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Resident Evil the Condemned



This takes place after the first movie. Some of the story will be based on the movies. The story starts at when Alice wakes up at the Raccoon City hospital. There she runs into some survivors. In this story team work is needed. New friendship is building. Do they have what it takes to make it out alive? A new enemy comes into view. Alice must face what lies behind every dark corner.



At the beginning of the twenty-first century. The Umbrella Corporation had become the largest commercial entity in the United States. 9 out of every 10 homes contain its products. It's political and financial influence is felt everywhere.

In the public. It is the world's leading supplier of

Computer Technology

Medical Products

Health Care

Unknown even to its own employees. It's massive profit share generated by

Military Technology

Genetic Experimentation

Viral Weaponry

Alice's Story

Alice's Story

My name is Alice. I used to work for the Umbrella Corporation. I was head of security at a research lab called The Hive. A virus was released and everyone there, died. The umbrella corporation sent some soldiers to see what happen. Somehow I lost my memory, so I couldn't even remember who I was. Later we found out that the hive was being controlled by a computer called The Red Queen. One of the soldiers named Kaplan rebooted the system. But what we didn't know was that the workers who work in the labs and died here. Wasn't truly dead.”

Everyone died down in the labs. The only two who made it out was Matt and I. But we didn't make it all the way out. Umbrella came in and took us. I saw them take Matt away. That was all that I could remember after darkness took over and my mind went blank.”

Raccoon City

Raccoon City

Alice's POV

I woke up to seeing a bright white light around me. It hurt like hell. I started to panic a little. I happen to notice that I was lying in a bed. I slowly sat up in the bed and felt a sharp pain. I let out a scream. There was a lot of wires hooked up to me. I started to pull them out of my body. When there were no wires left. I slowly got out of the bed. I hit the ground with a thud. I was weak. I notice a window in my room. I slowly got myself up from the ground and walked to the window. “Hello! Is anyone there?!” I started to bang on the window. But nothing. I saw no one. I didn't even hear anyone.

I looked toward the door. I slowly started to head toward the door. I notice it was locked and I needed a key card to get out. I grabbed one of the needles off of the floor. I put the needle in the slot where the card goes into. With one movement. There was a spark and the door open.

I was walking down the halls. I notice that I was in a hospital. I went up to a door and looked into the window. I saw a figure laying in a hospital bed. There was a symbol on the door. It had a hazard sign on it. I used the needle that was still in my hand to open the door. I slowly walked into the room and walked toward the figure laying there. I notice it was a young man. He was also hooked up to some wires. He was also hooked up to a computer. I went up to the computer and started to figure out why this man was hooked up to all of this. So, I started to type away. I notice they was testing his blood for something that was classified. I went to the man and slowly started to remove the wires that was hooked up to him.

Hey, wake up. You need to wake up. It's not safe here.” The young man's eyes started to open slowly. I notice he had blue eyes. He sat up in the bed and just looked at me. “What is your name? Mine is Alice.” He looked around and got out of the bed. He walked to the wall and leaned on it. “My name is Zero.” said Zero. I smiled at him and tried to help him stand straight. “Well, Zero. Nice meeting you. But we need to get out of here.” Zero nodded his head and we left the room.

On the way, out of the hospital I notice a lab coat. Zero leaned on the wall while I put the coat on. After that I helped Zero walk outside with me. When we got out there, my eyes widen in shock. I couldn't believe on what I was seeing. I looked at Zero. Zero's eyes was also widen. We walked down the stairs and toward the street. There was cars everywhere. Blood everywhere. Things on fire. It looked like a war broke out in raccoon city. There was a newspaper on the ground. I looked at it and the title said, “THE DEAD WALKS!”

What in the bloody hell happen here? Where is everyone?” said Zero.

I went to the police car and grabbed the shotgun that was inside. I looked at him with the gun in my hand. “We need to get away from here and find some weapons. We are not safe. Let's get somewhere safe and I will tell you what is going on. Okay?” Zero looked at me. He looked around and saw a hand gun on the ground. He picked the gun up and cocked it. He looked at me. “Good. Let's go.”

The streets was empty. There was no one around. It was dark and somewhat creepy. But I couldn't think like that. Zero and I needed to get out of this city.

While we was walking. I notice how Zero hold is weapon. He look like a pro. Maybe he was a cop or something. I turn to my right and saw a gun store. “Here we go. This way.” Inside the shop. We search for some clothes. After getting dress, I felt weird. Pain hit and I fell to the floor. Something was wrong. Memories of being in the hospital and people around. They was injecting stuff in me. I saw Zero running to me.

I am fine. I think they did something to me.”

Who?” said Zero in a confused voice.

The Umbrella Corporation. I think they put the T-Virus into my body.” I looked at Zero. “Why was you at the raccoon city hospital?” Zero sat next to me and sighed.

Not sure really. You see, I am Federal Agent. I work for a corporation called Ghost. Well, I am the CEO of Ghost. We heard stories about umbrella testing humans and other things. We couldn't get any leads or find the labs.” said Zero.

Okay. So tell me more.” He looked at me.

A friend of mine wanted to help bring down umbrella. He has a sister who works for umbrella. She was getting info on umbrella. Getting proof. She had a informant inside umbrella who was going to bring them down. So, I made him into a cop. To join S.T.A.R.S.... To go undercover and bring them down. But, I haven't heard from him for awhile now. So I came to Raccoon City to look for him. I was going toward the mansion where he was heading to. But, someone hit me over the head with something and knocked me out.” said Zero. Zero got up and headed to the guns. “Maybe you know him. His name is Matt.” said Zero picking up a 9m.

Memories started to flood my mind. I looked at Zero. “I knew Matt. Him and I was at the mansion. There was a hidden lab under the mansion. Umbrella sent soldiers there and they took us. They handcuff Matt. Has for me, I had no memory of who I was or why I was there. Down in the labs we found out that the main computer killed everyone down there. It killed Matt's sister. The team went to reboot the computer that killed everyone. They reset the computer. But that was our mistake. Because we reset the main computer. All of the locked doors,rooms,labs and other things were now open. The ones who was killed down there was now walking around. I know this sounds crazy. But the dead was walking.”

I looked at Zero watching to see his face in shocked. But he wasn't. “Everyone died down there. The soldiers who was sent down there, died down there. Matt and I was the only ones who made it out alive. Until umbrella came walking in. They took Matt. Said something like put him in the Nemesis Program. They took him to raccoon city hospital. Then they took me to see if I was infected. I don't know if Matt made it out alive or not. I just know we are in deep shit.”

So let's get the hell out of here before we end up being eating or something.” said Zero cocking his weapons.

I just smiled. “Let's go then.” With that, we started to getting ready. Grabbed all of the weapons we could. But something was wrong. I felt weird. I knew umbrella did something to me. But I just wonder if they did anything to Zero.