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Mending Us


His hand behind my neck make it impossible to move, as his lips feasted upon mine, pulling them between his teeth. "You don't want me stop", he left my mouth for a second to show me the hunger in his eyes and his lips were back on mine.
"Adrian", I sighed and lean back against the wall to give him access to my neck. His fingers roughly unbutton my shirt and throw it somewhere on the floor, leaving me exposed, vulnerable and under his mercy. 
"You have no idea what I have got on my mind Victoria"
And with that , I felt myself give into him.

Chapter 1 - time to move on

It is so easy to say move on. But it is harder to put it into action. I have tried. I have been trying since that day. But I could not. Because every time I step inside my home, the horrible images would come back rushing.

The mutilated bodies of my parents....

How could I move on when I have seen too much at such a young age? I was only 15. It was not fair on me. I lost every thing in one day.

I ignore the constant ringing on my phone. It is probably Ellie or Cathy. They have told me we are having a girls day out. But I have no mood to go out now. Not after seeing that awful nightmare.

It would not stop. It will never stop. The nightmares would haunt me till the end of my life. It is a fixed action and I have no power to change it. 

I let out a sigh when the annoying noise stopped. Good. 

But not even a second later, I hear the front door burst open. Why did I agreed to give those idiots a spare key to my home? Stupid, stupid me. I should have never done that. I should never drag them to my mess.

"Victoria Mary Dawson!"

I pull the covers over my head and groan. Why? Why did I do this?

The covers were ripped off from my body roughly and I take a hint that Ellie is so pissed right now. She can be a bitch when she wanted to.

"We are going out and you are coming with us no matter what"

I crack open one eye and saw Ellie breathing fire, almost literally and Cathy is perched upon my study table with an amused grin. She find this funny?

"I don't want to come"

I mutter under my breath, but Ellie had another ideas. She pulled my leg and I yelped and fell on my butt on the carpeted floor. "I will shower you myself if you don't get your ass in there right now"

She say pointing at the bathroom door. I crossed my legs under me and shake my head. "I told you I'm not coming. Not today"

How could I go out and have fun? 3 years ago today, I saw my parents butchered body on the living room. How the fuck would I be able to go out and have fun when their innocent lives were taken? 

"You will go out and we will have fun. And it will be extra fun especially today. You honestly think that your mom and dad would like to see you like this?"

Cathy raise her eyebrows at me, pausing for a moment to let her words sink in. And it did. My parents never liked to see me sad. They would do anything to make me happy and Ellie and Cathy would always complain that I will become  a spoiled brat one day.

"They are gone now Vicky. They didn't deserve that kind of death but you could not stop the fate now can you?"

I shake my head, the tears falling out of the corners of my eyes. She is right. I do not have the power to stop fate. If it was meant to happen, then it will happen.

"We are sorry about your lose. We truly are. But do you really think we would be able to see you like this?"

Ellie's eyes softened up when I shake my head and she pull me up on my feet. "Now go and have a shower. We will visit your mom and dad first, then we have a small surprise for you"

Cathy and Ellie exchanged looks with a knowing smile and I wonder what the surprise is.


"I miss you guys"

I whisper and place the flowers on their joined grave stone. They always joked about being buried together and I hate it that it happened too soon.

Wiping my tears, I stand up on my feet. Ellie and Cathy are a few feet behind me, giving me some private time alone with my parents. I'm so lucky to have those idiots as best friends.

"Shall we go then?"

I nod and follow them to Cathy's car, a 2016 Lexus ES 350. It was a gift on her 16th birthday and I would have get one too if they were alive. I climb into the sleek blue car and shut the door behind me.


"So what is the surprise?"

I pull on the sleeves of my cardigan in an attempt to ease my nerves. Last time they arranged a surprise, I ended up getting grounded by my dad. "Oh you will love it"

Ellie's lips lifted up for a smirk and that only added up my nerves. What are they upto? And as far as I know, they are idiots and will do anything.

"When was the last time you actually looked at a boy?"

My eyes narrowed. Oh no no. They are not doing it are they? "Why are we discussing this?"

I raise my eye brows making the both idiots grin making them look even more idiotic. "Just asking. It's not like I arranged a blind date for you guys" , Ellie slapped her hand over her mouth but it was too late. "A what?!"

Catherine and Elizabeth giggled like little girls and the car came to a stop. I stare out through the window to see we are at a Coffee and breakfast shop named The Barney's.

"We are having blind date here?"

I cross my arms. "Yes we are. I met this guy Jared on an online dating site and he has got two best friends and tada! Here we are"

I roll my eyes. That does sound like something Ellie would do. I follow them inside the cute little club. It was really cozy and it was buzzing with people. "He told me they have saved a table for us"

Ellie muttered staring into her phone. "I think its them"

Cathy say and we look over at where she was looking. At the corner, a table of six was occupied by 3 guys, two brunettes and one blonde. 

"That's Jared!"

Ellie giggled and wave her hand. One of the brunette noticed and waved us over. "Are we really doing this?"

I mumble to Cathy who couldn't help but swoon at the blonde guy. Well who the fuck am I asking?

"Hello ladies"

Jared smiled widely upon us and give Ellie a small hug. "You look good", he commented making her blush and I hold back my eye roll. This is so awkward.

The other brunette guy, beside whom I was sitting, looks equally bored as me, throwing a glare at Jared every now and then. His hair is spiked up in the front, and he is wearing a dark hoodie with its hood off.

"This is Catherine and that's Victoria"

Ellie introduce us to the guys and Jared did the same with his friends. And apparently the guy beside me, Adrian was dragged by Jared and Ethan, just like what happened with me. Thank god. At least he is not an idiot.

Cathy seems to hit it off instantly with Ethan and Ellie and Jared are already on the kissing basis. I'm going to puke.

"This is so stupid"

I glance lazily at Adrian, who was poking his pancake with his fork. His eyes were on me and I look away quickly when I didn't like the way he looks. It is like he looks directly into my soul, revealing all my secrets.


I mumble, shoving another piece of pancake drenched in maple syrup. At least I got tasty food. I place my fork back on the plate and turn to him when I felt his eyes still on me. His eyes were accessing me, like I',m sort of puzzle he could not understand.


He locked his blue green eyes with mine and give me a knowing smile. "I know how it feels like Victoria"

I frown. Others were too engrossed with themselves to hear what we were saying. I don't get it. What is he saying?

"I don't understand what you are saying"

He crossed his arms over his broad chest, leaning back against the chair in a carefree gesture. "I know it is hard to move on from the loss of your loved ones"

My throat went dry. Can he read mind? Is he some sort of psychic?


"I can see it in your eyes. You should not hold on to the loss it will only drag you down. You should move on and live your life"

He looked away after that, and I saw myself in his eyes and I know what I have to do.

It's time to move on..



Chapter 2 - tell me what you want to say

Our life is like a maze created by Him. We have to find our way out of it. Just as we do a crossword puzzle, we should check all the ways possible to find the correct one. There is no short cut, there is no lifeline.

Moreover, as I think about this, I wonder if the maze created for me was this much twisted. The deeper I go, the more I get confused.

Confused to the core, confused whether I m doing the right thing, confused if I am taking the right path.

I know I have to leave this place to end my torturing. I have to get out of the confined building I once called home. Now it is not home to me, but a mere building where I used to live happily with my mom and dad.

I will have to tell them eventually. But I have no guts to do that. They will be upset with me. They will think I am a coward for running away from my problems. But I have to or else I will lose the small thread of sanity that is holding me together.

You should not hold on to the loss it will only drag you down. You should move on and live your life .I have not forgotten what Adrian had said. And strangely, I feel like it is the truth. The reality. The more we hold on to the past memories; it will only pull us down with it.

I have to think about my future. I have to think about the company my parents had looked after and worked hard for its success. I am their only daughter and it is my responsibility to look after what they have built.

Therefore, I am making the right decision. I am taking the right path. I will never let my parents name to the dirt.

Slowly, I came back to the real world. The sound of TV reaching my ears only then. I do not even remember I put it on.

I checked the time and saw it was around lunchtime now. Cathy and Ellie had forced to take me out today too, swearing to their life that there was no surprise, but I denied anyway.

I have to be alone and think it through. It was hard to make a decision like this.

Manchester University is where my mom and dad had studied and met. At least I will be able to know my mom and dad a bit more since all our close relatives are in London.

They moved to California after they got married and had me here. I have already called my dad's brother uncle Rob to arrange at the university and he sounded happy that I have started to think like my dad.

The only thing that is holding me back is my friendship with those two idiots. We were together from the diapers age onwards and it is going to shatter me when the final day would arrive.

I switch off the television and lay down on the couch, and ordered for a pizza because I am too lazy to make anything.

With the TV off, the only sound in the whole house is that of my hand tapping on my head.

The silence is too unbearable. The whole house once used to be filled with noise that was my parents. They were the happiest people in my life. I could not even think that someone would want to kill them like that.

After 10 minutes, I hear the calling bell and sit up lazily. I could just tell the delivery person to come in and give me the pizza but decided against it.

I take the money, walk up to the door, and throw it open.

And I certainly did not think that I would see him in pizza delivery person's dress.

"Hey you"

I smile softly taking the pizza box from Adrian and saw his eyes widen in recognition. "Ah Victoria"

It seems so weird to hear my full name. Everyone calls me Vick, Vicky, or Vicks. "Yeah. I guess you work at the pizza hut?"

He nod and adjusted the red cap with the pizza hut logo in yellow. "Home alone?"

He says after looking into my eyes for a minute. Am I that readable to others? I shrug. "Since the day I turned eighteen"

I sighed and I notice a change in his posture, as though he is sorry but he could not say it aloud. I know that feeling and I understand that.


I mumble. I know he wanted to ask me but somehow he is no one to ask me all the details and he nod and turn around to walk out. And suddenly I wanted him to stay, almost as fierce as I wanted him to go.

I wanted him to go because I hate the way he looks at me. Like he know what is going on in my head, as if he could read me like an open book. Because I feel vulnerable and exposed.

I wanted him to stay because I feel like he understands me. Like he knows what I am going through and that he himself know how that feels.

He climbs into the bike with the pizza holder at the back. I thought he was just going to go. However, he did not and I frown when he put the bike on stand and climb out, take off his cap and run a hand through his dark hair and put the cap back on.

"You want to talk to someone other than your best friends isn't it?"

I could only stare at him. How the fuck did he know that?

"I-yeah. I mean-how do you-"

"That doesn't matter Victoria. What matters is that if you really want to sit down and tell me what you want to tell me?"

He raise his eyebrows when I was quiet for some time. I quickly nodded and step aside to give him space to enter my house.

He run his eyes on every spot on our living room and sit down on the couch on which I was laying down 5 minutes ago.

"I'll be right back. I can bring you some drink?"

He shake his head and leans back on the couch, taking his hat off and place it on the coffee table.

I nod and walk into the kitchen and place the box down on the isle and open it. The delicious smell of cheese and tomatoes only increased my hunger.

Taking two plates, I place two slices of pizza on each plate, walk out of the kitchen, and saw him on the same position I left him.

He sits up straight when I approached him and eyed the plates of pizza. "Is that for me?"

I nod and give him one plate and sit down next to him.

We eat in silence and I eat very slowly, taking all the time to keep in mind what all am I going to tell him. I am considering him over my best friends to talk about my dilemma. I do not even know him that well except about the information that he can read others mind, literally.

"You don't have their photos"

He mumbles bringing me back to the reality, and saw him already looking at me with expectant eyes. What did he ask? Oh! The photos!

"Erm nope. They all are in their room"

I say and hope he gets what I am trying to say. It is too painful to see them not here and in the photos only. I have not moved out any of their things and kept it inside their room, locked up.

"I get it you know"

He says and places the plate on the coffee table and turn fully to face me with his calculative eyes, trying to unfold my secrets, trying to read my mind.

"Don't stare. I hate it"

I frown. But he kept on staring and in addition, he raises his eyebrows, as if challenging me? "You are like an exposed book. I can see it in your eyes that you want to leave this place"

His eyebrows scrunched together after saying that. "I don't think your friends would love to hear that"

I sighed. That is what exactly I have been thinking. They would probably hate me for taking this decision. "You are running away"

I glare at him. Is he accusing me for that? Is this guy really calling me a coward indirectly?

"I don't have any other choice"

"You are wrong there Victoria", he paused, shaking his head. "You have a lot of other choices. You are never out of choices. But you should make the right one"

I lean back on the couch. He is bound to become a therapist one day. And I cannot believe his words are working. But I take half a day to come into conclusion about my future and I have already made arrangements too.

"It will be hard on you I know. No one would like to see their parents butchered like that"

He says carefully, accessing my reaction, but I know my face would look blank now. "Did you take any counselling after that?"

I shake my head. Everyone pressured me to take it but I did not. I was just a kid who saw my parent's mutilated body first thing in the morning. I could not just open up my mind to some stranger.

"It didn't felt right"

He nods with an understanding look crossing over his facial features. "I felt like that too"

It was barely a whisper but I heard it. And I wanted to know what happened with him. From what I have gathered, he went through something similar like mine.

"What happened...?"

The change in his eyes was instant. The warm understanding look in his eyes was changed into something cold. Like suddenly I felt his walls built up around him.

"I gotta go"

He got up quickly and I was upset that he didn't want to share what happened with him. Maybe it was something more horrible.

A little voice inside my head tells me that I was in no position to ask him his personal things. But I told him mine. Or more like he read me. But I could not do that with him. The walls around him are powerful and freezing.

"Okay", was all I said and he rush out of my house, like he could not stand here another second and I did not follow him out, or call him back to tell him he forgot the money.

I just sit there and listened to his bike's sound speeding away into the distance. Why am I feeling disappointment?


Chapter 3 - Until next time

I close my locker firmly and turn around, clutching the books close to my chest. I am still feeling so down today and my mind rush back to Adrian. He could have at least told me what happened.

The hall way was swarming with students knocking each other to get into their class. The scene is so usual and boring and I sighed. Is it in my head or am I really feeling tired?

"You are late today"

I shrug and plop beside Cathy in our English class. It is so annoying that we three do not have any class together. Ellie have Calculus now and she throw a tantrum at the beginning of the year saying that it is not fair on her. It was actually not fair on the three of us.

"You okay Vicky? You look tired"

I lick my suddenly dry lips. So am I really feeling tired? "I don't know"

I shrug and place my head on the table, over my bag. My curiosity is nagging me. I want to know what happened with him. I want to help him like he did to me.

"Just close your eyes. I'll tell you when the teacher comes okay?"

I felt Cathy's arm around my shoulder and nod at her, my eyelids feeling heavy all of a sudden. Maybe it is because I was not able sleep properly yesterday.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw them. The bloodied body of my mom and dad, their limbs torn off, face beaten until it was unrecognizable. Blood everywhere. On the floor, on the walls, on the couch, everywhere.

"Vicky? Vick? Victoria!"

I felt myself shaking but I could not open my eyes. I could not take my eyes off their body, from all the blood.

I felt my face become wet with my tears and I open my eyes with force, to see the panicked face of Cathy. "Oh thank god!"

My eyes went wide at the pressure of her hands around me, but did not complained and hug her back. "You okay? I was scared shitless you bitch!"

I bite lips with guilt. This is not the first time. After their death, I would have daytime nightmares like this.

"Do you want to go to the nurse's room? To calm down a bit?"

I did not want to go but I nod anyway, hating the way others are staring at me. Don't they have anything better to do?

"Good come on then"

We packed our bag up and stood up and on the exact moment, our English teacher walked in.


Cathy mumbled beside me. I know why. He is a strict teacher and will not allow anyone to go out of his class unless it is necessary.

He raised his eyebrows at us. "Sit down girls"

He says gruffily, placing the books down on his table with a loud thud.

"But Sir Victoria is not feeling well today"

Cathy say, wrapping her hands around me. Mr. Ellis raised his eyebrows again which has begin to tick me off. "Is your friend right Miss. Dawson?"

I nod in confirmation but I know what he has got on mind. "Then you can go to the nurse's room and Miss. O'Brian? Do you not feel well as well?"

Cathy bite her lips, knowing that he is not going to let her come with me. "It is okay"

I mumble, and she sighed and sit back on her seat, glaring at a satisfied Mr. Ellis. "You can go Victoria and take care child"

I nod and swing my bag over my shoulder and walk out of the door. I could hear him start talking as soon as I close the door and I felt bad for Cathy. She hates English classes and will take any chance to get out of that class.

The hall way was deserted except for the janitor who was moping the floor.

I clutch the straps of my bag and walk towards the nurse's office. The nurse Edna is young, probably on her mid twenties and is like an elder sister to almost every girl who comes to her service. And there are numerous boys who has a crush on her and will go to her office even if the injury is not serious.

I turn around the corner where the nurse's office is and outstretched my arm to open the door when a voice stopped me. "Hey Victoria!"

Startled at the sudden noise , I turn around to see Jared and Ethan jogging over to me. They study here too?!

"Hey...I didn't know you guys go here?"

I smile and accepted their hugs, even though I felt kinda wierd . "We don't"

Jared laughed and show me a paper, a poster to be honest, about an interschool bascketball tournament that is going o take place in our school next month.

"We came here to give our names."

Ethan smiled softly down at me. No wonder these guys are so tall. But if they are here then..

"Adrian is not with you guys?"

I bite my lips when they exchanged looks with a smirk and Jared slapped Ethan's shoulder. "I told you they had a thing"

I roll my eyes. "We don't have a thing. I'm just asking whether-"

I was cut off by the door to the office slide open and Adrian walked out, with same stone cold face I saw yesterday. I chew the inside of my cheeks, swallowing hardly. What if he hates me for asking about that yesterday?

He looked around for a moment, probably looking for Jared and Ethan, and he froze, his eyes sliding over to us, me to be exact.

Ethan waved him over and turn to me. "Hey don't mind if he's grumpy okay. He was so crabby after his job yesterday"

Guilt gnawed my insides. Is it because of me Adrian snappy at his friends? And Ethan looks genuinely concerned about him.

"I won't"

I mumble and offer Adrian a small smile when he approached. It was not returned but I'm not complaining. It's okay to be moody. I have been through that a lot of times.

He shove his hands into his jeans pocket and frowned. "Hey", he grumble and I did a mental happy dance. At least he don't hold that much of a grudge. "Hey"

"What you doing out of your class?"

His frown become deep when his eyes fell on the board called, nurse's office and I saw it. The harsh look on his eyes was replaced with something akin to concern, even though his face remained blank. "I was not feeling well"

I say, answering his unasked question.

"What's wrong? You look absolutely okay to me"

Adrian's eyes become hard as they fall upon Jared and he looked like he want to smack him. I would too, because that was really not a suitable question.

"Didn't sleep well yesterday"

I mumble, looking down to my shoes when I felt Adrian's eyes on me. What if he thinks it is because of him? Well...partially it was because of him.

"Oh. Take care then. We have to go"

Jared hugged me and then Ethan and they walked off talking about some match tomorrow, leaving me alone with Adrian. The stupid part of me thinks that Jared and Ethan walked off purposefully, to leave me and Adrian.

He stands there, hands still stuffed in his pocket. "I'll see you later"

I mumble, not able to form any other words when he's looking at me like that, and turn around to open the door once again. "I'm sorry about yesterday"

I froze and turn around. He was not looking at me but staring at the wall behind. His body is tensed and I frown. "You didn't do anything wrong"

I shrug. I get him you know. It is not easy to tell someone the horrible things that had happened to us.

"I shouldn't have just left like that, I mean..I know why you asked that Victoria. I know a lot about what happened with you so it makes you want to know about me too. It is understandable but-"

"It's okay"

I cut him off. He stare at me. "What?"

I sighed and pull the straps of my bag which had fallen off back to my shoulder. "I shouldn't have asked that and its okay. Its okay if you don't want to tell a stranger all the things that happened with you"

I shrug. His lips parted and he frowned. "No I-"

"They are waiting for you Adrian. And I have to get back to my class after seeing the nurse"

I mumble and he got my message. His eyes went back to hard, the walls coming back up and he nodded and turn around to walk away.

"I'll see you later"

I didn't turn around but I did smile. Maybe next time.


"Are you having nightmares?"

I sigh and give her a nod. "Maybe if you talk about it-"

"I don't know. It's always the same"

She sighed and pat her hand on my thigh. "You keep thinking about it Victoria. That's why you are having these nightmares"

"How could I not think about it? I saw them first Edna. I saw all the blood and I was only fifteen!"

She looked taken aback by my outburst and I felt guilty. "I'm sorry I-", a sob break off my words. "I live in that house which still smells like blood"

I wipe the tears. I was moved into the care of my god parents who also happened to be my parents lawyers and I lived with them till I was eighteen and I asked to move back into my home. But I was wrong. It didn't felt home to me after that. Just a house.

"I recommend that you move back with the Campbell's Victoria. Maybe it will-"

"In a few months I will be flying to London"

She frowned. Edna knows that I will never leave Ellie and Cathy ever. "But-"

"They will understand. They have to"

I sighed and got up from the bed. They will. I know my friends and they will only want the best for me.

"Okay. Take care and you can come to me whenever you feel like talking okay?"

I nod open the door and walked out.

I spend two hours in her office because she asked me take a quick nap which will help me. It barely did, because of the smell of antiseptics and other medicines. But I appreciate her effort to help me.

I walk over to my locker and sighed in relief when I saw Ellie and Cathy by my locker.

"Hey. How do you feel?"

Ellie hugged me tight before letting me go and then it was Cathy's turn. I bite my lips to stop myself from crying. How am I going to tell them about my plans?

"We saw Jared and the guys"

Ellie giggled and Cathy smiled agreeing to her. "Yeah I saw them before I got into the nurse's office"

I say and open my locker and quickly zoned from whatever they were telling me, because I couldn't wait to see Adrian again.




Chapter 4 - A walk in the graveyard

I place my fork down and stare out of the window. My dad used to cook better than my mom. Mom had told me that it was her love of food that brought them together. If he had persue his career as a chef, I bet he would have become a great one by now.

My eyes filled and I push away the plate of food,my appetite vanishing. It is not like I make tasty food. The food I make is anything but food.I turn around in my seat and look at the old wall clock. It was 6 in the evening. If I get ready now, I can reach the graveyard in 15 minutes and take the bus.

So I quickly dump my food in the waste bin and place the plate in the sink and run upstairs.

I pull on some black leggings and a grey sweatshirt and throw my hair in a loose bun and take my phone and money,stuffing them into the pockets of my sweatshirt.

I slip in my converses and open the door startling both Adrian and myself.

He pull back his hand, outstretched to press the calling bell and stuff them into his pockets. There was a change in him. He looks like a mess. The dark brown hair looks messy and his eyes looks tired and he has dark circles around them.

It has been two days since I last saw him. After that day at the school, it was like he disappeared and I had no guts to ask Jared or Ethan whenever I see them after school. It did disappoint me that they come to meet Cathy and Ellie and I'm left alone.

I frown recovering from my initial shock. He look down at my dress. "Are you going somewhere?"

Something is definitely wrong. His sound is raspy and looks like he has been crying.

I lick my lips. "To the cemetery"

For a moment his eyes lit up. "Can I come?"

I don't know why he looks..happy to go there. But I nodded anyway. "I brought my bike"

I bite my lips locking the door behind me. His bike? I have never rode on a bike before.


I follow him out of the iron gate in front of my house and stop when he stopped. He open the side compartment beside the engine and take a helmet. He could have just hand it over but instead he place it on my head,carefully tying it under my chin, and brush his fingers on the bridge of my throat. Purposefully or accidently? 

"Come on"

He say after he get on the seat,fastening his own helmet. I hesitated. What if I fall down and embarrass myself?


I bite my lips and swing my leg over the pillion and sit behind him. "Hold on tight"

He turn his body and take my hands and pull me closer,wrapping them over his waist.


I curse myself for stuttering and tried to calm myself down. It is just a bike ride. Nothing more nothing less.

The wind blew on my face as he cut through it. It was harsh and a bit weird but I liked it. It was new and I liked it.

He was fast and we reach the dark gates of the graveyard,already giving me that eerie feeling. I never liked coming here,but for the sake of my parents, I have to. I take off the helmet and place it on the seat.

But my stomach dropped when I saw the gate. "Its locked"

Adrian noticed it too, frowning at the lock. Then his eyes went up to the grey walls surrounding the property. Oh hell no.


I shake my head and he frowned. "We can come tomorrow. Its illeagal to do whatever you are thinking"

It was small and barely noticeable in the dark, but I saw it anyway. His lips lifting up for a small smile. I have never seen him in any other expression other than scowling and anger.

"Its okay to break some rules princess"

Princess? I bite my lips. It is not like we are stealing the body or anything right?


I smiled and followed him and stand under the walls. Its too tall for me but it won't be hard for Adrian.

"Come here"

He murmur,pulling me by my arm. "What are you gonna do?"

I frown and froze when he grip me by my waist. "Adrian?"

"Don't freak out" he whisper and lifted me up and place me on top of the wall. Fuck.


I blinked and look down at him and nod. "Okay"

He smile again and squeezed my thigh, his hand lingering over the thin fabric of my leggings. Oh god.

"Jump carefully okay? I'll come after hiding my bike"

I nod and slide around. It was grassy and it wouldn't even hurt if I fell.

Adrian is still standing there,waiting for me to do something. So I jumped. And I fall on the grassy floor.

"You okay?"

I hear him from other side. "Yeah"

I yell back and hear him walk over to his bike and I waited.

Not after 5 minutes, he was on the ground.

"Lets go?"

I nod and walk over to the spot where my parents grave stone is.

He was right behind me, as I stand in front of the stone.

Samuel and Elenore Dawson

A lump formed in my throat. It was painful. It will always be painful. It was really hard for me accept the part that I'm never going to see them alive again. 

For a second I thought Adrian was behind me,but when I turn around, I saw him at the far corner. His shoulders were shaking and I knew he was crying.

I frown and look back at my parents and walk over to him.

I stare at the stones.

Melissa Ann Woods

Adalynn Lilly Woods

My eyes went wide. Adalynn was only 10 at the time of her death and they both have died on the same date, a year ago today.

"My dad is remarrying"

He let out a sigh. I didn't say anything. Maybe he wanted to just let it out? I know he wanted to. 

"Its been only a year",the anger in his voice was clear,directed at his father. It is only natural,I don't blame him. Their deaths would have been hard on Adrian and the recent knowledge that another woman is taking up his mother's position will only make him even more angrier.

I step forward and take a hold of his hand and urged him to say more.

He looked down at my hand. " Its because of me-"

His sound breaked, and I hold on his hand tighter. A sigh left his mouth and his eyes become wet with tears. "They died because of me"

"Its not your fault"

He shake his head furiously. "No it is! I drove the car and..and it was late at night. I forced mom to let me ride the car and.."

"It was just a mistake"

"A big mistake Victoria"

I take my hands off him and pull him towards me. "Its okay"

I mumble against his chest and hugged him closer when I felt my own eyes tearing up. "Its okay"

I whisper again. I felt his arms around me and his chin rested on my head. "I know it will be hard on you. But stop blaming it upon you Adrian", I whisper and felt his arms tighten around me.

We stand there like that for about 5 minutes until I began to blush madly and quickly pull away from him,but he hold my arm in his grip.

"Your cheeks are warm"

He mumble grazing his fingers on my cheeks. Oh thank god! He connot see me blushing.

"We should go"

I shrug and he sigh. "You okay?", I laughed. "Don't you think I am the one to ask you that?"

I wrap my arms around myself. He frown and skimmed his eyes over to the spot where my parents rest.

"They didn't deserve that"

I stare on the ground and sighed. I felt his arm around me and again I was inside his warm hands. "Thank you"

I nod and hug him back and we climb the walls to the outside. The ride felt new again and this time he didn't ask to hold tight, because I did it already.


"Why don't you stay and go after eating something?"

He looked really tired and something tells me that he is hungry. He licked his dry lips and nodded. "Yeah I would love that"

He walk into my house and sit on the couch. "You cook?", he cocked his head, leaning back against the couch. I smiled cheekily. "Nope. I was just gonna order something"

I look away from his gaze when I started blush. I should have learned something. But I barely know how to cook an egg without burning it.

"I will cook something then?"

I turn back to him and put down my phone. "You know how to cook?", a small smile formed on his face and I find that really captivating. He barely smiles. It makes him look even more good.

"Can't a guy cook?"

I grinned. "My dad would say exactly like that", I laughed. He chuckled softly. "Mom taught me and there were so many days the kitchen would look like a tornado had gone through it"

And we walk into the kitchen together. He told me more about his mom and his little sister. "She never liked it when I called her monkey and to get back at me, she nicknamed me Addy"

I laughed and nearly fall off my stool. "Addy? That's adorable", he smiled and serve the hot pasta into my plate. I dug in not caring about how hot it was and sighed. This is so damn tasty. "Its good. It been a long time since I eat something like this"

He take his seat beside me, eating his share. "I would love to cook for you", he mumble, staring down at his food. He was biting his lips. "I would love that", the brightness was instant on his face. His blue green eyes lit up and he smiled widely, like he accomplished something and we eat the food in silence.

Maybe we did accomplish something today.

Chapter 5 - Caden and confusion

I put my pen back down and stare at my notebook filled with doodles. My math teacher is napping on his table after giving us a question too simple.

Maybe he did not sleep well or he is stressing too much.

I have this class alone. Ellie have gym and Cathy have chemistry now.

Bored out of my mind, I stare out of the glass window which gives me the perfect view of the main gate and whomever that walks in.

The gate was closed with the security guard seated in front.

And my eyes slide over to the parking area and my eyes went wide when I saw an all too familiar right orange mustang.

My boredom went out of the window like rocket and I stare at the clock. 5 minutes till the end of school.

However, before those five minutes, the door to my class slide open and a woman walked in. She works at the office. She walks up to Mr. Ayres and cleared her throat, waking him up.

"Uh yes?"

She rolls her eyes and scanned the room until they fall upon me. "Victoria Dawson? You have a visitor waiting for you"

I did not have to be told twice because I was out of the door like a rocket with my bag and towards the office.

He was leaning against the main door looking hella hot in his usual black attire.


I giggled and run into his open arms. I felt myself becoming that shaken up fifteen year old. Caden understood me and never left my side the entire time.

"You gained weight"

He laughed and hugs me tighter. I raise my head from his chest and felt my eyes getting watery. "I missed you"

His face softened and cupped my cheeks. "You can come and live with us whenever you want kiddo"

I smile and nodded. "What are you doing here anyway?"He grinned widely. "You are going to see me more"

I frown. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Caden rolled his eyes. "I got enrolled here and I'm going to be with you, in your home till the end of senior year"

Is he fucking kidding me?


He nod and I tackle him once again. "That's awesome!"

He chuckled. "I know. Come on then. We can go out and have some fun"

My grin widened and the bell rang signalling the end of school and we both were almost thrown over the ground by the students.

I waved at Cathy and Ellie who looks surprised to see Caden. "Hey Caden"

They smiled and I explained why he is here.

"That's awesome"

They agreed and we talked for some moment before walking out into the parking lot.

He climbs into the drivers' seat and I did the same.

"Where are we going?"

I smile and turn to look at him. He was grinning widely. "How about we grab some ice cream?"


I lick off the remaining ice cream on my spoon , earning a disgusted look from Caden. "What? It's not like I was better before"

He shake his head and sip the ice tea. "So tell me. Are you still the same nerd or did you grow the balls and started to date some real human?"

I roll my eyes and ignore the urge to throw my dirty spoon at him. "You are saying it like I have dated aliens before"

I mutter.

"Let me remind you about Oswalt and Gareth and-"

"Shut up! I was only 10 for godsake!"

He started to laugh so hard that the other customers started to give weird glances at our way. The Oswalt and Gareth he is talking about are my imaginary boyfriends with horns and tail.

"Everyone thought you were into some satanic ritual when I show them your boyfriends' sketches"

I laughed along with him. I still remember everyone looking so horrified at the drawings. Apparently I was smitten by a comic book character and imagined to have boyfriends like them. I didn't even knew who satan was.

"That was good ol' times isn't it?"

His face softened. My mom and dad were really close with his parents' and I know how devastated they were when the news reached. "Yeah"

Unknowingly my mind drifted back to Adrian. It was the first time I see him look...happy. I guess he loves to cook. Maybe cooking would ease his stress. I think I should tell him about that when we meet again.

"What are you thinking?"

I slap away Caden's hand pinching me. "You are still that old Caden aren't you?"

He laughed and give me a shrug, eating the French fries. But I saw his eyes narrow on someone behind me. "What the fuck is his problem?"

He mutter, making me turn around and I saw those familiar blue green eyes, which were still glaring at Caden. But when those eyes locked with mine, I saw something flash in them. I don't know what it was, but it was gone as soon as it came.

He looked back at the man he was talking with and I frown when they both got up from the seat and Adrian practically stormed off and the man followed him with a confused expression.

"Do you know him?"

I look back at Caden who was watching with a curious expression. I glance down at my empty ice cream bowl. Yeah I know him. I know him and I understand him. He understands me too and he is a fucking psychic who can read others mind.


"Oh. He seem really upset"

I frown at Caden who was staring back. "Do you guys.."

I shake my head. "It is nothing. We met just days ago", and I feel like I know him my entire life.

"I don't think so. Do you like him? You are nervous Victoria"

I bite the insides of my cheek a bit too hard. Am I nervous? Why am I nervous? "I like him as a friend". Caden snorted. "Yeah right. You guys definitely have some sort of connection. And he looks a bit familiar to me"

I shrug. Caden's parents are big lawyers and Adrian's dad is into business. There is a chance that they have met before.

"His name is Adrian Woods, if that helps"

I mumble. And his dad is Theodore Woods. "Oh! He is the son of Theodore Woods? I saw it on news that it was because of him-"

"No it was not!"

I don't why I did it. But I don't regret yelling at him in a public place. He don't know what happened. So he don't have the right to accuse him of anything.

"Vick I was just-"

"You cannot just believe what those media spreads around. He would never do anything like that"

Caden stare at me for sometime. I found it extremely uncomfortable seeing him like that.

"You are defensive over him"

He nod and mutter under his breath. Defensive? Of course I would be defensive over him. I know and felt what he went through. How could I let someone say that about him?

"Can we go back home?"

His blue eyes narrowed. "You like him"I roll my yes. "Is there a problem if I do like him?"I notice how his eyes refused to meet mine. He is confusing me. "Like you said its only days since you met him"

I shrug and lean back against the chair. "It is not like I'm madly in love with him", he sighed and fumbled with his fingers.

Seriously this situation is making me laugh. Why? I don't know and I don't give a fuck.

"Whatever you say. Lets go home. I left my luggage at your doorstep"

He scratch the back of his neck and I roll my eyes. He is really an idiot.


"I will see you later"

He yawned and slam the door close to my face. Fucking prick.

I walk back into my room and change into a pair of pyjama shorts and a white tee and climb under the covers of my head.

I was about to fall asleep when my my phone beeped, indicating a text ,message. I groan and curse at whoever it was and my annoyance increased when I saw it was Ellie who had texted.

hey adrian asked for your number

My number?

for what?

dunno girl

I frown at her message. If he wanted my number he could just ask me? I typed in another message but before I could sent her, a call came and it is an unknown number. My heart thudded because I knew it was Adrian.


I ask softly. The other side was silent for some moment. "I want to see you tomorrow", it was unmistakably him, and I liked the commanding tone to his voice which he has never used with me.


"I will come and pick you up", I bite my lips. I had actually promised Caden to go to school with him in his car. "I can meet you at the school Adrian. I already have a ride t-"

"Is it him?", he cut me off pretty quick and I detected a hint of anger laced in his voice. Why is he angry? Is he angry that he saw me with Caden in the evening?

"Are you..are you guys dating?", a sigh left my mouth. "No we are not dating", I hear shuffles on the other side. "But you were with him at the ice cream parlor"

"He is my friend and he just came from Texas today. And he will be joining my school tomorrow"

Adrian was silent. I could almost guess why he is angry. Even though the stupid part of me is practically leaping with joy at that, the better part of me is denying that possibility.

"I will pick you up tomorrow and I don't want a no as an answer Victoria"

I open my mouth to argue, but he hang up before I can utter a word. What an asshole. But as I told you before, I strangely like it when he uses that tone with me. Like I'm under his control. Like I am his.

I shake my head at my own stupidity. What the hell are you saying Victoria?! I scold myself and put my phone away and flick the light off, curling under the mattress. 

Chapter 6 - As a date with him


I shake my head at myself,staring at my reflection. Skirt is not my buddy and so is the crop top that reveals a little bit of too much skin of my mid section.

And make up. Oh god I hate make up. Then why am I wearing all these?


I mumble to myself. I'm being pathetic,dressing up and making me look good for a boy. This is not normal. I'm not being normal.

"Tell me I am still on my bed dreaming"

I squeal and jump around to see Caden,leaning casualy against the door frame. "Don't you have minimum manners to knock before entering?"

I hissed and closed my make up box and put it deep inside my closet. "Well your door was open and its not my problem that you didn't hear when I knocked on air"

I roll my eyes and checked the time. Half past 7. Adrian didn't say anything about the time he would come but I guessed he would come early.

"Any special occasion that you are dressing up?"

I shrug and pack my bag and swing it over my shoulder and sighed down at my legs. The white pumps look anything but a dangerous bomb to me. One wrong move and it would be boom!

"Um I'm being picked up ny someone"

I didn't say it was Adrian because Caden will not like it and I don't want this to ruin his first day.

"I know its not Cathy. So who is it?"

The change in his sound was not something I could ignore. The possessiveness made me frown at him. "It is just Adrian", his face grew grim. "You are gonna go with his car?"

I nod and walk past him, and out of my room. "Are you ditching me for him?"

Caden followed me to the kitchen and I roll my eyes. "Cade you live here. And you are overreacting"

I gulp down the orange juice. Okay. I'm not getting it. What is his actual problem? "I'm not over acting I'm just trying to protect you"

I snorted. "Protect me from what Caden"

"Of course from that Woods!"

His sound boomed and I flinch back out of reflex. Out of all people he knows that I hate to be shouted at. His face softened and sighed. "Vick I'm sorry I just-"

The door bell cut him off and his face grew dark. "What if something happens when he-", I held up my hand to stop him from talking. "You are afraid that Adrian will cause some accident and I will be gone like him mum and little sister?"

The blank face he gave me was enough for me to assume that. Adrian will never do something like that intentionally. 

The door bell rang again. "Victoria!", I hear Adrian's voice laced with anger. "I will see you at school", I mumble and take my bag, walking out of the kitchen towards the door. I open it and saw Adrian glaring at the bright orange car currently parked in our garage.


I mumble. I turn his head and I blushed when his eyes trail down to my bare legs with wide eyes. Great! Now he would think that I am dressed up to impress him, which was, unfortunately true though.

He shake his head, prying his eyes away from my legs and the scowl returned when he looked up. "What the fuck is he doing here?"

It was a growl, deep and guttural and damn did I like that? I felt a presence on my back and I turn around to see Caden,reflecting the scowl Adrian has and suddenly I felt like I'm in the middle of two oceans.

"He live here"

Adrian's scowl intensified and I found myself wincing. What would he think of me now? I live alone here and now another guy is with me?

"Adrian lets go"

His eyes found mine and his face softened,but the anger was still ablaze in his eyes. "Yeah"

He give one last glare over my shoulder and take my hand leading me to the black Bugatti waiting for us in front of my gate.He open the door for me. "I want to see her in one piece at school Woods!"

Adrian tensed and I stare horrified at Caden,the meaning of his previous conversation sinking in. Of course someone idiotic like Caden would thing something like that. "Adrian",I whisper but his eyes glazed over and I could almost see what he is thinking. He's imagining me in place of his mum and little sister. "Adrian stop thinking about that"

I place my hand on his which around the handle of his car's door and the knuckles were almost white at how tight he's holding that.

"I- ", Adrian started but then shake his head, his eyes squeezed shut but when he opened them, they were a blazing blue, no green. "Get in the car"

He murmur, pushing me gently into the seat and I obeyed. He close the door behind me and turn to look at Caden, who was still standing at my doorstep, his arms folded. They stared for about a minute before Adrian made his way over to the drivers' side and open the car and slip inside.

He was still tense and he clutched the steering wheel tightly in his hand. "Adrian if we don't go now we both will be late for school"

I reach over to touch his hand but he grip them before I could reach and turn to look at me. "Today is the first time I'm driving a car after-"

He stopped himself and his eyes went glossy and almost felt my rage. How could Caden say something like that? How could he not see how much his words affect Adrian?

"It is okay Adrian. And Caden is an idiot, don't mind him"

He frowned and reach over my chest to my side and grabbed the seat belt and place it over me. "Why is he living with you? I don't like that"

I bit my lips and felt the heat rush to my cheeks. He sounds so possessive and I find that hot. God am I really losing my mind?

"I will say only if you start the car"

A small smile lift his lips up and he nod and start the engine. There was a bit of hesitancy but he push the accelerator and the car moved, i a gentle pace. Not too fast, not too slow.

"I was sent to live with him and his family after my parents death"

He pressed his lips into a thin line and listened as I rambled about how he promised to make me better and ditched all his friends to be with me all the time. Caden was the only guy I have ever been close to and now..

I steal a glance at Adrian, who's looking straight ahead and driving carefully, a bit too careful, but I don't mind. The creases that formed on his forehead as he concentrated hard on the road was really something to look at. I know. I have really weird taste and preferences.

"What did you want to tell me?"

I fumbled with my hand on my lap.We have almost reached my school and he still haven't told me anything about why he asked to meet me.

He drove through the open gate and I lowered my head blushing when the students swarming through the school gate is openly gawking at the expensive car and more specifically, Adrian.

He parked on the parking lot confusing me further. He motioned for me to climb out and I did and saw Caden's car already parked there. I close the door, ignoring the looks from other people on the parking lot. Guys were admiring the car while the girls were drooling over the driver who climbed out and made his way over to me.

I lean my side on the car, suddenly  selfconscious about myself. I have never dressed like this in school and I almost hit myself. Why did I have to do it? I'm such a fuckin-

My thoughts cut off when I felt his fingers graze over my cheeks. I look up at him since he was so close to me, I look away blushing. But he held my chin and turn my face to him. "Don't hide it", he mumble, rubbing his thumb over my cheek bones.

"I told you that my father was remarrying again right?"

I nodded and blinked. Is that his hand on my waist? I gulp when his fingers touched my exposed skin on my waist. Fuck.


I stuttered, obviously looking like a fucking tomato right now. "He is holding a wedding party coming Saturday. I want you to come"

His eyes locked with mine, stroking my cheek gently. A party?

"I have never been to a party before but if I could bring Cathy or Ellie-"

"He told me it was strictly family affair and only close friends of his could only attend", I frown. Then how am I supposed to be at that party? "I know what you are thinking. I have permission to bring"

My eyes went wide and it was his turn to blush. It was kinda cute how the top of his ears become  a light pink. "A date?"

I repeated. He wanted to take me as his date? A date?!


I bite my lips. Ellie and Cathy are gonna flip when they will hear about this. "Okay"


His eyes shine brightly and his lips lifted up for a wide smile. And he surprised me by hugging me so tight in his large arms. "Thank you. Thank you so much. You don't know how much this meant to me"

I hug him back quickly recovering from my shock and smiled at how good he smelled. Musky and intoxicating. Oh fuck. I'm so fucking gone!

We pull apart and he lean down to press his lips on my cheeks, lingering there for a moment to let the warmth from his lips seep into my skin.

"I'll see you later. Take care"

He hugged me once again. "You too", I mumble and hold back my grin and give him a small smile as he slip back into his car and drove off. And then only I saw the number of viewers who were watching my little moment with Adrian.And basically the whole school is here, along with my best friends who are grinning so widely, I fear their skin around the lips would break.

"Wow did you see that?"

Ellie giggled to Cathy when I reach them, ignoring the glares and curious stares that were thrown at my direction. "What?"

I mumble and clutch my bag strap tightly, feeling the most intense glare on me which was from none other than Karen Maxwell, the queen bee of our school. Her icy blue eyes are like cold daggers that are trying to pierce through me.

"Someone is obviously jealous over your lover boy"

Cathy chuckled, watching Karen like me. "He's not my lover boy"

I mutter and open my locker and take my books out. "What were you guys talking about?"

I bite my lips and turn back to them. "He invited me to a party at his home"

Ellie and Cathy giggled. "As his date", I frown at them. How did they-

"Jared and Ethan told us already. And since none of us are invited, we have planned to go out", I sigh with relief. God, I was worried Ellie would eat my head off because she was the party animal in our group.

"That's great", I smile and we walk into our class, the only class we three have together, Chemistry. "And we are going for shopping after school tomorrow since you own nothing fit for a party even though this attire is hot on you"

Cathy eyed my dress, nodding with a pleased look on her face. And I didn't object. If I was given a special place at this party, I should not let him down right?

Chapter 7 - Personal pizza deliverer

Light or dark?

"You are going to meet his family then definitely white"

Cathy nodded at the off  white dress that I was holding on my left hand. I smile at her and place the black one down.

I hold the V neck dress with spagetti straps in my front of my body. The upper body is tight and and lower part, which would end at my thighs,  flares at the bottom.

"Pair it up with these white wedges and Viola!"

Ellie clasped her hand and giggled. I smile at them. Obviously, they are trying to set me up with Adrian and surprisingly I do not mind it. I could guess that they do not know about what happened with his family or what he is going through. It will be better if they do not because then they would pity him. I am sure that he will hate that.

"We helped you find the perfect dress now you will help us find ours"

Well fuck my life.


I walk downstairs wincing every now and then. Even though it only took 20 minutes to find mine, those bitches took the entire evening to find theirs dragging me to wherever they found a dress or a shoe. My feet were red with blisters when I finally came home.

"You guys looked pretty intense at the parking lot"

Caden mutter when I step into the kitchen, drinking juice from a glass. I sighed. Not again.

"Please just stop it Caden. What's your problem?"

I slump down on the stool, my stomach growling painfully. I know Caden do not cook and I wish Adrian was here.

"I'm ordering pizza"

I grinned and nodded eagerly. He take his phone out and dialled the number.

"Yeah thank you"

He sighed and hangs up "I didn't know you have a personal pizza deliverer?"

I raise my eyebrows. Personal pizza deliverer?

"I don't"

He shrugs. "Well that's what the woman told me"

I frown and slowly it made sense. Of course. I did not fight off the smile that was coming to my face. "Why are you smiling like that?"

I shrug and my smile turned into a grin when we hear the door bell. I slipped off my chair and beelines to the door and throw it open.

I grinned widely and take the pizza box from him. "Personal pizza deliverer?"

I chuckled and he laughed softly. "Yes I am", but the glow in his eyes dimmed and they narrowed down at someone behind me. "Of course", I sighed when Caden muttered behind me. "I still can't believe you are going to be alone with him"

Adrian frowned locking his eyes with me. I open my mouth to say something but Cade beats me to it. "Well apparently she trusts me"

Adrian's expression changed. I turn back to Caden and hand him the pizza boxes. "Go inside Cade. I will be there in a minute"

He opened his mouth to protest but I give him a look. "Fine"

He stormed inside and I step out into the porch and close the door behind me. Adrian was still frowning and I raise my hand, gently and cautiously and place them on his cheek. A fresh set of stubble was prickling the inside of my palm and somehow I enjoyed the roughness.

He closes his eyes and leaned into my palm."You are upset"

I mumble and giggled when he turn his face and kissed my palm.

"Am I?"

He coked his head and gives me breathtaking smirk. Holy shit.

I retreat my hand and stare up at him. He is obviously upset even though he is hiding it.

I tried to retreat my hand but he hold my wrist and pull me closer. "I forgot to tell you"

He mumbles, caressing my cheek with the back of his hand. "You looked dashing yesterday"

I gulped when he pulled me closer, again. Our chest was touching and I could feel the erratic beating of his heart and mine was not far behind.

Two fingers under my chin lifted my face up to him and I stopped breathing at how close our faces were.

"Thank you"

I managed to stutter out and blushed when he chuckled softly. "I like it when you blush"

And that made me blush even more. I felt his finger move from my chin and to my lips. His eyes traced my lips and licked his own which was a fucking big turn on for me. Oh what the fuck did I just think! 

"I should go now isn't it?"

He whispered, still staring at my lips. His eyes were a deep blue, the green vanished somewhere in its depth. "I- I guess"

He frowned and sighed, letting go of my face and shove his hands into his jeans pockets. "I will see you on Saturday?"

I nod and bite my lips. "What about tomorrow?", the smile on his face was priceless. "Can't stand without seeing me Tory?"


I giggled lightly. "Tory? I like that", he bite his lips and smile widely. "It suits you. And tomorrow I have full time practice for the upcoming tournament"

"Oh", I nod in understanding. It is barely a month away. "I will call you", he say and again reach out to hug me tightly. "Bye Tory" and I sighed in delight at how good my nickname sounded. "Bye and take care"

I hug him back and we pull apart after a moment. With a light nod he walk back towards his bike and swing his leg over the seat, kicking off the stand. I waved and he sped away into the dark roads.

"You guys are so cheesy"

I roll my eyes and shut the door behind me. Caden was on the couch with an empty pizza box on his lap. Fucking pig.

"What? I was hungry and watching an extremely cheesy and boring romance movie on the porch"

I scowled and plop down beside him with the second box of pizza. "Adrian is nice. You are just jealous"

He snorted. "Oh come on Vicky why should I be jealous of him?"

I bite into the piece and shrugged. "What the fuck does he have that I don't? Money? Looks?"

Me. You don't have me.

I was surprised and shocked at myself. What did I just thought? "Yeah you have everything"

Adrian has everything and yet he have nothing.

"I don't know what you see in him"

Cade mutter under his breath snatching a piece of pizza. "Hey! You just ate a whole box you pig!"

"Your unbelievable taste in choosing boyfriends has burned all the pizza here"

He poked his belly, devouring another slice. How the fuck is he able to stay fit like this?

"Maybe it is because I see myself in him?"

He snort again. "He didn't saw the mutilated body of his mum or sister. He is the reason for their death, intentionally or not"

I sighed. I can't believe this. Does he ever think before saying anything? But that is who Caden is. He never hides what he feels about something. He talk his mind and don't give a fuck to what other think about him.

"I don't know but I am determined to know more about him Cade"

I fold my legs under me and place the box of pizza onto the coffee table. "I want to know him. I want to know how his mind works. I want to know about his mom and his little sister. He is opening up to me Cade. He is relying on me more than his best friends and I just know it"

I fumbled with my fingers. His first advice to me is still fresh on my mind. From that day onwards I have this feeling, deep inside my mind that tells whatever I am doing is going to benefit both me and Adrian. It tells me that we both could together mend the broken pieces from within us. We could mend each other.

"Ok fine. But promise me you will ask for my help whenever you need it"

Caden lean in and kiss my cheek. Not in that kind of way but I could feel the protectiveness from him. The feeling he has promised to give me those 3 years ago.

"You know that I would, Cade. No one will have that special reservation you have in my heart"

He laughed and ruffled my hair. "You are still that same ol' Vicky"

"You want me to change?", I raise my eyebrows and he shook his head. "Nope. Never ever"

chapter 8 - Caden's what?!

"I am at school now"

I mumble to the phone pressed against my ear and shoulder so that it won't slip away.

I close the locker and clutch the books in my righthand and take my phone.

I could here the shouts and whistles on the other side. "The boys are crazy here"

Adrian laughed cursing away yet another one who was snooping around. "You are the captain right?"

I smile proudly. I have seen how the captain of basketball team of our school would sent a flying kiss to his girlfriend before every match. Oliver is one among the popular and the only guy who is not an asshole and has been dating his girlfriend Erica for straight 3 years now and the only guy that Karen couldn't put her hands on.

And speaking about the bitch,she's right now glaring at me from where she is standing now.

"I can't wait to see you tomorrow"

I bite my lips. "Why is that?",I giggled and saw Karen narrowing her eyes.

"I love it when you wear short skirts"

The blush creeped into my neck and cheeks. I really don't want to know the reason why he loves that.

"How did you know that I was wearing short skirt to the party? I was thinking about wearing my usual jeans"

I lied and press my lips to stop laughing. Caden was walking towards me with a huge smile and I waved at him.

"I just know"

Karen noticed Caden and when he was passing her,she pulled his arm and oh my god what?

She is kissing him. That bitch is going to spread std to my best friend.

But my shock melted and I laughed at how shocked Cade looked and with all his might pushed her away,wiping his lips with a disgusted look.

"Fuck off"

He grumbled before walking quickly over to me. "Why are you laughing?"

I stifled my laughs. "Oh nothing-"

"Woods! Come here!"

Someone hollered behind Adrian cutting me off. "In a minute!"

He yell back and sighed. "I will text you when I am free Tory. Bye"


I sighed and hung up and turn to Cade who was still glaring at Karen.

"Fucking bitch"

I laughed again. "You didn't like her kiss?"

Cade glred at me. "She's a walking std transmitter"

I shake my head laughing. "I thought you were the bad boy back in Texas?"

He shrug and lean against my locker. "Yeah. A bad boy who likes to kiss bad boys"

I choked on my spit. "Come again?", he roll his eyes and sighed. "Isn't it obvious that I am gay?", he was whispering. How the fuck is it obvious? He had dated and fucked girls back in Texas. If he was gay then why would he do it?

"How long have you been aware of this?"

He shrug again. "Just days before you came to live with us"

"But you dated so many girls! And not to mention you were running around having sex. How the fuck is it obvious that you might be gay?"

He roll his eyes. "You really think I would have left you alone if I was not gay?"

What the hell is that supposed to mean? "I never left your side because I didn't want to face my friends"

He sighed again. I smile and place my hand on his shoulder. "You can trust me Caden, and you know it"

"I know"

He smile and eyed my phone. "Lover boy could not make it today?"

I roll my eyes. "He's not my lover boy", and I almost kissed him last night. And just thinking about that, I could feel the blood rushing into my cheeks. "You look red"

I give Cade a sheepish smile. "Oh its nothing"

I wave my hand and we walk towards our class. "Did you guys-"

"No we didn't"

I cut him off, again blushing like a tomato. Caden chuckled. "I don't have any problem with him now kiddo. You can kiss or fuck him however you like.

I throw myself at him and he yelped in surprise and laughed. "You are the best", I hug him tight and pull away. "You are so cute when you look beet red"

He chuckled and soon we were joined by Cathy and Ellie. "Hey lover girl"

I slapped Ellie's shoulder. "Don't call me that", but they just giggled.

Cathy wiggled her eyebrows and before I could say anything Cade beat me to it. "She had her first kiss"

Cathy and Ellie gasped and before I know, I was tackled by the blonde idiots. "That is so awesome! How was it? Did you guys made out or it was just a kiss?"

I shake my head and push them away, feeling embarrassed because almost everyone in the hallway heard them.

"Just shut up guys. And no we did not kiss"

I push all three of them into the class with a huff. "You better not lie to us young lady"

Ellie shake her finger in front of my face like I'm some little child. "Yes mom"


I waved my hand at Cathy who was driving away with Ellie. The school is over finally. I checked my phone to see no new messages. He must be busy?

Caden has ditched school sometime in the middle of lunch hour and I had to visit the local library to get some new books.

I guess I need to walk.

I sighed and walk out of the school gate. The November air has become chilly in the evening and I curse myself for not wearing any warm cloths other than this skimpy tank top and shorts.

I check my phone again and got disappointed. I don't why I want him to text or call me all the time. It is not like we are dating or anything. 

I frown at that thought.Are we friends? Friends don't almost kiss right?

I wait for the signal to turn green so that I could cross the busy road. We almost kissed and I kinda like him too. Does he feel the same about me?

A familiar deep red porsche skidded to a stop beside me and Karen give me the most sickening smile I have ever seen. "Hey Vicky"

I forced a smile on my face. "Hey"

Her blue eyes look at me up and down and her lips curled up in disgust. "You should wear long skirts to hide those hideous legs dear"

I raise my eyebrows at her. Hideous legs? I coked my head and give her a smile. "Oh don't worry about me Karen. You should look after your boobs some more. I think they are becoming saggy"

Her eyes went wide and on instant she touched her chest that are barely covered inside her halter neck top.

And I took that time to slip away from the eyes of the monster. She thinks she's the best girl out there. But her words will not affect me because Adrian told that I looked dashing in short skirt. 

I giggled and my excitement skyrocketed when my phone vibrated and Adrian's name popped up on the screen. "Hey"

"Hey Tory"

He was breathless and the noise around him was louder. "You okay?"

He chuckled. "Coach went wild on us", I laughed softly. "How was it?"

I whispered onto the phone because the librarian will not hesitate to kick me out if I made any sound. "Why are you whispering?"

He whisper back and I bite back my giggle. "I am at the library"

He hummed. "You read alot?"

"Yep. I love the smell of old books, so internet is not an option for me"

I take the book that I am looking for and went on with the other, all the time telling him about the books that I have read and which all I have not yet read.

The library was not crowded and I took all my time to collect the books.

"When is your birthday?"

I stop abruptly at his sudden question. "Um it is on 7th may"

He hummed again. "And yours?", "January 20"

I mentally noted the date. January is not that far away and I would be with him on his next birthday.

"Gotta go. I guess coach is going mad"

He chuckled. " I will see you tomorrow Tory"


I bit my lips and hung up.

Chapter 9 - Is it too soon for us?

I stare at myself for a long time. I actually look good in the dress.

"He won't be able to take his eyes or hands off you"

Cathy say curling my hair. She is really good in doing hair and Ellie is with make up. I'm so lucky to have these bitches as my best friends.

"Have you guys-"

"No they haven't had sex"

I grit my teeth. "You are such an asshole for coming into a girl's room unannounced"

Ellie glared and dusted my nose with...something? Caden shrugged and fold his arms over hichest looking me up and down.

"You look good"

I smile at his compliment but his face was anything but happy. "If he tries anything with you, then I would personally punch his balls"

I roll my eyes with a smile. His confession has forced me to see him in different light actually. He has known that he was gay 3 years ago and somehow he trusted me with that information more than his parents.

"Well I am afraid that Vicky will try something with him"

I gasped and chucked the nearby hair brush at the bitch and it hit right across her head. "Ow!", Ellie squealed playfully glaring. "I just said the fact you woman. I know how much wet dreams you had already"

"Oh just shut up!"

I jump up from my seat, looking beet red. Wet dreams?! Ellie and Cathy giggled and surprisingly Cade was chuckling too. "Do you want to come with us Caden? It will be fun"

Cathy smiled at him, pushing me not-so-gently to the chair to finish my hair. "And become a...fifth wheeler? No thanks"

I laughed at that comment. "I will be out anyway. Meeting some friends", he smiled at us and give me a stern look. "I'm too young to become an uncle so be safe"

"Fuck off"

He chuckled and throw me a flying kiss before jumping down the stairs. I turn my head as much as Cathy would allow and look out of the window. The orange glow of the setting was visible outside. My heart has been beating hard non stop with nervousness and so many what ifs crossed my mind.

What if his father don't like me?

What if his new mum hates me?

What if I made a fool of myself and embarrass him?

What if-

"Earth to Victoria?"

Cathy snapped a finger in front of my face and I snap out of my thoughts. "What were you thinking?", Cathy frowned. I shake my head. "Nothing. Just thinking about how this day would go you know?"

They nodded and pat my shoulder. "Everything will go good Vicky"

I nod and tensed up when I hear the horn of a car. Adrian.

"He's here!"

Ellie giggled and hand me over the white clutches and I quickly put on the white wedges. "Do I look okay?"

They nodded eagerly and push me out of the door and I nearly tripped myself to my death. "Call us if you need help and tell us all the details after the party"

I giggled and waved before stepping out of the front door. He was leaning against his car looking hot in his black vest suit. I blushed and look away when his eyes travel to my dress, a small smile forming on his lips.

"You look gorgeous"

I blushed again and accepted his hug and smelled in his scent, which only made me feel excited and anxious at once. "Let's go?"

I nod and he open the car's door and I climb inside and he did the same, walking around to the driver's side. I waved at Ellie and Cathy who were waving from my window.

"So there is no wedding?"

I ask him while he drove. He has rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt up to his elbows and that looks so damn hot.

"That's why he's throwing such a big party. They just exchanged the rings and vows in the church"

I nod and sighed in anticipation. I have never seen his home or even know where he lives. But I bet his home will be huge and I am expecting to be overwhelmed.

My heart almost stopped when he stopped his car in front of a huge white gate and behind the gate, there stands a marvelous white building decorated for the day.


I breathed out in awe. Its truly magnificant. There are atleast a hundred expensive looking cars and I gulped at the number of people staring.

He parked the car and climbed out looking calm and collected. But in my case, I was already a sweating mess.


I bite my lips and look up at Adrian who is standing beside the opened door,waiting for me to climb out.

I take a deep breath. You can do it Vicky. You can do it.

I chanted the words in my mind and climb out. I wobbled a bit but Adrian's hand on my waist steadied me and I smile up at him in gratitude.

"Come on Tory"

He grinned widely and pulled me along with him. Everyone was dressed in amazing dressed and I felt so intimidated by the girls present. They all looks so sophisticated and beautiful wearing even more beautiful dresses and my dress looks so simple compared to theirs.

He lead me inside and I stare at the grand hall of the house. It looks so fantastic and so white. People were flooding inside and I felt so over whelmed.

At the far end,on a raised platform a woman and a man is standing holding each other and over looking the party.

The man looks just like Adrian, but with more wrinkles but his eyes are a magnificant blue and he is smiling softly at everyone that comes to have a little chat. I half expected him to be a cold mean man but he is nothing like that.

The woman he is holding looks about my mom's age. Her black hair is curled and lays against her waist in gentle waves.

But I distasted the woman in an instant when I find her giving once overs to every woman present.

"Dad wanted to meet you"

Adrian smile and I nodded. I have no problem in meeting his dad but his step mom..

So many girls came to talk with him,giving me the best glare but to my happiness,Adrian politely excused and pulled me even closer. To give them a message?

Mr. Woods saw us coming and he beamed. "Adrian!"

He laughed and Adrian let go of me to hug his dad and not a second later his hands are back on my waist.

Mr. Woods' eyes fell upon me. "And this must be your Victoria?"

My eyes went wide and blushed. His Victoria?

Adrian's eyes were wide too and his cheeks become pink as he scowled at his dad.


Mr. Woods laughed and pulled me into a hug. I laughed in surprise and almost sighed when it felt like it was my dad who is hugging me.

"He talks a lot about you"

I giggled when Adrian huffed again like a child.

"That is a surprising news to me Mr. Woods"

I laughed at Adrian who was still scowling at his dad. "Oh call me Derrick dear. And this is Claire"

I give a small smile at Adrian's step mom but she too busy looking down at my dress with a grim look.

"Come I will show you around"

Adrian pulled me by my waist not even saying a hello to Claire.

Just as we reached the middle of the room,the music changed into some lovely song and everyone grabbed their partners and started to dance gently.

And I saw a girl walking over to us. And not just any other girl but Karen Maxwell herself.

I frown at her and she smirked before tapping her long manicured finger on Adrian's shoulder.

Adrian let go of my waist and turn around. And before I know she has her arms wrapped around him. "I missed you so much baby!"


Adrian chuckled awkwardly. "Hi Karen"

They know each other? Adrian take her hands off him and step back and I sighed in delight when I felt his arm back on my waist. "This is Victoria"

Karen rolled her eyes. "No need for introducing her to me. We go to the same school", Adrian didn't say anything. I felt uncomfortable under her gaze and Adrian seems to feel that too because he started dragging me to the middle of the dance floor.

"What are you doing?"

I giggled. He smiled and place my arms over his shoulder and pull me close so that our chest was touching. "We are dancing"

I blushed for no reason and gulped when he swayed both if us to the rhythm of the dance. His arms become loose and they hung lazily over my hips. I trail my arm down to his chest, feeling the hardness of his chest under his vest and look up at him. His eyes were boring  into mine, only the blue visible.

My mind drift back to the night two days ago. We almost kissed that day. His hands pressed my hips and I sighed. His hand feels so good over me."You look gorgeous Tory"

He breathed out and I smiled in return. "You told me that earlier",he turn me around and pressed my back to his chest. "And I will tell that over and over again if I want to"

He pushed my whole hair over my left shoulder and gently graze his lips on my exposed one, his hand gripping my sides. "Adrian"

He hummed but his lips continued to harass my neck and my steps faltered when those scorching hot lips reach my ear lob. Fuck no.

I shivered and bite my tongue, in order to stop any kind of embarrassing sounds that might escape mouth and tried to pull away, which only made him tighten his arms. "You like that"

I like that? fuck I love that!

He turn me around again and I nearly lost my breath when I saw the way he's staring at me. Like he's starving for years and I 'm the best meal he could find. And that look alone made the butterflies inside my belly erupt. He frowned deeply, taking me in his arms and before I know, we are going upstairs to who know where.

My logical brain is giving me warning signals but my euphoric heart is thudding hard with adrenaline and I could feel the blood pumping into my veins making me look flustered.

I saw that he is leading us to a room and he kicked open the cream white door and I find that it was actually his room. I walked forward to check out the photos.

But soon I was pulled back and I made an 'oof!' noise when my back hit the wall. He towered over me. "Adria-"

His lips cut me off. They were rough yet soft at the same time, kissing me like today is the last time we will see each other. I found his pace and kiss him back which made him make a guttural sound, that vibrated from deep within his chest, and pressed me to the wall, making me trap.

I felt his hand on my shoulder and they travel down to my sides and squeezed my hips making me squirm against him.

"Victoria", he pulled away and I gasped for oxygen. He was breathing hard too, our chest touching with each breath. His hands were back on my shoulder. "Did I tell you..", he whisper against my lips and my eyes squeezed shut when he trail the edge of my low neckline, down to my chest."..that this dress looks so fucking good on you?"

I nod because words died in my mouth and moaned shamelessly when his fingers were replaced by his mouth. Fuck.His hands came back to my hips and lowered down to my butt and to the back of my thigh.

I pulled his head and locked our lips again for a feverish kiss.

I didn't care that I was making shameless sounds. I didn't care about his hands touching me almost everywhere.

He is not the boy that I met a week ago. This Adrian is confident about his moves,calm and calculated.

A week.

My eyes snapped open when I felt him pull the strips that's holding the dress.

"Adrian we need to stop"

Panicked, I push him away and he stumble back a few step,still breathing hard and my eyes went wide at his vest and shirt that are open revealing his chest. I did that?

His eyes were wild and so is his hair. "Fuck"

He growled, pulling on his hair. "Is it too soon for us?", it was barely a mumble and I bite my lips. It is too soon for us. It has been only a week since we met. We can't just..

"I-I guess so"

He sighed and button up his shirt and vest and give me a small smile. "We can work it out?", am I crying? "Yes we can"

And he hug me again, placing a small kiss on my lips. "That was the best make out I ever had"

I giggled and push him away. "Let us go down before your dad thinks we are doing something else"

He chuckled. "We almost did"

I sighed. Yeah right. 


"How do you know Karen?"

I whisper as we sit for the dinner among others. Karen is at another table, talking with another guy and they both would look at us time to time.


I turn towards him when he chuckled nervously. "We used to date", well fuck. So she already had him before me?

"It didn't last long because at that time I was going through mum and Addy's death"

I nod and take his hand into mine, under the table. A small smile formed on his face and he squeeze my hand in his.

We will work it out.