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Dream Life of Wealth, Power, and Love


This is fully fantasy.  It about a young 22yrs old, guy named ‘James’ marrying his 21yrs old stepsister, Jennifer. Born in a unique mob family, Jennifer is finding her way as a full sadistic dominatrix bitch over females. While James is slowly finding his way in becoming the most fear man on earth. There is a lost gene only found in Jennifer and some female bloodlines, that is taken Jennifer completely over.  Can James fully coupe knowing his wife darkest secrets? Will Jennifer allow the darkest part of the dominatrix gene to take her fully over? Will true love finally end the dominatrix gene once and for all? This story is about rough sex, bdsm, sadistic and masochist relationship between the submissive and their owners. Please read the whole story first before you judge it.  This is my very first book ever. Any and all comments are welcome. They have 100% free will to choose how far their owners can go with them. If you are not into bdsm, sadistic and masochist, or rough sex, you might want to skip this fantasy story. As I re-read this story and try to improve it, things will change in the chapters as I am slowly cleaning and sharpen the storyline.


Training for forty plus hours a week with some help from her mother’s servant, Jenna. Jenna has been training Jennifer since her fifteenth birthday when she gave Jennifer a box with a note on top of it, which read: ‘This is your new workout uniform, BITCH.’

Inside the box were a black sports bra and a pair of black shorts for her to wear as she fights Jenna in her very first match ever. Jenna trained Jennifer in a hardcore fighting style that she called ‘Freestyle’ which the rules were simple, anything goes to win. This fighting style also included kickboxing, judo, and ju-jitsu techniques.

Since there was no referee, Jenna had the final say over how far the fight would go; she also gave Jennifer a safety word to use if a five minutes break was needed.

Next Jenna asked Jennifer to enter into the MMA fighting cage as she follows her which was one of two that was built into her parents’ house and this one was built in the floor of the family gym that was on the first floor. The cage was an octagon shape and was sixteen feet wide by six feet tall. When Jennifer reach the middle of the cage, Jenna orders her to stop and put her hand behind her back. Next Jenna orders Jennifer to turn around to face her.

Then Jenna grin at her as she grabs Jennifer by the throat as she said, “Choking, kicking, biting, open-handed and close handed punches are all allowed but raking of the eyes, are not allow for this first match of ours, do I make myself clear, Sweetie.”

Jennifer softly said, “Yes, I understand, Jenna.”

Jennifer learned fast that Jenna did not only could talk the talk, but she could walk the walk. Since it was the very first match between them, Jenna took it easy on Jennifer to see how much she knew about fighting the right way. Jenna was very impressed with Jennifer since she did not use her safety word, as Jenna got rougher during their matches. By the end of the week, Jennifer was kicking Jenna sexy ass as they fought, which gave her the greatest pleasure of all.

Jennifer grades were falling, so on her sixteenth birthday, Jenna made a deal with her. That deal was ‘Once a month on report card day, Jenna would submit herself to Jennifer’s will as long as Jennifer grades were A’s or B’s on the report card, anything less would be a day off from fighting for Jenna.’

When Jennifer heard the terms of the deal, she grabbed Jenna by her very long black hair and slapped her hard in the face as she said; “It will be a cold day in Hell before you get a day off from fighting me, Jenna. You might be my mother’s servant, bitch but you will always be my bitch to fight with however I want to, so I accept your deal, Bitch.”

Jenna enjoys seeing Jennifer pissed off about not fighting, made her smile as she said, “Jennifer, show me what in the hell you got Bitch.” Jennifer let go of Jenna as she told her to get into the MMA fighting cage now.

As soon as they got into the fighting cage, Jennifer grabbed Jenna by the hair from behind and slammed her face first into the mat. Jennifer knew the rules and knew that Jenna could stop the fight at any time if she did not keep her attitude under checked.

Jennifer kicked Jenna in her right ribcage as she said to Jenna, “Get up now, Bitch.” Both Jenna and Jennifer fought very roughly that day as Jenna saw how much passion Jennifer had toward fighting. Jenna saw Jennifer was doing her best to control her emotions during the fights were getting better each day.

However Jenna wanted to see how much punishment Jennifer body could take so as she choking her, whispering, “Jennifer, you can’t use your safety word during this match. I know what your true limits are and I will push your body harder to find your breaking point because we have been fighting each other for a year now and it is time to go to the next level, Bitch.”

Jenna loosens her grip around Jennifer's neck just enough to allow her to whisper, “Bitch, I told you from day one to push me hard. My sister is a fighter, my mother is a fighter, and my grandmother was a fighter. My mother owns Darkest Desire Adult Studio that she inherited from her parents. She runs one of the hottest hardcore fighting companies in the world. You taught my sister, and now she is fighting in my mother company, and I want to join her, so push my body to pass the breakpoint no matter what. I do not want any safety world from this point forward, Bitch.”

Jenna and Jennifer started to kick away at each other in the ribcage and chest as hard as they could while punching each other. Both Jennifer and Jenna have been fighting each other for five hours straight nonstop when Jennifer kicked Jenna in the head hard, which made Jenna, landed onto the mat face first. Jennifer knelt next to Jenna and right away she could tell that Jenna was out cold.

All of a sudden Jennifer felt a hand grabbing her long blonde hair. This person yanked Jennifer head back hard, Jennifer looks up as she said softly, “I am so sorry Mother, I didn’t mean to kick Jenna that hard in the head, is she going to be okay?”

Kim grins at Jennifer as she said, “Sweetie, I have done worst to her and so have my fighters especially Julie.”

The very next day, Kim walked into the gym and sat down as Jennifer and Jenna started to fight each other even harder.

Jennifer love to play rough with Jenna, so when she came home from school on her eighteenth birthday and saw a note from her mother which read, ‘Sweetie, I am in my private playroom with Jenna, and we are waiting for you, so please move your ass down to my dungeon as soon as possible. I have put your name into the system, and you should be able to guess what your password is, Sweetie, Love Mom’.

Jennifer ran to her mother’s playroom that once was the basement until her parents turned it into a dungeon for their adult games of pleasures with Jenna along with their male and female friends.

The dungeon was full of adult toys like whips, paddles and other bdsm stuff as well as a full-size square-fighting cage that went from the floor to the ceiling and was twenty feet wide, made out of cold hard steel. Jennifer saw Jenna hanging from the ceiling by a pair of black leather wrist cuffs.

Jenna was fully naked, over her head was a black leather suffocating hood. The hood had two small hoses coming from the nose area of the hood. Jennifer follows the small hoses with her eyes to a big air hose which went to an old air compressor.

Around Jenna's neck was a black leather collar with the following word ‘BITCH’ written in diamonds. Jennifer also noticed that there was a pair of black leather cuffs around Jenna's ankle.

This was the first time Jennifer ever saw Jenna wearing those adult things. Jenna was seven years older than Jennifer, being a masochist bitch at age twenty-five for one of the cruelest Mistress ever was rough, but Jenna loves pain.

Jennifer heard her mother voice from the shadows of the dungeon, “Jennifer, I want you to release your anger onto that Bitch right now. Do not hold back; I want you to destroy her in front of me, now.”

Jennifer walked up to Jenna and started to kick away at the bitch. Instead of thinking of Jenna as a person, Jennifer did not see anything but a punching bag in front of her. All of Jennifer bottle up emotions came out at one time.

After twenty minutes of destroying Jenna body with kicks and punches, a very dominant female voice said, “Enough.”

Jennifer stopped and back away from Jenna body. Jennifer thought to herself, ‘My God, why didn’t my mom stopped me sooner.’

Jennifer saw her mother grinning at her as she heard, “Now Jennifer, my slut. I know that you have been sleeping with your stepbrother, James, and Jenna since your seventeenth birthday. How did it feel to hurt Jenna and do not lie to me, Bitch?”

Thoughts of destroying Jenna body was giving her enjoyment as she said, “Mother, I did not want to stop hurting Jenna. I wanted to continue dishing out pain onto her goddamn body. Yes, you are right. I have been sleeping with Master James and slave Jenna since last year. That bitch of yours can take a fucking beating both sexually and physically.”

Kim said, “To be a true Mistress and to control that very dark side of yours will take time. I was hoping that the sadistic gene would have passed you by, but it did not, so every day after school I want you to hurt Jenna’s body. I know that she can handle the hell that I am allowing to happen upon her body. You will choose when she deserves a rest as well as choosing to destroy her. I have removed all user from the keypad; you are the only one that is allowed in here, from this point forward, BITCH.”

Kim turned to Jenna and said, “May your fucking Goddess have mercy on your body as you are fully hers to destroy from this moment forward.”

Then Kim left the dungeon. For the next three years until her twenty-first birthday, Jennifer went down to the jail every day with the intent of harming her human dog. Jennifer never shows mercy to Jenna; it was not because she did not want to. Jennifer tried over and over, but the beast inside of her had entirely taken over. It got to a point where she needs some fresh meat.

On her twentieth birthday, Jennifer went out looking for a bitch that would fully submit to her and her alone. Jennifer went to a strip club that her mother owns and picked out an eighteen-year-old female to give her a private show. As soon as the female was fully naked, Jennifer stood up and clamped both hands around the girl's neck.

Jennifer asked if the bitch was scared; the girl only said two words, “Do it.”

As Jennifer began to squeeze the bitch neck hard, their eyes locked onto each other. That is when Jennifer realize what her mother had done. Jennifer started to care about this bitch as she continued choking her. Jennifer realizes at that moment why it was so easy to punish Jenna body like she was nothing. Jenna taught her how to fight and destroy, so harming Jenna was enjoyment for her. While hurting this young bitch was not given her any pleasure like Jenna did in the dungeon.

A dominant female voice said, “I could not teach you love until you destroy what you hated first, my love. I have seen the hellish demon in your eyes since the first day you and Jenna started fighting. I was hoping that loving James was enough, but by your seventeenth birthday, I saw it was consuming you. So I decided to give my pet fully over to you know that you could have killed her. Not even your beast side wants to destroy Jessica. Jessica is not here as a stripper but as a submissive for your pleasure, my love.”

Without releasing her hold on the bitch, Jennifer turned her head and seeing her mother standing there. Kim went on by saying, “I will train you as a Mistress on her. Jessica will be fully submissive to you and only you until you choose to share her with James.”

“Mom, will I ever get that feeling of destroying someone like I do with Jenna?”

“Only God will know, my love.”

Jennifer turn back around as she said, “Damn bitch, you could have fought loose while I was talking to my mom, but instead you stood here, why?”

“I am your slave; I have signed my body, soul, heart, mind, and life over to you and only you. Mistress, don’t you understand, Jenna was never truly your slave. Jenna always had belonged to your mother, and you could not have her fully unlike me. I am fully yours, even when you share me with James, soon to be your husband. You will never lose any rights over me.”

Jennifer kissed the bitch lips.

Chapter 1 - History Of The Stonehearts Family

Jimmy, the owner of an adult movie studio, lived in the beautiful foothills in the affluent small town of Carlin of Nevada along with his twenty-four-year-old playmate, Kimberly. Also known as Kitty, which was her stage name, she regularly starred in his extreme hardcore porn movie that he produced and directed in the studio he aptly named ‘Darkest Desires.’

As was their habit after shoots, they retired to the private office where Kitty sprawled out on the round, black leather couch while Jimmy sat behind the modern glass top desk. Picked up the remote, he clicked once. Two panels in the bookshelves slid aside revealing a large television. A second click and a loud groan, from the naked, full breasted twenty-one-year-old woman getting gang-banged by a group of extreme hardcore bikers flicked up on the screen, burst into the room.

Kimberly has a full tanned athletic body with long black hair and blue eyes; the only things she ever wore were a couple of black leather wrist, ankle cuffs and around her beautiful neck was a black leather collar with a built-in stainless steel choke-chain underneath it, ‘Kitty’ was in white diamonds on the collar.

Jimmy has a slim muscles body, fully tanned, shaved, short brown hair, and hazel eyes; he always wore a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

Kitty’s body was dripping with sweat from getting gang-banged by actresses and actors nonstop earlier that day during a shoot as Jimmy filmed it. He was watching the live tv show on the Playboy network when all sudden hearing a moaning and groaning sound coming from the sofa behind him; slowly turning around in his chair and saw Kitty trying her best to keep up with the live action on TV.

(Flashback. Start) Kimberly has been with him since she was 18 old, after seeing an advertisement for a live-in maid. However, one day it would all changed for them. Kimberly was bored out of her mind that she decided to watch one of Jimmy’s old films without permission. Just as she was about to put the blue-ray into the player that was in the living room on the first floor, she notices the neighbor was out in the garage working on his motorcycle along with other guys.

Kimberly Strip down to her white lace bra and panties before running over to the neighbor’s house that was across the street. Just before stepping on the neighbor’s driveway, she got on all fours and started to crawl toward the men as they stood in the garage drinking beers and smoking cigarettes.

One of the guys was standing next to the owner of the house, tapping him on the shoulder as he was sitting down working on his motorcycle. The owner turned his head toward the driveway as he saw this young beautiful sexy female crawling toward him. The owner had his bike parked sideways in front of the garage. Just as Kimberly got to the bike, she felt someone grabbing her by the hair with force. A dominant female voice said, “Where in the hell do you think you are going, Bitch?”

Scare to death by the voice, Kimberly whimper out, “I wanted to invite all you guys over to watch a film at my Master's house.”

The owner stepped forward and nodded at the female that was yanking hard on the young lady hair. As soon as the man nodded, the girl put Kimberly onto the ground and put her left stiletto onto her chest. The owner grin as he said, “My name is John, bitch. You must be Jimmy new maid that I have seen around. I believe he told me that your name was Kimberly. Is that right?”

As the dominatrix started to push down onto Kimberly’s chest, a whimper came from her as she said, “Yes, Master John, that is right. My name is Kimberly.”

“Good Girl, you know how to a dress me, bitch. I did not think Jimmy was going to take you as his slave, bitch. By the way, glad to see that you only talk when my wife puts pressure on your chest.”

At that moment Kimberly could feel the pressure building as the female started to push down even harder.

Kimberly could feel pain in her chest as she said, “Jimmy has not taken me as a slave. I have been trying to get him to play rough with me but he will not.”

By now the dominatrix put her right stiletto heel onto Kimberly's neck and was pushing down onto it.

John said, “Sorry, my wife gets bored when submissives are talking too much. I am rougher with my pets than Jimmy is. He only had one other servant, let’s call her that. She was about your age, eighteen and was his high school crush. She was killed in a car wreck one month after Jimmy asked her to move in with him. Her death changes him and not in a good way. The only films that I know that he keeps in that house are of her. My wife is his older sister. Her name is Mistress Carolina .”

“Nice to met you, BITCH,” Carolina said as she stood on Kimberly chest and neck.

John knelt next to Kimberly and started to brush her hair as he said, “So Bitch, you want rough sex, I think that the boys and I can take care of that special need of yours, but Carolina will be your punisher until Jimmy shows up. I believe she wants some alone time with him. Have you been to Jimmy’s dungeon?”

“No,” whimpers out from Kimberly's lips.

Carolina steps off of Kimberly as she said, “Get up on all fours, Bitch. For today your only name is ‘BITCH’ understood, Bitch?”

As Kimberly roll over onto her sore chest, as she answers, “Yes, Mistress Carolina.”

“I have a unique relationship with my younger brother, your Master. I was his first, he was seventeen, and I was twenty-one. John knows that I am a bitch and we have an open relationship. Most girls that meet me for the first time do not return. I have no mercy for sluts or other bitches, even though I am one myself. I guess that is because I am dominant when it comes to other sluts. Now move your ass, bitch.”

Kimberly leads them to the basement door and put her head down as she heard John, “Do not worry Bitch. Jimmy gave me a key to the padlock on this door.”

After unlocking the door, John kicks Kimberly in the ass as he said, “Move it, Bitch.”

As she crawls down the stairs, seeing whips of all sizes, chains, ropes, clamps, leather hoods, some with hoses sticking out of them. Carolina lost her patience with Kimberly moving so slowly that she kicked her straight off the stairs. Kimberly health was no concern for Carolina at that moment.

As soon as Kimberly body hit the floor, Carolina picked her head up and slapped her hard while saying, “I do not have time for this fucking bitch right now. John, make damn sure that the boys destroy her body fully while I spend some fucking lone time with my brother upstairs. I want nothing left of her when Jimmy and I join you later. Listen up John; she has no safety words, do you understand me?”

Then Carolina looked over at Kimberly as she said. “Bitch, may your fucking God have mercy on your fucking soul.”

Just before leaving them, Carolina slams Kimberly head hard onto the floor. Kimberly heard the movie starting up as two guys put a pair of black leather wrist and ankle cuffs onto her body. Then they hung her from the ceiling by the wrist cuffs. As Carolina left the dungeon, she re-padlocked the dungeon door.

While this was going on in the basement, upstairs Carolina was fully naked and on her knees as she waited for the only guy that was dominant over her body and soul. As Jimmy walked into his house, he sees Carolina in the slave position.

With a grin, he said, “God, I have missed you in that position, Carolina. Something is up, so tell me, slave.”

Grinning back at him as she said, “Remember how you got me to tell you my darkest secrets, fucker. Do not worry John is off with his boys breaking in a new female slave for me and yes he knows I am here. Now let’s see if you remember how I enjoy playing...”

Before Carolina could finish talking, Jimmy slaps her as he said, “I am the one that gave you the name ‘Extreme Bitch,’ slut. You help me out in my darkest days. I still haven’t unlocked the dungeon; cannot bring myself to do it.”

“I know, Master. Have you try to take your new maid as your servant.”

“I cannot take an innocent female into my world of darkness without doing permanent damage to her body and soul. You taught me how to pick the right girl. I caught her in my study one day, and she begged for me to punish her but I could not. However, in your case, I can always punish you. Damn, Christ, you still can give a goddamn blow job.”


“Damn, I cannot believe you still deep throat huge shaft, bitch.”

“Mmmmm,” Carolina moans as she thinks to herself, ‘God, I hope John and his guys destroying that bitch because Jimmy will when he sees her in his dungeon. Got to get him as hard as possible for that slut.’

“Damn, I want to fuck you right now, slave Carolina.”

Not yet, got to get him hard as hell for the destruction of that fucking whore,’ she thought to herself. Jimmy tried over and over to get Carolina onto her back but could not.

Finally, he was ready, so she pushed him hard onto the floor as she took off running.

Of course, Jimmy got up and chased right after as he yelled, “Get back here you fucking, bitch.”

As soon as Carolina was standing in front of the padlocked dungeon door, she tried kicking it as hard as she could. It took her five tries to break through the door just as she feels Jimmy hands grabbing her hair.

Carolina knew that Jimmy was already pissed off for making him chase her, but he was about to get more pissed when she hind kicks him in his private. As soon as Carolina kicked Jimmy, he doubles over as she went flying down the stairs.

Carolina told the guys not to stop destroying the young bitch as they heard, “BITCH, YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT, YOU FUCKING BITCH.”

Two guys quickly grab Carolina and throw her in a cell and lock it for her protection. John knew that Jimmy would never honestly hurt Carolina but also knew that Jimmy had a nasty temper when it came to her.

Jimmy stormed down the stairs while screaming, “Bitch, I am going to find you and when I do you will regret it, fucking, BITCH.”

Kim was very scared as she heard Jimmy swearing while screaming. Kim had never seen Jimmy lose his temper before. Just as Jimmy reach the third step from the bottom, he saw John, his brother-in-law with a group of bikers taking turns fucking Kimberly roughly while one of his extreme hardcore movies was playing with his deceased servant and lover in it.

At first, Jimmy just stood there in shock as he watched her being choked by John while fucking her cunt off hard as another guy was ramming his rod in and out of her mouth very slowly. For the first time, Jimmy did not see Kimberly just as a maid but as a slave.

John leaned toward Kimberly and whispered, “Carolina brings the worst out of him. She is his demon ever since his lover died. He blames her for his pain because she introduced them to each other.”

Kimberly looked over and saw Jimmy slowly calming down.

Kimberly smirk as she yelled while the guy had his shaft out of her mouth, “Come on, you mother fuckers. I thought Mistress Carolina told you, sons of bitches, to destroy me physically and sexually. So show my goddamn Master what I was built...”

Hearing the young slut cussing, Carolina slowly sat up and said to herself, “Goddamn, I was right about her. She has the same spirit as his deceased lover.”

As Jimmy continued to watching the destruction of his housemaid becoming a goddamn sexual servant, he started to lose control of his body functions.

At a point, Jimmy yanked one of the guys off of her that was ramming his rod into her cunt as he said. “From this point forward you will be known as Kitty throughout the whole wide world, my little whore.”

Out of breath, Kimberly whispers, “Master, may I do my chores in my birthday suit from now on.”

Jimmy smiles as he said. “John anytime you and your boys want my bitch, do not hesitate to come and take her as long as I am not using her for anything at the time.”

Hearing her Master giving John and his friends' full access to her at any time, turned her on even more. Now Kimberly knew that she would never be bored again. She was hearing her Master telling some of the guys to let Carolina out of the cell that she was locked in.

That day, both Carolina and Kimberly got gangbang extremely roughly out of their minds. Rumors are that the gangbanging lasted a whole month, but only Jimmy, John, Kimberly, Carolina, and the boys know for sure. The only thing for sure was that Kimberly had entirely become Jimmy slut forever (Flashback. End).

Chapter 2 - How the Stonehearts females became Dominatrix

(Present. Start), Jimmy wipes his eyes as he smiles at Kimberly who was still trying her best to keep pace with the live action on the TV in his office at the studio. Jimmy was now ready as he said, “Spread your legs, bitch.”

Kimberly said, “Yes, Master, by the way, I couldn’t help but notice you started to tear up a couple of minutes ago, did I do something wrong.”

He smiles at her as he said, “Kitty, I was remembering when I came home that day and caught you getting gangbang by John and his biker gang for the very first time. After that, I took you as my sex slave to do with as I please.”

Kimberly softly said, “I remember it very well, and I am so glad you caught me with those guys too, Master. ”

Next, he walked toward Kitty, removing his t-shirt and jeans. When Jimmy reached Kitty, he smiles at her while slowly climbing between her legs, kissing them.

As he kissed her legs slowly, he softly asked, “Are you enjoying the slut on tv, my little horny bitch?”

Kitty whispered to him with a grin, “Yes, Master. I am enjoying watching her very much. Why do you ask, Master?”

He lowers his head toward Kitty cunt while saying softly. “Her name is Tracey, Sweetie. I am thinking about putting her in a movie, do you know whom I should co-star her with...”

Before he could finish talking, Kitty grabbed his head and push it toward her cunt as she whispered, “Master, I would love to be the one that co-stars with her in one of your sadistic and masochist films.”

Kitty heard a moaning sound as she continues to push his head even deeper into her cunt as she said, “God, I love feeling your warm tongue inside of me, Master.”

Jimmy allows Kimberly some freedom as they had sex with each other, slowly reaches up toward both of Kitty's breasts with his hands. Kitty used a free hand to guide his hands to her breasts as she started to moan in pleasure softly. It did not take Kitty long to reach climax since her cunt was still tender from all of the sexual activities that she was involved with earlier that day.

Kitty lifts Jimmy head with the hand that had been holding his head against her cunt as she softly said, “Master, I want you inside of me as we lock lips. May we have sex with each other slowly as we listen to Tracey Jones Divine getting gangbang out of her mind for the live audiences around the world?”

Jimmy grins up at her as he softly said, “Sure, my horny slut. We can take it very slowly as we listen to Tracey and tomorrow I will see if she is available for our use and pleasure.”

He began to kiss her lower chest and continued up her body with kisses until their lips locked together as she directs his rod into her very swollen cunt. Kitty knew that Tracey’s live tv show was two hours nonstop live action, which had just started fifteen minutes before and on a good day Kitty could last for two hours herself as she and her Master had sex with each other. However, since Kitty, herself had been gangbang extremely roughly by both men and women in a nonstop action earlier in the day, she knew that her body was at the mercy of Master Jimmy.

Jimmy whisper, “Thank God, you are on birth control, slut because I love cumming inside of you, so much.”

Kitty whispers, “I love you too, Master. Please fill my cunt up with all your hot and very sticky cum.”

Kitty moans and groans as her Master sucked, licked, and nibbled on the double D sizes breasts as he pounded away at her cunt slowly but hard. Kitty knew what she was to him and did not care what others thought of her.

Kitty was his to use as well as passed around to anyone he wanted to at any time and anyplace. Kitty wrapped her powerful legs around his waist as she started to cum for the third time in less than an hour while watching Tracey on tv begging the bikers to get rougher with her.

Kitty whispered, “Damn, Master, that bitch enjoys getting rough up as she gets fucked. I cannot wait to get my hands on her body and show what a real-life extreme bitch can do with her.”

Jimmy just moaned as he sucked, licked, and softly nibbled on her breasts. He loved to hear his little kitty talking shit about what she was going do to other sluts. Kitty could get extremely rough with others during sex, so Jimmy always set the rules before each shoot unless knowing that the actresses or actors were into rough sex then he would give her full freedom to do whatever she wanted.

Just as Tracey show hit the one and half hour mark, Kitty's eyes rolled back as Jimmy rammed his rod into her cunt as deep as he could. He knew that his playmate’s body was giving out on her and done for the rest of the evening.

The next day, Jimmy called Tracey’s manager Sarah who told him that her client gets $1500.00 per hour.

Jimmy told her that was fine and ask Sarah what day that Tracey could come by his studio for an audition for his upcoming extreme sadistic movie.

Sarah said to him that Tracey would be available for his film on June 10th through October 31st that would give him almost five months with Tracey.

Tracey is 5ft and 11inches tall with very long, soft brown hair. Her figure is an hourglass that was entirely tan from head to toe. She was very cheerful with an outspoken personality, was adopted by Lisa and her boyfriend, Jason when she was four years old.

Lisa has a very extreme athletic body that was entirely tan from head to toe, 6ft tall with very long, soft red hair. She was fourteen years older than Tracey.

Tracey was eighteen years old when she became their private sexual servant. Ever since Tracey was fifteen years old, Lisa would tie her up and leave for hours at a time as she went off with friends.

On Tracey eighteenth birthday, Lisa gave her to Jason on their honeymoon for him to play with as roughly as he wanted while she watched with lustfulness in her heart for both of them. Jason was amazed by how much punishment Tracey body could take as he and Lisa had their way with her that night.

One year later, about 8:00 in the morning on Tracey nineteenth birthday, Lisa walked into Tracey’s bedroom and jumped on top of her bare chest. Tracey tied to the bed in an x position; she smiles at Lisa as she heard, “Did you enjoy my husband being inside of you all night long, slave?”

Tracey answer by saying in a joking way, “Lisa, I...”

Lisa put both of her hands onto Tracey’s neck and started to squeeze it as she said, “Slave, what did you call me?”

Lisa knew that Tracey enjoyed pushing her buttons in the morning. So most of the time she allows Tracey some lead-way but not today and Tracey knew that of course, however, she couldn’t resist trying her luck.

Tracey very softly said, “I meant to say, Mistress Lisa, honest, Mistress.”

Lisa removed one of her hands from Tracey's neck and slowly began to slide that hand through Tracey's hair as she softly says, “In that case, please continue what you were saying before I cut you off, slave.”

Tracey softly said, “Mistress, I enjoy having your husband inside of me as you watched and I know today you will allow your male and female friends along with Master Jason to do whatever they want to my ungodly body, Mistress.”

Lisa smile at her as she slowly leans forward while Tracey started to raise her head to meet her Mistress' lips. As they kissed each other, Tracey begins to lower her head back down slowly onto the pillow as Lisa continues to kiss her.

Then Lisa broke the kissed and grinned at her slave while saying, “Slut, its time.”

As Lisa was saying those words, she starts to untie Tracey's wrists. Next, Lisa arched backward and began to untie her slave ankles. Tracey knew not to move until Lisa told her to, she could felt her heart racing faster knowing that anything went today.

Lisa got off of her as she said, “Get off of the bed and kneel before me, now bitch.”

Tracey slowly got up off the bed and knelt before Lisa with hands behind her back as she looked up at her Mistress.

Lisa grabbed Tracey by the hair and yank her head back hard as she said, “Bitch there are no rules with your body today, anything goes for my guests and my husband. My love is shipping out tomorrow, his unit is going to the front lines, and you are my gift to him. So you better please Master Jason as I videotape you getting abused by him, his unit, their wives, and girlfriends, do you understand me, slut of mine?”

As Lisa started to slap away at her slave’s face hard, she heard, “I fully understand, Mistress. I will bring you honor and glory as I please Master Jason, his unit, their wives, and girlfriends nonstop as you videotape.”

Then Lisa slowly let go of Tracey's hair as she orders her to follow as she started to walk out to the living room where Jason and their guests were waiting for them.

As soon as they enter the living room, Tracey continues to the middle of the room as Lisa stopped at the doorway where she said, “There are no rules with my little whore. She knows what awaits for her, so be as rough as you want while I am watching and videotaping this live action. I will be sending Playboy tv station a copy of today activity, seeing if they want to try my little whore out as well.”

Then she picks up her video camera as Jason grab Tracey by her hair saying, “Slave, sit up now, hands behind your back while you opening that dirty mouth of yours.”

Twenty guys circle them while twenty plus females watch from their seats.

There were video cameras all over the living room which Lisa had turned on just as she entered the living room by flipping a switch that was next to the doorway. Jason slapped Tracey hard as he could in the face as he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Tracey, our family whore of pleasure. Anything you want to do to her, please feel free to do so. She is here to please us while given her Mistress honor and glory.”

With that, Jason rammed his shaft into Tracey's mouth as he said to her, “Make it hard, bitch so that I can fuck your cunt and ass off.”

It didn’t take long for Jason and his men to start gangbanging the hell out of Tracey’s body. Jason had both men and women in his unit; that is why there were more females then men. Most of the women in his troop were single and very willing to sleep with Jason and his men while they were away from their families.

Lisa put her camera down as she grabs Vicky by the hair as she said, “God, your husband, won’t mind if I have my way with you, bitch.”

Lisa knew that Vicky was bisexual who enjoy being dominated over while having very rough sex with other females. Vicky was happily married to one of the guys in Jason’s unit; his name was Mike. Lisa and Vicky left the living room and went to the basement which Lisa and Jason had turned into their private dungeon of painful pleasures. Since Vicky’s seventeenth birthday, she had been Lisa’s bitch. Lisa and Vicky were stepsisters. Lisa was one year older than Vicky.

The next day as Tracey laid motionless on the hardwood floor, Jimmy and his unit left his house. Lisa was still in the dungeon dishing out pain onto Vicky's body. The relationship between Lisa and Vicky was a love-hate one. Lisa took her anger out on Vicky but lately, Lisa had been more relaxed on her. Lisa knew that the brutal punishments had been taking a toll on Vicky’s body. Unknown to Vicky, Lisa was going to release her as a masochist slave at the end of the week. Until then, Lisa was going to destroy her soon to be ex-slave unmercifully fully. Lisa took little time to go up and check on her new improved masochist slave, Tracey.


Chapter 3 - Kitty is pregnant by Jimmy

Living in the beautiful foothills in the small affluent town of Carlin, Tracey was a thirty-year-old Playboy model and professional actress in the field of adult entertainment. Tracey began her porn star career on her eighteenth birthday when Jason, his unit and their friends took turns gangbanging her off as Cousin Lisa videotape it. Next Lisa sent the video to playboy.

The playboy network liked what they saw on the tape showing rough sex, extreme bdsm on a hardcore masochist bitch. The playboy called Lisa and had her bring slave Tracey out to the TV studio where they watched her take on all comers.

Within a year, Tracey had her live show where she allows females and males to have their way with her masochist body. In an interview a couple of years later, Tracey told the person interviewing her that she enjoyed sex, very rough sex and didn’t mind being called a slut or what people thought of her. Tracey also admitted that she was addicted to nonstop sexual activities, so she was glad that playboy network wanted to make a reality show of her fucked up life.

Playboy told the interviewer that Tracey was one of the best porn stars to date that they had signed. Tracey was into every type of sexual activities that you could name, and rougher the sex was, the more she would beg.

Tracey would sunbathe nude in the backyard that was a fence in with permission from Mistress Lisa. Some guys try their best to make her a one-person, but they could not give her the nonstop sex that she was looking. Tracey never wore any bra or panties; she only wore a pair of black leather cuffs around her wrists and ankle. A Mistress gave Tracey those cuffs, after seeing that the young slut did not have any limitations on being used and abused sexually. That Mistress also told her never to take the wrist and ankle cuffs off. Tracey went out and bought a black leather collar that she had the following words ‘Extreme Playmate’ on it with white diamonds.

Jimmy was always looking for the next porn star for his extreme bdsm sadistic films. His studio was called ‘Darkest Desires,’ and he had a live-in playmate which he would put into some of his movies. Her name was Kimberly and she been with him since she was eighteen years old. Jimmy loves to watch Kimberly getting passed around in his films. He always treats her with respect; if there were a scene that she didn’t feel right about, he would not force her to do the scene. Jimmy had a slim body with muscles which was entirely tan, and he kept his whole body shaved except for his head which had very long black hair.

Kimberly just got done doing an extreme gangbang scene, when Jimmy told everyone to wrap for the day. He follows Kimberly into his office where she laid down on the sofa bed and rested as he sat behind his desk while going through his mail.

Seeing a new issue of Playboy magazine and started to flip through it when a nude photo catches his eyes. Jimmy looked very closely at the picture as he thought to himself, ’I seen this lady in action on the TV a couple of months ago.’

He went through his burn DVDs of original Playboy's shows that caught his eyes. He would put the actress or actor names on the DVDs that he burns, and right away he finds the one he was looking for and pop it into his DVD player and started to watch it. The actress that caught his eyes both in the DVD and magazine was a hardcore masochist bitch that went just by Tracey. He turns around and faces the only window in his office as he begins to read Tracey bios from the magazine.

As he was reading her bios and the list of movies as well as TV shows that Tracey had starred in, he heard a soft moaning and groaning sounds coming from the sofa; he turned his head left and looked up in a dome mirror hanging in the corner on the back and side wall.

Jimmy smiles as he saw Kimberly playing with herself as she did her best to stay in time with the actress as she watches in amazement. Without turning around, Jimmy said, “Her name is Tracey, Sweetie. Remember, we saw her on a live show a couple of months back. I am still thinking about putting her in a movie, do you know whom I should co-star her with...”

Before he could finish talking, he heard a soft voice saying, “Master, I would love to be the one that co-stars with her in one of your films.”

“I will have to see if she is still available before I can answer your request, Sweetie,” he said to his masochist slave.

Jimmy turned all the way around and was facing Kimberly once again as he smiles at her. He picked up the phone and called Mistress Sarah about ‘Tracey, the Bitch without limitations.’

They talked about her for hours as he told Sarah about the movie and what it was. After some back and forth discussing price, dates and the place that she would have her audition as well as the actress that would be apart of the test.

Kimberly was to busy playing with her pussy to hear or even care what her Master was doing on the phone. That night as Jimmy and her cuddled with each other in his king size bed, he whispers, “I did my best, sweetie but I just don’t know if it will be possible for me to get her for an extreme sadistic film that you two can co-star in together.”

It was now Friday night, and Tracey just put her white silk blouse on and a mini skirt. Next, she fit her hair and put makeup onto her face. Then Tracey checks her collar to see if it was facing the right way with the words ‘Extreme Playmate’ in front. Next, she picked the best pair of black shoe that she owned just as she heard a honking sound coming from her driveway. Looking out of the window and saw a black limousine with a female standing with the back right passage door open. Tracey smiles as she walked out of the front doors, locking them behind her. Tracey walked up to the young lady while thinking to herself; ‘she must be in her early thirties.’ Climbing into the limousine as the lady followed her, shutting the door behind them.

Tracey saw a younger female in the driving seat as she heard the young lady next to her saying, “Okay, let’s go to Jimmy’s studio, now.”

Then the young lady said to Tracey, “My name is Carolina, I’m thirty-three years old. I am Jimmy private secretary and his sister. I am here to make sure that you enjoy the ride to his studio as we talk about what he might have planned for your audition for the latest film. I have been instructed to make you comfortable as possible on the way to the studio including sexually if need be.”

Tracey smile as she looks Carolina over. Carolina’s body was slim and curved as she reaches over and whisper, “Is the young female driver allow to watch us, sweetie?”

Before Carolina could answer her, The young driver smile while softly saying, “Master Jimmy, told me never put the screen that separates the front from the back up no matter what, ma’am.”

Tracey smiled and said, “In that case maybe Carolina and I can put a show on for you but first I want to know what Jimmy expect from me.”

Carolina smile as she said, “He wants you to be yourself and have fun. Jimmy is a very relaxed guy that you will ever meet. Many have tried their best to tame his heart but will break hearts while telling you how sorry he is.”

Tracey leaned over and started kissing the top of Carolina medium sized breasts and making sure that the young driver could see everything that she and Carolina were doing to each other. Carolina dominance side slowly came out to play as Tracey sucked, licked, and nibbled on her breasts. It was hard for Carolina to control her dominatrix side but knowing how important Tracey’s audition was, she had no choice.

The young driver kept one eye on the road and the other on the action in the review mirror. Carolina pushed Tracey’s body backward onto limousine bench as she ripped the white silk shirt off of Tracey’s body.

Carolina asks the driver how much longer it was going to be before they arrive at Jimmy’s studio.

The young driver told Carolina that she was taking the longest way so that it will be an hour and a half.

Hearing that, Carolina lean down over the double D breasts of the young slut. Just before Carolina bit one of the breasts, she whispered, “Great to meet you, BITCH.”

Tracey arched her chest toward Carolina open mouth while feeling one of Carolina knees being roughly rammed into her cunt at the same time. The young driver watched as Carolina sexually attacked Tracey’s body.

As the young driver turned into the gated studio, she said, “Carolina, we are here.” When they finally pulled up to the main stage, a young guy opened the limousine right passage side door. Carolina stepped out of the limousine first and then Tracey. As soon as she stepped out of the limo, Tracey dropped to her knees while Carolina talked to the young guy.

Tracey heard the young guy asked Carolina, “Where the young lady clothes were at and why she was on her knees.”

Carolina smile as she said to the young guy, “If I told you, I would have to kill you.”

The guy opened the door as he said in a very shaky voice, “J-J-J-Jimmy is inside, Mistress Carolina.”

Carolina smiled at him as she enters the studio followed by Tracey on all fours. Tracey saw a thin man standing in front of them with long black hair falling over the shoulders of a starched white shirt with blue jeans. Tracey eyes him up and down appreciatively. At the same time, she was perfectly aware that he was checking her out as well as while Carolina kissed him. She was secretly pleased that Carolina told her not to wear any clothes.

Jimmy whispered, “God, sis. I see that you have started playing with my wife in the limousine.”

“You forgot who was at your wedding. I cannot wait for Kitty to meet her. Oh, by the way, I am pleased that you found your true love, brother. I need to get back to John and his boys, they pose to be gangbanging one of my pets out of her goddamn mind,” Carolina said as she kissed him and left the stage.

As soon as Carolina was gone, Jimmy turned and saw Tracey sitting up with hands behind her back. “You may stand up, my beautiful slave,” Jimmy said.

Tracey grin at him as she slowly stood up. Even though Tracey was Jimmy’s wife, she was a sexual slave first and foremost. As Tracey slowly stood up, she kept hands behind her back.

Jimmy begin reaching around grabbing her very long black hair with one hand as he kisses her. Tracey was now trembling as she felt him let go of her hair. Next Jimmy reaches around her neck with both of his hands as he continued to kiss her lips.

She was feeling her collar getting looser until it finally fell off. As Jimmy started to kiss her neck, she felt a hand move down her body to her cunt, then he broke the kiss and spun her around as he looked at her sexy body. When Tracey stopped, she was facing him as he smiles. Jimmy slowly started to kiss her lips.

Jimmy broke the kiss as he whispered, “Go to your knees, goddamn slave.” When Tracey got to her knees, she looks up at his clean shaved face as she kept hands behind her. Jimmy slowly backs away from her. Tracey smiled at him as she watched him back up toward the bed.

Jimmy motion for her to come as he said, “Please stay on your knees, Slave.”

Tracey slowly started to crawl over to him as he knelt onto the bed with his back against the headboard of the bed.

Tracey sat up when she got to the bed and looked at him with a grin as he said, “You may come up onto the bed but only enter by crawling over the footboard. You may stand up and walk around to the footboard, or you may continue to crawl, Slave.”

Tracey was enjoying this cat and mouse game that they were playing with each other. Tracey slowly crawled around to the footboard and stood up. Then Tracey leaned forward and started to crawl onto the bed very slowly all the while watching him.

As soon as Tracey got into arm's length of Jimmy, he grabbed her hair. Next Jimmy yanked her head back as he leans forward locking lips with his slave-wife. Then Jimmy pushed Tracey backward, so she landed onto her knees with her head hanging off of the footboard.

Next Jimmy told her to stay just like she was and do not move. Then Jimmy got off of the bed and walked around to the footboard while ordering Tracey to open her mouth up as wide as she could, which she did without any haste. Next Jimmy slowly put his soft shaft into her mouth. As soon as Jimmy shaft enters her wide-open mouth, she begins to suck and softly nibble on it slowly.

Jimmy slid his hands down her neck and chest while she sucks on him slowly. Tracey could hear him starting to moan and groan while she sucked him off slowly.

Jimmy leaned forward and put his mouth onto one of her double size D breasts and began to suck on it.

As soon as Jimmy shaft was rock hard, he slowly stood back up as he pulled out of her mouth. Jimmy smiled at Tracey as he slowly got back onto the bed with his back against the headboard. Jimmy pulled her body up to him by her legs and slowly slid his shaft into her cunt. Tracey wrapped her legs around his waist while he lowers himself as he slowly started to fuck her hard. They kissed each other lips.

Tracey broke the kiss just long enough to said, “Master, please fuck me hard nonstop and fill me with your hot...”

Jimmy kissed her lips as he begins to fuck faster and harder.

As they fucked each other off, a twenty-four-year-old female walked into the studio and heard another female cussing her head off. So this young bitch follows the female voice until she came upon a sound stage where she saw Jimmy fucking another female off hard — walking closer to them making sure that she did not make a sound to disturb them. As she watched Master Jimmy fucking off another lady, she slowly started to rub her pussy underneath her skirt.

While she watched both her Master and the gorgeous female having intercourse with each other, she started to moan and groan.

While having sex with each other on the bed, Tracey heard a female moaning and groaning coming from her left side. Tracey slowly turned her head and saw this stunning sexual young female adult standing against the wall of the bedroom set.

Tracey turned back towards Jimmy and whispered, “Looks like we have a watcher.”

Jimmy looked and then finishing kissing Tracey on the neck as he said, “What do you think of her, my love.”

Tracey whispered back, “She looks better than her photograph that you had shown me, Master.”

He whispered back to her, “Just like you had asked me; I haven’t told her that I got married to a very sexy lady that is bisexual, my goddamn slave.”

Tracey said, “I can’t believe that we have been married for about two months now, and she has not caught onto us yet.”

Then Tracey turned back to the young girl and softly said, “Kimberly come here now, please, slave.”

Kimberly slowly walked to them and stopped at the bed as Tracey asked her if she could touch her cunt for a moment.

Kimberly just nodded as she put hands behind her back.

Tracey took her left hand and started to rub Kimberly’s pussy as Jimmy, said, “Sweetie this is your new Mistress, Tracey and we just got married about two...”

Before Jimmy could finish talking, he and Tracey heard Kimberly softly said, “I know Master and was scared that you might have found another pet to play with. So, I followed you one night and saw you kissing her but not in the same way that you kiss me. It was more passion than that, please don’t get me wrong I love how we kiss, but I could tell that there was more between you two beside sex. As soon as you enter her place, I went around the back and look through a window and saw two naked females on either side of a black leather chair.

The two females got onto all fours as you two enter the room and I saw her kiss them. However, one of the females that Mistress was kissing, she started to squeeze the young girl neck hard while slapping her in the face. I could tell by the way that female was looking at her that she was enjoying the treatment. I try to leave but could not move, watching you and Tracey started to play with them. I caught myself rubbing my pussy, slowly and well I cummed just as all four of you did. I ran home and washed up because knowing that I was not allowed to cum without your permission Master. I got worried tonight when you didn’t come back, so I came here first, and well you can guess the rest. I suppose that now I am in trouble...”

Before she could finish talking, Tracey said, “Sweetie, you may cum without permission when Jimmy and I are having intercourse in front of you, and as for the two ladies you had seen that night, they are my private pets, and no one is allowed to touch them without my permission including Jimmy, and he knows this. They are twins and have been with me since they each were eighteen years old.

The one you saw me slap in the face is Ashley, and she is my extreme masochist pet. You will never play with her because she plays very rough and has left bruises on her sister without meaning to. Ashley is into extreme bdsm and as her sister, Becky, well you can play with her, she is gentle as a kitten. You will meet them tomorrow and don’t worry about Ashley; she knows not to touch you without my permission which she may never get if she cannot learn to be gentle with others. I think your Master would like to fill that very tight ass of your while you feast on my cunt which is nicely filled with his and my cum, sweetie.”

Kimberly saw her Master pulling out of Tracey. She kissed her Master lips and then lay between her Mistress' legs. Kimberly knew that her Master was looking for a lover that understood his lifestyle and would not make her leave him. She could tell by looking into Tracey's eyes that her new Mistress enjoys having a playmate to share with others.

Before she put her mouth onto her Mistress cunt, she looked up at her and softly said, “Mistress, I would like to see if I could handle Ashley roughness, and only in front of you of course. You do not need to answer my request right now; I want you and my Master to discuss it with each other first. Also maybe I could watch her and Becky playing with each other to see how rough she can get with someone because I am a masochist bitch, myself.”

Then Kimberly lowers her head while she was saying, “Master, I am ready for my ass fucking.”

Unknown to Kimberly, Master Jimmy had switch out her birth control pills with sugar pills for the last month because tonight he was going to pregnant her in front of Mistress Tracey.

Jimmy lift Kimberly’s head off of Tracey cunt. Tracey got off the bed and went to the toy box that was on the set. Tracey dug through the trunk for the most prominent double strap-on that she could find and put it on. Tonight was not about love; it was about the destruction of Kimberly’s sexual body as Jimmy slave and rebirth as the Stoneheart family sexual slave.

That night Tracey and Jimmy took turns fucking Kimberly's cunt and ass as Tracey told Kimberly that ‘Kitty,’ was no longer her stage name.

With every thrust from them, her body became theirs to destroy forever. Kimberly accepted her new role as their sex slave, and she felt Tracey very dark side even if it was for one night only, but she hoped that it was not.

After that night, they moved into Mistress Tracey’s mansion and laid her in the dungeon. They put Kimberly onto a table that was called ‘The Bullet Table’ which was in a cell.

The table was made out of stainless steel. The middle was shaped like a Bullet and went up, down against her backside as a jackhammer at each end of the table fucked Kimberly throat and ass off nonstop for nine months straight.

Becky was ordered to watch Kimberly twenty-four hour, seven days and to replace the intravenously when it was low. As days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, Becky could see that Kimberly's tummy was growing nice and big.

Jimmy never went to see her in those months. Kimberly only mission was to bore a child for Jimmy and Tracey to celebrate their commitment to each other. Destroying of Kimberly sexual and physically was the only thing on their mind. Tracey private doctor would check on Kimberly body once a month.

Tracey doctor told them that the due date was August 21st but unknown to Jimmy, Tracey had other plans. After talking to her private doctor and Kimberly about the health of Kimberly's body. Tracey had something special in mind since it would be extremely rough on Kimberly's body, she wanted to make sure her sex slave could handle it.