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Avatar Chronicles: Book 1: The Dawn


krєíσs єrєвus ís α вσч wíth α drєαm, thє drєαm tσ вєcσmє thє wσrld's grєαtєst αvαtαr. nσw αt thє αgє σf 10, hє sєts σff tσ αvαtαr αcαdєmч, thє plαcє tσ trαín αvαtαr's ín trαíníng. whαt hє dσєsn't knσw ís whαt wíll hαppєn whєn hє gєts thєrє, σr whσ hє wíll mєєt. dєtєrmínєd tσ mαkє fríєnds αnd αchíєvє hís drєαm, hє grσws tσ gαín strєngth αnd wíll. вut sσσn hє вєgíns tσ shσw sígns σf hím nσt pσssєssíng humαnítч. thє quєstíσn pσps up: whσ ís krєíσs єrєвus? αs hє єncσuntєrs spíríts, єlvєs αnd єvєn rєαpєrs, ít sσσn вєgíns tσ drαw σut hís truє σrígín.


There will be a few words that are not in complete english, but don't fret! I shall put the translation at the side.

Prologue: The Day Before Leaving

Prologue Begin!

"Kreios, help your Nēsan(Elder sister/Girl) with cleaning up!" My mother shouts from the kitchen, her voice echos down into the living room. Where I'm already climbing out the window, but I already forgot how high it was. My face was locked, I turned around and saw only my reflection in the window. My hazel hair blows left in the wind as I stare at each spike like they're the only things keeping me up on the ledge. I turn around and see the pond below, I can survive it. My feet are reluctant, but I'm rearing to go.
"Otōto-san(Little Brother), get down from there!" My sister yells at me. Instead of a dramatic jump I tumbled and fell straight into the pond. My clothes were soaking wet. Of course she had to be done with cleaning as soon as I was going to jump.
"Geez, you're just ready to go and become an avatar already? You don't have the patience to wait for tomorrow?" She throws down a towel at me and I walk out in embarrassment.
"I just can't wait to finally follow in bro's steps!" I yell back up at her. There's a sign of confusion of her face with then turns to being proud.
"I'm sure you'll be the best Avatar out there." She smiles at me, "now come on, get back up here!" I dry myself and make my way back upstairs.

I see my sister watching TV, and I can't stop staring at her long golden hair. It's just hypnotizing. She turns at me with her green eyes that are similar to mine.
"Kreios, what's the first thing you're going to do when you become and avatar?" She asks me. I think for a moment then answer.
"I'm gonna claim myself as the best avatar ever!" I shout out loud. She giggles and stands up.
"Come on now, you better head to sleep for tomorrow." She escorts me back to my bedroom.
"Good night, Tohka!" I smile at her and run inside my bedroom, instantly getting into bed. I don't change into my pajamas's. I'm not going to waste time in the morning getting ready. I've already packed and put everything together. It might be unusual for a ten year old to do that but I don't care! My eyes close and I finally drift off to sleep.

Hours later I wake up, my sister at my bedside holding my suitcase and her... Own?
"Nesan, what are you doing?" I ask her, sitting upright.
"I'm going with you!" She says with excitement. A ten and sixteen year old going to become Avatars, it's normal for my age at least.
"Let's go!" I scream, grabbing my suitcase and jumping out of my window. I've come prepared, wearing a yellow Avatar's jacket and a plain white t-shirt underneath. Also to combat the heat I put some yellow Avatar's shorts. I brought them. My sister soon jumps out after me, wearing a knee-length purple skirt and a white t-shirt. We both run down to the harbor to get ready for our journey.

We stand at the docks, me and my sister are the only two on the island that are leaving. We stand there with anxiety, everyone was staring at us. The boat arrives after minutes of waiting, we don't wait for a second and instantly jump on board of it.

Prologue: Arrival!

"Nesan, I can't wait!" I say, literately shaking around in my seat. My sister puts her hand on my shoulder to try and calm me down. But of course it doesn't work, I ran away to a window to see how close we were towards the Avatar Academy. We're not far, I can see it in the foggy distance! Well, I thought it wouldn't be long.
"Everybody, we're a night away from the Avatar Academy island!" I hear the ship captain shout from above. I sit down on my bed in depression.
"We're so far..." I moan. My sister stands up and stands in my doorway.
"Come on Ototo-san, we may be a night away but we're still going there." She smiles at me before leaving. I walk up and shut my door, before flopping down on my bed. My eyes would not close, I just endlessly stared at the ceiling of my room. Soon, I noticed my room had a wardrobe within it. So just to keep myself interested I opened it. Within it was a barrage of clothing, there was even more avatar clothing. I quickly snapped on a few things I liked and instantly went to sleep.

The next morning my sister was at my bedside, staring at me like she couldn't believe me.
"Kreios, when did you get changed...?" She asks me. I stand up on my bed, nearly forgetting I did get changed. To remind myself I ran towards the mirror located also in my room. A black hat that had a little red feather placed in it, then there's my normal clothes which just had different colors. I liked the clothes I had, just not the color. Instead of yellow, I replaced it with black and a red trim. It looked better.
"Five more minutes!" The ship captain yells. My first instinct was to be kind to my sister, and give her a change of clothes. After two minutes, she was already wearing something different. It was a blue skirt that shorter than her old one, but still long enough. A blue t-shirt that had a flowery pattern towards it and a white trim. Well, it took us three minutes to find clothes she actually liked. Two minutes to try all of them to like that one.

"We're here!" The ship captain shouts. We run outside, instantly looking at the island that was made for the sole purpose of the academy. Both of us instantly jump off with our suitcases, staring at the huge mahogany academy before us.

This is where every Avatar's journey starts, this is where we officially become Avatars in training. Now we must head in, we already got sent a letter telling us the rules and rooms we're in. Now that I remember the letter more, I think my sister was actually included on it.
"This is where we part for now, Kreios." My sister smiles at me. Yeah, I remember now. There's the 10-14 dorms and the 15-17 dorms, then the 18+ dorms. We go to our dorms first to unpack, then we head into the main hall to be orientated. That's how it works.

Instantly I run down to the dorms. Who will my roommate be?

Prologue End!

Chapter 1: An Odd Pair and Making Friends

Quickly, as fast as possible I dashed down the cobble paths of the ethereal academy, soon reaching the identical Mahogany dorms that stood to the sides of the academy itself. The 10-14 dorms was the one right in front of me, I finally get to meet who my roommate is. As I walked onto the dirt path that leaded to the dorm I saw different people, it amazed me that how much varied people were in this academy. As I opened the door I was amazed. It was like a small palace, everything was divine and perfect. But what came first was my room. I walked up the red velvet carpet that was laid down on the stairs, taking a right and down a hallway, soon coming across my room that was to the left.
"Room 15." I say, looking at the letter and door. I open the door the and see... A girl. She stares at me. Her hair is green, it's unnatural for a human to have that. Does this mean... My roommate is an Erufu(Elf)? She's not only a girl but an elf?

"Who the hell are you?!" She shouts at me, backing away to a window.
"I'm Kreios! Kreios Erebus! Nice to meet you!" I extend my hand for a warm welcoming handshake, instead she backs away more into the room.
"What are you doing in my room?" She hides under her bed.
"It's my room as well." I point out to her. She raises from her bed.
"That can't be true... It's my room, and I'm a girl." She approaches me and shows me her letter.
"Mine says the same thing." I show her mine. I smile at her.
"Well, guess this means we're roommates. What's your name?" I ask her. She manages to calm down and shuts the door behind me. She's wearing a green t-shirt that's filled with leaf patterns, and a short skirt that is also... Green. Elves are weird.
"Siofra Themis." She says, flopping on her bed. I slide my suitcase under my bed and sit down on mine.
"How old are you?" I ask her.
"12, you?" This is awkward, I'm sharing a room with someone two years older than me. How did that happen?
"10!" I say. She gives me that awkward look then sighs. What happened?
"You haven't gone through it yet." She says. I get curious.
"Gone through what?" I ask her.
"Forget it."
"What are you talking about? What haven't I gone through?"
"Just wait two years."
"I'm impatient."
"Suck it up."

After that painful argument with my roommate, we get a notification on a speaker from the hallway.
"Could all new students report to the orientation in the main hall. Thank you." We get up and walk out of our room, making our way to the main hall.
"Siofra, I want to be your friend." I tell her. She looks at me with her leaf green eyes.
"My friend...?" She looks at me with an awkward look.
"I want to be friends with you!" I announce again.
"You're strange." She tells me, "back in my village a lot of the men there asked me to marry them, you're the first boy I met who has asked that. Are all Ningen(Human(s)) like that?" She asks me.
"I know I am, that's for sure." She giggles and smiles at me.
"Okay Kreios Erebus, I will be your friend." I cheered and ran downstairs in glee.

After running downstairs we soon walked our way into the academy. The whole place was elegant, white carpets, spotless and neat. The main hall was soon filled to the brim with newcomers. When I got in, my first instinct was to meet someone new, someone who was different. I saw a boy, he looked my age, his hair was spiked but medium length, it was blue. He wore a white shirt that had a black short sleeved t-shirt over it, he had shorts as well, they were knee length, bigger than mine. I ran up to him, everyone looked at me as I did so.
"What do you want?" He doesn't look at me in the eyes.
"I want to talk to you." I say. smiling. He looks at me confused, like I'm insane or something.
"Out of all the people here you come to me? Do you know who I am?" I shake my head, "I'm Archimedes Thanatos, from a famous line of Kariirebito(Reapers)." There's a smirk on his face, like he think he's scared me.
"I want to be your best friend." I say. There's a sign of shock on his face, like he doesn't believe me.
"I like you, I want to be your best friend, Archimedes Thanatos." I say directly.
"You've got guts, I like that in you." He smiles at me," what if I say no?"
"I won't stop until you're my best friend." There's a smile on his face.
"Okay then." He puts his hand out,"I'll be your best friend." I shake his hand and properly introduce myself.
"I'm Kreios Erebus, a Ningen from Ino island." There's a sign of doubt on his face.
"Are you really a Ningen? You're different from the ones around here." I nod my head in absolute certainty.

"Welcome, welcome all! Welcome to Avatar Academy!" We see the headmaster stand on the stage, looking at us. Just now I realized, Siofra has gone to talk with her elven friends.
"In this Academy, when you leave you will leave as beginners." Everyone goes into shock at what he has just said.
"Avatar's have to learn more than just in classes. Who here thinks they're going to venture outside after they leave?" He asks all of us.
"Me!" I shout. Everybody looks at me, like I'm mad.
"So am I!" I hear Archimedes shouts from besides me. He smiles at me, and gives me a high five.
"At least some here are worthy to become Avatars." The old man smiles at both of us.
"In these years following, all of you will train to become beginners, learn new ways, new instincts, new strength." He smiles at all of us.
"Welcome all of you! May your journey be a great and lovely one!"

Chapter 2: Soul Dwelling and Essence

I feel someone pushing me, is it a swordsman? A thief? A murderer?
"Come Kreios, wake up!" Siofra says, trying her best to wake me up. My eyes opened up, I yawn and look at her.
"We've got to head to class in a few minutes, hurry up!" She heads back to bed and begins packing a few books in her bag. After being just horribly woken up, I decide to get ready for school as well. We were given blank textbooks, they had nothing on them we were just given them to have. Me, I thought there was some kind of trickery behind it. Textbooks aren't meant to be blank, everyone knows that.
"So Kreios, you're gonna travel the world to become a full Avatar?" She looks at me, wearing her bag over her shoulder.
"Yeah, I'm gonna travel with Archimedes." I reply. There's a little smile on her face that isn't very noticeable.
"Then, would you allow me to travel with you?" She quickly darts her eyes away. To be honest, I never felt happier, it's one thing to go and travel the world, it's another to travel it with you friends.
"Of course! I wouldn't leave you out!" I say, extending my hand again. She grabs it and stands up.
"Well, let's head to class." We both walk out of our room, to strangely have a coincidence.
"Kreios...?" Archimedes was standing in front of me, staring at me.
"Archimedes... Is your room opposite mine?" All three of us laugh at the most convenient thing that could happen, then head on over to class.

"So, who is she?" He asks, staring at Siofra. We walk down the red velvet stairs, and head outside.
"This is Siofra, my friend. She wants to join us when we leave the academy." I point out to him. There's a smirk on his face, I actually think he was blushing.
"The more the merrier." He says. Now I'm curious again about what I didn't go through. We reach the academy and enter, all of us excited to the brim about what our classes are going to be like. I take out my schedule and look at the first class. It confused me.
"Aura... What's that class?" I ask, walking down the hallways. Both of them shrug, and after a few minutes we finally had gotten to our class. We enter and sit down. Everybody chatters on for about a few minutes, while we just stayed quiet, the whole classroom was filled with these strange diagrams. All of them had some importance here.

"Welcome, welcome! Ah, you're all here. Nice to meet you all. I'm Professor Xavier of the Aura department." He's a young man, about the age of twenty-two if I were to guess.
"Now, the biggest question you might ask is: What is Aura?" He begins lecturing us about Aura.
"Aura, is something that every being possesses. The more correct way to pronounce it is Iki(Essence), or essence. Essence is the aura that comes from the being's soul. It's powerful when used. But the power depends on the person." He smirks at all of us. After the lecture he begins instructing us to do certain things.
"Now today, I'm going to teach you to unlock your Iki. Pay attention." He commands us," close your eyes, let your mind take you on a journey that's going to dwell into the deepest depths of your soul. Now it's up to you." He says, sitting down on his chair. Now was the time to do this, I better do it right. I closed my eyes, and did as he said.

"Who are you?" An awkward man stood besides me, it was like he was a palace guard or something.
"Kreios Erebus, nice to meet you." I extend my arm, only to see him disappear before my very eyes. That was rude, and also strange. I blinked for a second, I was inside a palace, but something was strange. Why was I in a living room with a giant television in front of me.
"Sit down." A voice commands me. Not to be picky, I sit down. The television turns on. Screams, blood, death. It was all right in front of me. I couldn't move, my movements were restricted. A scene comes on, it looked familiar.
"He's going to kill us all!" A woman screamed.
"I'll deal with you now. This is the end for you." An elvish voice said. A elf priestess was on the screen, she was holding a golden spear. She got closer towards the screen, closer, and closer.
"No... Don't come." My eyes couldn't be closed, they were scarred for life. After seeing all of this, I would be surprised if no one wasn't. Blood flew in the screen, she was dead. That's when I looked down at myself. So much blood... Was on me.
"Why...? Why did this have to happen." I asked the emptiness around me.
"Because you are what you are, nobody can change that." That voice replied again.

The whole place disappeared again, I stood in a village, an elf village. It looks like the one from the screen. Am I in it...?
"I'll deal with you now. This is the end for you." I looked up and saw the same priestess from before. She came charging at me.
"No... Run away! Don't come any closer!" I yelled. My instincts worked, they moved a sword in my hand. She was dead. Her blood really is on me.
"Why...? What the hell is this?!" I scream.
"This is the history your soul has been through. This is who you are!" My eyes stay wide open, they can't believe the words they've just heard.
"No... This can't be me, it can't!" I walk backwards, finally regaining my movement.
"You can't change it, you can't deny it. It's you." The voice soon fades. But quickly returns.
"Here at the core of your soul, is your essence." It fades away again.

My eyes open wide, staring at everyone else. Their eyes are still closed.
"What the...? This is rare." The teacher stands up and sees my eyes wide open.
"Kreios, is it? I want you to focus on your soul, make it yourself." He commands me. No... I can', I mustn't. If I make that myself... Who knows what will happen.
"Come on, Kreios." I give in, I was never one to make people unhappy. My eyes close again, I see all the essence that looks smokey, it flies around me. I have to accept it. It's what I must do.
"I accept my soul!" I shout, closing my eyes to prepare for any impact. I open them, the essence has been drawn in, it's a a smokey aura that is always attached to me. My real eyes open again, the professor claps for me, but stops instantly.
"Kreios, you closed your eyes to early before I could explain that next part. Even though... You did it quite fast." I hear people breathing, after a few seconds have passed, everyone comes back to reality.

"That was interesting." Archimedes says in a tiredly tone. He looks at Siofra strangely.
"Why do you have a flower in your head?" He asks her, rubbing his eyes.
"Things that have happened in the journey will affect your real body." The professor explains. I stay silent, and the professor walks back up to the front of the class.
"Now you may notice some things happening to you, the bigger it is the more time it will take. Things that you've had in the journey will soon happen to your real body." Archimedes turns his attention to me.
"Kreios, you're leaking." The blood from the priestess that spread over my entire body reappears.
"Considering it, he wasn't killed in his journey. There's only one explanation." Everybody looks at me.
"I didn't want to... She just wouldn't stop." The professor calms everyone down, and dismisses us. How fast did the time fly?