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Fire and Ice

The Killer

Three years into college you would think you knew how much alcohol you could take. Sadly, I didn’t. I had never been one to get out much and, I’d admit; I had never been much of a drinker. But if I’d said that, I’d have been shunned from the campus. Even the smartest and ‘good’ students all went out for an occasional drink.

But there I was, drunk off my ass and alone at one of the biggest frat parties of the year. I weaved my way through the crowd, trying to ignore the drunken, horny bastards around me.

Spotting my roommate I yelled, “Christina!” Her head whipped around and she smiled at the slur in my voice. Turning to quickly whisper to the guy behind her, she kissed him before strutting towards me. The guy held a clouded look on his face and I don’t blame him; Christina looked like she just jumped out of a Playboy magazine, except with a bit more clothes. Not by much though.

“Hey, look at what a bit of beer can do!” She exclaimed, a grin taking over her face as she laughed. Balancing an arm around my shoulder, she led me to a group of members of the frat house. The minute she walked into the circle, one of the guys had their arm around her, forcing her to let go of me.

“Hey babe.” One of the males from the group greeted me. I gave an uncomfortable smile, looking down. They conversed for a while before I got bored.

“Christina?” Her head turned at her name.


“I’m gonna start walking home… I’ll meet you at the dorms, okay?” I didn’t wait for her to reply before stumbling through the crowd once again, leaving through the open door in the front.

Even though the alcohol was making my brain a bit fuzzy, I was aware of my surroundings. And I knew when someone was looking at me. The back of my neck tingled as my pace sped up out of paranoia.

Once I got to my building, I swiped the card and got inside, sighing in relief. I quickly- well as quickly as I could- got to my dorm, sighing when I turned the lock. After nearly tripping over a small pile of clothes, I safely made it to my bed collapsing onto the fluffy material. Within three minutes, I was out like a light.

The night was foggy; hard to see ten feet in front of you walking let alone driving. My index held the straps of my heels and they clanked together as I made my way down the cloudy street. As I kept walking, I came across a wobbly figure. Squinting my eyes, I got closer. A gasp escaped my mouth as I recognized the face. Me. And all of a sudden, I was reliving a night I knew all too well.

I could hear my soft voice sing off-tune hits from the 80's as I stumbled, attempting to get home. So that's what I look like drunk...? I thought to myself. But over the horrible vocals of Madonna, a bone-chilling shiver racked through my body, warning me that something was about to happen. 

My body froze as I watched myself. A loud bang came from the nearest alleyway, making 'me' turn my head. Watching myself, I knew I should've run then; gotten to a safe place. But my curiosity got the best of me. Clumsily, 'I' stumbled towards the noise, calling.

"Are you okay?" 

Suddenly, I wished I were someplace else.  A sickening gurgle echoed back; then a loud thump, echoing off the dark walls. A blistering cold wind whipped my hair into my face, making it stick in my mouth, But I didn't care; about how cold it was or the stupid heels that were left somewhere down the road. I could only see my mirror, and the dark shadow that was moving towards it. My breathing was ragged and my body was taken over with dread. 

"Oh God..." My voice was nonexistent; just a whisper in the blazing gusts whipping my dress against me. Once the words escaped my mouth however, steel blue eyes turned to me; and suddenly I couldn't breathe. The killer's eyes drifted from my mirror to me, dismissing her as nothing but dirt off the ground. And the burning gaze was on me again, but this time he was walking toward me...

I gasped, throwing my body forward in my bed. My eyes flashed towards the door. Paranoia taking over, I slowly got up, edging myself to the door. My breathing was unsteady as I cracked the door open, glancing through. Pale walls stared back at me; along with a door. A gust of cold air drafted down the hall, making my body tense and my eyes widen. And I felt it again... That burning gaze that made my skin flame and heightened my senses. My head turned, meeting eyes with the shadow at the end of the dark hall. Steel blue, cold; dead. My breath caught in my throat and all I could do was stand there as his eyes scanned down my body. 

"Tori!" I jumped at the grip on my arm, moving to pull away before realizing who it was. I sighed.

"Christina," I took a deep breath, looking over my shoulder. Just as I suspected; gone.

"What are doing out here...?" She slurred, swaying on her feet. I quickly wrapped an arm around her shoulder, leading her to her bed. She clumsily threw down her purse, getting comfortable on the bed, forgetting her earlier question. I ran the faucet, getting her a cold glass of water and some Advil. 

"Here." I shook her shoulder, gesturing to the water. Christina groaned, waving her hand in the air. I shrugged, placing both items on the bedside table. "You'll regret it in the morning." I chided.

"It already is the morning." She stated into her pillow. Rolling my eyes, I pushed the worry back, locking the door before climbing back into bed.