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A Single Daffodil


An old man has spent the greater part of his life searching for happiness, ignoring life's attempts to reach out to him. Now, he has a final chance. Will he find happiness ?


This is my first short story and my first attempt at story writing. kindly read, share and vote if you like it. Constructive criticisms arewelcome. Thank you all :) 

A Single daffodil

It was a pleasant early morning.Winter was setting in gently .The sun was slowly beginning it's ascent and the moon still hung in the sky as if competing for the courtship of lady winter . An old man stood in his small field of daffodils completely oblivious to the beautiful day, his lanky ,bundled up frame bending every now and then to pluck the flowers and place them in his basket. He was poor , he only had his small patch of land on which he grew whatever the season would allow. he made enough money for 3 square meals a day and for a roof on top his head albeit a damaged ,leaky one. he straightened up, satisfied with his collection of flowers. he blew on his cold calloused hands in an effort to warm them . What can i tell you about him? He was an orphan who had a life as normal as yours and mine. a life filled with equal parts happiness and sadness though he felt it was only sadness and misfortunes. Many seek love,money and many other things in their life but he sought happiness throughout his life but the spark in his eyes had died long ago and all that remained were empty eyes. He watched a highway that was visible from his field , even at this early hour , there were cars whizzing past and people on errands. He envied them, it was going to be Christmas and people happily went to visit relations,they went on vacations,honeymoons.... people just seemed to be happier than him . Money, he thought ...yes, people with money are the happiest. with a resigned sigh he secured his basket full of daffodils to the cycle frame. He mounted his cycle and set off towards the  village market.


Hello! thank you for reading this chapter,please read the rest and yeah this is my first attempt at story writing so i welcome comments , criticisms and votes if you think it is good . thank u ! 

The Market

The old man reached the market , breathing heavily from having cycled so far. His body was not what it used to be and it provided yet another reason for him to be sad. he unloaded his basket and walked towards his stall. He laid out the daffodils and even the beautiful white petals that contrasted so  beautifully with the yellow could do nothing to uplift his mood. he sat behind his stall and began his sale.

he watched as people began to walk in, some came just to drink in the sights others came for the pleasant weather that was always prevailed early in the  morning. either way they always stopped by his stall and admired the beauty of his flowers even if they werent going to buy any. he observed them, they would buy his flowers and hold them precious as if they were not aware that it would wilt at the end of the day. he observed the happiness and eagrness on their faces to hand the flowers to a lover, fto a fellow family member, to a sick friend.....What worthless kind of  happiness is that ?  one that is so shortlived ? he asked himself on numerous occasions.he wanted happiness that would last him forever, one that only money can provide, he thought as he watched a man head towards his car with a handful of his daffodils.

they knew flowers wilt, their happiness did not rest in that. It rested in the fact that they knew they could afford to buy another flower, somemore happiness the next day. It had become evening, and he closed up shop and picked up his basket and noted with dismay that one single daffodil was not sold. he held it in his hand and scowled at it. He had a good sale that day and yet he could not be happy because one single daffodil was not sold. He threw it in his basket and mounted his bicycle , ready to head home when a man appeared out of the blue , holding onto his bicycle handles preventing him from setting off.


"Give me that flower please! I need that one flower!" he rasped.



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The young man

The old man stared at the man in front of him. The young man's eyes were red rimmed and his dirty clothes hung loosely off his gaunt figure. he was breathing heavily and tears slid down his face  as he repeated his request again


"Please give me that flower", The old man got down from his bicycle and reached into his basket , he handed the flower to the man and asked him gently 

"Are you alright son ?" the man said nothing in reply. istead he took the flower and started reaching  into his pocket to pay the old man

"It's ok son, you don't have to pay"

he said as he doubted that the poor young man could pay him but the young man shoved a few rusted coins and dirty notes into the wrinkled hands of the old man and he set off in the same diection he had come running from. the old man looked at the money in his hands ,and realized that he had paid much more than the actual price . his whole savings no doubt. the old man felt a strange temptation to not return the change and keep the extra money to himself . he pocketed the money and mounted his bicycle when the man's face came into his mind and his heart hurt with guilt , the man looked like he could spare not a single penny.then why would he behave like this?his curiosity got the best of him and with his heart determined to return the change,he set off in the direction that the young man had run off in


He had never ridden his bicycle so fast in his life. He easily found the path the young man had taken. it was a single mud road that never forked or deviated. after cycling  for quite some distance the road disappeared and he stopped. he was breathing heavily and he looked around for any clue as to where the man might have gone. 

He noticed a small light to his right and he started walking towards it. his feet was careful as he walked on the uneven ground. he clutched the change in his palm . He stopped when he recognized the silhouette of the young man . he stood at the entrance of a small hut, he took a deep breath, his shoulders rising and falling. his arms moved across his face wiping the tears away and he entered the hut. 

the old man moved closer unseen and looked into the hut through a small window on the side. The young man held the daffodil at his back and he walked slowly towards a bed in one corner of the room.A lamp burned beside the bed and a small figure slept on the bed bundled up in sheets in an effort to keep warm.He sat on the bed and gentlyplaced the head of the person on his lap. it was a small girl who bore a uncanny resemblance to the young man . it was the young mans daughter .he smiled at her and held out the daffodil to her. The small girl gasped and gripped the flower with a frail and bony hand.she was sick, the old man realized, very sick. she wouldnt last the night,  the cold that had begun to set in had cost the lives of a poor many.

"A  daffodil ? my favorite !"  she whispered and admired the flower, her eyes lighting up with happiness despite the sickness in them. 

"I Love you Dad" she said, her eyes filling. she held the flower close to her heart and closed her eyes as her soul was relieved of it's body. Her father stroked her hair and placed a kiss on her forehead and whispered with a shaking voice " I Love you too".

A single tear slid down the old man's face as he realized that the happiness he so eagerly sought after all his life was found in the eyes of a girl who had nothing to her name other than the love of her father. he placed the change at the foot of the door along with some of his earnings. this simple act seemed to fill his heart with  happines and he  returned to his bicycle. the young man picked up the money and looked around puzzeled . he saw the old man riding away and a strange calmness soothed the strange pain raging in his heart. 



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Happiness is not a luxury that only the rich can afford. it is something that exists within everyone and everything.The  old man understood this and his daily life seemed lighter and much happier. he understood people and that everyone has their moments of struggles and their moments of happiness.

On Christmas , the old man turned up at the man's house with a daffodil. he celebrated Christmas with the young man and they had a small tree underneath which  the young man placed the flower in the memory of a loving daughter and the old man looked at it in gratefulness to the lesson that the little girl had taught him. she had taught him that happiness is not expensive but it is priceless and that it can exist in something as simple and small as a single daffodil.....



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