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Extraordinary Academy


Summary: Ayla has a special gift and happens to be an angel. She is a part of the supernatural world, which is a secret to the human world. Ayla has been selected to attend a secret extraordinary academy, where she will learn to use and control her magic gift. She will find a unique group of friends, who happens to be different in their own ways. Can you hide things from your past? Can you trust the person who knows all your deep dark secrets? Do you think you can hide your secrets? Does a werewolf have to change on full moon nights? Can a vampire have diabetes? Does a witch have to do with black magic? Can an angel have a dark side? What to find out? Well, you are going to have to read the story to find what happens and it will end in tears. 

Copyright All Rights Reserved Jmarie Freiberg ©

Chapter 1: How I Got My Name

Have you ever had a deep dark secret and can't tell anyone? Well, I have a couple of deep dark secrets, which I can't tell people because they will think that I am crazy, and I need to be placed into a mental hospital and have to take some pills. I know I am not crazy, and I don't need to be in a mental hospital, where I have to take some crazy pills to feel numb inside and I can't even use my superpower of a gift or whatever it's called these days. I do know that there are some people out there somewhere in the world, who have the same kind of secret as me but different in many ways. One of my deepest and darkest secrets is that I am an angel. I know it sounds crazy at first, but it is who I am, and I can't help it that I am an angel, plus I can't change who I am going to be for the rest of my life. It's hard to keep secrets from many people that I know and trust. Sometimes I just wish people would know my secret and be fine with it, instead of thinking I need help or something like I should be locked away and have the key be thrown away where I can’t find it.

I have a special power of healing people, plants, and animals. I am not sure what my power really does, but I just know I can heal many things but someone day I will understand what my power is and how to control it. I have two beautiful and huge fluffy soft white wings that come out of my shoulder blades, my wings are white with silver sparkles all over my feathers like a magical dream. My family is angels too, but we have to keep our wings hidden from humans, so they won't freak out or do something weird to us like a freak show or experiment on us in top-secret federal laboratories such as Area-51. One of the laws of the supernatural world is never to tell a human about yourself or the supernatural world, the concessions when it comes to breaking one of the laws and there are only a few people in the world who broke the law and now they are serving jail time in a special jail just for the supernatural.

I live with my mom Natalia and my sister Skye; they are the only two people I have left in this world if you count nuclear family but I do have an extended family too. My mom works at the local hospital as a nurse practitioner; she is also the head nurse of all nurses. She sometimes works forty-eight hours which it depends on her work shifts or has some emergencies, so I look after Skye, while she works thoughts long shifts at the hospital. Skye is homeschooled until she is about fourteen like me, where she will be selected to attend a preparatory school which is more like an academy just for the supernatural world. The school is called Night Crest Preparatory Academy. In the fall it will be my first year there; I am kind of scared and also nervous because I won't be living with my mom and sister for the school year. I don't have many friends besides my mom and sister until I get to school. I will miss them dearly, and I will always keep in touch with them when I can.
I used to have a dad, but he almost died in a tragic car crash with my sister and me, somehow my powers saved my sister and me, but my father wasn't so lucky. Sadly he died shortly in the hospital where my mom works at. I don't remember much about him or his death and neither does my sister since we were both just kids. I am now fourteen years old, and she is about twelve years old. We are about fourteen months apart, some people think we're twins; we do look alike to each other, some people can tell because they know who is. We have different personalities, likes and dislikes and many other things.

I live in a small town called Valley Cove in Washington State, the population is about one thousand or closes near that amount, but it hasn't been updated in a couple of years. Valley Cove is on the Pacific coast of the ocean where there are some beautiful local beaches and forests that lead right to the ocean. Valley Cove town was named after being located because the town is on the coast, and it is in a valley between mountains nearby and the coast. The town isn't like a huge city; it's more like a sleepy town and pretty much everyone knows each other also friendly, not everyone in this town is always friendly, those people like to keep themselves who make me think that they are hiding something or don't want to be a social citizen in this town. We don't have a mall, so we have to go to a nearby city to go shopping which is about twenty miles away. The town only has small shops, cafes, bookstores, farmers market and other things trivial things that a small town has. The town has a medium size hospital that you can go too if there's an emergency or just for a hospital check-up or any sort of medical needs. I love living in this town, it's way better than a city because of no high school drama or any type of crime, diverse types of problems for a city. I am a country small-town type of girl who loves to be by the ocean such as playing sports outdoors, reading a book and enjoying the sun, or even catching a wave or two by surfing or swimming in the ocean.

Sometimes I wonder how I got my name, I do think it has to do with something with being an angel, angel mythology, or something that has to do with my birth, I have no clue but one of these times I need to ask my mother when she has some time or after she comes home after a shift at the hospital. My mother always has the right answers when I ask her questions, even though some of them are funny or serious ones. I love to learn lots of things from her like from the supernatural world to a medical or anything I can think of. I do try to catch her while she is coming from the front of the door of the house while putting her stuff away after getting done from work. Sometimes I pop out of nowhere and scare her to half to death just to ask her a simple question, which can be funny at times but other times it's not funny. As my mother walked into the house after a long shift, dropping some of her stuff on the small bench and her coat on the coatrack then walked into the kitchen to start getting ready to make dinner. When I asked her...

"Hi mom, how was work, I hope today wasn't a bad or busy day at the hospital?" I said as Skye ran to mom to give her a big warm hug and a kiss which always makes mom's day.

"Today it was a good day, not to busy but it was slow which it is a good thing I get to spend more times with my two favorite girls in the whole wide world," she said, sounding a little tired.

"Yay!! I can't wait to watch a movie or play a game after dinner. Speaking of dinner, we decided to make dinner tonight to surprise you mommy and we thought you deserved a nice hot and delicious dinner without making it," Skye said with a cheerful smile.

"Mmmm... the chicken and potatoes smell really good right now, thank you girls and this is really nice of you both since I am tired of working." my mother said while getting some plates from one of the many cupboards.

"I helped to mom; I helped in mashing the potatoes and making sure the table was set but I just forgot the plates, I Skyler said smiling while sitting at the kitchen counter putting her makers away in her little box.

"Yup, Skye helped me with dinner and set the table, don't worry mom I gave her some easy things to do so she wouldn't get hurt. Plus, she does make a cute little chef. You're welcome and anytime just let us know. Plus, we love making dinner for you. Skye,  can you please go wash up for dinner please?" I asked while putting the food on the table.
When it was time for dinner, the sun was just beginning to set for the night and the sunset was beautiful and breathtaking. Skye ran to the table and sat in her favorite chair, mom and I sat on the chairs that are the opposite of Skye. We began to eat and began to have a dinner conversation and I asked mom...

"Mom, how did I get my name? It is because that we are angels or something?" I said asked puzzledly.

"Well yes and no. You got your name because you were named after your grandmother, she was an amazing mother of your father and that's how you got your name Ayla in fact if I can remember your name means "halo of the light around the moon, also 'mist or air, which also means 'breeze or breath." mom said happily.

"What about my mom? How did I get my name? “Skye said while trying to scoop some mash potatoes on her folk.

"Good, Skye I think you should know one reason?" mom said while she was putting butter on her piece of bread with a knife.

"Oh, I think I know. It's because we are angels, and we are somehow related to the sky, right?" my sister said while she was talking with her mouth open a bit.

"Yes, that is right. But I like Skye because it's reminding me of the sky and very beautiful and bright just like you. Also, your name means "sky and cloud" and "home of god or goddess," mom said and touches Skye nose with her finger which she smiled.

"So, mom, how did you get your name? What does your name mean?"I said while reaching for more chicken on the dining room table.

"Well, my name means "dew from God and spirituality. I was named after the goddess of fertility," mom said while reaching her cup of ice tea.

"I have no idea what that means but maybe when I hit puberty, oh, by the way, mom I think Ayla is bleeding out of her vagina again because is out of baby diapers for also she is being a grumpy too," Skye said being clueless and looking around the table for more ice tea.

"I beg your pardon, what did you just say?" My mother said while trying to catch her breath after choking and whipping her mouth from spitting some ice tea.

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe she said that I am so embarrassed right now," I said while trying to hide in my chair while my face is turning red.

"Relax sweetie, there is nothing to be worried about, it's life and right now this isn't the time to talk about puberty," my mother said while fishing her dinner.

"Yeah, so about us finish cleaning up and eat dessert. We watch "Twilight Woods" if that's okay with both you," I said while trying to change the subject.

"Fine don't forget to tell me soon or later when it's time. I am going to set up the movie since I am too young to make popcorn with the stove," Skye said while running into the living room.

After dinner, we cleaned up and then had Skies’ favorite dessert, which happens to Chocolate Chip Mint pie, she loves the pie because it was all over her mouth and her nose just like when she was little. My mom and I were laughing because it was so funny and so cute at the same time; Skye wiped her mouth and nose then smiled. We made some popcorn and more ice tea, then helping Skye with setting up the movie and the couch with some pillows and blankets. Mom and I took turns drying the dishes while Skye went to go get ready for bed and picked out her favorite movie; "Twilight Woods". We all watched the movie and after the movie, we all went to bed and fell asleep.