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Dream Life of Wealth, Power, and Love


This is fully fantasy.  It about a young 36yrs old, guy named ‘James’ marrying his 21yrs old stepsister, Jennifer. Born in a unique mob family, Jennifer is finding her way as a full sadistic dominatrix bitch over females. While James is slowly finding his way in becoming the most fear man on earth. There is a lost gene only found in Jennifer and some female bloodlines, that is taken Jennifer completely over.  Can James fully coupe knowing his wife darkest secrets? Will Jennifer allow the darkest part of the dominatrix gene to take her fully over? Will true love finally end the dominatrix gene once and for all? This story is about rough sex, bdsm, sadistic and masochist relationship between the submissive and their owners. Please read the whole story first before you judge it.  This is my very first book ever. Any and all comments are welcome. They have 100% free will to choose how far their owners can go with them. If you are not into bdsm, sadistic and masochist, or rough sex, you might want to skip this fantasy story. As I re-read this story and try to improve it, things will change in the chapters as I am slowly cleaning and sharpen the storyline.


Training for forty plus hours a week with some help from her mother’s servant, Jenna. Jenna has been training Jennifer since her fifteenth birthday when she gave Jennifer a box with a note on top of it, which read: ‘This is your new workout uniform, bitch.’

Inside the box were a black sports bra and a pair of black shorts for her to wear as she fights Jenna in her very first match ever. Jenna trained Jennifer in a hardcore fighting style that she called ‘Freestyle’ which the rules were simple, anything goes to win. This fighting style also included kickboxing, judo, and ju-jitsu techniques.

Since there was no referee, Jenna had the final say over how far the fight would go; she also gave Jennifer a safety word to use if a five minutes break was needed.

Next Jenna asked Jennifer to enter into the MMA fighting cage as she follows her which was one of two that was built into her parents’ house and this cage made into the floor of the family gym that was on the first floor. The pen was an octagon shape and was sixteen feet wide by six feet tall. When Jennifer reach the middle of the cage, Jenna orders her to stop and put her hand behind her back. Next Jenna orders Jennifer to turn around to face her.

Then Jenna grin at her as she grabs Jennifer by the throat as she said, “Choking, kicking, biting, open-handed and close handed punches are all allowed but raking of the eyes, are not allow for this first match of ours, do I make myself clear, Sweetie.”

Jennifer softly said, “Yes, I understand, Jenna.”

Jennifer learned fast that Jenna did not only could talk the talk, but she could walk the walk. Since it was the very first match between them, Jenna took it easy on Jennifer to see how much she knew about fighting the right way. Jenna was very impressed with Jennifer since she did not use her safety word, as Jenna got rougher during their matches. By the end of the week, Jennifer was kicking Jenna sexy ass as they fought, which gave her the greatest pleasure of all.

Jennifer grades were falling, so on her sixteenth birthday, Jenna made a deal with her. That deal was ‘Once a month on report card day, Jenna would submit herself to Jennifer’s will as long as Jennifer grades were A’s or B’s on the report card, anything less would be a day off from fighting for Jenna.

When Jennifer heard the terms of the deal, she grabbed Jenna by her very long black hair and slapped her hard in the face as she said; “It will be a cold day in Hell before you get a day off from fighting me, Jenna. You might be my mother’s servant, bitch but you will always be mine to fight with however I want to, so I accept your deal, bitch.”

Jenna enjoys seeing Jennifer pissed off about not fighting, made her smile as she said, “Jennifer, show me what in the hell you got, bitch.”

Jennifer let go of Jenna as she told her to get into the MMA fighting cage now.

As soon as they got into the fighting cage, Jennifer grabbed Jenna by the hair from behind and slammed her face first into the mat. Jennifer knew the rules and knew that Jenna could stop the fight at any time if she did not keep her attitude under checked.

Jennifer kicked Jenna in her right ribcage as she said to Jenna, “Get up now, bitch.” Both Jenna and Jennifer fought very roughly that day as Jenna saw how much passion Jennifer had toward fighting. Jenna saw Jennifer was doing her best to control her emotions during the fights were getting better each day.

However Jenna wanted to see how much punishment Jennifer body could take so as she choking her, whispering, “Jennifer, you can’t use your safety word during this match. I know what your true limits are and I will push your body harder to find your breaking point because we have been fighting each other for a year now and it is time to go to the next level, bitch.”

Jenna loosens her grip around Jennifer's neck just enough to allow her to whisper, “Bitch, I told you from day one to push me hard. My sister is a fighter, my mother is a fighter, and my grandmother was a fighter. My mother owns Darkest Desire Adult Studio that she inherited from her parents. She runs one of the hottest hardcore fighting companies in the world. You taught my sister, and now she is fighting in my mother company, and I want to join her, so push my body to the breakpoint no matter what. I do not want any safety word from this point forward, bitch.”

Jenna and Jennifer started to kick away at each other in the ribcage and chest as hard as they could while punching each other. Both Jennifer and Jenna have been fighting each other for five hours straight nonstop when Jennifer kicked Jenna in the head hard, which forced Jenna, onto the mat face first. Jennifer knelt next to Jenna and right away she could tell that Jenna was out cold.

All of a sudden Jennifer felt a hand grabbing her long blonde hair. This person yanked Jennifer head back hard, Jennifer looks up as she said softly, “I am so sorry Mother, I didn’t mean to kick Jenna that hard in the head, is she going to be okay?”

Kim grins at Jennifer as she said, “Sweetie, I have done worst to her and so have my fighters especially Julie.”

The very next day, Kim walked into the gym and sat down as Jennifer and Jenna started to fight each other even harder.

Jennifer love to play rough with Jenna, so when she came home from school on her eighteenth birthday and saw a note from her mother which read, ‘Sweetie, I am in my private playroom with Jenna, and we are waiting for you, so please move your ass down to my dungeon as soon as possible. I have put your name into the system, and you should be able to guess what your password is, Sweetie, Love Mom’.

Jennifer ran to her mother’s playroom that once was the basement until her parents turned it into a dungeon for their adult games of pleasures with Jenna along with their male and female friends.

The dungeon was full of adult toys like whips, paddles and other bdsm stuff as well as a full-size square-fighting cage that went from the floor to the ceiling and was twenty feet wide, made out of cold hard steel. Jennifer saw Jenna hanging from the ceiling by a pair of black leather wrist cuffs.

Jenna was fully naked, over her head was a black leather suffocating hood. The hood had two small hoses coming from the nose area of the hood. Jennifer follows the small tubes with her eyes to a big air hose which went to an old air compressor.

Around Jenna's neck was a black leather collar with the following word ‘bitch,’ written in diamonds. Jennifer also noticed that there was a pair of black leather cuffs around Jenna's ankle.

This was the first time Jennifer ever saw Jenna wearing those adult things. Jenna was eight years older than Jennifer, being a masochist bitch at age twenty-six for one of the cruelest Mistress ever was rough, but Jenna loves pain.

Jennifer heard her mother voice from the shadows of the dungeon, “Jennifer, I want you to release your anger onto that Bitch right now. Do not hold back; I want you to destroy her in front of me, now.”

Jennifer walked up to Jenna and started to kick away at the bitch. Instead of thinking of Jenna as a person, Jennifer did not see anything but a punching bag in front of her. All of Jennifer bottle up emotions came out at one time.

After twenty minutes of destroying Jenna body with kicks and punches, a very dominant female voice said, “Enough.”

Jennifer stopped and back away from Jenna body. Jennifer thought to herself, ‘My God, why didn’t my mom stopped me sooner.’

Jennifer saw her mother grinning at her as she heard, “Now Jennifer, my slut. I know that you have been sleeping with your stepbrother, James, and Jenna since your seventeenth birthday. How did it feel about hurting Jenna and do not lie to me, bitch?”

Thoughts of destroying Jenna body was giving her enjoyment as she said, “Mother, I did not want to stop hurting Jenna. I wanted to continue dishing out pain onto her goddamn body. Yes, you are right. I have been sleeping with Master James and slave Jenna since last year. That bitch of yours can take a fucking beating both sexually and physically.”

Kim said, “To be a true Mistress and to control that very dark side of yours will take time. I was hoping that the sadistic gene would have passed you by, but it did not, so every day after school I want you to hurt Jenna’s body. I know that she can handle the hell that I am allowing to happen upon her body. You will choose when she deserves a rest as well as choosing to destroy her. I have removed all users from the keypad; you are the only one that is allowed in here, from this point forward, bitch.”

Kim turned to Jenna and said, “May your fucking Goddess have mercy on your body as you are fully hers to destroy from this moment forward.”

Then Kim left the dungeon. For the next three years until her twenty-first birthday, Jennifer went down to the jail every day with the intent of harming her human dog. Jennifer never shows mercy to Jenna; it was not because she did not want to. Jennifer tried over and over, but the beast inside of her had entirely taken over. It got to a point where she needed some fresh meat.

On her twentieth birthday, Jennifer went out looking for a bitch that would fully submit to her and her alone. Jennifer went to a strip club that her mother owns and picked out an eighteen-year-old female to give her a private showing. As soon as the female was fully naked, Jennifer stood up and clamped both hands around the girl's neck.

Jennifer asked if the bitch, was scared; the girl only said two words, “Do it.”

As Jennifer began to squeeze the bitch neck hard, their eyes locked onto each other. That is when Jennifer realize what her mother had done. Jennifer started to care about this bitch as she continued choking her. Jennifer realizes at that moment why it was so easy to punish Jenna body like she was nothing. Jenna taught her how to fight and destroy, so harming Jenna was enjoyment for her. While hurting this young bitch was not given her any pleasure like Jenna did in the dungeon.

A dominant female voice said, “I could not teach you love until you destroy what you hated first, my love. I have seen the hellish demon in your eyes since the first day you and Jenna started fighting. I was hoping that loving James was enough, but by your seventeenth birthday, I saw it was consuming you. So I decided to give my pet fully over to you, knowing that you could have killed her. Not even your beast side wants to destroy Jessica. Jessica is not here as a stripper but as a submissive for your pleasure, my love.”

Without releasing her hold on the bitch, Jennifer turned her head and seeing her mother standing there. Kim went on by saying, “I will train you as a Mistress on her. Jessica will be fully submissive to you and only you until you choose to share her with James.”

“Mom, will I ever get that feeling of destroying someone like I do with Jenna?”

“Only God will know, my love.”

Jennifer turn back around as she said, “Damn bitch, you could have fought loose while I was talking to my mom, but instead you stood here, why?”

“I am your slave; I have signed my body, soul, heart, mind, and life over to you and only you. Mistress, don’t you understand, Jenna was never truly your slave. Jenna always had belonged to your mother, and you could not have her fully unlike me. I am fully yours, even when you share me with James, soon to be your husband. You will never lose any rights over me.”

Jennifer kissed the bitch lips.


Chapter 1 - History Of The Stonehearts Family

Jimmy, the owner of an adult movie studio, lived in the beautiful foothills in the affluent small town of Carlin of Nevada along with his twenty-four-year-old playmate, Kimberly. Also known as Kitty, which was her stage name, she regularly starred in his extreme hardcore porn movie that he produced and directed in the studio he aptly named ‘Darkest Desires.’

As was their habit after shoots, they retired to the private office where Kitty sprawled out on the round, black leather couch while Jimmy sat behind the modern glass top desk. Picked up the remote, he clicked once. Two panels in the bookshelves slid aside revealing a large television. A second click and a loud groan, from the naked, full breasted twenty-four-year-old woman getting gang-banged by a group of extreme hardcore bikers flicked up on the screen, burst into the room.

Kimberly has a full tanned athletic body with long black hair and blue eyes; the only things she ever wore were a couple of black leather wrist, ankle cuffs and around her beautiful neck was a black leather collar with a built-in stainless steel choke-chain underneath it, ‘Kitty’ was in white diamonds on the collar.

Jimmy has a slim muscles body, fully tanned, shaved, short brown hair, and hazel eyes; he always wore a pair of blue jeans and a black t-shirt.

Kitty’s body was dripping with sweat and cum from getting gang-banged by actresses and actors nonstop earlier that day during a shoot as Jimmy filmed it. He was watching the live tv show on the Playboy network when all sudden hearing a moaning and groaning sound coming from the sofa behind him; slowly turning around in his chair and saw Kitty trying her best to keep up with the live action on TV.

Kimberly has been with him since she was eighteen, after seeing an advertisement for a live-in maid. However, one day it would all changed for them. Kimberly was bored out of her mind that she decided to watch one of Jimmy’s old films without permission. Just as she was about to put the blue-ray into the player that was in the living room on the first floor, she notices the neighbor was out in the garage working on his motorcycle along with other guys.

Kimberly Strip down to her white lace bra and panties before running over to the neighbor’s house that was across the street. Just before stepping on the neighbor’s driveway, she got on all fours and started to crawl toward the men as they stood in the garage drinking beers and smoking cigarettes.

One of the guys was standing next to the owner of the house, tapping him on the shoulder as he was sitting down working on his motorcycle. The owner turned his head toward the driveway as he saw this young beautiful sexy female crawling toward him. The owner had his bike parked sideways in front of the garage. Just as Kimberly got to the bike, she felt someone grabbing her by the hair with force. A dominant female voice said, “Where in the hell do you think you are going, Bitch?”

Scare to death by the voice, Kimberly whimper out, “I wanted to invite all you guys over to watch a film at my master’s house.”

The owner got up and stepped forward while he nodded at the female that was yanking hard on the young lady hair. As soon as the man nodded, the girl put Kimberly onto the ground hard and then she put her left stiletto onto her chest. The owner grin as he said, “My name is John, bitch. You must be Jimmy new maid that I have seen around. I believe he told me that your name was Kimberly. Is that right?”

As the dominatrix started to push down onto Kimberly’s chest, a whimper came from her as she said, “Yes, Master John, that is right. My name is Kimberly.”

“Good Girl, you know how to a dress me, bitch. I did not think Jimmy was going to take you as his slave, bitch. Glad to see that you only talk when my wife puts pressure on your chest.”

At that moment Kimberly could feel the pressure building as the female started to push down even harder.

Kimberly could feel pain in her chest as she said, “Jimmy has not taken me as a slave. I have been trying to get him to play rough with me, but he will not.”

By now the dominatrix put her right stiletto heel onto Kimberly's neck and was pushing down onto it.

John said, “Sorry, my wife gets bored when submissive are talking too much. I am rougher but more caring toward my pets than Jimmy is. He only had one other servant, let us call her that. She was about your age, eighteen and was his high school crush. She was killed in a car wreck one month after Jimmy asked her to move in with him. Her death changed him and not in a good way. The only films that I know that he keeps in that house are of her. My wife is his older sister. Her name is Carolina.”

“Nice to meet you, BITCH,” Carolina said as she stood on Kimberly chest and neck.

John knelt next to Kimberly and started to brush her hair as he said, “So Bitch, you want rough sex, I think that the boys and I can take care of that special need of yours, but Carolina will be your punisher until Jimmy shows up. I believe she wants some alone time with him. Have you been to Jimmy’s dungeon?”

“No,” whimpers out from Kimberly's lips.

Carolina steps off Kimberly as she said, “Get up on all fours, Bitch. For today your only name is ‘BITCH’ understood, Bitch?”

As Kimberly roll over onto her sore chest, she answers, “Yes, Mistress Carolina.”

“I have a unique relationship with my younger brother, your Master. I was his first, he was seventeen, and I was twenty-one. John knows that I am a bitch and we have an open relationship. Most girls that meet me for the first time do not return. I have no mercy for sluts or other bitches, even though I am one myself. I guess that is because I am dominant when it comes to other sluts. Now move your ass, bitch.”

Kimberly leads them to the basement door and put her head down as she heard John, “Do not worry Bitch. Jimmy gave me a key to the padlock on this door.”

After unlocking the door, John kicks Kimberly in the ass as he said, “Move it, Bitch.”

As she crawls down the stairs, seeing whips of all sizes, chains, ropes, clamps, leather hoods, some with hoses sticking out of them. Carolina lost her patience with Kimberly moving so slowly that she kicked her straight off the stairs. Kimberly health was no concern for Carolina at that moment.

As soon as Kimberly body hit the floor, Carolina picked her head up and slapped her hard while saying, “I do not have time for this fucking bitch right now. John, make damn sure that the boys destroy her body fully while I spend some fucking lone time with my brother upstairs. I want nothing left of her when Jimmy and I join you later. Listen up John; she has no safety words; do you understand me?”

Then Carolina looked over at Kimberly as she said. “Bitch, may your fucking God have mercy on your fucking soul.”

Just before leaving them, Carolina slams Kimberly head hard onto the floor. Kimberly heard the movie starting up as two guys put a pair of black leather wrist and ankle cuffs onto her body. Then they hung her from the ceiling by the wrist cuffs. As Carolina left the dungeon, she re-padlocked the dungeon door.

While this was going on in the basement, upstairs Carolina was fully naked, and on her knees, as she waited for the only guy that was dominant over her body and soul. As Jimmy walked into his house, he sees Carolina in the slave position.

With a grin, he said, “God, I have missed you in that position, Carolina. Something is up, so tell me, slave.”

Grinning back at him as she said, “Remember how you got me to tell you my darkest secrets, fucker. Do not worry John is off with his boys breaking in a new female slave for me and yes, he knows I am here. Now let us see if you remember how I enjoy you playing...”

Before Carolina could finish talking, Jimmy slaps her as he said, “I am the one that gave you the name ‘Extreme Bitch,’ slut. You help me out in my darkest days. I still haven’t unlocked the dungeon; cannot bring myself to do it.”

“I know, Master. Have you tried to take your new maid as your servant?”

“I cannot take an innocent female into my world of darkness without doing permanent damage to her body and soul. You taught me how to pick the right girl. I caught her in my study one day, and she begged for me to punish her, but I could not. However, in your case, I can always punish you. Damn, Christ, you still can give a goddamn blow job.”


“Damn, I cannot believe you still deep throat huge shaft, bitch.”

“Mmmmm,” Carolina moans as she thinks to herself, ‘God, I hope John and his guys destroying that bitch because Jimmy will when he sees her in his dungeon. Got to get him as hard as possible for that slut.’

“Damn, I want to fuck you right now, slave Carolina.”

‘Not yet, got to get him hard as hell for the destruction of that fucking whore,’ she thought to herself.

Jimmy tried over and over to get Carolina onto her back but could not. Finally, he was ready, so she pushed him hard onto the floor as she took off running.

Of course, Jimmy got up and chased right after as he yelled, “Get back here you fucking, bitch.”

As soon as Carolina was standing in front of the padlocked dungeon door, she tried kicking it as hard as she could. It took her five tries to break through the door just as she feels Jimmy hands grabbing her hair.

Carolina knew that Jimmy was already pissed off for making him chase her, but he was about to get more pissed when she hind kicks him in his private. As soon as Carolina kicked Jimmy, he doubles over as she went flying down the stairs.

Carolina told the guys not to stop destroying the young bitch as they heard, “BITCH, YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT, YOU FUCKING BITCH.”

Two guys quickly grab Carolina and throw her in a cell and lock it for her protection. John knew that Jimmy would never honestly hurt Carolina but also knew that Jimmy had a nasty temper when it came to her.

Jimmy stormed down the stairs while screaming, “Bitch, I am going to find you and when I do you will regret it, fucking, BITCH.”

Kimberly was very scared as she heard Jimmy swearing while screaming. Kimberly had never seen Jimmy lose his temper before. Just as Jimmy reach the third step from the bottom, he saw John, his brother-in-law with a group of bikers taking turns fucking Kimberly roughly while one of his extreme hardcore movies was playing with his deceased servant and lover in it.

At first, Jimmy just stood there in shock as he watched her being choked by John while fucking her cunt off hard as another guy was ramming his rod in and out of her mouth slowly. For the first time, Jimmy did not see Kimberly just as a maid but as a slave.

John leaned toward Kimberly and whispered, “Carolina brings the worst out of him. She is his demon ever since his lover died. He blames her for his pain because she introduced them to each other.”

Kimberly looked over and saw Jimmy slowly calming down.

Kimberly smirk as she yelled while the guy had his shaft out of her mouth, “Come on, you mother fuckers. I thought Mistress Carolina told you, sons of bitches, to destroy me physically and sexually. So show my goddamn Master what I was built for.”

Hearing the young slut cussing, Carolina slowly sat up and thought to herself, ‘Goddamn, I was right about her. She has the same spirit as his deceased lover.’

As Jimmy continued to watch the destruction of his servant becoming a goddamn sexual servant, he started to lose control of his body functions.

At a point, Jimmy yanked one of the guys off her that were ramming his rod into her cunt as he said. “From this point forward, you will be known as Kitty throughout the whole wide world, my little whore.”

Out of breath, Kimberly whispers, “Master, may I do my chores in my birthday suit from now on.”

Jimmy smiles as he said. “John, anytime you and your boys want my bitch, do not hesitate to come and take her as long as I am not using her for anything at the time.”

Hearing her Master giving John and his friends' full access to her at any time, turned her on even more. Now Kimberly knew that she would never be bored again. She was hearing her Master telling some of the guys to let Carolina out of the cell that she was locked in.

That day, both Carolina and Kimberly got gangbang extremely roughly out of their minds. Rumors are that the gangbanging lasted a whole month, but only Jimmy, John, Kimberly, Carolina, and the boys know for sure. The only thing for sure was that Kimberly had entirely become Jimmy slut forever.

Chapter 2 - How the Stonehearts females became Dominatrix

Jimmy wipes his eyes as he smiles at Kimberly who was still trying her best to keep pace with the live action on the TV in his office at the studio. Jimmy was now ready as he said, “Spread your legs, bitch.”

Kimberly said, “Yes, Master, by the way, I couldn’t help but notice you started to tear up a couple of minutes ago, did I do something wrong.”

He smiles at her as he said, “Kitty, I was remembering when I came home that day and caught you getting gangbang by John and his biker gang for the very first time. After that, I took you as my sex slave to do with as I please.”

Kimberly softly said, “I remember it very well, and I am so glad you caught me with those guys too, Master.”

Next, he walked toward Kitty, removing his t-shirt and jeans. When Jimmy reached Kitty, he smiles at her while slowly climbing between her legs, kissing them.

As he kissed her legs slowly, he softly asked, “Are you enjoying the slut on tv, my little horny bitch?”

Kitty whispered to him with a grin, “Yes, Master. I am enjoying watching her very much. Why do you ask, Master?”

He lowers his head toward Kitty cunt while saying softly. “Her name is Tracey, Sweetie. I am thinking about putting her in a movie, do you know whom I should co-star her with...”

Before he could finish talking, Kitty grabbed his head and push it toward her cunt as she whispered, “Master, I would love to be the one that co-stars with her in one of your sadistic and masochist films.”

Kitty heard a moaning sound as she continues to push his head even deeper into her cunt as she said, “God, I love feeling your warm tongue inside of me, Master.”

Jimmy allows Kimberly some freedom as they had sex with each other, slowly reaches up toward both of Kitty's breasts with his hands. Kitty used a free hand to guide his hands to her breasts as she started to moan in pleasure softly. It did not take Kitty long to reach climax since her cunt was still tender from all of the sexual activities that she was involved with earlier that day.

Kitty lifts Jimmy head with the hand that had been holding his head against her cunt as she softly said, “Master, I want you inside of me as we lock lips. May we have sex with each other slowly as we listen to Tracey Jones Divine getting gangbang out of her mind for the live audiences around the world?”

Jimmy grins up at her as he softly said, “Sure, my horny slut. We can take it very slowly as we listen to Tracey and tomorrow, I will see if she is available for our use and pleasure.”

He began to kiss her lower chest and continued up her body with kisses until their lips locked together as she directs his rod into her very swollen cunt. Kitty knew that Tracey’s live tv show was two hours nonstop live action, which had just started fifteen minutes before and on a good day Kitty could last for two hours herself as she and her Master had rough sex with each other. However, since Kitty, herself had been gangbang extremely roughly by both men and women in a nonstop action earlier in the day, she knew that her body was at the mercy of Master Jimmy.

Jimmy whisper, “Thank God, you are on birth control, slut because I love cumming inside of you, so much.”

Kitty whispers, “I love you too, Master. Please fill my cunt up with all your hot and very sticky cum.”

Kitty moans and groans as her Master sucked, licked, and nibbled on the double D sizes breasts as he pounded away at her cunt slowly but hard. Kitty knew what she was to him and did not care what others thought of her.

Kitty was his to use as well as passed around to anyone he wanted to at any time and anyplace. Kitty wrapped her powerful legs around his waist as she started to cum for the third time in less than an hour while watching Tracey on tv begging the bikers to get rougher with her.

Kitty whispered, “Damn, Master, that bitch enjoys getting rough up as she gets fucked. I cannot wait to get my hands on her body and show what a real-life extreme bitch can do with her.”

Jimmy just moaned as he sucked, licked, and softly nibbled on her breasts. He loved to hear his little kitty talking shit about what she was going do to other sluts. Kitty could get extremely rough with others during sex, so Jimmy always set the rules before each shoot unless knowing that the actress or actors were into rough sex then he would give her full freedom to do whatever she wanted to them.

Just as Tracey show hit the one and half hour mark, Kitty's eyes rolled back as Jimmy rammed his rod into her cunt as deep as he could. He knew that his playmate’s body was giving out on her and done for the rest of the evening.

The next day, Jimmy called Tracey’s manager Sarah who told him that her client gets $1500.00 per hour.

Jimmy told her that was fine and ask Sarah what day that Tracey could come by his studio for an audition for his upcoming extreme sadistic movie.

Sarah said to him that Tracey would be available for his film on June 10th through October 31st that would give him almost-five months with Tracey.

Tracey is 5ft and 11inches tall with exceptionally long, soft brown hair. Her figure is an hourglass that was entirely tan from head to toe. She was very cheerful with an outspoken personality, was adopted by Lisa and her boyfriend, Jason when she was four years old.

Lisa has a very extreme athletic body that was entirely tan from head to toe, 6ft tall with exceedingly long, soft red hair. She was fourteen years older than Tracey.

Tracey was eighteen years old when she became their private sexual servant. Ever since Tracey was fifteen years old, Lisa would tie her up and leave for hours at a time as she went off with friends.

On Tracey eighteenth birthday, Lisa gave her to Jason on their honeymoon for him to play with as roughly as he wanted while she watched with lustfulness in her heart for both. Jason was amazed by how much punishment Tracey’s body could take as he and Lisa had their way with her that night.

One year later, about 8:00 in the morning on Tracey nineteenth birthday, Lisa walked into Tracey’s bedroom and jumped on top of her bare chest. Tracey was tied to the bed in an x position; she smiles at Lisa as she heard, “Did you enjoy my husband being inside of you all night long, slave?”

Tracey answer by saying in a joking way, “Lisa, I...”

Lisa quickly put both of her hands onto Tracey’s neck and started to squeeze it as she said, “Slave, what did you call me?”

Lisa knew that Tracey enjoyed pushing her buttons in the morning. So, most of the time she allows Tracey some lead-way but not today and Tracey knew that of course, however, she could not resist trying her luck.

Tracey very softly said, “I meant to say, Mistress Lisa, honest, Mistress.”

Lisa removed one of her hands from Tracey's neck and slowly began to slide that hand through Tracey's hair as she softly says, “In that case, please continue what you were saying before I rudely cut you off, slave.”

Tracey softly said, “Mistress, I enjoy having your husband inside of me as you watched and I know today you will allow your male and female friends along with Master Jason to do whatever they want to my ungodly body, Mistress.”

Lisa smile at her as she slowly leans forward while Tracey started to raise her head to meet her Mistress' lips. As they kissed each other, Tracey begins to lower her head back down slowly onto the pillow as Lisa continues to kiss her.

Then Lisa broke the kissed and grinned at her slave while saying, “Slut, its time.”

As Lisa was saying those words, she starts to untie Tracey's wrists. Next, Lisa arched backward and began to untie her slave ankles. Tracey knew not to move until Lisa told her to, she could feel her heart racing faster knowing that anything went today.

Lisa got off her as she said, “Get off of the bed and kneel before me, now bitch.”

Tracey slowly got up off the bed and knelt before Lisa with hands behind her back as she looked up at her Mistress.

Lisa grabbed Tracey by the hair and yank her head back hard as she said, “Bitch there are no rules with your body today, anything goes for my guests and my husband. My love is shipping out tomorrow, his unit is going to the front lines, and you are my gift to him. So, you better please Master Jason as I videotape you getting abused by him, his unit, their wives, and girlfriends, do you understand me, slut of mine?”

As Lisa started to slap away at her slave’s face hard, she heard, “I fully understand, Mistress. I will bring you honor and glory as I please Master Jason, his unit, their wives, and girlfriends nonstop as you videotape the show.”

Then Lisa slowly let go of Tracey's hair as she orders her to follow as she started to walk out to the living room where Jason and their guests were waiting for them.

As soon as they enter the living room, Tracey continues to the middle of the room as Lisa stopped at the doorway where she said, “There are no rules with my little whore. She knows what waits for her, so be as rough as you want while I am watching and videotaping this live action. I will be sending Playboy tv station a copy of today activity, seeing if they want to try my little whore out as well.”

Then she picks up her video camera as Jason grab Tracey by her hair saying, “Slave, sit up now, hands behind your back while you are opening that dirty mouth of yours.”

Twenty guys circle them while twenty plus females watch from their seats.

There were video cameras all over the living room which Lisa had turned on just as she entered the living room by flipping a switch that was next to the doorway. Jason slapped Tracey hard as he could in the face as he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Tracey, our family whore of pleasure. Anything you want to do to her, please feel free to do so. She is here to please us while given her Mistress honor and glory.”

With that, Jason rammed his shaft into Tracey's mouth as he said to her, “Make it hard, bitch so that I can fuck your cunt and ass off.”

It did not take long for Jason and his men to start gangbanging the hell out of Tracey’s body. Jason had both men and women in his unit; that is why there were more females then men. Most of the women in his troop were single and very willing to sleep with Jason and his men while they were away from their families.

Lisa put her camera down as she grabs Vicky by the hair as she said, “God, your husband, won’t mind if I have my way with you, bitch.”

Lisa knew that Vicky was bisexual who enjoy being dominated over while having very rough sex with other females. Vicky was happily married to one of the guys in Jason’s unit; his name was Mike. Lisa and Vicky left the living room and went to the basement which Lisa and Jason had turned into their private dungeon of painful pleasures. Since Vicky’s seventeenth birthday, she had been Lisa’s bitch. Lisa and Vicky were stepsisters. Lisa was one year older than Vicky.

The next day as Tracey laid motionless on the hardwood floor, Jimmy and his unit left his house. Lisa was still in the dungeon dishing out pain onto Vicky's body. The relationship between Lisa and Vicky was a love-hate one. Lisa took her anger out on Vicky but lately, Lisa had been more relaxed on her. Lisa knew that the brutal punishments had been taking a toll on Vicky’s body. Unknown to Vicky, Lisa was going to release her as a masochist slave at the end of the week. Until then, Lisa was going to destroy her soon to be ex-slave unmercifully entirely. Lisa took some time to go up and check on her new improved masochist slave, Tracey.

Chapter 3 - Kitty is pregnant by Jimmy

Living in the beautiful foothills in the small affluent town of Carlin, Tracey was a twenty-four-year-old Playboy model and professional actress in the field of adult entertainment. Tracey began her porn star career on her eighteenth birthday when Jason, his unit and their friends took turns gangbanging her off as Cousin Lisa videotape it. Next Lisa sent the video to playboy.

The playboy network liked what they saw on the tape showing rough sex, extreme bdsm on a hardcore masochist bitch. The playboy called Lisa and had her bring slave Tracey out to the TV studio where they watched her take on all comers.

Within a year, Tracey had her live show where she allows females and males to have their way with her masochist body. In an interview a couple of years later, Tracey told the person interviewing her that she enjoyed sex, very rough sex and did not mind being called a slut or what people thought of her. Tracey also admitted that she was addicted to nonstop sexual activities, so she was glad that playboy network wanted to make a reality show of her fucked up life.

Playboy told the interviewer that Tracey was one of the best porn stars to date that they had signed. Tracey was into every type of sexual activities that you could name, and rougher the sex was, the more she would beg.

Tracey would sunbathe nude in the backyard that was a fence in with permission from Mistress Lisa. Some guys try their best to make her a one-person, but they could not give her the nonstop sex that she was looking. Tracey never wore any bra or panties; she only wore a pair of black leather cuffs around her wrists and ankle. A Mistress gave Tracey those cuffs, after seeing that the young slut did not have any limitations on being used and abused sexually. That Mistress also told her never to take the wrist and ankle cuffs off. Tracey went out and bought a black leather collar that she had the following words ‘Extreme Playmate’ on it with white diamonds.

Jimmy was always looking for the next porn star for his extreme bdsm sadistic films. His studio was called ‘Darkest Desires,’ and he had a live-in playmate which he would put into some of his movies. Her name was Kimberly and she been with him since she was eighteen years old. Jimmy loves to watch Kimberly getting passed around in his films. He always treats her with respect in front others but in private Kimberly was nothing more than a piece of shit for him to use. About a year after becoming his masochist slave, she saw the pure evil of Jimmy and felt his hellish wrath. When doing a film, if there were a scene that she did not feel right about, he would not force her to do that scene; however, he would punish her later at his house. Jimmy had a slim body with muscles which was entirely tan, and he kept his whole body shaved except for his head which had exceptionally long black hair.

Kimberly just got done doing an extreme gangbang scene, when Jimmy told everyone to wrap for the day. He follows Kimberly into his office where she laid down on the sofa bed and rested as he sat behind his desk while going through his mail.

Seeing a new issue of Playboy magazine and started to flip through it when a nude photo catches his eyes. Jimmy looked very closely at the picture as he thought to himself, ’I seen this lady in action on the TV a couple of months ago.’

He went through his burn DVDs of original Playboy's shows that caught his eyes. He would put the actress or actor names on the DVDs that he burns, and right away he finds the one he was looking for and pop it into his DVD player and started to watch it. The actress that caught his eyes both in the DVD and magazine was a hardcore masochist bitch that went just by Tracey. He turns around and faces the only window in his office as he begins to read Tracey’s bios from the magazine.

As he was reading her bios and the list of movies as well as TV shows that Tracey had starred in, he heard a soft moaning and groaning sounds coming from the sofa; he turned his head left and looked up in a dome mirror hanging in the corner on the back and side wall.

Jimmy smiles as he saw Kimberly playing with herself as she did her best to stay in time with the actress as she watches in amazement. Without turning around, Jimmy said, “Her name is Tracey, Sweetie. Remember, we saw her on a live show a couple of months back. I am still thinking about putting her in a movie, do you know whom I should co-star her with...”

Before he could finish talking, he heard a soft voice saying, “Master, I would love to be the one that co-stars with her in one of your films.”

“I will have to see if she is still available before I can answer your request, Sweetie,” he said to his masochist slave.

Jimmy turned all the way around and was facing Kimberly once again as he smiles at her. He picked up the phone and called Mistress Sarah about ‘Tracey, the Bitch without limitations.’

They talked about her for hours as he told Sarah about the movie and what it was. After some back and forth discussing price, dates, and the place that she would have her audition as well as the actress that would be a part of the test.

Kimberly was too busy playing with her pussy to hear or even care what her Master was doing on the phone, for all she knew, he could be selling her body to a group of sadists to abuse her once again. That night as Jimmy and her cuddled with each other in his king size bed, he whispers, “I did my best, whore but I just don’t know if it will be possible for me to get her for an extreme sadistic film that you two can co-star in together.”

It was now Friday night, and Tracey just put her white silk blouse on and a mini skirt. Next, she fit her hair and put makeup onto her face. Then Tracey checks her collar to see if it was facing the right way with the words ‘Extreme Playmate’ in front. Next, she picked the best pair of black shoes that she owned just as she heard a honking sound coming from her driveway. Looking out of the window and saw a black limousine with a female standing with the back-right passage door open. Tracey smiles as she walked out of the front doors, locking them behind her. Tracey walked up to the young lady while thinking to herself; ‘she must be in her early forties.’ Climbing into the limousine as the lady followed her, shutting the door behind them.

Tracey saw a younger female in the driving seat as she heard the young lady next to her saying, “Okay, let’s go to Jimmy’s studio, now.”

Then the young looking lady said to Tracey, “My name is Carolina, I’m fifty-three years old. I am Jimmy private secretary and his sister. I am here to make sure that you enjoy the ride to his studio as we talk about what he might have planned for your audition for the latest film. I have been instructed to make you comfortable as possible on the way to the studio including sexually if need be.”

Tracey smile as she looks Carolina over. Carolina’s body was slim and curved as she reaches over and whisper, “Is the young female driver allow to watch us, sweetie?”

Before Carolina could answer her, the young driver smiles while softly saying, “Master Jimmy, told me never put the screen that separates the back and the front up no matter what, ma’am.”

Tracey smiled and said, “In that case maybe Carolina and I can put a show on for you but first I want to know what Jimmy expect from me.”

Carolina smile as she said, “He wants you to be yourself and have fun. Jimmy is a very relaxed guy that you will ever meet. Many have tried their best to tame his heart, but he will break hearts while telling you how sorry he is.”

Tracey leaned over and started kissing the top of Carolina medium sized breasts and making sure that the young driver could see everything that she and Carolina were doing to each other. Carolina dominance side slowly came out to play as Tracey sucked, licked, and nibbled on her breasts. It was hard for Carolina to control her dominatrix side but knowing how vital Tracey’s audition was, she had no choice.

The young driver kept one eye on the road and the other on the action in the rearview mirror. Carolina pushed Tracey’s body backward onto limousine bench as she ripped the white silk shirt off Tracey’s body.

Carolina asks the driver how much longer it was going to be before they arrive at Jimmy’s studio.

The young driver told Carolina that she was taking the longest way so that it will be an hour and a half.

Hearing that, Carolina lean down over the double D breasts of the young slut. Just before Carolina bit one of the breasts, she whispered, “Great to meet you, bitch.”

Tracey arched her chest toward Carolina open mouth while feeling one of Carolina knees being roughly rammed into her cunt at the same time. The young driver watched as Carolina sexually attacked Tracey’s body.

As the young driver turned into the gated studio, she said, “Carolina, we are here.” When they finally pulled up to the main stage, a young guy opened the limousine right passage side door. Carolina stepped out of the limousine first and then Tracey. As soon as she stepped out of the limo, Tracey dropped to her knees while Carolina talked to the young guy.

Tracey heard the young guy asked Carolina, “Where the young lady clothes were at and why she was on her knees.”

Carolina smile as she said to the young guy, “If I told you, I would have to kill you.”

The guy opened the door as he said in a very shaky voice, “J-J-J-Jimmy is inside, Mistress Carolina.”

Carolina smiled at him as she enters the studio followed by Tracey on all fours. Tracey saw a thin man standing in front of them with long black hair falling over the shoulders of a starched white shirt with blue jeans. Tracey eyes him up and down appreciatively. At the same time, she was perfectly aware that he was checking her out as well as while Carolina kissed him. She was secretly pleased that Carolina told her not to wear any clothes.

Jimmy whispered, “God, sis. I see that you have started playing with my wife in the limousine.”

“You forgot who was at your wedding. I cannot wait for Kitty to meet her. Oh, I am pleased that you found your true love, brother. I need to get back to John and his boys, they pose to be gangbanging one of my pets out of her goddamn mind,” Carolina said as she kissed him and left the stage.

As soon as Carolina was gone, Jimmy turned and saw Tracey sitting up with hands behind her back. “You may stand up, my beautiful slave,” Jimmy said.

Tracey grin at him as she slowly stood up. Even though Tracey was Jimmy’s wife, she was a sexual slave primarily. As Tracey slowly stood up, she kept hands behind her back.

Jimmy begin reaching around grabbing her exceedingly long black hair with one hand as he kisses her. Tracey was now trembling as she felt him let go of her hair. Next Jimmy reaches around her neck with both of his hands as he continued to kiss her lips.

She was feeling her collar getting looser until it finally fell off. As Jimmy started to kiss her neck, she felt a hand move down her body to her cunt, then he broke the kiss and spun her around as he looked at her sexy body. When Tracey stopped, she was facing him once again as he smiles. Jimmy slowly started to kiss her lips.

Jimmy broke the kiss as he whispered, “Go to your knees, goddamn slave.”

When Tracey got to her knees, she looks up at his clean shaved face as she kept hands behind her. Jimmy slowly backs away from her. Tracey smiled at him as she watched him back up toward the bed.

Jimmy motion for her to come as he said, “Please stay on your knees, Slave.”

Tracey slowly started to crawl over to him as he knelt onto the bed with his back against the headboard of the bed.

Tracey sat up when she got to the bed and looked at him with a grin as he said, “You may come up onto the bed but only enter by crawling over the footboard. You may stand up and walk around to the footboard, or you may continue to crawl, Slave.”

Tracey was enjoying this cat and mouse game that they were playing with each other. Tracey slowly crawled around to the footboard and stood up. Then Tracey leaned forward and started to crawl onto the bed very slowly all the while watching him.

As soon as Tracey got into arm's length of Jimmy, he grabbed her hair. Next Jimmy yanked her head back as he leans forward locking lips with his slave-wife. Then Jimmy pushed Tracey backward, so she landed onto her knees with her head hanging off the footboard.

Next Jimmy told her to stay just like she was and do not move. Then Jimmy got off the bed and walked around to the footboard while ordering Tracey to open her dirty mouth up as wide as she could, which she did without any haste. Next Jimmy slowly put his soft shaft into her mouth. As soon as Jimmy shaft enters her wide-open mouth, she begins to suck and softly nibble on it slowly.

Jimmy slid his hands down her neck and chest while she sucks on him slowly. Tracey could hear him starting to moan and groan while she sucked him off slowly.

Jimmy leaned forward and put his mouth onto one of her double size D breasts and began to suck on it.

As soon as Jimmy shaft was rock hard, he slowly stood back up as he pulled out of her mouth. Jimmy smiled at Tracey as he slowly got back onto the bed with his back against the headboard. Jimmy pulled her body up to him by her legs and slowly slid his shaft into her cunt. Tracey wrapped her legs around his waist while he lowers himself as he slowly started to fuck her hard. They kissed each other lips.

Tracey broke the kiss just long enough to said, “Master, please fuck me hard nonstop and fill me with your hot...”

Jimmy kissed her lips as he begins to fuck faster and harder.

As they fucked each other off, a twenty-four-year-old female walked into the studio and heard another female cussing her head off. So, this young bitch follows the female voice until she came upon a sound stage where she saw Jimmy fucking another female off hard — walking closer to them making sure that she did not make a sound to disturb them. As she watched Master Jimmy fucking off another lady, she slowly started to rub her pussy underneath her skirt.

While she watched both her Master and the gorgeous female having intercourse with each other, she started to moan and groan.

While having sex with each other on the bed, Tracey heard a female moaning and groaning coming from her left side. Tracey slowly turned her head and saw this stunning sexual young female adult standing against the wall of the bedroom set.

Tracey turned back towards Jimmy and whispered, “Looks like we have a watcher.”

Jimmy looked and then finishing kissing Tracey on the neck as he said, “What do you think of her, my love.”

Tracey whispered back, “She looks better than her photograph that you had shown me, Master.”

He whispered back to her, “Just like you had asked me; I haven’t told her that I got married to a very sexy lady that is bisexual, my goddamn slave.”

Tracey said, “I can’t believe that we have been married for about two months now, and she has not caught onto us yet.”

Then Tracey turned back to the young girl and softly said, “Kimberly come here now, please, slave.”

Kimberly slowly walked to them and stopped at the bed as Tracey asked her if she could touch her cunt for a moment.

Kimberly just nodded as she put hands behind her back.

Tracey took her left hand and started to rub Kimberly’s pussy as Jimmy, said, “Sweetie this is your new Mistress, Tracey and we just got married about two...”

Before Jimmy could finish talking, he and Tracey heard Kimberly softly said, “I knew Master and was scared that you might have found another pet to play with. So, I followed you one night and saw you kissing her but not in the same way that you kiss me. It was more passion than that, please do not get me wrong I love how we kiss, but I could tell that there was more between you two beside sex. As soon as you enter her place, I went around the back and look through a window and saw two naked females on either side of a black leather chair. The two females got onto all fours as you two enter the room and I saw her kiss them. However, one of the females that Mistress was kissing, she started to squeeze the young girl neck hard while slapping her in the face. I could tell by the way that female was looking at her that she was enjoying the treatment. I try to leave but could not move, watching you and Tracey started to play with them. I caught myself rubbing my pussy, slowly and well I cummed just as four of you did. I ran home and washed up because knowing that I was not allowed to cum without your permission Master. I got worried tonight when you did not come back home, so I came here first, and well you can guess the rest. I suppose that now I am in trouble...”

Before she could finish talking, Tracey said, “Sweetie, you may cum without permission when Jimmy and I are having intercourse in front of you, and as for the two ladies you had seen that night, they are my private pets, and no one is allowed to touch them without my permission including Jimmy, and he knows this. They are twins and have been with me since they each were eighteen years old.

The one you saw me slap in the face is Ashley, and she is my extreme sadomasochist pet. You will never play with her because she plays very rough and has left bruises on her sister without meaning to. Ashley is into extreme bdsm and as her sister, Becky, well you can play with her, she is gentle as a kitten. You will meet them tomorrow and do not worry about Ashley; she knows not to touch you without my permission which she may never get if she cannot learn to be gentle with others. I think your Master would like to fill that very tight ass of your while you feast on my cunt which is nicely filled with his and my cum, sweetie.”

Kimberly saw her Master pulling out of Tracey. She kissed her Master lips and then lay between her Mistress' legs. Kimberly knew that her Master was looking for a lover that understood his lifestyle and would not make her leave him. She could tell by looking into Tracey's eyes that her new Mistress enjoys having a playmate to share with others.

Before she put her mouth onto her Mistress cunt, she looked up at her and softly said, “Mistress, I would like to see if I could handle Ashley roughness, and only in front of you of course. You do not need to answer my request right now; I want you and my Master to discuss it with each other first. Also, I could watch her and Becky playing with each other to see how rough she can get with someone because I am a masochist bitch, myself.”

Then Kimberly lowers her head while she was saying, “Master, I am ready for my ass fucking.”

Unknown to Kimberly, Master Jimmy had switch out her birth control pills with sugar pills for the last month because tonight he was going to pregnant her in front of Mistress Tracey.

Jimmy lift Kimberly’s head off Tracey’s cunt. Tracey got off the bed and went to the toy box that was on the set. Tracey dug through the trunk for the most prominent double strap-on that she could find and put it on. Tonight, was not about love; it was about the destruction of Kimberly’s sexual body as Jimmy’s slave and rebirth as the Stoneheart family sexual slave.

That night Tracey and Jimmy took turns fucking Kimberly's cunt and ass as Tracey told Kimberly that ‘Kitty,’ was no longer her stage name.

With every thrust from them, her body became theirs to destroy forever. Kimberly accepted her new role as their sex slave, and she felt Tracey very dark side even if it was for one night only, but she hoped that it was not.

After that night, they moved into Mistress Tracey’s mansion and laid her in the dungeon. They put Kimberly onto a table that was called ‘The Bullet Table’ which was in a cell.

The table was made of stainless steel. The middle was shaped like a Bullet and went up, down against her backside as a jackhammer at each end of the table fucked Kimberly throat and ass off nonstop for nine months straight.

Becky was ordered to watch Kimberly twenty-four hour, seven days and to replace the intravenously when it was low. As days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, Becky could see that Kimberly's tummy was growing nice and big.

Jimmy never went to see her in those months. Kimberly only mission was to bore a child for Jimmy and Tracey to celebrate their commitment to each other. Destroying of Kimberly sexual and physically was the only thing on their mind. Tracey’s private doctor would check on Kimberly’s body once a month.

Tracey’s doctor told them that the due date was August 21st but unknown to Jimmy, Tracey had other plans. After talking to her private doctor and Kimberly about the health of Kimberly's body. Tracey had something special in mind since it would be extremely rough on Kimberly; she wanted to make sure her sex slave could handle it.


Chapter 4 - Kimberly pays for Jimmy very darkest secrets of lies while in her six months pregnancy.

Both Tracey and Jimmy were very wealthy. Tracey was twenty-four years old, and Jimmy was forty-five years old, they lived somewhere in Nevada.

It was about noon now when Ashley heard a soft voice behind her saying, “Hello, slut, is your Mistress home.”

There were only two people that her Mistress allowed to call her slut without permission, and neither of them was Jimmy.

Ashley said, “Good morning, Master Mike, I believe that she is almost done with Becky and will be down for her lunch soon.”

“I still cannot believe your Mistress allows you to be fully...”

Before Mike could finish talking, he felt someone kissing his neck from behind along with a female voice.

The voice said, “Glad to see you, Mike. By the way, I do not allow that bitch to be naked. Ashley, as you know, is a strong spirit and punishment has not done any good, she is a masochist bitch who seems to enjoy pain more than pleasure. Is Vicky coming over tonight, I cannot wait to see her goddamn ass?”

“Sis, why to wait until tonight, Mike and I want you now while Jimmy is away.”

Turning around and seeing Vicky standing there wearing a black leather jacket unzip. Tracey could see that her sister was not wearing anything underneath the jacket.

Vicky was also wearing tight blue jeans with a male slave on all fours. “God, Vicky, who is the fucker on all fours.”

“His name is Demon; he is your belated birthday present. We just got back in the states. The demon knows your reputation with male and female slaves as well as Kimberly, your dog.”

“Ashley, go feed my dog and do make damn sure to punish her for me.”

Mike kissed Tracey on the lips as he whispered, “Can I go with Ashley and sexually assault your dog for a while.”

Tracey grin at him as she turned and kissed Vicky lips as Ashley yank on the front of his pants while saying, “Master, that means yes, so come. Kimberly will be excited to see you.”

As Ashley and Mike made their way to the dungeon, she would stop and kissed Mike lips while sliding a hand into his pants as she rubs his shaft. When they got to the door to the staircase for the dungeon, Ashley turned as she put her back against the door and slowly slid down to her knees. Next Ashley pulled Mike's pants zipper down with her teeth. Since Mike never wore any underwear, as soon as the zipper was entirely down, his shaft popped out, and Ashley put her mouth onto it.

Mike grabbed Ashley by the hair as he said, “Goddamn, bitch you do like to get yourself into trouble.”

Ashley sucked, licked, and nibble on Mike's shaft until he was soft again.

Ashley looked up as she whispered, “Master, you are still in the system if you want to punch in your id and code for the dungeon.”

Mike grin as he whispered, “I thought that Tracey had removed me from the dungeon system. I know that she was thinking about adding Jimmy to it. There, my id and code; you may lead the way, bitch.”

Ashley felt the door sliding open behind her back as she grins up at him while saying, “Master, you do remember that there is another part of your id that you have to...”

Before Ashley could finish talking, her body flew down the stairs as she heard, “I might not be around much anymore, bitch but I do remember how to enter the dungeon.”

Having the wind knocked out of her as Mike kicked her hard as hell from the doorway and hearing his voice, she knew that Master Mike was there to play. As she slowly got up, Mike ran down the stairs and kicked her again hard in the ribs.

Mike continued to kick Ashley as she starts to realize that he was not there to play with Kimberly but to punish her. Mike was Tracey enforcer when it came to Ashley.

Preparing herself for Mike’s wrath, Ashley felt a hand going through her hair as she heard, “Goddamn, I have missed roughing your ass up, bitch but I am not here to punish you right now, maybe later, bitch. Sit up and put your hands behind your back, slave.”

Ashley did as her only true Master had asked.

Kneeling in front of Ashley, Mike said to her, “Tracey has told me that you hate Jimmy.”

Ashley softly said, “That word is too nice for him. I despise Jimmy, Master.”

“I want you to take me to Kimberly cell and show me what you would do to Jimmy if you could, by using Kimberly’s masochist body. There are no limitations, no mercy for her today. When you look at Kimberly, you will see Jimmy instead. I know that Kimberly is still pregnant with Jimmy’s baby but today that doesn’t matter to me, understand, slave.”

Ashley said, “I fully understand, Master,” as she wonders to herself, ‘Does Tracey know what Master wants me to do to her dog.’

Seeing concern in Ashley's eyes, Mike said, “Ashley, my whore, Tracey loves Kimberly, but we both know that she needs to go through hell. When was the last time that Jimmy saw her? It was probably when he pregnant her, is that right?”

Ashley nodded in the yes position as Mike continue talking by saying, “Right now, Tracey does not care if Kimberly’s baby makes it through, understand, me? I have permission to pregnant Kimberly the moment that she miscarries her baby. Tracey talked to her already about you releasing your wrath for Jimmy onto her. Kimberly has told Tracey that she does not want you to stop no matter what happens. She wants your full strength as you destroy her. I am just here to make sure you do not kill her but to force a miscarriage of Jimmy’s baby.”

Ashley said softly, “Does this mean that Jimmy’s days are number, Master?”

Mike yanked Ashley head back as he kissed her neck. As Mike slowly started to stand up, Ashley rolled onto her chest and slowly got on all fours.

Ashley knew that Kimberly hated Jimmy for leaving her. It was Jimmy that thrown Kimberly into a cell in the dungeon, and when Tracey tried to bring her up out of the dungeon, Jimmy punished Tracey in front of everyone, including Mike and Vicky. Ashley saw that Kimberly cell door was fully open.

Mike pet her as he said, “Becky has left the door open for us. Now show me how far you are willing to go if that was Jimmy laying there.”

Kimberly was asleep when her body hit the back wall of the cell hard. Slowly opening her eyes up, Kimberly felt her body lifting off the ground. Ashley had fallen in love with Kimberly, so this was hurting her as well, but Kimberly had asked for this hell and that Ashley was the one to deliver it. Mike stood in the doorway as he slowly turned a valve on the outside of the cell wall to off position.

Kimberly was wearing a black leather hood that had two small hoses coming out of the nose area, that was called a suffocating hood. Around Kimberly's neck was a stainless-steel collar with the word ‘Death’ on it which Jimmy had put around her neck just before locking her up in that cell.

Around her wrists and ankles were a pair of black leather cuffs. At first, it was hard for Ashley to think of Kimberly’s body as Jimmy’s, but within minutes she saw Jimmy laying there not Kimberly. Fighting for air as Ashley punished her for Jimmy sins.

Meanwhile upstairs Vicky was watching demon and Tracey having very rough intercourse with each other. After Jimmy had pregnant Kimberly and moved into Tracey’s house, he forced her to get rid of all her male slaves as well as quitting her job as an adult star at playboy tv network.

When Jimmy was away, Tracey would go over to Mike and Vicky house so she could get her sexually fixes. Both Vicky and Mike were more caring to Tracey than Jimmy ever was. Even though Vicky was not Tracey real sister, Tracey would call her, sis.

In the next seventy-two hours, Tracey’s world would be turned upside down. The demon was a considerable size guy compared to Jimmy. 

The demon was taken Tracey to the dungeon as he slammed her back into walls and furniture throughout the mansion.

Vicky went upstairs to the Master bedroom where she let Becky out of her cage. About twenty-four hours later, around eight in the morning when Vicky heard the front doorbell ringing. Vicky slowly walked downstairs to the front door. Looking through the eyehole, she saw Jimmy's sister standing there.

As she opens the door, Vicky said, “Can I help you, Carolina?”

Carolina said as she grins, “Is Tracey in, goddamn bitch?”

Vicky said back with a grin, “No, bitch, Tracey is out right now.”

Then Vicky slammed the door into Carolina’s face as she tried to lock the door when Carolina forces herself into Tracey’s house. Once inside Carolina attacked Vicky until the bitch was lying motionless, she snapped her fingers and saw Becky slowly walking up to her. Carolina grabbed Becky and kissed her lips for a couple of seconds before asking Becky where Ashley and the other servants were.

Becky whispered, “Bitch, I will not tell you anything until you start walloping me, you fucking...”

Carolina swung at Becky's face hard. Becky knew that Carolina would not do too much damage to her.

The stage was now set, and the main star will be arriving in twenty-four hours from now for his very last role. The night before, Vicky had driven a small scissor lift into the main entranceway of the mansion.

Carolina asked Becky, “If there was a male in the house to force himself onto Vicky body?”

Becky grin as she said, “His name is Demon. He should be on his way up now after dealing with my ex-Mistress; God rest her soul.”

Carolina smile as she heard that Tracey had been dealt with permanently.

Becky continued, “My sister, Ashley and Vicky’s husband, Mike should be killing Kimberly as we speak and then they should kill each other. Once you do not need me anymore, Demon shall destroy me and take my life for your pleasure, Mistress.”

Carolina grin as she said, “As soon as Demon gets up here to finish Vicky off, I will take you to your Master bedroom and lay with you until your Master comes home and join us. Jimmy shall kill you. Watching my brother finish you off as Demon takes my body will bring enjoyment to me, bitch.”

Demon saw Mistress Vicky laying on the floor as he knelt between her legs as Carolina took Becky to the Master bedroom. Demon rammed his massive shaft into Vicky motionless body and started to fuck it off like there was no tomorrow. Demon slammed Vicky hard as he sexually punished her.

At midnight, Demon snapped Vicky’s neck back as she laid on her chest in the scissor lift with him inside her ass. As soon as he heard the pop from Vicky’s neck, he stood up in the elevator and grabbed a drill. Next, he walked upstairs and put a D rings with anchors into each of the sidewalls.

Then Demon looped a rope through the D rings and made his way back to the lift. After Demon presses the up button on the elevator to raise his and Vicky's body to the top of the balcony, Demon tied one end of a rope around Vicky’s wrist and pulled it tightly through the D-ring before tying it around Vicky’s neck tightly. The demon did the same to Vicky other wrist and tied that rope also around Vicky's neck. Demon lowered the lift and removed it from inside the house to the back.

Demon went upstairs to the Master bedroom where Carolina told him to have intercourse with Becky while she waited for her brother to come home. When Carolina saw Vicky’s body hanging, in the foyer she said, “That goddamn bitch has never looked that damn good. Blood is dripping from her mouth. My lord, Demon knows how to do his job. I hope that he does not kill Becky; Jimmy will want to kill her, himself.”

Right at eight in the morning. It was Sunday, October 31st when Jimmy walks through the front door and saw Vicky bloody body hanging from the balcony, hearing the voice of his sister saying, welcome home brother.”

“What have you done, Carolina?”

“Tracey left town with Mike and group of his friends for a thirty day of nonstop gangbanging in Mexico. It took Demon two fucking days to get me that much from her.”

“Shit are you fucking nuts. Mike is going to kill me when he finds out that his wife is dead. Damn it. Did anyone see you or your goddamn dog entering into this house?”

“Only Becky and Demon is taking care of that slut now as we speak, brother. Tracey had order Vicky to kill Kimberly; I had to save your goddamn baby. You are the one that messed this whole thing up, so do not get in my face, little brother. Let’s go upstairs and watch Becky take her last breath.”

Jimmy followed Carolina upstairs and into his bedroom where he saw Demon beating the hell out of Becky as he said, “Come on bitch. Tell me what you are going to tell the police when they ask you who killed Vicky.”

“Fuck off, son of...” Demon punched Becky in the face hard before she could say another word.

Jimmy turns to Carolina and orders her to call Demon off at once.

Carolina said to Jimmy, “Fine, brother. Demon, let’s go.”

Demon kissed Becky lips as he got off her.

As soon as Carolina and Demon left the room, Jimmy climbed in between Becky's legs as his shaft enter her cunt while saying, “I will make you into the best and obeying wife. By law, a wife cannot be forced to testify against her husband, bitch. Tomorrow, I will send Demon to Mexico to take care of Tracey, my soon to be...”

Just then, Jimmy felt a very sharp pain in the throat area. Then more sharp pain in his back as he heard Vicky voice saying, “Tracey, here is a knife for you, Ashley here is one for you too.”

If Vicky is standing in the doorway and Tracey and Ashley are just coming into the room, then who stab me in the back,’ he thought to himself.

Then he heard Carolina voice. “Goddamn, brother you thought that I would kill Vicky, Ashley or allow you to execute another Stoneheart member. Tracey is my goddamn blood; you are nothing more than a piece of shit to me. I have been waiting for this day. I warned you when you started dating my younger sister, Janet in high school. I had advised you to keep Janet safe. Becky, please do not pull that icepick out of his goddamn neck, yet. I could not raise Tracey because of my lifestyle. Janet told you that she could never be your servant because she had a kid, which was your kid. You took her and her kid out to eat and show her there no hard feelings, is that what you told me, you fucking son of a bitch?”

Carolina went on by saying, “Of course, the answer is yes. You also told me that you two got into a fight and Janet jumped out of the car just as another car came by which did not see her in time to stop. I read the police reports, and nothing added up. You left her and her kid for dead, mother fucker. Guess what she is not fucking dead. Last year she finally woke up from a coma. Today is her birthday, fucker and my gift to her is your fucking head. Janet will never walk or talk again. Sixteen goddamn years after you ran her over, you put an advertisement in our local newspaper and a young eighteen-year-old female answer it. I have been keeping a very close eye on Kimberly, and I have even taken her to see your handy work, bastard. Between John and I, we taught her how to last your dark side. I should have killed you that day when you goddamn rape me after telling me that Janet was dead, and it was all my goddamn fault. I believe that Tracey wants you to remember how you destroyed her life. Tracey finally met her mother face to face for the first time last week.”

Tracey lower herself onto Becky's face as she looked into Jimmy's tearful eyes and said, “Daddy, how was I in bed? Was I as good as my mother was?”

Ashley stabbed Jimmy in the back along with Carolina and Vicky while Tracey talked.

Tracey said, “Kimberly, is having Mike’s baby because your bloodline ends right now, daddy,” after speaking those she pulled her knife across Jimmy's throat.

As Tracey pulled the knife across her father’s neck, she said, “Burn in hell, you son of a bitch.”

Next Tracey pushed Jimmy off the bed and watched Ashley jumped onto him and stabbed away. Vicky order Demon to knock Ashley out. Then Vicky told Demon to go home as he took Ashley and Becky with him and to be gentle with them or else.

Tracey look at Carolina as she said, “Why did you lie to him about my mother being alive?”

Carolina answered her,” You saw his eyes, you tell me, Sweetie.”

“He looked scared that I knew everything that he had done to my mother and thought of her still being alive when he was at the doorsteps of death on his way to hell. Vicky, are you okay? Did Master Demon hurt you badly?”

“Did you forget who I was a masochist slave to, Bitch? Lisa has done worst things to me. Master Demon knows how to pop necks without breaking them, thank God.”

“Mike and John will take care of the trash, Tracey. Vicky and I will take you to the basement to see your pet Kimberly, and I have a big goddamn surprise for you on your mother’s birthday, Sweetie.”

“I think Mike is finishing up with Kimberly right now. When we are done burning the trash, we will join you in the dungeon, ladies.”

Vicky, Tracey, and Carolina kissed John on the lips as they left the Master bedroom.

John was rolling Jimmy's body and head up as Mike walked into the room.

“Carolina had been waiting long twenty-one years to kill that bastard,” Mike said as he leans down to pick up one end of the black tarp.

Mike and John carried Jimmy lifeless body outside to a fire pit that they built for this day. They stacked logs on top of the body and pour 2 ten gallons tanks of gasoline onto the fire pit.

Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Tracey's eyes lit up when she saw the one that raised her.

Tracey knelt before this female's feet as she heard, “I took you as my daughter when you were young. I taught you how to fight when you were in your teens. On your eighteenth birthday, you ask me to lay with you, and I took you sexually. Then I shared you with my husband. You are the only Stoneheart that enjoy being dominated over instead of being a dominatrix over others, slave. You may speak now, goddamn bitch.”

“Mistress Lisa, I am so glad that you are here. I never knew my birth mother. I was three when you took me in. I know that I was born as a Stoneheart, but that life was stolen from me by a bastard. Carolina has tried her best to teach me how to dominate, but I would rather submit to you and Carolina as well as Vicky. Both Mike and John have taken great care of me, Mistress. Please retake me as your slave and raised my child as your own.”

Lisa lean down and pet her as she said, “If I take you back as a full-time masochist dog, you will forfeit your rights to have any child of your own forever and must have a miscarriage when you are pregnant, Ashley will be allowed to adopt Kimberly’s child as her own. You will live in a mansion that our great-grandfather built. Ashley and Becky shall know what you truly are; they can take you at any time. In public, you will act like a dominatrix, and private, you will submit to Ashley, Becky, Vicky, Carolina, John, Mike, Jason and of course me forever, slave. Kimberly’s child shall never know what you are to her until she gets married, do I make myself clear, bitch.”

Tracey kissed both Lisa black stilettos as Lisa continued, “You shall have female servants to keep up your role as a dominatrix in case anyone pops by but your word shall not be law, only Ashley has the power to lay the law down for those servants, understand, slave.”

Lisa yanked Tracey head backward as she leans forward to kiss her lips.

Nine months later, Kimberly gave birth to a healthy baby girl, which Ashley adopted as her own and naming her ‘Kim’ after her birth mother. During the birth of her child, Kimberly died from being slowly strangled during rough sex of hell. 

Chapter 5 - A group called Stoneheart’s Family raising Kim

It was a prolonged and painful death for Kimberly as she gave birth. Looking in her killers’ eyes, Kimberly knew that she was on her way to heaven to be judged by her maker. Each female member of the Stoneheart’s family took turn slowly killing Kimberly from her Mistress Tracey to her lover Ashley. The Stoneheart family lived by the following motto ‘The Strong shall prevail. The Weak shall perish.’

After what Jimmy did to her, Kimberly was looking forward to death as Ashley strangled Kimberly as they lock lips. Jimmy had destroyed Kimberly years ago and what left was a broken angel of hell. The last sight Kimberly saw was Ashley’s eyes as she heard and felt a bullet going through her head.

Ashley spoke the previous words to Kimberly, “I love you and promise to tell our child about you, we will burn your goddamn body as you wish, my love. Now die, bitch of mine.”

Then the head of the Stoneheart’s family put her 1911 pistol against Kimberly’s head and pulled the trigger until the gun was empty.

As the blood dripping from Kimberly’s head, the family walked out of Tracey’s mansion for the last and final time as Ashley left the gas on and Tracey threw a match into the estate. It was now time for Tracey submission to Ashley and moved into her great grandfather’s estate.

Lisa signed Tracey’s body, soul, heart, mind, and life over to Ashley forever as she and Jason left the USA for a while as he was transferred to Japan.

After Tracey’s mansion was destroyed and Kimberly body was nothing more than ash, Ashley took Kim as her daughter and Tracey as her masochist bitch forever. Ashley was having a tough time raising Kim since she reminded her of Kimberly, her lover. Ashley would take her anger out on Tracey’s body, daily in her dungeon of painful pleasure.

Ashley loved Kimberly but what they killed that day was not her lover but a shell of a once beautiful and wonderful angel, she called wife.

Before leaving the USA, Lisa and Carolina, the head of the Stoneheart’s family took Tracey to a private hospital where they introduced her to Janet, her birth mother for the first time. Carolina handed Janet’s 1911 pistol to Tracey and ordered her to finish Janet off once and for good.

Kissing Janet’s forehead as she held the gun against her mother’s head while pulling the trigger but there was only a clicking sound coming from the pistol.

Tracey heard her mother who uses a wheelchair saying, “I heard that you cut your father throat, bitch of mine. I will never walk again, but Carolina lied to Jimmy when she told him that I would never talk. Watching the video of the goddamn bastard dying as pleased me but you are a slave to Ashley, your pet has not been a pleasure to my ears. I have been watching you grow up and fully understand your lifestyle because that bastard was a Blackheart bloodline. Jimmy thought by killing me, he could control the Stoneheart bloodline forever, but he did not stick around to make sure that I was fully dead. Jimmy’s family had been slaves to our family since both of our kind was born. I had to know how much of his blood was in your body. If you had begged or pleaded for Carolina to have someone else kill me, I would have signed your goddamn death warrant, bitch. As Lisa told you, Ashley will rule over you for now, but I may choose to kill you at my whim because weakness will not be tolerated in our family, love. Do not misunderstand me, my love. I love you as a daughter, but as the Stoneheart’s family law goes, if you show any weakness, I will sign your death without another thought and will not shear a tear for you, understand me?”

Tracey nodded as Janet continued, “Good, bitch. Now strip at once as Lisa and Carolina punish you until I give the order for them to stop, bitch. For you are not from the Stoneheart bloodline but the Blackheart bloodline, so from this day forward, you shall never bore any goddamn child unless I allow it which I will never do. Ashley shall force you to have a miscarriage of hell, bitch. Now take my daughter to hell Mistress Lisa and Mistress Carolina as I watch.”

Being punished by her adopted mother and aunt brought enjoyment to Tracey as she finally learned the reason, she was not a dominatrix-like all the other females in the family. However, in the fifth hour of nonstop punishment, something surprising happens, Tracey, begin to fight back for the first time in her life. Lisa and Carolina saw the dominatrix starting to show in Tracey as Janet grin.

Janet said, “Enough, bitches. Crawl to me at once bitch of my blood.”

Lisa and Carolina back away from Tracey as Janet spoke. They watch as Tracey crawled to Janet. Once at her mother’s feet, Tracey sat up as Janet grabbed her hair. Kissing her lips as Lisa and Carolina watched.

Slowly standing to her feet, Janet held onto Tracey’s hair as everyone heard, “I knew deep down that my blood was in your veins, bitch. Unknown to the family, I can walk as well as kick their goddamn asses. I own this hospital for my bloodline to use. I know you submit to the family because of what happened to you when you saw Jimmy shoot me in my guts. I know he tried to kill you that night, but you hid. If it were not for you, I would be dead right now. Unknown to the family too you were brave enough to get to the road, and as a car came by, Jimmy took off, and those guys saved my life. I will never know what type of damage that was done to you by watching those guys and gals work on me when you were three. I order the doctors to tell the family that I was dead because I did not want the bastard to come after you until the time was right. However, you and the family planned the assassination of Jimmy, and he was dead before any word got back to me about the death contract that you had signed, my love.”

“The bastard never recognizes me as his goddamn daughter. When Mistress Sarah received the phone call from him, I told her to agree, and from there I let Mistress Lisa and the family know my plan. At first, I was going to kill him that night when Kimberly first met me but change my mind and decide to put an ungodly show of death on for him and to my pleasure he still did not figure it out until I was on Becky’s face, calling him daddy. Goddamn fucker started to cry as it hit him whom I was and knowing that he slept with me must have made him sick but as you said, I am damaged goods, having Lisa, or any of dominatrix punishing me was my relief. I knew in my heart that you were still alive, but I wanted to be submissive to the family until the time comes where the pain of that night Jimmy had tried to murder you and me, goes away.”

“Honey, that pain will never go away, I am sad to say. Jimmy damaged both of us badly, my love. Knowing that my blood runs in your veins, I will allow you to be the family dog until Kim’s fifteenth birthday. If you want to submit to Ashley after that, you may do so, my love. However, you are still not allowed to bore any children, sweetie. Any question, my love.”

“I have no question for you mother and knowing that Jimmy blood is running through my veins, I gladly allow Ashley to force any of my miscarriages forever with the permission of the family, Mistress Janet.”

“The family will approve your request for forcible rough painful miscarriage by Mistress Ashley forever, bitch. You and Ashley will share the adoption of Kim. I had allowed the death of Kimberly after seeing what Jimmy had done to her, so I will not punish anyone for that but from now on any assassination must be approved by me since I am the executioner of this family, understand me, bitches.”

Kissing her mother right hand, as she, Lisa and Carolina left Janet office. Lisa turns all rights over of Tracey to Ashley before leaving the USA with her husband, Jason. Both Ashley and Tracey raised Kim together, but Tracey told Ashley to be Kim true mother forever.

It had been seventeen long years since they assassinated Jimmy. Ashley had released Tracey as the Stoneheart’s slave but kept her as a slave for herself.

Having one of the most extreme sadistic bitches in the Stoneheart’s family ruling over her fate for the last eighteen years was rough on her body but at the same time very pleasurable sexually for Tracey.

About two years ago, Ashley found an eighteen-year-old male to be the Stoneheart Family’s sexual dog; his name was Jack.

Kim was now eighteen when she started getting into more fights at school. One day, it got so bad at school that Kim had left a female student for dead in the schoolyard. Ashley had been allowing Kim to assault Tracey since she was fifteen years old, but the abuse on Tracey’s body was taken its toll on her. Ashley needed a younger strong bitch for Kim to abuse.

The school called Ashley and told her that if she could not control Kim’s anger that they would have no choice but to ban her for good.

That night in the dungeon that Ashley fully control, Tracey was getting whipped extremely hard by both Ashley and Becky. Tonight, was a special night, Kim was going to join her mother in ruling the Stoneheart’s family of Nevada since her mother was going to become the new executioner to the family as soon as the current executioner, Janet ordered the contract for Tracey's death.

Kim was going to learn everything about the business of the Stoneheart’s family which was one, if not the most powerful family on God’s green earth. Tracey knew her days were number, and she would be Kim first assassination when the order comes from the top which would be the last order from Mistress Janet before passing the torch of being an executioner over to Ashley, her apprentice

Ashley told Becky that she wanted Tracey for herself tonight, so Becky took Jack out of his cage and brought him over to the rack. The rack was an old looking table with a remote-control spool to stretch Jack’s body during sexual activities.

Once Becky tied Jack to the table, Becky got on top of him and lowered herself onto his shaft.

Jack’s red leather wrist cuffs were locked together above his head to a chain that went to a big spool that would pull his arm toward it.

Jack’s red leather ankle cuffs locked to their recessed d-rings on the table. As Becky rode Jack’s shaft, she would remotely control the motorized spool to stretching him out as she rode his rod.

Meanwhile, Ashley unhooked Tracey from the whipping post as she whispered to her, “Bitch take your fucking seat at my feet before Misty arrives to give me her answer about training Kim to fight.”

“Mistress Ashley, Misty might be your mouse, but I will always be your masochist whore to destroy anytime, anyplace, and anywhere, my love.”

Ashley smirked at Tracey as they heard the main dungeon door opening.

Ashley said to Tracey while smirking, “It has been eighteen years since Lisa took you back as her slave after the death of Jimmy. The Stoneheart Family’s power over you ended on Kim’s fifteenth birthday, slave Tracey. Only one law is still in effect until your death which is you shall be mine to destroy forever, my love. Of course, Kim shall be the one to carry out your death when the order comes from your birth mother, Janet, the current executioner.”

“Having you as an enforcer to keep law over me has been a pleasure, and I am grateful to you for using me to train Kim, the next killer of Stoneheart’s family, my Love. Do you miss your wife, Kimberly, Mistress Ashley?” Tracey said as she arched backward in front of Ashley, who put her dirty stilettos onto Tracey’s bare chest.

Ashley did not say a word about Kimberly because they both knew the answer to the question as they wait for Misty to arrive.

Misty walked into the dungeon that started as a basement that Ashley had turned into a hellish private playground. The dungeon was called ’Dungeon of Sexual and Painful Pleasure.

Misty was wearing a black lace bra with a white blouse top over it and black lace panties with a navy-blue skirt over them.

Misty had exceptionally long soft blond hair. Her body was fit to a tee, and she could go all night and all day long during extreme sexual activities without stopping while being beaten with fist, whips, paddles, and canes.

When she got to Slave Tracey, Misty knelt and kissed Mistress Ashley’s stilettos as she heard, “I told you about my out of control daughter since you came from a line of fighters. I had asked you to think about teaching Kim how to fight in the old barn, so what is your answer, my pet.”

Misty look up and smile at Ashley as she replied, “My father was a professional wrestler for years, and he would use my body as a training tool for my older brothers when I was ten years old. My father made sure that they were gentle with me, but I love pushing my body to its limit and going past them. By the time I was fifteen years old, my brothers would get rougher with me but still were careful about how far they would go. You know by watching Kim and me fighting in front of you at your fighting club that I can take punishment. I will teach her how to fight safely and make sure she understands about wrestling and fighting techniques. If you will give me full control to teach her my way, then my answer to you, Mistress, is yes. I will teach her the right way to fight and do it safely as well.”

When Misty was done talking, she kissed Ashley’s stilettos as she waited for her Mistress to give her the green light. Then suddenly, she felt her hair getting grabbed, and her head yanked back hard as she kept her eyes closed.

Misty felt a hard slap across her face as she heard, “Misty, my whore, you have the green light but on one condition that you give me a status report on how the fighting lessons are going after each week and if you miss one status report you will be mine to destroy for thirty days nonstop. During those thirty days, slave Tracey will take your place as a human punching bag for Kim to use and abuse. While being Kim’s punching bag, Tracey will suffocate for Kim and my pleasure, do I make myself clear, sluts.”

Another hard slap came across Misty’s face as she heard, “I am looking forward to breaking your goddamn bones, bitch.”

Misty knew that Kim was the one that was standing behind her and slapping her face hard. Kim had been coming to the dungeon since she was fifteen and had been beating Tracey ass in front of Ashley in the front part of the dungeon where she could not see or hear sexual things being done.

Today was the first time she had been in the sexual part of the dungeon and seeing Becky riding slave Jack hard excited young Kim as she told Misty that hell was coming for her.

Misty said softly, “Mistress Ashley, if I fail to give the weekly status report to you, I will not only be yours, but I will belong to the merciless Stoneheart Family’s dominatrix for all to destroy as you watch, my Goddess.”

Kim was still slapping away at Misty face hard while Ashley said, “Bitch, crawl your ass over to the cd rack and pick one out to strip for my pleasure.”

After the tenth slap across the face hard, Kim let go of Misty hair, and as soon as she did, Misty open her eyes and turned and crawled slowly over to the cd rack where she picked out a Jennifer Lopez cd.

As Misty crawled over to the cd rack, Kim sat on her mother’s right-hand side in a brand new red leather chair as she heard Ashley saying, “Tracey, bring my best wine to me at once along with two cigars, one for me and the other for my daughter to smoke.”

On Ashley left-hand side was an old black leather chair where her lover had sat. One day, he never came home, and his body was never found. A rumor went around saying he was Ashley first assignment to show her loyalty to the Stoneheart’s family as she took Tracey’s place as head of the Nevada territories. Only Ashley and the family knew the truth, and they were never going to talk about it ever.

After standing up, Tracey leaned forward and kissed the right hands of Ashley and Kim before leaving to get the absolute best wine and cigars for her Mistresses. Today was a special day as Kim took her rightful place next to Ashley and rule over Tracey with full power as the daughter of Ashley the head of the Stoneheart’s family in the Nevada territories of the USA. Lisa and Janet were the main heads of the Stonehearts, and no major assassination could happen without their approval. However, Janet was going to retire soon, and Ashley was next in line to take her place as one of the main heads of all Stoneheart.

Next, Misty crawled slowly over to the home theater system and put the cd into it. Then she turned and crawled to the stripping pole that was in the middle of the dungeon.

Next, she arched back and stayed in that position while shutting her eyes as she heard Kim saying, “Slut, leave your blouse on after you open it, but you may allow your skirt to fall to the floor.”

After she spoke, Kim turned and looked at Ashley sitting next to her as they heard Becky moaning and groaning while riding Jack’s shaft as the rack slowly stretched him.

Over Jack’s head was a red leather suffocating hood that had a built-in substantial double dildo. There was a black leather bag attached to a rubber hose to the nose area of the hood. Becky was watching the airbag inflate and deflate as she rode his massive shaft.

Tracey returned with a tray that had two glasses of the absolute best wine and cigars for her Mistresses of hell. Just as Ashley grabbed her glass of the wine, the tray tipped over and landed on Kim’s lap with the wine running down her legs.

Kim jumped up and grabbed Tracey by the throat as she screamed, “Goddamn bitch, you had only one fucking job, whore.”

Tracey knew that Ashley had knocked the tray over to see how Kim would react. As Ashley sat there watching Kim reaction, Tracey softly said, “Mistress Kim, I am so sorry and will pay to have your dress clean, and I will draw the bath for you…”

Before Tracey could finish talking, Kim said with anger, “Bitch, you will hand wash my dress later. For now, show me around this dungeon of my mother, and maybe I will find something to use on you for punishment.”

Then Kim turned to her mother and smirked as she pushed Tracey backward onto the hardwood floor before kicking her as she said, “Well bitch, did I stuttered, move your goddamn ass now, whore.”

As Tracey slowly got up and lead Kim to Mistress Becky and slave Jack as Ashley hit the play button on the remote for the home theater before getting up from her chair.

All sudden, Misty heard the music starting as she stays still until she felt a hand on her neck. Misty slowly opened her mouth as she felt another hand slowly sliding down on top of her blouse. As soon as Misty touched Ashley’s lips against hers, she opens her eyes.

Ashley broke the kissed and whispered into Misty right ear, “God, I love how relaxed you are, knowing what hellish things that I am capable of doing to your body which turns me on, bitch.”

Just as Ashley started to remove her hand from Misty’s neck, she heard, “Mistress, please dance and play with me as I strip for your honor and pleasure.”

Becky was Ashley’s sister and kitten for sexual pleasures without any sadomasochist stuff. After Kimberly death, Ashley took Becky as her wife and had Mike pregnant them both as his wife watched.

When Misty walked into Ashley’s adult fighting entertainment club for the first time, she stepped straight into the main cage where Tracey and Becky were fighting each other immensely.

After Misty enter the fighting cage, she walked up to Becky and threw her out of the pen. After she had been in the cage with Tracey for eight hours straight of nonstop fighting, Ashley knew that she finally found a playmate and soulmate for herself to use extremely roughly whenever she wanted.

Ashley kissed Misty lips to let her know that she would dance and play with her in front of Becky as Kim slammed Tracey’s face onto the double dildo that was sticking out of the hood over Jack’s head. Ashley stood up and snapped her fingers as she started to back up from Misty as she rolled onto her chest.

Misty began to crawl toward Ashley slowly as she continued to back up as they circle the stripper pole. Becky smiled as she watched knowing how much Ashley and Misty like to play extreme cat and mouse games with each other. Misty was always the mouse, and of course, Ashley was the big bad cat.

Unlike her sister Becky whom she loved to play with but had to be gentle with as well, Ashley could be as rough as she wanted to be with Misty, her extreme submissive wife.

Misty loved being Ashley and Becky playmate but mostly Ashley’s. As soon as Ashley back hit the stripper pole, Misty started to growl softly at her as she slowly sat up onto her knees and put hands behind her as she looked up at Ashley.

Ashley grinned down at her as she stuck out her tongue along with both of her bird fingers. Then Ashley slowly slid down with her hands above her head as she slowly slid against the pole until her ass was about three to five inches above the floor. She spread her legs apart as Misty lean forward slowly.

Just as soon as Misty’s mouth was inches away from her skirt, Ashley gently pulled herself back up against the pole. As Ashley slid herself back up the pole, Misty slowly followed her. By the time Ashley was fully standing again; Misty was kissing her lower chest slowly. Ashley kept her hands above her head as she allowed Misty to slide up her body. As soon as Misty was standing, she kissed Ashley’s lips.

Misty broke the kissed and turned around as she raised her hands above her head. Ashley reached around and grabbed Misty blouse just as she started to move her body against hers.

As Ashley felt Misty starting to move her body against hers, she tore open the shirt making sure not to yank on her black lace bra. Becky was enjoying the show that her wife, Ashley and their submissive wife, Misty were putting on for her pleasure.

Next Ashley slid down to her knees against the pole. Then she reached up and yanked down Misty’s skirt. As soon as Misty felt her skirt get yanked down, she back her ass into Ashley’s face and started to move it around which made Becky crack up laughing.

As Misty pushed her ass back and forth against Ashley’s face, she leaned over as she put one of her hands in front of her mouth, like oops. When Ashley had enough, she slapped Misty ass cheeks hard, which told Misty that it was time to let her up.

As soon as Ashley was standing back up, she spun Misty around, and when Misty was facing the pole, she leaned forward and grabbed it. Next Ashley took her left hand and grabbed Misty by the hair as she took the other one and started to slap away at Misty ass hard.

As she slapped Misty ass cheeks hard as she could while asking her, “Bitch, tell our male slave what you want him to do to your body in front of Becky, Kim, and me, slut of mine.”

By now Kim was sitting on Tracey’s head making her choke on the huge double dildo. Tracey was on her knees on top of Jack’s chest with her mouth over the dildo that was sticking out of the hood as Kim was leaning forward sucking and yanking on Becky’s breasts hard.

All four of them heard Misty said as she licked the stripper pole, “I want him to fuck my pussy off hard against the outside of our fighting cage while you choke me hard as hell from inside of the cage, my lustful bitch and soulmate of mine.”

Ashley turned and was grinning at Becky as she continued to slap away at Misty’s ass.

Then all sudden Misty’s head got yanked back hard as she heard Ashley saying, “My god, my bitch wants our slave boy so goddamn badly that she has given herself over to me, so before she goes to heaven with Jack, Misty will be going to hell with me first, right bitch?”

As soon as she said, “Bitch,” Ashley slammed Misty backward onto the hard wooden floor. Then she jumped onto Misty bare chest hard driving her knees into her guts. Next Ashley leans forward and kissed Misty lips as she bit her lower lip hard.

Misty saw the lustfulness in Ashley’s eyes and knew that the extreme cat and mouse game has begun. Misty had a safety word which to this day she never used, that she could use just in case the cat and mouse game got too rough for her pleasure. Misty could receive mercy and rest for a bit if needed.

Ashley could tell that Misty wanted her as much as she did, if not more. Ashley slid her legs down Misty’s body until one of her knees landed on Misty’s cunt while she put her mouth onto her black lace bra.

Next, Ashley bit down onto one of Misty’s breasts through the lace bra and started to suck and nibble on it as she softly yanks. Ashley had learned that Misty enjoy pain and could handle a ton of it, she saw that Misty was the type of bitch that got turned on, even more, when her partner or partners would get rough with her during sexual activities.

As Ashley yanked on one of Misty’s breasts while sucking on it, she would ram that knee that was between Misty’s legs hard as she could.

By now Kim was choking Becky hard but not too hard since she knew that Becky, her other mother did not like sadomasochist stuff. Having three mothers was exciting for Kim. Ashley was her teacher in the art of killing while Becky was her teacher in the art of lovemaking. Misty, her third mother, was a teacher of the painful pleasure of hell. As for Tracey, she was just the family’s dog until the day for her to die. Kim was not close to Tracey and did not have any feelings for her either way.

Kim knew about Tracey’s childhood and knew that Janet was Tracey’s mother, but other than that, Kim did not give a shit about her. That was the way Tracey wanted it because she did not want Kim to get attached to her since she was on borrow time. The only reason her birth mother, Janet allowed her to live was that she saved her life and killed the goddamn bastard that tried to take their life.

Kim whispered to Becky, “Mother, I know you do not like sadomasochist stuff, but may I take you over to the water tank and hold your head underwater as you eat me, please?”

Becky whispered, “Mistress Kim, I am your bitch to do with as you see fit. I am your teacher in the art of lovemaking, including but not limit to passion only but sadomasochist activities are also included in your lessons. The reason that Ashley does not get sadist with me is that she came very close to killing me when we were teens, and she took an oath never to touch me in that way again but as for you, Mistress, I am fully masochist bitch until my death in this family of yours.”

Hearing Becky telling Kim about their childhood, Ashley threw Misty across the dungeon as she said, “It was after we bury our parents. I was such in fury at God and the world that I released it upon Becky. For days, I would just beat her and sit there watching her starve to death slowly. As soon as she was at the doorsteps of death, I would feed her enough to stay alive for another round of hell. Being concern, one of our teachers finally showed up and grabbed me as she told the young girl with her to take Becky to the hospital at once. The teacher name was Carolina, yes, the same one that is the top head of the Stoneheart family. Carolina took me with her to an old warehouse and handed me two guns; I learn later that the guns were 1911 pistols. Next, she told me not to return until everyone in there was fully dead. I had never killed anyone in my life but guess in a way I was killing Becky slowly. I enter the warehouse; I never told anyone what happen that day until now. As I enter the warehouse, they must have known why I was there. I took a couple of bullets in my chest as I fired my very first shot and continue to fire until I was out of bullets. When I felt bullets flying by my head from behind me as a female voice said, ‘Goddamn, she sent a kid to help me’ and I turn slowly around while trying to avoid getting shot from behind. There stood a beautiful female, and she screams at me to get on the floor. So, I hit the pavement as she continues toward me. Without stopping, she dropped two clips as she said, ‘That is all you get bitch, use them wisely. Aim for the goddamn heads only, bitch.’ I reloaded the guns and followed the bitch straight through the flying bullets. When the smoke was clear, there she was pointing her guns straight at me. With a smirk, she said, ‘Goddamn bitch, I told you to use those clips wisely.’ That is when I realize that my guns were fully empty, and she still had bullets. I uncocked my guns and was about to put them between my dirty jeans and skin when I heard her saying, ‘What is your goddamn name bitch?’ I swallowed as I said, ‘Ashley, ma’am.’ Grinning at me as she said, ‘Do not ever put guns that had been fired against your skin, Bitch. So, Ashley is your name, the one that Mistress Carolina was worried about. Heard about you trying to punish your twin sister for the death of your parents. Well, if you ever try that again, I will kill you, bitch. My name is Janet, Mistress Janet to you, bitch. To have me called you by your goddamn name, well you have not earned my respect yet, bitch.’ Handing me a picture as she said, ‘Bitch tell me if you see this son of a bitch. Among the bodies, he tried to kill my daughter and me about twelve years ago. Damn it; I got to…’ Janet felled in my arms as the front warehouse door open behind us; I grabbed the only gun that the bitch was still holding and let her fall as I spun around to see Carolina run toward us.”

By now Ashley was kicking away at Misty’s body as she continues her story, “Carolina said, ‘Goddamn, I told her that I would handle it. Damn it.’ Without looking at the picture in my hands, Carolina looked around quickly as she said, ‘Christ, the son of a bitch is not here.’ Later that day at the hospital, Carolina told me what happens to Janet, her sister. No one knew if she would live, I also learn about Janet having a daughter whom the family was hiding from the bastard. The family sent me to a school where I met Tracey for the first time and her adopted mother, Lisa. Tracey just turned eighteen when I came into the picture, and at the time, I was sixteen, years old, but the family made me look older with falsify id and set me up with enough guns for an army. I watched over Tracey while Lisa went partying with her husband, leaving Tracey tied up and alone with me. Seeing Tracey tied up reminded me of my sister and that when I made the vow to God and my parents that I would not harm my sister ever again. To make the vow complete, I cut Tracey chest as I repeated the vow. That is the scar that runs below Tracey’s heart to her belly button. Unknown to me, Lisa saw and heard everything as I try my best to stop the bleeding. I heard a voice behind me; I knew it was Lisa. She told me that if Tracey dies, I would also die so, I never left Tracey side as I took care of that wound. So, Kim, Becky is all yours to do with as you see fit; however, if you kill her, I will kill you, bitch understood.”

Ashley continued, “Lisa taught me the basic of killing until Mistress Janet was strong enough to teach me the more advanced stuff. Well, let me say I was a fast learner on my seventeenth birthday. I was killing like a pro. The order came down for me to kill the head of another mob family.  The only way to get close enough was to sexual please this guy who was not a problem for me since the Stoneheart’s family had falsified my age. By my falsify id I was twenty-one years old and boy, did I ever look the part. The poor guy never saw it coming as I got on top of him. Let me say, that I had at least fifteen seconds to get out before his bodyguards would rush in as soon as I pulled the trigger. I never believe in a silencer because I got off on the risk of getting caught which I never have to this day. After I took that boss out, his territories became mine to run. Well, I was still legally too young, so Mistress Lisa ran it with me as I learned the ropes and earned my respect in the family. As soon as I turn nineteen, Nevada became fully mine under the leadership of Lisa. To this day, other mob families do not dare enter Nevada for any reason without my permission or with a written letter from Carolina, or Lisa. I am now forty-six years old and still the best goddamn hitwomen in this family to date.”

By now Becky was in the water tank on her knees being held down by weights tied to her ankles as well as Kim was holding onto her head. To get Becky lungs to their max strength, Kim started with fifteen seconds underwater and five seconds above. Once Kim was sure that Becky's lungs were ready, she pushed Becky’s head against her cunt under the water and held her there for up to five minutes before yanking her mother’s head up out of the water for thirty seconds.

Tracey was now fucking Jack off hard while sucking on the huge double dildo that was sticking out of the red leather hood over his head as she heard Kim moaning while Ashley and Misty fucking in the barbwire cage.

The next day at about three pm, Misty left a note for Mistress Kim to come out to the barn right away, it was especially important that she talk to her at once. Kim ran to the barn and slowly entered.

As soon as she went into the barn, someone grabbed her from behind and shoved her up against a post. Next Kim heard a soft but firm voice, “Mistress Kim, if you promise to never fight at school again, I will teach you how to fight safely.”

Kim turns around slowly and looks at Misty as she smirks at Misty as she said, “There are no rules, bitch. From that day forward, we will fight, and it will be a goddamn war of hell. When I am done with you, I will allow you to rest in the dungeon with the useless dog of the family, Bitch.”

Misty knew that Mistress Kim was trying to impress her other mothers. Misty also knew her place; she was there to be a human punching bag to them all. There was no love lost between her and her Mistresses of hell. Kim never got into another fight at school. That night, as a reward Ashley took Misty to the master bedroom where Mike and Vicky were waiting for them.

After Ashley and Misty enter the Master bedroom, Vicky left and went to the basement where Jack was locked up in a cell. Vicky was pregnant by him that night.

Nine months later, Vicky gave birth to a baby girl. Tracey was pregnant by everyone in Mike’s gang, and after four to six months during her pregnancy, Ashley would force a miscarriage.

By the law of Mistress Janet, Tracey forfeited all rights to give birth to any child but could be pregnant for Ashley’s sadist pleasure of destruction.

On Kim twenty-first birthday, Misty took Kim to the old barn and told her to strip at once. Misty was five years older than Kim. When she and Kim first started fighting each other in the barn, she was twenty-three years old, and Kim was eighteen.

A bashful boy came out of the shadow and knelt before them as Misty said, “Today, is your congratulation to the advanced level of extreme fighting, Mistress Kim. This is Vicky’s son, Johnny. As you know by the Stoneheart law, all men are servants to your family and just here to pregnant your kind, Mistress. No matter their relationship to you. Vicky is watching, so destroy the son of bitch physically and sexually, Mistress.”

Kim took Johnny to hell that day and never look back as she took him as her husband to mate with and bore the next line of Stonehearts godless bitches.  

Chapter 6 - Kim passing the Family’s darkest secret onto her daughters.

‘Being raised in a very powerful mobsters’ household which was ran by a most sadist dominatrix Mistress that was your mother, would never be easy for anyone especially if you must follow in her footsteps.’ – Jennifer wrote in high school on top of an essay that she wrote about her family business.

Kim was head of an immensely powerful mob by the age twenty-one in Nevada until her oldest daughter, Julie took over on her eighteen birthday after her father sent her to Nevada.

This part of the story takes place when Kim is forty-three years old, and Julie is twenty-four year old and been running the mob family from the shadows. Kim’s husband Johnny had been kill in an automobile accident which was arranged by the family. Kim married Johnny when she was twenty-one years old.

Kim went to her dungeon and took a whore named Tammy out of a cell. Tammy was Johnny’s main squeeze and her babysitter.

Kim had been beating the hell out of Tammy with whips, cane, and a baseball bat to find out where the stolen money was at, after Johnny’s death.

Kim could not touch Tammy while Johnny was alive since he was protecting her. However, all that changed when Johnny was killed. Kim told Tammy to kneel in front of her. Next Kim took an unmarked twenty-two pistol and put it against Tammy’s head as she pulled the trigger.

After Johnny’s death, Kim was still running the family’s prostitution business and needed a new babysitter to watch Jennifer while she and Julie were working. After killing Tammy, Kim got a phone called from Frank ordering her to fly out to see him because he needed her very badly.

After hanging up the phone with her brother, she called Melissa and asked if she could watch Jennifer since she was needed in Mexico as soon as possible and Julie was busy running the business while she is in Mexico.

Melissa told Kim that her sixteen-year-old daughter would be happy to watch over Jennifer for her.

Also, Melissa asked Kim if she could go to Mexico with her?

Kim told Melissa to bring Jenna over to her house when picking her up the following day to leave for Mexico.

Kim saw Jenna’s sixteen-year-old body standing at her front door wearing a black sports bra with a black bikini bottom. Behind Jenna was Melissa with a big grin. Kim asked them to come in.

As soon as Melissa enters the house, Kim grabbed her while Jenna shut the door as she watched Kim squeezing her mother’s neck. Jenna knew what her mother was to Kim.

Kim whispered into Melissa left ear, “Bitch, let’s see if Jenna will obey my orders in destroying your goddamn body for my pleasure.”

Melissa did not say a word as she heard Kim saying to Jenna, “I want you to kick this bitch in her stomach as I hold her for you.”

Jenna put both her bird fingers into Melissa’s face as she began to kick her hard in the stomach. Soon after, Kim let go of Melissa’s beautiful masochist body as Jenna continued kicking her mother as Kim watched with lustfulness.

Within ten goddamn minutes, Melissa was coughing blood up as she heard Kim said to Jenna, “Enough.”

Jenna backed away from her mother as she saw Kim knelt next to Melissa and whispered, “Jenna will do fine in my organization of Hell, but you better get your goddamn ass up before you piss me off, bitch. Now go and clean up, slave of mine.”

Melissa got up as fast as she could and got herself into the Master bedroom where she washed up.

Kim grin at Jenna as she said, “Did your mother piss you off today, Sweetie?”

“No, Mistress Kim. I know your reputation for weakness, and we both know that my mother is a submissive bitch to you. I knew you would only allow punishment of my mother to a point, did I pass the test, Mistress Kim.”

Kim smirked as she said, “I am extremely impressed that you are willing to hurt your mother for my pleasure, so yes, you passed the first test of obedience, bitch. Now take my 1911 pistol and take your place at my feet by killing your goddamn mother for me, right now, bitch.”

Kim followed Jenna to the Master bathroom where Melissa was washing up, and Jenna put the pistol against her mother’s head as she started to pull the trigger over and over until Kim order her to stop.

Kim grin as she said, “Damn, Jenna will make a great addition to my hellish family. When the time comes that gun will be load with real bullets, slave.”

Melissa knelt before them as Jenna started to hand the gun back to Kim when she heard, “Keep that gun on you at all time unless you are fighting with my kids. As for your mother, you may lock her up in the cage in my bedroom for now.”

Melissa crawled to the middle size dog cage where she was going to stay until needed.

Kim smirked as she said, “You pass the second test of obedience, bitch. However, the final test is for you to last thirty days getting your goddamn ass kicked by my little bitch, Jennifer. Jennifer is upstairs since she was banned for thirty days from school for fighting. Jennifer is seven years old today. I know that Jennifer is still taking her father’s death the hardest, so if you are willing to allow her to take it out on you for the next thirty days as Julie watches both of you. Julie may get involved with helping Jennifer in beating your goddamn ass. If you are still alive and breathing, then bitch you pass and be working for me. Any questions, bitch?”

“No, Mistress Kim.”

“Good, bitch.”

The next day as Kim open the cage door, she said, “Melissa, get your goddamn ass out of there we must leave for Mexico, now. Also, your goddamn daughter has a busy day getting her ass kicked by my little bitch, so move it right now.”

As the front door shut, Jenna heard, “Hey bitch get your goddamn ass to the family gym because I am going to beat the hell out of your goddamn body just before I kill you.”

Jenna smirked as she thought, ‘I am going to have some fun with this bitch until her sister gets home to join in.’

“Hey kid, how about me kicking your ass right here, right now. Anything goes, no goddamn rules, bitch. Come show me what you…”

Before Jenna could finish talking, Jennifer had run down the stairs and started kicking Jenna hard as hell as she cussed her out.

Jenna covered her face as she laid on the floor getting kicked hard in the chest by a tough ass kid when she heard, “Damn, I have fifty dollars that you will not last a week against my little sister and if you disobey me, bitch. I will make damn sure you will not make it to your next goddamn birthday, bitch. Do I make myself clear, Jenna?”

Jenna could not answer her until Julie grabbed Jennifer by the hair and said, “Let the goddamn bitch answer my question, sis. Then you can go back destroying her ass.”

Jennifer back away as she said, “Bitch, answer my goddamn sister now, so I can get back to killing you.”

Jenna said, “Mistress Julie, I fully understand and ask permission to fight your baby sister, one on one?”

As she released Jennifer back onto Jenna, Julie said, “I am just here to bury your goddamn body when my sister is done with you, bitch. Also, for now, you may not fight back, and if you do, I will tie you up and let her beat the holy shit out of you as I watched with pleasure, bitch.”

Jennifer was merciless on Jenna’s body as Julie watched and was very surprised at how much punishment their new babysitter was taking from the cruelest bitch alive beside her.

Finally, around ten at night, Julie pulled Jennifer off Jenna as she said, “Go get ready for bed, now sis. I will take care of this bitch.”

As Jennifer left them, Julie knelt and petted Jenna’s head while saying, “I am going to throw your goddamn ass into an old lodge in the back of the mansion where your ass will stay until I get you for round two, bitch. Oh, by the way just so you know the last human punching bag our mother brought home to us to abuse, Jennifer had killed. I was here to bury your goddamn ass, but you are still alive for now. Jenna, I do have two personal questions for you. The first one is, are you still glad about moving in with us? And the second one is how did you enjoy your stay with Kim in her bedroom last night, slave?”

Jenna answer in a surprised voice, “Yes, Mistress Julie. Your mother was great to play with. I cannot believe that she enjoys being dominated over by other females. May I have permission to ask you how did you know, Mistress? ”

Julie replied, “There is nothing that goes on in this godless house that I do not know. Kim is not just my goddamn mother, but she is my slave as well. Jennifer is my daughter, not Kim’s. Yes, Jennifer knows who I am, but she plays along. I was seventeen years old when I gave birth to her. Kim adopted her and raised her in the state as her own. I thought Jennifer would have a better life until I came up here for a visit one day and saw Kim and Johnny allowing strangers into the house. I put in for full control of the Nevada family from both Frank and my grandmother, Ashley. You will be working for me, not Kim if I approve of keeping your goddamn ass, slave. Now answer the first question that I asked you, slave.”

Jenna kissed Julie’s stilettos as she replied, “Yes, I am excited to be apart of this hellish family, Mistress Julie.

Jenna slowly got up onto her knees as Julie said, “You answer to me not my mother because she is my slave. I am twenty-four years old, my beautiful masochist slave. In front of Jennifer, call her Kim and nothing more unless I permit you too. I know you are sixteen which is the legal age to consent sexually. I have prepared a contract between you and me that gives me the right to take you sexually at any time. You may take it to a lawyer to look it over before you sign it because this contract gives me full ownership of your body, soul, heart, mind, and your godless life, slave.”

Jenna replied, “I am your slave, Mistress Julie. I had been sexual since my sixteenth birthday about six months ago. The senior captain of the football team is my Master. When I told him that I would be babysitting for slave Kim, he told me to expect a very power dominating young adult to make me hers for life. Master also told me to say to you that Shadowy said, ‘Hello and he will see you at the abandoned warehouse this weekend,’ Mistress.”

“Slave, I know Justin Shadowy very well since he works for my family as a goon, so I will make sure to have him discipline your ass for my sadist pleasure. Now follow me to your new home until you earn your keep in this hellish family, slave.”

Jenna was crawling next to Julie as they went out to the old lodge, where she told Jenna to lay on the floor.

Jenna slowly laid on the floor as Julie grabbed two pair of handcuffs and two pair of shackles for Jenna’s ankles.

Jenna was laying on the floor in the middle of the lodge. Julie removed some square wooden pieces revealing four D-rings about six feet apart that Jenna was laying in the middle of them. After taking each of the handcuffs and hooking one end to the D-rings while the other went around each of Jenna’s wrists. Julie did the same with the ankle shackles which put Jenna in an x-shape position. Then Julie pulled out a bag of white powder before ramming a knee into Jenna’s bare chest hard.

Julie leans forward as she said, “This is my private killing room, Jennifer is not allowed ever to enter this lodge of death. Do not worry your head off. I will not kill you, but I will come close to it, bitch. I want to get high as I use your body for deadly pleasures, my slave. See this bag of white powder, it is called cocaine, and I am going to roll some up for you to smoke, slave as I get off taking you to death doorstep.”

Julie took out some cigarette paper out and poured some cocaine onto the paper and rolled it up. Next, she put the cocaine cigarette into Jenna’s mouth as she lit it.

Julie pours the rest of the cocaine onto Jenna’s chest as she wrapped her t-shirt around Jenna’s neck. Next, Julie wrapped the ends of the t-shirt around her wrists as she started to snort the cocaine off while she strangles Jenna.

Feeling herself getting high as Julie strangle her, Jenna started to lose conscience slowly. About an hour later, Julie got up and left Jenna tied up in the lodge with the t-shirt still wrapped around her neck. Julie padlocked the stainless-steel door shut before she went back into the mansion while thinking, ‘Damn, Jenna might be able to take my sister very dark sadist side. Shit, I might lose fifty goddamn dollars, fuck and Goddamn, I cannot believe that I  have a private cocaine bitch for my use as long as she stays alive.’

Each morning at five, Julie would go to the lodge and lock herself in with Jenna. She laid on the floor next to Jenna, the new family’s dog.

Julie would be high on pure cocaine as she assaults Jenna’s body. The only meal Jenna had was Julie’s piss and little coke. After Julie let Jenna out of the lodge and allow her to eat her one meal and single meal for the day before she faced Jennifer’s wrath

Melissa knew that her daughter was going through hell, but she also knew that Jenna was strong enough to take Jennifer and Julie wrath.

Meanwhile in Mexico, Frank’s private and most trusted limousine driver, Jezebel picked up Kim and Melissa from the airport with five bodyguards ready to feed some cocaine to Kim and Melissa before they gangbang them, as Jezebel watched them.

After the bodyguards gangbanging and tied Melissa up, they threw her into the trunk before packing Mistress Kim’s suitcases and shutting the trunk lid on top of her.

Before they let the masochist bitch out of the trunk, Frank took Kim to his private chamber and watched her get fucked out of her mind by twenty guys as she snorted coke off a cocaine whore that was on a pool table. Kim enjoys getting high off Frank’s cocaine girls. Being a sister to a sadist bastard was hard but enjoyable for her.

After the twenty guys had their way with Kim, Frank said to the guys, “The whore in the trunk is yours to destroy, and if she dies, it is no big loss. However, if she is still alive when you get done with her, then take her to the room of hell. I want to be alone with my wife, so get lost and do not bother us.”

As the guys were leaving, one of them whispered, “I thought that she was his sister.”

Hearing the whispers, Kim said, “I am his sister, but I am also his wife. My marriage to Johnny was just for show in the states. I was married to Frank when I was eighteen years old after his first wife died.”

Hearing some laughing coming from behind her, Kim smirked at the twenty guys in front of her as she said, “Okay, I blew her goddamn brains out and chopped her head off. My family gave me an open death contract on her, and Master Frank’s family also gave her a death contract on me. The only rule was one of us must be dead by dusk on the third day or we both would be. She was thirty-five years old, and I was eighteen. Also, she was going to be my first kill, and I was going to be her thousandth one. They took us to the killing zone where we met each other for the first and last time. The killing zone borders Mexico and the USA. It was fence in with guards to shoot us if we try to escape. The rules were sample, kill the other person before they killed you. You see, I was born to a slave and by the law of the Stoneheart and Señores Sádicos to be allowed to run territory in the family you must have one hundred percent of Stoneheart bloodline which meant it was hard to be killed but possible. My sister-in-law was full Stoneheart, and as for me, I was unknown because my mother was a slave and before she was rescued from her abuser that tried to kill my race off by attacking my grandmother. Anyways, everyone had put their money on my sister-in-law including me. Well, you can see who won. By the time they got to us, we were both covered with blood, and at first, they announced that we were both dead. As they were about to toss me into a grave that they just put my sister-law in, one of the guys screamed, ‘Goddamn this bitch is still alive.’ My family took me back to the states where my grandmother owned a hospital and cleaned me up. It turns out that my birth mother was a full Stoneheart when she moved in with the scum that tried to kill my grandmother. Her name was Kimberly, and she heard about the hit on my family, but she was so young, and no one including her parents had trained her how to be a Stoneheart. Kimberly knew that her abuser likes to control females and thought that she could pretend to submit and earn his trust before killing him, but he was stronger than she thought. Anyways, I was giving the Nevada territory to run on my twenty-first birthday, and Frank took me when I was eighteen as his new wife since I killed his goddamn bitch. Now get out of here. Son of bitches, I want to be alone with my goddamn husband and his cocaine covered bitch.”

The men took off running as they heard the chamber door locking behind them.

Melissa was slowly coming down from her high as she listened to the trunk lid popping open and voices saying, “The boss has given us permission to bloody up this goddamn whore, and if she still alive he wants us to take her to the room of hell in the attic and leave her hanging.”

Kim smiles at Frank as she said, “Your goddamn cocaine whore may not be alive when I get done with her as you watched the acting out of killing your birth sister, Tammy.”

“Well Goddamn, you know how badly I wanted to be there and watch that bitch die. So, if this covered cocaine bitch dies, it is no loss. I have plenty of bitches to replace her, my love. Now show me how much you enjoy killing Tammy, my sadist lover?”

“God, I still do not see what Johnny saw in Tammy, my sadist husband?”

“Tammy had her usefulness but ratting on our families to the FBI and stealing money from us was not going to stand. Hell, I thought that you would be mad that I told those sadist bastards of my gang to take your bitch to death doorstep, my love.”

“Hell, if she goddamn dies, it is no loss. Her sixteen-year-old daughter, Jenna is a tough bitch and if she lives through Jennifer’s and Mistress Julie’s wrath. Before I left the states, I order Jenna to shoot her mother, to bad I gave her an empty gun,” Kim said to Frank.

Frank replied to her, “Goddamn, I do not know which of us is the most sadist one, my love.”

“Let us find out by having a competition between us. You get your toughest bitch, and I will prepare Melissa for hell,” Kim replied to him.

Frank asked Kim, “You think that whore of yours is still goddamn alive, my love?”

“Yes, trust me; my masochist dog will last your men of hell. I will bet you twenty million dollars on that, husband,” Kim answered him.

Frank said with little surprised, “God, you do enjoy hurting that goddamn bitch of yours, my love. I will call the guys and tell them to get her to my second in commander, Jay. We can watch the show on the eighty-inch flat screen while you act out to the scene of killing my sister for me.”

Frank called his guys and told them that there was a change in the plans and Melissa must stay alive for now. When they were done with her, hang her up in the attic for Jay to play with.

Jay was Frank’s younger brother, and he was always looking to challenge Jay. When Frank called Jay on his cell phone while Kim hung the cocaine cover bitch by her wrists with barbwire, all the cocaine bitches knew that they were there for their sadist Master and Mistress including dying for them at any time.

After hearing what the bet on Melissa’s head was, Jay said, “Goddamn, you know that Melissa belongs to the Stoneheart family and killing her without permission is…”

Frank cut Jay off as he replied, “We do not want you to kill her, but if she dies, it will be no loss to the Stoneheart. Also, you know that my estranged wife, Kim owns all rights to Melissa including killing her.

“It will be my sadist pleasure to give her hell for you guys,” Jay replied.

Kim grabbed the phone away from Frank and said to Jay, “I know you have a tool closet in your Master bedroom in your mansion. I will send your wife, Jezebel in the limousine with Melissa and the twenty guys that are gangbanging her right now. Setup the facetime and we will call you three goddamn days after you take her out of that human oven in your attic that you call ‘The oven of Hell.’ Tell Jezebel that only food that my bitch can have is piss and shit. Make her clean up her mess in the oven.”

Jay knew not to question Kim because the last person that did never saw daylight ever again. Rumors were that Kim was keeping him in her private dungeon for a sadist workout of hell. After hanging up the phone, Jay cleaned and prepared the Oven of Hell which was a large oven for human slaves that were disobedient.

The first time that Kim got high was when the order came down to kill Tracey, the bitch that killed the scum that had broken her mother down to nothing and was there when the Stoneheart took turns killing her mother.

It was Kim’s twenty-first birthday when she took Tracey out to the woods where they both got high on pure cocaine that Frank gave to Kim. As soon as they were high, Kim beat the shit out of Tracey for days. It was a slow and painful death for Tracey. Kim kept Tracey high and alive for six goddamn long months before she finally put a homemade metal jacket through her brains before chopping her up for the wildlife to feast on.

The relationship between Tracey and Kim had been a love-hate one until they became sadomasochist lovers with each other on Kim’s twentieth birthday.

Kim always told people, ‘If I could do awful things to someone that I had a love-hate relationship with, what do you think I would do to those I truly hate.’

After Tracey’s murdered, Kim was the most fear bitch there was, beside her adopted mother, Ashley. The family would keep her for the extreme cases of hell. They would even lend her out to Señores Sádicos family for extreme assassinations. Frank, Jay, and their boys had full respect for Kim and feared her because they also know what type of bitch she was.

There was a honking sound outside his mansion, seeing his wife getting out of the driver compartment, he grins while saying, “Leave the Stoneheart’s whore in the trunk for now. Take my wife to the sadist playroom of mine and boys do remember that if you cause my wife to die, I will kill each of you, son of bitches.”

Jezebel enjoys being rough up by the guys and knows that her husband enjoyed watching the sadist show while he took a bitch to their sadist Master bedroom to slowly kill while having sex with her. Five hours later, Jay called the boys to the Master bedroom and told them to burn the whore’s body that was on his bed while he spent some alone time with his sadomasochist wife in the sadist playroom. Once they finish burning the body, they can play with the Stoneheart’s whore in the trunk, and when they were done, they can hang her in the oven of hell.

The scanner scanned Jay’s palm as he punches in his username and password, a twenty-inch-thick stainless-steel door opened. Jay walked in as the lights came on automatically, seeing his wife in her dog’s cage turned him on as he hears the door shut and locked. Letting her out of the cage to check the handy work of his guys. None of the wounds were deep enough to cause any significant damage.

Jezebel was damaged goods from day one when some of his soldiers found her laying on the side of the road. They rush her to Jay at once, and he took care of her wounds. Jay found out that she was fifteen and had been assaulted by some traffickers for trying to escape and left for dead. When Jezebel was healthy enough, Jay took her with him to kill the traffickers that did this to her. After killing the lowlifes, Jay put a 1911 pistol in her hand and told her to kill the head of the leader of the gang. Jezebel walked into the guy’s house and about twenty minutes later came out with the head of the leader in her hands.

Jezebel moved up quickly in Jay’s gang. By her eighteenth birthday, she had moved into Jay’s bedroom and was his second in command. Jezebel and Jay got married on her nineteenth birthday. On their honeymoon, Jezebel submitted to Jay and became his masochist bitch of hell as he watched his gang assault her one by one.

After getting gangbang in front of Jay that night, she crawled over to him and sat up. Jay stood up and walked behind her and wrapped a chain leash around her neck and started to strangle her as his boys took turns pissing on her. After the soldiers left them, Jay continues to choke her as they had intercourse with each other.

Jay was now kissing Jezebel’s lips while being gentle but rough at the same time with her as he used her in a slave like way. Knowing that she had a safety word in case she needed to rest. Strangely, Jezebel called him father as she got punished and rough up by him.

Jay’s guys took Melissa out of the trunk and threw her around before taking her to the dark, airtight room in the attic which had no windows or vents except for a small fan in a wall.

Twenty-four hours later, the steel door open and an intense muscle guy walk in and yanked the bitch’s head back as he slapped her hard across her bare chest as he said, “Welcome to hell, Stoneheart’s dog.”

Hearing his loud and very rough voice as she slowly came around.

Sweat was dripping from her body as the voice continued, “Melissa, I bought you from Kim. You are now my goddamn bitch. I have your breakfast, do you want it now or later, my new goddamn whore?”

“Master, hurt me first, please. I want to feel your wrath first and earn my breakfast of white powdered.”

“Bitch, I was not talking about cocaine but my piss and shit,” he said as he punched her in the chest.

Melissa knew that Jay enjoyed humiliating his cocaine whores privately and publicly.

Back home in Nevada, people would always come up to Kim and offer to buy her dog. Melissa would bark and fully act like a dog as Kim would tell the person that they could rent her dog for hundred dollar per-hour. Strangers could do anything that they wanted to Melissa from gangbanging to strangling if they did not kill her; Kim did not know or care what they did to her dog as long as she was returned to her alive.

Now being Jay’s masochist dog was going to be a pleasure to her sadomasochist body. Jay kissed Melissa’s lips before leaving her and relocking the door. Melissa was hanging from the ceiling in the middle of her airtight cell in the attic by old shackles that were tight around her wrists on an eye-hook. Fully naked with sweat rolling off her body onto the metal floor.

The walls of the room were a hundred percent steel. The room was indeed an oven. There was a small fan that would come on every twelve hours to cool her off and allow some fresh air into the oven for thirty minutes before shutting off again.

Melissa knew that Jay was a sadist bastard of hell and he shows no mercy to anyone but his wife. After being in her cell to cook for seventy-two hours straight, Melissa finally woke up in a cold, air fresh room as she felt a hand in her cunt slowly moving while another one was petting her.

As her eyes adjust to the light, Melissa saw Jay’s wife, Jezebel, sitting next to her. Melissa was now Jay’s dog of hell for all those that lived in the house or even worked for her new Master were allow to use her once she was out of her hellish cell which weakens her to the point that she could not and would not fight back but was fully submissive to all that took her.

Seeing Melissa awake, Jezebel said, “Good morning, dog. Jay is getting three of his absolute best whores for you to taste and will be covering them with your favorite food, cocaine, bitch. I am going to have my breakfast right now, slave.”

Melissa spread her very weak legs apart as she grabbed the main headboard post that her wrists were tied too. Since Melissa was not allowed to speak unless Master Jay allowed it, she would prepare herself to be taken sexually. Being bisexual, Melissa did not mind being touch by another female.

Feeling Jezebel’s head between her legs and hellish tongue in her cunt made her arch back as she felt a considerable size hand squeezing her throat as an extremely rough voice said, “Dog, you do not have permission to cum into my wife’s mouth until I permit you. I think that I will bruise your chest up first with the bullwhip while Jezebel tries her best to make you cum which will be very disobedience to me, dog. However, knowing you as well as I do, disobedience to me will be your goddamn honor, dog, is that right?”

Melissa whimpered out as Master Jay squeezed her throat, “Knowing your goddamn wife as I do, Master, it will not take long for me to juice up for your bitch.”

Smirking at Melissa, Jay knew that Jezebel could bring out the sinful nature of his human dogs. Feeling the tip of the whip smacking against her skin as Mistress Jezebel licked and finger off Melissa’s cunt, her Master was right about her cumming into her Mistress’ mouth.

Seeing his dog cumming, Jay dropped the bullwhip and grabbed a wooden bat and swung it away at Melissa’s chest. Feeding her Master private whore came naturally to her and having Jezebel’s tongue fucking her off while Master dished out pain upon her was an honor for Melissa.

Unknown to Melissa, Mistress Kim was watching on closed-circuit cameras that feed into Frank’s mansion with sound.

Hearing her bitch screaming in pain pleased Kim as Frank said, I got a new guy for you to play with, do you want to take him for a spin as I watch, my love.

Kim said, “What do you think, my love?”

“I will be right back.”

As a twenty-nine-year-old young guy entered Frank’s private chamber, Kim said, “Hello there, slave. My husband told me a lot about you, and what I can see, I am liking. I do have to warn you, slave. I am into extremely rough sex, and I will take you to hell. If you are still alive, then I will keep you around my palace, bastard for my use when I am here. Welcome to hell, mother fucker, now goddamn please me before I kill you.”

The young guy attacked Kim as he heard, “Slave if you killed that bitch for me, you would be free to go.”

Kim smirked at Frank because that last male slave that he brought home, could not even last thirty minutes with her before dying.

Frank and Kim enjoy playing a deadly game with each other and their slaves. The shaft on this slave was ridiculously huge and sent chills up Kim’s body as he slammed her around like a rag doll of hell.

“Goddamn, you are tight tonight, mom. God, I love knowing that I can play as rough as I want with you as the old man watches us. So, tell me, did aunt Tammy beg for her goddamn life as you beat her, mother?”

“Slave James, you know the rules in our game. We do not talk about business until we finish playing in this room and it is Mistress to you, goddamn bastard of hell. Goddamn, you might be twenty-nine, mother fucker but hell you know how to please me, slave.”

“Mistress, when I get done with you, I will help my Master burn your hellish body, bitch.”

Meanwhile back in the states, it was the twenty-fifth day out of the thirty days of hell for Jenna. Julie was being impressed by their new babysitter as she showed them what her body was entirely made for as she finally received the permission to fight back for the first time since Jennifer first attacked her.

Before Julie let Jenna out of the lodge, she told Jenna that she would have to earn her meals for the day, by making Jennifer submit to her and win the fight. Jenna agreed to Julie’s new terms for the rest of the fighting days of her hell. Now it was time to bring Jennifer into hell with her.

Jennifer was surprised as Julie just stood there watching Jenna fighting back for the first time since this thirty-day fight to hell begin. This time Julie did not stop the fight. Instead, she allowed the battle to continue until one person was left standing or breathing which end up being Jennifer.

For the first time, in a very long time, Julie saw Jennifer caring for someone as she was kneeling and petting Jenna’s head. Julie heard Jennifer whispering, “Thank you, bitch, for the workout, you may rest tomorrow, and you have earned your place in my mother’s mansion, for now, bitch.”

Then Jennifer got up and kicked Jenna in the chest as she told Julie to find a place for the human punching bag.

Meanwhile, in Mexico on the large flat screen, as slave Kim and slave James were having extreme sex in front of Frank, they heard the sound of Jay giving Melissa fifty hard wracks with the baseball bat before checking to make sure that none of Melissa’s ribs was broking. However bruises or cracked bones were okay. If he were not sure he would move onto another tool to punish his dog for sinning.

Once Jezebel was full, she would sit up and lean back as she grabbed hold of the main posts of the footboard as Jay took his turn in feeding her as Melissa rest and watched them. Jezebel had one son and only one son because that is all Jay would allow her to have. Anytime Jezebel got pregnant by anyone including him, he would wait until her six months and then punished her as he forces a miscarriage since he was her lord and Master primarily.

After a thirty-minute blowjob from his wife, Jay dismisses her and lock the door as he was going to fuck his new extreme masochist bitch off in painful ways now, and Jezebel would never watch since it would bring her past and bad memories of being left for dead. Jezebel fully understood what Jay truly was and she sawed the side that he never let anyone, but close family see. Jezebel saw the kind side of Jay more than his sadist side and even when she was in his private sadist playroom, he was very gentle with her.

James only allowed Kim twenty to thirty seconds to glance at the flat screen before he went back to punishing her. At one point, Kim saw Jay picking up two thin and very sharp icepicks. Next, he laid an icepick on either side of Melissa’s body.

Then Jay walked over to his tool closet in the bedroom. Opening the door and turning the light on, Melissa could hear him moving stuff around. Being the new house dog to Jay meant she had to earn her keep or die.

Jay finally came out of his sadist closet of hell. In one hand, he had a small spool of barbwire and a bag in the other. Jay drops the heavy bag onto Melissa’s bare chest. Then he opens the bag and started to search for something, finally pulling out a pair of gloves and needle-nose-pliers along with a pair of wire cutter.

Next, Jay put the gloves on as he took the cut end of the barbwire and slid it through an eye-hook that was six feet away from the bedpost to the right of the post. Then Jay walked over to the bed as he pulled the wire through the large eye-hook before wrapping it tightly around his newest dog’s right ankle, three times before twisting the cut end around the uncut end to keep the barbwire secured around the ankle. Next Jay walked back over to the spool that was hanging as he started to pull on it until Melissa’s leg was hanging and stretched excruciatingly.

Then Jay twisted the spool tightly around the barbwire until the wire was fully secured to itself before he cut it from the spool. Jay repeated the steps for the other ankle before moving to his dog’s arms which was going to be the hardest thing to wrap with barbwire because he had to stop and bend the blades of the wire away from her veins.

Jay might be cruel but always made sure his dog’s safety was primarily because a dead slave was worthless in his line of work. Once Melissa was stretched out and hanging off the bed about two to six inches, Jay would remove the bag and then climb over the footboard and rammed his nice size shaft into his dog’s cunt and leans forward as he reaches down to pick up the icepicks with each hand.

Jay arched back just before ramming each icepick into Melissa’s nipples as he started pounding away at her cunt. His body weight pushed her down against the bed as the barbwire tightens against her skin. Melissa’s breasts were double D’s and all natural. Jay held onto the picks as he fucked her hard, and fast.

The whole house could hear Melissa screaming in pain as she cussed. Jay would not stop fucking her for five straight hours in that position of hell. Sweat, cum, and blood dripped down her God-forsaken body. With one last thrust of his shaft, he reached up with both hands and began choking her hard as he releases his full load into her before getting off the bed.

Jay walked over to a table that he had put the tool bag on and searched through it until he found his box cutter. Then he slashes away at her chest until it was bloody as well as ramming the box cutter into Melissa’s cunt before getting up as he heard a knocking sound coming from the locked bedroom door.

Jay was slowly opening the door and saw Jezebel standing there with a cell phone in her hands and her head down as she said, “It is Kim, and she wants me to watch you hurting her bitch, Master.”

Grabbing the phone from her and shut the door as he heard, “Jezebel needs to get over her past, or she will never be able to be truly yours, Jay. Now open the door, goddamn, Frank, make damn sure that your brother makes his wife watch Melissa dying. …in fact …kill that goddamn bitch of mine.”

“Jay, my son, and wife are roughing each other up sexually. I trust Kim and if she says it time to have Jezebel kill Melissa then do it, you little bastard.”

Jay reopened the door and saw Jezebel still standing there. Jay grabbed her and yanked her into his sadist bedroom. Jezebel had never seen or care to watch Jay hurting other bitches.

Jezebel heard a male dominate voice saying, “Jezebel, sit down on the bed next to your family dog now. Please raise her head; I want to see her face. As we watch Jay destroy her for our pleasure. Jay, we want her to scream as you bloody her up but remember, she must not die by your hands, only by Jezebel’s hands. Also, you cannot stop hurting her until I tell you to, fucker.”

Jezebel was not surprised that the Stonehearts and the Señores Sádicos was watching Jay destroy Melissa before she kills her. Jay even shot Melissa in each knee cap with his 1911 pistol. Jezebel could not believe that Melissa was begging for Jay to give her more pain. Jay removed the icepicks and took a drill and made a bigger hole in her nipples.

Then Kim yelled while James was strangling her as they fucked each other in the background of the facetime, “Jay, it is time for that cocaine whore to die. So, please have Jezebel strangle her now until she is one hundred percent dead, goddamn sadist bastard.”

Jay wrapped a scarf around Melissa’s throat as he told Jezebel to sit down on Melissa’s face because it will make it easier to kill the bitch. Next, he handed the ends of the scarf to Jezebel and told her to pulled as he fucked the whore to hell. That night Kim left Mexico alone and went back to Nevada.

The next day and back in the states, Julie smiled as she saw her mother standing there in front of the door. Julie took her mother’s bags as she told Kim about Jennifer starting to show some care for someone besides herself. While Julie put Kim’s bags into her mother’s room, Kim went and check on Jenna for the first time since she hired her as a training tool.

Jenna smiled as she relaxed while Kim took care of her very bruised body while hearing, “Julie told me that you fought back yesterday with her permission, Bitch. You have passed the final test, and your body belongs to my family, Bitch forever, no goddamn turning back now. I know that I promise you that I would let you kill your mother but my younger brother’s wife needed to get over her fear of dying, so I allow her to kill your mother, sweetie.”

“Slave Kim, I want you between my goddamn legs, now and as for my mother’s death, I do not feel anything for that bitch. Is that wrong, slave Kim?”

“Rest now, Mistress as I please you and Mistress Julie,” Kim said as she felt a massive strap-on dildo enter her ass while lowing her head onto Jenna’s beautiful cunt.

The next day, Jenna was woken up by someone suffocating her. As she opened her eyes, seeing Julie sitting on her chest through a transparent plastic trash bag over her head.

Jenna tried to fight back but soon realized her hands were tied to the headboard main posts as she heard Julie saying, “Relax, bitch. I am not going to kill you and just going to put your goddamn lungs to work for my pleasure. If you need a rest, stick both of your middle fingers up, and I will let you rest for an hour or so. My mother will do worst things to your body very soon, goddamn bitch. I am just getting you ready for your forever hell. Oh, and your mother says, that she cannot wait to be killed by you and sends you’re her love from Mexico. She needs to stay a little longer to help Jezebel to take back the life that was stolen from her. I used to take your mother to death just for fun. As an incredibly young Blackheart, slave that you are, your body will take ton more punishments from us. I can see the fear in your eyes, so let me explain as I slowly suffocate your young ass, bitch. When my mother met yours, she was already in her thirties, and no one had ever worked her body, and she is now turning fifty next year, and that is when you will take a special bullet that is under lock and key. My mother invented the bullet when she killed Tracey. The bullet will cause a fast death, now rest as I work your lungs, bitch.”

Jenna slowly relaxes as she allowed Julie to suffocate her very slowly, Julie continued talking, “Your mother’s body is now a human target unlike you; she can fucking die for my family — it nothing personal, it business, Sweetie. Melissa’s body is getting weak and her time will end as soon as Kim puts you through every goddamn test making sure you are truly unkillable, Bitch. My mother is being kind to her by allowing her to live until you are goddamn ready and allowing you to kill her. Jennifer and I know most everything about our mother’s business. You may speak, slave.”

“Is there a way I can slowly suffocate while resting until Jennifer needs a workout, Mistress Julie.”

“I will talk to Kim about your request, slave. Since we are still unsure about your ability to live through hell, she may not approve it for that reason, but I will see what I can do for you, now rest, bitch.”

One night about a week later at a meeting which included Kim, Julie, Melissa, and other high management members of the organization. Julie bought up Jenna request for suffocating until Jennifer needed a workout again.

Melissa knew not to say a word, so when Kim turn and said, “Glad to have you back home, my whore.”

Then Kim asked her, “If she should allow Julie to put the suffocating hood over Jenna’s head.”

Everyone was surprised by Melissa answer, “Julie, take my daughter out to the woods. There is an old bunker which has a rebuilt air compressor. Do as you will to her there. Make her hate me more than she does now because it will be easier for her to kill me when the time comes. Also, that bunker should be where my death takes place, Mistress Kim, with your permission of course.”

Kim turned toward her oldest daughter as she said, “Mistress Julie, take Jenna to the bunker and do as you please with her and remember to try to kill her, we need to know if she is ready for hell, unlike Melissa. Train her in the technique of killing. I will supply some live targets for her to train on as well. As for your request Melissa, I will allow Julie to bring you into the woods where Jenna will hunt you down like a goddamn dog, bitch.”

“As my Goddess wishes,” Melissa said to Kim.

After Melissa spoke, Kim dismissed the meeting and told Julie to wait.

After everyone left, Julie shut the door and locked it as she heard, “I want you to take Jenna to the bunker and make her watch you torture Jennifer’s body, do not cross me, bitch.”

Julie kissed her mother right hand as she said, “When the time comes to retire your goddamn ass, I do hope it is me that will put you down, my dear mother.”

“I will let you and Jennifer hunt me down with real guns when the time comes for my end, bitch.”

Kim removed her clothes as Julie open a secret closet and led some male slaves out of the closet to attack her mother. Unknown to anyone except for Frank, her father, Julie would play deadly games with her mother in private and tonight was one of those time. Even though Kim was a dominatrix; she got off on fatal games.

Misty and Kim would play games that put their lives in danger. One night during one of their deadly games, Kim was strangling Misty as Frank fucked Misty off hard. All three were high on coke, and Kim screamed at Misty, “Die, bitch. Come on goddamn bitch die already.”

The next day Frank and Kim woke up to find Misty dead. They bury her body and never spoke about their deadly game with a human named Misty.

Julie was ten years old when her father took her hunting. The target was her mother, Kim. Frank gave Julie her first gun and sent her after her mother. Twenty-four hours later, Julie returns to her father’s house as she left her mother to die in the forest. By the end of that week, Julie learned about her family dark secret which was they were unkillable unless a particular bullet was used to kill them. Every year since then Julie would hunt her mother.

Julie ordered the slaves to attack her mother sexually. Julie would snort cocaine as she watched her mother getting gangbang out of her mind. About five hours later and covered in sweat and cum, Kim was being strangled from behind by Julie while she rode on one of the slaves’ shaft hard. Julie drove one of her knees into Kim’s back as she yanked the rough rope even tighter around her mother’s neck. After Kim finally passed out, Julie locks all the slaves back up in the slave closet and then went to work on her mother’s body. Kim went in and out of conscience as Julie strangle her while using a double strap-on dildo in her mother cunt.

Kim knew that Julie threats were meaningless like hers was. Every summer since Julie’s tenth birthday, Kim had allowed Julie to hunt her in their private forest where the bunker was at. Julie was one cold killer.

The next day as she slowly came to, Jennifer heard, “Mistress, the Bitch is awake. Can I play with the set of knives on her body again, please, Mistress Julie?”

“Not yet, slave.”

Jennifer saw Julie getting up and slowly walking over to her as she said, “I will remove your gag. You may scream, Bitch. You should not have been in our mother’s office, sis.”

As soon as Julie removed the gag, Jennifer yelled, “Our mother did not authorize this.”

Julie held up a piece of paper with the following words: ‘Ordered of death on Jennifer Davis Smith, signed by Kim Jones Stoneheart.’

“I did my best to save your life; you are going to be Jenna’s very first kill.”

“Wait, please I can explain, sis. Please, no, God, please.”

Seeing tears falling from Jennifer’s lite blue eyes, almost made Julie lose her composure just for a second. Grabbing Jennifer by the throat as she started to squeeze it while slapping her hard in the face as she said, “Goddamn, bitch you are weak. There is nothing you can say to make me disobey my orders from the powers above. Your death was written in blood, bitch.”

Jenna was doing her best not to laugh as Jennifer scream out, “I know that someone in the family killed him and I want to see the hit, that was all. Because I want to thank them for killing that bastard.”

Julie finally broke down as she kissed her sister’s lips and whispered, “Melissa and I, killed your father, sis.”

“Do not call that bastard my goddamn father, because he was…”

“Shhhhh, he is gone and will never hurt anyone again, sis.”

Hearing the voice of her mother saying, “You should have come to me, Sweetie because I would have ordered the goddamn bastard dead sooner. Lucky, Julie caught him trying to destroy a young life in my house along with Jane, and she came to me, I signed the warrant for their death, my love.”

As Kim spoke, Julie untied Jennifer with Jenna help. Kim was pissed that she did not have a chance to torture Johnny’s ass before Melissa and Julie killed him after hearing what he did to her baby.

“Julie, teach both Jennifer and Jenna techniques of killing. Also, teach Jennifer the rest of the business that we are in. I am not perfect, but I will never put up with bastards like Johnny.”

After Kim left them, Jennifer said, “Thank you for killing him, mother.”

“Do not mention it, sweetie. You did great being a target for Jenna, sweetheart. Now, I will train you and Jenna in the art of killing. Behind you, there are two paint guns. You two will be hunting me.”

Unknown to Julie, Jennifer had another plan as she knocked out Julie out from behind as she ordered Jenna to tie Julie up.

“Jenna run, I will hunt you down but not with a paint gun,” Jennifer said as she took her birth mother’s 1911 pistol out.

Seeing Jenna worry face, Jennifer said, “Melissa, should have told you about the Nanobots, bitch. The Master Nanobot in your mother was never fully activated when Kim found her, sorry, sweetie.”

“How did you know that I had a Nanobot inside of me, Mistress Jen…”

“No goddamn normal human could have live through the bloody mess that I left you in after our last man standing match, bitch. You can still die if I shoot you in the head until the Master Nano become fully activated, slave. Trust me, bitch.”

Julie tries her best to get loose as she saw Jennifer sliding the slider back.

Jennifer kissed Julie’s lips and whispered, “Jenna was born in a laboratory. Jenna’s body will heal itself, but it needs to be activated first. Mother, I know this because she is the same as Melissa, bitch.”

Just after Jennifer left her, Julie heard, “Your damn daughter is right about Jenna being unkillable.”

Julie replied in a sarcastic voice, “You mean that Jenna is a machine.”

“Yes, like you did not know, Bitch,” Kim replied sarcastically

“Of course I know, mother. She is Melissa’s daughter after all and do you think that Jennifer could have taken me out so goddamn easy. Now get on your goddamn knees, slave.”

No one but Jenna and Julie’s father, Frank knew about Julie and Kim relationship to each other which was Mistress and slave. Kim had Julie when she was nineteen and Frank raised Julie in Mexico until her sixteenth birthday. Kim was better as a hitwoman than running the Nevada mob family, so behind the scenes, Julie was running things. Julie told Kim that the family had sent word that Melissa would be killed in a couple of days and Kim would watch Jenna killing Melissa.

Seventy-two hours later, Jennifer returns alone. Seeing concern on both Kim’s and Julie’s faces, Jennifer said, “Jenna will be arriving tomorrow, I could not drag that bitch this far and taking little longer for her to heal. I told her to be at the mansion for your next meeting, slave Kim. If you do not stop trying to keep me from coming to those damn meetings, I may have to take over your goddamn job as a killer. Oh, Julie, I know that you are running things.”

A couple of days later, Kim watched her new stronger masochist pet, killing her older weaker one. Melissa’s real death came sooner than Kim had thought it would. Jenna and Melissa were fighting with knives when Jenna stabbed Melissa in the heart and deeply cut her throat. Kim and Jenna bury her mother in Kim’s family cemetery. The following year Kim estrange husband, Frank finally moved in with her family and Jenna.

One year later, Frank’s forty-two-year-old son, James moved in with them and laid with Kim as Frank watched with lust in his heart as Jenna who just turned eighteen was giving Frank a blowjob.

As she was getting fucked by James, Kim asked Frank about having Jenna with them on their first real honeymoon which was going to be in Mexico since Julie was now running the business full-time.

Frank smile at Kim as he said to her, “If you want Mistress Jenna with us why would I stop you besides James will be here to make sure your daughters behave themselves, is that not right James?”

“Do, I have to watch those two brats? No disrespect to slave Kim but her daughters are brats, dad.”

“Yes, you do have to watch them if you want to continue fucking your stepmother, son.”

Before James could answer his father, he heard, “Master James, Julie is my only daughter, Jennifer is Julie’s and your daughter, Master James. Johnny adopted Jennifer when she was a year old. Jennifer does not know about you being her father; Mistress Julie wants to keep it a secret and knowing that you are a slave to our race. I know that they can be bitches, and it runs in their bloodline. Just make sure you do not call them bitches to their faces if you want to live, son. Now fuck me hard, fucking bastard.”

After Frank moved into Kim’s mansion, Julie laid with him as Kim became the family’s dog instead of Jenna.

Jenna had full power over Kim just like Julie, Jennifer, James, and Frank. Kim was fully naked twenty-four seven. The only thing Kim wore was black leather wrist and ankle cuffs as well as a black leather collar with the following words: ‘Lucifer’s daughter and Slave of Painful Pleasure.’

Eight years later, on Jennifer seventeenth birthday, both her and James were watching Jenna dancing sexually for them. Jennifer was smoking one of Julie’s cigars and was drinking red wine as she sat in her mother’s red leather chair. James was smoking one of his father’s cigars as he sat next to Jennifer in his father black leather chair, also drinking red wine.

Jenna loves to dance for both Jennifer and James; in fact, she first started dancing for Jennifer and Julie when she was sixteen years old.

As Jenna began to slow her dancing down, James got up and walked in front of Jennifer. Next, he turned and faced her as he knelt and pulled out a small black leather box.

As James opened the box in front of her, he looks up and smiles at her while saying in a soft voice, “Will you make me a happy guy by being my wife on your twenty-first birthday, my love?”

She grabs the large diamond ring from the box as she said, “God, yes, my love. I will marry you, father and I can’t wait to show this goddamn ring off to everyone.”

The very next day, Jennifer call their parents and told them the good news. Their parents were incredibly happy for them, and Kim asked Jennifer if she could talk to Jenna for a while. Kim also told Jennifer that they would be home in two weeks before Jennifer handed the phone over to Jenna who was having intercourse with James. A couple of months later, James asks Jennifer if she wanted to join him in Mexico for a month.

She smiles at him while saying, “Yes and can we invite slave Jenna to come with us for our entertainment, Sweetie.”

James smiled at her as he said, “Only if it is okay with your mother since Jenna is her servant, Sweetie.”

Jennifer went to her mother and ask permission to take Jenna with them to Mexico for the month. Julie told her that they could take Jenna on one condition that Jenna returns to her in the same condition that she was given to them.

Jennifer promise and on a hot June day, Jennifer, James, and Jenna left for Mexico from their parents’ house. On a major airline jet to Mexico, Jennifer was watching James and Jenna having intercourse with each other. Soon some ladies and gentlemen start to come up to Jennifer and ask her if they could join in. Jennifer grin at them as she said, “My lover, Slave James enjoy very rough sex, so ladies if you can handle the pain then join in. As for my sexual slut, gentleman, and ladies, she lives for pain. Hurt Jenna for my pleasure as you sexually abused this goddamn whore.”

Jennifer took some females and males for herself as well. The flight attendants even join in. Jennifer permitted all the passengers to take pictures and videos of the action on the plane. As soon as they landed in Mexico, one of the flight attendants asks if they were minded staying on the aircraft little longer. Jennifer grin as she said, “We do not mind staying on here.” The pilot and co-pilot took their turn with Jennifer and Jenna while James had intercourse with all the flight attendants.

Hearing that there were a couple with a sex slave willing to have very rough sex with anyone, customers jumping from other airlines to the one that Jennifer, James, and Jenna was on. The airline offers the threesomes free round trips forever. Jennifer looked at James as she said, “Take this goddamn jet around the world, and we will put a hell of a goddamn show on for all. Jenna knew that she was hell bound and loving it. After the jet took off for Japan, a flight attendant introduced James to the passengers. James stood up in the front of the plane along with Jenna whom he was choking from behind.

Next Jennifer got up and kicked Jenna in the chest as she said to the passengers, “James, me and my goddamn whore enjoy incredibly rough sex. Nothing is off limits with us, so come up and take what is yours until this goddamn plane lands in Japan. Both Jennifer and Jenna got gangbang to hell as James had rough sexual intercourse with wives and girlfriends of other men. For one entire year, Jennifer, James, and Jenna stay on that airplane called ‘Extremely Sexually Activity Jetliner.’

Back at home, Julie heard Frank calling for her into the family room. When Kim and Julie entered the room, Frank said to Julie, “Your daughter and my son are making news around the world.”

In France, Jennifer allows some reporters onto the jet to film a live-action pack flights to Canada.

Kim started to cuss as she screams, “I am going to kill that goddamn bitch you called a daughter.”

Hearing a female laughing behind her as a voice said, “You are not going to kill anyone, mom. Jennifer is a goddamn whore, and so is Jenna. They need sex twenty-four seven, Christ. Look at the guy slamming and choking Jenna; you cannot tell me that you are not getting turn on by this goddamn action, mom.”

Kim smirked at Julie as she said, “Why do you think I am so goddamn piss off for.”

Julie walked up and kissed her mother lips as she whispered, “Lay with my husband as Frank takes me. The rules are simple; the first one to beg for mercy loses. The name of the game is Extreme Painful and Sexual Pleasures, ready to be hell bound, bitch.”

Kim said, “Before sexual pleasure, must come pain. So, you and I will fight until the action on the TV set, has stopped or until only one of us is left standing, no referees, no rules, straight out cold hard hatefulness for each other.”

Julie kicked her mother as she said, “Goddamn, bitch. I accept your terms, whore.”

Julie knew how much her mother body could take and it was a lot. For a whole goddamn year, rough sex and extreme fighting went on in the Stoneheart household.

Finally, after a year of extreme sexual activity on the plane, James, Jennifer, and slave Jenna, finally landed once again in Mexico. This time the threesomes got off the jet and took their passports out. Jenna was still fully naked, dripping with sweat and cum as they were about to hand their passports to the female guard who took James right there in front of the crowd and soon found out why they called James the destroyer. When James was done with the guard, she told them to go ahead, and it was all of her goddamn pleasure.

It was one hundred degrees outside which they did not care about because they were going to spend most of their time in the water or inside. The house they were renting was a small clay house and came with two maids who lived in the house as well. There were only two bedrooms, one for the two maids and one for Jennifer, James, and Jenna. Also, there was one bathroom in the whole house for everyone to use. That night as Jennifer and James lay in the bed while Jenna lay on the dirty floor naked, James asked Jennifer if she would like to spend her honeymoon in Mexico. She smiles at him as she said, “I would love to, Sweetie.”

Six months later, Jennifer, James, and slave Jenna returned home to find Julie getting gangbang out of her goddamn mind as Kim was having intercourse with her husband at one end and Julie’s husband, Jay at the other end. Jennifer walked over and kissed her mother lips. Jenna got some damp cloth and started to wipe Julie’s face. James and Jennifer went to their room and slept.

Chapter 7 - Jennifer's Twenty-First Birthday As Well As Her Wedding Day

The year is 2070, the month is January, and the date is seventeenth. Jennifer just turned twenty-one today, and it was also her wedding day as well. Her soon to be husband, James was now thirty-six years old. Jennifer and James had been living in the beautiful foothills in the small affluent town of Carlin with Kim, her mother, and Frank who was James’ father and her stepfather. Guys would fall to the ground as Jennifer walked past them while their wives or girlfriends watched trying not to show how jealous they were of her very tanned body from hours of sunbathing in the backyard.

The shape of her body was an hourglass that would look good on any catwalk with her long and very soft dirty blonde hair. South Beach Diet meals are her mainstay, and with a daily workout in her parents’ private gym, she managed to stay fit and toned. Martial arts is her other forte. Training for forty plus hours a week and with some help from Jenna her nanny, who has been training her since Jennifer’s fifteenth birthday, when Jenna gave her a box with a note on top of it, which read: This is your new workout uniform. Inside the box were black sports bras and a pair of black shorts for her to wear as they fought each other.

Jenna trained her in a hardcore fighting style that she called ‘Freestyle Wrestling’ which the rules were anything goes to beat your opponent. This fighting style also included kickboxing, judo, and ju-jitsu techniques.

James’ body was fully tan and shaved except for the hair on his head, which was brown. On James side of the family that was in town for the wedding to give their blessing, was his father, Frank as well as Frank’s sister, and Jay along with his wife, Jezebel. Now on Jennifer side of the family that was in town for the wedding to give their blessing, was Kim and her grandmother, Ashley as well as Julie, her only birth sister that was four years older than her. Jennifer was a little sad because Ricky, her birth father was not there to give her away or see her getting married and that was because he was murdered on her sixth birthday in front of her by Johnny, her stepfather before his death. He was forcing Kim to raise her in this world of mobsters. Even though Kim ran the Nevada mobsters, in private Johnny was a controlling drunk and to make a point of his control, he aims the gun at Jennifer, and just as he pulled the trigger, Ricky pushed his daughter out of the line of fire. That is when the heads of the Stoneheart family started to plan Johnny’s assassination.

Jennifer was standing in front of the dressing mirror as she was getting ready for her wedding when she started to tears up. One her bridesmaids saw her wiping tears from her eyes and softly said, “Are you okay, Mistress Jennifer.”

After Jennifer heard the young female that was standing behind her asking ‘what was wrong?

Jennifer looked in the mirror at this young female as she said, “Elaine, I just thinking about my birth father and wish he could be here to give me away as I get married to my lover. Sweetie, I need to sit down; would you mind getting a chair for me.”

After getting Jennifer a chair, Elaine left the dressing room and went to James’, as she did not fully understand what Jennifer was saying. When Elaine got to James’ dressing room door, she knocks on it softly. From inside the dressing room, a voice said, “Come in.”

Elaine entered James’ dressing room and knelt before him as she softly said to him, “Mistress Jennifer is crying, Master and saying that she is sad because her real father wasn’t here to give her away. I thought that Frank was her father, Master, am I wrong?”

James knelt in front of Elaine and grabbed her by her long brown hair, then yank her head back as he looked into her hazel eyes as he said, softly, “Elaine, Frank is my birth father and Jennifer stepfather. How bad is she crying?”

“When I left her, Master, she was sitting down because she was very shaky and had her head bow down between her legs as she sat in a chair,” Elaine answer him.

James smiled at her as he told her to stay where she was for now while he checked on Jennifer. As James slowly stood back up, Elaine kissed his right hand and then he left his dressing room. James went to Jennifer’s dressing room and knocking on the door, waited while listening to the sobbing coming from the other side of the door.

“Come in.” She sniffled.

James opened the door slowly to see Jennifer in nothing more than a black lace bra and matching panties, sitting with her head in her hands with a bridesmaid kneeling each side, apparently trying to console her while five other bridesmaids were standing behind her.

“Could you leave us for a minute.” He said softly to Abby, Alex, Bella, Beth, Blair, Carissa, and Chelsey that were fully dress in their bridesmaid's outfits. Once they were alone, he locked the door and knelt in front of Jennifer.

“Mistress, I will understand if you do not want to go through with the wedding,” he softly whispered, brushing the hair away from her face.

Jennifer slowly raised her head and sobbed softly, “Slave, it is just hitting me that my real father couldn’t give me away on this special day. We love each other very much, and my father would want me to get married, so please get the hell out of my damn dressing room, now and tell those damn bridesmaids, including Elaine whom I would guess is still in your dressing room to get their asses back in here as soon as possible, my love.”

James kissed her right hand as he slowly stood back up as he left her dressing room and told the bridesmaids to return at once to Jennifer’s dressing room and also said, “Please let Mistress Jennifer know that I will send Elaine back to her as soon as I get back to my room.”

When James got to his dressing room, he told his bridegrooms to leave him and Elaine at once and go to the altar where he will join them in a bit. Elaine was still on her knees as she heard James’ sweet voice as he orders his bridegrooms out of the room.

She heard the door shut and locked behind her as she waited for her orders from him. James leans against the door as he said, “Come here, now.”

She got on all fours and crawled to him at once. When she got to him, she sat back up with her hands behind her. He looked at her as he said, “Jennifer did not give you permission to see me, did she?”

“No, Master, Mistress Jennifer did not,” she said in a quiet voice.

“You know our rules, slave. When I agree to allow you to be one of Jennifer’s bridesmaids, I told you not to leave her side without permission from her, is that right?” He said with a little tone of anger in his voice.

“Yes, Master, you both told me not to leave her without permission, no matter what,” she said in a softer voice.

“What should I do with you since I don’t have time to punish you now, Slave,” he said with a grin on his face.

“Maybe I will let Mistress Jennifer deal with you before we leave for our honeymoon, but you might enjoy that too much, slave. I got it; I will give you over to my bridegrooms for them to deal with you after Jennifer and my reception. Now leave me and get to Jennifer’s dressing room at once,” he said with a big grin on his face.

Elaine stood up as he opened the dressing room door and ran to Jennifer’s dressing room where her Mistress was waiting for her.

As soon as she enters Jennifer dressing room, Jennifer grabbed her by the throat as she said, “Tell me what punishment Slave James has in mind for you leaving my side is going to be, slave.”

She smiles at Jennifer as she said, “He is giving me over to all of his bridegrooms to deal with me after yours and his reception, Mistress.”

“Maybe, I should overrule him and deal with you myself,” she said with a grin.

“He said that I would enjoy your punishment too much, Mistress,” Elaine said with a big grin on her face.

“You damn right you would enjoy it too much, without me, slave,” she heard her Master saying behind her.

“Slave James, I allow you to have female slaves and respect your choice in how you punished them but today is my day, not yours. Now, James kneels in front of me at once, slave. Elaine is fully yours, but she must pay for breaking my rule about leaving my side without permission. I will deal with you right now Elaine as for you James, do not speak or I will punish you as well, understand me, slave James.” Jennifer said as she squeezed Elaine throat.

“When I let go of you, I want you to go to the middle of this room and strip slowly for your Master while I get my bullwhip out to punish you,” she said while slowly letting go of Elaine's throat.

Elaine went to her knees and then got on all fours as she started to crawl to the middle of Jennifer’s dressing room as her Master watch from the doorway. As soon as she was in the middle of the room, she stood back up and turned around and faced her Master as she slowly strips for him.

While this was going on in Jennifer’s dressing room, the rest of the bridesmaids were in another part of the hotel where they were getting Jennifer’s present ready for James.

Elaine knew that Jennifer needed a way to stall the wedding until her gift to James was ready for the big moment. So she got with the other bridesmaids and came up with the idea of breaking the only rule that her Master James and Mistress Jennifer gave to her.

Abby along with the other bridesmaids asked Elaine if they would all get in trouble with Mistress Jennifer.

Elaine told them that she would take Jennifer’s full wrath.

Elaine also told Abby to say, ‘Is Ricky, your father coming’ to Jennifer as she was getting dressed for the wedding and she would take care of the rest.

When Jennifer saw Elaine leaving the dressing room, Jennifer knew something was up, so she asked each of the bridesmaids what was going on.

Only one broke down and confessed to Jennifer about Elaine’s plan to buy some time so they could get her present ready for James.

Alex asked Jennifer if she was going to punish them for upsetting her by mention her deceased father’s name. Jennifer smile at them after hearing Elaine’s plan to stall the wedding and liking it. Jennifer told Alex and the rest of the bridesmaids that only Elaine would be getting her wrath. Jennifer knew that Elaine could handle the punishment plus she needs the rest of the bridesmaids to get her gift ready for the wedding.

Now back to the present time, Elaine could hear the snapping of the bullwhip behind her as she let her white blouse fall to the floor along with her jeans. For Elaine, this was not the first time that Jennifer punished her. When James was working late, Jennifer would get extremely rough with her when Jenna was to busy serving her mother.

So as Jennifer snap the bullwhip behind her, they both knew that James would be too wrapped up in the show to look at his Rolex watch since this would be his first time seeing Jennifer punishing one of his slaves ever.

Once she was fully naked, Elaine turns and smile at Jennifer as she slowly walked over to a small round table that was in the room with them. When Elaine got to the table, she leans over as she sticks her sexy ass out.

Elaine knew that Jennifer was not going to be gentle with her and she would not have it any other way. Jennifer was cruel when it came to punishment. Elaine bit her lower lip as Jennifer started to swing the bullwhip at her body with full strength.

James' eyes got big as he watched his longtime sweet little pet taking every beating that Jennifer was dishing out with the bullwhip. Just as Elaine thought, James was too caught up in the moment as he watched them to look at his watch.

James had never got rough with Elaine or any of his slaves, so seeing his bride beating the shit out of his pet with the bullwhip, scared him a little but he also knew not to interfere with Jennifer while she was dishing out punishment.

James knew some of Jennifer’s past that most everyone did, but there was a darker side of her history that only her mother, sister, and Jenna knew about. Jennifer’s adopted father, Johnny abused her when he was alive until he was murdered by Julie and her mother’s bitch, Melissa. It was her demon, and she had killed slaves in the past while punishing them. Elaine had been close to death a couple of times when Jennifer was in a rage over something small. Somehow Jennifer had always stopped just before killing her. One day as Elaine laid there in her blood at Mistress Jennifer’s feet, she whimpered out, “Mistress, why do you hate me so much?”

Jennifer knelt and brushed Elaine’s hair as she said, “You remind me of someone who had hurt me when I was a child.”

There was a dark secret about Elaine that only Jennifer, Julie, and Kim knew and that was about her birth parents who were Johnny and Jane. Jennifer begged Kim not to kill Elaine because she wanted to do that herself. Strangely, Jennifer found herself keeping Elaine alive after Jenna arrived at her mother doorstep of hell. Jennifer gave Elaine over to James for him to use as a slave when she was sixteen. However, she answered to Jennifer first and foremost

Now back to the action in the bride’s room of hell. As James knelt there in the doorway watching the hatefulness that Jennifer had toward Elaine with each lashing of the bullwhip.

Jennifer would count, so when she got to one hundred which was the most that Elaine’s body could take from her at full strength, she would let go of the bullwhip and allow it to fall to the ground.

Jennifer walked up to Elaine, and whispered to her, “Bitch of mine, death will be slow and painful. I do want to thank you so much for your service to me the past five goddamn years, slave. I do appreciate you sacrificing your godless body to buy Alex and all of my bridesmaids some time to prepare my gift for James. However, the cost will be very high, bitch. You will be fully dead, so your adopted mother will have to take your place at my wedding today, understand me, goddamn whore?”

“I fully understand Mistress, please finish using me, for I am yours to do with as you please including killing,” Elaine said softly to her.

Even though Elaine should have been scared of Mistress Jennifer killing her; she still felt safe in her Mistress' arms. Elaine just turned eighteen years old, and Jennifer knew the damage that she had done to her human dog over the past two years was killing Elaine slowly. Unknown to James, Elaine had asked permission from both Kim and Jennifer to die and that her murder should take place in front of James as an accident. Kim granted Elaine wish to be killed by Jennifer. Jennifer had known Elaine plans about stalling the wedding.

Jennifer whispered, “I will miss you bitch. I truly love you and killing you is just business in my eyes, nothing personal, my little dog of hell.”

Just then Jennifer yanked her backward as she let go of her. Just as Elaine’s body was about to hit the floor, Kim spin kicked her in the ribs hard as she could while cussing.

As Jennifer was kicking and cussing her out, Elaine begged Jennifer for more pain as she started to cough up blood. James was praying that Jennifer would stop. Elaine was the only slave of James that he never had a sexual relationship with, she was his housemaid and seeing her getting destroyed by his love, and the was nothing he could do.

This beating had been going on for about three and a half hours of none stop hell when Abby and Alex kicked James out of the way and grab Jennifer while Blair and Chelsey grabbed Elaine fragile bloody body and dragged her ass out where Bella, Beth, Carissa were waiting.

As Blair and Chelsey removed Elaine’s body from Jennifer’s dressing room, Jennifer was still cussing and yelling, “Get that goddamn bitch as far away from me. Today was posed to be my special day, and that goddamn bitch ruins it for me.”

Alex yelled at James to get out of the room at once and shut the damn door behind him. As soon as James closed the door behind him, Abby let go of Jennifer, leaving Alex to hold onto Jennifer by herself in her rage of death. Abby cracked the door open to see if James was gone and he was.

Abby re-shuts the door and locked it as Alex whisper to Jennifer; “Your present is all ready for you to give to James at the altar, Mistress.”

By now Abby was standing in front of Jennifer and had kissed her on the lips as Alex slowly let go of her.

Jennifer broke the kiss with Abby just long enough to say, “I want you both to take Elaine’s body and bury her next to Melissa in the woods for me, please. I am so grateful to her for allowing me to kill her to stall the wedding.”

After being told by the bridesmaids about Elaine’s plans and seeing the genuine concern in their eyes, Jennifer explained to them that she knew about the idea and had approved it. She went on and told them that today was Elaine’s funeral as well.

She said to them, “That there would be a wood t-shape cross to nail the whore to that was in the ballroom for all to see and watch her dying a slow painful death of hell.”

Alex whisper, “Mistress, the bridegrooms are keeping James and everyone else busy while the other bridesmaids nailed Elaine bloody but still live body to the cross and Frank along with Jay will have the death cross raised in the ballroom. Kim will past around a tray of vessels for everyone to fill with Elaine’s blood and drink as we give her over to our God, Lucifer. Now let us get you ready for your special day, Mistress.”

Still, shocked of what took place in front of him, James was now standing in front of the outside altar in a black button down shirt with a pair of blue jeans as he faces the back doors to the hotel as he waited for Jennifer to come down the aisle.

After a couple of music notes, the double doors open, and he saw the first set of four bridesmaids who were walking two by two down the middle aisle toward him.

As James continued to watch them, all of a sudden he saw Jennifer in her black V-neck shirt with a pair of blue jeans, walking down the aisle right behind the first set of four bridesmaids.

Behind Jennifer was the second set of four bridesmaids with a young nineteen years old female in the middle of them. The outfits of the bridesmaids were a black bikini suit except for one, and that was because this person took Elaine spot on short notices and that was her adopted mother. Julie had heard about Elaine and what took place, so she just stripped down to her white lace bra and panties as she took Elaine’s position at the wedding.

As for the young nineteen-year-old lady, she was only wearing a pair of black leather wrist and ankle cuffs as well as a black leather collar around her neck which had ‘Jessica, the masochist Dog’ written in Spanish which was ‘Jessica la masoquista perra, in white diamonds. Her body was very tan and firm, you knew by looking at this bitch that you could find her working out daily in a gym.

As soon as Jennifer was standing next to James, they turned to face each other; he noticed that she was not wearing a bra. Since he knew Jennifer well, he knew that she was probably not wearing any panties.

A female police officer was doing their wedding today since they did not go to any churches; they were sick of all of the so-called religions junk.

Both Jennifer and James wrote their vows, and when they were done reading them, the female police officer said, “If there is anyone that does not believe that this couple should be married, please speak now or forever hold your peace.”

After a couple of moments, the police officer said, “I now and forever announce that you, James and you, Jennifer are husband and wife, you may kiss each other on the lips.”

After the wedding, they went to the banquet room that was inside the hotel just upstairs where their reception would be taking place. At the dinner, James gave a black box that had two riding crops and two horsewhips inside of it. Those whips were for the horses that he had bought for Jennifer in Mexico as a surprise for her birthday, which she did not have any clue about them. The whips had another use as well in their sexual life as part of their bdsm activities.

After Jennifer opened the box, seeing two riding crops and the two horsewhips, she slowly looks up at James with a grin on her face while saying, “Hun, you should not have bought those whips here in the states because we could get them a whole lot cheaper in Mexico.”

After Jennifer had open all of her birthday gifts as well as their wedding gifts, she grabbed a bridesmaid that was sitting next to her by the hair as she whispers to her, “Abby, Go fetch ‘Jessica la masoquista perra’ my and James’ new pet at once, my playful bitch.”

After letting go of Abby’s very long blond hair, Jennifer slowly got up from her seat and strolled to the middle of the dance floor along with the best man. Jennifer and the best man started to dance sexually with each other just as Abby slowly got up from her seat.

Abby grabbed Blair, next to her as she left the banquet room, and a couple of minutes later they returned to the ballroom along with their Mistress’ masochist dog.

Jennifer’s masochist dog was on all fours behind Abby and Blair as Jennifer was sliding up and down against the best man’s body as they slowly dance on the floor in front of everyone.

When Abby, Blair, and Jessica, the masochist dog reach Jennifer and the best man, Jessica sat up and put her hands behind her back. After sitting up, Jennifer smile as she took a microphone from another bridesmaid.

Next Jennifer said through the microphone, “I gave this horny slut to my husband, James during our wedding to replace his weak and soon to be a dead housemaid, Elaine on the cross of death, in front of you all. She is nineteen years old, her full name is Jessica ‘The Masochist Dog,’ and I have been training her in front of my mother for the last year since she was eighteen years old. As most of you, if not all, know that I love to fight and been fighting since I was seven years old with Jenna, my nanny.”

Turning toward Jessica, Jennifer said, “Now Jessica, please stand up for our guests.”

Then looking at the crowd again, Jennifer said, “Tonight ladies and gentleman before we leave you. I have given all of my bridesmaids a free shot at Jessica body, so enjoy the fight and please do not interfere with the fighting for all of my bridesmaids are professional fighters and they work for my mother that has been training them in every fighting there is in this goddamn world. As for Jessica, she can choose how rough my bridesmaids will get with her body. Let me make this clear to you all; Jessica is a fucking slave. Now without any more delay, ladies show my husband what that slut can take.”

As Kim and Frank clean up the bloody mess left from the wedding party, they heard Elaine cussing and groaning as she was getting gangbanged by the bridegrooms. Her body was slowly recovering from being bloody up. You see Elaine was a unique type of bitch. She could never be killed. She was the very first Blackheart bloodline that could be sacrificed to the gods and still live. Elaine was fully human, but she had unique abilities that allow her to be killed over and over without staying dead. Some said that Lucifer gave her to his followers after the holy father judgment came to earth. Some noted that Elaine stood in the middle of God and Lucifer and took everything that they both unleashed their powers upon her. The human race put her on a T-shape cross which others before her had died, but somehow, Elaine was still alive on the cross as the war between good and evil rage on. The cross that Elaine was on became known as The Death Cross of Hell. 

Chapter 8 - Jennifer, James' Honeymoon with a dominatrix powerful than his wife

About nine hours later, Jessica’s body finally gave out on her as she collapsed onto the hardwood floor as all of the bridesmaids slowly backed away from her. James snapped his fingers as he ordered two of his bridegrooms to take Jessica’s passed out body to the limousine that was waiting for them out front of the hotel.

Next James and Jennifer said, “Goodnight,” to everyone as they thanked them for coming to their unique and very strange wedding.

Then they got into the back of the limousine where Jessica very sweaty and very tan body was laying out on one of the limousine bench seats. Jennifer ordered the driver to take his sweet time getting to the airport because they were not in any rush since they owned their private jet along with a pilot.

As soon as they pulled up to their private hanger, they saw Stacey, their sexy pilot standing by their private jet.

Both the plane and Stacey were birthday and wedding gifts from their parents. When Kim and Frank bought the jet, they included both James and Jennifer in the designing process.

Stacey carefully helped James with Jessica’s passed out body as they got her out of the limousine and onto the jet. Jennifer followed them into the plane where she told James and Stacey, to lay Jessica very sweaty body onto the hard wooden floor of the fuselage between four heavy-duty five thousand pounds recessed D-rings.

Next Jennifer knelt above Jessica’s head and took each of Jessica’s arms and hooked the wrist cuffs to their heavy-duty D-rings that were on the floor.

Jennifer leaned forward and kissed Jessica’s lips as she slowly slid down her body to her legs. When she got to Jessica’s legs, she hooked each of Jessica’s ankle cuffs to their heavy duty D-rings that were on the floor.

After Jennifer rechecked all of the connections between Jessica wrist and ankle cuffs and the heavy-duty D-rings, she got up off of Jessica and kicked her slave in the head hard as she told Stacey that they were ready to take off. Jessica body was in an X shape position on the floor.

As soon as Stacey heard that, she turned and entered the cockpit where she went through her last preflight checks. Then she started up the engines as she said over the intercom system, “Mistress Jennifer and Master James; please take your seats, as we are now ready to take off.”

As soon as they took off and the seatbelt sign went off, Jennifer unbuckles her seatbelt and starts to talk to James about how they first met each other when they were kids. As both Jennifer and James were talking to each other, they began to lock lips that slowly turned into more sexual.

About ten minutes later, Jennifer was riding James’ rock hard shaft while she smiling as James whisper, “Sounds like our slave is waking up.”

Jennifer grin as she continues to ride James hard and fast. By the sound of the moaning coming from the back of the jet, Jennifer knew that Jessica was coming around. Jennifer knew that she and James were now in deep heat, so as soon as James finishing ramming his shaft into Jennifer one last time as he started to empty his load into her cunt for the twentieth time.

Jennifer slowly got up off of James, and they both went to the back where they started to play with Jessica lustful and very sweaty body sexually.

About three hours later, Stacey came onto the two-way microphone as she said, “Mistress Jennifer, we will be landing in Mexico very soon.”

Jennifer answers her back without touching the two-way microphone that was next to her on the floor by saying, “Thanks, Stacey. After you land and park this jet in our private hanger, come back to the fuselage and join us for some fun with Jessica while we search for a limousine driver that will only work for us from now on.”

About two hours later, Jennifer finally found a limousine driver that would work for them and her name was Jackie. Jackie owned her limousine, which was great and she was also nineteen years old.

About three hours later, Jessica was lying on the staircase of the jet with Jennifer sitting on her bare chest after just getting done ramming a double strap-on into Jessica cunt hard for the last thirty minutes while James and Stacey were making out in the jet. Jennifer was smoking a cigar while Jessica was sucking on the double strap-on that Jennifer was still wearing when Jennifer noticed a limousine pulling up to their hanger and stopping.

A young and stunning female stepped out of the limousine wearing a very short skirt along with a white sports bra and a cap as well as black high heel boots that were her uniform since she started to drive her limousines two months after turning eighteen.

Jennifer turned her head and yelled into the jet without moving off of Jessica’s chest, “Our new limousine driver, Jackie is finally here, Sweetie.”

Both James and Stacey came out of the jet couple minutes later and saw Jennifer standing on Jessica’s bare chest in her barefoot. Stacey fully dressed in her uniform which was a white blouse and a navy blue mini skirt along with long black stilettos.

Stacey heard, Jennifer said to Jessica, “My sexy Bitch do you remember what I taught you about breathing when someone is standing or walking on top of you with any shoes or boots especially if the boots or shoe have high heels on them.”

Jessica started to slow her breathing down as she heard Jennifer said, “Stacey follow me down the stairs.”

Stacey followed her Mistress down the stairs while being as careful as possible while stepping on the slave’s chest and James followed them in his bare feet. Jessica knew when to breathe and when not to as people stood or walked on top of her body especially when it was her chest that they were standing or walking on top.

As soon as Stacey step off of the jet stairs, Jennifer grabbed her by her long brown hair as James smile at them as she whispered to Stacey, “Sweetie, you need to find us the perfect house with at least couple of acres for us to buy. Also remember, I want a full-size basement to turn into a dungeon of painful pleasure for you, my masochist whore. So, don’t call us unless it is exactly what we want, Sweetie or else.”

Then Jennifer releases Stacey as she kissed her softly on the lips. As soon as Stacey left in a taxi to find her Mistress and Master the perfect house to call home, Jennifer asked Jackie to come at once to her. Both Jennifer and James were still fully naked as they started to check Jackie out as she slowly walked toward them.

James smiled at Jennifer as he turned and walked back up the staircase and onto Jessica’s chest as he re-enters the fuselage. Jennifer smiles back at him as she grabbed Jackie by her throat with one of her hands while grabbing her brunette hair with the other.

Jennifer started to kiss away at Jackie’s lips and then broke the kiss as she whispers to Jackie, “Join my husband and me on our jet, so we can get to know you better, Sweetie.”

Jackie started slowly up the stairs as Jennifer followed her, but when she got to Jessica’s body, she stopped in her tracks.

Jennifer grabbed Jackie by the brunette hair as she whispers, “Jessica is James and my real-life slave, she is a true slave in the sense of the word itself. Jessica had signed her body, soul, mind, heart, and life over to me when she was eighteen years old out of free will. The world counsel has put in effect law for all Masters, and Mistresses to follow. That law gives bdsm and sadomasochist slaves full power to refuse an order if the slave believes that orders put their lives in a dangerous position, without any fear of any recourse against them in any way from their owners. However, Jessica loves to see how much she can handle and has never refused an order from me yet, but I will never do anything to her that I would not have done to me first. I am not only a sadist Mistress but a masochist slave as well.”

Then Jennifer let go of Jackie brunette hair as she said to her, “Now, very slowly step over Jessica’s head and onto her chest, yes, just like that and continue very slowly across her body and into the fuselage.”

As soon as Jackie enter the fuselage of the jet, James grabbed her and kissed her lips. Then he spun her around, so Jennifer could also kiss her on the lips as well.

Both Jennifer and James knew that Jackie was nineteen years old and they were her very first and only clients ever. Jackie gave her permission freely over the phone for them to play with her sexually when she accepted the job.

James had one hand on Jackie’s neck as he was sliding his free hand down between her skin and her skirt.

Jennifer whispered, “What is your full name, Sweetie? Also, would you mind if my lovely husband and I play with your body roughly for a while as we get to know you better, Sweetie?”

Jackie answer Jennifer by saying, “Mistress, you may play with my body however you want,” as James slowly squeezed her neck while sliding his free hand down between her skin and skirt.

Jackie softly continued by saying, “My full name is Jackie Angel Cobra, Mistress.”

Jennifer smiled as she said, “Sweetie, welcome to our ungodly family, now let us have some fun together.”

While this was going on in the jet, Jessica continues to lay on the staircase of the aircraft, aware that she could join her owners along with Jackie, but she also knew that her body was still very weak from all the bridesmaids she fought at the wedding party as well as the intercourse between her and Jennifer.

About four hours later, Jennifer’s cell phone started to ring, she looked at the caller id and saw that it was Stacey, her little whore.

(Stacey was neither a pet nor a servant to them, she was more like their sexual partner without limitations anything went with her. Stacey was into extreme masochist sexual pleasure, and Jennifer had a very dark sadistic side to her that only Stacey could fulfill. James never raises a hand to any females in anger or for any other reason; he left that up to Jennifer.)

Jennifer answers the phone call and right away said, “Stacey, my damn whore, this better be good news or else.”

Stacey said in a very soft breathless voice, “Mistress, I promise you will be thrilled when you and Master see the house that I found for you guys.”

Jennifer said, “Stay there, it will take us about an hour or so to get there from the airport. Damn, whore, it sounds like you are getting screwed extremely hard, so tell me who in the hell are you having intercourse with at this moment, goddamn bitch. ”

Stacey, said between breaths, “The realtor and the homeowners, when I told the realtor, what you were looking for, she smile and brought me to this ancient brick house. She told the home... ...Mistress could I please tell you the rest later.”

Jennifer smile as James said, “Good grief, thought that I had fucked Stacey enough to send her out on her own without getting into trouble.”

Jennifer said, “Hun, Stacey is a fucking whore, and I would not have her any other way.”

Jennifer got up out of her seat and grabbed Jackie from behind by her very long black hair as she said to her, “Damn, Jackie, looks like you enjoy riding my husband rod and I can tell that he is at his climax so go and get the limousine ready, bitch while I finish my husband off.”

Jackie smiles at Jennifer as she slowly lifts her ass off of James body. Next Jackie very slowly walked down the steps of the jet and onto Jessica body towards the limousine.

Jennifer lowers herself onto James very stiff rod as it enters her very tight cunt, she leaned forward as she started to move her hips back and forth. They kissed as she rode him hard and fast while asking, “What do you think of Jackie the bitch, Master?”

James grin as he reaches up and grab her neck. As James started to squeeze her neck slowly, he said, “My love you did great finding a driver that doesn’t mind getting paid with sex. Christ, she did not even want me to put a condom on. God, yes, ride it hard, my pretty dirty slut. Her juices with mine are going into your honey hole. Yes, God, fucking yes, my sexy...”

Before he could finish talking, he had his biggest load yet as Jennifer screamed and cussed at him. About five minutes later both Jennifer and James made their way to the limousine from the fuselage of the jet followed by Jessica on all fours.

As Jackie drove to the address that Stacey gave to Jennifer, she looked in the rearview mirror and saw Jennifer and James kissing as they were getting more playful with each other again. Jennifer told Jackie to leave the screen down and never put it up for any reason.

About half hour later, Jennifer said in a very soft and sexy voice, “Jackie, please find a goddamn spot to pull this limousine over and join us for a while, so we can finish what we started with you on our jet.”

Jackie found a very private area to pull the limousine over and got out, joining Jennifer and James in the back while Jessica slept.

About three hours later, they arrived at the house and saw Stacey smiling at them as she stood on the front porch fully naked. Jennifer smiled back at her, as she knew that the mansion was perfect for them.

James wasn’t with Jennifer, Jessica, and Jackie in the limousine since they dropped him off in town so he could get a pickup truck for daily use. He also was going to pick up the horses that he bought for Jennifer twenty-first birthday, which she still did not have any clue.

Jennifer told Stacey to stay outside and when James shows up to call her, and she will be out as soon as she can. Jennifer, Jessica, and Jackie went throughout the whole house. Jennifer slowly walked behind them until they got to the Master bedroom. Jennifer grabbed Jackie as Jessica shut the door and lock it behind them.

About two hours later Jennifer cellphone rings and as soon as she saw the caller id, she answers the phone and tells Stacey that she was on her way. Next, she kissed Jackie as she told Jessica to enjoy herself with the newest addition to their unique family.

As soon as Jennifer walked outside, she saw the horse trailer and saw James leaning back against the front of an old beat-up pickup with a grin on his face as he yelled, “Happy Birthday, Sweetie” and all sudden Jennifer scream as she saw Stacey leading two magnificent horses from behind the horse trailer. Once Stacey was standing next to the hood of the truck on the passage side, Jennifer met her and locking lips with James.

Next Jennifer and James got onto the horses as Jennifer told Stacey to climb onto her horse behind her and hold on tightly. Jennifer told James that she permitted Jackie to play with Jessica for now and she had signed the paperwork on the house, so it was one hundred percent theirs now.

Then Jennifer started to swing the bridle straps on the harness with one hand while she held onto the horn of the saddle. Stacey wrap her arms tightly around Jennifer as they head to their private lake with some harmless water snakes inside and around it as James followed them on his horse.

When Jennifer horse reached the lake first, Stacey jumped off the back and grabbed the straps of the harness from Jennifer. Next Jennifer got off of the horse as James arrived and also handed Stacey the straps to the harness on his horse. Then James got off of his horse and joined Jennifer in the lake as Stacey tied both of their horses to a big healthy tree. Next Stacey entered the lake and joined them as snakes swim around them.

While Jennifer, James, and Stacey were having fun at the lake; back at the house, Jackie and Jessica were playing very roughly with each other in the Master bedroom on the queen size bed. Jackie was doing her damnedest to destroy Jessica’s body sexually.

As Jennifer and James swim around in the lake, they watched some Mexican Black Kingsnake wrapping themselves around Stacey’s body as she floated while they started to squeeze and bite her. Stacey had been raised around all types of snakes, so she slowed her breathing down.

Stacey could make her body so relaxed that the snakes would move on after realizing that she was too big for them. Stacey was a hardcore masochist Bitch, so being chew on by some kingsnakes was no big deal to her.

After about three hours of swimming and floating around, Jennifer, James, and Stacey got out of the pond. Before returning to their home, Jennifer checked Stacey whole body out. Once Jennifer was done checking Stacey’s chest out to make sure that none of the wounds were too deep. Jennifer got on her horse as she told Stacey to climb up onto the back of her horse and hold on tightly.

As soon as they got to their new home, James helped Stacey off and then Jennifer jumped off of her horse. Next Jennifer headed straight to the Master bedroom with Stacey following right behind her as James was putting the horses away.

Both Jennifer and Stacey were not surprised to see Jackie and Jessica having rough sex on the bed. They stood silently watching while Jackie, used the biggest strap-on that she could find, repeatedly rammed it in and out Jessica’s ass hard. Jackie had handfuls of Jessica dirty blonde hair while alternating between moaning loudly and sinking her teeth into the pillow.

Jennifer grin as she watched her two very sinful pets destroying each other sexually. Jennifer walked over to the nightstand and wrote a note down for James eyes only.

Then Jennifer grabbed Jackie by her brunette hair and whispered, “Tell my husband that I left a note for him as soon as he enters this bedroom, Sweetie.”

Jackie said back to her, “Mistress, I will tell Master, I promise.”

Screaming and swearing, Jessica said, “Shut the hell up and punish me with that huge strap-on. I want it...”

Jennifer shoved Jessica head into the pillow as she whispered, “Jessica, my little hellish slave, do not worry punishment is on its way, trust me on that.”

Then Jennifer yanked Jessica head back hard and locked lips with her. After a couple of minutes, Jennifer broke the kiss and left the bedroom with Stacey on all fours.

About fifteen minutes later, James walks into the Master bedroom and seeing Jessica with her legs wrapped around Jackie’s waist while being slammed hard into walls and furniture.

Since Jackie was pounding away at Jessica’s cunt with the huge strap-on, Jessica whimper out, “Mistress left you a note on the nightstand, Master. Come on slut, destroy my goddamn body already. I want it rough. Do you hear me, you fucking cunt?”

James was amazed at how rough Jackie was getting with Jessica who was begging her for more. As James walked over to the nightstand, thinking to himself, ’My God, I knew that Jennifer trained Jessica but lord, Jackie can dish it out with no mercy. I hope that Jessica can last long enough for me to have rough sex with her tonight.

James picked the note up which had the word urgent written on it. As soon as he opened it, he read the following words, ’I am leaving my two hell-bound kitties with you. Hopefully, they have not fully destroyed each other yet. I am in the basement soon to be our dungeon, with Stacey. I will be staying down here until morning, enjoy sleeping with my two human pets because tomorrow you are all mine, love Jennifer.’

He just turned around in time to see Jackie slamming Jessica body onto the bed as she said, “Master while I am continuing to destroy this slut, please put your rod into my ass hard and roughly. God, this fucking slut is horny. Almost scare that I might hurt her, but she will not allow me to ease up on her cunt. Christ, damn gets that fucking shaft into my ass, now Master.”

James slipped out of his swimsuit and told Jackie to open Jessica mouth because she needs to get it hard for him first.

Jessica did not need help; she opens her mouth wide as Jackie raised her head to accept their Master’s shaft.

Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Stacey was hanging from the ceiling by her white leather wrist cuffs. Jennifer was trying out her new horsewhips and riding crops on Stacey masochist body. Stacey always wore her white leather wrist and ankle cuffs along with a white leather collar which had three words on it ‘Extreme Masochist Bitch’ written in diamonds. Stacey was free to have intercourse with anyone that she wanted; unless Jennifer needed a workout.

Stacey and Jennifer grew up together; they were best friends in high school. However, unknown to Jennifer, Stacey went to Jennifer’s mother on her eighteenth birthday and asked Kim to take her sexually which she did.

Stacey was a year younger than Jennifer. As Kim took Stacey, she soon learns that Stacey enjoy major pain and rougher the sex the more she would beg. This rough and very painful sex went on for the next two goddamn years. Kim punished Stacey hard and roughly before giving her to Jennifer on her wedding day.

Jennifer took Stacey as her fucking whore for all to use sexually including James. Stacey was like a younger sister to Jennifer that she could use and abuse roughly. Stacey was the only one besides James that knew about how dark Jennifer could get. Now Stacey was hers to hurt for her goddamn pleasure.

Stacey’s bedroom was the dungeon, where there was no mattress for her to lay down. Stacey would be tied up and hanging in different positions as jackhammers pound away at her ass and cunt while Jennifer watches with a heart full of lustfulness for the ungodly bitch. Jennifer knew that she now had a real outlet for her very dark and hellish side. Allowing the wrath of her beast side onto Stacey body was going to be a pleasure and knowing that Stacey would never die no matter what was very exciting to the young sadistic bitch.

Stacey and her twin sister, Elaine were two unique bitches that the Stoneheart owned in hell. However, Elaine was used for sacrifice for the gods while Stacey was used for sadomasochist activities of hell for Jennifer needs.

Watching her Master making love to Jackie, his and Mistress Jennifer new pet as she was kneeling on the floor in the middle of the Master bedroom. James was pounding away hard at Jackie young cunt. Hearing moans from the whore, Jessica blurts out, “Master James, fuck me now, please.”

Jackie whispered to James, “May, I have some fun with the dog.”

Hearing Jackie was referring to Jessica as a dog, excited him. James whispered back, “You took everything I had to give, and you still want more. Sure, there no rules for my wife’s dog tonight. Destroy her however you want to. I read my wife notes, and she wants you to punish her bitch.”

James slowly got off of Jackie as she said, “I know, Master. Mistress told me before she took Stacey to the dungeon of pain to release some stress onto her.”

“Stacey is Jennifer’s Masochist bitch. Rumors are that Jessica loves pain more than pleasure.”

“I will soon find out for you, if the rumors are true about Jessica or not, Master.”

Jackie already knew that Jessica loves pain as she got out of bed and kicked Jessica hard in the head as she said, “Get up bitch. I want to fight you, right now goddamn bitch.”

Jessica stood up and said to Jackie, “Bitch, do your goddamn worst to me. I want it; I need it. Hurt me, please Mistress Jackie.”

Hearing the bitch calling her Mistress, excited Jackie a lot as she thought to herself, ‘God, she should fear me but does not. Jennifer knows my dark past and giving me, her private slave to take to hell as James watches me do it, turns me on.’

Jackie began kicking the hell out of Jessica body as she just stood while saying, “You are weak, my Mistress kicks harder than that, you goddamn whore.”

Jackie threw Jessica across the bedroom into a wall hard as she smirked. Next Jackie went to Jennifer’s toy box and grabbed the biggest strap-on double dildo that she could find. Then Jackie put one end into her cunt and strap it tightly in place as she heard a growling sound coming from across the room.

“Ready to be fucked straight to hell, bitch.”

“Bring it, mother fucker.”

“That is MISTRESS MOTHER FUCKER to you whore,” Jackie said as she ran toward Jessica full speed and kicked her hard.

Jackie forced Jessica onto her backside on the hardwood floor. Next Jackie rammed the other end of the strap-on dildo into Jessica’s mouth and pushed it down her throat.

“Yes, Bitch, gag on it. God, yes. Choke on it. I think you should join me, James. Ram that huge ungodly shaft of yours into this Bitch cunt, now.”

James did as Jackie ordered.

‘Oh Fucking, Christ. I do not remember Master’s shaft being that goddamn huge,’ Jessica thought to herself as she felt James ramming his shaft into her as she chokes on the dildo that was in her mouth.

“That looks painful, bitch. Your cunt looks like it is ripping. Mmmm. You look so sexy, James, as you fuck this bitch off hard. Maybe, I should let the slut breathe, but I am enjoying her gagging right now.”

‘Mistress Jennifer has never done anything like this bitch is doing to me right now, but yet I love it. Master is fucking me while this tramp is slowly killing me with that ungodly dildo in my mouth and I do not want her to remove it,’ Jessica thought to herself.

As James and Jackie started to kiss each other, Jackie slowly lifts just enough as she said, “Bitch, breathe through your goddamn nose. Now you better listen, or it will cost your life, slut. Inhale when I lift my ass and pull out the dildo, exhale when I push the dildo back deep inside of your godless body.”

“Oh fuck, bitch. You do listen and obey, don’t you? Now James and I can fuck you to hell our human condom.”

‘How does this bitch know so much about suffocating, she is only nineteen and by what Mistress Jennifer told me about Jackie in the limousine, she never been trained in sadomasochist techniques ever. Oh my goddamn lord they both are pumping me like there is oil in my body for them to force out. Oh my,” Jessica thought.

‘Mmmmmm, my God, she is taking both of us without trouble, I may have to take Jennifer shopping for a much bigger dildo for this slave of hers,’ Jackie thought.

“Jackie, my wife, did not just found you in the phone book, did she?”

Small laugh as she said, “Nope, she found me two years ago. I was seventeen; my mother was one of the maids in the house you were renting. Jennifer told me, to go to the local bank in Mexico City on my eighteen birthday and take all the money that she had put in a bank account with my name on it. Jennifer then orders me to buy a limousine, and a month later I picked her and a guy up at the airport. When I picked her up, she told me that I would be working for her only. So when she called and told me that you guys were finally here for good. I race out to the airport where I saw Jessica laying on the stairs of the jet. The moment that I saw you all walking down her goddamn body, I had to have her. I must admit that I was a little disappointed when she did not join you, Jennifer, and me in the fuselage of your jet but Jennifer explained, and now I get to play with the family’s dog. My nineteen-year-old body cannot believe that this whore is enjoying choking so much.”

Just then Jackie felt someone sliding one of their hands in her long brown hair as she heard, “I just came up to check on you guys while Stacey’s godless body heals some before I continue my wrath on her. So you are enjoying the family’s dog, Mistress Jackie.”

‘Did I hear her right? Did she just called me, Mistress?’

“M-M-M-Mistress, is that what you just called me, Mistress Jennifer?”

“Yes, Jackie. James and I talked on the jet as we were coming here. I showed him that video of you on your eighteenth birthday that has you fucking Frank, his father off roughly. Sharing my husband with you will be a pleasure, Mistress Jackie. Sit fully down onto Jessica, remember she can take a lot of abuse. She and Stacey are the same types of the bloodline which is known as Blackheart.”

Jackie fully sat down onto Jessica’s face as Jennifer continue talking, “Like my mother before me and hers and my great-grandmother, we have a unique gene in our blood. That gene is called the Sadistic Stoneheart Gene, where we get off on destroying someone for our pleasure. Stacey and Jessica’s kind has been around since the beginning of the Sadistic Stoneheart Gene was found. A couple of scientists have said that there is another side to the Stoneheart gene and they called it the Masochist Blackheart Gene. The Sadistic Stoneheart Gene is not just in my bloodline, but the world counsel estimates that one out of ten percent of people have it and there is about one out of two percent of people that have the Masochist Blackheart Gene in their bloodline. Less than one percent have both sadistic and masochist gene in their bloodline.”

Jessica’s face was slowly turning bright red as Jackie listen to Jennifer talking, “Jenna was my mother outlet. However, there are rare cases where a person can be both sadistic and masochist at the same time. Some people have even said that both genes were born in a laboratory at the same time by a sadistic scientist for his sadistic pleasure until it turned against him. I saw the same beast in you two years ago and told your mother how to handle you until I came for you on your eighteen birthday last year with my stepfather.”

“Y-Y-Y-You mean that Jessica cannot die, Mistress Jennifer,” Jackie said.

Jennifer answer Jackie by saying, “My love, I do not know Jessica limits, so I cannot tell you. You see, I cannot give her major pain. My sadistic side, will not allow me to harm her ever and James is my sadistic Master. I have both genes; I love receiving pain as much as giving it, if not more. Master James does not want Jessica as his outlet because he has me. You are at that major stage will your beast will need to be fed by harming someone. Since I do not know what Jessica can take yet, I am yours to hurt and damage so when James sees that Jessica has reached her maximum, he will order you to attack me like a dog. I have no limits, just as my mother servant, Jenna. I prefer to be submissive and controlled by others but I got to feed my sadistic side as well, or I might break down again. By the way, I enjoy being humiliated; please do not ask why because I do not know.”

James had got up and was kneeling behind Jennifer as he whispered, “It’s okay, my Love.”

James was continuing as he was now petting Jennifer. “You see Jackie, both sides of my wife are fighting each other, and if one side gets more attention than the other, Jennifer shuts down mentally. When I took her on her seventeen birthday, I made sure that Jenna was there to feed her sadistic side since they had been fighting and beating the shit out of each other for years. When I was mating with you, I noticed that you enjoyed very rough sex.”

‘Guys, please, someone. I need just a little air, please,’ Jessica thought to herself as all this talking was going on while Jackie was still sitting entirely on her face.

“Mistress Jackie, please allow slave Jessica to breathe, please.”

“Oh, shit, I forgot that I was still sitting on your slave, Mistress Jennifer. Let me turn around, so my ass is hanging off her face. There now this bitch can breathe through her nose.”

“Stacey is great as my outlet, but she cannot love anyone ever. That is why she is the family whore. Seeing Jessica eyes looking at you, Mistress Jackie turns me on.”

“James, could you tie your wife up and hurt her for my sadistic pleasure,” Jackie said as she leans forward to smother Jessica by pushing her chest down onto her nose as James grabbed Jennifer’s head and yanked it back hard.

Unknown to James, Jackie was more than what she appeared to be. James has never been rough with Jennifer but had seen Kim, Frank, and their soldiers take her to hell. Jennifer had talked to Jackie in the limousine while Jessica rest. While her astrological sign was Capricorn, Jennifer enjoyed having a more powerful dominatrix ruling over her, and that is precisely what Jackie was.

‘It is about time Mistress Jackie asked my husband to hurt me for her pleasure,’ Jennifer thought as James softly smack her in the face.

Jackie looked at James and said, “Son of a bitch, I told you to hurt that goddamn bitch for my pleasure, and if you cannot do that maybe I will find someone to take your place that can hurt that goddamn whore of yours, slave.”

James saw the anger in Jackie’s eyes as she was talking to him. Jackie knew more about Jennifer than James did.

With a shaky voice, he said, “Mistress Jackie, I have never in my life hurt my lover and wife, Jennifer or any female for that…”

Jackie jumped up and kicked James hard in the head, barely missing Jennifer’s head. Unknown to James, Jennifer had told Jackie that she had one hundred percent control over everyone for that night. You see Jackie was not there as a slave to Jennifer because she was Jennifer wife and second in command. Jackie knew the darkest secret that Jennifer had. Knowing full well what Jennifer could truly take as she repeated her orders to James in even a louder voice, “I told you to beat the shit out of that goddamn bitch you call a wife, slave. Do it right now, or I will kill you, James, weakness will not be tolerated in my organization, understand me, bastard of mine.”  

As James started to smack Jennifer hard in the face, he said, “Bitch, get up and move to the footboard of mine and Jackie bed.”

Jackie watched as Jennifer crawl slowly over to the bed. Next Jennifer stood up and faced Jackie who was slamming Jessica head hard onto the wooden floors.

James ordered Jennifer to grab hold of both footboard main posts. Next, he tied Jennifer’s wrists to the posts with rough rope, then James grabbed Jennifer by the throat with his left hand and took his right hand as he started to rub her cunt.

As Jackie sat on Jessica lower half of her face, seeing James making a fist with his right hand and ramming it extremely hard into Jennifer’s cunt. Jennifer almost lost her balance, but that just made James go faster and harder.

‘Good, now that bastard understands that I am in command of this goddamn organization and not his fucking whore,’ Jackie thought to herself as she watched.

Jackie slowly got off of Jessica’s face and went over to a red chaise chair that was in a corner facing the bed as she sat up while laying on it.

Jackie said to James, “I want you to destroy your wife’s body for my sadistic pleasure, James. Yes, goddamn, punishing that cunt of hers. Damn, pound away with that fist of yours, harder and faster. Jessica, you fucking bitch, get your goddamn ass over here now and please me.”

Christ, I was right about Jackie, she is a dominatrix Bitch. James is going to make a great slave for her. Christ, son of a bitch has never fist pounded me this goddamn hard, and I love it. I am so glad that her mother kept her busy for the last three years and now she can be the dominatrix of this ungodly family: sorry love but you, bastard. You are better as a slave, James. Holy shit, my whole goddamn body is shivering,’ Jennifer thought to herself.


Pushing Jessica off her, Jackie got up and went to the toy box where she pulled out a ball-chain-cat-whip. Next, Jackie stood on the right side of the bed and started to swing away at Jennifer's back as she said to Jennifer, "That is Master James to you, Slave."

As the whip hits it mark, Jackie said, “Goddamn Bastard, show me how far you are willing to go in hurting your wife for my sadist pleasure, my lover. Look at her eyes; you are weak in them. Show her that you are strong enough to be called a Master.”

Jennifer could not say a word as she heard Jackie speaking because of the whipping, but her husband's eyes told her who was the real slave was and that was her.

Jennifer thought to herself, ‘Christ, I hope she does not stop him until I am at death doorstep of hell.’

Jennifer fell to her knees as Jackie and James took turns roughing her up as Jessica watch with amazement on how much punishment Mistress Jennifer was taking.

With tears running down her face, Jennifer kissed James' and Jackie's feet as she was thankful for her dominatrix ruling over her tonight as she said, “You are my Master now and forever. Your will shall be done unto my body by you and your wife, Jackie.”

Jackie rolls the whip up and put it away as Jessica laid in the middle of the bed while James put Jennifer into a small dog cage for the night.

‘I hope James enjoy his new role over me as my wife dominatrix over our family forever and if he cannot rule over me then she knows what to do with him, I love you Jackie, my cruel wife of hell,’ Jennifer thought to herself just as James padlock the door on the dog cage.

Before Jennifer could say a word, James kicked the cage as his eyes burn with hatefulness toward her as he said, “Be quiet, dog.”

Jennifer watched as her husband climbs in bed with Jackie and Jessica in the middle of them. Jennifer slowly shut her tearful eyes of joy.

As Jennifer was growing up, Julie, her older sister was her hellish dominatrix bitch. When she first met Jackie two years ago, Jennifer saw the beasts that lived in her. One day while James and Jenna were off getting fucked at a beach, Jennifer knelt in front of Jackie for the first time as she told the girl’s mother not to stop Jackie no matter what. By the time James and Jenna returned to the house Jennifer was in a warehouse getting destroyed by a gang that Jackie knew and they took Jennifer to hell after they had received permission from Kim back in the state after agreeing that Jackie would be entirely in charge of them on her behalf. Jackie sat on the second balcony watching Jennifer’s eighteen-year-old body getting sexually and physically destroyed by her gang which was call ‘Perras y bastardos del infierno.’ Jackie’s mother kept James busy along with Jenna who figures that Jennifer was with a more powerful dominatrix to give what her Mistress dark side needed to live.

After a week of nonstop abusement on her goddamn body of hell, she felt a soft hand going through her hair as a soft female voice said, “I love you, dog. My God, I never have seen any bitch last as long as you did with my gang of hell, slave. Too bad, I have to let you go home to your family because destroying you was our pleasure, bitch.”

“On your eighteenth birthday, go into Mexico City, find the biggest bank there is and tell them your full name and said that you worked for the Stoneheart and Señores Sádicos’ family. Next, get a limousine…” ‘cough, cough’ “I am okay, Mistress Jackie, buy a limousine and wait until I call. Once I do call you, come to the airport and pick me up along with the head of the Señores Sádicos, my stepfather Frank, he will tell you what to do next…”

Jackie whispered, “Rest now bitch of mine forever.”

The next day, Jackie knelt in front of the dog cage and gently waked Jennifer up with a kissed on the lips.

Next, Jackie whisper, "Wife, I love you so much. Your husband shows that he is willing to hurt you for my sadist pleasure, Slave. There is no turning back for us now. I will go, get slave James for the next test which is killing you, my love.”

Jennifer knew that Jackie was going to hand James an empty gun as she orders him to kill her. Last night was hard on Jennifer, but she needed to know if James was ready to take orders from Jackie, her second in command. James would be serving both of them forever or until his usefulness to them ended.

Jackie returned to the Master bedroom with James and gave her gun to him as she said, “I have no more use for this bitch, Slave James. I have signed her death warrant, take this gun and put her to death as I watch, slave.”

Looking into Jennifer’s eye, he aims the gun and gently pulled the trigger back as his hand shook. The gun made a clicking sound as the hammer hit the firing pin. Jennifer reaches up and grabs the weapon as he felt another gun against his head.

Jennifer crawled out of the cage and stood up as she said, “I needed to know if you were willing to follow my dominating wife orders, husband. I had married Jackie last year on her eighteen birthday and been planning out some tests to make sure that you would follow her order since she has the same powers as me over you, my slave husband. Tonight, me, Jackie, Kim, and Frank will put your body through hell for the last and final test of obedience to my sadist family, slave.”

Then James heard Jackie saying to him, “Now lay with us, slave and take both of us sexually until Kim and Frank arrives tonight.”

James had known that Jennifer was going to take a female as a wife but did not know when.  Now, he knew what role Jackie indeed play and knew her words were law as well. His marriage to Jennifer was just a show since there were some mobsters at the time was still against females being entirely in charged of a mob family especially his father, Frank’s family was not happy knowing that Jennifer was bisexual. Tonight, both families were going to watch James get destroyed by Jennifer and Jackie to prove they strength to the families finally. James knew that he could be killed by Jennifer and Jackie to get the families to accept them as leaders in this new age of the mobsters of sadist bitches.

Chapter 9 - The legend of Devil's Blood which James finds out the legend real

A legend of the unkillable sex slave named James was born in 2047.

The legend goes something like this; that in December of 2031, a female named Jane was pregnant by the lord of darkness to form a unique and powerful clan of hell. He told her that she was going to have an unkillable son to be a slave to her killer.

Lucifer went on to tell Jane that her death would take place on her thirty-fifth birthday by another female that will come from his seed of hell. This female would be eighteen and related to her in a way. The moment she dies, her son should rise from his grave and take his place at the feet of her killer and be hers until the cruelest bitch takes him and lays with him with another slave that she hates.

Kim knew that she had a half brother named Frank that was six years older than her and was the head of a mob family in Mexico. In the year 2036, Kim finally met him and laid with him in front of his wife, Jane who was watching them from her cage. By October twenty-fifth, Kim was pregnant by Frank, and about nine months later, Julie was born in Mexico on July 25th, 2037. Having her brother’s child was her pleasure and honor.

After Julie was born, Frank sent Kim back to the United States of America as he raised Julie in Mexico. Kim was not allowed to see Julie again until she got orders to go to Mexico and assassinate Jane for the family honor in 2047.   

When Jane first met Kim in 2036, she knew whom Kim was, and her death would be coming soon because Kim was the Princess of Darkness and daughter of Lucifer, her lord.

The year was 2047, about ten years later, when Jane was wakened up by twenty of Frank’s soldiers as they attacked her sexually. Jane had been living off of bread and water for the last couple of months now. James, Jane only son, was turning fifteen on September first of 2047, and they both knew Kim was coming to kill them.

Exactly at midnight on September first, Kim and Jane took James into the forest leading to the killing zone when they had consented sex with him as they killed him while they got high on cocaine, Jane knew that her mission would be ending soon as the blood of her child poured into the ground. Jane did everything she could to Kim but knew that the daughter of Satan would outlast her.

Kim kissed Jane lips as she whispered, “Tell my father that his clan will rule the world forever, slave Jane.”

Then with one swift move of her dagger, Jane's head fell to the ground, and Kim dropped to her knees as the bell tower ring to end the fight of death at dusk on the third day. As a soldier from each family went out to the bodies and dug a massive hole for two godless bodies.

They threw Jane’s body and head into the pit first and turned to put Kim’s body when they saw her slowly rising from the ground. Hearing a moaning sound coming toward them, they aim their guns, and just as they started to fire, Kim, killed them as she proclaimed she was the Goddess that the legend spoke about and her unkillable slave was coming to take her to her kingdom of hell on earth.

Four months later, Kim took Jane’s husband, Frank as her husband and James as her slave.


On Kim twenty-first birthday, she married Johnny, Frank half brother who was born to a dominatrix bitch.

About thirteen years after taken Johnny, Kim got the news that the new head of the Nevada clan was arriving to take her place. There was a knock on Kim’s front door, and when she opened the door, she saw Julie standing pregnant.

Julie said to her, “Slave take my bags to the Master bedroom at once. Oh, and mom, please be careful with them; also father sends his love.”

Kim kissed Julie’s right hand before picking up her bags. A couple of days later, Julie gave birth to Jennifer on January 17th, 2049.

Julie hated Johnny because he was a goddamn bastard, and knew that her clan only kept him around to grow their family but one day while Jennifer was at school, Julie was home sick when she heard a female voice screaming for help.

Julie grabbed one of her mother 1911 pistol and ran to the room that the screaming was coming from and blew her stepfather head off and took the girl down to the grand foyer where she told her family driver to take the girl home to her parents. Jennifer had just turned seven years old when Julie killed her stepfather.

Everyone thought that Jennifer was taking her stepfather death hard and that is why she would get into deadly fights at school until a young sixteen-year-old bitch came into her life, named Jenna.

Jenna would take everything Jennifer could dish out. By Jennifer seventeen birthday, she was sleeping with this female slave of her mother and her stepbrother, James, the family dog.

The stage was now complete, and hell’s gates open up as Jennifer killed James by strangling him as she sat on his back while he pounded away at the female slave. Jennifer took the female slave to her mother and told her that she just killed James while he was fucking off the family slave, Jenna.

Julie kissed Jennifer’s lips and then whistled. Jennifer heard a moaning sound coming toward her as she said, “Your stepbrother is unkillable, and he shall be your slave husband when you turned twenty-one.”

Julie went on to tell her that Frank had a daughter in Mexico, whom she will know as soon as she meets her and that female will become her wife and lover forever to rule the most powerful, and darkest clan on the goddamn earth.

Laying with Jackie her wife and lover in their bed as James hung by his neck from the ceiling. Knowing that her husband was unkillable, Jennifer and Jackie made love to each other as they waited for their parents. The fulfillment of the legend was complete and to confirm it, their father, Frank must die the night that Jennifer takes Jessica as her wife forever.

Twenty-four hours before their parents arrive, Jennifer cut James down and told him to attack them sexually as they waited for the daughter of Satan to arrive and sacrifice Jackie’s father, Frank to their God and true father, Lucifer.

By killing her stepfather, Frank, Jennifer was going to take leadership over the Señores Sádicos family mob forever. Her birth mother, Julie would assassinate her adopted mother, Kim the following year for her on January 17th as a birthday gift and show loyalty to her forever.

This chapter picks up on the evening before sacrificing her stepfather to her God and lord, Lucifer.

While riding James’ nice size shaft, Jackie took an icepick and put it through his heart and Jennifer sat on his face while strangling him with extremely rough rope. James had a dark secret that his closest family members knew.

Knowing her husband was unkillable both Jennifer and Jackie took turns in attacking him with every type of weapons until they got bored with him. Allowing him to rest, Jackie took Jennifer into town for some extreme sadist activities until her parents showed up.

Feeling a hand petting him as he heard, “Slave of mine, I enjoyed Jackie whipping you last night while you fist pumped my cunt off. Jackie asked if she hurt you and I told her no. Jackie is spending time with slave Jessica while Stacey, my whore rest from those unholy pounding that my two huge jackhammers gave to her cunt and ass. James, you know what I am, are you sure you want this because there is no turning back ever?”

The day after having the gun against his head while Jennifer let herself out of the cage, Jackie and Jennifer took turns in beating the hell out of James while mating with him. At one point while Jackie was riding his nice size shaft, Jennifer had her ass on his face as she used some rough rope to strangle him. Wearing her new wedding band, Jackie kissed Jennifer as James suffocated under his primary wife ass.

“Mistress Jennifer, you know my answer. You know what I want and need. I do not have either the Stoneheart or the Blackheart bloodline since males can never have those types of blood. I have unique blood which is called ‘Devil’s Blood,’ and you know that I can never die no matter what you do to me. I know that Jackie will make you complete now. Seeing her wearing my wedding band yesterday turned me on. I have been Kim’s sex slave since I was fifteen years old which is the legal age in Mexico for consent sexual activities, Mistress. In her eight-month pregnancy, Julie left Mexico at the end of December of 2048 with my unborn child, you, Mistress Jennifer. I am your human dog forever. I can never go back to my old life of pretending that I am a Master when I am a masochist slave. I must be honest, thoughts of Jackie killing me ran through my mind as she beat me in front of you, Mistress but I must admit that I did not want her to stop either, my Love. Julie along with slave Kim has done the worst to my body.”

As Jennifer stood on his chest yanking hard on a leash that was a hook to a prong Training Collar which was around his neck, they heard a female voice saying, “You damn right that Julie and I have done worst to your goddamn body, you are a piece of shit.”

“Slave Kim, when did you get here?” Jennifer asked.

Kim replied, “An hour ago, Jackie picked me up in the limousine along with your and her slave, Jessica.”

Jennifer said, “Where is Frank, my grandfather, right now, mom?”

“He is at the lake with Mistress Jackie and slave Jessica, my love. Tonight Jackie, Frank, you, and I are going to humiliate your husband as he passes the ring to your wife and true love, Jackie for good. James, like Mistress Jennifer, has told you, there is no turning back if we take you as a slave. You may speak, slave of bastards.”

“The night that you and my mother, God rest her soul, took turns in killing me before killing each other was the night that I became your slave fully, slave Kim.  Then you retook me to hell as you let Jessica rest in front of Mistress Julie as she got high on coke. I submitted to you fully, and now I will be submitted as a slave to your granddaughter, Mistress Jennifer forever. I know that my body will never hold up like Stacey, Jessica, Jackie, or even like my soon to be ex-wife, Jennifer but this is what I am, slave Kim as you know.”

“Yes, your body will never hold up to much punishment, but we will never take it easy on you, bastard. My family will kill you every chance we goddamn get, bastard of hell.”

Meanwhile at the pond, Frank said, “Goddamn, I never knew Jessica could hold her breath so long, Mistress Jackie.”

“Father, I am glad you are enjoying your underwater blowjob from slave Jessica. I hope that you are ready to die tonight as I take your son, my brother’s place as Jennifer’s husband.”

“I am ready to die, Mistress Jackie. I have prepared you and Jennifer as well as Julie for leading the clan of Hell. Since Julie cannot be here to join in my death, she must kill Kim on Jennifer’s next birthday to complete the bond between earth and Hell in Lucifer’s name, the lord and ruler of this new clan, Mistress Jackie. To bad that James will learn tonight that you are also his half-sister. Not only will he belong to his daughter but now also to his half-sister. James is as much my slave as he is Jennifer, Kim, and your, my Love.”

“I love you so much; please take me, father.”

Back in the dungeon, Kim said, “Let’s get you ready for tonight party of humiliation and the excruciating pain of pleasure, slave James.”

James slowly rolled over onto his chest and followed slave Kim and Mistress Jennifer to the bathroom where they took turns mating with him as they washed each other bodies. Frank was James’ and Jackie’s birth father. Jackie had always fantasized about having sex with him which he fulfilled on her eighteenth birthday when Jennifer brought him to Mexico with her.

Only God and Satan knew how the outcome of tonight, the hellish party of pain and pleasure would end for the young James.

“Goddamn, if he can still fuck us like this as we take him from heaven to hell. He will be one of the male slaves that I have ever broken down for someone pleasure besides mine own,” said slave Kim as she and Jennifer took turns mating with James.

The following day, laying in the dungeon of Hell in his blood, James had felt the full wrath of Jennifer and her family.

Jessica took her time cleaning her ex-Master wounds as she whispered, “You did good, fucker. Welcome to my world. Fucker, you are lower than Stacey or me in Mistress Jennifer’s eyes. Mistress truly hates your guts. It's nothing personal, you understand, but you are weaker than her kind. The only thing that kept her from killing you was your wedding vows, bastard. Rest for now because round two will start soon and you will need to be healthy enough to last, you fucking dog of Hell.”

After Kim left with the body of Frank, Jennifer and Jackie had the most beautiful intercourse ever with each other.

Now in the library of their house, Jackie heard, “Lover, do you think we can hunt James in the forest behind our house?”

“Why do you ask? I do not think he would hold up, right now, my love. We just killed him twenty-four hours ago, my beautiful sexy Lover,” Jackie replies to Jennifer.

“I have been reading this amazing fictional novel called ‘Fallen Angel’ by an author named Chris Wilson. The story is about a fallen angel that is hunted by demons and humans behind her Goddess’ mansion. I thought it would be fun to hunt our dog, my Love.”

“I would only recommend that we hunt Stacey or Jessica for now if you want. Also, we did major damage to James’ body including killing him which will take time for him to recover from, my Love.”

Then Jennifer asked with concern, “Who is taking care of his wounds?”

“Jessica is taking care of James, Mistress Jennifer,” a soft, shaky female voice said.

Jennifer turned as she said, “Stacey, you do not have to be scared to speak. I will admit that I went a little too far with my husband’s body last night, but I had to know if he fully understood what he was to my demon side. Also, I need to know if I still had any feelings for the bastard of mine and I do not. I want you to watch over my husband while I take Jackie out to the woods for some alone time with Jessica. I know that Jessica’s body can handle what I will be allowing Jackie to do to our slave and we need to speed up her recovery time as well. We will be gone for a couple of weeks by the time we return, James should be strong enough for round two of his own Hell. Now leave us, bitch.”

Suddenly in the dungeon, Jessica heard footsteps behind her as she said in a soft voice, “I thought you were upstairs with our owners, Stacey.”

“Jennifer is taking you into the woods for Jackie to hunt and get your recovery time sped up, my beautiful sexy bitch. They will meet you at the gate that leads into the woods, bitch. Now leave, you goddamn bitch.”

Jessica got up and kicked James in the head before kissing Stacey lips as she left them.

James said in a weak voice as he coughs blood up, “Mistress Stacey, I thought that Jennifer could not hurt Jessica ever?”

“Mother fucker, you do not need to call me Mistress, understand? As for Jennifer hurting Jessica, well she can. However, Jennifer cannot release her full wrath onto Jessica’s body as she can with us.”

“L-L-L-Like us?”

“Yes, like me and my twin sister, Elaine, you also have the unique bloodline of Devil’s Blood inside of you as well. Kim did not allow Jennifer to stop attacking you until you were dead. Yes, bastard, you fully died again.”

“Steamed began to come off your body, Lover. My grandmother realized what you indeed were as you were crawling toward her that day in the killing zone, slave. When I need to kill something, I can take you and hunt you down. Too bad Jackie murdered her father, Frank last night for my sadist pleasure and human sacrifice to my Lord and Master, Lucifer. Soon it will be time to put my grandmother to death as Julie, Jackie, and I combine the two mobs into one powerful death mob. Frank was never your birth father, slave. Rumors are that on your parents’ honeymoon, Janet put something in Frank’s drink to knock him out while her family prepared to open a doorway to hell. Jane’s body tied to a St. Andrew cross and whipped as they call forth Lucifer. The legend goes on to say that two hellish she-devils came out and between them was Lucifer and he mated with Jane and left his mark on her clan which Julie, Jackie, and I belong too. The legend also said that the two she-devils remain on the earth to watch over the birth of the slave child and to watch over the birth of cruelest bitch on the planet which is me. Their names are Стејси and Елејн when you transfer them from the Serbian (Cyrillic) to the English language the names are Stacey and Elaine. The rise of this clan will be the most powerful clan in the world, my hellish demon of a husband. I learned last night along with Jessica, Jackie, and Frank as my mother and Stacey took turns telling us about the only male on earth with the Devil’s blood in him. Stacey, who is one of two she-devils that the legend talks about and yes her sister, Elaine is the other one. Stacey will take care of your body and will answer all your questions about the Devil’s bloodline that she can. I honestly do love you, James, and knowing that you are my and Jackie’s to kill is exciting to us. Elaine will arrive along with Julie when my mother has been murder as a sacrifice to Lucifer as a sign of loyalty. Ahhh there is my sadistic bag of bdsm stuff that Jackie can use on Jessica ungodly hellish body of pleasure while I watch with lustfulness.”

He was watching his wife walking out the back door of the dungeon and headed to the woods along with Jackie where Jessica was waiting for them.

Stacey lower James’ head back onto the floor as she said, “Rest for now and allow your body to repair itself, dog.”

Walking toward Jessica along with Jackie, Jennifer thought to herself, ‘My God, knowing what we are going to put her through and yet she is fully arched back watching us coming toward her with the wrath of Hell. Why does she not get up and run away.’

Stacey lower herself onto James and mated with him as he slowly began to rest.

The next day, Stacey softly kicked James right side as she said, “Time to wake up, slave.”

James slowly opens his eyes as he tried to sit up, but Stacey put one of her stilettos against his chest and push him back down as she said, “Slave, I will lift your head and feed your breakfast to you.”

After breakfast, Stacey climbed onto James’ body and mated with him. While mating with the family dog, Stacey said, “Slave, look like your body is healing nicely.”

Since this was real life and not one of Jennifer fictional stories, she and Jackie were using paintball pistols, and Jessica wore only a helmet. Jennifer had built her paintballs which were a lot softer than the commercial ones since her slaves would be mostly nude during the hunt. Jennifer wanted something that would sting but not break the skin or injuring someone.

Jennifer’s pistols were custom made to her design. They both look like a 1911 pistol which Jennifer and Jackie own. Jennifer kept the paintballs and handguns in her sadomasochist bag of goodies. Even though it seems like Jennifer wants to kill her masochist slaves, she does care about them except for her husband who was her newest masochist pet for killing at any time for fun.

Jackie knew that Jennifer was not a saint or an angel and that was fine with her. Before starting the paintball hunt, both Jennifer and Jackie rough Jessica up some and then sent her off into the woods with a ten-second head start.

On January 17th of 2071, Kim was in her forest along with Julie when she felt a dagger piercing her back.

As the dagger enter her back, Kim heard Julie says, “To my father and lord of darkness for I summon you to take this human bitch as a sacrifice in your name. As you unleash your clan upon the earth as Jennifer, my daughter, and I are from your bloodline as we offer the Princess of Darkness to you forever, father.”

Skies darken, thunder sounded, lighting flashed as Kim’s still live body burst into flames as she howled as Lucifer appear before them and said, “I accept the blood of the Princess of Darkness to open the doorway between earth and Hell forever. My hellish clan shall rule, and my power shall enter all those that worship my human daughters and me forever. Julie, you are Jennifer’s mother but also her sister at the same time. Julie, you and Jennifer shall rule over the whole earth along with my other daughter, Jackie as I accept the blood of the Princess of Darkness forever. This burning bitch before me known as Kim on earth shall burn forever nonstop to mark my altar of hell, so my people can worship me forever, say your God.”

Then the clouds open up, and Lucifer was nowhere in sight as the sound of Kim howling echos throughout the planet known as earth forever since Kim could never die for she was a living burning altar of Lucifer’s forever. Julie turned and went back to her mansion where she released Eileen from the cross of Lucifer. Next, they got on Julie’s private jet and flew to Mexico.

Jennifer woke up and screamed. Our father clan has arrived. Honor and glory to the Lord of Darkness and our father, Lucifer forever.”

Jackie took Jennifer by force as they mated in their father’s name forever.