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Dragon Dreams


"The characters are rich, and spring to life on the pages, drawing you into their lives as you walk beside them on their journeys." ~Reader's Frenzy

The heart of Terradin . . . is fading away, and its only hope rests in the one person that Nachal has vowed to protect at all costs. Because to save her, is to save them all.

Nachal, foster son of the great Dragon-King Cerralys has the same dream night after night. In them, an elf named Auri lays dead, murdered by the Rebel Dragon's leader Obsidian on a massive plain of fire.

Racing against time, he sets out from Eldaria to prevent the prophetic dreams from coming true. To do this he must avoid capture by the long reach of Obsidian's gathering army, and find a mystical land that has been lost for more than two decades. A land that is reputed to flow with breath-taking beauty and vitality.

But will what he finds there be what he needs? Or something that will haunt him for all eternity.




In my shadow you sleep, hungry for my soul.

In my heart you live, nurtured and at peace.

In my life you belong, always.

The red dawn of war clashes with the tide. Black descends. Shadows come alive.

I call to you. I see you across the field of battle, calling to me. So many stand between us.

I turn away to the tide; the tide sweeps forward, surging, billowing, covering.

I raise my hand and stare at the sky above. Silence descends. A hush. Tears fall down. Liquid, they fall down my face, down my grimy cheeks, onto my bloodstained clothes.

I raise my other hand. A burst of time shoots forward, galloping like my heart as I wait for the final blow . . . but it never comes. I’ve frozen the moment in time as the blade meant for my heart pierces his.

The sobs choke my chest as I stare at the metal, gleaming red like the rising sun, sticking from his chest. His eyes are frozen as well, locked onto mine. They look unsurprised. I sink down to my knees; tears fall harder.

I hear your voice. A shout, no, a scream. A scream of pain and anguish, despair and fear. A scream that locks into my bones and into my blood, reverberating with endless echoes in my mind and soul.

I'm sorry.

I don't turn around to look at you. Instead I look straight ahead to the eyes that are locked onto mine, and then bring both of my hands down in a gesture as sharp as the red-hued blade swallowing my vision. Light explodes outward from me, devouring the night, consuming everything in its path.

I fall. He falls too. His eyes speak the things he cannot say. They close after a minute, but mine stay open.

You reach me then. Everyone else is flattened, reeling on the blood-soaked earth, but you reach me. You turn me face up. You gather me in your arms. You weep, but my eyes are dry now. My eyes are dry.

“It will be alright,” I whisper to you. “It will be alright.