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The Fallen Angel


Banished from heaven only to be enslaved, hunted and tangled up in webs by satan's sadistic child, Princess Blair "reaper of mankind, reaper of souls. 

Prologue - Angel cursed to be hunted by demons and humans.

On the earth, around the year 3060, humans were being killed by a sadist Goddess named Blair, just for her pleasure. Blair was the youngest of two daughters in Lucifer’s family. Blair older sister, Bella was the best bounty hunter that Lucifer had. After Father God judgment upon the world, humans were already in decline and was declining even faster since Goddess Blair thirst for blood grew as she continues killing humans for fun and pleasure. Blair did such a great job that Lucifer sent Bella to slow her down.

Goddess Blair was about to kill her one hundred millionth human when Bella step between the human and her.

Bella ordered the human to run and do not look back for any reason as she heard the Goddess of death saying, “Bella, curse you for letting that human escape my wrath. Earth is my domain. I can do as I want with them as you know.”

“Christ, Blair. I knew that you were full of hate because of me abusing you when you were growing up. I was fifteen, and you were seven-years-old at the time I started. I was doing it to train and prepare you for your powers of unholiness, but instead, you filled with ungodly hate for our father and me. Yes, I might have gone too far with my training of hell on you and will admit that I enjoyed abusing your ass. However, it is time to stop killing everything in the universe just for fun, sis.” Goddess Bella said.

Blair smirk as she replied, “Daddy has sent you to stop me at any cost, sis. Are you prepared to die for them because I will fight you to death for their blood, Goddess Bella? Draw your sword of death and prepare to die, Bella. Death is the only way that I will stop killing humans. Let us see if you are the best bounty hunter in Hell, bitch? You know that humans are weak; so why save them, sis.”

“I agree with you, humans are weak, but without them, you will have no one to hunt, bitch,” Bella answer her younger sister.

Blair replied, “If daddy wants me to stop killing humans, find me a goddamn bitch, that can survive my full wrath of hell. No human, demon, she-devil, or Goddesses, can take my fiery wrath, including you, Bella and that is why daddy kicked me out of hell. That will be the only way you are going to save humans since we can never truly die, bitch.”

Bella was praying for an unkillable living target for Blair to hunt as their swords clashes with each other.

In Lucifer’s household, Blair had an extremely rough life of hell since her father was a sadist bastard. However, as Blair and Bella fought, Blair begins to gain her unholy powers and hate started to grow for her family of hell.

As this mini-war between two hellcats of Lucifer’s family was going on in the earth, the Holy Father finally caught up to the last sinful angel of his and called her by name just as she was about to leap out of heaven and enter earth for sexual needs of hers.

Hearing God calling her, Chelsey answer him, “Yes, what do you want now, Father?”

God said, “Chelsey, where are you going? By all that is good. How did I miss you, when I sent Satan, his demons and she-devils to hell?”

Replying to God, Chelsey said, “I am going to earth to get laid by humans, of course. All you ever want me to do is sing praises to your son. I have needs and wants if you start caring for me instead of those wicked humans. Maybe, you would have seen me calling out for your love, God. Instead, I went to Lucifer to look for love, and he has shown me love that I never knew. To me, Lucifer has been more of a father to me than you, son of a bitch.”

God replied, “I have shown you love, Chelsey but every time I turn my back; you are on yours in the earth with a human or two inside of you.”

“God, when did you show me, love? You never understood me, always looking down at me. The humans took me sexually as my true father, Lucifer watched, and then he brought me home afterward and filled my darkest desires. Lucifer knew that I enjoy the pain of all types, so he sent his daughters and armies after me for them to abuse with major pain of hell. God, you made me a masochist bitch, and you are surprised that I have been with humans. Who in the hell do you think taught the humans about sadist and masochist, son of a bitch? It was me, I beg and plead with them to hurt me as we had sex with each other. At first, they were scared, but as you can see, they enjoy hurting me and each other while having sex, God,” Chelsey said in an angered voice.

“Enough, I am finished with you since you wanted to be with humans and be their masochist slave forever; so, let it be,” God said as Chelsey felt all her powers leaving her along with her wings

Father God finished by saying, “I curse you to earth forever. You are now and forever a human being. Cursed along with all those that followed Lucifer.”

All sudden on the earth as an ungodly war was going on between Bella and Blair; they were clashing swords with each other as they heard a loud crashing sound and felt the ground shaken as they both said at the same time, “What in hell was that?”

They ran to the forest where the noise came from and saw a beautiful young female lying fully naked on her back in the ground. Blair took her sword and pierced the heart of the young lady as she pledged to hunt and kill all human beings forever.

As Blair turned to leave, she heard, “As long as this Angel of hell is breathing on earth or in hell, you will only hunt her along with your hounds of Hell forever, says me.”

Blair turned back around as she heard, “Time to rise Angel of hell. You are cursed by me to stay on earth and be hunted by my hateful sister, Goddess Blair, forever.”

Then Blair saw Bella getting up while saying, “For it has been written in the blood of this ungodly Angel of hell, amen.”

After speaking those words, Bella disappeared before them as Chelsey said, “First the Holy Father curse me to earth as a human being, and now a damn Deity curse me on earth and hell as an Angel. Can you fucking Gods make up your minds?”

Blair smirked as she swung her sword away at the female until she got bored and told the Angel to come with her. Chelsey saw a huge mansion in front of her as she crawled next to her new owner. As they approached the palace, Chelsey saw two ungodly hounds from hell on all fours guarding the estate in front of a ten feet tall iron gate.

The hounds were on heavy-duty chains that were attached to what looks like old iron hitching posts for horses. As they approached, the iron gate opens outwards toward them automatically. Seeing two hounds, one on either side of her as Goddess Blair stopped between the hounds and unhooked them as Chelsey notices that the hound on her left was a male demon and the one on her right was a she-devil.

Chelsey heard, “My demons will now chase you around the grounds for my pleasure. When they catch you, they will gently bite you anywhere that they want on your unholy body. Do not worry yourself, my young angel, since my hounds know not to hurt you. They also know that I have to kill you myself which I will as soon as I find your goddamn weakness because the humans are mine domain and I will kill them all.”

Watching her hounds of hell chasing Chelsey around the ground brought pleasure to the sadistic Goddess. Blair’s hounds could read minds, and they saw that Chelsey wanted more from them besides being their catch and release toy.

Blair grin as she read her two hounds’ minds and told them that she may allow more freedom but for now the angel was hers to kill. The more Blair tried to kill her cursed Angel; she began to enjoy the masochist nature of her new Bitch. After a long day of hunting Chelsey in her forest of the earth, Blair would lay with her sexually which she could never do with humans since they always die from their wounds.

One day laying in the forest, Blair heard the thoughts of her angel, ‘Goddess Blair, so do I bring you the pleasure that you have been searching for in humanity as you hunt me?’

Chelsey heard in her mind, ‘Bitch, hunting you brings me the most pleasure of hell as you lay here under me while I continue to stab away at you as we make ungodly love to each other.’

On the first anniversary of being Blair’s truly unkillable bitch, Chelsey saw the two hounds of her Goddess approaching and arching back not knowing why they were coming toward her but knew that she was theirs to take at any time no matter what unless Blair was using her.

It had been a couple of months since Blair had left her in the darkest part of the dungeon after the last hunt. Chelsey saw the female hound coming straight at her as the male went around her. After losing sight of the male hound, she heard growling coming from the female hound, “Do not worry yourself, young angel. Mine name is Jezebel and the one that is going to attack you in five, four, three, two, one…”

Chelsey screams in pain as she felt the male hound mount her arched body as the hugest shaft that ever had enters her tight cunt.

Locking eyes with Jezebel as she heard, “His name is Jeacar, my lover and brother. I do enjoy watching him destroying other bitches, and our Goddess has given you to him for his pleasure. Goddess had told him to carve you up as I watch, bitch. Oh, I see the fear in your eyes, do not worry, I will lick your wounds as I clean up the blood. slave.”

Next, Chelsey heard the male hound growling, “Chelsey, Jezebel is kidding. I will be gentle with you for now, and as time goes on, I will get rougher but only when our Goddess allow it. Blair is watching us from the shadows. The reason she has not taken you out to hunt your ass is that she has been preparing the Master bedroom for you to stay with her forever. Since Jezebel and I have been behaving, Blair is allowing us to have you however we want.”

Seeing concern in her eyes, Jezebel sat up and pushed Chelsey’s head into her cunt as she said, “Now eat, goddamn whore.”

Blair walked over to her pets with a box of brand-new hellish cuffs that had spikes on them. Mistress Blair sat down next to Jezebel, so Jezebel was on her left-hand side. Next, Blair took Jezebel’s right hand and removed an old black leather wrist cuffs and put a brand new dark red leather cuff on. Blair did the same thing to Jezebel other wrists and ankles before moving onto Jeacar. Blair first switched out Jeacar’ old black leather ankle cuffs and then ordered Jezebel to switch spots with her. Jezebel was now sitting next to Chelsey and Blair was on top of Chelsey’s face as she switches out Jeacar’s old wrist cuffs with his new dark red cuffs.

As Blair sat on Chelsey’s face, she felt her slave’s tongue entering her anus slowly. Blair and Jezebel locked lips as Jeacar destroyed Chelsey’s cunt like there was no tomorrow. At this point, Chelsey was not wearing any cuff or collar but soon she will as she moved from the dungeon to the Master bedroom with her Goddess, tomorrow.

Chapter 1 - Thanksgiving Hunt by Extreme Sadistic Demons

The following story takes place in 3070 after world war three which was called ‘Judgement Of God’ and ten years after an angel fell to the earth from heaven.

Somewhere in Nevada was a most beautiful palace ever built on the earth. The mansion was own by a sadist Goddess named Blair. Blair was the youngest daughter of two in Lucifer’s family. Chelsey, the Fallen Angel, loved the sadist touch of Blair, her Goddess. Covered in blood, dirt, sweat, and semen of Jeacar, Chelsey was hanging in the middle of the ceiling of the Mistress’ shower when she said, “Goddess Blair, what will be your weapons of choice to use on my masochist body for this upcoming hunt for the weekend?”

Blair was washing Chelsey’s beautiful, sexy body as she said, “Bitch, Guess you will find out tomorrow when I hunt your ass. I should let you know that I will be only hunting you tomorrow on Thanksgiving day, Slut because Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I might let my hounds from hell hunt your ass, slave.”

“Mistress, you mean that your hounds will be with you those other days?”

“Maybe they will be with me over those days, slave. However, you have been bugging me to allow my demons to hunt your godless ass, so I am thinking about allowing it. Of course, they have also been begging me to allow them the pleasure of seeing if you are truly unkillable, my masochist pet.”

“Will they be allowed to use their full strength on me, Mistress?” She asked as Blair rammed her right fist which was covered by a dirty rag into her cunt of hell.

Squeezing Chelsey’s neck with her left hand as she answers her hellish dog, “Yes, slave, they will be allowed to use their full strength on your ungodly body. Jezebel will be allowed to use any of my weapons on you, understand, slave of mine?”

“Yes, my Goddess, I fully understand my place in your kingdom of...”

Blair interrupted her slave by saying, “You have no safety words or rules for this hunt, understood, slave?”

Chelsey nodded as she knew not to interrupt her Mistress for any reason as Blair continued, “Tonight is the last time you will have my protection from my hounds, slave. After I hunt you down tomorrow like the fucking dog that you are, I may choose to set my hellish hounds to hunt and hurt you for their sadistic pleasure. If you survive, we might accept you into our hellish family at last, but if you do not survive, I will not lose any sleep over your death, understood, you piece of shit? You may speak, bitch.”

Seeing the anger in Mistress Blair eyes as her masochist cunt got punished as she said, “Goddess of Sadistic Mistresses, harder. Please fist fuck me harder. Rough me up; I fully understand my role in your eyes. I know what your hellish beasts can do to my masochist body and looking forward to the ungodly damage they will do to me for your glory and honor. I accept the terms of the hunt as you have set forth this day. For mine blood, body, blackest heart, soul, mind, and life belong to you forever no matter the outcome of the hunt. Either I die because of weakness like your demons believe or live and earn my place at your feet and theirs, Mistress.”

Tomorrow would bring the wrath of hatefulness upon Chelsey’s godless body as Mistress Blair lays with her tonight on the bed in the Master bedroom of hell.

Feeling Mistress Blair’s right knee getting rammed into her cunt as they kissed, Chelsey heard a growling sound coming from the doorway of the bedroom. Breaking the kiss as she said, “I give you over to Jeacar tonight. Do not worry your little head, bitch. Only mission my sadist dog has is to destroying you sexually for me while I spend some alone time with the Destroyer of Slaves. Mmmm, Christ, wish I could stay and watch my hound of Sadistic Pleasure destroying your hellish body. Goddamn, I love you so much, bitch, and seeing the fear in your eyes is turning me on, my beautiful Slut of hell. You may permit my beast to use his full strength on your body of hell. Now I must leave you in his sexual wrath of hell, tramp.”

One last kiss as she drove her right knee hard into Chelsey’s cunt before getting up and meeting Jeacar in the middle of the room. Standing up at five feet and four-inch, Jeacar smirked at Blair as she grabbed him and whispered: “Son of a bitch, destroy her as you wish just leave me something to hunt tomorrow, understood or you will be my target instead.”

“As you wish, Goddess. I will leave you a little tiny piece of her to hunt tomorrow. Now go destroy my sister as you send her my love, Goddess.”

Grabbing Jeacar’s balls and started to squeeze them, Blair smirk back while saying, “I will send your ungodly love to our lover, mother fucker. Now destroy that whore in my bed as I go and destroy our lover in the dungeon of Hell, my godless beast.”

Just as Blair exit her bedroom, she heard Jeacar growling, “Chelsey, you will feel my full wrath as I sexually destroy your goddamn body, no need to beg for it, bitch.”

Halfway down the stairs, Blair heard, “Bring it on, mother fucker. Take me to the goddamn hell, you goddamn…”

Blair knew the risk of allowing her most danger hound loose on her masochist dog, and yet she was excited about the hell Chelsey was going through tonight for her sadistic Goddess pleasure.

Jeacar was slamming Chelsey into walls and furniture as his shaft pounded away at her cunt hard and fast while he sucked on one of her double D’s breasts, digging his sharp canines into them.

‘No human on the earth had ever been this rough with me and yet I want more from the most dangerous hound of hell that my Goddess’ owns,’ Chelsey thought to herself.

“Goddamn, Master, our sadistic bitch, told you to destroy me, so take me to hell you mother fuck…”

Cutting the angel off as he said, “As you wish, dog.”

She felt the beast squeezing her neck with his right hand as the sharp nail of his fingers begins to break her skin and drew sweet blood.

Meanwhile, Blair was beating the shit out of her extreme whore of slaves. Over Jezebel head was a dark red leather suffocating hood which was not hooked up to an air supply. Around her wrists and ankles were dark red leather cuffs. Jezebel six feet tall when she had a chance to stand up long enough before Blair took her back down onto the floor.

The relationship between Blair and her hounds were a love-hate one. No matter what Blair did to them, they were one hundred percent loyal to her. Being one of two hellish daughters of Satan put fear into all who dare cross, her. Blair wrath was ungodly compare to her father and older sister, Bella.

Surprised by how much punishment the young godless bitch was taking, Jeacar started to unleash his ungodly wrath unto her as the domain of hell begin to fade in and out of the Master bedroom from his powers.

Lucifer and Bella were making love to each other as they heard the crashing of the domains hitting. Seeing his young angel of hell taking the full wrath of the family dog, Lucifer listened to his daughter Bella saying, “Father show our dog whom the better and toughest bitch, of hell, is. Release your full wrath unto my godless body which is yours to take any time, my father and Master of…”

Bella could not finish talking as Lucifer took her and unleashed his ungodly wrath upon her as an unholy competition between him and the family dog of hell started.

Seeing Goddess Bella getting punished by her God as she orders Jeacar to destroy her entirely and never stop until she was dead or Goddess Blair order him.

Both Lucifer and Jeacar smirk as they started throwing their bitches to each other to destroy.

Blair could feel her father and sister present as earth and hell clashed together. She howled while unleashing her full wrath upon Jezebel.

Time had stopped as the earth enters into hell domain as the Lucifer’s family enters in an ungodly condition of the most high level of unholiness.

As Blair woke up to the chimes of her clock tower from the outside, she sat up in her bed next to Chelsey’s cummed soaked body.

Next Blair jumped on top of her dog’s chest and relieved herself as she begins to slap away at Chelsey while screaming, “Get the fuck up, Whore. It is time for your ungodly death, bitch of mine forever.”

Seeing the fire of fury in her Goddess' eyes as she said, “Good morning, my lord. I prayed that I brought you glory and honor as your father, sister and the goddamn beast of hell destroyed me in hell as you unleash your ungodly wrath onto Jezebel, my...”

“Goddamn bitch, watching my father and Jeacar destroying you and my goddamn sister brought me not just glory and honor but excitement for today hunt. Now open your fucking mouth so I can feed you your breakfast from my body to yours.”

It was five in the morning as Blair kissed Chelsey’s lips as they finally headed out to the forest behind her mansion.

Blair was wearing a double holster over her sports bra with the pair of 1911 pistols in them as well as a black mini skirt.

Chelsey was only wearing black leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Around her neck was a stainless steel collar with the following words ‘Masochist Angel of Hell,’ carved into it. Sweat, cum, and piss still dripped from her body as she crawls in front of her Goddess. When they finally enter the forest, Chelsey turned and sat up onto her knees twenty feet in front of her Sadistic Goddess of Hell.

Blair ran straight toward Chelsey and kicked her hard in the chest as she said, “You have thirty seconds to get as far away from me as you can. I am full of hatefulness toward you, dog. I do not care about you, nor do I love you, so choose your path wisely because I am out to kill you, bitch. Remember, you must be upright at all time until I put your ass down permanently, understood, slave of mine. NOW RUN, YOU FUCKING WHORE.”

Chelsey knew the hunt had started when she heard Blair calling her ’Whore′, so she took off running as fast as possible into the forest while her hellish Mistress slowly counted to thirty.

Blair had silencers on her pair of 1911 pistols, so Chelsey could never hear the shots coming, instead would feel the pain from the bullets entering her ungodly body.

Blair was using two types of bullets. The first was a regular while the second kind was a metal jacket.

She wanted to see which type of bullet would do the most damage to her masochist dog. It did not take long for Blair to catch-up to her angel and drawing both guns at the same time as she ran after Chelsey.

After emptying both guns into her dog, she saw that Chelsey was still on her feet and running from her just like the excellent masochist bitch that she was.

Blair put a new clip into each of her guns as she started after Chelsey and once again she started to shoot away at her dog after catching up to her.

Chelsey however, continued to stay on her feet as she kept running throughout the forest, zig-zagging. Each clip held roughly fifteen rounds. So there were eleven clips with about 165 regular and eleven clips with 165 metal jacket in them.

Blair continued removing clips and popping new ones in which were on a speed loader that she was wearing on her belt while continuing after her bitch, — never feeling anything for Chelsey as she emptied her guns over and over into the tramp’s body.

After Blair finally ran out of bullets, she reached down her right upper thigh and pulled out her military knife from its sheath as she tackled Chelsey onto the ground, face first.

Blair sat down on Chelsey’s back while grabbing her head and started slamming it into the hard ground face first.

After the fifty times of slamming Chelsey’s face into the ground, Blair yanked her dog’s head fully backward as she put her sharp military knife against her slave’s neck.

Then Blair said, “Damn bitch, do not move. You have about 330 rounds in your goddamn back. When I get off your back, roll over because I want to play on your chest with my knives, Slut.”

Chelsey rolled over while Blair stood over her. With hands above her head, locking her eyes with the cruelest Goddess on the Earth and in Hell.

Blair was grinning as she removed her karambit from its sheath which was on her upper left thigh. With both of her knives in hands, she jumped knees first on top of her slave. The military combat knife went straight into Chelsey’s left breast while the Karambit knife curved into the right one.

As Blair slowly moved the knives down Chelsey’s chest as she cut and stab profoundly to weaken her dog even more for Jezebel and Jeacar pleasure. Chelsey finally passed out at midnight Friday morning, Blair got up off of her slave and stood there over top of her Angel of Hell as she relieved herself over the once beautiful sexual slave.

Then Blair kicked the hell out of Chelsey’s head before leaving her all bloody for the night.

As Blair slowly made her way back home through the forest, she still could not get over the fact that 330 rounds of regular and metal jackets were not able to bring her masochist bitch down.

After Blair enter her mansion, she headed straight to the dungeon of hell where she ran toward Jeacar sleeping body at full speed and kicked him extremely hard as she yelled, “Get the hell up, you piece of shit. I got a mission for you. I want you to go into the forest and find the bloody body of my dog. Do as much damage to her as you can, understand me, demon.”

In a deep growling voice, “I fully understand, Goddess.”

“Oh Jeacar, stay with her until the sun comes up, then hide in the shadows until night falls to play with my ungodly Angel.”

“As you wish, my Goddess.”

Blair kept Jeacar naked, except for a pair of dark red leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Around Jeacar neck was a stainless steel collar with the following words ‘Destroyer of Ungodly Slaves,’ carved into it. Both Jeacar and Jezebel could be in full sunlight, but Jeacar prefers the darkness over light.

After Jeacar left the dungeon, Blair slowly walked to the back where her father had left Jezebel hanging on a St. Andrew’s cross wearing the red leather suffocating hood.

While Blair was hunting her goddamn dog, Lucifer enters the dungeon where he took Jezebel sexually while Bella gave herself unto Jeacar.

Before leaving the dungeon, Lucifer removed Bella’s powers and threw her into a dark cell for Blair to use. She saw her father cum still dripping from the sweaty body of her most extreme sadist hound, Jezebel.

Around Jezebel neck was a stainless collar with the following words ‘Extreme Huntress’ and below that was written ‘Of Slaves,’ carved into it.

Blair also kept Jezebel naked, hearing her sadist hound gasping for air was exciting. Jezebel could last for months without much air in her lungs.

Blair grabbed a chain flogger that was hanging on one side of the cross. Next, she started beating Jezebel’s chest.

Jezebel needed special care since receiving little to no air from an old air compressor that Blair had rebuilt.

As Blair flogged Jezebel, she would slowly increase the airflow to her sadist dog’s lungs. If Blair increases the airflow into Jezebel’s lungs to fast, it could cause her to go deeper into the coma that she was already in.

Blair kept a close eye on the oxygen level as it was entering into Jezebel’s lungs while continued flogging her. It took almost ninety minutes for Jezebel to fully awake and accept the maximum level of oxygen into her godless body.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Jeacar found his Mistress’ masochist dog bloody body right where Blair had left her. Jeacar drove a knee into Chelsey’s chest hard as he could. Jeacar heard a rasping sound coming from the tramp as he leans toward her as he growls.

Chelsey knew how Jeacar and Jezebel felt about her, as she slowly opens her eyes while whispering, “Master, are you here to do more damage to my body that you truly hate?”

“I do not hate you, slut. I do not believe that you are strong enough for my keeper wrath and yes, I am here to do more damage to your worthless body, slave. In the daytime, I will stay in the shadows and return to your ungodly body when darkness falls upon you. I will not join my sister in destroying your unholy body at daylight unless she asks me too. I believe that Blair is going to release Jezebel in the morning upon you, bitch.”

“Please ram your huge shaft into my unholy cunt, Master of...”

Before Chelsey could finish talking, Jeacar had both of his ungodly hands around her beautiful neck as he rammed his shaft hard into her cunt as they enter unholy intercourse of immoral painful pleasure together.

Jeacar took his full wrath out on Chelsey’s body of hell-bound as his body heat rosed. He knew that he could never kill Chelsey, but that did not stop him from trying.

Meanwhile, in the basement, looking through the pin holes of the hood, Jezebel could see her keeper standing there grinning at her.

Blair slowly removed the hood from Jezebel’s head as she said, “I know that you and Jeacar disapprove of me owning an Angel which you hate, sadist hound of mine.”

Jezebel growled, “Goddess, we do not hate your Angel, but I will admit that we do disapprove of her being in our unholy family. I know that she is unkillable like we are but she is weak, and I hope to prove that tomorrow, my Goddess.”

“Bitch, Chelsey is all yours to hunt as I will be watching from this mansion of mine with my sister whom daddy left for mine pleasure. Jeacar is mating with Chelsey right now. I want you to destroy Chelsey; there are no rules. All my weapons are yours to use. The hunt will start at dawn and end for you at dusk, so your brother can mate with her.”

“There will be nothing left of your masochist dog for him to mate with, Goddess.”

“I do hope you are right, slut,” Blair said as she left Jezebel chain to the St. Andrew’s cross until it was time for the hunt of hell on earth.

Meanwhile, in the forest, Jeacar heard a whimpering, “Master, I am honored to prove my worth as a slave to both of you. Goddess Blair knew that the bullets and knives would do the most damage and sent you to mate with me, is another way to weaken me even more. Mistress is hoping that you accept me into your family of unholiness if I survive this hunt of Hell. I have beg and plead for her to release both of you upon my godless body. Goddess has finally agreed to allow you both to destroy my body for your pleasures, Master. So please attack me as you fill my unholy body with your semen of fire. Yes, let your darkness take over, Master of...”

Jeacar was choking the hell out of his hellish bitch as he rammed his shaft deeper into her cunt of heavenly bliss.

At the same time in the basement, Blair heard Jezebel screaming as she started to walk away from her, “BITCH, MY BROTHER IS DESTROYING YOUR ANGEL, DO YOU FUCKING HEAR ME, BITCH!!!”

Blair thought to herself, ‘Damn, I do hope Jeacar is destroying my Angel of whores.

The next day about thirty minutes before dawn, Blair unhooked Jezebel from the cross and order her to pick out all the weapons for the hunt. Jezebel knew how much Chelsey had meant to Blair up to that point. Knowing that Blair had given her and Jeacar freedom to destroy the Angel of whores once and for all, was exciting for Jezebel.

As Jezebel was leaving for the hunt, Blair grabbed the Huntress by the throat and slapped her as she said, “My Angel knows you are coming for her. Show no mercy to Chelsey until the bell tower rings twelve times at six in the morning on Monday, YOU SADIST BITCH!!!”

Jezebel knew that Blair had just signed Chelsey to hell forever, dead or alive. Jeacar and her were going to be hunting Chelsey ungodly body in the next seventy-two hours alone without being supervised by Blair for the first time since the masochist angel join their’s sadist family.

After her extreme sadist bitch left, Blair went to the darkest part of her dungeon where an ancient cell door was at and locked with an old rusty lock. She unlocked the door and entered the cell of doom.

Blair was grabbing the long brown hair of her sister as she yanked Bella’s head back while saying, “Bella, I going to have a ton of fun with you over the next seventy-two hours. Goddamn, our father has fully weakened you. The damage that I will force onto your body with hellish wrath. Knowing that I will pay dearly for this whenever I enter your kingdom in Hell, slut but until then, May your goddamn maker have mercy on your soul, you piece of shit.”

Before sunrise, Jeacar mated one last time with Chelsey while she was whispering, “See you tonight my goddamn destroyer.”

Jeacar just growled as he disappears into the shadows as beams of sunlight entered the forest. Knowing that the Extreme Bitch was on her way, Chelsey got up from the ground as fast as she could and started running deeper into the woods knowing that Jezebel was not that far behind.

As Chelsey ran through the forest, she felt an arrow going through her body. It did not take long for Chelsey to realize that Jezebel was using the crossbow for hunting her.

Before Chelsey had a chance to go around a tree, Jezebel nail her in the back, pinning her to the tree with an arrow. After thirty more sharp bolts into her body, Jezebel slowly walked up and kissed her neck.

Jezebel whispered, “Good morning Angel of hellish whores. I am just getting warmed up. I heard that you got off on being wounded with the 1911 pistols, so I decided to bring them along, my pet. Oh, by the way, I have unlimited rounds of the metal jacket at my disposal. My keeper told me that they had done the worst damage to your ungodly body, bitch.”

Next, Jezebel grabbed Chelsey’s dirty blonde hair and yanked her head back while saying, “Damn, I will have to tell my brother to do more ungodly damage to your body tonight as he mates with you, bitch. I see that Blair was right about the metal jacket. Out of the 330 rounds in your back from yesterday hunt, the metal jacket holes are nice and big, slave. Let’s have a look at your front side now, whore.”

“When you are cussing me out along with humiliating remarks, I get turned on, Mistress. God, please do not disappoint your keeper; destroy me like the dog that I am, Mistress.”

Jezebel yanked Chelsey’s body off the arrows and away from the tree onto the ground hard. Chelsey saw the hatefulness in Jezebel’s eyes for her.

Jezebel did a quick look over of the damaged body of her slave as she kicked Chelsey’s body before screaming, “Get the fuck up, masochist whore. You wanted us demons to hunt you down like the dog you truly are, you got it now, BITCH.”

Chelsey took off running as soon as she got back to her feet. Her body went through hell as she continued to get pinned to trees. At one point, Jezebel shot Chelsey in the back of the head with both pistols at the same time before pulling her off a tree. Another aspect in the hunt, Jezebel rammed one of the 1911 guns into Chelsey’s asshole before pulling the trigger multiple times.

‘God, the unholy bitch, does enjoy pain. She is begging me to hurt her even more,’ Jezebel said to herself aiming both 1911s at Chelsey beautiful carved breasts and fired until the clips were empty.

Next, Jezebel knelt on top of the bloody Angel as she rammed both hot barrels of the silencers into her slave cunt hard and fast nonstop.

Hearing moaning and groaning coming from behind her as she felt Chelsey trying to arch backward while saying, “Damn, Mistress. Harder, use your fists if you have to, Mistress. I want it harder and faster, now, bitch.”

“Damn, Goddess was right about you getting off on being wounded. Christ, let me stand you up on your neck so I can pound one of my demon fists into your cunt of hell, my beautiful horny slave. Before I go back to hunting your unholy ass, bitch.”

Finally an hour after dusk, Jezebel took a break as she threw Chelsey’s body to her brother as she growled, “Show me what you got little brother of mine. Hurt our Slave of Masochist Bitches, my Love. Destroy her body. God, yes, get your claws deep inside of her body as you mate with her.”

Jeacar growled at Jezebel as he sexually attacked their Angel of hell. Watching her brother mating with Chelsey’s bloody body was turning her on even more.

Jeacar was allowing his beast side to fully take over while saying, “I see that you are out of arrows, big sis. What weapons are you planning on using tomorrow in your hunt?”

“My knives and the 1911 pistols, my beautiful sexy brother.”

Chelsey did not dare open her mouth as her Goddess’ sadist hounds attacked her nonstop. Jezebel was so surprised by how much punishment their dog was still able to take from Jeacar alone that she had to join in the fun of destroying their bitch.

Chelsey knew that she was going to be hunted nonstop by two twisted and sadist dogs known in hell as she was theirs to destroy forever.

Chelsey’s body started to heal slowly from Jeacar body heat; Jezebel would attack her some more. Now that Jeacar had entirely given into his beast, it did not take long for Jezebel to do the same.

As Jeacar and Jezebel had their way with Chelsey in the forest, at the same time Blair was having flashes of them destroying the unkillable angel of whores as she punished Bella physically first before any pleasure between them took place in the dungeon as Blair thought to herself, ‘Chelsey wanted hell; she got it.’

Before allowing Bella to stand, Blair, kicked her hard and threw her around the dirty, damp cell of doom. There was no love lost between them. They both despised each other very much.

While in the forest, both Jezebel and Jeacar started to feast on Chelsey’s body until night turned into day.

Jezebel notices a cave as she growled, “Brother, take your place in that godless cave, and I will bring this worthless piece of shit to you.”

Jeacar growled back at her.

When Chelsey’s body which was motionless but still alive and inside the cave, Jeacar continued mating with his slave as Jezebel attacked her some more.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Blair leads Bella who was on all fours to the attic which was Blair very private room of hell. There were no windows anywhere in the room; one light came from a small dim bulb that was hanging in the middle of the room. There were no beds, as Bella laid on her backside under the light. On the floor were shackled about six feet apart which Bella was laying between them. Next, Blair locked each of Bella’s wrists and ankles to the restraints. Once Bella’s body was stretched out in an x position on the floor, Blair walks over to the walk-in safe and opens it. Inside of the safe was pure cocaine which was in a wooden barrel. After scooping out about 8oz of cocaine, she relocks the safe.

Then, Blair pours 1oz  of cocaine over Bella’s chest and put the rest of the cup of coke on a table that was against the safe. Then she jumps onto her sister’ legs as she spread out the ounce of cocaine all over Bella’s chest. Blair leans forward while starting to snort the coke off Bella’s chest while ramming her right knee into Bella’s cunt hard. When Blair got high, she became more sadist and deadly to anyone that was in the cocaine room with her. Since Bella could not die, Blair would get high when her sister was there. Sadist things that she would do to Bella were dark and hellish. All day and night Blair was high and sadist to Bella who was in a human state without her powers. Blair would snort and smoke the coke as she bloodies up her sister’s body of hell.   

One night about three weeks later, after Blair had come off her sadist high of hell, her sadistic hounds finally returned covered in blood. Jezebel and Jeacar knelt before their Goddess and bowed their heads just as all the doors and windows flew open throughout the palace. Thunder roared, clouds turned pure black, lightning flashed throughout the skies. All sudden both Jezebel and Jeacar arched back as if someone yanked them backward.

Blair heard a voice saying, “I am The Angel of Hell. I rule over those demons of yours. They are my blood as much as I am theirs now. Blair the Goddess of Mistresses, you own me, and everything I have is yours forever.”

Blair turned around as she felt a cold breeze behind her and saw Chelsey standing there with flames in her eyes.

Blair smirked while saying, “I take it, that you enjoy your first ever sadistic hunt with my dogs alone, my extreme masochist bitch.”

Chelsey grins back at her as Jezebel and Jeacar said together, “Chelsey sure did, that why we are late getting back home, Goddess. Chelsey did not want to stop playing as our masochist bitch, Mistress.”

“So how long did you fuckers take to come up with the idea for this hellish show.”

“Not long, Mistress. Can Jeacar take me to the dungeon and continue to mate with me as Jezebel and you watch.”

“Damn, my whore still wants more of my ungodly beast.”

“What can I say, I am extreme masochist bitch, Mistress.”

“Yes, you are, Chelsey.”

“By the way, Mistress Jezebel has an idea to run past you as Jeacar destroy me some more for both your honor, glory and sadist pleasures.”

“Jeacar, you may take this slut right here, right now in this grand foyer as Jezebel and I watch the show. Jezebel, please tell me your idea.”

Jeacar pushed both Jezebel and Blair out of the way as he attacked his extreme masochist slave. Now Jezebel and Jeacar had as much power over Chelsey’s godless body as Goddess Blair did.

“Mistress, since our masochist bitch, loves to be hunted, let’s sell hunting passes to hunt Chelsey the Fallen Angel. We could have different levels and either you or I can go out to watch over the hunt until hunters earn our trust, and then they move up to the next level. Only weapons would be dart pistols, Tranquillizer rifle, and shotgun. Each level gets limit time to hunt her and limit of darts to use on her as well as different kind of guns. Higher the level, better guns, and more darts as well as more time to hunt her. Damn, that bitch does like it rough. I hope that she does not wear my brother out. I want to mate with him next.”

“Jeacar will mate with all three of us before the end of the week. I do like your idea of allowing humans to hunt Chelsey but let’s do one better. As soon as the hunters take her down, they have 30mins to do any sexual and BDSM stuff to her. She has no say in what happens on the hunts to her godless body. For example, they could gangbang her, beat her, and so forth. Jezebel, you set up the rules and the prices for each level. Damn, I cannot believe my whore is still able to take punishment from Jeacar. Jezebel, take your place at my feet and pleasure me right now. Damn, your tongue is like...”

Meanwhile, in hell, Bella was recovering from the hellish stay in her sister’s mansion as her demons mated with her while she regains all her powers back as she slowly came down from her high from the pure cocaine that Blair had covered her wounds.

Chapter 2 - Humans Paying to Hunt the unkillable Angel of Hell

The next day following their returning home, Jezebel put an ad in the local newspaper about the upcoming event of the first ever public hunting of Chelsey.

The ad read like this: Hunting the Unholy Angel First Public Event. Men and women invited to a special 30-day hunt. You will be hunting Chelsey, Mistress Blair’s private masochist slave. Photograph of the target below. Weapons provided to all Hunters and Huntresses. Limit spots are open, call xxx-xxx-5555 for more information.

Within days of placing the ad around the world, Jezebel received and interviewed over a hundred thousands of callers.

After interviewing each caller for days and weeks, Jezebel final picked fifty best hunters and huntresses in the world for the special event.

While the interviews were going on Blair took Chelsey and Jeacar deep into the forest where there was an old underground bunker. Blair had plans of turning it into an outside dungeon of hell for the extreme hunters to use in the future.

As the trio looked the shelter over, Blair found a very old air compressor in the back of the asylum and told Chelsey to kneel at once. As Chelsey knelt, Blair reaches into her sadist bag for a clear plastic bag and duct tape while Jeacar cut an end of a dirty, oily old rubber hose from a rusty pipe keeping the other end attached to the compressor.

Next Blair went and knelt in front of Chelsey as she asked Jeacar to bring the hose over to them. As Jeacar slowly walked toward them, Blair put the clear trash bag over her masochist dog’s head and tape it shut around Chelsey’s neck.

It was not the first time that Chelsey had a trash bag over her head. The unkillable Angel enjoyed suffocating while Goddess Blair and Jeacar had intercourse with each other in front of her.

Jeacar handed his switchblade to Blair as Chelsey sucked in the plastic bag into her open mouth. With one swift move of the sharp blade piercing through the trash bag into Chelsey’s open mouth. Next Jeacar rammed the hose deep down the masochist bitch throat.

Blair put pieces of tape on the plastic and around the hose while Jeacar took a roll of duct tape and wrapped it around Chelsey’s arms behind her.

When Blair was done making the trash bag airtight once again, she gave Jeacar order to slam Chelsey face first on the floor.

Next Jeacar taped Chelsey’s ankles to her arms as Blair did her best to start the century-year-old air compressor of hell up from its grave.

As Jeacar rolled the masochist dog over onto her back as dirt and oil spit out of the hose into her mouth as the compressor came alive from the depth of Hell.

Next, Jeacar lowers himself onto Chelsey as his huge shaft enter her cunt as Blair watched them with evil thought for them. Goddess ran up to them and started running toward them with the full strength of hell. Kicking her pets hard as hell as she orders Jeacar to destroy the masochist bitch of hers.

Hearing Chelsey gagging as shit got blown into her lungs of hell, Blair stood against the back wall of the maintenance room in the underground bunker as she started to finger herself off while watching Jeacar sexually destroying her inhuman whore.

Jeacar looked up at Blair as he unleashes his load of hell into Chelsey’s hellish body. Seeing his lord playing with herself, he growled at her, “Goddess, come here, bitch and let me take care of that itch for you with my long tongue.”

She was strolling toward them as Jeacar sat up on top of Chelsey's legs, so his Goddess could kneel over the angel. Once Blair had knelt over Chelsey’s neck, she arched back as Jeacar leaned forward and started attacking his Goddess cunt as he continues fucking the angel off hard.

Goddess Blair reached and grabbed Jeacar’s long brown hair as she heard the air compressor coughing and putter as shit was blowing out of the main tank into Chelsey’ lungs. Jeacar finally pulled out of Chelsey’s cunt and then rammed his shaft into his Goddess’ clit hard.

Jeacar and Blair locked lips, and they made love with each other on top of the angel of hell. She was feeling Jeacar wrapping his muscular legs around their inhuman’s bodies of hell. Chelsey could feel and hear her ribs breaking as her Goddess and Jeacar had intercourse with each other on top of her.

Jeacar picked up his Goddess as he slowly arched backward until his head was on the floor as Blair broke the kiss and started to ride her most danger hound in her kingdom of the earth. With his legs still wrapped around the hellish angel, Jeacar begins to squeeze his legs even harder as his Goddess slowly got up and started walking backward away from Jeacar and Chelsey. Giving her extreme hound both middle fingers as she yelled, “Come on you son of a bitch and take what belongs to you forever, mother fucker.”

Jeacar growled as he ran toward his Goddess and took her sexually right there as Chelsey’s lungs burn from the dirt, dust, rust, pieces of metal and oil from the compressor of Hell.

Feeling the shit being blown down deep into her ungodly lungs, Chelsey was enjoying being the inhuman vacuum for cleaning out the century-old compressor of hell.

Unable to see or hear her Goddess and the most dangerous, hellish dog sexually attacking each other was killing Chelsey inside.

“Master, I love you so goddamn much. Yes hurt me for your pleasure, fucker,” Blair said as Jeacar thew and slammed his Goddess around like a rag doll of hell.

“I enjoy hurting you so goddamn much, hellish Goddess of the earth. Tasting your blood is all I live for, sadist whore.”

Meanwhile, Jezebel was finishing up with the last caller as she flew against a wall of the dungeon. Jezebel breathing begins to increase as Lucifer; her lord slowly approached her.

Christ, my lord is here to destroy my hellish body,’ Jezebel thought as she was lifted again and thew across the dungeon by an invisible force.

No longer in her Goddess dungeon but hell at Bella’s feet as she heard, “Demons, take this goddamn whore of mine pleasure and destroy her until Blair and her lovers come for her.

Bella picked up the curse she-devil head and whispered, “Welcome back to Hell Bitch. Now die for my pleasure, you goddamn slut.”

Both Blair and Jeacar could feel the destruction of Jezebel the extreme sadistic bitch of Hell as they mated as Chelsey suffocated by her lungs filling with shit.

Jezebel knew what she was to the Lucifer’s family and she enjoyed being theirs to destroy forever.

Finally, the air compressor roar to life full strength as Blair and Jeacar reenter the compressor room after thirty days of nonstop sexual hell of pleasure. Seeing they masochist dog of hell body was entirely pale and motionless but still alive, excitement filled their sadistic hearts of Hell.

Jeacar cut the hose, so there were about five to ten inches still sticking out of Chelsey’s mouth while Blair found the most rusted, dirty bolt to plug it.

After plugging the hose in Chelsey’s mouth, Blair orders Jeacar to carve up the bitch body and then leave the switchblade in their slave’s heart.

As soon as Jeacar rammed the blade of his switchblade into Chelsey’s heart deeply, Blair orders Jeacar to fuck her nonstop until Thursday the 22 of December, when his sister returns to them from hell.

Midnight on Thursday of December 22 in 3070, Blair told Jeacar his sister was waiting for him in the Master bedroom. After Jeacar left them, Blair relieved herself onto Chelsey’s body. Goddess Blair was about to remove the massive bolt from the hose sticking out of Chelsey’s mouth when she heard her slave thoughts.

‘Mistress, please leave the bolt of Hell in the hose and allow me to suffocate as I crawl to the lodge as I follow you, my lord.’

‘As you wish, bitch of mine forever.’

Blair picked up Chelsey’s body and body-slammed her chest first onto the floor hard which drove the switchblade deeper into her slave’s heart. Next Blair rammed a knee into the back of Chelsey before yanking her backward and pulling out the knife to cut her slave’s arms and legs apart.

Just before letting go of her goddamn bitch, Blair reaches back around ramming the knife into Chelsey’s chest and then slamming her against the floor until the blade was genuinely into her heart once again.

Airless and bleeding, the weakened bitch slowly pushes herself up as she heard her Goddess thoughts, ‘Take me to the lodge, goddamn bitch.’

As Chelsey crawl through the forest with her Goddess riding on top, Blair would ram her knees into Chelsey’s back and forced the bitch to the ground pushing the knife even more profound. She was surprised by her bitch making it to the lodge without any goddamn air in her dirty, filled lungs.

It was around six in the morning when they reached the lodge where Blair got off of Chelsey and then jumping right back onto her bitch back which forced Chelsey’s chest to hit the floor hard, driving the switchblade even deeper.

Finally, Blair rolled Chelsey over onto her back and ramming a knee into her slave cunt as she lay over top of the knife locking eyes with her goddamn bitch of hell.

By ten o’clock in the morning, Blair got up and kicked the hell out of her weaken masochist whore of Hell. Final around one o’clock in the afternoon, Goddess had Chelsey lay down onto a table called ‘Bullet Table of HELL.’

The Bullet table was a unique kind of BDSM table made from stainless steel that Blair invented in hell before making her kingdom on earth in Nevada after the judgment of God.

The middle of the table was shaped like a bullet and could move up and down at different speeds. There was a removable stainless steel stand that held two nice size and powerful jackhammers in place which would lock to the table keeping them from coming out of Chelsey’s body.

Chelsey sat down on the foot of the table. With Blair help, she laid back slowly on the top of the table with her neck laying on a half moon covered black leather pillow. Next Blair knelt at the foot of the table and switched out each of Chelsey’s black leather ankle cuffs for dark red ones that were already attached to each table legs.

Then Blair went to the head of the table and did the same to Chelsey’s wrist cuffs, switching them to dark red ones that were attached to the side of each table legs.

First main jackhammer to go onto the stand and into Chelsey’s body was the one for her cunt. Blair put a stainless steel dildo onto the jackhammer, called ‘The Scraper,’ which spun around at random speeds as it went in and out of Chelsey’s cunt as it scraped the walls. As Blair push the jackhammer into place, the dildo would stretch the clit as it rubs the cunt walls.

The second jackhammer went into Chelsey’s ass. Blair also put a stainless steel huge dildo onto the second jackhammer, called ‘The Screw,’ which spun back and forth at random speeds as it went in and out of Chelsey’s ass as it cut into the walls of her asshole.

Once the two main jackhammers were in their place, Blair started the jackhammers and the bullet table at the same time with a switch. As the jackhammers slowly got up to speed, Blair smirk as Chelsey continue to suffocate as she left the trash bag over her slave’s head with the hose that still had the massive bolt in it. Blair grin as she saw the handle of the switchblade had pierced into Chelsey’s body halfway as she turns to leave and join her hellish hounds in her private dungeon.

The next day at eight in the morning, hunters and huntresses started to show up. With drinks and food in the main house for them until everybody arrived. Before Jezebel led the hunters to the lodge, Blair removed the switchblade from Chelsey’s chest.

Next, the Goddess cut the trash bag off of her slave head and removed the hose from Chelsey’s mouth. It was around noon when Jezebel led the hunters and huntresses to the hunting lodge where Mistress Blair was waiting for them.

Still tied to the bullet table and getting fucked out of her mind with the jackhammers, Chelsey heard, “I am Blair, and this is my Angel of Whores, Chelsey. You have forty-eight hours to mate with her because the hunt starts on Christmas Day. My tramp does get off on being tasered with the metal part of this taser gun. I have removed the clip and fully charged it. Do as you will with this bitch, now and on the hunt. The moment you guys are ready to hunt her, release her through this back door. You may not leave the lodge until she completely enters the forest, that is when the hunt starts. I know you all signed up for 30-days but seven days are more than enough time for the hunt and to sexually abused my slut. Those are the rules, break them, and I will kill you, humans, understand me.”

All the hunters and huntresses nodded their heads in the yes position.

Blair grins at them as she said, “Good, now enjoy the whore of whores.”

Blair left the lodge and went to the dungeon where Jezebel was now mating with Jeacar. Blair walked over to them and sat down onto the bed as she started petting Jezebel hair while saying, “Jezebel, my pet. I need you to hide in the shadows as the hunt goes on. Any hunters or huntress that are breaking my rules are yours. I need Jeacar to stay here with me for my sexual pleasure.”

Forty-eight hours later, the hunters released Chelsey through the back door of the lodge. They watched her naked body running toward the forest and disappearing into it. The hunters and huntresses waited ten minutes before leaving the inn to make damn sure that Chelsey was entirely inside the forest.

Chelsey could always find Jezebel, so when she entered into the forest, she said, “Mistress Jezebel, please enjoy yourself as I get hunted by humans today for your unholy glory, my lord.”

Jezebel did not say a word as she listened to her dog sweet words.

Just as the hunters and huntresses enter the forest, Chelsey was standing against a tree as she said, “Since my keeper has cut the hunting time down. For first twenty-four hours, I will stand here for you to practice on with those real-life weapons at your feet which Mistress Blair has permitted me to pick out for this hunt. I have chosen from her private collections. On the ground, you will find two 1911 pistols with ten clips inside of a case. Those pistols made for ladies, and there are twenty-four rifles and shotguns. Each rifle and shotgun has one box of ammo at this station. The shotgun ammo boxes are a mixture of birdshot and buckshot. The rifle ammo is slugs, and the 1911 pistols are a mixture of regular and metal jackets. You will also find a crossbow with two arrow boxes holding thirty arrows each. Lastly, you will find a pair of knives for each of you. Each hunter and huntresses gets military combat and karambit knives. Mistress Blair has sent her best watcher to watch over the hunt. You will never see her because if she shows herself to you, it means that you are hers to kill. This station is for you all to get used to Mistress Blair’s weapons, take turns and see which gun fit you the best. There will be no other station from this point forward. You will find ammo throughout the forest as you chase me down. Since time is short, you will only hunt me until the bell tower sounds to end the hunt. Then those that what to take my bloody body sexually may do so. Now the hunt will begin, take aim and fire at will.”

One by one the hunters and huntresses picked a weapon up and took careful aim before they fire upon Chelsey’s ungodly body with pleasure. Everyone took turns using the guns and then they chose the one that fit them the best before picking up their set of knives.

While the hunters and huntresses pick up their knives, Chelsey took off running. All hunters started to search for ammo for their weapon. One huntress took her karambit out as she caught up to Chelsey and put it into the middle of Chelsey’s back. Chelsey fell to her knees as she heard, “Bitch, can you run with that karambit in your back or do I have to pull it out.”

“Please leave the karambit in my back, Mistress huntress.”

“As you wish, tramp. Now get up and run, you damn whore.”

Chelsey got up quickly and started to run when she heard both the 1911 pistols going off. Chelsey knew that the huntress that stabbed her was the one with the pistols. The huntress had taken silencers off the guns and was putting nice close rounds into her back. Just then Chelsey felt an arrow go straight through her body.

‘Damn, Mistress was right, Jezebel picked the best of the best to hunt me today,’ Chelsey thought to herself.

Shotguns and rifles sounded all around Chelsey while Jezebel watched with excitement. Chelsey was not allowed anytime to recover during the hunt. This hunt was taking all the strength that Chelsey had to stay upright while running.

A hunter jumped out in front of Chelsey at one point and stabbed her in the heart with his karambit knife along his combat knife into the throat area as she continued running pass him.

Seeing Chelsey stumble after being stabbed twice more, Jezebel took Chelsey into the shadows and pushed all three knives deeper into her beautiful body as she said, “Slave you can call it if you need to? If you do not, I will throw you back into their wrath.”

With blood coming out of her mouth as she replies, “Mistress, please remove your protection and allow them to destroy me for my keeper glory and honor.”

“As you wish, bitch.”

Jezebel threw Chelsey extremely hard against a tree in front of a group of hunters and huntresses. Before Chelsey had a chance of getting up, those ten guys and gals stabbed her many times before allowing her to escape. Jezebel grin as she watched the hunters as none of the fifty hunters were showing mercy to Chelsey which excited her. Finally, Chelsey was allowed to rest for a bit as the hunters and huntresses slept.

All sudden Chelsey felt a sharp pain as she slowly opened her eyes and saw all fifty hunters stabbing away at her before allowing her to escape. Today was the second to the last day of the hunt, still weak, Chelsey did her best to stay upright as she ran while hunters shot away at her body. Until eight at night when the fifty hunters saw Jezebel with flames around her as she said, “ENOUGH!!!”

Hunters drop the weapons as they heard, “By the time you return to the lodge, my keeper and I will have Chelsey ready for those that want to mate with her. Now leave the forest.”

Just as Jezebel said ‘Leave,’ all the flame slowly disappeared along with her and Chelsey.

The aftermath of Being Hunted by Humans.

Just as promised, Goddess Blair, Jezebel, and Chelsey with her head bowed while sitting on her knees at their feet.

As the hunters and huntresses took their seat in the main lobby of the lodge, they all heard Blair saying, “I am pleased with you, humans for obeying the rules and for listening to Jezebel when she called off the hunt. I have looked over Chelsey’s body and am pleased with the outcome of the hunt. This hunt was a one-time special hunt with real weapons, and it may never happen again. Membership information will be mail out by Jezebel within thirty days. These invitations will include fifty percent off of the price for the lifetime membership. Now that you had hunted my Angel, you have earned the rights to mate with her for the next seventy-two hours. Enjoy destroying my slut sexual and HAPPY NEW YEAR, humans.”

Then Blair and Jezebel left as Chelsey arched her body backward until she was on all fours with her legs spread apart. One by one the hunters and huntresses circled her as they admired their handy work.

Chelsey said softly, “My keeper has left all your knives out along with the main taser gun and wand for you all to use on my body. When you start your sexual attack on me, I will not be allowed to speak unless commanded to do so by you, my human Masters and Mistresses. You may…”

Before Chelsey could finish talking a huntress had lower herself onto Chelsey’s face while pushing the slut head against her cunt. Chelsey felt a huge shaft being rammed hard into her body.

Unknown to Chelsey, the hunters and huntresses had decided to give her pleasure instead of pain. They figure that her body had been through enough pain in the hunt.

While this was going on in the lodge, at Blair’s palace, sadist Goddess heard a growling sounding voice saying, “Goddess, are you sure you do not want me to keep an eye on the fifty hunters and huntresses.”

“Yes, Jezebel. I do not want you near the lodge, understand me, bitch, if I catch you near or around the lodge. I will take your ass to the depths of my dungeon where I will beat the shit out of you, understand goddamn bitch.”

“Yes, Mistress. I did not mean to upset you.”

“You did not, Jezebel. I know you want to watch, but the hunters and huntresses have earned their privacy, don’t you think, my love?”

“Yes, Goddess, and I promise to stay away. May I mate with Jeacar, Mistress?”

“We both will mate with him, Love.”

Meanwhile, in the lodge, it did not take long for the fifty hunters and huntresses to realize that Chelsey prefers rough sex as she begs them all to slam her around hard. One hunter even slammed her extremely hard into walls as the other hunters watch with amazement of this undead slut. Chelsey also allowed all fifty to carve their names into her body so that she could remember them forever. She knew that her Goddess would burn those names intensely into her skin later.

Seventy-two hours later, each hunter and huntresses kissed Chelsey’s lips. The carved names begin to burn intensely into Chelsey’s body as they said their goodbyes to her.

Just as the last and only married couple that was on the hunt kissed Chelsey’s lips, her body collapsed in their arm as they heard, “My dog is yours to hunt and mate with forever. No need to make an appointment ahead. Both of my hounds know that you two are allowed to take Chelsey at any time and use real weapons and ammo on her day or night. Becky and James, your names will outshine all the others that I have allowed to stay on her beautiful masochist body.”

“W-W-W-W-Why us, Mistress Blair?” Becky said in a shaky voice.

“Mistress Becky, because you and your husband, did not only mate with my masochist dog but with each other at the same time. I know that you two kept her in your room for hours before the hunt and afterward. But, what impressed me was when you stabbed her in the back and ask her if she could still run with the knife inside of her. Chelsey looked you straight in the eyes while telling you that she could continue. Before shooting her, you allowed her to get ahead of you. By the way, that was some nice shooting with my two 1911, Becky. I will get a set made just for you, my private gunsmith might call you to see what kind of special equipment you might want to add to them. Once the guns are finished and ready for use, you can take them home or leave them here for the hunts. Master James, it looks like you are good with any weapon, but you prefer knives so I will have a set made for you in gold. Welcome to the family, Mister, and Mrs. Jones.”

“Thank you so much for everything, Goddess Blair.”

“You are welcome; have a great day with my angel.”

“W-W-What? Really?”

“Yes, really, Master James. She is fully yours to take any time, including right now if you want but I have one condition. Chelsey can never leave my grounds which means you have to hunt and mate with her here on my land, understand humans. Those are my terms; do you accept them?”

“We accept your terms, Goddess.”

“Good, by signing this contract, you two agreed to hunt and mate with my dog. In return, I get your souls forever. Just be warned, try to cross me, and my hounds will feast on your body, understood, humans.”

“We fully understand, Goddess.”

“Good, now Jeacar carry Chelsey to my private dungeon as the Jones follows you. Also, show them the equipment that they can play with Chelsey’s body while Jezebel and I finish putting the weapons back into their placement.”

As soon as Jeacar and the Jones left, Blair heard, “Why are you letting humans into our private home, Goddess?”

“Because, I own them, Jezebel. Why should you or I have to watch the hunts of my Angel when I have human servants to do that for me? Besides, you and Jeacar can play with them. You just not allowed to kill them yet unless they cross me.”

“As you wish my Goddess,” Jezebel said.

Jeacar left the basement as James shaft enters Chelsey’s cunt. While the Jones were mating with Chelsey and with each other in the dungeon, Blair and her two dogs went deep into the forest of the earth. As they started making paths and checkpoints for each membership levels that Blair was going to offer the humans to hunt Chelsey.

While James was slamming Chelsey into the dungeon walls, Becky was slowly fingering herself off.

Becky yelled, “Choke that bitch, Master. Oh, God, yes. Hurt her for your pleasures, Master.”

Hearing Becky talking trash, excited the little horny Angel while she was saying, “Master, hurt me for Mistress Becky pleasures as well and do not stop until she tells you too.”

James did not say a word as he slammed Chelsey harder into the walls as she and Becky cussed each other out.

As James slammed Chelsey’s body crossways onto an old table called ‘the rack.’ Becky slowly got up from a chair next to Blair’s throne and started to walk toward them. Chelsey’s head and legs were hanging off the rack. Becky was now standing over Chelsey’s head as James was still ramming his huge shaft into their Angel’s cunt. Chelsey grabbed both of Becky’s upper thighs as her ungodly tongue entered the cunt of her human Mistress.

“Oh, my fucking God, her tongue is so damn warm and ungodly long. Fucked, I never in my life had a bitch, that could make me wet so fast. Damn, I love this whore so…”

Without any notice, Becky’s body started to shiver as she put both of her hands onto Chelsey’s neck to stable herself as James said, “I am cumming into our inhuman condom. I love you Becky but holy shit, this bitch, is my new lover to enjoy…”

Becky kissed James before he could finish talking. James and Becky had been married for almost two years now and had an open relationship. Becky was bisexual, and James loved watching her getting rough up by other bitches.

Out in the forest of the earth, Jezebel out of the blue said, “Mistress, you are grinning as I have never seen before.”

“Because mine bitch is getting destroyed by her human Master and Mistress. I feel her painful pleasure. I need you both to take me right now and do not stop, no matter what. Just fuck me to hell until you feel the humans and my masochist whore stopping mating with each other. Demons destroy your Goddess NOW YOU INHUMAN FUCKERS.”

Jezebel and Jeacar attacked their Goddess like there was no tomorrow for them.

Chapter 3 - Testing Out Her Hunting Plans

The Silver Membership Plan

Ten males humans signed up for the Silver Hunting Plan in February. Each hunter or huntress would be charged $1,000.00 a year for this membership which allowed them to hunt and use Chelsey body for anything. Weapons included in this plan were the small dart pistols which the tips of the darts was dip into the homemade solution.

The solution would sedate Chelsey for up to five minutes, and she would be conscious of what was happening to her unholy body. The Hunt would only last for 24hrs a month. The rules for this hunt are simple, put Chelsey down with one dart and use the provided BDSM kit that was set up at each station before Chelsey came around.

There were twenty-four checkpoints, one hour apart from each other. No shots could be taking until Chelsey was inside the checkpoint area. One pistol would be preloaded with one dart at the edge of the checkpoint for the hunters to use.

Chelsey had to stay on the path that her Mistress approved for the hunt which was the most accessible pathway. To make sure that Chelsey would not leave any part of the trail, she wore a dark red leather wrist and ankle cuffs that would shock her if she steps outside of the pathway. Hunters were allowed to leave the path and ambush Chelsey at the stations as she enters.

In this plan, the hunters would not be allowed to have intercourses with Chelsey at all which was Blair’s law. Instead, they were allowed to tie her up with ropes and chains in any position or even to a tree for whipping.

In the bags were soft floggers, horsewhips, rope and chain, rechargeable vibrates. As soon as Chelsey came around, the hunters had to let her continue to the next station.

To keep law and order over the hunt, Jezebel or Jeacar would be watching and killing anyone that broke the rules in front of all the other hunters as a warning.

In this first silver membership plan, ten guys were waiting at station one for the release of Chelsey from Blair’s mansion. Right at midnight on Friday morning, Blair threw Chelsey out of her dungeon to be hunted.

There were outside lights, lighting up the forest, so Chelsey could not hide from the hunters, and no human would get hurt by mistake. When Chelsey crosses into the laser beam which triggers a green light for the hunters to take their only shot. The first shot hit Chelsey in the neck. A clock on a tree started automatically when her body hit the ground.

Jezebel made damn sure that the hunters knew she was there by standing in their line of sight. The hunters took Chelsey and tied her to a tree by her neck, making sure her feet never left the ground.

Next, they took turns whipping her as they rammed pine corns along with sticks into her cunt and asshole which was allowed. As soon as Chelsey came around and the buzzer on the clock went off, hunters had ninety seconds to back away before Jezebel wrath came upon them.

When the hunters heard the buzzing sounds from the clock, they started to back away as Jezebel approach them. Looking over her Mistress’ Bitch and was pleased with the damage done to Chelsey’s body that she decided to allow the hunters five extra minutes at the next checkpoint of Hell.

Jezebel cut Chelsey loose and told her to run as the hunters departed. With the dart still in her neck, Chelsey ran as fast as she could on the pathway toward the next checkpoint where the hunters were plotting their next move in hurting Chelsey’s body for their’s and Jezebel’s pleasures.

Before Chelsey came upon the next checkpoint, Jezebel appeared in front of her and said, “Mistress gave me full power over this hunt and since I am enjoying the humans hurting your damn body. How about this, I give you over to them sexually at the last station and allow them the pleasure of destroying your unholy body, bitch. They do not have to put you down with a dart, only attack you as I watch in pleasure, slave.”

“As my lord wishes.”

“Do not disappoint me in Hell, bitch of mine pleasure. Now enter so I can enjoy those guys hurting you for my honor, whore.”

Chelsey ran toward the checkpoint, and just as she enters the station, a hunter shot a dart into her heart just as the green light came on. This time they just tied her in the most painful ways and roughed her up as Jezebel stood there watching her Mistress’s bitch get destroyed.

The next twenty-one hours and stations, the hunters continued to get rougher with Chelsey’s body. Jezebel started to play with herself as she watched the Angel of hell getting destroyed by the ungodly humans.

The twenty-third-hour mark as Chelsey approach the last and final checkpoint; Jezebel orders the hunters to attack. The hunters begin to rough Chelsey up as they gangbang her to hell.

There were no rules. The hunters assaulted Chelsey about twenty feet away from the checkpoint of Hell as Jezebel took two hunters for her pleasure. Both Jezebel and Chelsey enjoy rough sex and begin growling at each other as the hunters gangbang them hard and roughly. Goddess Blair watched with delight as Jezebel and Chelsey got sexually destroyed by the humans of her domain.

Right at the twenty-four-hour mark, the hunters kissed both Jezebel’s and Chelsey’s lips as they left the forest of the earth.

Blair appeared between her two destroyed pets and knelt.

Next, she kissed them on the lips while whispering to Jezebel, “I will not punish you this time for breaking my rules, bitch.”

“I knew that you would not mind them having intercourses with your Angel or with me as long as they destroy your slut before reaching the last station, my lord.”

“Rest now, my two condemned bitches. The silver membership does not include sex with my Angel. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR, slaves?”

Both Chelsey and Jezebel said at the same time, “We fully understand, Goddess.

The Gold Membership Plan

After testing out the silver membership plan on ten buff men and seeing great results from the hunt, Blair decided to try out the next membership level on eleven toughest and sadist women. After a long three months search around the world, Blair announces in June the Gold Hunting Level Plan which would costed $5,000.00 a year for each huntress or hunters.

The pistols from the Silver Membership Plan included as well as Tranquilizer rifles. There would be ninety-six golden tip darts filled with twenty minutes solution to sedate Chelsey while keeping her conscious of what the Huntress was doing.

The hunt took place on the next most robust pathway in the 25 acres of forest that Blair owned. Hunt would only last for forty-eight hours a month.

The rules for this level were the same as the silver plan. There were forty-eight checkpoints, one hour apart from each other. No shots could be taking until Chelsey was inside the checkpoint area and two shots, one from the provided pistol and rifle. The guns would be preloaded with only one shot each and be waiting for the hunters at the edge of the checkpoint.

Blair, herself was going to keep law and order over this hunt, and if anyone broke the rules, she would kill them in front of all the other huntresses as a warning.

In this first Gold Membership Plan, eleven tough and sadist women waiting at the station one, for the release of Chelsey from a cage at the entrance way of the forest of the earth. Right at midnight on Friday morning, Blair reaches into the cage and grabbing Chelsey by her hair while whispering, “There will be no, sexual activities in this hunt for your ass, my pet. Just pain for my pleasure, bitch. Any questions before I release your ass onto the hell that is waiting for you, masochist whore?”

“I have no questions, my Goddess. I am only here to give you honor and glory forever, my Mistress of hellish pleasure. Release me at your will, and I will bring nothing but enjoyment to your holiness, my sadist Goddess.”

As soon as Chelsey said those beautiful and glorious words, Blair kissed her masochist slave’s lips. Blair whispered, “On your mark, get set, bitch of mine. Go straight to hell, damn whore of mine.”

Just as Blair said ‘Whore,’ she released her hold on Chelsey while pulling the lever toward herself which swung the cage door open. Chelsey took off running into her Goddess playground of painful pleasure. There were outside lights inside the forest for safety.

About five to ten feet from the first checkpoint, Chelsey saw one of the huntresses standing in the middle of the station with no weapons in hand.

Chelsey heard the huntress saying, “Welcome to Hell, bitch. Your Goddess has permitted us to fight you while hunting you down, Slut of…”

Blair said as she cut the huntress off, “I am allowing the huntresses to shoot your damn ass at any time, anywhere during this hellish hunt for my pleasure. This first checkpoint, you will have to stay within the station, or you will get shot and be thrown back inside to continue fighting until the homemade solution formula kicks in. The one that is standing in front of you is Mistress Jane. Jane is a cruel human Mistress, and she truly enjoys hurting her slaves, so fight, my bitches of Hell.”

With those words from her Goddess, Chelsey ran into the middle of the station where Mistress Jane was waiting for her. None of the humans could hear, Blair warning Chelsey about harming any of them while they fought each other.

Knowing that her Mistress could read her mind, she thought to herself, ‘Mistress Blair, please take all my powers except for mending, so I do not hurt the humans by mistake when I fight back.’

Just as she thought those words, Chelsey heard from Blair’s mind, ‘I already removed all your powers except for mending which I can never remove from you, only my sister, Goddess Bella can remove that power, slave.’

As Chelsey heard her Goddess thoughts, Mistress Jane attacked her with kicks and punches.

‘Goddess Blair was not kidding about Mistress Jane enjoying dishing pain out,’ Chelsey thought as her head was slammed into the ground hard.

Jane was on a mission of destruction Chelsey’s body as Blair watched with pleasure. At one point Chelsey tried to crawl outside of the checkpoint to catch her breath, but Jane was not going to allow that. Seeing her angel fight for a breath since she weakened to a human state was exciting to Blair. The only thing keeping Chelsey from dying was her mending power to repair herself.

Chelsey felt every painful kick and punch as well as her head getting pounded into the ground hard as hell. Unknown to Chelsey, Blair had increased the hunting time from forty-eight hours to thirty days. There was a stainless steel cage at each checkpoint for the huntresses to lock Chelsey up when they need to rest before moving on.

Meanwhile, back at Blair’s palace, Jezebel, Jeacar, Becky, and James were mating with each other roughly as they watched and heard Chelsey getting hunted on the big television that was hanging in the central part of the dungeon.

Jezebel whispered, “Damn, Goddess Blair does enjoy hurting her Angel of hell. This hunt is surely for our Goddess pleasure, not that damn bitch.”

“I do enjoy hearing you are calling our slave a bitch, my love,” Jeacar said as he mated with Becky.

“Shut the hell up and fuck that damn human bitch to…,” Jezebel could not finish talking as James rammed her into a wall hard.

Out in the forest, Jane finally threw Chelsey’s body out of the station. Before Chelsey could catch her breath, she felt a sharp pain as unlimited darts hit her body. Realizing Blair had allowed the huntresses to take as many shots before throwing her back into the station and going onto the twelfth hours of destruction by the human known as Mistress Jane.

Blair knew that her Angel of hell was in significant pain while she watched the destruction of her slave.

Just as the fourteenth-hour mark hit, Jane kicked Chelsey as hard as she could in the head while saying, “Damn bitch, you have earned your rest for now. So go to sleep because when I wake you up in couple hours, I will continue my hellish wrath of destruction upon your damn body at the next station as my friends hunt you down like the dog that you are, slave.”

Then Jane threw Chelsey’s bloody body into the cage.

Chelsey heard her Goddess thoughts, ‘Goddamn, bitch of mine. You did well in taking your hellish medicine of punishment from Mistress Jane. If you keep pleasing me, I may have her join us in destroying your body monthly, and I might even include her on my private hunts for your ass, slave.’

Knowing that her slave's body thoroughly drained of energy, Blair did not expect Chelsey to answer her but was surprised when she heard out loud, “Mistress Jane, you goddamn bitch. Is that all you got, you fucking…”

Jane yanked Chelsey out of the cage before she could finish talking and kicked her as hard as possible into the woods as she said, “You want my full wrath now, bitch. You got it. Rest bitches while I take this dog to Hell for her destruction.”

Blair grins at Jane with the approval of her continuing hellish punishment onto Chelsey. As the other huntresses went off to the dreamworld, Jane continued her wrath of hell upon Chelsey’s body. Chelsey called Jane every name in the book as she got thrown around like a rag doll from Hell.

Only the holy father and her Goddess knew how long Chelsey could last in this hell for Blair's hellish pleasure of pain. Chelsey was loving everything that the human Mistress was doing to her body as the other huntresses slept. As the huntresses slept, they were praying for Jane to leave something for them to hunt.

Back at the mansion, Jezebel screamed, “Damn, Goddess’ slave, is enjoying Mistress Jane so much. Goddamn, brother, fuck Becky until Chelsey’s body stop moving, and Goddess Blair throws her into the goddamn cage to rest. Damn, I love that fucking…”

Jeacar started choking Becky even harder as he growled, “Jezebel, our Goddess’ slave will never stop moving as Jane destroy her for Blair. So I do hope you can take me at my full strength, Becky. Do not worry James; your wife will not die because she entirely belongs to my sadist keeper.”

Seventy-two hours later in the forest of the earth, Jane threw Chelsey’s bloody body back into the first station cage. Next Jane said, “Now rest, bitch because I need you at least fifty percent when I continue taking my wrath of hell out on your body, my lovely bitch.”

Hearing Jane saying those words as she shut her eyes, Chelsey knew that she had a cruel human lover and started to pray to Blair in her thoughts, ’Goddess, please allow me to be Mistress Jane’s inhuman punching-kicking bag of Hell. May she hurt me forever to glorify and honor you as her Goddess of Hell forever, my…’

‘Sleep bitch of mine because you already belong to Jane of sadistic hellish painful pleasure,’ Chelsey heard as she fell asleep.

Jeacar whispered to Becky, “Bitch, Chelsey’s body might be resting but yours will not until our Goddess returns to us, my love.”

The Platinum Membership Plan

After testing out the gold membership plan on ten sadists and toughest Bitches and seeing great results from the hunt of Hell, Blair decided to try out the next membership level on the same ten hellish Bitches and add ten bastards of Hell to them. After a six months long search around the world for ten most hellish men, Blair announces in January the Platinum Hunting Level Plan which would costed $15,000 a year for each hunter or huntresses of Hell.

Blair gave Jane full power over the hunt of her’s ungodly hellish slave. Knowing that Mistress Jane would do as she pleases with her, excited Chelsey. Blair set the time limit for the hunt for sixty days nonstop wrath of Hell. Chelsey saw Jane standing next to the main cage which was twenty by twenty just outside of the forest.

Next Chelsey took off running toward Mistress Jane leaving her Goddess side without permission. When Chelsey reached Jane, she knelt and kissed Jane’s black leather stilettos.

Chelsey heard, “Slave, I know your Goddess did not give you permission to leave her side so please stand up and lean against the cage for hundred fifty lashes from my ball-chain-cat whip.”

Blair watched as Jane swung away at Chelsey’s ass hard. Chelsey knew that she should not have left her Goddess’ side but was surprised that Blair was not stopping Jane from punishing her.

At one hundred lashes, Jane leaned toward her and whispered, “Slave, your Goddess has gone back to her mansion of hell. If you thought that your Goddess would stop me from punishing your ass, you are dead wrong, slave of Hell.”

Chelsey knew that Jane was entirely in power as she heard, “Get your damn ass into that cage before I change my mind about showing you mercy, fucking whore.”

Chelsey ran into the cage and turned around as Jane slammed the door shut and locked it with a smirk on her face.

The weapons included both silver and gold membership plans, guns as well as two-hundred-sixteen golden tip darts. The darts were filled with thirty minutes solution to sedate Chelsey before she came around to restart the hunt. Tranquilizer shotgun included this time.

The hunt took place on the most challenging pathway in the 25 acres of forest that Blair owned. Hunt would only last for seventy-two hours a month except for this hunt which was sixty days of Hell.

The rules for this level were the same as the gold plan. There were seventy-two checkpoints, one hour apart from each other. No shots would be taking until Chelsey was inside the checkpoint area. One shot from the provided pistol, rifle, and shotgun. The guns would be preloaded with one shot each and be waiting for the hunters at the edge of the checkpoint.

This first hunt of Hell was more about destroying Chelsey’s body with pain from the huntresses and rough sexual activities by the hunters of Hell.

Chelsey lowers herself onto the cage floor as she heard, “You better be grateful that I am not involved in this damn hunt of Hell or you might wish that your Goddess was still here, slave.”

Then Chelsey saw the cage door open as Jane knelt while saying, “Come here now, slave.”

Crawling slowly toward the door of the cage, Chelsey saw Jane smiling at her for the first time. As soon as Chelsey got to Jane, she put her head down while feeling a hand grabbing her long dirty blonde hair.

Jane yanked her head back as she said, “Look at me, slave.”

Chelsey was slowly opening her eyes and saw Jane looking into hers as Jane’s eyes showed caring and merciful for the first time toward her.

Jane said, “When I was hunting you, it was to take my full sadist wrath out on your goddamn body. I cannot do that with my human slaves without killing them, Chelsey. I am allowed to punish you during this hunt for any reason that I want to, bitch.”

Jane released Chelsey’s hair while asking, “Does my hellish bitch want to see and taste her Mistress sadistic body of hell?”

“Your masochist bitch of Hell would be an honor to worship your human body, Mistress Jane,” Chelsey answered.

At the same time in the dungeon, a growling voice saying, “Goddess Blair, did you hear what Chelsey just said to that…”

“Jezebel shut the fuck up. I do not mind if Chelsey worships Mistress Jane’s human body. Chelsey is my bitch of Hell; Jane understands this. They know my voice because both of them are mine forever. The price was high for Jane, but after seeing her darkest, sadist side, I agree to give Jane ownership of Chelsey’s body for her human soul. Jane has asked me not to tell Chelsey until she was ready to tell her. So I expect you both to respect Jane as you respect me, understand my demons of hell?”

Jezebel and Jeacar said at the same time, “Yes, Mistress. We fully understand.”

“Good, my pets. As for Jane, she is unable to control and understand the cruel beast inside of her. Jane has killed many of her human masochist slaves, but I am hoping that Chelsey will fulfill her extreme sadist side needs. Jezebel before you piss me off any more by asking me if I am starting to care for humans. The damn answer is hell no, I do not care for them, but if I am going to do business out of hunting Chelsey’s masochist body, I need humans, right?”

Back at the cage in the forest, Jane stood up slowly as Chelsey sat up on her knees. Next Jane started to dance while unbuttoning her white blouse slowly. Chelsey licks her lips as she saw that Jane was not wearing a bra.

Seeing Chelsey licking her lips, Jane grins at her as she said, “Slave, I workout every day. I spend hours in my backyard sunbathing. I am forty years old, weighing two hundred fifty pounds. Six feet and two inches tall of goodness for my masochist pets to taste when they are behaving.”

“May I have a taste of those beautiful glorious double D’s of yours, Mistress?”

“You do not want me to remove my black jeans first, slave?”

“No, please Mistress, allow me to taste those unholy breasts of yours with my hellish tongue.”

Jane smirked as she stepped over Chelsey and walked toward the back of the cage where there was a pair of handcuffs about six feet apart and about a foot above Jane’s head.

Jane turned around and said, “Stand up, slave. Lock my wrists into those cuffs, and for the next forty-eight hours I am yours to do with as you see fit as Goddess Blair locks the cage door.”

As Chelsey continue slowly crawling towards Jane, she heard the cage door slammed shut and turned to see Jezebel standing there outside of the cage.

Hearing Jezebel thoughts, ’Enjoy your human Mistress as your slave for the next forty-eight hours. I will release you unto the hunters and huntresses as for Jane, her bisexual’s body will be too weak from mating with you. Our Goddess will take her place as the enforcer while I attend to her wounds from mating with you at your full strength. Slave, Jane’s body belongs to Blair now and forever. Do not misunderstand me; Jane can still die since she is still human. However it will be tough to kill her but not impossible, so do be careful using your full strength onto her ungodly body, slave.’

Chelsey did not say anything as she stood up and locked Jane right wrist into a pair of handcuffs.

Chelsey did the same to Jane’s left wrist as she whispered, “I know that you cannot die because you sold your soul to my Goddess for full power over me which means Blair has her protection around you forever, slave Jane.”

Seeing the surprised look in Jane’s eyes as Chelsey kissed her lips, Jezebel said, “Goddess Blair, did not break her promise to you about not telling Chelsey about your deal with her, slave Jane. Chelsey can read minds, and you have been excited about joining our hellish family that Chelsey saw it in your thoughts. She knows all your limits already, slave Jane. You are Chelsey’s Mistress, but you are Goddess Blair slave first and foremost which means you are mine and Jeacar slave as well. We will respect you and Chelsey; you cannot call Jane, ‘slave’ from this point forward ever again, understood, bitch?”

“Mmmmmmm,” was the only sound that Chelsey made as she sucks on one of Jane’s breasts.

“I will be back in forty-eight hours, my slaves.”

After getting both Jane’s double-D’s rock hard, Chelsey slowly moved down Jane’s beautiful chest as she went to her knees. Chelsey unbuttoned Jane’s jeans and saw a beautiful shaved cunt staring back at her. Chelsey pulled the jeans off of Jane’s body.

Next Chelsey pulled one of Jane’s legs as far to the corner of the cage and locked a cuff around Jane’s beautiful ankle. Chelsey did the same to Jane’s other leg. The cuff ends were on four and a half feet of chain that were padlock to each corner of the cage.

Before Jane could say a word, she felt Chelsey’s fiery tongue enter her human cunt for the first time. All sudden, Jane screamed as her sadistic human body arched backward as Chelsey rammed her right fist into Jane’s cunt hard and fast.

As Jane’s eyes roll back into her head, she heard, ‘Open yourself to me, my slave. Accept me as your Goddess forever. My breath is your breath; my heart is your heart; my mind is your mind. Give yourself unto my powers, accept your place at my feet along with Chelsey’s. For I am your sadist Goddess forever and will be your life source forever, bitch of mine. Jane welcome to my unholy, ungodly, hellish family of Hell forever. Give into my powers as my masochist pet takes you to hell, my glorious slave of hellish wrath. You will hurt my extreme masochist dog the moment I end this prayer of my acceptance of you into my hellish family, my newest bitch of hellish wrath, amen.’

The moment Jane heard the word ‘amen,’ she broke the handcuffs and grabbed Chelsey’s hair. Next, Jane broke the ankle cuffs by squeezing her legs muscles together. Chelsey knew that Jane fully accepted Blair as her Goddess forever.

Now Jane was fully unkillable human since Blair’s Goddess soul lived inside of her body forever. Jane begins to growl as she forced Chelsey backward onto the cage floor. By now the hunters and huntresses were watching the hellish show on earth as Jane took her place at Blair right hand. Blair knew that the hunt was not going to happen since the humans were enjoying watching the sadist beast punishing the masochist slave of Hell inside of the cage of hellish dreams.

The VIP Membership Plan

After the platinum membership hunting plan fail since Jane became a part of her hellish family and destroyed Chelsey’s unholy body so severely for the hunt to take place. Blair decided to try the next level with same ten sadist Bitches and bastards of Hell.

After sixty days, Blair announces in March the VIP Hunting Level Plan which had a one time fee of $1,000,000.00 for life. Weapons included real pistols, shotguns, rifles, and knives with a golden blade, one set for each hunter to use on Chelsey’s body for knife playing.

Since Chelsey was unkillable, Blair gave hunters at this level more freedom to play more deadly games with her pet. The hunt took place on the most extreme pathway in Blair’s forest. The hunt could take up to 30 days at a time, but this first one Blair allowed the quest to go on for six months nonstop as she and Jezebel destroyed Jane’s ungodly body of hell while Jeacar and James destroyed Becky’s sexually.

The rules for this level were simple, rough sex, humiliate, and painful pleasure was the name of the game for Chelsey. Before allowing her to leave the checkpoint, the hunters would choose the next checkpoint for her and gave her thirty seconds head start to get to the next station.

Chelsey was in heaven as the VIP members chase her through the forest of the earth. Hearing gunshots, and feeling the blades of the knives going into her masochist body was exciting to the young Bitch. Begin to get gangbang and rough up by the humans as they mated with her without being supervised by her keepers.

Chapter 4 - How Becky and James met each other

Becky would sneak into Heather’s bedroom and read her private stash of BDSM magazines. Heather always knew about Becky reading her adult books; one day Becky felt herself gasping for air as she slowly woke up. Seeing Heather sitting on top of her through the clear plastic bag over her head, Becky heard, “Happy eighteenth birthday, sis. Now slow your breathing down, bitch. I know you get off on seeing pictures of masochist bitches, well do you want to be one, bitch?”

Becky slows down her breathing as she said, “Yes, Mistress I want to be a real-life masochist bitch. I fully trust you, Mistress Heather with my life.”

”Good, slave. See this hood, my bitch.”

Becky nodded at her as she heard, “Good, slave you know not to speak unless I permit you. I am going to roll the bottom of this bag up to your nose, bitch, understand. Good; keep your mouth shut, bitch.”

Becky watched as Heather pick up a roll of duct tape and ripped a medium size piece off and put it on her mouth. Next Heather unrolled the plastic bag and taped it shut as she said, “You have about twenty minutes to an hour, if your breathing is slow, sis. I will not let you die, my masochist bitch.”

Then Heather got off of Becky and left the room as Becky slowly shut her eyes.

POV from Heather

Seeing my beautiful young sister laying in bed all tied up in an x-position as she suffocated for my pleasure. I am into sadomasochist stuff. Hurting my sister must sound sick to the outside world, but she had wanted to know what S and M stood for in the BDSM. Now she is old enough for me to use her fully. Unknown to my sister that there were two hoses inside of the bag, one hooked to an air compressor, and the other one let out co2 gases coming from her exhale. Tonight I am taking Becky to my BDSM club that I own for a private Birthday party for her.

POV from Becky

Heather has been suffocating me since I was fifteen years old. The first time was when she came home early on my fifteenth birthday and caught me looking at one of her magazines which were about suffocating. Heather took me out to our grandfather’s barn and had me lay down on the dirty floor. After tying my ankles and wrists together behind my back, she sat on my chest and put a clear plastic trash bag over my head. My eyes never left hers.

Heather explain everything she was doing to me that day from suffocating to beating me. Heather made sure that she did not do any significant damage to my body. We arranged that every birthday of mine, I belong to her, and in return, I am allowed to read all her magazines. On my birthdays, I would tell Heather what I wanted her to try on me as I slowly give myself over to her. Heather would never touch me sexually until my eighteenth birthday which was today.

The hood she showed to me while I slowly suffocated was my eighteenth birthday present, and tonight her male and female friends would be humiliating me as I became her real masochist pet forever.

All sudden there was a slap across Becky as a female voice said, “Wake up, bitch. Time for your eighteenth birthday party to hell. If you need my friends to ease up, safety word is ‘Yellow.’ If you need to rest, safety word is ‘Red.’ understand, slave?”

“Mistress, I belong to you and fully understand my role. Your word is law when it comes to my body, and I forfeit all rights to have safety words if it pleases you?”

“I have to ask one last time, Becky. Are you sure you want to be a real masochist slave to me and forfeit your rights to safety words? Knowing that I enjoy dishing out major pain of hellish pleasure.”

“Yes, Mistress. I know that you control my life from this point...”

“Time to eat the only meal that you are allowed from this day forward, open up wide as I lower my sweet honeypot onto your mouth, bitch.”

The gasping sound was all Becky could make as Heather relieved herself into her mouth.

After using Becky as a toilet, Heather untied Becky from her bed. Next Heather order Becky to sit on her knees on the floor. Then Heather knelt in front of Becky with a piece of grey duct tape and placed it over Becky’s mouth. Heather took a black marker and wrote three words which were ‘Fuck Me Hard.’

Next Heather stood up and put a stainless steel dog choker over Becky’s head with a leash. Becky was fully naked as Heather lead her out of their house into town as strangers watched them walking and crawling.

Heather’s club was about a mile and a half away from their home. By the time they arrived at the club, Becky had cum dripping down between her legs. Before they enter Heather’s adult club, she ordered Becky to sit up. Next Heather put the black leather suffocating hood over Becky’s head. Then they enter the club, Becky followed Heather into the middle of the entertainment area. There were twenty-five men and twenty-five women in a circle where Heather lead Becky. A young guy walked out of the shadows as Heather said, “Master James, destroy this bitch for my unholy pleasure and glory.”

Two small hoses were coming from the hood with caps on them which had tiny holes. Each cap had a oneway valve in them. One plug would air come into one of the hose while the other plug on the second hose allowed co2 gases to escape.

James kicked Becky hard in the left side of her rib cage. James was Heather bouncer and was into extreme sadistic stuff. Heather asked all fifty men and women what the starting bid on Becky lasting her ungodly punishment by James. James passed Becky around the room for the twenty-five guys to sexually destroy. Heather was head Mistress and had been training James in the art of sadistic techniques. Becky knew she was James congratulations present to break-in.

James knew that Becky had safety words, so after twenty minutes of extreme roughness and sexual attacks on her body, just as he was about to remove the hood. Heather said, “My bitch forfeit the right to any safety words, so please James destroy that goddamn bitch of mine until I tell you to stop.

Heather walked up behind Becky and spun kicked her hard in the head, knocking her out cold. James picked her up and went to the dungeon where he laid with her in one of the cells.

POV Heather

If I did not knock out Becky that day, she would have begged for more pain. I raised Becky since she was five years old at my grandfather’s house and knew her limits.

I was fifteen when I gave birth to Becky. Becky knew that I was her mother because when I caught her in my room with my magazines for the first time, she called me ‘mother.’ I told Becky that her father was unknown. You see my father rented me out. On my sixteenth birthday, my father lowers himself onto my body as my mother videotaped the show, but before anything could happen, I blew his goddamn brains out. I left his body with my mother as I took Becky to my grandfather’s house.

Within a couple of months, James and Becky fell in love with each other. Becky chose to be a masochist pet to James and me. I have never taken Becky sexually; I left that job to James and his friends of both sexes.

About three years later, I gave Becky away at her wedding to James, and they have been married to each other for two years now, happily. When I read in the local newspaper a couple of years ago about Hunting Chelsey the Fallen Angel, I called James and Becky right away. Knowing that they both would enjoy sadomasochist sexual activities with each other as they hunt the Fallen Angel of Hell. God, I love my sadistic and masochist children of Hell.

Chapter 5 - Point Of Views

POV from Chelsey the Fallen Angel

When God threw me out of heaven, I was rejoicing. I was finally free, or at least I thought I was until my body hit the ground of the earth. I could hear both Satan’s daughters fighting over human beings as I was falling from heaven. Finally in human form to mate with other humans until Blair stabbed me in the heart. As I laid there bleeding, hearing Blair screaming that she was off to kill all human race. Bella, her sister, picked my head up as she said, “I cursed this Angel of Hell unto you, Goddess Blair. As long as she breathes on earth and Hell, you will only hunt her until you find a way to destroy her for good.

First holy father curse me to earth, now I had one of Satan’s daughters doing it to me as I felt my powers re-enter my body. Goddess Blair was pissed as she heard her sister words. Goddess Bella said before disappearing, “Blair, you can remove all her powers except for the healing powers, I fully control that power of hers.

I sat up on my knees in front of Blair as she removed her sword from it stealth again. Blair cut my body in half and started to walk away as I yelled, “Bitch, is that all you got.”

Yup, I know, should have kept my goddamn mouth shut but for some unknown reason, I could not. After Blair got bored of chopping me up, she orders me to follow her to my new Hell. Okay, more like her mansion than the fire pit that the holy bible mentions. As we approach her estate, I noticed two goddamn demons on all fours behind the iron fence as I crawled behind her. Before Blair open the gate, she said, “Jeacar is my male demon and Jezebel is my she-devil. They will not touch you because I got to kill you myself to break my sister curse, bitch.”

Holy shit, crawling between those two demons as they growl at me was turning me on. Hell, I wanted them to jump me, but they did not. Later that night as I laid at Blair’s feet, she explained to them about what took place between her and Goddess Bella. Next, Blair orders me to stay put while she locks up her pets in the dungeon of Hell.

When Blair came back into the library where I was still laying, she kicked me hard while saying, “Get the Fuck up, bitch. Follow me to the Master bedroom where you will be staying until I kill you tomorrow in a hunt behind my house of Hell.”

God, Blair’s voice was sadistic sounding, and I asked her to hunt me right now. Before Blair could ask me, I explained that I enjoy pain and I was into extreme masochist stuff.

You should have seen her eyes, Blair grin at me as she said, “It will be a hellish hunt for you tomorrow, my bitch.

She grabbed real-life weapons which were a compound bow, crossbow, pair of handguns, which I learn later that they were 1911 pistols. Blair even grabbed a combat knife as well as a curve knife which she explained was called a karambit knife. My heart was racing with enjoyment as Blair took me out into the forest behind her mansion. Blair ordered me to run and do not look back because she was coming. My God, feeling the arrows and bullets going through my ungodly body of hell was turning me on. I must have fallen at one point because she was on top of me in a heartbeat.

After stabbing my back, Blair rolled me over and kiss my lips as she said, “Christ, I never thought having my own Angel would be so much fun. Humans can never last long enough to fulfill my needs but you can, I can attack physically with real weapons and then mate with you before hunting your ass again.

Blair kisses my lips as she drove her right knee into my cunt. I had never been with a woman of any kind before that night. Blair did things to my body sexually that I could never have imagined. As the sun rose, Blair picked up my bloody body and carried it from the forest to the Master bedroom. Blair laid me on her bed and went to sleep next to me.

The following day Blair notice that my body was taking a lot longer than she had thought, so she brought in Jeacar to mate with me.

Oh hell, his shaft was huge, and as he started to go into my cunt, I thought for sure he was ripping me in half as Goddess Blair watched. Once Jeacar’s shaft was entirely inside of me, he started to pound away at my body of hell. Jezebel was sitting up on her knees next to Goddess Blair chair.

Oh, fucking God. Master Jeacar, I want your shaft deeper into my body. Yes, please give it to me...”

I heard Blair warning him not to damage my body only to mate with me as she took Jezebel to the dungeon of hell. Jeacar was rough but gentle at the same time. First, a Goddess took me to hell and now a male demon was taking me back to heaven.

I was finally home where I belong between hell and heaven forever.

As Jeacar was mating with me that day, I whispered to him. “Oh my God, Master. I do hope your wife is not jealous of you mating with me, Master Jeacar. Oh fuck, yes, my lord. I want you to cum into my godless body of...

Shut the fuck up, goddamn Angel and no Jezebel will not be jealous of you. Jezebel is not my damn wife; she is my sister. Oh, fucking Christ, bitch of hell.

I wish I could tell you what happened next but cannot because my body collapsed as Jeacar cummed into me. When I came around, Jeacar was not there, and Blair was on top of my chest holding her combat knife over my heart and asked if I was ready for round two of Hell.

Blair must have seen the answer in my hellish eyes because she drove the combat knife straight through my godless heart. As Blair drove the knife into my heart, she rammed her ungodly right knee into my cunt over and over. I finally found my forever home with the cruelest Goddess anywhere and to belong to her was fantastic and pleasure of mine. As Blair started to twist the knife 360 degrees in my heart, I whispered, “I love you, Goddess...

POV from Goddess Blair

Sorry for cutting in but the little masochist Angel cannot talk right now because a knife is sticking out of her throat at this moment. Anyways, I am Goddess Blair, and the bitch is right my goodie sister curse me with this beautiful sexy bitch. Oh, wait, the curse is the wrong word now, so let see in human language, oh yes Bella had blessed me with Chelsey. God, thank you so much for kicking this bitch out of heaven into my sadistic wrath. I can hunt her to hell and back, and she is still alive to take more abuse from me. I know what you humans are thinking, ‘Why would I do my best to damage a glorious and beautiful soul like Chelsey.’ Well because I can and you humans are goddamn weak. One stab anywhere in your bodies and you fucking died. Also, I am a GODDAMN SADISTIC BITCH. Any more dumb thoughts.

I do not know how the holy father puts up with your asses. Okay got that out of the way, yes my older sister and I were fighting over you humans. I wanted to finish off the human race, and Bella wanted to keep you around for enjoyment reasons. When I heard the thunder sound, I thought that the holy father was on his way back, but instead, it was this cursed Angel falling. I have seen Chelsey mating with all you sick humans over the centuries. Hell, Chelsey is as old as I am. I enjoy dishing out pain so much, my father kicked me out of Hell and gave me earth for my pleasure.

I was there when they crucified Christ, but just so you dummies understand, Christ died on a St. Andrew Cross, not a T-shape cross. Anyways, I thought that I had finished off Chelsey as I was set off to destroy all you human beings until my sister words gave this goddamn bitch her life back. By the way, if you are offended by me cussing, you can fuck off, I am a princess of hell, deal with it.

I have come around to loving this cursed Angel of whores. More I hurt Chelsey the more I love her. Even my pets enjoy mating with her, well Jezebel would rather destroy this goddamn Angel along with me than coupling with Chelsey. I cannot disagree with Jezebel, yes it’s more fun hurting Chelsey than loving her. Oh, look like my she-devil want to join in.

Well, let me get off of the bitch and give her over to Jezebel while I continue telling you humans what a pleasure it was to hunt you. Hunting you were like my cruel way of loving you.

Anyways after bringing Chelsey to my domain, I learned what she enjoyed, and the pain was on the top of that list. Follow me to the dungeon of Hell where you will meet the destroyer of slaves, Jeacar. Oh wait, over there on your left is my armory, go ahead look around in there. I have machine guns, need to try them out on Chelsey sometime in the future. On your left is my compound bow and crossbow, those are so much fun to shoot at Chelsey’s body. Inside of that glass case in the middle of the room holds my two 1911 pistols that I use on all my hunts with Chelsey. On your right are my rifles and shotguns. I have buckshot, birdshots, and slug ammo. Now follow me to hell, humans.

POV from Jezebel

God, Chelsey. Hurting you brings me ungodly pleasure.”

Oh, did not see you standing there, human. Thought you went with your female co-host and my Goddess to Hell. Yes, hurting this damn Angel is an honor and pleasure for me. I remember when Goddess first brought this bitch home. I beg for weeks to have a piece of her which came true for me last year when Blair removed her protection from this whore, allowing me and my ungodly brother to hunt Chelsey finally. Holy crap was that fun.

I heard that you are videotaping tomorrow hunt which will be the lifetime membership hunters. Well, I hope you enjoy the hunt tomorrow, anyways I do enjoy torturing this bitch of Blair’s. Oh, you want to join in with us, human. Sure, you can ram that ungodly shaft into my ass, bastard. I like it hard and...

POV from Jeacar

Jeacar this one of the humans that going to videotape lifetime membership to hunt of Chelsey, tomorrow.

Jeacar growled, “Glad to met you, ma’am.”

Your husband must be brave to stay in my sadist bedroom while Jezebel is destroying... …Oh, of course, he is mating with both of them. Jeacar will watch over you while I make sure that Jezebel does not kill your husband, bitch,” Goddess Blair said as she left the dungeon.

“Christ, I never thought she would leave us. Yes, hunting Chelsey will be the most fun you two ever had in your damn life. If you get offended by me cussing, well you are in hell after all. Sit, well better yet laid down on the floor in front of me. Do not worry about your clothes; my Goddess will have some waiting for you in the morning. I love clothes that I can rip through easily. Oh right, let me just carefully put my... …Oh, you want me to be rough with you, ma’am, okay. If you need to scream, please feel free to, here we go, human.”


Mmmmm, glad to mate with you human, bitch.


Thank you for stopping by my place ABC Network with those two humans. Hope you enjoy the show tomorrow of the hunt. Your viewers will see a hellish show of hell for their pleasure. Have a good night, and the two humans are going to spend the night with my demons in the dungeon. Mmm, do not worry; they will be fine.

Chapter 6 - Bella Come To Earth To Make A Deadly Deal With Chelsey

Jackie and Steve were the two co-hosts from ABC Network that stay with the demons in the dungeon after they interview with Goddess Bair and her inhuman pets. They were now out hunting Chelsey in Blair’s forest when Jeacar saw Jackie killing Steve. After shooting the male co-host, the female orders Chelsey to feast on his body as she watched.

Jeacar ran to Blair upset and crying. Reading his mind, she said out loud, “Damn, guess I know who that female is now. Excuse me while I go and see someone in hell.”

As soon as Blair disappeared before them, Jezebel said, “What in the hell did Blair mean when saying that she knew who killed that male co-host, brother?”

“Her real name is Bella, I think. That is all I was able to pick up on from Blair’s mind before she disappeared, sis,” Jeacar said.

A dominatrix’s voice said, “Yes, Jeacar. You are right about Blair knowing who I truly am. Since I am her sister after all.”

Jezebel said, “Are you here to stop the humans from hunting Chelsey?”

“No, Chelsey is my sister’s cursed slave. Blair can do as she pleases with that whore. Steve was a guy that I used to get in here. I came for you, Jezebel. Before you freak out as Blair did, let me explain. Your time on earth is over. Knowing my sister, she is telling the old man what he can and cannot do.”

“I want to stay. Please allow me to stay with my family, please Goddess,” Jezebel said.

Bella said, “It is not up to me, Jezebel. Blair knew this day would come; she was hoping to find a loophole. I will wait one week before I come and drag your godless ass back to hell. Now go, spend what time you got left with Chelsey and your brother before I rip you away from here. Before you ask, yes Chelsey knew whom I was during the hunt and she knows that I came for you, Bitch. I left Chelsey tied to a tree in the forest for you two.”

With that said Bella disappeared in front of them as their hearing, “Blair will not find a loophole. You must return to hell. I bought you some time, Jezebel.”

One week later, just as promised Bella returned for Jezebel. However, Bella was not alone as she came 48 hours earlier to meet with Chelsey privately deep inside of the forest of the earth. Chelsey put a wall up so Blair, Jeacar, and Jezebel could not hear or see them. Here is what took place at that meeting.

A sadistic male voice said, “Why did you summon us, little angel?”

“Because I have an offer for you, my lord, Master of darkness. Bella is your best bounty hunter. I have blocked off 12.5 acres of Mistress Blair forest, she will still see all 25 acres but will not see or hear us. My offer is this; if I can outlast Bella’s full wrath, Jezebel stays here forever. Her debt will be paid in full to you, Master. I am kneeling before you allowing my lord to take all my powers away from me until Bella kills me or until she gives up the hunt, my lord.”

Bella was now standing behind Chelsey as she knelt in front of Satan.

Bella started to pet Chelsey’s head as she said, “Jezebel must mean a lot for you to give up your power and allow me to hunt you. I will not kill you because it would kill Blair. However, I will give you thirty days to take my full wrath not even Blair can take me at my full wrath, and she is a Goddess. I will not stop until the thirty days are up and when I get done, you will only have thirty full minutes to get to your feet and stand for twenty-four hours on your own without your powers. If you can, Jezebel stays here on earth forever but if you cannot stand on your own, Jezebel is mine, and you lose fifty percent of your powers. You will still be unkillable, but you will not last as long in the hunts, understand my terms, Chelsey? Before you answer, let me say this, you had the nerve to summoned my father and me before you. So if you do last, not only will Jezebel stay here but I will personally return your goddamn white wings unless you prefer black ones, bitch.”

“You may speak, little angel,” Satan said.

“Lord, I accept the terms that Goddess Bella laid out for the hunt, but I want to revise one thing. If my body gives out before the twenty-four hour is up, Mistress Bella takes me instead of Jezebel and erases their minds about me ever existed on earth and Bella can do as she wants to my body in Hell forever.”

Bella yanking Chelsey’s head back as she said, “You are willing to give up everything for Jezebel to stay, why, slave?”

Chelsey answered Bella by saying, “Because I love her, Goddess of my wrath.”

Bella said, “So let it be, I accept your offer. No matter what happens in the hunt Jezebel will stay on earth, but the hunt will not take place here because nothing would be standing since you want my full wrath. I will see you in my kingdom twenty-four hours from now. Prepare yourself and your keepers. This agreement was written down in your blood forever. Now leave us, slave.”

When Chelsey opens her eyes, she saw Blair, Jeacar, and Jezebel standing there. Chelsey saw that they knew.

All Hell knew about the hunt. Jezebel knelt in front of Chelsey and started to pet her as she said, “Why did you take my place, slave?”

“I know what you mean to Blair and Jeacar. Either way, this hunt goes, Jezebel, you are staying on earth forever with your family. You have been good to me, Goddess Blair but the truth is I am what I am and if it demons in hell hunting me instead of humans or you, then let it be.”

“Do not bother returning to me if you do win the hunt, bitch. For I disown you forever.”

With those words, Blair disappears as Jeacar said, “Chelsey, she did not…”

“Yes, she did mean it and its okay. I made my bed. Go, both of you, please. I got to get ready to be hunted in hell forever.”

As soon as Blair enter her mansion, she heard, “So my little sister is turning her back on her slave. Have I not taught you anything, bitch?”

“You know that I cannot ever turn my back on Chelsey since you cursed her unto me, bitch. She does not understand that you are going to destroy her. How can I looked at her in the same way, even if the father holds up his side of the deal and give her all powers back.”

“For one, it not up to father. I made the deal not him. Second, I have been watching Chelsey for a while now, and I wanted to see if she can take my wrath, baby sis.”

“You, called in a favor to get our father to approve a bounty on Jezebel so you could hunt Chelsey, goddamn bitch.”

“Yup and before you start screaming like you always do. Chelsey already knew that because I told her as I was killing Steve. But, I am not allowed to force her into anything. Chelsey had accepted my terms in the forest out of her free will. The hunt was set up, but our father had to approve the terms. So before turning your back on your slave for good, you might want to think about what she is saving. I know that you will not come to watch the hunt of your slave in hell but do not lie to her about it, sis.”

“Allow me seventy-two hours to train her, please, Bella.”

“Fine but that is all she has and her time has already begin, Blair.”

As Chelsey ran as fast as she could between the trees, someone grabbed her and put her face first into the ground hard.

“Slave, listen. My sister hides in the shadows, plus there will be no trees in hell. Bella is not going to hunt you; you are going to be fighting her. Bella already took your powers, so I will be as gentle as I can because you need to be at full strength to make it for thirty goddamn days. If needed both Jeacar and Jezebel are ready to heal you as much as time allows, so show me what you got, bitch of mine. And yes I am still pissed off at you for going behind my back.”

Chelsey swung and kicked as Blair avoid them or block them while putting Chelsey’s face into the ground.

Just as Chelsey finish her training with Blair, she disappeared before her Mistress. Time was out for Chelsey, as Blair thought to herself, ‘Good luck, whore of mine.’

There was a whimper next to Blair’s feet. Looking down, seeing Jezebel crying as she said, “Why are you not with your brother in hell getting ready to watch Chelsey getting hunted by Bella, my love?”

“Because I want to stay here with you and I will not hurt as bad when Chelsey loses. It should have been me, Mistress.”

“No, Bella has always been a goddamn bully. You should go, my Love because you will regret it later when Chelsey loses. I have turned my back on Chelsey, she knows the reason and might not fully understand yet. I meant it when I told Chelsey not to ever return to me. If Chelsey wins, she has no place to go. Ban from heaven and cursed by me not to come back ever. Go, watch the hunt because if you stay here, I will destroy you, bitch.”

“I am staying; do as you wish to me, my lord.”

Chelsey Waking Up In Hell

Waking from her sleep, Chelsey slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was in a small size cage. In front of her was a throne which Goddess Bella was sitting. Seeing Chelsey moving around, Bella got up slowly and walked over to her target. Bella knelt in front of the cage and started to pet Chelsey as she said, “I know that my sister has trained you for fighting, but I want to hunt you down like a damn dog, slave. You do not look surprised by my words, slave. Why is that?”

“I was born to be hunted either by humans or by demons, Mistress Bella. If I win, I have no home, and if I lose to you, I am yours forever, my lord.”

“Yes, I know that my baby sister had cursed you but if you win, I will turn time back, and she will never remember this deal that you and I made, but you will always remember me, slave. Outside is my playground of hell. When Blair and I were growing up, I did not have my palace, but now I do, slave. I will hunt you down with my sword of death, bitch. Like, I told you when we talked in Blair’s forest. Its nothing personal against you or my little sister, it that time of century that I need to hunt and you will be able to handle my full wrath. I have been watching you for years, and I know you will be fully weakened without your powers but also know that you can take everything that I dish out upon your goddamn body, slave.”

Chelsey kissed Bella’s right hand as she was talking. Chelsey knew each hunt would last exactly twelve hours and she would have twelve hours to rest if needed.

Bella continued talking, “As we agreed upon, you will not eat or drink anything, slave. But, if I see you are getting too weak for my use or pleasure, I will piss in a drinking bowl for you, understood, bitch.”

Chelsey nodded as Bella continued, “This is not about me hating you or loving you, slave. This hunt is all about me loving the sport of hunting and just having fun doing it with a slave that I know will hold up against my ungodly wrath of hell. The hunt will start tomorrow for you; I will place you deep enough into the forest of hell so it will be a fair hunt. Since we both start at the same time, slave. Now rest as I finish draining all your powers except for healing yourself.”

Just as Chelsey’s body started to shiver as she felt herself weaken and falling asleep.

Bella heard a deep voice, “You trick me into allowing this hunt, daughter. I do understand why but I will not allow you to turn time back when this hunt is over. If your baby sister does not take her slave back, you will have to keep Chelsey which I know that you are going to enjoy doing anyway, my hellish daughter.”

“Would you have approved this hunt, father. If I did not trick you?”

“We will never know daughter. By the way, I am removing Chelsey healing powers from her for the first hunt. You are only allowed to use your dagger on this first hunt, understood, Bella.”

“Father, she will be too weak to hold up without…”

“The exact moment the first day of hunting ends, Chelsey’s healing powers will return to her body. That is the only power of hers that I must give back, but you are draining her not me, so she will have all her powers when you release her. But, remember win or lose, if Blair does not accept Chelsey back into her family, she must give up all her powers except for healing and submit to you forever, Bella. You will be the one that Blair will curse not me.”

Bella watched as her father disappeared from her sight. She knew that her father was right about Blair cursing her for taking the most precious thing from her. Bella fully understood why Blair loved Chelsey and knew the price of taken the Angel from her sister.

Bella Gets Resummoned To Earth

Twenty-four hours later, just as the hunt was about to start, Bella felt herself be summoned back to earth once again. Standing in the middle of the forest, facing her was Blair.

“Why have you summoned me back here, Blair?”

“I want to change the rules of the hunt, Bella.”

“Rules are inscribed in stone, Blair as you fully know.”

“Bullshit, bitch. Our father is right he cannot keep the healing powers away from Chelsey but you can and will since I am ordering you to, bitch.”

“Why are you doing this to your angel, sis?”

“Because I am her damn Goddess. The whore is mine to do with as I want, Goddess Bella or did you forget that you cursed her upon me forever.”

What are the terms, Goddess Blair?”

“I heard you mention the forest of Hell which I forgot that our father gave to you for your last birthday, bitch. My terms is a challenge between sisters of hell. There will be one target for both of us to hunt at the same time. Until the hunt is over, Chelsey will not have her healing powers, because you will remove it from her. If either of us sees her getting too weak to continue our deadly game of cat and mouse, we may choose to heal her but only to the point of maintaining our game between us. This game is about how much damage we can do to Chelsey while earning points for killing her to end the hunt for that day which Jeacar will keep track of since he fears both of our wraths. No rules, no mercy, just hurt Chelsey’s body until hunting season ends in one goddamn century. So do you accept my terms of cat and mouse game of HELL.”

“Where will we keep Chelsey after a twelve-hour day hunt because I do not want you to accuse me of healing her ass, bitch.”

“The cage will appear where she falls, and the hunt ends for the day, Bella. You and I will transport back to our starting line for the next day, bitch. So do you accept my goddamn terms or not.”

“You must be goddamn pissed off at me for taking her. Before I accept your terms, do we allow her to eat or drink at all, Goddess Blair?”

“Chelsey may drink but only our piss. Agree, Goddess Bella?”

“Been a while since we played a deathmatch game of cat and mouse, sis. Last time we played was with humans. So, I accepted your terms and no matter how this hunting season ends. When the next hunting season starts in hell, we will hunt Chelsey, our mouse of hell. Agree, sis.”

Blair smirked as she said, “I still do not forgive you for taken her, bitch. All you had to do was ask to borrow her, Bella. I would have been more than happy to let you destroy her in hell. As for weapons bring everything you got because I am bringing everything I have with me including Jezebel as my hunting dog. Yes, Jezebel knows about the new terms of hunting Chelsey. The new terms were Jezebel‘s idea so that I will see you in hell at the start of the hunt in twelve-hours from now. Do not worry about telling my whore that I am coming, she already knows. By the way, Bella the winner of the hunt keeps her until next season, good luck, bitch.”

“Same to you, bitch.”

Chelsey Learns About The New Terms For the Hellish Hunt

Waking up back in her cage, Chelsey knew that the terms of the hunt had once again changed and that her healing powers were permanently gone until hunting season was over. Since time on earth was not the same as in hell, the human race would never know that Chelsey was gone unless Blair lost the hunt this season. Chelsey knew her Goddesses were playing a deadly game with her. Even though she could never indeed die, Blair and Bella wrath could do significant damage to her body that could take forever to heal. Chelsey was the mouse, and both of her Goddesses were the cats of Hell.

Chelsey saw Bella sitting back on her throne looking at her as she said, “Goddess Bella, you do realize that Goddess Blair knew all along that you wanted a hunting competition. May I ask why you did not just ask her for one?”

“Slave, I do not have to answer you but I will. I am a bitch, not proud of what I did to her during childhood, because of me along with my friends, Blair will never truly love anything. When Blair left hell and went to earth, she cursed me. I could not just ask out of the blue for you or this competition. Even though she said, ‘I could have asked to borrow you,’ I know if I pissed her off by taking you then she would come up with the competition by herself because right now Blair is pissed at you for accepting this hunt in the first place. I am just sorry that this hunt is costing your healing powers, slave.”

Laying down in her cage, Chelsey said, “I knew what the cost would be before I accepted this hunt. What scares me is Jezebel, Mistress Bella because of the hatefulness toward me during this hunt. You should release your hound upon me as well, Goddess Bella.”

“No, with two hellish hounds of hatefulness toward you, your body would be useless, and Blair knows this. Blair wants you weak so do I but we both want you to be able to survive the season of hellish hunts. Rest slave; you will need it. Thank you so much, Chelsey, for setting this challenge up, so I have my sister back home, even if it just for a season, slave.”

As she shuts her eyes, Chelsey said in a whisper, “You are welcome, Goddess Bella. I knew that Mistress Blair was missing you as much as you were missing her. I belong to you both and it time to hunt what is yours, my lord.”

Chelsey Adds More Terms To the Hellish Hunt

The night that Blair found Chelsey after she felled from heaven to earth, Bella was with her. Hating Bella as she did, Blair took her sword and stabbed Chelsey straight through the ground as she pledges over the angel life that she would kill all humans unless Bella returned to hell and stayed there forever. At that time Chelsey had become a human being as her blood filled the ground as Blair removed the sword from Chelsey’s chest.

Knowing what Chelsey was, Bella knelt as Blair turned to start hunting humans again.

Blair heard, “As long as this angel has life, I will stay in hell forever. Rise, slave and face Goddess Blair since she is now and forever your keeper. Sister listen to my words; you can never kill another human being as long as this slave lives on earth or in hell. As long as breath comes from her, you will hunt her until you find a way of destroying this damn bitch from heaven doorstep.”

With that Bella disappeared and since then Blair has hunted Chelsey to fill her thirst for blood.

Now for the first time since that day both Blair and Bella were in hell as Chelsey prepare to be hunted by two most powerful sadist Goddesses in hell. Chelsey knew that she was unkillable, but without her healing powers, she was almost human again. The only thing stopping her from becoming fully human was being in hell.

As Chelsey looked at Blair and Bella, father Satan knew what his Angel was going to ask of him since they talked privately some time ago about bringing his two daughters back together.

So it was not any surprise to him when Chelsey said, “My lord since I am on the edge of becoming a human once again, may I ask that you remove your protection over me from dying in hell and allow this hunt to be on earth as well as in hell. No mercy will be shown to me from you, Master.”

Chelsey already knew the answer so when she heard her father saying, “Little Angel, you understanding what you are asking, me?”

Chelsey replied, “Master, by Bella own words. When she gave me my life back for her sister to hunt me forever on earth, I cannot die on earth unless Bella spills my blood before Blair take me back to hell where only she can spill my blood for death, father.”

Satan smirked at his little angel knowing that she already knew the answer. The day that Blair had first spilled Chelsey blood on earth, she cursed her to hell forever while Bella cursed her upon the planet.

Chelsey continued as he heard, “There one stipulation and that is Jezebel is not allow on earth to help Goddess Blair. Jezebel job is to destroy me here for her Mistress. Does Goddess Blair and Goddess Bella accept my condition and term for hunting me, father?”

The devil was impressed by the little angel words as he said, “Before my daughters answer you, my little angel of hell. The following rules are how the cat and mouse death game will work. The moment that they put you to death, hunters are set back to the beginning as Sheba revives you and place you in the forest of the hunter that did not kill you. As you are my Angel of hell forever, death has no control over you. Sheba will give you life the moment that I announce your death, slave. When the hunting season is over in Hell, you will have all your powers back that my daughters took from you. Also, you will stay unkillable until the next hunting season in hell between my two daughters. In other words, you are giving it up for this hellish cat and mouse death game of theirs to be hunted every century from now on. Now my daughters can answer your question, my Angel.”

Both Blair and Bella said at the same time, “We accept our slave terms, Father. May the best huntress win and Chelsey RUN, BITCH, RUN because we are coming to kill you, slave.”

Finally The Most Deadly Cat And Mouse Game Begins

As soon as both Blair and Bella said ‘slave,’ Chelsey disappeared as they heard, “I want to welcome all humans watching on ABC Network as all the demons of Hell and Angels of Heaven watching this Death Match between my daughters and my goddamn Angel of hell. Blair and Bella, your target has been placed in the middle of either the forest of earth or the forest of hell. You may now hunt down and kill the target for points and the right to keep her until the next hunting season, my bitches.”

Bella went to the forest of the earth to start her search for the target while Blair stayed in hell to search the forest of hell with her demon dog, Jezebel. Knowing that she was to be put to death for points scared her but yet excited Chelsey a lot. This was the kind of hunt Chelsey had always wanted because it would give her the most pain by her two sadistic Goddesses of earth and hell.

Chelsey was running through the forest of the planet as she heard the wrath of Bella coming for her. Knowing that death did not have a long term hold on her, as Goddess Bella hunted her was exciting to the Angel. All sudden, feeling a sharp pain in her back as she fell to her knees as Bella withdrew her sword of death from Angel’s backside.

She was still kneeling as Bella walked around to the front of Chelsey’s body and kicked her in the chest hard. Next Bella took her dagger and stabbed Chelsey chest at least fifty times before standing back. Bella watched Chelsey slowly getting up from the ground as she said, “Goddamn, I see why my sister enjoys hunting your body, bitch. Run and do not stop because I am going to kill you.”

Chelsey took off running as fast as she could with blood dripping down her body. Even the devil was impressed by the Angel abilities to stay alive in her human form.

Fifty plus stabs in my chest and her sword of death through my body from the back, how in the hell am I still alive,’ Chelsey thought to herself as she ran into the waiting arm of Blair who had transported her to the forest of hell.

Feeling the full metal jackets rounds going through her body as Blair empty her 1911 pistols into her. Still, on her feet, Chelsey turned around as fast as she could and began to run away from Blair and back into Bella wrath as both forests collided with each other.

Both Blair and Bella knew that their father was enjoying their frustrations in trying to kill his angel of hell. There was no time in hell, no days or nights as Blair and Bella stabbed, shot, and anything else that they could come up with in trying to kill their father’s Angel. Finally, Chelsey’s body fell at Bella’s feet as her head landed at Blair’s feet.

Satan said, “One hundred points to Goddess Bella for the death of Chelsey. The hunt will continue in twenty-four hours to give Chelsey some time to heal since Bella cut Chelsey’s head off completely, I am given seventy-five percent of her health back to my Angel. This will be the only warning I will give to both of you bitches. DO NOT remove Chelsey’s head again, understood?”

“It was an accident, father,” Bella said as Sheba took Chelsey’s body and head to the next hunting area.

“It might have been an accident but to allow the hunt to go on, I must give Chelsey at least seventy-five percent and let her rest for twenty-four hours. Sheba has finished putting Chelsey’s body back together, I heard Chelsey thoughts, and she is enjoying this hunt of yours, my loves. Jezebel comes here now. I am being summoned to heaven by the holy one. So you are in charge while I am gone but be warned demon, cross me and you will wish you had never re-entered my kingdom understand me, slave.”

“Yes, my Lord, I understand fully and will call the hunt of Chelsey straight down the middle.”

“Good, slave...”

Sheba appeared next to Jezebel along with Blair and Bella to start the next hunt off. Sheba announced that Chelsey is ready to be hunted to death again.

Then a divine voice said, “Jezebel, Satan will not be returning because I am keeping him in Heaven until the hunt is over. Chelsey’s head must be cut off fully for her to be announced dead. Chelsey’s health must be no more than five percent or less before you remove her head. Any questions, Ladies of Hell?

“So father God, you are now ruling over the hunt. When have you ever care about Chelsey?”

God answer Blair by saying, “I have nothing to do with the hunt just letting you two destroy the Angel of Hell to death. Do not worry about Chelsey; she cannot truly die. Blair, Chelsey is waiting for you in the forest of Hell.

Both Blair and Bella knew that God had removed their father from Hell so they could hunt Chelsey down in their bloodthirst hatefulness of Hell and earth.

It did not take long for Blair to find Chelsey who was still recovering from losing her head by Bella twenty-four hours before.

The conversation between God and Lucifer about Chelsey Fate

“Can we get this over with your holiness? You know that I hate this place of yours.”

“Oh shut up, Lucifer. Chelsey was never around for me to kick out of here with you because she was too busy on earth with those human beings.”

“While you were trying to save them. I told you in the beginning that the human race would break your laws and curse you as I do, bossman. My armies of hell, as well as your holy armies, had hunted Chelsey. She was our training tool for fighting. So do not become all righteous sudden about caring for Chelsey, bossman. The only reason you finally kicked her out of Heaven is that she was becoming more uncontrollable for you. My god, look at that bitch down on earth and in hell getting hunted like the dog she truly is. I still cannot believe that you gave my sadist daughters permission to cut the bitch head off in this hunt. Christ, I am enjoying watching...”

“Well, you please stop cursing in my house, Lucifer. I know what Chelsey is and she has never been my angel. You took her from me the day I made humanity. the only reason my army hunted her was too destroy her for the sins committed against my holy name in yours.”

“You know I am going to cuss because of my nature, bossman. Do not get pissed off at me; you took me out of hell. Damn, they are taking their goddamn time in killing my bitch. Chasing her from hell to earth and back again nonstop. My money is on Bella of course since she is the toughest bitch, of my bloodline. Oh, relax, bossman. Hey Jesus, do you want to watch my bitch getting killed by my sadistic daughters. You had passed your father judgment onto the human race already, so the ones that are left are all my to play with, bossman.”

“I kicked your ass once Lucifer, you old man. Father why did you have to take that snake out...”

“Leave us, son. Lucifer and I had business to take care of. Lucifer, I am beginning to wonder if you have a heart of kindness. You gave earth over to Goddess Blair instead of Goddes Bella, your extreme sadistic daughter. I am a little surprised at you for that since you hate humans so much.”

“Blair is a killer and so is Bella, bossman. However, Bella is also a torturer which she enjoys more than killing. I might not care for humankind, but between your wrath and the humans torturing each other, I decided to give the earth to Blair. However, Blair was so damn good that she had killed sixty percent of the human race, so I sent Bella to slow her down. I was stunned that you finally threw my angel out of Heaven and granted her to be a human being, but Blair and Bella got to her before any human did. Seeing the face of the naked girl that had fallen from heaven, Blair realizes that it was my angel and put her sword straight into Chelsey’s black heart. Every demon in Hell went to their knees and cried as Blair made her pledge of killing humans forever in my angel’s blood. However, just as Blair was leaving to hunt, she heard Bella voice giving my angel her life back to be hunted forever by Blair. Thanks to you for throwing my angel out because her blood saves the human race for my daughters to hunt and torture forever, Father God.”

“I did not do it for you or those disobedience humans. I just got fed up with her crap, Lucifer and that is all.”

Returning to Earth from The Hunt Of Hell

What seems like a century as the hunting season comes to a close, Chelsey knelt between her two Goddesses who were facing each other now. Total kills of Chelsey for Bella was ninety to Blair’s fifty.

Knowing that she had lost, Blair knelt in front of Bella as she said, “Sister, I give my life to you to take.”

Putting the tip of her sword against Blair’s neck as she said, “Blair, you can keep your Angel of hell. I gave Chelsey the ability to be unkillable when I gave her life back on earth as I cursed you to hunt her forever. That ability is the only my to take away from the Angel of hell. It is time for you and her to return to the real earth, sister. Just know that I have all rights to both of you bitches forever.”

Before Blair could say a word, she was back in her mansion while Chelsey appeared in front of James and Becky for them to hunt her as Steve film it for ABC Network.

Blair said, “Sis, you do not have the power to give life back to humans, so why is Steve back?”

“Blair, I never killed Steve or Jackie. I place a wall around Becky, James, Jackie, and Steve before the hunt started and brought one of my demons with me. The guy that Jeacar saw me killing was my demon dog. I wanted you back in my life and Chelsey came up with the plan for the deadest competition and how to piss you off for you to accept. Chelsey knew that you could never turn your back on her since she is cursed to you forever.”

“Chelsey did a great job pissing me off, but I understand fully. What about the Jones hunting for Chelsey?”

“To them, the hunt of Chelsey has just begun. I enjoy our cat and mouse deathmatch with our bitch. I promise to ask permission to borrow Chelsey before I take her to Hell for a hunt of death again. Please feel free to drop by anytime sis; you are always welcome to my home.”

Blair kissed Bella just before she disappeared in front of her. Blair felt a tug on her right side of the jeans as she heard, “Mistress, do you want me to watch James and Becky hunting Chelsey down?”

Blair reached down and grabbed Jezebel by her hair as she said, “Jezebel, I need you and Jeacar with me. I have missed you two destroying my ungodly body sexually. While the whole world watches the Jones hunting Chelsey plus I think that she earned the right to be theirs right now, my hellish pets.”

Nice to see you with wings, dog. Just hope James, and I do not dirty those new white wings, Angel of Hell.”

“Mistress Becky, please dirty and bloody my wings up. Work me hard, my sadist human owners of Hell as the world watches this hunt live.”

Hearing a male voice behind her saying, “Did you enjoy the cat and mouse game of death, slave?”

“God, yes Master James, I did enjoy the hunt of Hell.”

“Would you mind if we play our deadly cat and mouse game with you, slave?”

Still weakened from the death match of Hell, Chelsey said, “Master, how would this earth game of cat and mouse work?”

“Simple, slave. Either Becky or I get the point for nailing you to a tree, bloody you up, or breaking your goddamn bones, slave. Since you cannot truly be killed like you were in Hell, that is as close as we can get to the cat and mouse deathmatch...”

A godly voice said, “You can play death games with Chelsey, humans. It will take her longer to heal, understood, Jones?”

“We fully understand, Goddess Bella.”

“You two will be the only humans that will have permission to put Chelsey to death beside Goddess Blair and me. Chelsey’s body will need at least twelve hours to fully heal from being temporarily put in a state of death. Within six hours of death, you can hunt her again but forewarned Chelsey would only be twenty-five to fifty percent and more damage you do to her the longer it takes for her to heal fully, humans. Unlike your death where it’s permanent, Chelsey death is more of a hellish state of sleep. Let me be very clear to you both, if you abuse this gift of putting Chelsey’s body into a state of extreme sleep, I will remove the gift and punish you to HELL, understand me, humans?”

“We fully understand and respect yours and Blair law over Chelsey, Goddess Bella.”

“Chelsey, be a good little bitch and die for mine and Goddess Blair pleasures by the hands of the Jones of earth,” Bella said as she disappeared in front of them.”

Feeling her full strength returning, Chelsey looked at her sadistic human owners of the earth before saying, “On your Goddamn mark. Get set, hunt and kill me for the pleasure of my unholy Goddesses of Hell.”

As soon as Chelsey said ‘Hell’ she took off running as the Jones followed right behind her.

Jezebel felt someone grabbing her as she was watching Jeacar and Blair mating with each other in their demon forms.

Within seconds of being seized, Jezebel was in Hell as she heard, “Do not worry bitch. I will return you to Blair, but for now, it’s my turn to punishing you, bitch.”

“Goddess Bella, why are you punishing me?”

“You fail to help my sister in destroying our Angel of Hell in the cat and mouse deathmatch, bitch. Do not worry, Blair knows that I have you, my little sadomasochist pet of Hell. It has been a while since anyone truly hurt you just for their pleasure, slave.”

“Goddess Blair has left that job for...”

“Shut the hell up, GODDAMN BITCH,” Bella said as she threw Jezebel into the forest of Hellish painfully pleasure.

With a smirk on her face, Bella said, “Goddamn, Jezebel. I have missed playing with your godless body, my slave of Hell.”

I have missed you too, Goddess Bella,’ Jezebel thought to herself as she felt Bella picked her up by the hair and threw her hard against a burning tree in the forest of hell.

Jeacar did not give a shit about his sister at that moment; he was on a mission of destruction while taking Goddess Blair to her Hellish pleasure. With his claws ripping into Blair’s chest, he heard her saying, “I finally got my sister back in my life and killing humans out of my system for now, but I am not done hurting them, my pet.”

Jeacar was five feet and four inches tall. Furr like brown hair covers his body while in beast form. His eyes were pure blackness of Hell.

In human form, he was hairless except for his head which had long brown hair and with green eyes. Jeacar spent ninety percent of his time in beast form unless Goddess Blair took him out in public or ordered him to be in human form around guests.

Hobbies included was hunting Chelsey, mating with Jezebel and Goddess Blair. Jeacar enjoy riding on Jezebel’s motorcycle. The only mission that he had in life was to honor and glorify Goddess Blair as well as his sister sexually forever.

Only Blair could fully control him, others including Lucifer tried but failed in making Jeacar obedience.

Jezebel was six feet tall and in her beast form, she would be fully covered by black fur with black eyes. Unlike Jeacar, Jezebel was in her human form most of the time, a full tan athletic body, long dirty blonde hair with blue eyes. The first time that Jezebel was ever choked by Jeacar, her baby brother, on his eighteenth birthday during sexual worship in front of Satan and his daughters of hell. Lucifer had given Jezebel over to Jeacar as a birthday present.

As Satan, Bella, and Blair watched Jeacar mating with Jezebel, they ordered him to destroy Jezebel. Lucifer had ordered Jezebel to stay in her human form during the mating ceremony of hell.

Jezebel was Satan’s family masochist slave of Hell, and in her human form, she was weaker for all male demons to destroy sexually in their beast form. Hearing Blair ordering Jeacar to break her neck, excited Jezebel a lot.

Satan gave both Jezebel and Jeacar to Blair on her one hundred birthday along with the earth for her to destroy.

Being back in Hell getting tossed around like a rag doll by Bella, Jezebel stayed in human form. Bella said, “Goddamn, bitch. I have missed hurting your beautiful ass. Unlike my sister, I do not have any feelings for you, bitch.”

“I know, Goddess Bella.”

“Demons of mine pleasure come and take this she-devil of my family while I go to earth and join my sister along with Jeacar.”

Screaming as Bella’s male demons began to attack her human body as her Goddess disappeared.

Chelsey was five feet, and nine inches tall with long brunette hair and her eyes were hazel. Chelsey had an athletic, tan body of hell for extremely sexual assault by human and inhuman forever. Being Angel of Hell was her honor and glory. As the Jones hunted her down, Chelsey’s wings started to become two-tone, white with a bleeding reddish edge.

Both Blair and Bella were six feet tall and born in the depths of Hell. Bella’s mother was Mania, the Goddess of Hell. Blair’s mother was Sekhmet, the Goddess of vengeance. Bella had long brown hair with green eyes while Blair had long black hair and lite blue eyes.

Their human bodies were athletic and shaped like an hourglass. Since the day Blair was born, Bella abused her none stop as their father watched with pleasure. Being the daughter of Lucifer was never easy for Blair, and she became hateful toward every human, demon, angel, and even gods felt her wrath of Hell.

Seeing Bella standing there in the Master bedroom as her head hung off the bed while Jeacar was ramming his shaft in and out of her’s cunt. Watching as Bella step out of the flames that circle around her as she started walking toward them.

Blair knew what she was to Goddess Bella and that was being a slave to her forever. Bella stood in front of Blair’s head as she said, “I need to relieve myself into you, slave. So open your goddamn mouth as our dog relieves himself into your cunt, bitch.”

”mmm,” is the only sound Blair made as Bella lower herself over her head.

Bella petted Jeacar as she said, “Together, we going to destroy my sister physically and sexually until Jezebel comes home. We will also humiliate Blair along with Jane, my human lesbian slave of pleasure, my pet. There only one goddamn rule with Jane, do whatever you want except having intercourse with her, understand me, my pet?”

Growling, “As you wish my hellish Goddess. May I pregnant this whore you called sister, Goddess Bella.”

“You have permission to pregnant Blair, but before I return to Hell, she will be forced to have a miscarriage for my sadist pleasure, dog.”

Jane jumped onto Blair’s chest facing Jeacar as she leans back allowing Bella to kiss her as she whispered, “May Jeacar eat my human cunt, Goddess Bella?”

Before Bella could answer Jane, Jeacar attacked Jane’s cunt with his long tongue of Hell. Jane was athletic with flame-like eyes. Her hair was a long dark reddish color. Jane was six feet and four inches tall.

A Human is pregnant by Jeacar and Lucifer pregnant Jezebel with his next child

While Bella was on earth destroying her sister hellish body along with Jeacar and Jane; in hell, Jezebel was getting gangbang by every male demon, including the lord of hell, Lucifer.

As Lucifer took Jezebel sexually, he said, “You shall give birth to my next child of hellish wrath, you goddamn whore. The birth of this ungodly child of mine shall take place on earth, and you must remain in your human form until the morning after giving birth, slave.”

Jezebel has given birth to other demons’ children of hell but never in her human form. However, Lucifer was not just any demon; he was the Master, Lord, and her owner forever. Lucifer words were law, and she was his to do with as he pleases.

Lucifer and his demons took turns in destroying Jezebel’s body unmercifully until her Master cummed deeply into her ungodly womb.

Meanwhile, on earth, Blair was going through her hell as Jeacar pregnant her while Bella suffocated her to force a miscarriage as Jane watch with hellish pleasure. At one point, Bella order Jane to unleash her wrath upon Blair’s body until she says otherwise.

Jane learns very fast that Blair could take her fury. Jane reward for destroying Blair’s body was to be pregnant by Jeacar in his human form.

Jane unleashes her fury and ungodly wrath onto Goddess Blair as Jeacar and Bella mated extremely rough with each other. As Jeacar and Bella mated, she whispered, “Pregnant me right now, my hellish dog.”

In his beast forms, Jeacar took Bella to her max level as they destroyed each other throughout Blair’s mansion while Jane took Blair’s body to a whole new level of painful pleasure.

As Blair went in and out of conscience, Jane continues her fury wrath on her Goddess’ body as she releases all of her sadist furies upon it.

Jane took Blair out to the forest of the earth and started to hunt her with the pair of 1911 pistols while Jeacar and Bella mated in the mansion. During the hunt, Jane empties both 1911s into Blair womb before fist fucking her off. At another point, Jane broke Blair neck as she strangles her. Knowing that Blair was a Goddess and she was unkillable like the angel of hell, Jane took her full sadistic wrath out on Blair until she got bored with her. Twenty-nine days later, Jane drags Blair bloody body of hell back to the Goddess’ mansion of hell.

The morning of the thirtieth day, as Bella leads Jeacar who was on all fours into the grand foyer where Jane was waiting for them. When Bella enter the grand lobby, she notices Blair’s body hanging only by the neck in the middle of the room.

Upon seeing her baby sister’s body hanging from the middle of the ceiling where the chandelier used to be, she orders Jeacar to attack Jane in his human form at once as she watches them.

Bella knew that her slave sister was just fine hanging by her neck as she joins Jeacar and Jane in the most hellish intercourse between a human, demon, and an ungodly Goddess of hell.

In the forest of earth, Chelsey was still being hunted and killed by the Jones. The Jones only killed their Angel of Hell once a week to allow her enough time to heal before her next death on earth. Chelsey and the Jones did not give a shit what was going on in Blair’s Mansion of hell. Making sure not to damage their Angel, they only hunt Chelsey for five hours a day and allow her to rest for the remaining time.

On the sixtieth day, Bella appeared in front of the Jones as they were about to kill Chelsey for the eighth time. Bella took James golden karambit knife and stabbed Chelsey in the throat as she locks lips with her condemn Angel of Hell.

Tasting Chelsey’s blood as she twisted the knife three-sixty degrees as she heard, “How does the condemn Angel taste, Goddess Bella.”

Without turning around, Bella growled, “Welcome home Jezebel. Allow me to tell you about your food source until the birth of my father and husband’s child is born, bitch.”

Slowly waking up, Blair felt someone kissing her lips as a voice saying, “I am home, Goddess Blair. Master Lucifer had pregnant me in the forest of hell and told me that I must remain in human form until I give birth to the beast inside of me. Goddess Bella has told me that your goddamn blood is my only food source for the next nine-month, Blair. Jeacar and Jane are still sleeping in their cells. I am also sorry for your miscarriage...”

“Do not ever be sorry about me having a miscarriage, slave Jezebel. It was a deal that Bella and I made a long time ago. Any male demons or humans can pregnant me, but I must have a miscarriage in her name no matter what. Jane asked Bella if Jeacar could pregnant her which he did with her blessing. So be careful with her unlike you, her human body will not hold up to sadomasochist punishment until she gives birth. The reason Chelsey, Jeacar, our human guests, and I can sadomasochist punishing your body of hell is because Goddess Bella has her protection around her child inside of you. Please hurt me, Mistress Jezebel, as my sister left me as a slave for...”

“I know, bitch. It’s your feeding time, slave. Allow me to empty myself into your dirty mouth, bitch. My ass is full of shit and my pisshole is full of hot golden urine for your delight, whore. Bella took your Goddess powers away until both me and Jane give birth to Lucifer and her brother’s children. The Jones will hunt you down when Jane and I go into labor as Chelsey rest at Bella’s feet in Hell, my love.”

Chapter 7 - Becky Death, Birth of the Lord of Wolves


It has been nine months of hell for Goddess Blair as Jezebel and Jane feast on her to fill their needs for blood. One day as Jezebel was eating her breakfast which was Goddess Blair’s sweet blood, her eyes rolled back. Seeing the thirst in Jezebel’s eyes for her death, Goddess Blair knew that Jezebel was going in the labor of hell and without her power to protect her from Jezebel wrath of hell, she could indeed die. As the fear of real death came over Blair’s face, she heard, “Take this goddamn bitch into the forest of the earth where you will find ‘The Bunker of Extreme Hell’ as I stay with my sister. Lock the door and do not let that goddamn bitch out until I said so. Now leave us at once.”

The demons drag Jezebel’s human body to the bunker in the forest of the earth. Bella kissed her sister as she said, “Goddamn, Jezebel went into labor sooner than I thought she would have. Rest sis; I will watch over you.”

“Sis, please do not forget about Jane giving birth,” Blair said in a weak voice.

“Jeacar is keeping Jane in your private dungeon for now. I do have some bad news about Becky.”

Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Jane went into labor as Jeacar was having intercourse with her. As Jeacar saw his baby coming out of the human bitch, he growled, “I love you bitch, and he is so goddamn beautiful like me. He will be the first true werewolf born on earth to a bitch of the human race. You will raise him along with me, my human wife of mine forever. However remember never to question me about being with other bitches, goddamn whore.”

“Husband of mine, I am your bitch forever. So goddamn treat me like it, my demon husband forever.”

“I named this child of my blood, Filtiarn which means Lord of Wolves. On his eighteen birthday, you shall become his bitch to use and abuse to build his race forever, Bitch of mine.”

After hearing her demon husband tell her what she was to his bloodline, Jane submits to her Master and Lord forever.

Meanwhile, upstairs Blair was crying as she said, “How long does Becky have left, Bella?”

“Weeks or a year but it slowly killing her very painfully and Chelsey had come to me during the hunt of hell and asked me to release Hecate. I told Chelsey to find me a body and looks like she has. Chelsey has talked to Becky who told her that she wants James to kill her during rough sex in your forest and for me to use her body for Hecate. However, Jane is your slave, and I cannot approve of her death only you can. Now rest, sis.”

Both Chelsey and James could see how weak Becky was getting from her full body cancer. Chelsey took off toward the mansion of her Goddess.

Bella knew the angel was coming and so did Blair as she said, “Tell my angel that I have signed Becky’s death warrant and both of them can kill Becky at once.”

When Chelsey enter the mansion as she saw Bella standing in the foyer waiting for her. Bella told Chelsey that Goddess Blair had signed Becky’s death warrant and when she hears Blair say the word ‘Enough,’ she and James need to back away from Becky body at once. Becky will not die until Blair says ‘Enough.’

Chelsey said, “As my lord approved the death of the human bitch, so let it be written in the human blood as she dies for my goddamn pleasure and honor, my lord.”

Before Bella could say a word, Chelsey and her heard, “Go and tell James to kill that goddamn bitch he calls a wife at once, says me his Goddess forever.”

Chelsey left at once and returned to James and Becky.

Bella said, “Sis, you need to rest; I can watch Becky die for you, my love.”

“No, I must watch Becky dying with my own eyes as James commits this murder in my goddamn name to honor and glorify me with her blood.”

POV Heather

The following story is about the death of my daughter whom I truly loved with all my heart. Some may not understand how I could say nasty and hateful things to my blood. If anyone ever had someone dying from a full body cancer should know that their loved ones are already dead especially after they had tried everything else first.

Becky wanted a masochist death by her two lovers. After given James and Becky permission to hunt and kill Chelsey, Bella took Becky wedding band and put it on Chelsey ring finger on her right hand as she announced James and Chelsey, husband and wife.

You see even though Hecate was a demon she was going to be in human form forever. Chelsey was James slave wife, and Hecate was James chief wife and lover.

Christ, watching my beautiful daughter getting murdered by her lovers was hard, but it was her wish to die in a sadomasochist death and James and Chelsey fulfill it for her. Both Hecate’s body in hell and Becky’s earthly body taken the same damage.

I had been practicing witchcraft since I was fifteen years old. I enjoy worshipping my Lord and Master, Lucifer and he was Becky’s birth father. Yes, both Bella and Blair knew that Becky was their half sister but was born on the earth to a teenager bitch instead of a Goddess. Becky never had any powers of her own, and both Bella and Blair were there when I took Becky as a goddamn masochist bitch.

Now Becky was home with her father and the most danger bitch in her father’s family. When I drew the pentagram on Becky’s dead body, the same carving appeared on Hecate’s hellish body in hell locking them to each other forever. Their souls became the same. Now for the story of my earthly daughter death and the rise of Chelsey’s hellish sister upon the earth permanently.

The hellish story of Becky painfully death

Chelsey told both Becky and James about the death warrant that Goddess signed. The next day James and Becky hunting their Angel of Hell, they tied Chelsey up with her arms and legs behind her back. Next, they hung Chelsey by the neck and six feet above the ground to a tree for her to watch Becky and James fucked off one last time before killing his human wife.

Then Becky knelt in front of James and undid his blue jeans. Since James never wore underwear, his very huge shaft popped out at attention. Becky took the whole length of her husband’s shaft down as she began sucking on it.

Chelsey watched as her human's sadist Master started punching his slave human wife face as she sucks his shaft. Becky enjoys rough sex, and Chelsey orders her Master to hurt Becky as she watches with full hatefulness toward his wife.

For the first time in her life, Becky was scared as her sadist husband took his full wrath out on her while Chelsey screamed, “Kill that goddamn bitch of yours if you truly love me, Master. Honor and glorify me by killing that goddamn whore of yours. I command you to die bitch for my hellish pleasure.”

James no longer saw Becky as his wife or as a human being, just a piece of shit that all she was to him now. Hearing Becky’s bones breaking excited Chelsey as she orders James to kill his only true love. There was a big loud crushing sound behind them. Becky saw Chelsey’s body covered in flames standing there with dark black wings of hatefulness.

Chelsey’s eyes were entirely black as Becky heard, “Hecate will take your place along with me as James’ wives. We shall love him forever and ever. Your death will combine James, Hecate, and me permanently to each other, you goddamn bitch. Now die, you goddamn whore.”

Watching from the shadows, Blair and Bella allowing a slow and painful death over Becky’s godless body as her mother, Heather walked up to them with Becky’s two golden 1911 pistols that had been delivered to Blair.

Heather said, “You, goddamn bitch, you shall be hunted by James and Chelsey as his hunting dog as I watch the destruction of you, bitch. I hate you, goddamn bitch. Wish I never gave birth to you, fucking whore. You are goddamn weak just like all the other humans on the earth, bitch.”

As Heather turned her back on Becky which ripped her daughter heart out. Becky knew that it was time for her to die a slow painful death of hell, and yet, she was excited about her goddamn fate.

Chelsey got on all fours and growled, “Bitch, Bella is waiting for you in hell of the condemn Bitches along with your goddamn father. You are a fucking whore and hunting you will be my goddamn pleasure and watching you die a slow death by a human who hates you more than I do, goddamn bitch.”

When Chelsey finished talking, Heather rammed a double edge dagger into Becky’s cunt as she said, “Run you goddamn bitch because James and his hound of hell are out to kill you, goddamn bitch.”

Becky ran as fast as she could as Chelsey chase her with James right behind them while Jeacar attacked Heather sadistic body sexually.

Chelsey tackles Becky, forcing her down onto the ground hard as she struck her human bitch. Chelsey whispered, “Bitch, run, goddamn bitch. My lover and Master are coming to kill you for my damn hellish pleasure, bitch.”

Becky got up and started to run as she heard gunshots as Goddess Blair and Goddess Bella kept her alive for the slow painful death to hell.

Heather was hearing her daughter begging for James to kill her slowly and painfully.

After fourteen days on Becky’s twenty-fifth birthday, as James finally aimed the guns at the back of Becky’s head. Becky was on her knees in front of him as he pulled the trigger as he heard, “Enough, slaves of mine,” James and Chelsey knelt as Becky took her last breath on earth and fell forward onto the ground.

The announcement of the death of the most beloved human masochist bitch by her Goddess as James knelt in front of his sadist Goddess as Heather slowly walked over to her only child who was now lying dead before her as she carved a Pentagram onto Becky’s chest as Goddess Bella call forth Hecate to her new earthly vessel.

Blair appeared to them next to Becky’s lifeless body. Announcing the death of Becky, Blair grin at them as they heard, “Do not tell me you had real feelings for this human, Blair.”

“No, I have no feelings for that human bitch but how in the hell did you get James to hate her so much.”

“Easy, I left that to Chelsey, sis.”

“Chelsey, my masochist dog, how did you get James to hate Becky so goddamn much, slave?

“I told him that Hecate and I would give him children that could never die and when the time come for his death, Hecate and I shall kill him fast as the transfer of us from him to his children shall take place and be sealed in his blood forever, my lord.”   

“Why did you picked this human to die, Chelsey?”

“I miss my sister Hecate, Goddess Blair. I knew that Lucifer was Becky’s birth father which made her body the perfect choice for Hecate to take over, Goddess Blair. Also, it was not like Becky did not know that death was coming for her. I had a private talk with Becky, my lord. I told her that I wanted her body for my sister, Hecate to take over. I explained that demons needed a human body to live on earth and since Hecate is a she-devil that wanted to live with my family. I told Becky that James would kill her fast there would not be much pain, but Becky told me to have James take his sweet time. I asked Goddess Bella during the hunt of Hell if my sister could join us on earth. Bella told me if I could find a masochist body that was dying, that she would allow Hecate to join me on earth forever, Goddess Blair.”

“Slave, I never meant for you to kill a human. I would have combined the human’s soul with the spirit of Hecate. However, with Becky, you made the right choice because her body is perfect.”

Both Blair and Bella knelt and laid their hands onto Becky’s dead body as Blair locked Becky’s soul into hell as Bella called the spirit of Hecate forward. Just as breath started to come out of Becky again, James pulled Goddess Blair off of his dead wife. James had no idea what was taking place but seeing breath coming from Becky; he was scared that Blair recalled his wife soul from hell.

James saw the anger in Blair’s eyes as he said, “Goddess Blair, Becky was already at death doorstep. She only had a couple more months to live. Cancer was slowly killing her, I loved my wife, and she told me what Chelsey asked of her as we were tying your angel up. Goddess Bella can tell me if I am wrong, but with Becky body already weaken from cancer, as soon as Hecate had entered Becky, they both would have…”

The following conversation between Blair and Bella was for James ears only:

“You know what he is saying is the truth, sis; both spirits would have destroyed Becky human body since cancer had made it weak. Plus I see it in your eyes that Becky was fighting you on reviving her.”

“You knew about Chelsey plan?”

“Chelsey told me in hell when we were hunting her. You were full of anger toward Chelsey that you could not see her thoughts and concerns about seeing Becky dying a slow painful death. So I gave my word that I would allow Hecate to take over Becky’s body. I did not know how weak Becky indeed was until I first saw her with James after we had returned from the hunt of Hell. James, your wife memories will become Hecate now and forever. She will answer to either name, Becky or Hecate.

Allow me to tell you little about Hecate; she was my hellish masochist bitch for much of her life after God threw Satan and all of us demons to hell except for Chelsey which you already know her story. Hecate is Chelsey’s older sister. Both Hecate and Chelsey will probably hunt each other for their sadomasochist pleasures. Goddess Blair can fill you in more later. Jezebel and Jeacar take Becky Hecate Jones to your Goddess’ mansion and watch over her. Blair, hear my warning, Hecate is coming out of a deep sleep allow her to become aware of her surroundings before you allow James to see her. Chelsey will take care of James until Hecate is ready to take her place as his primary wife forever.”

After Becky painfully death

After saying those words, Bella disappeared as Jeacar took Hecate back to Blair’s mansion. Blair told Chelsey to rest while Heather and she have intercourse with James. Knowing that Blair, James, and Heather would be pursuing her in the morning, Chelsey slowly fell asleep.

As Chelsey slept, the anger and hatefulness she had towards Becky aside and her wings turned from black to white again.

James whispered, “My Goddess, I am sorry for upsetting you, but my earthly wife had suffered enough pain with hellish cancer. I could not allow you to bring her soul back to…”

“I knew about your wife cancer, slave. I was planning on killing her during a private hunt competition between me and her hunting my Angel of hell. I did not know that Chelsey wanted her sister to be part of my family or I would have killed Becky sooner.”

James looked at Blair as she continued, “I was not trying to bring your wife soul back from death but locking it deep inside of Hell gates. Becky’s soul belongs to Bella forever now; what you saw was between Bella and me was for your eyes only. Satan and us Goddesses does not have powers to raise dead humans ever, only fallen angels or demons can we raise. I have to give my ownership of Becky over to Bella for her to release Hecate and accept Becky soul as payment. Chelsey had to witness the transfer of souls. I know what Bella told you about calling Hecate by your deceased wife’s name, but I would recommend that you do not call her by that name and allow Becky’s soul to rest in Hell with her Goddess and her birth father. Jeacar had already started using Hecate name in referring to your wife, slave. Only my demons and I will hunt Hecate; humans will never be allowed to hunt your wife. The humans will hunt only Chelsey forever. I may allow you to join me on private hunts of your wife, but for now, Chelsey will fulfill your sadist pleasure and mine.”

Point of View and Thoughts from Heather

The truth is that Becky, my daughter was not dying from cancer but was a sacrifice to my husband, Lucifer. Becky knew that she was born as a vessel for a she-devil to enter. Becky only power was to die for a she-devil of my choice or James when the time came but when hearing about Hecate and what she meant to Chelsey. Lucifer, Bella, Blair, James, and I sat down and discussed my daughter death.

I know you humans think I am cold to put my daughter to death. It was all tied up, Lucifer and Blair, voted for life while Bella and James, vote for death. I voted to kill my blood and Becky was there when I cast my vote of death.

Once all the vote for death was cast, Lucifer took Becky and mated with her as death fill her body. You see no human has ever lived through a pregnancy with one of Lord Lucifer’s children until me. Not only did I live through the hellish birth of Lucifer’s children but his children live too. James was also my demon child of hell. I belong to Lucifer, and all my pregnancy was in his name.

Becky knew that James was her brother and watching him casting his vote for her death was not a surprise to her. She was being marked by her father for death to take at the moment, Blair said, enough. Becky turns and kissed Hecate lips as she said, “Your sister awaits for you, my lord. How would you like James to kill me in your and Chelsey’s names, my lord?”

Hecate told all of us that she wanted every goddamn bone in Becky’ body to be broken in millions of pieces, including her neck. Lucifer, Blair, and I signed the death warrant of hell for Becky, approving the way of death over Becky would happen.

Inside of hell

Becky slowly woke up inside a small cage in Hell. There in front of her sitting on her throne was Goddess Bella.

Seeing demons all around the cage trying to claw at her as she heard, “Welcome to Hell, slave Becky. My pets want to play with you so badly. You have a new unkillable body, slave. Hecate will take great care of your beautiful sexy husband. Hecate also has an unkillable body on earth. Your only mission from now on is to bring me glory, my slave. Unlike Blair, I do not love or feel anything for my slaves. Even though you are my half-sister, I still have no feelings for you, bitch — it nothing personal, it business to me. If a God or Goddess offers me something for you, I will sell you to them or rent you out. Now rest because in the morning you will be hunted by me and my hellish pets of painful pleasures.”

Becky laid back down and shut her eyes as she heard the demons around her cages growling at her.

Bella was there when Chelsey asked Becky to sacrifice herself for Hecate release from Hell. Becky kissed Bella’s right hand as she asked, “Could James kill me while Chelsey filled up with anger and hatefulness toward me.”

Bella looked at Chelsey and said, “The moment that James and Becky tied you to a tree, hatefulness, and anger for this Bitch shall fill you up until Goddess Blair say the following word, ‘Enough.’ You will remember everything that this Bitch goes through as she takes her place at my feet for the rest of her goddamn life. Do I make my goddamn self clear, bitch?”

Chelsey answer Bella with the following words: I condemn this goddamn mother fucker bitch to the hellish wrath of Goddess Bella forever, my lord,” as she kissed Becky lips in front of her Goddess.

Becky would take her last breath and death would come upon her human body the moment that Blair said the following word ‘ENOUGH.’ Knowing the time and place that she would die finally, filled Becky up with relief.

Point of View by Becky about her hellish death

As my husband started to punch me in the face while I suck on his huge shaft, both Chelsey and James began to fill with anger and hatefulness toward me. Chelsey had already removed my wedding band from my left ring finger. I was scared but yet excited that Blair would allow me to suffer for days before commanding my death by saying that one goddamn word ‘Enough.’ Hours had turned to days as Chelsey joined in with my husband killing me. There will be humans that will never understand how I would allow myself to die in this way, but I would say that I was already dead, James and Chelsey were finishing what cancer had started.

Both, Blair and Bella, were there in the shadows watching my destruction along with my beloved mother and Jeacar. I started to go between the worlds of earth and Hell. Hearing my bones breaking while Chelsey laugh as James slowly killed me with his hands and my guns. The pain from James was a relief to my body that had been burning daily for that last couple of years.

Blair must have seen enough because there I was entirely in Hell with Hecate next to me in the same cage as she began to fade out of sight. I saw demons starting to circle the pen as my eyes rolled back. Blair locking me inside the cage as Bella released Hecate into her new improved body. I was now unkillable in Hell and Hecate was unkillable on earth along with her sister. Also, I am finally home where I can receive immense pain for eternally; after all, I am a masochist bitch.

Point of View by Hecate about her rebirth

There I was in hell, caged in my pen. I was sleeping when the thunder started to sound. I saw a figure fading in and out of my pen. I love my sister, Chelsey so much but I did not believe her when she told me that I would be joining her on earth until I saw this young bitch fading in and out inside my hellish cage of pain. I could see a guy beating the shit out of her as my sister hatefulness grew toward her. This bitch was not begging for mercy. Instead, she asked for them to dish more out upon her hellish body. I knew the holy father had turned his back on the young bitch as the guy broke her goddamn neck over and over which I could feel with my own body. It was hard for me to watched but I had no choice as I started to fade in and out of my cage. Then I heard Goddess Blair said the following word ‘ENOUGH.’

The young Bitch was in my cage; she kissed my lips and told me that I was going to love my new home as I felt myself being pulled toward the dead body lying in the snow. I fell into a deep sleep as I enter the human body which will be my vessel forever. The young Bitch never told me her name, but I slowly began to pick up on her memories as Goddess Bella lock me into my new container.

Finally, I was going to be back with my sister. Chelsey might still be called an angel, but I knew better. She and I have the same ungodly pleasures for pain. I ripped my wings off in front of the Heavenly Father just before I jumped straight into the lake of fire.

At the time Chelsey was on earth getting gangbang by a group of male humans before finally getting caught by the holy father. I knew Jezebel and her brother, Jeacar very well. Hell Jezebel would watch Jeacar mating with me in heaven before we went to hell.

After Satan split up kingdoms between his two sadist daughters, I stayed with Goddess Bella while Jeacar, my lord went to earth with his sister. A couple of centuries has passed, and I posed to take Jezebel place, but my sister had fallen in love with Jezebel. I am sorry that my freedom to earth cost James, his lover but in the end, Becky will find her peace and I will finally be home with my ungodly family once again.

Jane’s new role in sadomasochist life hood

Meanwhile, in the dungeon Jane hung from the ceiling by her wrists which wrapped in barbwire that continues around her body and went between her cunt and backed up her body to her wrists as she heard the following conversation between her lord and Goddess Bella:

“Jeacar, you pose to let Hecate rest.”

“Goddamn, Bella. Do you know how long it has been since I was with my inhuman wife? Do not say it; I know that she belongs to James and I will respect him but until he comes for her. I will take what is mine in the meantime, bitch.”

Goddess Bella kissed Jeacar lips and whispered, “I know, my sadist slave. Just remember not to open doors that you will regret, that is all I am saying.”

“I know, my Goddess. Hecate was once my wife; however, now she will be used by my earthly Master, James forever. I know that he will cherish Hecate forever plus I am a bastard that enjoys mating with anyone at any time including you, Goddess Bella.”

Bella tells Becky, her new role in hell

Then Goddess Bella left Blair’s private dungeon and went back to her kingdom where her most modern slave was waiting for her.

As Blair and Heather mated with James, Chelsey slept peacefully as she knew that Bella would love and cherished Becky forever.

Even though Bella says she has no feelings or love for any of her slaves or pets, Chelsey knew otherwise. Bella had always thought to show your feelings for slaves was a weakness, but Chelsey knew Bella darkest secrets, and so did Blair. They both knew that Becky was now in a better place where she could be satisfied with extreme lustful pleasure forever.

A gang of demons was in the bunker of the earth with Jezebel. They took turns gangbanging her as her labor pain from Hell continue as she stayed in human form.

Jezebel was cursed from giving birth to her lord children until he arrived to witness their birth. Lucifer was taken his sweet time as he allowed his sadomasochist dog to suffer in major pain of Hell in human form.

The demons were not taking it easy on the Lord’s bitch of sadist bitches. With blood, sweat, and semen dripping off her godless human body of hell, Jezebel got slammed roughly into all the walls as she wore a suffocating hood of Hell causing her to suffocate for their goddamn hellish pleasures.

All suddenly Becky was woken up by a soft touch on her face. As she slowly opens her eyes, seeing four bedposts and attached to all four bedposts at the top was a red satin cover. As Becky continued to look around, she noticed Goddess Bella sitting in a red leather chair with black trim.

Becky tries to get up, but two she-devils grabbed her and pinned her to the bed. Bella was surprised watching as Becky started asking the youngest she-devil to sit on top of her face so she could taste her. The young bitch turn facing her Mistress and Bella nodded for the young girl to feed Becky at once. As the young bitch sat down on top of Becky’s face, Bella called the older one to herself while she got up from her chair. Bella and the older she-devil left them.

The young she-devil put both hands onto Becky’s neck as she felt Becky attacking her cunt. After some time, Bella returns to the Master bedroom where she left her newest slave with her youngest bitch. Becky felt something huge entering her cunt as she heard a dominant voice, “Sweet pet of my pleasure, please choke my baby sister harder as I fuck her off while you feed her your goddamn juices.”

Becky felt sharp fingernails pushing against her throat area as her Goddess mated with her while she ate her devil food. Since there is no time in hell, it is hard to say when Bella order the young she-devil to leave them.

Bella continues to mate with Becky while saying, “I own your body, soul, heart, mind, and goddamn life, sis. I have never allowed anyone in my private bedroom except for my two private dogs of Hell. They will feed and watch over you for me when I am not here. They are only known as dogs. You have permission to named them for your use only. You are my private slave until I get bored. I may choose to sell or give you to all of my demons to have for their hellish pleasure, slave. Just because you are my half sister does not mean I care for your ass, understand slave of Hell.”

“I fully understand my role in your kingdom, Goddess Bella.”

“Good, my slave. I will still hunt you with my demons tomorrow; since they have been behaving lately you will be their reward from me, my pet?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Have you ever been suffocated before, slave?”

“Yes, my lord. Mistress Heather has been suffocating me since I was fifteen years old, my lord. Please suffocate me for your…”

Feeling the chain around her neck getting tighter as she heard, “Look at me Bitch. By the way, I am keeping you in human form for now, but you will not die since you already died, my bitch. Damn, your neck still was broken, so I will have to be careful with you for now. I may send my father in to see if you need to go into your demons form or if I can keep you as a human. James did a hell of a job on breaking your goddamn neck and all your bones on the earth.”

Between Lucifer and Bella

As Becky’s body finally collapsed from air loss, Bella heard a deep voice, “You can keep her in human form when she is awake but keep her in demon form while she sleeps, my most sadistic daughter of Hell. I would postpone the hunt tomorrow until her neck is strong enough or you can heal it as she sleeps, but it will take all your strength since you have to go through her beast form to heal it.”

“Unless we do it together as we mate with each other, father. As you break all my bones in the same ordered as James broke Becky’s body.”

“Taking you sexual has always had been my pleasure, but I need to go to the earth and allow our family sadomasochist dog to give birth to mine hellish children, my beautiful sexy…”

“Goddamn, father let that fucking whore suffer some more for my pleasure. Jezebel was made to suffer for our sadist pleasures of hell. Do not worried about your children; they are strong enough to live through the hell that their goddamn mother is going through for my hellish pleasures during their goddamn birth.”

“God, you do hate Jezebel, my love.”

“Hate her? Goddamn, that word is too fucking nice for her unlike it is for my sister. I despite Jezebel, the goddamn whore, however, I also despite my goddamn sister on the earth. Do not misunderstand me, father; I do not like to watch my sister suffering, but when it comes to Jezebel, I enjoy the goddamn whore suffering for my hellish pleasure. I want to watch our demons destroying that goddamn whore of ours just as she gives birth to our son and daughter, father. Now fuck me roughly as we first heal my true masochistic sister born to a human bitch from your seed of hell.”

“As you goddamn wish, my sadomasochist bitch. By the way, your goddamn mother wants you to visit her soon. Goddamn, you do like it rough as hell, bitch of mine.”

“Hurt me, mother fucker. Take me, break all my bones as Becky’s bones heal and then feed my broken body to the gang of demons which are attacking your goddamn sadomasochist Bitch on the earth, my…”

Bella could not finish talking as her father started to break her bones in the same order as James broke Becky’s. Lucifer called in Bella private dogs and told them to lay with Becky of hell. They were going to be Mistress Becky food source as he sadistically destroys his oldest child’s body of hell.

Lucifer removed Bella’s power since he was destroying her in hell the only place where demons and she-devils could live without their strengths. Lucifer transfer Bella powers to Becky broken body as he whispered, “Bitch of my blood, you will be too weak to leave hell by the time I get done with you. Becky should be your Mistress of darkness until I return to your kingdom. I may not return to this goddamn kingdom for a while, fucking bitch of my blood.”

Hearing her father words as he broke every goddamn bone that was in her body, Bella knew that she was Becky’s bitch until her father decides otherwise. This beating was her punishment for tricking him for allowing the hellish hunt of Hell involving Chelsey, a couple of months back. As Lucifer broke Bella’s ribs, Becky’s ribs started to heal, and the same went for her neck. It did not take long for Becky in demon form to attack Bella’s private dogs. Seeing the Mistress of darkness healing faster than expected, Lucifer whispered to his oldest daughter, “Even though you are in hell and cannot die; I will give you fifteen percent of your powers back, so you have a chance to last against your slave. Becky will be known as Mistress of Darkness from this point forward. I love you so goddamn much, bitch of my bloodline .”

Bella could see why her father had changed his mind about thoroughly punishing her.

Lucifer punishment against Jezebel, his sadomasochist bitch

Finally, Lucifer left Hell and appeared in the bunker of the earth where his sadomasochist bitch was bloody, sweaty, and covered with demons semen. Jezebel looks at her Lord as she heard, “Not yet, my hellish hound. Since the earth is your permit home, you will not die. However, I want you to suffer for my goddamn hellish pleasure, bitch of Hell.”

Hearing her Lord words as the demons continue their assault upon her godless body of hell was excited for the family dog. Jezebel said, “Master of my destruction, do not let your hellish demons stop their assault on my body until your children are born, my godless Lord.”

“As my bitch wishes. Demons, you heard my dog so destroy her until both of mine godless children are born in this bunker of the earth.”

James hunting his masochist wife, Chelsey

Chelsey felt some soft slaps against her face as a female voice said, “Time to wake up, my slave.”

As Chelsey slowly open her eyes, she saw James on top of her as he rammed his shaft in and out of her cunt roughly. Chelsey slowly started to arch back as Blair knelt over her head. Blair grabbed James’ head as she started to relieve herself onto Chelsey’s head. When Blair was done relieving herself, she stood up and back away as James rose to his feet and relieved himself onto Chelsey’s face.

After James finish relieving himself, Blair kicked Chelsey’s right rib cage hard as she screamed, “RUN YOU GODDAMN WHORE OF MINE.”

Chelsey jumped up and ran away as Blair handed James, Becky’s pair of custom 1911 pistols that she never had the chance to use. Blair told James that the clips were load with metal jackets of Hell. Blair stayed back with Heather as James went hunting for his slave wife of Hellish bitches.

James caught up to Chelsey and started to empty both guns at the same time. As soon as Chelsey hit the ground, James mated with her as she slowly heals from the bullets.

Chapter 8 - Birth of Lucifer's and Bella's Children

Lucifer was watching his demons destroying Jezebel in the bunker of the earth as he saw a figure stepping out of the shadow and knew it was Bella and with Becky who was on all fours. Just as Jezebel got slammed into a wall, Bella walked up to her and kissed the family dog lips as she whispered, “Before the night is over you shall be dead, bitch. If the demons or the birth of my children does not kill you, then I will unleash my new hound unto you, bitch.”

Then Jezebel felt all her powers leave her body. She was now fully human as she heard, “As my daughter of hell announced the death of Jezebel, it shall be so.”

Then Lucifer turns and left the bunker, knowing that Jezebel would be dead soon.

Blair saw a tear fell from Jeacar eyes as she said, “Slave, your sister had served our needs and now the time has come for her to perish forever.”

Jeacar knew that the Lucifer’s family was not going to change their mind about allowing Jezebel to die during the birth of her lord’s children.

Jeacar wipes the tear away as he said, “I have no sister, Goddess. I am yours and your families to use forever.”

Feeling her brother turning his back on her, Jezebel knows that her time is short as the demons continue their attack on her body. Jezebel life flashes before her as she remembers her first-day meeting Lucifer and his two daughters in heaven. They took her sexually and showed her a life that she never knew. Jezebel saw humans as weak and useless for anything. They were watching Jesus Christ dying on the x-shape cross and having her brother destroying her sexually in front of all the demons and she-devils in hell.

Jezebel could feel the first child of Lucifer coming out as she heard, “Soon you will be dead, bitch.”

Seeing the hatefulness in Bella's eyes as a demon said, “My Goddess, it’s a boy.”

Bella said, “He shall be known as Seth, Lord of Chaos and storms. Take him to his father in hell as Jezebel suffer some more for my goddamn pleasure before dying for my glory and honor.”

A demon left the bunker with baby Seth and went to hell where Lucifer was waiting for them. Jezebel looked into Goddess Bella’s eyes as she heard, “My daughter shall stay inside of you until it is time for you to fucking die, bitch.”

Jezebel remembers the first time she saw Chelsey crawling next to Blair after hunting a human and learning that Goddess Bella had cursed Blair with the angel to hunt forever and remembering how Jeacar took Chelsey for the first time in the Master bedroom before Blair lock her up in the dungeon. Jezebel fell in love with Chelsey as she hunted the bitch of her Goddess.

Now on her death bed as the demons punished her while the daughter of her lord stayed inside of her. Hours turn into days, and no air had entered Jezebel lung since the demons took her from Blair’s bedroom of hell. Still getting gangbang nonstop by the most hellish demon that Lucifer ruled over as Goddess Bella watch with death in her eyes for her dog of hell.

Petting her soon to be a dying dog, Bella whispered to her, “Dog of mine, death is coming for you. The moment that my daughter's head pops out of your womb, bitch, you should die.”

Jezebel’s body started to arched backed violent as Bella laid her hands onto the chest of her dog. Bella’s daughter was coming out, and death was going to enter Jezebel’s body.

Seeing death waiting to take Jezebel to hell forever when Bella said, “You may have her now death.”

Death enters Jezebel’s body as Bella’s daughter exit the womb. Bella took her daughter and ordered the demons to follow her to hell.

Blair kissed Jeacar lips as she said, “Go, bury your sister’s body. I am off to see my nephew and niece in my father kingdom.”

Jeacar left and went to the bunker in the forest and dragged his sister body out to the woods and bury her deeply as he cursed her to death forever.

Blair kissed her father lips and congrats Bella on the birth of her children. Bella said, “Thank you, sis. How is Jeacar dealing with his sister’s death?”

“He is taking it hard, my love.”

“Good to hear that. Now Jeacar knows not to disobey me again. Next time I will destroy his kid. Where is Hecate now, sis?”

“Hecate is with James and Chelsey in my forest. As for Jeacar, he is…”

“Goddess Bella, I promise to leave Hecate alone forever. She belongs to James Jones forever.”

Seeing her hound with his head down and tears dripping from his eyes, Bella said, “Look at me, Jeacar. Jezebel is dead, now go and raise your kid and continue mating with Jane until she fulfills her role of being the mother of the werewolf race of hell, do you understand me, slave. Now go and mate with your human queen until Filtiarn’s eighteenth birthday when you pass that human bitch onto him to destroy and continue to the werewolf race forever. Now leave, dog.”

Jeacar left them at once and joined Jane in Goddess Blair’s dungeon as James and Hecate hunted Chelsey in the forest of the earth.

POV Jezebel

Death is not the worst thing that has ever happen to me. I knew that Goddess Bella was going to kill me again. Jeacar is still young compared to me. I have died many times from giving birth in human form. I was in Goddess Bella secret dungeon with Becky and the private hound of Bella. You see I was posed to have returned to hell months ago, but Chelsey took my place and hunted by Lucifer’s daughters. Every one hundred century, I return to hell and become pregnant by one lucky demon to have a human demon born to him by me. However, Lucifer was the one to pregnant me this time in my human form. It was the first time I was pregnant with two hellish demons in my human form. Blair has always been my food source, but this time I had to share her blood with Jane who was pregnant by my brother.

Being weaken to a human state by Goddess Bella, Blair blood was not filling my thirst for blood, so Chelsey was my secret food source. However, the morning my labor pain started, Chelsey was out being hunted by James and Heather. I could not control my thirst as I saw the fear in Blair’s eyes if Goddess Bella did not appear when she did, Goddess Blair would be dead.

I have been drinking Blair’s blood since the first demon had pregnant me in human form, and that took place as Christ died. Goddamn, given birth to Lucifer’s children was the toughest pregnancy I ever went through to date. Christ, this hound of Bella is hell on Becky as she cares for me until I am ready to be home with Goddess Blair, my Mistress forever. I am tired now and weak as Becky, and the hound of Bella takes care…

POV Bella

Sorry but Jezebel is now resting until she is ready to serve my family again. For now, Hecate will hunt Chelsey along with Heather, and Goddess Blair as Jeacar and Jane raise their son, Filtiarn. Chelsey story is just beginning and more about her coming. Rest In Peace Jezebel, my goddamn she-devil bitch.

Before going to hell to join his Goddess, Jeacar went out to the forest and entered the Extreme Bunker of the Earth; he found his sister’s body. It was the only second time in his young demon life that he had to bury her — knowing that he had to leave the suffocating hood on her head. Jeacar picked Jezebel up and carried her to the thickest part of the forest of the Earth where he had dug six feet wide and twenty feet deep hole with Goddess Blair’s backhoe. Jeacar threw Jezebel’s body into the pit and jumped onto the backhoe and fill-in the gap with the dirt. Jeacar parked the backhoe on top of Jezebel’s grave and went to Hell to join his Goddess Blair.

James and Heather were out hunting Chelsey in the forest of the earth when they came upon the backhoe and asked Chelsey about the backhoe, and its uses.

Chelsey explained that the backhoe marked Jezebel’s grave. She told them that when the time was right Goddess Blair will dig up Jezebel’s body and take the body to her dungeon where Blair will hook the suffocating hood to the air compressor and revive her for her pleasure. Jezebel was not genuinely dead; she was resting from giving birth to two hellish beasts in her human form.

Heather asked Chelsey if they could have intercourse with her on Jezebel’s grave?

Chelsey told them that she had to contact Goddess Blair before she could remove…

Before Chelsey could finish her sentence, she heard, ‘You can remove the backhoe, my beautiful bitch. However, you must repark the backhoe exactly where it was before you move it, understand me, my slut.

Answering her Goddess through her thoughts, ‘I fully understand my lord. I will park it back exactly where it was, my sadistic Goddess.’

‘Glad to hear that, bitch of mine forever.’

Chelsey jumped onto the backhoe and back it up about ten feet. Next, Chelsey knelt in the middle of Jezebel’s grave and gave herself to Master James and Mistress Heather for them to sexually abuse.

 All three relieve themselves over Jezebel grave as they had intercourse with each other over the next seventy-two hours.

Covered in sweat, cum, and dirt, Chelsey drove the backhoe back onto Jezebel’s grave while James was slamming Heather against a tree as he rammed his shaft into her cunt.

Once the backhoe was parked back on top of Jezebel’s grave, Chelsey jumped off and crawled over to her human sadist husband and sat up as she watched him have rough intercourse with his mother-in-law. Out of the corner of her eyes, Heather saw the young angel watching them as she said, “Bitch, can you lose those goddamn wings for now?”

Chelsey said, “My queen, I will lose my wings until the time you allow me to have them back.”

“Glad to hear that bitch. I do have a surprise for you, my masochist Angel.”

Just then Chelsey felt someone grabbing her hair as a sadistic voice said, “Goddamn Bitch, I have missed you so much, bitch.  I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to kicking your ass around here and making you watch me and my beautiful, sexy husband, James fucking off all over this goddamn place of our Goddess, bitch. You may speak, slave.”

“I have been yours since the day the Holy Father, Mistress Hecate formed me. Show my earthly Master and Mistress what I was made for, my most sadistic hell-raising sister in the universe.”

“Do not worry your little head, slave. I will show Heather and James what you are good for, bitch. I know your darkest secret of hell. James, you should know that I was and still am married to Jeacar the Hound of Hell. However, he has taken a human to be his bitch now. I believe her goddamn name is Janet. She will take my place as Jeacar’s wife forever. She enjoys pain as much as she enjoys giving it. Here is why I am telling you about Jeacar and my relationship, there will be times that my hellish beast and I will join Jeacar sexually to allow my beast side to play, understand me, human? Now slave Chelsey, run because I am looking forward to killing you in front of those godless humans. I will not go as far with you as our goddesses did in hell, but I will come close to it, bitch.”

As soon as Chelsey felt her sister let go of her hair, she got up and ran like the devil was behind her as she heard Hecate growling as James and Heather watched his primary wife changed into a hellish beast before their eyes.

Heather whispered, “let, Hecate and Chelsey play with each other for now because I want you to pregnant me, Master.”

Hearing his mother-law words, James begins to get rough with her as he said, “Bitch, you are no longer my mother-in-law but my goddamn bitch to use and abuse forever, fucking whore.”

This is not the end but the beginning of Chelsey’s story. Knowing that Hecate had her full power to change forms unlike her, Chelsey would always look like a human being since the Holy Father curse her in that form. In the following novels, Chelsey will bleed for her Goddesses and her keepers’ hellish sadistic pleasures.