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The Snow That Killed Summer


Who could have Summer been if it wasnt for the snow? 


The Snow That Killed Summer

His story ends and begins with blood caused by winter, a narrow line of snow that devoured the life of the miniature family who were forever oppressed by its chill.

It all began when the snow started falling on the bathroom floor, its crisp purity sprinkled on top the worn surface of the ice blue lino of the bathroom floor. And then there was blood, followed by the sudden thump of Layla’s body hitting the cold floor and lading a midst the snow.

To us the sight of a twitching body, oozing blood amongst a spritz of white would not bring to mind snow, but you must keep in mind; he was not like us and did understand such things.

When the sirens came and the blizzard of people barged into the apartment leaving behind nothing but the remains of frost on the floor and an over filled bowl, it was not worry that came into Neko’s mind, but the relief of being alone after such a long time, for a creature like him, no matter how fond of its family he was, needed its time away from people.

Time passed, the content of the bowl was reaching a distressingly low quantity and the buzz of the sweltering city below was Neko’s only companion in the empty apartment.

The turning of the lock revived Neko from his restless lingering and sent him rushing towards the door to be lovingly greeted by Layla and him as part of their usual routine, but as the door opened a gush of cold wind filled the apartment. He was not greeted by Layla’s warm smile but his newly acquired angry grimace, behind him was Layla staggering through the corridor, supporting herself against the walls, yet even though the woman before his was undoubtedly Layla she bore no resemblance what so ever to the woman he loved. Her youthful bright face was hollow and unnaturally pale. There was a cloud of emptiness around her as if she was not whole, like a part of her was missing. And a part of all of them was missing. Neko knew, Summer was no longer within her.

Days passed filled with the flurry of tears. Violet sobs broke loose every time the fridge was to be used and the faint outline of Summer on the black and white photograph was brought right in front of their eyes, it was too painful to be reminded of it and too agonizing to put it away. Soon enough more snow started falling around Layla, and an icy, clear river started flowing through him. Neko was aware his affection was clearly sided with Layla, so when the snow was blamed for killing Summer and when sobs turned to blows, Neko felt tormented by his powerlessness as he watched his family crumble under the bitter cold.

As a creature with all of its primary animalistic instincts still intact Neko knew that the way the couple were behaving would not end until the guilt, blame and the anger was all exposed, and there was a lot of that between them.

Neko had seen Layla like that before but he made her better and now he was making her worse. At first everything was fine but as Neko has learnt over the years, people have the tendency to become selfish and when he became so consumed in himself he could no longer support Layla, she turned to her mountains of snow to try and find within them all that she was not getting from him. She was addicted to the sharp sting of the snow and the over powering chill it ignited within her.

Within months, the warmth deprived skin turned permanently black and blue, a sudden gust of bitter emotion would often destruct the apartment. Neko tried to spend most of his time away from the avalanche of falling belongings of the broken couple, hidden away in his spot atop the linen shelf far away from the chilly hurricane beyond the cosy bed of blankets. Inevitably the blue patches turned into red drops, and as the blizzard of snow and the harsh, transparent river withered the lovers away. The last thing Neko heard before he was engulfed by silence were angry screams, the destruction of the frosty bathroom and human howls.

When the police came they found the pair spread along the icy bathroom lino, both limp evidently as a result of a struggle, it was as much their old scars, their new scars and their addictions that killed them. Snuggled between them the police found their cat, Neko, it were his meows that aroused the neighbours.

The loss of Summer was their demise.