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Leading Louise - A Fantasy Journey


An online connection blooms into something more as the ocean between them disappears.

A long-form fantasy that dances up to the edge, and then leaps off it - all the while centered on the passion derived from the truest type of love.

Part 1 - Joel Takes a Trip

The plane vibrated as he awoke to the sound of the wheels thudding against the earth below him. "What in the hell am I doing?" he asked himself as he began to come back to full speed, gathering his belongings under the scathing glare of his fellow passengers. He was far too accustomed to air travel to be put off by dire warnings of unbuckling his belt before the captain had indicated it was safe to do so. Given his line of work, he knew that the captain had maybe touched the controls for ten minutes during this eleven hour flight from Dallas - in fact, the captain had probably had as much sleep as he himself had.

Grabbing his bag, he began to head for the cabin door when he was confronted by one of the air crew. "Sir, I need you to remain seated until we've arrived at the gate." she stammered just as the plane shuddered to a stop and the ding of the bell informed her she could back down. He took her chin in his hand and tipped her head back up to make eye contact, "Any other day, I'd suggest we go discuss my inappropriate behavior doll. But today is a busy day, many things to do... So how about we put a pin in it until I get back?" Continuing to guide her by the chin, he walked her into a row of seats to allow him to pass towards the gate. Without the need to grab a checked bag, he was able to beat the rush to customs and quickly navigated his way to the arrivals area.

It took a minute to find his point of contact, but there she sat in the corner - obviously thinking she had time before her new arrival would show up. A placard sat on the chair beside her, next to her cap. He approached the young woman slowly, not wanting to spook her or cause her embarrassment. He took the seat opposite her and pointed at the placard beside her, "Is Mr. J. Eastin someone famous?" he asked, "I don't recognize the name..." Not waiting for an answer, he extended his hand to the woman - "Hi, I'm Joel and you are?" The driver smiled demurely, she was not an unattractive woman at all, "I'm Delia, good to meet you Joel. I know nothing about Mr. Eastin, so if he is famous - it'd be news to me. I just know he has very exact demands and some of them are freaky as hell." Having an opportunity to test her was too great to pass up, so he asked about the demands, but she blew him off quickly. "Sorry man, you don't get far in my business without being able to hold things in confidence. I spoke too much already." Her face and body language signaled the truth of her statement, she was clearly uncomfortable and it was time to end all this.

Standing, he reached for her cap and placed it on her head. "It's good to be seen to by a professional, leave the placard - let's get moving Delia." For a moment, shock and doubt appeared to battle it out, but her training won in the end - and she guided him towards the exit. She led him to a low-slung black town car, not a limo by any means - but still ostentatious enough to make him uncomfortable. "This?" he asked, "This is the most inconspicuous car you could find?" Delia shrugged as if to point out the absurdity of his statement. "Did you want I should pick you up in my Auris then?" While it wasn't that bad of an idea, his pride would have suffered horribly. "Yeah, let's do that - take me to your office Delia" he stated as he climbed into the backseat and closed the door. It'd be a cold day in hell before a lady had to open the door for him...

A short hour later, Joel Eastin drove along the M50 in Delia's managers black VW Golf. While not the most luxurious vehicle on the market, it met his needs nicely and had the benefit of a navigation system. He was aware that he needed to make an appearance at the office, and that there were much faster routes to Booterstown, but he had a quick stop to make. As he pulled into the florist's, he hoped he was close enough that delivery would not only be possible, but also timely as well. The lady at the counter was sure they could meet his demands but recommended delivery from a closer location, which Joel shot down. "It needs to come from here, cause you cannot fax this." He handed her a card, which was adorned with what appeared to be a man's open collar and loosened bright blue tie inside a circle. "This is not to be opened, by you or anyone else, is that clear?" The clerk nodded and assured Joel his package would be delivered at precisely the desired time and location.

He reentered the car visibly more nervous than he'd exited it minutes before. Checking the time, he realized that he'd need to hit the office, the hotel, and then accomplish his task in the next eight hours before he lost the daylight. He'd literally pulled the pin on a grenade and dropped it at his feet, he had about 16 hours to line up his next task, or the entire trip was wasted. After a quick shout to his coworkers, Joel made his way to the St. Helen's hotel - where he changed into much more suitable attire for the work ahead. He had roughly six hours remaining when he pulled away from the hotel gates, and he knew where he wanted to start. Depending on the GPS in the car, he drove south and west towards the starting point of his exercise. Just before the GPS could chirp that he'd arrived at his destination, Joel pulled over and parked the VW on the side of the road. Work casual attire had been replaced by an outfit that would have looked at home in any working class town in the world - blue jeans and a simple t-shirt. While the clothes appeared to be comfortably worn, the boots were clearly brand new and he did not relish the feel of his feet after this little walk.

He entered the treeline quickly, making sure to conceal himself from the houses nearby. Not so suspicious that he'd alarm anyone, but quickly enough to not be noticed by a casual observer. He made his way towards the first area marked on his map, GPS was useless in this terrain, and covered ground quickly enough to find out the first stop was not the winner. The second spot was close, and from a distance it appeared to be much more likely, but he was taking a chance and he knew it. He climbed into a lower branch and aimed his camera phone at the mountain range in the distance. After trying a few angles and comparing them to an image on his phone, he decided to move on to spot 3 - which was farther into the woods.

Spot 3 looked less likely than the previous, and he began to doubt himself and his plan. "In for a penny, I guess.." he exclaimed as he climbed into the lower branches of the tree and once again compared his view to an example on his phone. The scene as not a match, but he felt the mountain range in the back seemed similar, but the angle was off. He looked for another angle and was about to give up when he spotted the next highest branch - roughly four feet above him. Gauging the changes, he decided to make the climb - though he doubted it would be right. Perhaps a change of vantage would help see if spot 4 was likely or not. Once he was sitting on the branch, it was as close to a perfect match as he'd been able to hope for. "Damn, this is pretty high - good onya doll!" This had to be the spot, he was sure, and he grabbed his package from his pants pocket and looked for the perfect placement. He almost fell when he went to secure his package to the perfect spot - for there, carved into the branch, was a perfect letter L that looked as if it had been picked and carved on for a very long time. Joel smiled as he finished his task and climbed down to return to his car.

Part 2 - Louise Takes a Chance

As per usual, she'd fallen asleep on the couch again. "Why do I do this to myself?" she thought as she arose to start another day. Another day, but the same routine, as she cleaned up around the place while the coffee brewed. Cup in hand, she sat down for a smoke and logged onto her chat app. "No one around again, what the hell?" she said as she searched for the interaction she craved this morning. The same sight as every other day, dozens of requests for her, most of the sexy variety. She'd get to those in a moment, but her eye had caught some movement from above.

'Mornin Love, how goes your day?'

She relayed the fact that again she'd crashed on the couch, and was up too early with nothing but an aching body to show for it.

'Well hopefully the day will get better for ya, I guess I should crash as well...'

'Night Love!'

For a moment, she imagined what it would be like to actually meet him, in the flesh. Fantasy is great, but what about reality? Was he who he said he was? Hell was she? "Too confusing, put it away Louise - things to do." And the morning routine continued, requests fulfilled, many in the morning shower. Breakfast with the lad before he went to class for the day. It was another dreary day, rain and overcast - how she longed for the hot sun again.

She was sitting down with cup number four when there was a knock at the door, and this was not a common occurrence. "Who would be knocking so early", she wondered. Her confusion grew when she looked out the window, where a tiny woman was holding a huge bouquet of roses. Partly because she was intrigued, but mostly because she felt the little lady may fall off her stoop if she didn't help her quickly Louise ran to answer the door. She took the flowers as the woman presented a form for her to sign, and retreated into the house. "Odd, no card" she was thinking, just as the knock resumed at the door. The delivery lady was back, and apologizing. "Beg your pardon ma'am, I forgot the card! Please tell the gentleman that I couldn't find a proper sized envelope!" With that, she handed her a folded up piece of paper with a card of some type in it and headed back to her delivery truck.

Bringing the second package inside was a bit stranger than the first. "Tell the gentleman, ma'am. What the bloody hell? What gentleman?" Louise had of course been told a million times on chat that she was an attractive woman - but she knew better... Regardless of that, she knew she didn't have to work very hard for company - which one of those fellas had sent these? "Well, let's see then!" she cried as she unwrapped the card. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw the icon on the card, she knew who's icon that was. "What the hell Joel?" she though as she opened the card. The inside of the card was plain white, except for a black spot labeled 'Press Me', which she did. Suddenly, the room filled with his voice.

"Morning love! If the florist got it right you should be standing there wondering what the fuck right about now. Am I close? I hope I am!"

She couldn't help but smile at that, he did love his games. She set the card down and was reaching for her phone when the recording started again.

"And did you think I would send a little joke all that way? No ma'am, there is more. I know the weather is probably not great over there right now, but I need to talk to you and it would be better if you went to your spot to chat. If that is possible, please send me a message yes or no. And this concludes my message, please back away before it self destructs!"

With the state of the world, there was no way he shipped anything that could self destruct - right? She worried for a second and then laughed when his voice came the last time, a very short message.

"And Boom goes the dynamite!"

"Asshole Joel!" she said as she giggled her way off to find a coat to wear outside. He hadn't asked for an image in months, but she still felt like he'd know if she lied about it - and she only told small fibs - not lies. "What the hell am I doing?" she said aloud to the sky as she headed towards the woods, and sent her yes message into the ether. The walk to her spot was not too long, and she could do it in her sleep - in fact she had done exactly that once, and it still freaked her out a bit. It was starting to rain, and she considered turning back, but she was so close she just pulled up her hood and kept on walking.

Without realizing it, she'd become a bit nervous on her walk. Whatever the cause, it had her on edge, and as a result she noticed something in her tree that shouldn't have been there long before she began her climb. She was not certain what it was, but it seemed familiar - but since she'd left her glasses at home, she'd need to get closer to know for sure. As she climbed, she grew more certain she knew what the object was. Her suspicions were confirmed when she finally gained her normal perch and reached out to touch the object. As the rain gained momentum, she removed the tie from the branch, running her fingers over the L she'd carved and re-carved for more years than she wanted to think about. His tie, the one from the icon on chat - but, how?


Part 3 - They Meet

Her phone began to beep, three times in quick succession. Making sure of her perch, she drew it out and watched as the screen lit up.

'Great to see you, love!'

'You climbed that much faster than I did'

'How fast can you get down?'

She scanned the ground below her, there was no sign of anyone in the area. She quickly typed out a message.

'Funny, how'd ya pull this off?'

She had a moment of regret, wishing, just for a moment, that he would have appeared at the foot of the tree. "Silly girl," she told herself - "those things only happen in movies and the like." She shimmied down the tree, happy to have had a small bit of excitement this morning, but longing for more - for something real. Her phone chimed as she reached the base of the tree.

'Do you really want to know the answer to that question?'

Louise sighed in frustration, Joel had a way of dragging things out that frustrated her at times. She typed out that she would, in fact, and asked him to explain himself. The reply was a video, it simply showed sky in the preview, so she thumbed the play button. His voice rang out again...

'If you want the answer, you have to ask the right way love. You know what I want.'

She felt a tingle spreading out from her center, this was why she couldn't say no to him. When he commanded her, even casually as he just had - she melted a bit, and he knew it. She set her phone to record and propped it against the tree trunk - pointing up at her. Using the front camera, she made sure she was in the frame of the shot, and then stood straight and bowed her head, staring at her shoes as she requested the answer. After waiting a few seconds, she grabbed the phone and sent the clip to him, the one she wanted to belong to. As the clip posted, she hit play to watch it again, she knew that while some of her awakening desire was attached to him - the bulk was a result of the subservient role she longed for. The clip was not uncommon for them, but she gasped when she saw movement behind her as the clip played.

Before Louise could move to look, his voice again - but more real somehow. "Don't turn around love, and back into position for me please." Her heart sped up. It was his voice, she was sure of that - but she was a smart woman, a mother, and she realized she was in a precarious position. She resumed her former position and internally fought off her desire to turn and face that voice for the first time. She could feel him approach from behind, and she began to tremble anticipating his touch - their first touch.

Joel was on fire, he'd barely been able to contain himself when she walked into the clearing, he longed to run to her and hold her in his arms. As he'd watched her climb, he felt a sense of relief flood through him. He'd harbored the fear that this delicious young creature had simply adopted him as her good deed for the chat community - made him feel special as she'd ironed and cleaned up around the house during the day. But here she was, out in the rain and cold, climbing that tree because he'd asked her to. All the lingering doubts about his plan died in the moment she took his tie from the branch.

As he approached her, having asked her to assume the position, he knew that this was the last moment their relationship would be fantasy. He felt some sadness at that, it was bittersweet, but his plan required that he suppress those quiet feelings for now - there was work to be done. "Don't move love, if you see me I will disappear - we don't want that do we?" Louise began to answer him, but caught herself just in time - and instead of speaking simply shook her head to indicate her answer - NO. "That's a good girl, almost slipped but you recovered nicely. I trust you, I really do - but this is bigger than that trust, you know that right?" This time her head nodded, and a whimper escaped her throat. "Louise, do you trust me?" he asked. As she began to nod, he interrupted her, "This is important love, please speak to me."

Louise could hear the strain in his voice, she knew that although he'd learned as much as he could to please her online, Joel was not the ultimate dominant type. She feared the online skills he'd acquired would not transfer to real life, as she could hear the pleading in his request for her to speak to him. "I trust you." she said quietly, her voice failing to conceal her nervousness. She could almost hear as the apprehension left his body, perhaps she'd judged him too quickly, she thought - but no, his feelings for her would outweigh anything he might have in mind. As she stood there waiting for his next command, she wondered if she could let go of her desire to be submissive - he was a good man, after all.

Joel had expected her to be a bit cautious, maybe even nervous - but what he was picking up was reservation. Could he have so misjudged his relationship with this woman? He wasn't sure, but he'd gotten his answer and he had come a long way for this meeting - so he began to execute his plan. "Love, there is no way for us to have fun without you seeing me - and it's not time for that yet." He reached into her jacket pocket and removed his tie, which he quickly fashioned into a blindfold that he tied around her head. "There, now we can move a bit and not spoil the effect. You still with me Louise?" She nodded in response and Joel started his prep work as she stood there motionless and now - blind to what he was doing.

Louise was listening intently, trying to discern what her surprise lover had planned. She could hear him working under the tree, but nothing else that would give away his plan. After a few moments, she could hear him approach her, again from behind, but instead of touching her - as she desired, he issued another order. His voice was stern, much more so than even a minute ago... "OK love, its time for the clothes, strip them off and drop them to the ground to your right." She began to disrobe as instructed, and heard the rhythm of his breathing as she removed her bra, revealing her spectacular tits. In a moment, she was completely exposed - and while every part of her brain told her she was crazy for taking such risks, her body had begun to respond. "Place your wrists together in front of you." he demanded, and again she responded without thought, though she considered this another rookie mistake - he should have secured her hands behind her back.

Joel watched as she stripped down, and his willpower almost left him when he secured her hands. She had no clue what he was about to do, and that had him so worked up that he decided not to speak as he secured the heavy rope to the handcuffs he'd placed on her. He strode to to the tree and took up the other end of the rope, which was threaded thru a pulley on the bottom branch. He had wanted to get the gear higher, but there had been no way to conceal it without harming the tree, and he had no desire to destroy her secret place. He slowly began to pull the rope, which after a second began to raise her hands by the cuffs.

Louise was shocked when she felt her arms being lifted, and even more so when the movement extended beyond simply lifting her arms. Before she knew it her toes, which she was standing on, rose from the earth below her. "Joel?" she queried. "Hush now, you're almost where I want you." was his reply. She was surprised as she felt him touch her for the first time, she had expected she was being immobilized so he could touch her, but would have expected him to start with her ample breasts. Instead, he was at her feet - which he'd never shown any interest in before. He slipped something around her ankle, and she started to get an idea of what was happening.

Joel assumed (correctly, but he'd never know) that Louise would expect him to tie her legs out wide, giving him access to her lower body, and the steaming pussy that nestled between them - but he had other plans. They had touched on several kinks in their chatting, but suspension had never come up - and he assumed that it would excite her try something new. As he attached the other ankle cuff, he dragged over two smaller ropes that were attached to the same pulley. Making the proper connections, he again hauled on the ropes, and her feet began to rise as had her arms. Once he tied the ropes off, Louise was suspended from three points, both ankles and the chain of her handcuffs, about four feet off the ground - her body parallel to the forest floor.

Louise felt him near her, he still had made no move to touch her, and she shook in anticipation. He ran his hand over her stomach, and she could feel him trembling as well. "Now Love, this is how this works. I'm gonna play with you, the way we both know you want to be played with. Agreed? Speak!" She wasted no time in uttering her agreement. She had many kinks, and had expressed many of them to this man. But many of them she'd only chatted and role-played, lacking a suitable person to play with in real life. Sure she had some toys, and had found a few men willing to try something kinky with such a pretty girl, but she'd never had what she wanted - to be fully owned by another.

Joel was at his weakest point, he could think of nothing more that possessing this woman, had dreamed about it for months in fact. At that moment, his lust fueled the dominant streak in him, and he began to let his fingers run over her breasts, roughly pinching her nipples which were already standing in the anticipation of what was coming. He let his fingers dance their way up her chest and around her throat, tracing her jawline until he had a hand on each side of her head. "I will have you love, every bit of you... The question is, can you play nice, or are you gonna struggle?" Lowering his head, he kissed her roughly on the mouth, finding no resistance - in fact her tongue met his almost immediately. This was going better than he had ever hoped for, he decided the spreader bar could be left in his kit.

Louise was suspended in mid air and being kissed thoroughly by a man she'd never seen in real life. She was exposed in numerous ways, and powerless to react - in short, she was in heaven. She still wasn't sure how all this had happened, but she was lost in the moment. His kiss was powerful and she could already sense the tingling building at her core, but before it could grow, his lips left hers. He targeted her right ear first, nibbling on her earlobe delicately before moving to the hollow of her throat and biting not as gently there, moving towards her left ear to repeat the process. She thought she heard him inhale numerous times and realized that he was smelling her as he went. His hands firmly squeezed the skin and muscle of her shoulders and back, sending ripples of light pain through her body. He traced his way down her back and was soon standing between her legs and massaging her legs and pelvis with the same pressure.

Joel was lost in exploring this woman that he'd wanted for so long, but he kept his head - the tempo had to be maintained. Reaching into his pants pocket, he removed a thick gold chain and grasped the clips at either end. With no warning, he brought the clips up over her belly and quickly attached each to a distended nipple. Her audible gasp, much louder than those he'd heard watching her use her own clips, told him he'd succeeded in choosing stronger, but not so strong it was unbearable. "I think she likes that." Joel called out unthinkingly, before remembering that he was supposed to be alone. Luckily, it didn't seem that she'd heard him as she replied herself, "Oh she does, she does." Ducking under her leg, Joel demanded to know who'd informed her she could speak? She didn't respond so he grabbed the chain connecting her nipples and pulled her body towards him, bracing her full body weight on her now angrily red nipples.

Louise was enjoying the treatment she was receiving, she'd never considered the fact a massage could hurt so good. The biting was delicious and she wanted more of that, but she knew better than to speak when he moved on. The effect when his strong hands moved to her lower body was even more profound, his hands working their way into the creases where her legs met her torso. She was so lost in the feeling that the surprise of the biting nipple clamps shook her into orgasm. As the small waves of her first release flooded her, she forgot her role and answered his question without thinking. The pain when he pulled her by her nipples triggered a small surge in her diminishing climax, but frightened her a bit. He whispered into her ear, "Naughty girls must be punished." She was relieved when he let her go, her body swinging back into its original position. The relief was short lived as all of a sudden her upper body was being raised again, she couldn't tell how far. A few moments later her legs were lowered and she was in a reclining position.

Joel surveyed the scene, she appeared to be in the right position - she had to be, since he couldn't control the ropes and be where he needed to be. Reaching up towards her chest, now roughly a foot above his own head, he again grabbed the gold chain with his left hand. "Paddle." he called out absently and the desired instrument was placed in his hand. "I secretly hoped it would come to this, love. I've dreamed of this moment for so long." Without warning he used the chain to spin her suspended body. Lining up his paddle, he landed a blow each time her ass spun into view. The impact of the blow adding to the momentum of her spin. Starting at about medium strength was the plan, but the sight of her rapidly reddening ass drove him crazy and before long he'd landed many much stronger blows. As he stopped, she was audibly crying as she spun in a circle with an ass that was sure to soon be black and blue - and that was not part of the plan.  A noise from behind, that could have been misconstrued as disagreement, caught his attention and he turned to his partner in crime. "Don't you dare. I decide what's enough." he stated in a menacing tone.

Louise was in an immense amount of pain, but most of her tears were those of joy. She'd wanted this all her life, and she was getting it from what she'd assumed to be an old vanilla guy who gave good role play. Part of her wanted to laugh as she heard him speaking to himself, arguing really, she knew he'd outdone himself and was probably piss scared as a result. He appeared to be running over his checklist, because she heard him say "Get the lube." as her spin ground to a halt. Her nipples were on fire from the strength of his tug, and her ass would probably make it impossible to sit for a few days, but she was ecstatic at the thought of what might be next. As the cool lube was spread on her asshole, she moaned softly.

Joel handed the lube back to his accomplice, and motioned for another toy - this one a thick dildo with a blue horses tail attached to its end. He took his time inserting the tip into her asshole, he wanted to hurt her some, but not render that entrance unusable later. Once the first inch was inside her tight ass, he thrust the remaining five inches into her in a single thrust. Judging from the panting that followed her grunt, she was accommodating the toy nicely, but it was to soon for her to relax just yet. Taking his cell phone from his jacket pocket, Joel entered the control app and set the last three inches of the tool spinning at medium speed, and the motion was visibly increasing the diameter of her pink asshole as he watched. Satisfied with his preparation for later, Joel stepped back and snapped several pictures of her with his cell phone. He only had a few minutes left before he had to let her down or risk very real damage to her shoulders and other joints.

Louise was in a state of orgasmic shock. Here she was, hanging from a tree as he inserted something into her ass slowly. She at first imagined it was his cock, but the placement of his body against hers told her it wasn't. She was enjoying the sensation when suddenly he rammed it farther into her in a very rough manner - and despite her order to remain silent, she grunted as her cavity hurriedly stretched to accommodate the intruding object. This was the kind of thing that she loved imagining, but lacked the ability to do to herself. She had a brief moment of horror as the gravity of the situation settled onto her like a heavy blanket. This was not the kind of playing she could walk away from, or just ignore as she did online - she was really his completely, powerless to stop him. This awareness flashed across her mind just ass the object in her ass began to gyrate, pulling and stretching her backdoor. Her initial shock having passed, she began to let herself go again - riding the rhythm of the powerful toy in her ass.

Joel knew time was up, but he decided to stretch it one more minute. He'd neglected his own needs so far, but there was one thing he had to do before he left. Kneeling under her using his supply bag to protect his clothing - he shoved his face into her dripping pussy, inhaling the scent of her and relishing the refreshingly sweet taste he'd longed for. She began to shake as he licked and sucked her, never penetrating but simply enjoying the moment. As her body began to buck in time with his efforts, he caught her lip and bit down hard before licking his way around to the other side and biting even harder. At this point her discipline was gone, and a throaty "Yesss." spilled from her lips as she tried everything in her power to grind her pussy into his face - unsuccessfully. He took one last loving lick - who knew how she'd respond, this could be the last time he touched her. He bit down hard on her clit and jerked the dildo free from her ass as he did. He was rewarded with the sound of her orgasm and the flood of juices pouring from her into his mouth.

As she felt him press his face into her, Louise lost the little control she had left and sang out her pleasure. Even in the pre-climax high she was riding, she immediately feared a repercussion - but none came. The combination of his actions and the anal sensations, had her ready to explode in a giant flash of ecstasy, and then he bit her once, twice, and finally on her clit. There could be no greater feeling she thought, but was proven wrong at once as he quickly removed the toy - ripping it from her ass in a single strong motion. Every muscle in her body tensed as she came, and her scream was probably heard for miles - but she didn't care. She couldn't hold her head up, and it lolled back as she hung limply.

Joel stood as she went limp, he was worried he may have pushed too far until he saw her facial expression - it was not pain it showed but the slow coming down of satisfaction. Joel grabbed her head and again kissed her passionately, and he made the only mark that would remain visible after she was dressed by biting down on her lower lip hard enough to taste blood as his tongue passed the area before he broke the kiss. "Well love, I'm afraid our time has come to an end, I simply have to get to the office. You did fantastic Louise, you really did. I would hope that you'd be willing to meet me in the city tonite for dinner, and I will await your reply love." With that he motioned to his accomplice and walked away from her.

Louise felt him turn away from her, and wondered how long he meant to keep up the charade of leaving her out here like this. As the pleasurable feeling departed her, she could feel the pulling on her joints and the half dozen bruises that were forming on her body. She needed down, and she needed down now! His voice began to move away. "I know what you are thinking doll, and no I would not leave you here." Her legs began to lower and they soon touched the ground. Her arms began to lower but then stopped. "Now, if I know you half as well as I hope I do - you will reach for that blindfold as soon as you think you can reach it. For that reason, among others, I brought some help. I am leaving now Louise, and my accomplice Delia will be taking care of you for the day. The decisions from here out are yours love. If you want to meet me, see me, then come out with me tonight. If you don't, I will see you in group tonight from my hotel, and you will have what I hope is a great story." Suddenly her arms began to lower again.

As her restraints lowered, Louise gained use of her arms and reached for the tie over her eyes exactly as he said. She had to catch a glimpse, and her eyes darted in the direction she'd last heard his voice. There was no sign of him, only a youngish woman dressed like a chauffeur for some off reason. "Good morning miss, as Mr. Eastin said, I'm Delia. I am yours for the duration of his stay, and I provide any services you require; from driving to child care. My role is to make sure you want for nothing. Now, if it pleases you, I can remove your restraints?" As Louie spoke to give Delia leave to release her, she felt the sting of her lip, and taste the coppery blood that seeped from the places where he'd broken skin. It dawned on her that this girl had been present for the entire interlude and she reddened in embarrassment. "Ma'am please, I would be crushed to think I have caused you shame, please realize that I am a person of great discretion - it's a prerequisite of this job. I have seen things that would shock you, I assure you. But nothing I've ever seen was as sexy as what just happened. Let's get you home, eh?"

Louise allowed Delia to release her, but stopped her when she went to remove the nipple clamps, which had also drawn a small bit of blood as well. "I'll take care of these when I get home, thanks." Slipping on her pants and draping her jacket over her shoulders, a very satisfied but confused woman headed home. The though of capturing images of her abused breasts loomed large in her mind as she walked.

Part 4 - The Date

Joel did indeed have to make an appearance at the office, but he did it quickly and returned to the hotel after lunch with the local director there, to clean up and get busy waiting to see what Louise would do. He felt sure she would come to him, but the nagging doubts always rose to the surface when he was alone. His phone rang, and for a moment he got excited - then he realized she didn't know his phone number, and his disappointment was in his voice as he answered. "Glad to hear your voice too, boss!" Delia sang into his ear. She'd been hesitant when he'd told her the plan, but she'd gotten into it now apparently. "Don't sound so down, I think you've won a new fan - and I can't say I blame her... Anyway, I left her in the shower and took her boy out for lunch - but I wanted to run something by you." He told her to shoot. "Well she's clearly going to come and see you tonight, and she's been fretting over what to wear. So I took initiative and helped you out, but it'll show up on your bill." Joel listened as she spoke of the shopping trip she'd been on with Louise's son just a few moments ago, and began to describe her purchase - but he cut her off. "If she wears it, I'll see it then - don't push her Delia, she needs to be comfortable."

Louise emerged from the longest shower she could ever remember taking, her body ached and several spots were tender enough to make her wince. She took the opportunity to take several shots of the rapidly darkening bruises on her ass and chest, "For science." she thought as Joel was fond of saying. She'd already called in to her job and informed them that she was ill, and would most likely miss tomorrow as well. It was being presumptuous, but she really hoped to be unavailable tomorrow. It occurred to her that she had no idea how long he would be around, knew nothing about his plans at all. She was grateful for Delia, she couldn't imagine trying to come up with childcare from family or friends, who would all naturally want to know what she was up too. She wasn't sure she could describe it in any way that sounded sane. She pulled on her robe as she heard the door, signalling her lad and Delia were back. She looked out and saw the girl had several bags with her, and by the labels - she'd been to the Galleria which was quite a drive.

Delia dropped the bags and informed her that she was welcome to wear anything in there - they were hers. She looked and found a dull silver dress, slinky with tiny straps and a plunging neckline. She couldn't imagine going out like that, she had just planned on wearing her favorite going out clothes. Did he have something fancy planned that required this level of getup? She was unsure and asked Delia if she knew what was planned. "I have no idea ma'am, but I can tell you the clothes weren't his idea, they were mine - check out the rest!" The rest of the bags contained some very naughty underwear as well as silk stockings and garters. The final piece was a medium sized bag that matched the dress as if they'd been made together. "I have seen his collection of toys, but I thought you might want to bring a few things of your own." Delia explained with a grin "And a girl should always have a few things in case the night goes longer than expected. I didn't get shoes cause you seem to have that area covered pretty well."

Delia busied herself coloring with the boy as Louise tried on the new outfit, but when she walked out in it - even she had to stop and stare. She could understand the fascination Mr. Eastin had with her, she was absolutely gorgeous. "That bad eh?" Louise asked her, misreading the look on her face. "You look fantastic ma'am, I think we did a good job in picking out that dress for sure!" Delia reached into her bag and produced a small flat box. "This is the only thing he asked me to ask you to wear, I should have given it to you before you got dressed, but I think you can manage it." She handed the box to Louise and went back to her coloring, "I'm ready whenever you are ma'am, just shout for me."

Louise took the box into her room and hurriedly untied the ribbon that was holding it closed. Inside was a type of toy she hadn't seen before, it was shaped familiarly enough and was obviously meant to be inserted and worn, the long curving end seemed it would mimic the line of her thong quite well. The odd part was that there were no controls, only a port for recharging and a power button. She thumbed the button and although a light was illuminated, there was no vibration. Throwing caution to the wind, she hiked up her dress and pushed her panties aside long enough to insert the device and nestle the tail in the crack of her ass. Once completed, she smoothed out her dress and called to Delia that she was ready to go.

In his hotel Joel heard a sharp ding sound and turned to see the status for the vibrator had become active. That was good, she had turned it on at least, he couldn't be sure if she was wearing it though. The fact that it had connected probably meant she was still at home, so when it dropped off line it would mean she was on her way. Of course it could just mean that she'd turned the damn thing off and decided not to come just as easily. He got the chance to worry about ten minutes later when the device went inactive again.

The ride had been uneventful, but riding with her boy in the back of the town car didn't last long, as he wanted to be up front with his new pal. Louise reflected on what had been the strangest day of her life. She could not imagine how something that had been seemingly fantasy had somehow come to pass - this was not something that happens in real life. Her thoughts were cut short as the car turned into the drive of the hotel, and boy what a hotel it was. As the car idled into the drop off area, she told her son to behave for Delia and exited the car as the valet held the door.

Joel heard the ding, and was up in a flash and headed for the door. He sprinted to the stairs and took them two at a time down to the lobby. By the time he entered, she was just sitting down in the lobby lounge, as she had been told by Delia. Taking up a position that allowed him to see her but kept him hidden, he took his phone from his pocket. The device had indeed joined the hotel WiFi as he's set up earlier that morning - the icon showed active and unless the device was in her bag, it was time for the show. He tapped burst mode and a slider and button appeared on screen. He quickly selected 25% power and gave the button a short tap.

Louise sat in the lobby as instructed, feeling a bit exposed in her new outfit as she watched the hustle and bustle about her. Suddenly she felt the vibrator shift, and she fought the urge to adjust it right there in the lobby. Before she could think too much about it, it turned on and vibrated softly for a few seconds. It was a pleasant feeling, but she suddenly wondered what had set it off. She adjusted her position in the seat, pressing her bottom into the leather chair, as if she could somehow get the device to go off again - or at least get it deeper into her. She was sure she looked strange in this position, but she didn't care - until suddenly the device turned on again, stronger this time - but about the same duration as before. With her full weight bearing down on the seat, the sensation was much stronger, and she fought to hold in the moan that wanted to escape - but she lost. A man sitting a few feet away had taken notice and was openly staring at her now. Her phone beeped as her hips relaxed and she was able to sit properly once more.

'Oh, you have an admirer! Give him a show, and then get your ass up here. Room 317 doll.'

She quickly typed a message back to him.

'Ahryt, but if I ruin these nice clothes, it's on you!'

She tried to decide what kind of show he had in mind. Obviously he could see her, but where was he? She scanned the lobby and saw no sign of him. "Unless he catfished me." she thought to herself. Hell, he could be the man in the chair staring at her for all she knew. But that didn't feel right to her, and plus, he'd never pulled his phone that she noticed. "In for a penny..." she sighed and sat back in the chair as she stared directly at her admirer. Flashing a sexy smile, she spread her legs and showed him the sexy new panties she was wearing. She was preparing to rub herself when the vibrator went off at the highest speed she'd ever felt in her life. She fought the urge to press her legs together to heighten the sensation, but soon realized this was not a burst but a steady buzz - and one that was all too audible with her legs spread. Digging a finger up under her panties, she ran it along her sopping lips and drew it back to her mouth, closing her legs and at least muting the sound of her toy in the process. She sucked the finger as she stared the man down, enjoying the glad eye he was giving her.

Rising from her seat, Louise motioned for the man to stay where he was, and headed to the ladies room. If Joel wanted her to give the man a show, she would give him a great one. In the restroom, she quickly removed her sopping wet panties as well as the vibrator - still humming at what she had to believe was its top speed. She quickly wrapped the noisy device in some tissues and put it in her bag, relieved that it was no longer audible. With one more adjustment made, she pulled down her dress and smoothed it out. She quickly folded her wet panties and headed back into the lobby to finish her show. She returned to where she'd sat and placed her bag on the seat, then made a huge show of bending over as if she was looking for something in the bottom of it. This gave her admirer a good view of her ass and her splayed lips as she swung her ass back and forth for a few seconds. Pretending to find what she searched for, she stood up and shouldered her bag. She stopped at the man's seat, and carefully placed her folded panties in breast pocket of his jacket. "Have a good day sir!" she said as she began to walk away, thankful for her actions in the ladies - else she was sure she'd be leaving a wet trail in her wake.

Joel watched in fascination as she performed for the man, both before and after the ladies room. He could not see what she had given him, nor heard what she said - but as she moved towards the lifts, he ran back up the stairs. He'd never been sure how much of her talk had been fantasy and how much had been true, but he suspected after her performance that she'd indeed done that before. He reached the room quickly and tried to catch his breath before she got there, but it was wasted effort. He opened the door at the first knock, and found himself breathless once more. She marched into the room and dropped her bag on the bed before turning to just stare at him, her expression was unreadable. He looked her up and down certain this was the new outfit, Delia had done a great job with the clothes it appeared. She took a seat in the lounge, in a seat almost identical to those in the lobby he noticed for the first time. She simply stared at him without speaking for several minutes before she spread her legs and gave him the view she'd just given the man downstairs.

Louise had not had a plan for what she would say, her feelings were all over the board and had been since the flowers this morning. She had decided to wing it, and was now wishing she'd have taken a bit of time to plan. Deciding to return the dominant behavior he'd been giving her today, she stood and bent over as she had for the man he'd told her to entertain. "Do you like the show?" she asked him, "cause the man downstairs really seemed to." She looked over her shoulder at Joel, who was mesmerized by the sight before him. She ran the same finger through her dampness and turned to him, running the finger over his bottom lip. Joel perked up at this, "What did you give him? The man downstairs. And where is the vibrator?" he asked. She strode to the bed, retrieving the toy from her bag and discarding the tissues she'd wrapped it in. Thumbing the power button finally turned it off, "Figure we should save this battery for later don't you?" she asked him as she tossed it onto the bed. "I gave him the very pretty panties you bought me, I felt it was only fair that he should have a memento. Besides, I felt I had a pair you might like better, so I brought those as well. I didn't have time to wrap up a pretty present, but I hope you will like the box it comes in."

Louise returned to her seat and spread her legs again, and then she inserted a finger into her pussy and with a hooking motion caught the end of the fabric and pulled a tiny portion of the pink garment out of her. "Would you like to open your present sir?" she grinned at him and showed him her tongue. He nodded and approached her. "On your knee's and no hands!" she ordered him, and he fell to his knees. He crawled the rest of the way to her, and hooked the pink fabric with his teeth. Again, she could hear him inhaling her aroma as he slowly drew the panties out of her pussy.  He took the garment in his hands and unfolded it, his eyes gleaming. "I think I recognize these." he said. "I thought you might, and I remembered when you asked me about stuffing a long time ago - seemed like a fun idea to me. I had to mail my knickers to that guy, these you get to take with you."

Joel was taken by surprise when she ordered him to his knees, he was delighted when she made him use his teeth to retrieve his prize. He was not much for being dominated, but the sexual energy in the room was dumping fuel on his libido. Besides, the sight of the bruising on her ass when she bent over for him reminded him that he probably owed her a few commands. He focused on the sodden pink fabric in his hands, drawing it to his face and inhaling deeply. Her scent was fresh and clean, as he'd expected it would be. As he fingered her panties, she spoke again. "So, you could sit there and sniff those, or you could come get it straight from the source. Waddya think?" As she spoke, she lifted her knees to her chest and hooked her heels into the edge of the chair. Before she could say another word, he buried his face in her, relishing her taste as he had her scent.

After the slow build up; inserting the toy, showing off in the lobby, and giving him his present - Louise was as horny as she'd ever been. His oral attention had her legs trembling in moments. When he added a finger to his exploration, she could hear it as well as feel it. She pushed him away for a moment, and hushed his protests long enough to remove her dress and lay it over the other chair  before taking up her position on the chair. "Don't want to stain the lovely dress." she explained. He hesitated a moment, looking at the dress, "We have reservations downstairs in about thirty minutes." he said. She grabbed his hair and pulled his mouth back to her dripping pussy, "Aye, we're going to have to hurry sir. I want you now, we can take it slow later - but right now, I need you in me." With that she pushed him away again, and as he rose she began to unbuckle his belt, and then undid his pants. They dropped to the floor and she was looking at a pair of boxer briefs with a sizable wet stain on the front, "Underwear? Really?" she grinned. He just smiled at her, "Doll, I had too, I've been dripping since this morning."

Joel stepped out of his pants and allowed her to draw down his shorts, which removed and tossed aside. She made no move to touch his cock, and the look in her eyes let him know that she had meant what she said, slow would come later. He took her by the hand and politely spun her around, finally pushing her to her knees on the chair, which left her at just the right height for him to enter. He marveled at her lovely ass, and had to be reminded of his task. "Tick tock, meter's running lad. Are ya a chancer, or just not hungry then?" He came back to reality and slowly slid himself into her from behind, relishing the warmth and tightness. Once he'd gotten in to the hilt, he reached up to undo her bra - but his hand was smacked away. "Did I not tell ya there'd be time for that later? I'm hungry Joel, fuck me and feed me sir!" He drew back slowly and was shocked when Louise began to thrust her body backwards and begin fucking him as he stood there. Finally getting the message, he grabbed her by the hips and began ramming her, doing his level best to pound her as hard as he could.

Given the events of the day, Joel had been worried about cumming too quickly the first time, and perhaps this was her plan - get it out of the way for later. He continued his rapid thrusting, surprised that he wasn't already blowing his load - and then Louise moaned... He suddenly found himself fighting to keep control, the many months that he'd fantasized about this woman came crashing down onto him, and he was losing ground quickly. She turned her head as much as possible and made eye contact "It's alrite love, let it go - I want to feel it." With those words, he buried himself as deep as he could and held on to her ass for his life as he pumped an enormous load into her, her pussy still contracting around his cock, squeezing and milking it for all it could get.

Louise had come close to an orgasm herself, but the need for speed trumped a single orgasm in a night she hoped would contain many. As his body began to relax, she pulled herself off of him and quickly grabbed her sodden panties from the floor. Wadding them up, she stuffed them back into her now sopping pussy, to prevent any unsightly drips from running down onto her stockings. She quickly dropped her dress back over her head and did a quick check in the mirror. "Best get your pants on boyo, else we'll miss supper." grabbing her clutch from her bag, she made her way to the door as he quickly prepared himself. The elevator was fairly full when it opened for them, and as they pushed themselves into the car, she became aware of the fact that they both reeked of sex. Joel appeared oblivious to the fact that his face was still covered in her drying juices - she decided not to worry about it.

Dinner was fantastic, and they finally had the opportunity to talk and really get to know each other. Both of them paid no attention to the elephant in the room, instead focusing on more mundane matters and really acting like a couple on their first date. Of course, that's exactly what they were, but it felt odd to be having this type of conversation with someone who had already tied you up and hung you from a tree. As the meal wound down, the waitress offered dessert options, and she saw Joel look over at her questioningly. "I think I'm too full for it this evening - but thank you ma'am." she replied, and Joel repeated her dismissal and asked the her to bring the check. As the waitress left, he added "I know what I'm having for dessert, and hopefully breakfast as well. Why don't you give Delia a call from the lobby while I settle the bill? Make sure things are well there, so you don't have that worry in your mind this evening." She was impressed with his attention to detail, and smiled as she left to do just that.

Joel watched her leave with a smile on his face. Sure, her sexy ass swinging back and forth was worth a smile, but it was more than that. He'd imagined her for so long that he'd built her up to mythical proportions and so far she was everything he'd imagined. His thought was interrupted by the waitress returning with the bill. "You can leave a room number if you're staying with us sir, and it will be added to your hotel bill. I certainly hope you enjoy your dessert, it looked yummy." He looked up and the waitress was smiling sexily at him as she was waiting for him to sign. He added some cash for the tip and handed it to her, "What time are you off, love? Perhaps there's enough dessert to go around - but I'd have to check first." He got the answer he was looking for and headed out to the lobby to find Louise. She must have finished her call, cause she was chatting with an older couple near the elevators. "Joel, this is Bob and Elaine, they're American as well - here on their 45th Anniversary!" As she finished she reached over and brushed the breast pocket of Bob's jacket, "Looks like you spilled something wet on your jacket Bob, might want to get that cleaned up so you don't stain your suit!" It was at that moment that he realized Bob had been the recipient of her show in the lobby earlier. As they made their way to the elevator both couples were arm in arm.

Louise had a naughty feeling, and she wanted to explore it, but three floors in the lift was not a lot of time. As if reading her mind, Elaine invited them up to their room for a nightcap. She hastily agreed, not even looking at Joel for his opinion. She smiled as Elaine hit the button for the seventh floor, that should do it. She chuckled as the doors closed, "Does anyone else think this car smells like sex?" she asked. Joel barked a laugh as Bob's face went stark white, obviously worried he was about to be outed. She turned to Joel, and ran a finger along his jaw. "Jesus Joel, you didn't wash your face! Bob, do you have a hanky?" They were passing the third floor as Bob tole her he did not. "Pity," she said but then brightened up, "Oh I know!". Staring directly at Elaine, Louise nervously reached down under her dress and removed the wadded up panties she'd stuffed in her, straightened the fabric, and held them up to Joel. Joel took the hint and held the material to his face and rubbed it around his face, again she could hear him inhaling - the man had a thing for smells it seemed. She turned to see Elaine's reaction as they passed the fifth floor. Elaine wasn't even looking at Joel, she was staring down at the floor. In her desire to be naughty, she'd forgotten the other purpose for her stuffing. She was mortified, but determined to carry off the deal. "Sorry, I forgot about that." she said motioning towards the stream of cum running down her leg and over her stocking.

The elevator doors opened and Elaine and Louise both spoke at once, both trying to opt out of the proffered drink - both wanting to get on with some business, Joel supposed. But the idea of following through was just too exciting for him to let it go. "Honestly, I am dying to be alone with this wonderful woman, as is Bob I'm sure, what harm could one drink cause?" Bob grunted his agreement, but the ladies had other plans. Elaine took her husbands hand and led him out of the elevator. As the doors closed she mumbled "See you tomorrow to them through the crack. Louise pushed him back against the wall and pressed herself against him and purred up at him. "Nice try stud, how long did it take you to recognize old Bob?" Joel smiled down at her and admitted it had taken her hint to get it through to him. "Well, I know what you were trying to do - but tonight is my night, just me - understand?" They headed to the room to continue the evening.


Part 5: The First Night

Once safely back in the room Louise began to undress and, after hanging the dress nicely in the closet, stood completely naked once more before the man who only 24 hours before had been merely a fantasy. Instead of a good way to have some laughs, he was now very real, and the days activities had driven her near mad with so many different feelings. Thinking of the way they had played online, as well as their initial meeting this morning - she moved to the bed and asked his permission to lay down. The change of expression on his face caused her a moment's panic, as he seemed displeased, but it quickly softened as he approached her. "Darling, you do not need permission to do anything - especially from me. We are not two people playing at something online, we are a man and woman who've just met. We had a lovely dinner, and now I'd like to spend a nice evening getting to know you. Is that alright with you?"

She was surprised when instead of taking her in his arms, Joel swept past and into the bathroom. Soon the sound of the shower could be heard from within. After a moment, he appeared in the doorway, suit coat removed but still decently clothed, with his sleeves rolled up past his elbow. "Can I interest you in a shower love? I would love to wash your hair." Without thinking she replied "Yes, if that's what you want." but shook her head as she said it, correcting herself. "Yes, I would like that very much." She was rewarded with a huge smile and she quickly moved to join him. He offered his hand as she stepped into the tub. "Go ahead and wash up love, I'll ready the things we need." Many emotions fought for dominance within her as she showered. The strongest by far was wonder, here was a man she'd described herself to from across the world, who'd hung her from a tree just that morning. "What am I doing?" she though to herself.

When he returned, he offered her a selection of shampoos to choose from, and selection made, he leaned into the shower and began to massage the soap into her hair. She wondered why he hadn't joined her in the shower, but it became less of a concern as he began to work on her hair. Although, there was nothing overtly sexual about what he was doing, there was a transfer of some type occurring here, she thought. He seemed to be transfixed as he went about creating the glorious sensations she was experiencing. It struck her a moment later, this was one of the most sensual experiences they could share, and it required no other contact than his hands in her hair. With that thought, she faded into a happy trance-like state.

Joel was in heaven. Here he was, washing her hair, and even given the days events - he couldn't imagine a happier place to be. He listened as she sighed at first, then became still, and now was emitting small moans of pleasure as his fingers massaged her scalp. This was a moment he'd dreamed of often, sitting alone on his back porch and waiting up for a chance to chat with her a bit before her day began. While he had truly come to enjoy the more dominant role he'd taken on in their online relationship - he knew this couldn't just be that. He wanted this woman, not as a slave or obedient lap dog - he wanted all of her.

As her body began to relax, he rinsed her hair and gently moved her down to a sitting position in the tub. Not wanting to be done just yet, he grabbed the matching conditioner and continued to work on her hair. Louise was in no shape to argue, in fact it appeared that she may have fallen asleep! He finished his work and rinsed her hair once more, before drying her, and carrying her to the bed and heading in for his own shower.

Louise was near sleep when she'd heard him chuckle a bit and began to get her ready to lift out of the tub. She went along with the charade, wanting to see what he would do with a sleeping woman in his room. She was not surprised when he quickly headed to the shower, she'd expected no less from this man. While she wondered as well at what strange chemistry was at work between them - her decision had been made. Whatever time she had with him, would be taken advantage of completely. As the sounds revealed he was in the shower, she could hear him humming a tune as he cleaned up, Louise went to the door and peeked in. Any fear of the man was gone permanently as she watched him quietly while he finished his shower. As he turned off the water, she ran back to assume her previous position.

Joel toweled off and grabbed a pair of shorts to wear to bed. It seemed silly, but he didn't trust himself to be so near her naked while she was asleep. He eased into the bed, and reached for the light, when he felt her hand on his back, "Leave it on? Please?" Laying his head on the pillow, he felt her arm snake around his waist and was soon holding her close. They made out like teenagers, hand and mouths roaming each others bodies. Joel was ecstatic, having finally discovered his answer - there could be more to this than the kinky!

Louise was unsure of herself, but the feelings could not be denied. Despite her desire to be told what to do, she felt the warmth and desire from Joel, and knew it came from her - not a scenario or power trip. It wasn't a if she'd not had these things before, but this felt different...

They spent the night in a slow, luxurious exploration of each other.