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The Hunted Chronicles


  A small town in Northern California holds many secrets of the supernatural realm. A place of wonder, violence, bloodshed, love, and heartbreak masks the real world from the fake. Four will struggle as they learn what each of their lives mean.

Chapter One - Fuck You, Sir

                Paws pounded the dirt and leaves as a large white wolf sprinted through the trees. Gunshots fired behind him, ricocheting off the trees around him. A dark hooded woman dashes forward holding a silver pistol. Her pace matched the wolf. She lined up her shot, aiming slightly ahead of her target. She pulled the trigger and watched as the wolf dropped to the ground, tumbling several feet. Her pace slowed as she dashed behind several trees, quickly climbing to a high branch. She stalked the wolf from above as he struggled to stand back up. His shoulder bled, staining his perfect white fur. She got into place just above him as she prepared to strike. As he finally stumbled onto all fours as he stood up once again. He sniffed the air and realized something wasn’t right, but it was too late. The hunter dove from the branch and landed hard on top of the beast. She pinned him down with her forearm and cocked her pistol with the other hand. He whimpered and howled as he struggled to escape. She placed the tip of the gun to his skull and he panicked. It sent him into a frenzy as he thrashed about to get free. He managed to slip behind her and in that moment, he begun to transform.


                His bones popped and cracked as they rearranged. His fur retracted back into the skin and his tail disappeared. Claws retracted back into his fingertips. In only a matter of seconds the white wolf turned into a large muscular man. His rigid body, a toned six-pack flexed as he lunged forward. He reached around her neck and flung his hips around her waist, locking in a choke hold. She lifted the gun and pointed towards his head. He reached over and grabbed her wrist, twisting it. She dropped the gun but used her other hand and gripped a dagger in her belt. She pulled up her hand and stabbed the small blade into his leg. He howled in agony as he released his grip around her neck. She rolled over, holding the knife to his throat as she leaned in close.

                “It’s all over for you, wolfie,” She said as she pulled her hood back, revealing her fiery red hair and a pretty, petite face. Her Australian accent echoed in his ears. She rose up and lunged the dagger down but moments before the blade could cut, the hunter was flung over to the side. He looked over and saw a smaller auburn-haired girl attacking the hunter. He struggled to stand but managed to pull himself up. He growled as his body began to shift once again.


                His snout grew long, his fur spouted from his skin, and claws forced their way out from his fingers. His body morphed once again, blood still dripping from both his shoulder and leg on the right side. He limped into the woods before he looked back to his savior once again. She flung the fiery haired hunter into a tree and turned to make a break for it. She dashed for the white wolf and they both disappeared into the woods.


                The forest became quiet as the small red-head walked with the bloodied white wolf. When everything seemed safe, they both stopped walking. The girl turned and faced the wolf.

                “You planning to change back anytime soon?” She asked as she crossed her arms. The wolf growled at her. His body popped and cracked back into place, until he was a man once again. She eyes him up and down, taking in all the man candy that he was. He was a handsome man in phenomenal physical condition. His body was littered with scars and old wounds. Her eyes managed to drift down until she found her self staring at his manhood.

                “You enjoying the show? Or you planning to give me a change of clothes anytime soon?” He asked as he stood there completely exposed.

                “Eh, not bad. I’ve seen bigger,” she replied. She pulled off her backpack and tossed it to him, “Here, that should work.” He opened the bag and smiled at its contents. He found a black tank top, black denim pants, boxers, and a pair of boots. He quickly pulled the boxers up, grunting as he stepped into them with his wounded leg. He pulled the pants on, struggling to step into the much tighter denim. Once he put the shirt on, he reached for the boots and laced them up tight.

                “Oh yeah, Nathan. I forgot one thing.” The girl said aloud.

                “What is it, Kat?”

                “I brought your car,” Kat answered as she reached into her pocket, pulling out a set of car keys. She spun them around her finger before she gripped them and tossed them at Nathan. He quickly reached up and caught them.

                “Thanks, Short Cake.” He teased, his lips curling into a smirk, “I owe ya one.”

                “Hell yes you owe me,” Kat shouted. “I’ll be saving that for a rainy day.”


                As the shimmer of the purple paint blinded them, Nathan couldn’t help but grin wider. He jogged over to the car, limping along the way.

                “Thank you, baby,” Nathan said aloud as he continued to grin at his beautiful car.

                “Don’t call me baby, baby,” Kat replied as she stood next to him. Nathan turned his head over to her, his face covered in complete disgust.

                “I was talking to Stella, get real,” he said aloud, scoffing under his breath. Kat crossed her arms and began to pout. He ignored her and stepped around the car. He pulled open the driver side door and sat down inside. As he pulled the door close, Kat pulled her closed as well. His 1970 Dodge Challenger was his pride and joy. Nathan turned the key in the ignition and his Challenger roared. The engine made the whole car rumble as it idled. He shifted into drive when he heard a tap on his window. He looked over to see the fiery hunter. She tapped his window with her gun.

                “Ding dong, bitches,” She shouted before slamming the window with her pistol, shattering it to pieces.

                “Son of a bitch!” Nathan roared something monstrous. He reached his left arm out and clamped it around her throat. Nathan growled, and his arm grew in size. Hair sprouted from is elbow and his hand had claws. He squeezed her throat with incredible force. The hunter squirmed and struggling just to get a breath, but Nathan slammed her head first on the hood of the car. He quickly tossed her back toward the tree line. A moment his arm retracted, and he stepped on the gas, speeding away.


                The sun began to set on the horizon. Nathan gazed at the sunset between the trees as he drove back into town. He glanced over at Kat in the passenger seat. She seemed to be staring off into space out her window.

                “Hey, midget. You alright?” Nathan asked as he looked over at her.

                “Fuck you, gym rat.”

                “There it is. I knew you had a little fire in ya.” He replied, “So, you gonna talk to me or what?”

                “I’m fine.”

                “You sure?” He asked again.

                “Why the fuck were you even out there?”

                “I got caught in a trap. I was hungry, and I made a bad call,” Nathan explained. “I mean honestly, it’s been over a week since I’ve eaten. I was bound to get tripped up.”

                “Sounds like you are all full of excuses,” Kat snapped. “Awe poor little pup got hungry. Get over it. You fucked up.”

                “Why do you even care if I live or die anyways? I thought we were over that phase.”

                “Maybe I don’t. You are so vain to think it’s all about you all the time,” Kat said. “Maybe I saved you out of my own self-interest. Now you owe me a favor, see?”

                Sure, whatever,” He replied as he stared forward on the road. He and Kat both fall silent as he drove toward the city light.


                A girl came to an abrupt halt on her motorcycle. Her Suzuki GSXR 750, painted black and covered in skulls and red roses, hummed as she placed both feet on the ground. She rested for a moment before lifting her leg over the bike to dismount. She collapsed to the ground and groaned as she laid on the concrete sidewalk. The cold from the concrete felt nice on her back but before long she struggled back to her feet. She held her side and her head as she limped toward the door of her small house. The front porch was barely large enough to have a bench and a table outside. She fell into the door as she fumbled around her pockets for the keys. She had trouble slipping the key into its keyhole. The key scraped across the locking mechanism until she managed to find the hole. She pushed the key in and quickly turned it. As she pushed the door open, she stumbled inside. She reached for the light switch next to the door and flipped it on. Her living room lit up, revealing a small couch, coffee table, and a small entertainment center with a TV mounted within. She staggered through the area, finding her way into the kitchen. The hunter unzipped her hoodie, throwing it onto the dining room table. She lifted her shirt and winced in pain as her black-and-blue bruised ribs throbbed. Her hands found a cupboard and pulled out a clear tall glass. She opened the freezer door on the fridge and pulled out a glass bottle with a brown liquid inside.


                “Here’s to you Jack-o,” she said as she opened the bottle of Jack Daniels, pouring herself a drink. She swirled the drink in her glass and took a nice whiff of it before she placed the glass to her lips. Before she could tilt it back a strange feeling overcame her.

                “You’re late, Kas,” a strange man’s voice echoed around her. She turned her head toward the back of the room, where the light reached the least. A tall blonde man stepped out from the shadows. He wore a long black cloak that covered the majority of his body.

                “Rennyn,” Kas replied. “Why are you here?”

                “Is that any way to speak to your superior?” Rennyn answered, “Report. By the look of it, you failed.”

                “I haven’t failed, Captain Asshole.” She snapped back. “Give me more time!” Rennyn quickly approached her, scowling at her in anger. He stood so close to her, she felt his foul breath caress her skin. He glared at her as they stood nose to nose. His hand slipped up and grabbed Kas from under the chin, around her mouth.

                “Listen here, you sassy little she devil.” Rennyn said. He glared at her with his eyes that were blacker than the darkest night, “I am your superior, it’s time you show me a little respect.” Kas tried to pull away but he clamped down on her jaw tighter.

“Ah ah ah.” He said as he waved his finger in front of her. “You are going to be a be a good little girl and kill this wolf within a week.” He released his grip on her jaw but slapped her a second later. She fell to the ground, spilling her drink on the floor. She spat up blood on the floor as she shoved her hand into her mouth. Kas yanked and pulled for a moment before a tooth came out with her hand.

                “Fuck you, Sir,” She growled as she stared back up at him.

                “That’s a little better. I guess my methods are working,” Rennyn said as he walked around her and stepped out of the kitchen. Kas remained on the floor. A moment later the door of her home clicked shut. Tears began to stream down her face as she sat. Her emotions overwhelmed her, and she started to sob quietly, alone.


                Nathan pulled into the parking lot of a vet office. He parked and turned off the ignition. He opened the door, Kat in tow as they both stepped out of the vehicle. He closed the car door and stepped onto his injured leg for the first time in a while. The tight muscles and soreness were enough to make anybody tumble. He rested his arm on the roof of the car and reached back to check his bullet wound. It still burned intensely. Kat looked over to him and raised her eyebrow.

                “You going to be okay there, champ?” She asked. Nathan looked back over to her and their eyes met.

                “Yeah, I’m fine. Just give me a minute,” He answered as he stared down at his pant leg which seemed to be get more and more soaked with blood. He turned toward the clinic and began to walk to the entrance. He limped with each step. He worked his way to the side of the office and knocked on the door. A moment later, the slit on the door slid open.


                “Nathan, is that you?” An older man’s voice asked from behind a pair of black rimmed glasses.

                “Hey Aiden. Can ya patch me up?” He asked, and the old man sighed.

                “Of course. Right this way.” Aiden answered. Three loud clicks sounded from behind the door. Nathan waited for a moment and it opened partially on its own. He limped forward as he pushed it open further. Nathan and Kat stepped into a small medical room. Nathan sat down on the table and Kat found a nearby chair.

                “What seems to be the problem?” Aiden asked as he stood facing the wall, staring at his medical supplies. He turned around to face them and Nathan stood up, dropping his pants. His stab wound was out in the open and Aiden walked over. He turned on his headlamp and sat down in front of Nathan. He examined the wound but stood up and walked back over to his supplies.


                Aiden grabbed a scalpel, thread, a needle, and a few alcohol wipes. He placed it all onto a rolling medical tray and wheeled it back over to Nathan.

                “Sit down please,” He requested as he stared back up at Nathan. Nathan quickly sat but groaned as the wound ached. Aiden took his scalpel and slowly cut away the black flesh. The silver-sickness had already started to take effect. The blackened necrotic flesh needed to be cut away before it spread any further. With eat slice, Nathan growled or whimpered. Before long Aiden put his blade down and prepared to stitch up the wound. He threaded the needle and tied it into a knot. He looked Nathan in the eyes for a moment. Nathan nodded in return.


                Aiden pinched together the cut and pushed the needle through the skin, looping the thread through. He looped the needle through one more time and pulled the thread tight. Aiden continued to pinch the wound closed and sew it together. Nathan grunted and growled with each loop. He lost count after fifteen stitches.

                “Okay, that’s all set. Anything else?” Aiden asked as he stood up from his seat.

                “Yeah, I got one more.” Nathan replied as he stood up and turned around, taking off his shirt in the process.

                “Oh, I see. One moment. Have a seat,” He said as he turned back to his supply table. Nathan grabbed the spare chair in the room and sat in it facing the back. Aiden walked over to his medical tray, placing his new tools on it. He wheeled it over to Nathan and seat down behind him.


                Once again Aiden picked up his scalpel and cut away the black flesh. He reached for his pliers and clamped onto the bullet inside. He tugged and yanked on it but to no avail.

                “It seems that the bullet is wedged into the bone,” Aiden explained, “I have an idea, but it will hurt. Tremendously.”

                “Just do it,” Nathan agreed, gritting his teeth. Aiden stood up from his seat and grabbed a hand-held sledge hammer from his tray. He kept his grip on the pliers as he reared back the hammer. Aiden pounded into Nathan’s shoulder. Nathan howled as the bone snapped.

                “That’s a non-silver wound. It should heal back quickly enough.” Aiden said, “Plus side is, the bullet is free.” He continued as the bullet clinked on the tray. Next came the needle once more. He threaded it and pinched the bullet wound shut before he sewed it closed.


                “Thanks, doc.” Nathan said, standing up from the chair. Aiden was already putting away his tools when Nathan turned around.

                “Will there be anything else tonight?”

                “How are Leon and Maribel?”

                “Busy as ever but they are doing well. I’ll let them know you came by.”

                “Have a good one.” Nathan replied.

                “Have a nice night, doc,” Kat said as she stood up and walked for the door. Nathan followed behind, a limp still in his step. Aiden pushed the door closed behind them, locking it tightly.


                Kas laid against the white sheets of her bed, covered by her midnight blue comforter. Her eyes stared blankly into the flat white ceiling. She was unable to sleep. Her mind raced with thoughts of her meeting with Rennyn. She turned her head and picked up her phone. 03:42 AM. She sighed, tossing her phone into the bed. Her eyes met the ceiling once again and tears started to roll down her cheeks. She quickly sat up with her back against the headboard. Her hands snagged one of her pillows. She clutched it close to her body, resting her head on it. Tears continued to stream from her eyes as she started to whimper.

                “Why do I have to kill him? How am I supposed to kill him? He is the one who saved me. He told me to live.” Her eyes blurred, and her throat swelled up. Her cries turned into sobs. A second later she sat up straight and wiped her eyes out. Her tears had stopped flowing. She reached into the drawer of her bedside table. She dug her hand around until she found it. Her finger tips touched the cold metal of her pistol. Gripping it in her palm she pulled it out of the drawer. Her thumb stretched up and cocked it. She placed the tip of the gun to her head and giggled.


                “I don’t know what to do anymore. I hunt wolves. Why should killing a wolf be so hard?” She asked as she started to ramble. “But its him, I can’t kill him. He is one of the good ones….” Her voice slowly raised in pitch as insanity consumed her, “But if I don’t kill him, they will kill me. But if I pull this here… hehe… trigger… then it’s all over, and he doesn’t have to die!” She continued rambling as her giggles turned into hysterical laughter.


                Amidst all her maniacal laughing, she instantly froze and went straight-faced. A moment later tears started rolling down her face once again. She dropped the pistol on the nightstand and gripped the pillow in front of her tight. Her head rested on it once again as she slipped back down into a laying position. Her eyes closed, and she drifted to sleep.


                Kas opened her eyes and she was strapped to chair. Her eyes were wide with fear. The floor clicked as two pairs of foot steps closed in.

                “Is the patient ready, Rennyn?” An older man’s voice echoed from behind her.

                “Yes. Proceed as planned with the serum, Dr. Angel,” Rennyn answered.

                “Of course. Right away,” Dr. Angel replied as he stepped in front of Kas and picked up a tape recorder, before hitting record. “Hello, uh…” Dr. Angel looked down at his clipboard and placed the recording device on a table nearby, “Bellrose, Kasula… ah yes. Hello, Kas.”

                “Fuck you, Dr. Asshole.”

                “Patient appears strong as she shouts annoyances at me. She is the only subject to survive the tests. Today is the final dose of the werewolf serum. Let us proceed,” he explained as he grabbed a syringe filled with an obsidian liquid, “Rennyn, if you please,” He said as Rennyn’s footsteps ended behind her. She saw a large wooden rod lower in front of her face.

                “Bite, girl,” Rennyn ordered.

                “Fu—” Kas screamed but Rennyn shoved the wooden rod into her mouth. She groaned as Rennyn held her head back firmly with the rod clamped into her jaw.

                “Alright, get ready Kasula,” Dr. Angel said as he pointed the needle toward her arm. He placed one hand against her skin as he cleaned the area with an alcohol wipe. The needle pushed against the flesh of her bicep and pierced her skin. She screamed into the air. Her shrieks echoed through the room as she arched her back. Dr. Angel shoved the needle contents into her arm before yanking the syringe out of her arm. Rennyn held the rod in place as Kas screamed continuously. Her breathing slowed and after a few minutes her body went limp. Rennyn pulled the rod from her mouth.

                “Good night, Lil Red,” He said aloud as he and Dr. Angel walked from the room.