) thing. And last but not least." I looked away from a bright red Jim to look at Blinky one more, your a genius for calling me Misstress and not master. " Blinky sighed before he walked over to me and put one of his four arms around my shoulder. "Its a long story Mistress (Y/n)." I thought for a second before I sat down on the ground and grinned up at Blinky. "I have all of the time in the world." "Centuries ago, during the battle between Troll kind and Gunmars army, the dragons allied with the trolls to strengthen out forces and protect their land as well as ours. A couple of years into the battle Gunmar began to trap dragons, and take all of their magical properties. Leaving them as nothing but angry, fire-breathing reptiles that could fly in daylight and could rip your limbs off. They named the dragons marshmallows after the Gumgums and I can ashore you that both names bring a lot of fear to both kinds. None of our kind could really blame The dragons as they had originally been allied with us so, when the first Troll hunter allied with the first ever Dragon hunter to lock the candy store in the darklands they where victorious. And so both of our kinds have made an alliance, but ever since there hasn't been a Dragon and Troll hunter team. If you and master Jim become a team you'll be able to unlock new powers in your armour that are beyond your wildest dreams, you'll be unstoppable and will switch training halls every two weeks, it stour choice. But be warned mistress (Y/n) not all of the Marshmaows where banished to the darklands... " _____________________________________ Wiggidy, Wiggidy over and out, Chaw!! -Blue

Too much tension

Your P. O. V I looked around the  corner of the corridor as I held my breath and re-adjusted my bag. My breaths were heavy and my chest was heaving. It was coming closer, and I was terrified. Pressing my back against the wall I squeezed my eyes shut just as it saw me and lundged- Let me stop you right there. Your probably thinking how I got into this mess, with my messy hair, ragged clothes, bad attitude and crippling anxiety. Well let me take you back to the beginning of this crazy day.... -Flashback- " I can't Eli, this is so weird. I mean it's not like some random troll offered you the chance to spend more time with someone you like but you have to make a magical bond with them that cannot be broken now is it?!" I hissed as I wheeled my bike up to the school with Eli yabbering on about how I should just ignore this whole ' become guardians of the dragons world and the trolls world' thing. But come on let's be real here, that's like asking your Welsh teacher to ignore the fact that you didn't do the homework a week after it's due; you don't consider it and you definitely don't do it. "Well then what are you going to do? Because I personally think you should keep flying solo, with me! You know, I mean we have been trained together-" I stopped as I locked my bike into the bike rack and glared at Eli.  I felt my spine tingle as I glanced around and felt someone or something's metallic Gaze  burining holes though my back. " Its not the same Eli, you come to training because you don't want to be left out, and I get it ok? Your my best friend, but Jim and Toby man... There more informed that us and they have different things that we can learn from. For example they have gnomes and we have skulls-" I cut myself off and panicked as I threw myself into my locker and held my breath.  ..,........... DONT JUDGE ME OK! "(Y/n) are you ok?" I stiffened as I heard the all too familiar voice of Jim Lake question me as he opened up the locker door and raised An amused eyebrow at me. His smile made me struggle not to smile myself as I coughed awkwardly and shuffled past Jim to get out of the locker. "Yeah, I'm just great, totally not having a mythical life crisis or anything!" I squeaked out in an overly happy voice as I nervously giggled and felt my eye twitch. I thought it impossible to raise your eyebrow any higher but somehow Jim managed as he laughed and clenched his fists. There was an awkward silence before Toby cleared his throat and Eli began asked as I thought that o had never actually introduced myself to Tobias. "Sorry Toby, but I don't think we've actually officially met. I'm (y/n) you met me when we where running or biking for our lives and I got knocked out of the sky! We might have seen each other around, but yeah!" I was shaking as I vigorously shook Toby's hand with a forced smile on my pale face. I gulped next again felt like I was being watched. I felt my hands shake even more  as Toby gingerly withdrew his hand from my loosened grip and fixed his hair, the fact that Jim was now scratching the back off his head and Eli was still whistling that stupid tune was enough to fry my nerves.  " Ok, a-bye bye now." My voice broke at the end of that sent an as I rushed to the Library and tried to calm my shaking nerves. I, I just couldn't handle this pressure. I'm nobody special. I don't know why I was picked for this amulet, and I don't know why Jim and I where in the same place at the same time in the same magical situation.  Tears pricked the corners of my eyes as I gripped the amulet tightly in my hand and thought about Jim. How could he handle it so well? I sometimes wish that this hadn't happened to me because.., I'm scared. Scared, of the fire breathing reptiles that I have to fight. Scared, of Jim and the life changing descision of becoming a guardian and scared, of the dragon that had nearly killed me and was sitting next to me.................. ...... Wait WhAT?!?!?!? I shot to  my feet as the dragon chuckled and growled: " give me the amulet and I will not harm a single hair on the troll hunters body~" My eyes turned into hockey balls as I felt my stomach churn worse than when my skin came into contact with that dodgy rainbow water.  There  hanging with the dragons charcole onyx scales wrapped tightly around his neck,  was Jim. I don't know how so much could have gone wrong in such a short time but it went wrong. He had a black eye and part of his t-shirt was sindged with amber fire. "Jim you idiot, how on freaking earth did you manage to get roasted, punched and strangled by a dragon within the- what? Five minutes I was gone?!" I exclaimed as the dragon  barked at me: " Last chance you pathetic Human Dragin Hunter give me the amulet and I will spare this lonely worms life." I felt heart drop to the pit of my stomach as my shoulders apsagged and I glanced at Jim with an evil glint in my eye.  In his hand was his amulet and in my back pocket was mine, all we needed was a distraction... Honestly where are Toby and Eli when you need them?! And that's how I got here, interesting huh? How the most ridiculous random thing on Afan fiction can make so much sense with a little perspective? -continue- "FOR THE FLORY OF MERLIN, LUNAR  IS MINE TO CONTOL!" I quickly chanted as a shield of light sent the dragon back a couple of inches. Another flash of Blue light threw the dragon into the now crumbling library wall. I huffed and pushed the hair out of my eyes as I smiled at Jim and jumped thought the whole into the desolate maze of streets. A loud screech took our attention as we squinted at the sun. I titled my head as a dark shape came closer and closer. "Pleases tell me that's a flying cat and not a dragon." Jim pleaded as he pulled his sword from his back with me following his actions. I giggled lightly but quickly  replied with slight annoyance. "Id hate to break it to ya Jimbo but that ain't no sushi cat on delivery. Its a flaming reptile,"  "Looks like we won the best lottery gift ever," Jim's sarcasm was going to be the death of me as the onyx dragon created a ring of fire around us with amber and ruby flames dancing in union. I came back to back with Jim as I sighed and made up my mind. "Hey Jim? Have you made up your mind about the whole Guardian thing yet, because I have. And o want to become one with you, AnD SO do HtHe ReADeRs" I-I said as I pulled out my amulet and turned to face Jim; it was in that moment when I had the wind battering my long hair into my face with Him before me gazing at me with his ocean blue eyes that I realised how much I liked him. "Me too. Let's do this!" And with that Jim pulled out his amulet and time seemed to stop. The cimmerian dragon seemed to stop flying midair as the wind ceased and my hair fell down to my shoulders.  I felt as though I was drowning, suffocating even. Just beneath the surface of a layer of murky ice. My finger tips felt numb from brushing against the ice trying to find a way out. My eyes cloudy from the milky moon light swirling around in the emotionless prison. Everything was going dark and I was sinking.  Before it all went back....

Crash Course

Do you ever stop, and think to yourself: what did I do wrong in my life to get here in this situation with these people? If you don't know what I'm talking about let me just explain this situation nice and clear. Jim was on the floor on his hands and knees, vomiting a strange rainbow substance. Tony, blinky, Emerald and Aaargh where running around panicking like headless chickens. Eli and moon where laughing their butt's off on the floor. And I was crashing into walls - while flying, mind you- trying not to end up like Jim on the floor.... What the hell has my freaking life become? *sigh* let me take you back to earlier when Jim and I walked into Gemstones City. -Your P. O. V "OK, you can take your hands off your eyes now, guys." I smiled as Tony, Blinky, Aaargh and Jim gasped in amazement as they stared at the wondrous place called Gemstone City. "AwesomeSauce!!" Toby squealed as he took out his phone and ran off somewhere with Aaargh. Blinky was mumbling words smiler to: "Simply amazing, look how they fly! And the clouds where walking on, how can they hold our weight?- and the music coming from the gems oh, I'm in heaven!!" I laughed as felt a pleasant breeze ruffle my hair and shower me in small glowing lights. I stopped and smiled a Jim, but quickly frowned as I noticed his solemn expression. " Are you ok? Do you not like it? " I asked as I felt my heart prick with a slight pain. I don't know why I felt this, ever since that night when Jim and I became guardians we had some kind of bond and we started thinking more like one and feeling one another's emotions... " No (y/n) I'm fine it's just, this place is incredible. It really is better than an underground cavern filled with mythical trolls, gnomes and crystals." Jim smiled at me as I felt my heart rise and colour shine on my eyes. "Come on Jimbo! I wanna show you around and give you a tour!" I giggled as I took out my amulet and said 'for the glory of Merlin, Lunar is mine to control'. "watch this!" I jumped off the edge as Jim began to Panick, before I flew back up and flapped my wings. The ombre of orange and red light shone onto my armour as I smiled and avoided a fire ball being thrown at my face. "Holy crap, what was that?" Jim growled as Eli and the others caught up with me and Jim on our way to the training arena. I felt my face scrunch up and annoyance prick my brain as I turned around and screamed into the scenic distance: "GROW UP LOYALTY YOU JELOUS REPTILE. JUST ACCEPT THAT I'M THE DRAGON HUNTERS AND YOUR A FAILURE AT LIFE." I sighed and crossed my arm as I soared into the air, letting the wind wash over my stressed features for a couple of seconds, before I plummeted back down and glided to the arena and watched as Moon and Emerald also ditched Eli, Toby, Aaargh Blinky and Jim. - Jim and the others where getting closer as I smelled mischief in the air. My eyes intensely watched Eli as he guided Jim towards the DODGY rainbow water. My eyes widened and laughter shook my stomach as Jim stood beneath the water before he reached his destination. I calmed down as I patted Jim On the back with pity laced into my features. - "in order to become Guardians you must learn to fight together, a bond will be established between the both of you. We don't know yet, so you both need to Change into your armour and shake hands or something along those lines." Moon spouted as Blinky stood beside her. Jim and I looked at each other as I extended my hand and shook his. Nothing happened for a second before both Jim and I where thrown into two giant pillars by a purple and blue force. I landed on my knees and my head was pounding as I started to feel unnaturally sick.   "Blegggg," Jim threw up rainbow water randomly and Toby and Blinky began flipping their lids, Eli - who had been anticipating this- doubled over from laughter as Aaargh joined in. I was on my hands and knees struggling with my breath. I felt uncannily sick... Maube we have to secure another kind of connection? I mean best case scenario we have to kiss, worse case scenario we hug. Either way its a win win for me! My eyes widened as I threw up... Golden blood? God I hate my life sometimes~

Avatars, Charms And Snow storms

Your P. O. V "Here you go mistress (Y/n), and here you go Master Jim." Jim and I sat back to back as we took the clothed items and put them in our laps. The gentle glow from the silent crystals lit up Troll Market as my eye twitched, and shivers ran down my spine because of the texture of the object. Beneath the rags it felt as though you were dragging your finger over ice one minute, then a burning chalk board the next. "Blink, what exactly did you give Blodge and I?" Jim questioned turning the object in his hands as I froze at the name Blodge. What the HELL Jim. "Well you see Master Jim-" I angrily cut Blinky off as I hissed at Jim. "Did you just call me 'Blodge'?! WHY THE HELL DID YOU CALL ME BLODGE?" Jim laughed and Blinky raised his eyebrow at Jim's reaction. "1.because your face is squishy and babyish- hence the name blodge. 2. It's just a Troll!" I gave Jim a dead-pan look before I slapped him and dunked him for his inappropriate use of a pun after calling me such an offensive name. -Time skip brought to you by Anti and Jacksepticeye- " what you have with you are two different kind of charms. They are your avatars. You will need to carry them around with you at all times until they hatch. They will assess your weaknesses and adapt in order to protect them, and they Inhance your strength! And to make sure that nothing goes wrong with the avatars I have called in a favour from an old friend of mine. He's a skilled fighter and has an avatar of his own. Any questions?"Blinky paused as he stated at both Jim and I blinking with six eyes. "Yeah, what's his name?" Jim asked as he stood up and held the small charm in his hand. The charm itself had a smooth glads-like serface, inside the heart of the charm you could see small bubbles of colour beginning to float up. Mine was similar except the charm had a mirror-like face that turned into a sort of black coal colour, and you couldn't see the inside it. "Snow Gareth, he has a white dragon avatar with silver armour, I do believe. Now come on! We must hurry." As we began walking I ran my finger across the smooth surface of the charm with my hair falling over my shoulder as a curtain. "Beautiful."Jim muttered beneath his breath as a red hue spread across my cheeks. "What's beautiful Jim?" I asked as I battered my eyebrows at the unsuspecting boy. "I-uh-ummmm.... THE CHARM IS BEAUTIFUL! Hehe heh...." Jim trailed off as he ran to Blinky and began jabbering on about this Snow Gareth Guy. ....... After about 5 minutes we rounded a corner in the quieter part of Troll Market where more and more crystals where growing and jittering out from the smooth stone ground. "were here!" Blinky called ad Jim and I stared wide mouthed at the teen in front of us. I was probably drooling, looking Back on it now. But how can you blame me? The person before me belonged in a museum. Snow had short white hair with bits of faded gray flaked here and there across the untamed stands of delicate hair. He had big Amber eyes that almost glowed with intelligence. He was Considerably shorter than I was, about 4'9. I glanced at Jim and realised that he had a bitter look on his face. Confusion poisoned my mind a so shrugged and walked up to the relaxed boy. "I like turtles." I said as I felt my eyes glitter with anticipation. However Snow looked taken back for a second before he composed himself and shot back: "I like ponies." "I can tell we're gonna get along just fine! I'm (Y/n) by the way! That grumpy potato over there is Jim and I'm assuming that your the Amazing snow Gareth?" I smiled as I shook his hand. "Indeed I am, I'll be keeping an eye on yourslef and the 'potato' to make sure that you dont hurt yourself using these charms." his smile was contagious and his voice was sweet and laced with gentle humor. "Jim come over and say hi to Snow!" I called over my shoulder as I grabbed Jim's hand and led him to Snow. ------ Recently the charm has had splashes of colour stain it's mirror-like surface. And it's worrying, I mean now I'm walking around a school full of paranoid idiots - excluding Eli, he was visiting his aunt for the week- with two magical charms that I have nearly been killed for several Times. I sighed and banged my head against the table earning an angry lecture from Miss. Blue. RING. RING. Finally, Freedom! Thank god. I rushed out of the class and down the steps. I had arranged to meet up with Snow in order to do a bit of hand to hand contact and to talk about my charm. "(Y/n)? Where are you going? We've got to meet up with Emerald and Blue for a history On guardians!" Jim hurried up to me as I stopped and mentaly cringed. I had totally forgotten! "sorry Jimbo it totally slipped my mind and I've arranged a meet up With snow in order to ask him about what my charm had been doing lately. Bring me the homework OK?" I asked as saw Jim lower his head and clench his fists. "whatever, I'm way overdue to hang our with Toby anyway. I cant believe I put my best friend on hold for a couple of weeks for you." Jim spat bitterly as I took a step back, hurt. What's wrong with him? "Jim..... Stop being so selfish." I trailed off Jim's name but looked up in surprise as I saw Snow with a stern look in his eyes and venom in his usually sweet voice. "Come on (Y/n). I have a theory for why your charm is acting up." I stopped and looked between an Angry Jim and a cuter version of Jack frost.... I went with the cuter version of Jack frost. -time skip to your house brought to you by my death of tiredness - I landed on my face with a groan as Snow helped me up from the ground chuckling lightly. "Damn are you a hardcore fighter."i hissed as I laughed and walked inside with snow. My dad was working late shifts again so it was just me, Snow and my amulet. " Let me take a look at your charm. Ah I see. Your avatar is ready to be born! It's gathered enough about your strengths and weaknesses over the last week and had constructed a companion, pet and weapon!" Snow explained on a very educated form as the charm glowed and pulsed. +===========+=+++++++======== Before me sat a small mischievous, purple scaled reptile. It's galaxy like pupil's bore into mine with such gentleness that it would be impossible to look away. My eyes glittered as its small snake like body coiled around my arm, but I quickly began to Panick as it coiled around my shoulders and into my bag with my amulet. My heart was racing a thousand miles per hour as the bell rang and I rushed out of the class. This dragon is driving me crazy honestly... I need a name for it! Maybe that'll calm him down in the future. For now I've got to get home and get then get to snow. ~Time jump for when you get to your home~ The purple dragon had turned into a misty cloud as it dived into my amulet, creating a sonic boom which set me flying back words. I also turned half Deaf and temporary blind. However I suddenly felt a blood curdling, hair raising, teeth grinding pain crawl slowly across my body. My skin burned and my eyes watered as I was engulfed by a bright light. Glittering scales were growing and crawling across my skin like armour. Nausea struck me as I felt my bones shift and grew. My senses suddenly heightened and my vision cleared. Instead of two arms I had spectacular feathered wings that slowly turned into an ombre of star strewn scales. My chest was lined with golden scales that where bigger than the purple ones, serving as a chest plate. My tail was crowned With silver scales sharp enough to be harpoons. My eyes where a story grey that seemed to have tornados swirling in my iris's. And the horns on my head where an ombrè of shimmering gold and sparkling silver. Panick settled in my stomach as I rattled around in my back garden, knocking things over and accidentally setting a tree on fire. I had turned into a dragon... ----- sorry for random capital letters. I'm writting this on my phone. Anyway... Wiggidy, Wiggidy over and out, Chaw!! -Blue.