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Forbidden Crush


This is a story if you ever had a crush on someone that you weren’t supposed to have a crush on. Not allowed to have. What do you do? Your marriage is on the line? Your friendship is on the line? What do you do?

Chapter 1

Life was good. I had everything. A good life. A loving wife. A good son. A good home. I couldn’t ask for more. Until one summer everything changes.


I wasn’t myself this summer. I notice my son’s friend coming around a lot more. Things was weird in a way. We sat outside playing with the cats. I didn’t notice anything. But I felt strange. I was sitting next to my son’s friend. Her name was Cat. Cat kept looking at me in a weird way. I thought nothing of it. But I felt weird. A weird feeling.


When she started to come more often. I started to notice I had a small crush. A crush I wasn’t allowed to have. The problem was. Cat knew I liked her. Then the bigger problem was. How to tell her or how to let her know? I was married. I shouldn’t be having a crush.


I was Fucked!!!!!!