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I am 40 yrs old male. Autistic and have cerebral palsy (But only the learning and speech parts of it). I am self taught photographer and I also love to work on my hellish book (Dream Life of Wealth, Power, and Love) that I been writing since high school and always looking to improve on the storyline and on my photographs as well.  
I am a Christian, you may not know that by reading my story but writing is my way of escaping.  I guess it from never being on a date (hint). To me the world of dominance is a unique world. Yeah, I know that I am twisted in the head but who isn't? Seriously, think about it. Anyways, my dream life (which is just that a dream) is to have a wife as well as a female servant to share with my wife. Well hope you are enjoying my first story


Mar 31st, 2019
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Mar 1st, 2019
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