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Drop Dead Stunning


Two high school seniors decide to take on two mutual rivals: One being their body size, and the other being Vivian Greene. Both girls make a deal to look Drop Dead Stunning at prom, and shut Vivian once and for all, and the other part is to stay friends. Through their tough journey, the girls learn about themselves, and their surrounding friends. But the biggest question is: Will the go to prom Drop Dead Stunning?

Part One

"Oh my gee, I'm so excited about being a senior this year! I can barely contain my joy!" Cassie Banks exclaimed, she then tossed two cheese fries in her mouth, and happily chewed them.

Cassie was at her favorite fast food joint with her best friend, Jessica Floyd. Cassie loved the place so much, because of the 80's interior design and a hilarious moment she shared with Jessica: they took on a food challenge against two guys and won by a wide stretch.

Unlike the other times they've eaten there just because, today's encounter had purpose. They were celebrating their last day of summer and tomorrow being their first day of school. It mattered so much because being that they were seniors, it meant the last day of high school. Big, big deal to them.

Though they were both joyous about it, Cassie felt she was more ecstatic about it. Jessica was not really big on the cheery, cheery scenes. She was more of the calm type. While Jessica was just the not-so-excited type, Cassie was the peppy-preppy type. They may be the complete polar opposite, but they were closer than glue on paper.

Their friendship began in fourth grade, when a group of girls were giving Cassie a tough time. She wanted to be their friend and hangout with them at the jungle gyms. What ended up happening was Cassie being pushed to the ground and crying. Then out of nowhere, Jessica showed up and demanded for the girls to apologize. When they didn't, Jessica gave the girl responsible a black eye and bad headache. Cassie enjoyed that moment even more was because the girl that received the minor beating was, Vivian Greene. A girl that rattled Cassie's gears.

As consequence, Jessica had to miss recess for a week. While she sat on the sidewalk watching everyone else, Cassie decided to hang out with her. During that time, they both realized how much they liked one another. And since then they've been friends and inseparable.

"Yeah, cool. Me, too," Jessica said chewing a mouth full of her burger. She was too wrapped up in her food than to be excited, which Cassie didn't understand. Well, she sort of did, being that Jessica had just come from a workout session with a friend of hers, Jeremy Wiarier. Unlike most times, they had been working out for five hours, something Jessica wasn't use to. When Cassie asked why, Jessica let her know Jeremy wanted to get in some last minute exercise, which Cassie knew Jessica hated. Jessica hated anything that wasn't planned.

Ignoring Jessica's downer mood, Cassie went on, "I'm going to cry at graduation. Heck, maybe even like homecoming." Cassie gave the ceiling a dreamy smile. "Aren't you?" She then watched as Jessica took another bite out of her burger then stuffing a straw in her mouth and taking a long sip. That disgusted Cassie how masculine Jessica could be at times.

"No, Cas. It's only August. Let me first finish my food before I decide to cry a fake salty river," Jessica said with agitation laced in her food.

Fanning Jessica, Cassie smirked, "Oh that's right, you were too busy working out like a freaking guy, with a freaking hot guy-that I have a crush on by the way," Cassie cheesed.

Cassie has had a crush on Jeremy ever since elementary, and it has only grown through the years. But she knew she would never have a chance with him, due to: her weight and his prominence in school. A girl like Vivian was more likely to date him.

"Jeremy is not," Jessica made a face and used finger quotes, "hot, Cas."

Cassie knew how annoyed Jessica would grow when discussing Jeremy. Jessica just did not understand what was to admire about him. Jessica always tried to knock Cassie's obsession by saying she saw him as a brother and only that.

"Yes he is! He so freaking is! Are you hearing yourself right now? I know you are all guy like and masculine but even you have to admit, Jeremy is one nice piece of meat." Cassie grinned at the thought of Jeremy' abs.

If only he could see her more than Jessica's friend. Or even the overweight girl, that sometimes receives pity. Cassie was much more than her image, and she just knew once Jeremy got to know her, he would love her. What could she say? A girl could dream.

"Whatever, feminine freak. Oh and by the way, Jeremy and his annoying pet rat, friend Scott are joining in five minutes or so."

Cassie's mouth went agape, she then quickly realized what Jessica said. Jeremy's joining them. Meaning Jeremy will see her. He'll laugh at her jokes. They could go on a date. Get married. All those possibilities, yet Jessica held back that vital information from her.

"OMG! OMG! Why didn't you warn me? Why are you just now telling me?" Cassie began panicking and reached for her brown purse. She quickly unzipped it and found her lip gloss. Dabbing her lips swiftly, she pursed them then pulled her hair out of it's messy bun. "How do I look? Presentable, no non presentable, oh my grr you, Jessica," Cassie frowned.

Combing her hair with her fingers, she pursed her lips once more then took a look at her plate. A half eaten burger and a quarter of the fries she ordered were left, with ketchup at the corner between both. In front of her, she saw a metal box with napkins. She grabbed two and casually bowled them up and placed them over her meal, then pushed them away from her.

Jessica laughed at the scene in front of her. Cassie knew then that was exactly why she didn't tell Cassie, that Jeremy was going to be joining them. Jessica loved seeing Cassie freak out.

"Guess having a crush on my best friend's friend can be handy for her at times," Cassie thought to herself.

After being told that Jeremy and Scott were coming, Cassie kept looking out the windows each time a car passed by. Then after the millionth time, the doors across from her dinged open. Two male figures tiredly walked in. Cassie couldn't take her eyes off of them. She couldn't believe her best friend was friends with guys like Jeremy and Scott-well Jeremy.

Jeremy's eyes searched around the small place until they landed on Jessica and her. His eyes lit with recognition, he then patted Scott on the back and just like that, they were on their way towards them. Cassie's nerves rattled, but she kept admiring their appearance even more.

Jeremy wore a white t-shirt that had it's sleeves cut off, showing his sweaty biceps well and somewhat of his torso. In his maroon shoes, Cassie even admired the extra hairs on his legs that led to his black Nikes. He was so cute with that fine tan and well defined face. His honey green eyes demanding respect and love. Dirty brown hair going every direction it pleased. Everything about Jeremy kept Cassie fascinated.

Scott on the other hand was cute but not her type. He was the typical blue eyes, blonde hair guy, strong cheek bones, that whenever he talked they all moved in a perfect motion. His muscles were well defined, but not as amazing as Jeremy's, in Cassie's eyes.

"Hey, Jess and Cassie. You guys order my food or do I have to do that?" Jeremy asked sitting down beside Jessica.

Scott took a seat beside Cassie and focused his attention on Jessica. Being around someone like Scott always made Cassie feel self conscious. He felt like the kind of guy that would judge her weight and not inner beauty. If only knew there was more to her than meets the eye.

"Oh yeah totally," Jessica smacked her lips. "No, get it yourself. What do I look like your mom or something? Besides you're always complaining about how I get your order wrong anyways."

Jeremy chuckled, "If you would listen, we wouldn't have that problem. You know I hate pickles, yet when you order, I somehow end up with an order of extra pickles."

Scott smirked, "That's the side we all know and hate about Jess."

"Actually, dude, I love it. I hate the pickles but it's funny every single time," Jeremy replied.

Cassie stared at Jeremy dreaming about what it would be like to be his girlfriend. He had the perfect smile, the perfect eyes, the perfect hair, the perfect abs, the perfect everything. She knew he'd never be hers no matter how much they could be compatible. Guys like Jeremy don't date fat girls.

Looking at her phone to check her appearance, Cassie saw that she had six missed called and two text messages from her mom. Looking over them, they reminded her that she had to go shopping. Holding back her groan, Cassie smiled to the group and announced: "I uh...have to go."

Everyone looked at her in confusion. She so wished Jeremy's was hoping she'd stay. If he were to ask her to cancel her plans, she would in a heartbeat.

But instead, Jessica said something, "But you barely ate," Jessica said staring at her plate.

"Oh uh I was done with it anyways," Cassie responded, smoothly. She doesn't want Jeremy to know she eats like a pig. .

"Where do you have to go?" Jessica asked.

"Shopping, my mom wants to make sure I have enough to wear. We've been shopping like everyday this week, and I think I'm going to drop if I pass another store." Cassie laughed to herself. When no one joined her, she quickly stopped and looked back to her phone.

"Oh, well I guess Jeremy will drop me off. Have fun shopping with your mom." Jessica replied.

Cassie nodded then stopped, "You can come, too."

Before Jessica could object, which Cassie knew she was going too, Scott began laughing at the side of her. She watched as both Jessica and Jeremy looked to Scott, then followed their lead. "And what's so funny, Scott?" Jessica asked with malice lacing her voice.

It was a no brainer that Jessica didn't care for Scott and from the looks of it, the feeling was mutual. Cassie didn't know where the feud came from, she just knew Scott drove Jessica nuts. All of his snide remarks regarding her personal choice. Even though Scott came about it in a harsh way, most of what he was saying was true. Cassie just didn't have the guts to agree with him, fear of pissing Jessica off was too high.

"Jessica doesn't shop. She just digs in her dirty clothes, and you know, calls it a day, right?" he asked nudging Cassie in the shoulder.

Cassie tensed as Jessica's eyes landed on her. She hid back the laughter, because though it was funny, it was extremely rude as well. Plus, Jessica would never let Cassie hear the end of it.

"Oh, and I bet the clothes you have on right now are clean. Smells like a week long dirt build up after working out Scott." Jessica shot back.

He mimicked her and said, "It's a guy thing, something you shouldn't know about but you do."

Jessica lampooned him as well and retaliated, "Since when did going to the gym and having a clue how bad guys smell, become just a guy thing? Are you sure you aren't attracted to any?"

"Well we sure know that you aren't. Am I right guys?" Scott looked around the square table for support, when he didn't receive any, he turned back to Jessica smirked.

Jessica frowned, "Watch it, Fasco."

"Or what you gonna girl up and prove me wrong? I bet you don't even know how to kiss a guy. I remember when I use to think you secretly liked Jeremy, but that's impossible you're just like him but without the manly parts."

Jessica pushed out of her seat and made her way towards him, causing him to stand stare straight in her face. When Jeremy made eye contact with Cassie she almost forgot about the situation, but it didn't last long, "Say one more comment. I dare you."

Scott smirked, "You're probably dating Ms. Piggy over there."

Jessica turned to Jeremy and Cassie and shrugged, "I warned him," she then turned back, pulled her right arm back and sent it flying full force in Scott's face direction.

As soon as the hit connected to Scott's nose, he tumbled onto the table beside him and wept about his nose bleeding. "That freak broke my nose! My nose my nose is bleeding!"

Self conscious and hurt by Scott's comment, Cassie looked around to see that they now had an audience. She then watched as Jeremy laughed at Scott. He didn't-no one didn't even care that what Scott said was cruel. They'd never understand, because they didn't want to.

Jessica spat, "Watch what you say to me about my best friend, you freak." Jeremy joined her in laughter and applauded. Surprisingly, a few more people joined along.

"Way to go Jess, that's what the jerk gets." Jeremy walked towards Scott and helped him up. "You let a girl hit you and make you cry. I think you're more of a girl than her man."

Cassie waited for Jeremy to acknowledge her, but he didn't.

Scott snarled at Jessica, "This isn't over freak show." With that said Jeremy pulled him away, and they were out.

What Cassie expected Jeremy to say, Jessica did, "Don't pay attention to what Scott says, he's a jerk." Considering she wanted Jeremy to be the one to cheer her up, it felt like a slap in the face. In response to Jessica, she just gave her a blank stare.

Finally finding the proper words, "But he's an honest jerk Jessica. He's right about everything."

"No he's not. He's wrong. Ms. Piggy is an animal and pink. You are a gorgeous tan and a human. And you're not my girlfriend, will never be. I don't date vaginas." Jessica corrected.

Still wounded by Scott's comment, Cassie shoved past Jessica and hastened outside. The sunny weather immediately wrapped around her skin, restoring the warmth from the cold environment she was once in. Her pretty white Volkswagen Beetle came to view immediately in the half empty parking lot.

There were more employees there than customers. That was another reason Cassie adored the join. It was lowkey and didn't pull a lot of attention. Just like Cassie loved it. She didn't like the spotlight. She hid away from it.

Cassie pulled her keys from her purse and unlocked the car. Hurrying in, she melted in anger as she waited on Jessia. Why wasn't life easy for her? No matter what, she would always be reminded of her body's defect. Why couldn't she be like everybody else; normal?

She knows she shouldn't have let what Scott said get to her, but she couldn't help it. Her feelings were fragile. No matter how many times Jessica preached to her that:. It shouldn't matter what people think of you, it always would to Cassie. Jessica may not want to admit it, but Cassie knew what Scott was saying to her was just as hurtful to her as it was to Cassie. Words hurt, and they are more powerful than any physical touch. Jessica may have left Scott in pain for a while, but Scott would leave Cassie in even longer pain.

"Cas you really need to stop letting everything get to you," Jessica said finally getting in.

"Oh I'm sorry for being overweight and the world pointing it out every five seconds. Well excuse me. I should just stop letting all the weight watcher commercials, exercise videos, and healthy meal ads get to me? Wow so nice to see you see all my problems are freakin lightweight. Jessica you know what your only problem refuse to believe that you're a girl." Cassie snapped.

To much of Cassie's surprise, Jessica just listened as Cassie went on with her angry rant. Jessica would never realize how easy she actually had it. She had the life Cassie wanted, but refused to use it. That boiled Cassie's blood even more. She would give anything to be Jessica's size and struggle with her feminine side.

Most of the ride, the girls either silently listened to the radio, or Jessica attempting at comforting Cassie from time to time. It didn't work. It wasn't from the person she wanted to say all those things. If only Jeremy would acknowledge her, and let her know it's okay to have a little extra weight. But no, that's fantasy world.

"Thanks for the ride, and have fun with your stupid shopping." Jessica said getting out of Cassie's car when Cassie made it to Jessica's house. Cassie only gave a half smile and stiff nod. Jessica was about to close the door but decided against it. She ducked her head down to where Cassie could see it, "And one more thing Cas it's not every five seconds, its after two minutes and three seconds. And that's because you're the one renewing it most times. Love yourself, screw people like Scott pet rat Fasco." Jessica then closed the door and proceeded to her house.

Cassie smiled smiled to herself then pulled out of the driveway. Jessica was right, but doesn't mean it's easy to do. Cassie had tried, in the past, to ignore her weight, but there was always some ignorant person that had to remind her, what she was.. When someone made fat jokes at her, it brought her down. Jessica brought her mood up most times.

Cassie drove home with the intent on joining a gym and no longer being called fat. She was going to be this toothpick thin girl, where they had no choice but to call her skinny. Cassie always thought about exercising and losing the weight. Only problem with that is, it's not as easy as people think.

She was born big boned; she didn't eat herself to that point. But she did eat a lot because she figured the damage was already done. A few times she was serious, she actually did go to the gym, but was discouraged when she saw girls Jessica size working out.

Jessica tried telling her to pay attention to her goal and not what the other people looked like. It's hard doing that when people were constantly gluing their eyes on her, like she didn't belong. Cassie even tried doing workout videos at home, but without her support system; Jessica, she'd find something else to do.

"Mom! Ready to go?" Cassie asked entering into her house.

The living room was empty and quiet, how it typically was unless they had company. Only time people ever used the living room was when her dad was a part of the commotion. Her dad had unofficially proclaimed the living room as his man cave. Anything regarding sports, her dad always had a big party in there.

There was more than enough room. It was a two part room. The front door led to a four step staircase. It was like a box with couches layering it. On the outside of it was two sets of small fine, wooden tables around them with decorating accessories on them. They changed seasonally. A large one hundred inch tv stood above their mini artificial fireplace to the right of everything. Surrounding the room were high quality surround sounds.

Her mother rushed into the living room in a nice summer dress with her hair curled at the end. Her mother always dressed to impress. That's where Cassie got it from. Cassie's mother either accepted the fact that she was going to be a big girl for the rest of life because she doesn't do anything healthy. But her father on the other hand was a healthy man. He was tall and lean. Everyone either found the couple odd or inspirational. Cassie found it inspiring. She aspired to find a man that would look past her physical features. Her mother did.

Her mother was well liked in their town though. She was in the Mother's Club on Seaview, threw dinner parties, hosted popular events. Cassie would most times sneak Jessica to the events. Some of the girls that didn't like her, parents were into the same thing and the girls show up. Cassie prefers to be where she's accepted, instead of fake smiling in everyone's faces and dealing with the whispers. But she prayed she'd one day grow the respect and love that her mother had.

"I sure am. Donna and Hailey might tag along. So we might we double the trouble shopping," her mother smiled while looking into a large body length mirror, to her right.

Cassie inwardly groaned, "Mom! Why?" She told her mother how Hailey didn't really like her, especially since she was friends with Vivian. Hailey would sometimes be nice to her though, but it all depended on who was around. When Vivian was around Hailey was spiteful and acted like she didn't care about Cassie's feelings. But when it's just the two, Hailey treated her like they were sisters or best friends. Cassie use to didn't mind it, but she was tired of faking like she liked Hailey.

"Oh sweetheart it's just shopping, plus she'll be all around her mother so that you two will barely notice one another. Hailey asked to come when she found out you were coming," her mother lied. Cassie heard her mother discussing Hailey with Donna a few days ago. Apparently Hailey had been busy all summer long, and Donna wanted to spend time with her. Hailey wa She was probably forced to tag along.

"Mom you're lying, and it's not funny," Cassie complained.

"Okay fine fine, fine, just stay home, and I'll pick out your clothes," her mother said giving up.

"You know you can't pick out my clothes, because even if it says my size it still may fit differently. I have to go, or I can just go another time with Jessica."

"You know Cassie, I'm like Donna, do I have to schedule a day to spend time with my daughter. I get that you and Jessica are the best of friends, but family comes first, sweetheart."

Cassie rolled her eyes at the ground then looked at her mom. "Fine I'll come."

Her mother cheered in excitement. She went on and on about how much fun they were going to have. But Cassie knew better. If Hailey saw someone she knew, Cassie was going to have a terrible time. She should be use to it now, but she's not. It brings a new pain each time someone did her wrong.