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[Love your mother; hug her and check if she's fine. Because there's nothing I wouldn't do for just five minutes with mine.]

I'm 15. My sister is 16. We lost our mother on the 2nd of August, 2016. Our mother was the kind to brighten up any situation by just being herself. She was selfless... This is a poem I wrote for her. This won't be my last poem either... but the next ones I write may not be published. August 27, 1977- Forever.

(Cover drawn by me.)


She's the candle in a dark corridor.
The warm flame embracing your heart.
She whispers, "I'll love you forevermore."
The words feel like silk as she falls apart.

Her voice does not permeate the silence.
Her loving arms do not embrace you now.
Her vessel is free from all the violence.
She gave you all the love you could allow.

The days aren't right as you breathe warm air.
The aroma of fire in winter.
You reach for a hand that isn't there.
The scar bleeds with another splinter.

Carry the candle for every step taken.
Life is a dream from which we'll awaken.