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Violent Delights

Brutal Methods

Dante (present)
Blood trickles down my lip. I'm still upright, raging silently.

"Did you just hit me?" I whisper menacingly to the man in front of me as he cradles his injured hand.

"I... I... I..." He stutters, stupefied.

I raise my fingers to my chin and cock my head, cracking my neck softly. He's going to regret hitting me, I muse as I clench my jaw.

Before he can blink, I raise my fist and deliver a swift right hook. He falls to the floor with a loud thud. I can't help but roll my eyes. Its pathetic. I expected him to take at least two punches before he fell. Bending over, I grab him by the lapel of his shirt. He sobs like a child as I deliver punch after punch until his face is a mangled mess of blood and tears.

"Please," he starts begging. "I'll tell you whatever you want to know."

I let go of him and he falls backwards, wincing loudly.

"So talk."

"I don't know Mr. Hunt personally. I mean the closest I've ever been to him was when I worked with one of his men on a deal a couple of weeks ago."

I snarl. Why am I dealing with this tool if he's never even met Hunt?

"Then why should I keep you alive?" I hiss as my tongue flits across my lip to staunch the bleeding.