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A girl named Circe has forgotten her past. Circe has only two colors. To her, they were not colors, but they were the only colors she had. Her power was air, far more powerful than most powers on earth. Would you like to know more about the colorless girl? 

No Color

Hi! I'm Cookiegoom, and this is my first story on Writersky! If you like this story then please comment down below!

Gray, everything was gray; my past was gray. 'What's going on? 
Where am I?'
I quietly looked around, but all I saw was clear. 'Some kind of liquid is drowning me... Water?' I looked up to see a bright light. It was starting to get dark. I quickly swam up to the light. Pulling myself out of the liquid, I quietly whispered, "Definitely Water..."

I laid on the hard gray ground for a minute to catch my breath. building 'Seriously... What's going on?' I looked around the bright building, the building was bare. 'Where...'  I stood up a little scared about the situation. 

I looked down at my long white dress and sighed. "Am I even wearing shoes?" I soon noticed that my shoes were missing, I wasn't even wearing socks. "I'm so confused..." I started to laugh nervously. It was the only thing that made me feel better in this situation. I stared at the cuts on my feet for a second. I noticed that I was completely dry even though I was just in water 2 minutes ago.

"Okay okay. Everything's fine, right? All I need to know is the regular stuff. What my name is, What age I am, and What my gender is. Obviously, my gender is female, but What's my age and name..." I looked at the water then touched my forehead. "I'm guessing that my age is around 16-17..."

 I sighed as I looked around for an exit. "Finally!" I found a large, gray door. "A way out of this weird place..." I slowly open the door scared about what might be behind it. 'Please don't be anything bad... I don't feel like going through any more confusion!'  I completely open the door to see a fast-moving city. 'I remember... This place, but...' 

I walked out of the building, looking around for help. Finally, I found a nice woman to talk to. "Hello, can you please tell me where I am?" The woman looked at me in horror. 
"What?! Monster!!" She screams before running away. Everyone glared at me then whispered. 

'What? What's going on? Is she talking about me?' I looked around scared. A paled skinned girl walked up to me. She pushed her goldened straight hair off of her face. "Come with me, Circe. I know what you're going through," She whispered.

"Circe? Is that my na-" She grabbed my hand and dragged me before I could finish. "Where are you taking me?!" I yelled. 

"You'll understand later! Trust me!" She yelled at me.

"How am I supposed to trust you?! I don't know anything!" I yelled back. I realized that we were in a neighborhood. She quickly drags me into a light blue house with a light gray roof and closes the door. I heard her sigh in relief. "Okay, were in someone's random house... Now, will you please tell me what is going on?" I cross my arms a little irritated. 

"Fine, but you need to give me a little respect. I did just save you from being seen by more people..." She looks at me while fixing her hair. 

"Fine... Thank you for saving me," I said with a smile before roll my eyes.

"Your welcome. My name is Lexy, and your Circe... I remember you because of your white dress... I mad it for you on your 16th birthday... Your 16 for now, your birthday is in a couple of weeks... Do you remember what happened?" Lexy looked at me with a serious look. 

"I remember nothing." I look up in confusion. 

"Hmm," Lexy hums.

"So, do you know why that lady yelled monster?" I mumble.

"Of course, she called you a monster. Haven't you see yourself?" She looked around.

"What?! Where's the bathroom?!"

"Down the hall, to the right. And quiet down," She mumbled.

I quickly ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. "What am I?" I whispered to myself. I had no color. My skin was white, plain white. My hair was completely black. Basically, I was a monster, I had no color. My lips were completely black. The place where my upper and bottom lip joined was cut by 4 inches. My right eye was gone, how didn't I notice? 'What is going on with me?!' Tears filled my left eye.

 "Here," Lexy said as she walked up to me. 

She looked through the bathroom cabinet for something. She pulls out a needle, a thread, and a cleaner. "From what I've noticed, you can't feel pain." She cleaned my cuts then started to stitch them. "Not a bad thing either..." She cleaned my eye then stitched it.

"Why stitch my eye?" I ask.

"I have an idea." She smiled. Why say no to her? She's already helped me so much. Even when I said I didn't remember anything, even her. Lexy finished stitching my eye. She throws the needle away in the trash and washes her hands. 

"Am I, dead? A zombie?"

"Of course not, your talking perfectly, and you can think." She giggled a little while drying her hands.

"Then what am I?" I looked down as I wiped my tears.

"I don't know yet, but I promise that I will figure it out Circe..." She looked at me. I nod. "Now, time to do your hair~ It must me perfet~" She giggles while dragging me into a light blue room. 
"This is your room for now, but you can look around after I do your hair~" She shows me a bunch of hair supplies. 

"Aw man..." I pout a little. "Fine..." 

"Yes!" She giggles as I sit down on my new bed. She starts to do my hair while humming. "So, what happened when you woke up?"

"It's was really weird... I was drowning in water, but I was complete dry. I pulled myself out of a hole filled with water... Then I was in a building, but the weird part about it is that the building was empty..."

"Hmm... That is weird.." Lexy says with a sigh. I look around my room. "But, I think you should chill a little. Remember, I'm supposed to worry about this..." She smiled. 

"Fine..." I sighed. She finishes doing my hair and hands me a mirror. 

"Look," Lexy said with a smile. I look at my hair. It was beautiful! My hair was fluffy and soft when I felt it. 1/4 of my hair was a bang to cover my right eye. The rest of my hair was down. 

"I love it!" I smiled at Lexy. 

"You're going to look awesome at school tomorrow!" Lexy smiles.

"School?!" Fear fills inside of me.