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A 100 Days of Love


John likes Anna from the moment he sees her, she is everything he ever wanted. But Anna keeps on pushing him away, she dose so because she dosent want to hurt him, she carries a secret around that no one else knows.
Will luck be on thier side, or will time destroy everything?


(This is a story I started writing 3 years ago and I thought I should put it up just in case I ever want to start it up again)
28th of May 2012
Every one is scared of death. Even the bravest of men, even the people who deny it, because in the end, no one really wants to leave. 
John woke up that morning getting ready for college like every other day, he did exactly what he did every morning, and just like usual, sat down on his kitchen table, eating a brownie, drinking tea and doing his homework last minute. But he did not know, that today was not a normal day, today was going to change the rest of his life.
At 8:45 he stood up and started walking towards his college, he tried to remember his lectures for the morning, he had science, and maths, he remembered the topics he was meant to be studying and with no further hesitation he walked into town, and entered his favorite Starbucks. He like here, he went to many different Starbucks all over town but this one was special. It served the same drinks but it was the place that made it better than the others. The bar was to the right and there were sofas at the back of the shop, but after ordering his simple mocha he went over to his usual seat. Most mornings he skipped his lectures like this to sit at his favorite table in the corner of the room, in fornt of a large window. The shop was built on one of the highest places in town, and looking out the window you could see the shopping square, the rows of houses, and beyond them a tick forest. Because the table was placed in the corner where not many people saw it, the table was always free for John to take, but today, there was girl sitting in his usual seat. 
Anna looked up from stirring her coffee to see a tall dark haired guy standing in front of her table. She took a little break from worrying to talk to him.
''Can I help you?'' She asked in a quiet low voice, today was not her day.
''Ermm, no sorry, I usual sit here every day, I'm surprised to see the seat is taken.'' John replied putting a hand through his thick dark hair. 
''Would you like me to move?'' Her tone grew a little harder, she was starting to feel annoyed by this  guy, couldn't he just leave her to think in peace?
''No that's fine.'' John said as he pulled the chair of the table right next to Anna.
He looked out the window and watched the people passing by, busy in their thoughts hurrying off to work, school. He wondered what was waiting for them at their destination, he tired to figure out their lives from the expression on their faces, after all, it was easiest when people were alone, they were most venerable when they were alone. He like doing this, analysing people. It made him forget about his worries. When the street became quiet, he glanced over at the girl sitting in his favorite spot.
She had her arms on the table, she was looking down at her coffee cup, as if it revealed her future, not once did she take her eyes away from it while stirring the liquid slowly. It shocked him that he did not notice how beautiful she was. She had messy brown hair, soft full lips,  a straight nose, and pale green eyes, eyes that looked so sad. He thought of asking her what was wrong, but he was afraid of disturbing her thoughts.  
after two hours of looking out the window, and peaking at the girl in his seat, he stood up and started walking. He could afford to miss his maths and science lectures, he only had one exam to go, and he was good at the subjects anyway, but he couldn't miss his law class. John never did have an idea of what he wished to do as a job, he hadn't planed anything, sometimes he worried about is future, about his life, he was confused about everything he had no plans, he thought his life had no meaning. Little did he know, that after that day, everything would change.


John couldn't stop thinking abut the girl at Starbucks for the rest of the day, and not only because she was stunning, but because he was curious about the worry in her eyes. He wanted to know what was wrong, and he wanted to help. It was just the way he was.
One again Anna woke up early because of the sickening pain in her stomach. She would have to tell someone soon, they would notice, but she was convinced it would be easier for her and for others if she kept it to herself. She couldn't bare the thought of the pity and over protection people would give her, especially her parents. She put on a pair of skinny jeans,  a random band t shirt and a pair of converse. She stuffed a jacket, some money, and a phone into her bag and went out for a morning walk. It was 7:30 am and she walked through the busy streets of the town centre. She kept her eyes down trying desperately not to think about anything, she kept on walking not making eye contact with anyone until she reached the large park on the far edge of the town square. She breathed in the fresh air, only now she noticed the smell of rain in the air she loved so much. She walked slowly deeper into the park, there was less people here, everyone was rushing of to work, no one had time to relax at this time of the morning, when she reached the river running on the edge of the park, she took of her converse and put her feet in the water. At that exact moment she promised herself that she would not tell anyone, she wouldn't hurt them, and that whatever was about to happen to her, she would get through this with a brave face on. 
Once again John missed his morning classes to go and have a morning coffee, but not only because he didn't want to go to his classes, but because he was curious if the girl would still be there.  He walked into the shop and immediately looked out for the girl. There she was, in the exact space as the other day, this time she was looking at the window with a blank expression on her face, he was glad she was feeling better. He quickly walked over to the coffee bar, he came here so much the staff knew his name, he didn't even have to call out his order. He collected his coffee from the end of the bar and walked towards his table.
''Is this seat taken?'' He asked pointing at the chair in front of her.
It was the same guy as yesterday, Anna thought to herself, she felt bad for thinking he was annoying, he seemed nice enough. 
'' No.'' She said with the tiniest smile on her face.
''Do you mind if I join you then?'' John asked with a grin on his face.
''Sure, I'm Anna.'' She smiled politely and put out her hand, the guy shook it gently as he said "I'm John, its nice to meet you.''
John looked at Anna and noticed the Joan Jett t-shirt she was wearing.
''I love her.'' He said pointing to the t shirt.
Anna looked down to see what t shirt she was wearing, she she finally realised what one it was and turned her gaze back to John. 
''Yeah, me too, she kind of my role model..''
She said looking downwards, she felt stupid, saying that Joan Jett  was her role model, he probably thought she was some wanna-be rebel, but that's not what she meant at all.
"Yeah, I see what you mean, she never let's other people's opinions get to her, or live life by other people's expectations. I think everyone could do with being a bit more carefree. " John said wrapping his hands over his cup, Anna shot her head up, not many people understood her when she said Joan was her role model, but he did, she respected him a little more  for understanding her.
"Not many people get that." Anna took a moment to look into his eyes, his pupils were wide, and his irises were a deep blue, almost purple, but not quite, his eyes were deep, like they had no end and they had a sweet sincere look about them. Just from that Anna could tell this stranger had a big heart .
" But weirdly enough Bad reputation isn't my favorite song of hers."
"Yeah, I mean I like the song and everything, but most people only know her for that one song, they know it of by heart, but if you ask them if they love The Runaways they give you a strange look, that kinda annoys me."  
John took his hands away and started fiddling with his napkin, Anna could tell from this little gesture that  he liked her, he felt slightly on edge and was being cautious about what he was saying and doing. Sure it was cute, and she did like him as well, he was hot, but she couldn't do this, it was too late, she could also tell from his little gestures he had been hurt by a girl before, the way every time he said something he dropped his gaze as if he was scared of being rejected,  she couldn't do that to him again. 
She quickly stood up and picked up her bag and coffee. "I'm sorry John." was all she could come up with, John quickly turned to face her as she hurried past him. "Wait, when will i see you again?!" He shouted after her, she gave him an apologetic look as she stopped at the door "You wont."
She hurried off out side into a random direction, it was amazing how much you can know about a person just by their body language. She did like him, is she was going to be honest with herself, she liked him an awful lot, but it was important for both of their sakes that she would stay away.
This secret she carried around, it stopped her from the possibility of being happy.
John kept on looking at the door, hoping that Anna would come  back. She was wonderful,  really really wonderful.  He wasn't the type to fall for strangers, but she was so beautiful to him. He was attracted to everything about her, the sad look in her eyes, the invisible weight she carried on her shoulders, her small smile, birth mark on her right check the way she liked to analyse people. At that moment, staring back at the door he decided. He would do everything in his power to see her again.


The following day John went back to Starbucks to talk to Suzie the girl he saw every morning when ordering his mocha.
"Hey there,  do you want the usual?" She said already writing the order onto the cup.
"Yes please,  but there's something else I want to ask you." He leaned forward on the counter to get a little bit more privacy.
"Did you see the girl I sat with yesterday?"
Suzie's face quickly turned from a  concerned frown to an understanding smile "You mean Anna?"
"Yes precisely th- wait how do you know her name? " He was genuinely shocked at Suzie's knowledge,  when she came into work yesterday Anna was already at the table.  "Does she come here as much as I do? " He pulled his eyebrows together to display his shock.
Suzie was a short girl with a tiny figure, a cute face and bright blonde hair which she wore in a low ponytail for work. Her apron complimented her lack of a silhouette and emphasised how cute she actually was. She grew up in a village just outside of town and just so happened to go to the same high school as Anna, they weren't strictly speaking friends but they got on well in class and respected each other.
"Well kind of , she comes here once every two weeks I think,  but we also happened to go to the same school."
This was brilliant,  not only did Anna come here regularly but they had a friend in common. John's plan was coming together nicely.  He quickly explained it all to Suzie. He gave her his phone number and instructed her to call him if Anna ever comes back. Then he thanked her once again, grabbed his order and dashed out of the door.
That morning Anna was woken up by her alarm clock reminding her she had to get up and pretend to go to school, to keep her parents clueless of what was really going on. She got dressed put her hair up in a lazy bun and dashed out the door chewing on a Brownie. Because of John she could no longer go to Starbucks that morning and was debating how to spend her time instead.  She had a total of 11 pounds 50 in her purse and a bus pass, however there was nothing she really wanted to see or do. She quickly weighed up her options of going to see Kate and going to school,  or once again ditching it. In no time she made up her mind and got onto the number 29 bus leading to the country side.
John got to collage just in time for lesson 3 to start. He sat down next to Marco and opened his law textbook.
"Okay guys settle down,  today I would like you to revise all aspects of constitutional law as there is only 3 weeks left before your final exam."
He quickly ran thorough all the things ge knew about the topic in his head and after concluding he knew everything there is, shut his textbook and turned to Marco. 
"Did Kyle say we could bring a plus one on Friday? "He asked containing his intentions,  this was another big part of the plan.
Marco was John's best friend,  they've know each other since primary school and after being broken by Natalie, Marco was the one helping John pick up the piece's. Marco was a 6'4 pile of dark and mysterious.  He had very dark brown hair that he took very good care of, big brown eyes with a red tint to them and a warm olive complexion. It was safe to say Marco was a looker.
"Why is there someone you're not telling me about? " he teased .
"I don't know yet, it's too early to say, but I'm definitely working on it." He couldn't help but smile,  just thinking about Anna made him feel all warm inside. He was just about to open his mouth and tell him the story,  but right in that moment,  as if on que, John's phone vibrated and without any hesitation he ran out the door without looking back,  not only confusing Marco but the rest of the class as well.