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I'm 24, work as an accountant at a collection agency, and have an imagination as big as the universe.

I prefer to write and read shorter pieces. Anywhere from 300 words to 100 pages is my M.O. I tend to write about numerous original characters, as well as some my friend has given me permission to write about from her Webcomic.

I write in snippets for now, until I have the time to piece them all together into a short story. Please feel free to ask questions about any of the original characters you come across! Kaj, Alaric, Venin, Qin, Kaden, and Rat are not my characters. They belong to my friend. You can see them in her webcomic at

Myde, Sa'ti, Gilbredth, Jaquoi, Grizza, Zellaria, Aylana, Elliot, Claire, and Clarice are mine!

For more info on Aguantia and Gratia (two worlds I created for my novel) as well as bios for some characters, check out



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