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Forbidden Crush


This is a story if you ever had a crush on someone that you weren’t supposed to have a crush on. Not allowed to have. What do you do? Your marriage is on the line? Your friendship is on the line? What do you do?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1



Life was good. I had everything. A good life. A loving wife. A good son. A good home. I couldn’t ask for more. Until one summer everything changes.


I wasn’t myself this summer. I notice my son’s friend coming around a lot more. Things was weird in a way. We sat outside playing with the cats. I didn’t notice anything. But I felt strange. I was sitting next to my son’s friend. Her name was Cat. Cat kept looking at me in a weird way. I thought nothing of it. But I felt weird. A weird feeling.


When she started to come more often. I started to notice I had a small crush. A crush I wasn’t allowed to have. The problem was. Cat knew I liked her. Then the bigger problem was. How to tell her or how to let her know? I was married. I shouldn’t be having a crush.


I was Fucked!!!!!!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


One day. I had to tell her. So, I added her on fb and we started to talk. I told her I liked her. She somehow knew. That’s when stuff happen. We started talking more on fb. She started to come around more. We started to joke around. Then we started to flirt with each other. A month a got to really know her.


Then my wife notices a change in me. She notices stuff from Cat also. Dirty looks and stuff. I didn’t see those. But my wife knew something wasn’t right.


So, one night she asks me the question.


“Do you like, Cat?” Said Nichole.


I looked at her,




I couldn’t tell her the truth.


She asked again.


This time I couldn’t hold it.




“I already know.” Said Nichole.


She already knew. What now? I am married and have a crush. What do I do?

Chapter 3

Chapter 3


Everything was going well. Still married. Still had my crush and the friendship with Cat. But it didn’t last with Cat.


Cat would say one thing to me on fb and act differently face to face with me. It was being around a different person. She didn’t know how to act around me when it was just her and I. When other people were around. She acted like herself. By herself, she was shy. I didn’t know why.


One night we all played cards and she said something that made my wife mad. My wife said nothing. She went home late. I walked her home. When I did. She didn’t walk with me. She walked fast. Like she was afraid of me or something.


I wanted answers. So, I text her when I got home and asked her why she ran? She didn’t know why she did that. I knew she was afraid of me. So that night I didn’t sleep well.


The other night my wife wanted to know what was wrong. So, I told her. I told her. She text Cat. That’s when the drama started. Cat told her everything. She blamed me for everything. Said it was my fault.


I text her and she told me a different thing. After that she blocked us. I was hurt. A friendship for years gone.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4


It was gone. The friendship. The crush. She was gone. Days, Weeks and Months went by. No word from her. She never came by. Never said a word. She stop talking to all of us.


I started to have dreams with her in them. Saying she would be back. Then slowly the dreams of her started to vanish. Memories of her vanishing. The pain was still there. But I replaced it with hate.


Then there was nothing. I felt nothing. I build a wall up. I didn’t think of her. Even if someone brought her name up, I would walk away. I didn’t want to hear it. Couldn’t. Was it selfish of me?


The dreams stopped for awhile. Things was getting back I guess to normal. Just me a little different. I wasn’t the same. Until my son would come home and tell us stuff of what she would say and stuff. It would make things worse. I would just walk away.


Things was fine. Until my wife started to get prank calls. Just her. So, the only person we would think of who would do it was Cat. So, I  found a way to get a hold of her to tell her to stop. No answer on her side. Figures.


Out of nowhere the dreams started happen again. I am not happy about. So, what to do now? So, I just ignore them. All I  want to do is move from this place and not be down the road from her. Can I have my wish?