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Read about the life and of Commander/Lieutenant of Combat Unit One, Kaoru "Hime" Koto. Her adventures with her friend's Ally, Commander Higashiyama and Yukimoto and Rumiko. She meets her new teammate named Aoi Tanaka. What will they tackle?

* This is a Spin-Off of Haru/My Rare Treasure
I have a side series called Rumiko's Story.


Kaoru "Hime" Koto is currently Commander of the Combat Unit One of the Headquarters. She feels the world is on her shoulders at times. The ranking has its benefits. She feels she needs something interesting to happen. She calls up her old friend Alice "Ally" Rosalite is currently Commander of Combat Unit Two of Headquarters. They always hang out every once in awhile. On the way out the Ally asks Kaoru "You look so bored and tired, you need some excitement." I pass my position by itself it overwhelming at times. I just wish I had some help. Kaoru replied. I need to find you a guy. Ally replied. Whatever, I am heading home. Kaoru complained. Kaoru you sound like an old lady, you are twenty-one sweetie. Ally replied. I'm not going out. Kaoru replied. Kaoru gets into her car and drives off. Soon as she gets into her house, she just passes out on the couch. What will happen soon as she wakes up? Stay Tuned.

Book One: Chapter One: The New Girl

Ally and Kaoru went to a party and danced and drank the night away. After the party, Ally and Kaoru passed out at Kaoru's house. The two woke up the next morning, they missed the important meeting. Soon as they clocked in, Commander Yukimoto spoke to the Ally and Kaoru. You two were late for the meeting. Yukimoto replied. We're sorry Yukimoto. Kaoru replied. You girls are young so I'll let it slide ok. Yukimoto replied. Yeah, Yukimoto might be a dictator, she is kind of laid back in a way. Higashiyama is a real dictator from hell. Kaoru replied. Kaoru was walking to get her uniform on. Hey did you hear, Unit Three has a Commander? Aki replied. I wonder what gender they are. Raye replied. I heard they are coming from the Royal Guard. A Royal Guard knight is going to be apart Headquarters Kaoru asked. Hime doesn't scare the hell out of us. Aki replied. Yeah, I heard she wears the whole ninja get up. Emi replied. Soon as Ally and Kaoru walked outside the dressing room, they walked out and saw a girl sitting at the table by herself with the same description everyone said. Let's talk to her. Ally replied. She looks like she is reading a book. Kaoru replied. Hi, my name is Alice Rosilite but I rather you call me Ally. Ally replied. Hi, my name is Rumiko. Rumiko replied.

Hey, do you see that girl? I heard she was once apart of a castle guard. She has been transferred here. People have started gossiping. Hey you know she's down there. Ally replied. Really? Tomoe replied. Yeah. Kaoru replied. We should talk to her Ally. Kaoru replied. Ally and Kaoru went downstairs and introduced each other to one another. She wouldn't speak. Ally and Kaoru looked puzzled, a knight from the castle guard? Is it a girl too? Rumiko is a very skilled female swordsman. The queen wanted her to be around people since she is really extremely shy. Commander Yukimoto replied. What the hell Yuri, warn someone before you pop up on people. Ally replied. What did you call me? Commander Yukimoto asked. Commander Yukimoto. Ally replied. I'm curious what her powers are? Kaoru asked. Well go ahead and ask. Commander Yukimoto replied. Ally and Kaoru sat down and asked Rumiko "What are your powers?" Ally asked. I'm told not to tell. Rumiko replied. I'll tell you this, "My powers are the reason I am here." Tell me. Ally replied. Stop harassing people Ally. Kaoru replied. Rumiko smirked. I see she is very determined to see my powers. Rumiko replied. You have no idea. Kaoru replied. What is Rumiko's power?

Book One: Chapter Two: Their First Mission and Party

The girls are called on a mission. Hey, you three are going on there first mission. Yukimoto replied. Well, let's do this girl. I replied. Let's do this and get our reward! Ally replied. Aren't we supposed to fight for saving and not for money? Rumiko asked. I know someone who wants to fight for money. I replied. What I like the finer things in life is that so wrong? Ally asked. Don't try to make us pity you Ally. Rumiko replied. Are you two always like this? Rumiko asked. Yeah we are childhood friends. Ally replied. Yup that is what we are and we like befriending new people. I replied. You two are friendlier than others when I was transferred. Rumiko replied. Soon as Rumiko said that a bunch demons appeared before their eyes. I jumped up and summoned duel blades. Ally summoned a wipe. Soon as soon as the demons saw Rumiko, they froze in fear. It's her she wields one the ancient magic. Demon replied. You are right, my power is ancient. Rumiko replied. What is this ancient power the demons talked about?

Let's kill that demon. Ally replied. Stay on guard you two, I think that demon is immortal. Rumiko replied. Yeah, you got any bright ideas? I asked. Yeah, a few but they are risky. Rumiko asked. First, let's destroy it on its sides. Rumiko replied. Ok, I like your plan. I replied. Will the plan work? Ally asked. I will deliver the final blow ok. Rumiko replied. I split the demons down the middle. Ally summoned a halberd and took chunks out the demons bodies. The demon's bodies regenerated. Rumiko ran and jumped up and transformed. She scratched the demons with Dragon Claws. She said to come forth my might blade of Amaterasu! Rumiko yelled. She slashed the demon and then she landed on the ground. She was wearing a crimson red tunic that had a Chinese/ Japanese look. She had a black obi with a golden rope around her. Her boots went up to the knees. She had dragon ears. You look so badass right now. Ally replied. Thanks. Rumiko replied. That young woman is no other than the "Princess of the Dragons" Rumiko Hime. Demon Lord mumbled. After, when the girls went to HQ, Commander Yukimoto congratulated us on our successful mission. Time to celebrate. Ally replied. No alcohol Ally. I replied. What kind of girl do you take me for? Ally asked. Out of curiosity, why did that demon lord call you "Princess of the Dragons"? Ally asked. To be honest, people have called me that all my life. I have no clue why. Rumiko replied.

Ally and I witnessed Rumiko fight and that her nice name is "Princess of the Dragons".

You were so badass Rumiko. Ally replied. Thank you, to be honest, I am not one for violence. Rumiko replied. The way you were fighting says another thing. I replied. Well, I see you girls defeated an enemy together? Yukimoto asked. Yeah, we did Yumi. Ally replied. What did you call me Ally? Yukimoto asked. That's right I can't call your real name. Ally replied. Yeah, remember when we're off work than you can call me Yumi, alright. Yukimoto replied. You know the only time she calls you "Yumi" when she is overjoyed about something. I replied. Well, let's go change and shower. I replied. You are right, I wreck of monster blood and guts. Rumiko replied. Yeah maybe after this we can go out to dinner to commemorate "how we took down a demon lord and his underlings in one setting. Ally replied. Don't you have plans for this tonight Ally? I asked. Whatever let's just celebrate. Ally replied. I really don't have any clothes to go out in. Rumiko replied. From looking at your size you can wear one of Ally's dresses. I replied. Yeah, I know a perfect dress. Ally replied. They finally got in the showers. After the three got out of the shower they walked in the hallway people started asking questions. The three ran and got into Ally's car.

Last time Kaoru and the girls finished their first mission and it went without hitch. In a way to commemorate the occasion, the girls are going out.

When they arrived at Ally's house they were relieved. This is where you live Ally? Rumiko asked. Yeah, this is my place. Ally replied with a smile. I actually don't live far from you. Rumiko replied. Really that means we live all live in the same neighborhood. Ally replied. Is my dress over here still? Kaoru asked. What dress? Ally asked. What dresses that you have in your closet over there. Kaoru replied. I was planning on giving it back. Ally replied. Do you two shared clothes? Rumiko asked. Not always. Ally replied. Let's not get on finding you a dress. Ally replied. Try this on. That short black lace dress and those scarlet pumps. Kaoru replied. Try it on it will look cute. After Rumiko tried the outfit on. Ally and Kaoru were complimenting her. Kaoru had a white skater dress and pink stiletto heels. Ally's wearing a black velvet illusion dress and yellow pump heels. Oh, we need a clutches. Ally replied. What is a clutch? Rumiko asked. This box-like purse can hold your phone, ID and lip gloss. Kaoru replied. Rumiko this is your first time hanging out with girls right? Ally asked. Yes, it is. Rumiko replied. Then today will be a perfect experience. Ally replied. Little did they know.  

Book One: Chapter Three: First Party and the greet and meet...

Last time, the girls and I are at a club and meet some guys that are at Head Quarters. One of them says they know Rumiko.

Well hi my name is Ally and this is Kaoru and you know Rumiko. You three must be Rose Princess, Hime Shura and the Princess of Dragons. Aoi replied. How do you know our aliases? I asked. Well, starting Monday we are going to be working with you three. Aoi replied. It is just how crazy that we would meet up here? Tomoe replied. I knew it was you Tomoe. Rumiko replied. No mistaking those eyes. Rumiko replied. You found me out. Tomoe replied. Well, guys lets introduce ourselves to them. Aoi replied. I am Aoi Yoshida. Aoi replied. You mean the prodigy? Ally replied. Yeah, that is me. Aoi replied. I'm Katsu Yamada. Wait aren't you the one who graduated from high school at the age of 14? I asked. Yes, I am it is not really that special to me. Katsu replied. My name is Akihiko Saito but people call me Tomoe. Tomoe replied. Wait wasn't you on the royal guards who protected the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Dragon's Valley? I asked. Well yes but you see like Rumiko, I was one of the royal knights that protected the King and Queen of the country to the East. Tomoe replied. Yeah, we are like childhood friends. Tomoe replied. Enough reminiscing,let's have fun tonight. We are all young! Ally replied. Ally give me your keys. I replied. I will not get wasted, come on drink up, Kaoru. Ally replied. I am not drinking. I replied. Designated driver? Aoi asked. Yeah, Ally overdoes it occasionally. I replied. Yeah, I took Yamada's keys too. Aoi replied. Oh well on drink couldn't hurt right? Aoi asked. Well, cheers. I replied. Little did I know...

When the night came to a close I was out cold. Well first off, her drink was spiked. Aoi replied. It seems like you might have to take her home, Aoi replied. Why are you taking her home she drove with you. Aoi replied. Yeah, why not? Rumiko replied. Well, it's simple, I am not dragging her out here. Also in this state, she becomes demanding and moody. Ally replied. Well since I am the wasted one this time around give me my keys. Ally replied. Go in my clutch and get it. I replied. I have to say this but I will take her home. Aoi replied. What the hell, are we riding with the girls? Tomoe asked. Yeah, think of it as a way to feel like a night accomplishments. Aoi replied. Alright, we are are driving with the pretty girls. Katsu replied. Well, then you have to follow me to her house. Ally replied. Alright, Ally just shows us the way. Aoi replied. Well, lets pick her up and take her to my car. Aoi replied. Well, see you tomorrow Aoi. Katsu replied. Alright. Aoi replied. Don't try anything with her. I heard she has a twin brother that is terrifying. Katsu replied. Hey, don't bring him up. Ally replied. Those two don't see eye to eye. Ally replied. I'm sorry. Katsu replied. You didn't know, just don't bring him up again, alright. Ally replied. Let's go boys. Ally replied. Ally started to drive off. Aoi followed behind. Hey, can I ask a question? Ally asked. Yeah, what do you want to ask? Katsu replied. Aoi Yoshida, he gives off a snobby persona but when he saw Kaoru in that state he changed completely. Rumiko asked. Yeah, he gives of snobby attitude but he actually has a nice caring person. After all, he had it ruff before I met him when were kids. What do they mean but "had it rough?"

When Ally showed Aoi where Kaoru lived he was shocked she lived in the neighborhood she lived in. I bet you shocked that her house is this nice but she looks like she is a big tomboy. Ally replied. That is not it. Aoi replied. He is embarrassed right now it's so adorable. Ally thought. Well, let's open the door for you to bring her into the house. Aoi replied. How about I show you where her room is. Ally replied. Well, I will be going. Ally replied. Good night Aoi. Rumiko replied. Soon as Ally drove off, Katsu started texting Aoi. You know that Ally girl is setting you up. Katsu texted. What do you mean? Aoi texted. I mean that girl Kaoru looks like she is lonely and abusing your kind intentions. Katsu texted. You know Katsu I am not trying to abuse his kind intentions. I could see that Aoi and Kaoru are just alike. That is why he went out of his way to stay with her. Ally might have some intentions but she has a good heart. Oh, thank you, Rumiko. Ally replied. Wow, she in a deep sleep. Aoi replied. She got a text from someone. Aoi is that Yukimoto? Aoi replied. Hey Aoi can you pass me my phone? I asked. Wait for your awake? Aoi asked. No not really the drugs are still in my system. I replied. Hey Yumi what do you want? I replied. Have you drugged again? Yukimoto asked. How do you know I have been drugged I didn't tell you? I replied. You sound really mad. Yukimoto replied. Is someone there with you? Yukimoto asked. Yeah, I guy I met tonight his name Aoi why? I asked. Wait for Aoi? Yukimoto asked. Hey, let me talk to him. Yukimoto asked. Hello Commander. Aoi replied. Aoi I am glad you are staying with her. Yukimoto replied. In about an hour go home alright. Yukimoto replied. Why would I leave her in the state she's in? Aoi asked. She won't remember meeting you tonight and keep that way. Yukimoto replied. Sounds like you spiked her drink on purpose? Aoi asked. Yukimoto hung up. Aoi replied. An hour past and Aoi went home. The next morning, my head was fuzzy about the yesterday night. When she got to work she had a big surprise for her. What could it be?

Stay Tuned.

Book One: Chapter Four: Meeting the Infamous Warriors...

Last time, Aoi stayed with Kaoru after her drink was spiked.

That morning, my head was still fuzzy from that night. She went to work anyways. When she got to work she saw those three guys again from the other night. Hi again, your Katsu and Tomoe right? I asked. Don't you think it would best if you didn't come to work today? Aoi asked. Thank you for the concern but I think I will be fine. I replied. Weren't you that guy that watched over me after my drink was spiked? I asked. Yeah, I was. Aoi replied. Your name was Aoi, right? I asked. Yeah, that is my name. Aoi replied. I don't know why that Yukimoto would say that she wouldn't remember anything from last night? Aoi thought. Well, you six are together so come into my office. Yukimoto replied. You six will become partners. Yukimoto replied. A woman came into the room. You all will be going on your normal missions together such Ally, Kaoru, and Rumiko. Higashiyama replied. Wow, I haven't seen you in awhile Haru, hows life as a commander? I asked. Listen here you little bitch don't try me today. Higashiyama replied. You could have refrained from calling her by her first name. Aoi replied. That woman is scary. Tomoe replied. She is just one of the scary ones here. Kaoru replied.Welcome HQ boys. Ally replied. No, it's just that you were being disrespectful. Aoi replied. Well, Kaoru is kind of right. Yukmoto replied. Tomorrow I will let you meet Squad Commanders later. Yukimoto replied.

The boys have been introduced to Higashiyama(Haru). One of the ruthless commanders of Head Quarters. Now the boys are going to meet who their Squad Commanders.

Hey, you guys look terrified, you just met Haru(Haru/ My Rare Treasure). Hey, it's been awhile Aki( Haru/ My Rare Treasure). Ally replied. Yeah, I have been busy these days. Aki replied. Hi, who is Aoi Yoshida? Fumiyo asked. I am Fumiyo(Haru/ My Rare Treasure) and you Kaoru are under me. Fumiko replied. What are you going on about, Fumiyo? Anastasia(Haru/ My Rare Treasure) asked. How about you do your damn jobs and get you grab the people on whoever squads. Mana replied. Mana( Natasha) what are you doing here? Aki asked. You know how your mom and the higher-ups are today. Mana replied. Believe me the Pillars and Ten Generals. Aki replied. You're the great tactician, Mana Kyoyama? Tomoe replied. That is me. Mana replied. Oh yeah, Tomoe and Rumiko you are under Aki and Zephyr(Natasha). Ally and Katsu you are under Ares(Natasha) and Hana(Haru/ My Rare Treasure) and Aoi and Kaoru are under Bellona(Natasha) and Fumiyo(Haru/ My Rare Treasure). Mana replied. Why are you telling us like that? Ally replied. Well, you six are going to train by a bunch of devils. Mana replied. Stop scaring them, Mana. Karin replied. Wow your Karin, the Lunar Empress? Katsu replied. Yeah but you are going to have to go against them. Karin replied. Karin, we talking about two sins, a *Shinigami and three of the five pillars to protect the sovereign? I asked. You six will be fine. Karin replied. Stop it Mana. Kaori replied. Hey, it's been awhile Ally and Kaoru. Kaori replied. Well, let's get ready Kaori. Fumiyo replied. The wait was that, Kaori Higashiyama? Katsu asked. Yeah, Head Quarters has legendary warriors like Kaoru's mom, Megumi Shura(Haru/ My Rare Treasure). Yeah, lets get ready for the big speech. Rumiko replied.

Hi all new recruits, welcome to HQ it's an honor to see new face everyone once in awhile. I'm getting off subject, you all are assigned to two people. You all might have run into some of them. Megumi (Haru/ My Rare Treasure) replied. Megumi stops babying these damn kids. Shigeko (Natasha) replied. Alright let's get straight to that point, you'll be under these six. Shigeko replied. Don't be so moody, Shigeko. Artemis( Natasha) replied. You are too much of a goodie. Shigeko replied. I rarely agree with her and she is right. Yuki(Natasha) replied. Well, Aoi is under them. I replied. What is the hell up with expression? Aoi asked. Wow, the troublemaker is under me? Bellona asked. Hey been awhile, Kagura. I replied. What did I tell you about calling me by my first name? Bellona replied. You will never change, Hime? Fumiyo asked. Wait those two are Aoi and Hime. the others gasped. Are we that big? Aoi replied. We are highly ranked prodigies. Kaoru replied. Hey, where is your brother? Ayame asked. Well, he isn't here? I replied. Oh, man, I thought it would have been him than you. What the hell is that suppose to mean? Aoi asked. What is wrong with you, Kaoru? Aoi asked. Well, you see. I replied. Hey, get your ass here. I am *Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War. Bellona replied. I am Fumiyo the *Dragon Sin. Fumiyo replied. Those two are the most infamous in HQ. Umeko replied. Oh, stop it. Fumiko replied. They are just titles, we are ordinary individuals like you all. Bellona replied. I heard a Shura is here. Ginko replied. Oh, it is the troublemaker. Ginko replied. Oh, and I would ask you not to bring that Shura ever again.

Quick History Lesson:

Bellona is the Roman Goddess. Her counterpart is Athena in Greek Mythology.

Dragon Sin is referring to the Seven Deadly Sins and the animals or monster that represent them.

Shinigami is the Japanese version of the Grim Reaper.

Book One: Chapter Five: Fight To Test What You Are Made Of! Part One

Last time everyone introduced to their superiors. Aoi and Kaoru met theirs Bellona, the war goddess, and the Dragon Sin, Fumiyo someone brought up the other Shura. Aoi and Kaoru were drafted as examples to fight Bellona and Fumiyo. Aoi fought against Fumiyo. Fumiyo did some real damage to Aoi. Now it's Kaoru's turn.

Excuse me why can't we bring up that name out of curiosity? Chi asked. Well let's just say, he left for a reason. Fumiyo replied. We can't go into detail so just don't bring it up alright. Fumiyo replied. No offense but are you really the Dragon Sin? Izumi asked. Yes, unfortunately, she is very playful that is all. Bellona replied. Ok, who wants to face one of us? Bellona replied. No one Aoi and I have volunteered. Fumiyo replied. Don't go drafting the both of us. I replied. Alright, Aoi is my opponent. Fumiyo replied. You are my opponent, Kaoru. Bellona replied. This will end in a massacre I know it. Soon as the fight started, Fumiyo vanished and she summoned her sword and Aoi summoned his sword an blocked it. You have sharp reflexes. Fumiyo replied. What the hell? Did that guy defend against that attack? Crowd gossiped. You know you are pretty good. You read the attack but not well enough. Fumiyo replied. Is he bleeding? Crowd asked. Aoi vanished. You are one interesting kid. The two were clashing, Fumiyo summoned the other twin blade of Wrath. Shit. Aoi replied. Aoi traded out his sword to summon another sword as well. From looking at the power of yours, you like you made a contract with the First Goat Sin. Fumiyo replied. Wait for the First Goat Sin?! Kaoru asked. That is none of your damn business! Aoi yelled. That boy he can't be him? Bellona replied. Hey, Bellona you know Aoi replied. Aoi Yoshida isn't his real name. Bellona replied. Aoi strikes his sword. He nearly cracked the floor. Hey, don't break the floor you two. Bellona replied. The pressure from the attacks will destroy everything. Bellona replied. Stop fighting, right now this instance! Bellona yelled.

Aoi and Kaoru were drafted as examples to fight Bellona and Fumiyo. Aoi fought against Fumiyo. Fumiyo did some real damage to Aoi. Now it's Kaoru's turn.

So am I going up to the Amazon? Kaoru replied. You know you have been around your mom too much. Bellona replied. I mean you are a "War Goddess" after all. Kaoru replied. Please stop provoking her! Aoi yelled. Hey, Aoi's right? Fumiyo asked. Yes? Aoi asked. She has always been a sarcastic smart allick. Kaoru knows how to back it up her trash talking people. Fumiyo replied. Kaoru summoned a sword. I see you inherited one of the Royal Weapons. Bellona replied. If I remember exactly, Shiniji(Haru/My Rare Treasure) bestowed you the second collection of his weapons. Bellona replied. What's wrong with my swords? Kaoru asked. Those words have side effects to its wielders. Bellona replied. Bellona summoned one of her swords. Bellona and Kaoru were fighting so fast no one couldn't see them. What the hell, they are almost on par with each other. Aoi replied. Yeah, she is stronger than she looks. Fumiyo replied. To be honest she put a few slashes on Bellona actually. Fumiyo replied. Kaoru received more damage than her? Aoi asked. The great "Hime Shura" gave me a challenge today. Bellona replied. Wow, Bellona put some heavy damage on her. She tries to be someone she is not. She is trying to outdo her brother. Sakura replied. You know, Sakura I remember you and a few others who were in basic training with Kaoru and Ren. Kaoru isn't using her true strength. Fumiyo replied. What do you mean? Sakura asked. It's pretty damn obvious, those swords just manifest her powers. Aoi replied. What are you talking about, you are a new guy? Sakura asked. Let me drop some knowledge on you. Aoi replied. There are ten clans that possess the Royal Weapons. They are kind of close to the caste system in a way. Aoi replied. The Emperor and Empress are the highest and most powerful as well. That girl finally learned how to wield them? Shinji asked. Don't run off on me? Raven replied. Ravyn(Haru/My Rare Treasure) she's finally got the hang of what I taught her. Shinji asked. Is that Kaoru? Wendy asked. Yeah is Wendy(Haru/My Rare Treasure).Shinji replied. Aren't you a few of the Shinigami Squad? Aoi asked. Yup, we were seven rejects slapped into a group. Wendy replied. We heard commotion so we came. Wendy replied. The fight ended in a draw. It's been awhile Bellona. Shinji replied. Ravyn, Shinji, and Wendy you came like I asked you. Bellona replied. You threaten all of us to come today. Wendy replied. 

Book One: Chapter Six: Fight To Test What You Are Made Of! Part Two

Last time, Aoi and Kaoru finished their fights with Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War and Fumiyo, "The Dragon Sin".

Well, how was your fight? Ally asked. They are all banged up so we can imply they have won but barely. Katsu replied. We won fair and square. Kaoru replied. Yeah, she is right. Aoi replied. I hope you are ready for your battle Ares and Hana. I'll tell you this much Ares looks like a weakling and Hana looks like a know it all. Fumiyo replied. Go out there and tear it up alright. Kaoru replied. Show no mercy. Aoi replied. Alright, we will do that. Katsu replied. Soon as they walked into the arena, a man that looks like he could never hurt anyone. Since you two are coming in tardy, you will be battling the both of us. Ares replied. Are they going against them? Are they nuts? People gossiped. Wait I know her, she's Ally Roslite. She is known as the Rose Maiden and Ally of Avaritia. That guy over there he's new to HQ I heard he is a rich kid. No not just that, I heard he has one of the artifacts of Gula. So from the rumors of you two are really well known. Ares replied. They are just rumors why don't you fight us to find out. Katsu replied. You are a tough one. Now, lets start the fight. Ares replied. Where is that friend of yours? Ares asked. Ally put a sword to Ares' neck. Well, I see you are crafty like another woman I know. Ares replied. Did she pin him up? Saki replied. Hey, I see you got pinned up by a little girl. Teru replied. Just who the hell are you calling a little girl? Ally replied. You are a little girl to us. Teru replied. Ally glared at Teru. Well, I see you will never change. Shigeko replied. Show that man no mercy, Ally! Shigeko yelled. Ares got loose and cut Ally's arm. Ally smiled. What are you smiling? Ares asked. I call forth the blade of the sword maiden! Ally replied. A power cyclone came around her. Soon as the dust cleared, Ally summoned duel swords and her speed was amplified. I just got cut with her swords. I didn't even see her move. Ares thought. Oh, Ares is in trouble, she learned that technique. Shigeko replied.

What is the technique Shigeko spoke of?

Book One: Chapter Seven: The Vindictive Brother Part One

Last time, Kaoru went toe to toe with Bellona, The Goddess of War. It ended in a draw. Everyone was shocked at what they saw.

After the fight, Shinji and the others came to congratulate me. Ally ran to see what happen. Oh my gosh what the hell happened to you two? Ally asked. Yeah, what got you. Katsu asked. Bite me. Aoi replied. He is just aggravated that someone went toe to toe with him and beat him miserably. Fumiyo replied. Fumiyo! Ally yelled. I see you will never change. You act just like Yumi back when she was younger. Fumiyo replied. Wait you mean bitchy Yukimoto used to act like Ally? Aoi asked. Yeah, she is like Ally but when she is around her friends. Rina(Haru/ My Rare Treasure) replied. I'm so sorry about talking about you. Aoi replied. You might not believe this but this is Rina, Yukimoto's twin sister. I replied. You are her sister, you act nothing like her. Aoi replied. Well, she has always been serious about certain matters but she is worst than Yumi. She is like Ally times three. Rina replied. Can't imagine her like that. Aoi replied. Well, let me fix your wounds. Oh yeah, a certain guy said he might make a surprise visit. Rina replied. So he is trying to get under my skin as he always does. I replied. Let's go to the infirmary, Aoi. Rina replied. Wait who is Ren really? Aoi asked. I heard about him. He is praised for accomplishments.I also heard he has a sister that lives in his shadow. Aoi replied. Your right, Kaoru lives in his shadow. After he left, she made her own name. The two shared the same last name that is all. He is Ren Shura and Kaoru is Hime Shura. Rina replied. Wait but their elements are different? Aoi asked. Yes as you know, Kaoru uses highly advanced fire magic. His flames are the opposite of her's. His are like the light and hers is like the darkness. Rina replied. I see why she is the way she is. Aoi replied. Hey are you ok, Aoi? Ally asked. I'm doing fine is Kaoru alright? Aoi asked. I see you told him about Kaoru and Ren's relationship? Ally asked. I didn't know she was living in his shadow. Aoi replied. It has been like this since we were children. Ally replied. When he left, she finally made her own name. She wasn't Kaoru Koto who lived her brother's shadow. She became Hime Shura, one of the Ace's of Head Quarters. Ally replied.

Kaoru heard about her brother coming to visit Head Quarters.

Wait Ren is here. Sakura replied. Oh goodie, what is that bastard going to do? I asked. I know, he always looks down on others. Ally replied. I am going to rest somewhere where I cannot be annoyed by certain people. I replied. Hey, aren't you going to greet your brother? Sakura asked. No, I have intentions of being bothered with him alright. I replied. You either Ally? Sakura asked. Yeah, I have no intentions to see that self-righteous bastard. You can't just call him self-righteous. Katsu replied. You will understand one day why I say this. Ally replied. Well if it isn't Ally how have you been? Ren asked. I'm doing great actually. Ally replied. As soon as Ally brushed passed him she whispered: "You might have the others fooled with that self-righteous attitude of yours." Hey, what's wrong Ren? Gin asked. Oh, nothing. Ren replied. Ally just brushed past you and you froze. Gin replied. What the hell was that? Ren thought. Hey Ally, what did you do to Ren, I have never seen him so shook before. I replied. Who cares, the boys are buying lunch for us. I replied. Wait why the hell do we have to buy you three lunch? Aoi asked. Well, it's obvious, I am in pain. I replied. Go back to the damn infirmary! Aoi replied. Stop being rude, you went against a lieutenant. She went up against a commander and came out alive. Ally replied. Fumiyo is a lieutenant? Aoi asked. Yes, I am also I want to warn about Ren he will try to get under your skin not just Kaoru but all of you. Fumiyo replied. He likes angering other huh? Tomoe replied. We won't get along with each other anytime soon. Aoi replied. Here is some lunch money, boys. Aki replied. We will buy lunch? Katsu asked. Aoi you are doing it too. Aki replied. Give me a good reason why? Aoi asked. I want you to do something nice for Kaoru's sake. Ren makes her feel uneasy she even isolates herself from other people. Fumiyo replied. Hi ladies, how are you doing today? Ren asked. It's Ren, are you back for good? Saki asked. No just for a visit that's all. Ren replied. Hey, I've been looking for Kaoru. Ren replied. You know exactly where I usually am. I replied. Don't try to get an attitude with me. Ren replied. I have no time for this. I replied. Hey, are you ok? Aoi asked. I never thought I'd ever see you again. Ren replied. Shura. Aoi replied. Yoshida. Ren replied. How do they know each other?

Stay Tuned.

Book One: Chapter Eight: Sibling Rivalry and The Fight Ahead

Last time, Ren made a surprise visit to HQ. Everyone was happy for his visit except our heroine, Kaoru, and her friend Ally. For some reason, he seems familiar with Aoi.

Well never thought they would let a bloodthirsty man into HQ. Ren replied. Or is your ego bruised by little old me? Aoi asked. The Shinigami* that HQ was having one hell of a time finding. Fuuka replied. Do you let a criminal in our ranks? Fuuka asked. Well, I made him join actually after all his mother made him as a form of punishment. Kagura replied. Lady Bellona why would you let him join? Fuuka asked. Ever heard of the *Shinigami Squad? Bellona asked. Yes, I have they were a bunch of misfits the higher-ups created to clean up others messes. Fuuka replied. Have you ever heard of the sin of *Luxuria? Bellona asked. Yes I know that is one of the Seven Christian Virtues. Fuuka replied. What are they? Bellona asked. They consist of *Acedia or Tristitia Avaritia, Gula, Invidia, Luxuria, and Superbia. Fuuka replied. Well, his mother was the sin of Luxuria. Bellona replied. So you come from a long line of sinners after all. Ren replied. Well I bought you lunch like you pestered me to do. Aoi replied. I will take that as, I bought you lunch and I hope you like what I bought you, Kaoru. Kaoru replied. You two are perfect for each other. Ally replied. You are right about that. Katsu replied. Let's order our food. Ally replied. Come on Tomoe. Rumiko replied. Well, I see my sister are perfect for each other. Both are brutes who use violence to solve their problems. Ren replied. Oh my, I don't know what came over me? Kaoru replied. You damn well, you threw a steak knife at Ren and tried to slip his throat. Fuuka replied. It's not like you can beat me, Kaoru. Ren replied. Want to test that theory? Kaoru asked. Ren stop this, I hate to tell you this but Kaoru is strong than last time. Ally replied. It's not like you could take me either. Ren replied. Oh yeah like I said before, "You might have everyone with that self-righteous attitude of yours". Kaoru and I know you better than anyone else here. Ally replied.Ally glared at Ren replied.Other than Kaoru, I have no mercy for others. You know that too well right, Ren. Ally replied. Ally walked off to get her food. What the hell, why did you threaten him? Suki asked. I hate to tell you this but he is terrified of me than Kaoru right now. Ally replied.

Ren picked a fight with Kaoru. She threw a steak knife at her brother out of anger. Fuuka the girl who has been Ren's friend for years tried to defend him. After that Ally threatens Ren.

Well, let's eat our nice lunch they boys bought out the goodness of their heart. Ally replied. You are a sadist. I replied. What no, I just enjoy someone buying lunch every once in a while, right boys? Ally asked. You are right, ma'am. The boys of Squad Two said in fear. Ally has you boys in check. Rumiko replied. She and Yukimoto are cut from the same cloth alright, they are both can be terrifying when they demand respect through words or fear. I replied. No, I do not. Ally replied. Ally doesn't even pout because it won't work on me. I replied. You are right, you can't just use fear to control others. You sometimes have to use force. Mariah replied. Wait you are Mariah Himaya? Katsu replied. You are right, I figured as much. She uses to tag along with Yumi all the time. Mariah replied. She picked up on some of her mannerism. Mariah replied. No wonder she is so demanding. Katsu replied. Don't say such hurtful things. Ami replied. You know using fear to control is wrong, you two. Kaori replied. Oh hey Kaori what are you doing here? I asked. Why do you talk to all these heroes as if they are just like people your familiar with? Aoi asked. See kid, Koaru and the annoying brat of her brother know us threw their mother Megumi Shura. Kaori replied. Wait for thee Megumi Shura she is known for her swordsmanship she is an S-Class fight. Rumiko replied. I want to meet her. Rumiko replied. She's here today. Ami replied. Well, we have a really boring meeting to go to. Ami replied. You guys just met Kaori Higashiyama, Mariah Hiyama, and Princess Ami just now.I replied. The hot ladies were the heroes of their time? Tomoe replied. Not all of them didn't start out great overnight. They homed their skills. I replied. Didn't you train with Kaoru and Shinji? Ami asked. Yeah, the swords of Invidia. I heard no one has ever used them and lived. Rumiko replied. Not true, Shinji and I are alive. I replied. You talk so calmly about it. Tomoe replied. Well not really the training was like hell. To make it worse the swords are divided into classes in a way. Shinji and I possess the Empress collection. The seven sins and their weapon a powerful enough to take out a country. Ally replied. The power of swords is powerful. If you don't practice and master, it will drain your body. Don't try to play around, Ally you possess the sin too. Aoi replied. The girls and guys are all talking and getting along. Little did they know what will happen next.

Quick History Lesson:

The Seven Heavenly Virtues go way back in Christianity with the Catholic, Lutheran and Protestant denomination. That corresponded with the virtues of the seven sins.

Acedia or Tristitia, Avarita, Gula, Invidia, Ira, Luxuria, and Superbia are the Seven Deadly Sins in Latin.

Acedia or Trisitita-Sloth







*You will see these words throughout the book.

Book One: Chapter Nine: The Fight Begins on the North Side

Last time, the boys bought the girls lunch. Kaoru has finished her fight with her Virtus. Now Aoi is about to have his turn fighting.

As soon as the six started eating, Ichiko(Haru/My Rare Treasure) came down the stairs. People in the cafeteria started whispering. Soon as she got down the steps, she was directly at Kaoru and the others. Well, I see one the Ten Generals want something, I can tell in your eyes. Kaoru replied. What do you Ichiko? Kaoru asked. Well, I see your perspective as ever. You six are going on your first mission. You six are going to keep the *Dissectum equities Mundi from coming into infiltrating HQ. Ichiko replied. Did she call them? People were gossiping. Oh, so you all are not capable to keep them away? Katsu replied. I want you Rumiko and Tomoe to go to the east side of HQ. I want Ally and Katsu to go to the west side. Lastly, I want Aoi and Kaoru to go to the north side. Ichiko replied. Alright, we are going up against the Dissectum equities Mundi. Kaoru replied. Aren't they known for their strength? Katsu asked. Yes and also I and their leader has a score to settle. I replied. I have a score to settle with her first in command. Aoi replied. Also, don't go destroying HQ by all means. Yes, ma'am. Kaoru and the others replied. Go and fight! Ichiko yelled. The six ran off to where they were told to go.

Well, I never thought I would see you again. Virtus replied. Wow, I didn't know "The goddess military strength" would come here with her prince charming. I replied. Oh you are just mad I am a goddess and you are not. Virtus replied. I see you still are still plain looking as ever. Virtus replied. What the hell are you going on about? I replied. You have a highly attractive guy in your presence and you are dressed like that. Virtus replied. Aoi doesn't fall for what she says. She is kind of pretty herself. Aoi replied. I ignored Aoi's remark. You must be a goddess. That shameless bastard would kill without batting an eye. Antonio replied. I never thought I would be judged by self-righteous bastards who think they press force on other to get what they want? Aoi asked. Aoi you know that guy? I asked. I know him because before I ever joined HQ those two were the ones who want to capture me and put me at the stake. Aoi replied. What the hell did you do? Kaoru asked. How about another time, we are getting paid to make them black and blue right? Aoi replied. When those higher-ups ask anyone to do a job like this they have faith in our abilities. Kaoru replied. Now let's take them down. Virtus replied. Did I get the arrogant self-righteous bitch you? Kaoru asked. I have the arrogant reaper. Aoi replied. So you think you can win against us? Virtus asked. Where did that girl go? Virtus asked. Kaoru jumped up in the air and summoned her sword called Spada di invidia in mid-air. Where did you find sword like that? Antonio asked. Well, I do possess one the deadly sins ability. Kaoru replied. Virtus summoned a sword as well. Soon as I attacked had Virtus flying into the woods. So you are not just all talk huh? Virtus asked. She isn't down yet. I replied. I had a feeling that was the case. Aoi replied. Don't get distracted by the beautiful woman! Antonio yelled. Aoi summoned a sword as well. That sword I have felt this power before. That is on the swords of lust. Antonio replied. Well, that is my sin I possess. Aoi replied. The forbidden swords one of them is the sword, Lama di Lussuria.

Aoi looked as if he had fought them and he nearly died. Aoi are you ok? I asked. Yeah, that bitch is more dangerous than she was the last time I took her and fanboy over there. Aoi replied. What are you implying? Kaoru asked. When you attacked her I saw your sword cracking. Aoi replied. Kaoru looked at her sword. That bitch! Kaoru replied. Don't rush into it and fight! Aoi yelled. You see Invidia is a field of study. Kaoru replied. Yes, I know that. Aoi replied. She might have cracked my sword but there is a catch. I learned two fields of study from the Forbidden Library. I replied. What the hell! Aoi yelled. Yeah my first is fire elemental like the mom who studied Superbia. My first field of study. Then I had to learn a backup field to help if one cancels out. I replied. As such! I yelled. I ran fast and jumped up high and yelled. Dawn of the Dragon King! Virtus sword turned into a shield. After the attack, Virtus sword reverted back to a sword. So after her sword began to crack. What the hell she knows that advanced attack? Virtus thought. What's wrong Virtus? I asked sarcastically. Now to finish her off! I yelled. Fangs of the Dragon! I yelled. Soon as I attack, Vitus sword cracked and she fated. You hurt Virtus! Antonio yelled. Aoi picked Kaoru up and asked Ren to take her to the infirmary. So it is me and you criminal? Antonio asked. Seems like it. Aoi replied. Antonio ran to attack Aoi.

You have lost already, we have someone infiltrated this place as we speak. Virtus replied. Yeah about that, we have a squad called Shinigami Squad. Those seven deadly sins are a force to be reckoned with. I replied. What are you talking about? Antonio asked. Wait do you mean that group Shinji and the others are in? Aoi asked. Yes, they are more powerful than they look. I replied. I bet they are plotting on taking you bastards out as we speak. I replied. You talk a lot for the girl who is injured. Aoi replied. Are you ok? Aoi asked. Aoi turn around! I yelled. Why? Aoi asked. Antonio has a sword about to attack! I yelled. Aoi summoned a sword fast. I hate to tell you this Antonio but I know how you and your little buddy work. Aoi replied. You use the arts of Invidia. Aoi replied. That girl over there uses Superbia. Aoi replied. You need to pay attention to your fight. I replied. Oh who said I was paying attention to my fight. Aoi replied. Antonio came at him to cut him. Aoi kicked him in the stomach. I will take you to the infirmary. Aoi replied. At that moment, I felt like he cared about my well-being. I replied. This bastard is just in the way. Aoi replied. Antonio blocked the attack but was pushed back. Antonio summoned his sword that was similar to my Sword of Invidia. Aoi summoned a sword as well. Their sword fight was unreal. It looked like that were defying logic and sound barrier as well. After the last slash sheathed his sword and Antonio fell down on his face. Antonio asked Aoi asked a question.You know you finally care about someone other than yourself? Antonio asked. I can be an asshole at times towards others but I have a humanity, Antonio. Let's just say my reasons I have humility is my little secret. Aoi replied. I am curious to why he is the way he is? I thought. As she thought about it, he held her princes' hold to the infirmary. Did something come over Aoi?

Stay Tuned.

Quick History Lesson:

Dissectum equities Mundi means Crimson Blade Knights in Latin

Lama di Lussuria means Blade of Lust in Italian

Spada di invidia means Sword of Envy in Italian.

Virtus is the god or goddess of military strength.  

Book One: Chapter Ten: The Fight On The West Side

Last time, Ally and Katsu were assigned the position of going to the west side to protect HQ.

So we found a worthy opponent, Honos. Enyo replied. You are right. Honos replied. I'm sorry but we can't let wanna be gods to attack HQ. Ally replied. What did you call us? Honos asked. Well, wanna be god and goddess. If I remember, Honos is supposed to be a god of honor. Yes, I do embody that and I will not be looked down on by a low life as of you. Honos replied. Enyo is supposed to be a goddess of war.Especially the busty blonde that has an attitude. Enyo replied. What did you just call me, I will show you what this blonde can do to you! Ally replied. Katsu holds Ally back. Don't let her provoke you, that is what she wants you to act like this. Katsu replied. I want blondie. Enyo replied. Ally jumped into the air and summoned her halberd, Ferrum in Avaritia. So you wield a nasty weapon over there. Enyo replied. Enyo summoned her weapon and cut Ally's arm. How do you like that? Oops, I went too far I cut your arm and a little bit of that blouse. Enyo replied. Ally switched out her weapon again and summoned duel blades. So you want to play? Enyo replied. We can't let the ladies have all the fun. Honos replied. Honos ran up and cut Katsu across the chest. This is what they sent to stop us? Honos asked. A sword was thrown and it was lodged in Honos' arm. Let's go. Honos replied. Just where the hell do you think you're going? Katsu replied. How did you throw it from that much of a distance? Honos asked. I am not just a swordsman. I am also an archer as well. Katsu replied. So you are worth the fight? Honos replied. Katsu ran and punched Honos in the face. Wow, you have guts to be hitting a god. Ally replied. As you said before wanna be gods right? Ally replied.

Ally and Katsu's battle with Enyo and Honos has just begun.

Why you little you dare scratch a god and goddess? Honos asked. Yes, I would especially the goddess who thinks she better than me. Ally replied. Ally summoned a sword and Enyo yelled: "Come and be punished by the gods!" Soon as their weapons touched a big aftershock happened. The woman was fighting so fast that they almost broke the sound barrier. Damn I know I heard the rumors but she is terrifying up close. Katsu replied. Don't just stand their and watch! Fight me low life! Honos yelled. Do you dare put wounds on a goddess? Enyo asked. Bring up anything about being a goddess once again, I will cut your throat and rip out your vocal cords. Ally replied. Oh Honos, that is not an empty threat. Ally replied. Would you actually rip her vocal cords out? Katsu asked. After this all over, just ask Kaoru how cruel I can be. Ally replied. How is it that she has minor injuries but I have more injuries. Enyo thought. I bet you are thinking, "How does she have fewer wounds then I?" Ally asked. I'll answer your question. The sword I just summoned is called Temptress of Greed. It was once a blade that took down the demon lord, Shinku. Ally replied. Wait that sword killed that demon lord? Katsu asked. Yes, the woman killed him and took his wealth. Ally replied. You see wannabe goddess, the blade is sharp enough to do more than wound it could cut your head and limbs off with no effort. Ally replied. Is that so? Look at the trees that other objects around our fight they have been cut clean. Ally replied. How dangerous is this girl? Enyo thought.

Enyo ambushed Ally. The two ran summoned swords to see whose sword would reach each other. Ally was slashed with Enyo's sword. Ally's slash knocked her out and her sword was cracked in half. Ally was about to pass out but Katsu caught Ally. Honos rushed over to Enyo. Why you low life monster. How dare you attack her. Honos asked. Honos ran was about to attack Ally. Katsu summons a sword and stopped his sword. How did he just stop me? Honos thought. Katsu that guy isn't like that girl I just fought. Ally replied. I know he is powerful. He just cracked my sword I just summoned. Katsu replied. Can you stand? Katsu asked. No, that attack cut hurt my leg. Ally replied. Let me carry you. Katsu replied. As Katsu picked her up and put her under the tree, Ally was slowly falling to sleep. I see you use weapons they are from those catalogs in that Forbidden Library. What is yours let me guess, Gula or Acedia? Honos asked. Yes, I study on the Gula. Katsu replied. Then you must powerful then. Honos replied. Other than you, I don't use show off my abilities. Katsu replied. So you are one of those. Honos replied. Honos ran towards Katsu. Katsu took off his bracelet.

Ally and Enyo's fight has ended.

Ally squinted her eyes and saw Katsu take his bracelet off. She was curious about why he was taking it off? When he took it off it turned into kusarigama. What in the world is that weapon you summoned from that bracelet? Honos asked. Let's just say, many weapons can be concealed in the form of a bracelet or any type of ornament of your choosing. I went for this bracelet because I know what it is capable of doing. Katsu replied. What can you do with such a weapon? Honos asked. Well, I can do this. Katsu replied. Katsu twirled the chain and threw the sickle. Katsu cut Honos' side. Did he cut me? Honos thought. I hate to tell you this but the more you dodge my weapon the more your wound will open. Katsu replied. In HQ, the others were shocked at what they saw Katsu did. That is one of the treasures that he was rewarded for during his training. Wendy replied. Aren't wait for those treasure of Gula? Yukimoto asked. Yes and there hard to find. I have rewarded the necklace and ribbon of I wore when we were younger? Wendy asked. I didn't know they were weapons until you used them. Fumiyo replied. The weapon he is wielding is called the Kusarigama of Carnage. Wendy replied. As you are watching, you will see why he was called Prince of Shura and Moros. We recruited that monster?! Higashiyama asked. Yeah, we did and for his friends too. The environment they were in wasn't suitable for them. Yukimoto replied. As the two were fighting, Honos had many cuts on his sides and arms. Ally was still looking and was shocked at the way he was using such a weapon. Honos slash was aimed for Ally but Katsu rushed to protect her. Honos slashed Katsu in the back. Katsu are you ok? Ally asked. I will be alright but he is really trying my nerves right now. Katsu replied.

Katsu is still fighting Honos and it is coming to the climax of the fight.

Katsu swung the chain around and it hit him the stomach. Honos flung into the in bushes and coughed up blood. Honos are you alright? Enyo asked. That man beat me fair and square. Honos replied. That boy uses one the ancient weapons of this land, don't you? Honos asked. Yeah I do but this is just one of the weapons I have, I don't wear all three weapons at once it would be overbearing. Katsu replied. Have you three weapons? Ally asked. Yes, I have three weapons, I just choose the one I am going to use every day. Katsu replied. You know you sound kind of carefree. Ally replied. You give off the " I'm elite and superior" kind of personality. Ally replied. l can be at times but that is a story for another time. Katsu replied. You think you can stand? Katsu asked. Kind of but I can manage. Ally replied. I told you I can walk on my own. Ally replied. Katsu put Ally on his back and walked off to HQ's Infirmary. Did they defeat Enyo and Honos all by themselves? Rinko asked. You are right we should stay a far distance from those two. Rinko replied. So he wasn't just a pretty face. Emi replied. As soon as Ally and Katsu reached HQ's Infirmary, they say Aoi watching over Kaoru. Wow, a man who got you? Aoi asked. Shut up, for your information, Those two were a pain my ass and hers. Katsu replied. I hope Tomoe and Rumiko are alright? Aoi asked. Why do you say that? Katsu asked. They are going up against one of the Children of Purgatory. Aoi replied. I have a feeling they are going up against the most dangerous ones of them Leviathan and Adelram.

Who are these people Aoi are talking about?

Stay Tuned.

Quick History Lesson:

Shinku mean crimson in Japanese.

The closest word in English to Shura is carnage.

Kusarigama is an old school weapon used in Heian Period in Japan. It is a sickle with a chain at the end of it.

Moros is one of Nyx children. He stands for doom and fate.

Book One: Chapter Eleven: The Fight On The East Side

ast time, Katsu won his fight with Honos and he carried Ally to the infirmary. They ran into Aoi and Kaoru. Aoi was cautious of Children of Purgatory.

Who are the Children of Purgatory? Katsu replied. Well, they are a branch of those bastards attacking us. They are the most dangerous ones of all the people we were fighting. Aoi replied. You mean those two are going up them? Katsu asked. I wouldn't underestimate your friends if I were you. I replied. Who are you? Aoi asked. I am the one who recommended that Rumiko. Kaori replied. I recommended Tomoe to come here as well. Higashiyama(Haru) replied. You will see why we recommended Rumiko and Tomoe come here and leave their post as castle guards.

I heard of you, you are Princess of the Dragon, Rumiko. Levithan replied. You are the Prince of Dragons, Tomoe. Adelram replied. They are just titles and those are just words being told. Tomoe replied. Alright, how do you want us to beat your asses? Rumiko asked. You talk a big game but can you back it up? Leviathan asked. Leviathan charged at her and clawed Rumiko. What the hell happened her skin didn't show any signed of my poison claws? Leviathan though. I bet you are thinking why didn't your attack hurt me? Rumiko asked. It is simple, all dragons have certain weakness but I am a different case. Rumiko replied. Rumiko ran and kicked Leviathan in her side and sent her flying into the lake behind them. For example, because my dragon trait just amplifies my abilities, to be honest, I haven't used my powers in this fight so far. Rumiko replied. You are a dummy, Leviathan is a beast of the seas. Leviathan replied. Your friend over their will dies at the hands of Leviathan! Adelram yelled.  Wait do you remember the story of Leviathan? It was a monster who plagued the sea. Tomoe replied. Rumiko watches out, she will kill you with her water attacks! Tomoe replied. Why don't you stay out of their battle you are fighting me! Adelram yelled. You bastard I will make you pay for this! Tomoe yelled. Tomoe summoned a sword. That is the spirit. Adelram replied. Rumiko was stuck in a bubble that was trapping her in a world drowning her. Rumiko was sucked into the bubble as she felt like she was about fade away, she saw an opening.Cocky bitch got the nerve to think she is better than I, Leviathan? Leviathan asked. Wrath of the Scarlet Beast! Rumiko yelled. I am nowhere near a cocky bitch. Rumiko replied. How are you alive? Leviathan asked. I escaped because you let your guard down and I took advantage of that. Rumiko replied. Wow, I see the advantage of the situation. Aoi replied. I never thought I would have to use this ever again. Rumiko replied. Wait you are about to use that sword? Tomoe asked.

Rumiko and Tomoe were engaged in battle. Leviathan was being cocky and Rumiko broke loose out of her attack.

I have seen that sword before but it was only once. That was forged from one the fangs of one of the Dragon Kings. I replied. I heard those swords are hard to lift and wield those damn weapons. Aoi replied. Yeah, you are right about that. Kaori replied. Wait you wield one of the Shadow Dragon King's fangs? Aoi asked. Yes, they are hard if you don't go to the origin of the sword and train with a sword master of that specialty. Kaori replied. Isn't that right Haru, you should know too well enough. Kaori replied. You are right but somethings are not supposed to be told. Higashiyama replied. Well, that sword is one of the most dangerous swords. It is on the ten weapons of the Crimson Emperor. Kaori replied. Wait those are devilish weapons that feed off the negative emotions. I replied. That might be right but if you master the sword to some extent the true ability of the sword will reveal. Kaori replied. Leviathan I want you to be careful, I have seen that tachi before. Adelram replied. What do you mean? Leviathan asked. Rumiko flashed pasted her and cut her sides. I didn't see her move an inch. Leviathan replied. It's because this sword gives me more abilities. Rumiko replied. I remember now, that sword increases the user's agility and speed. Adelram replied. So I see her strength leave her open. Leviathan though. Leviathan started attacking Rumiko from both sides. Rumiko slashed her sword. Burn the beast, Crimson Dragon King. Rumiko replied. Leviathan was burning and after the flames went away, Rumiko said. "I hate to break it to you but I didn't even use my true strength." In the infirmary, Rumiko is such a bad ass. Kaoru replied. Outside, Adelram and Tomoe were frightened. Hey, Tomoe doesn't go easy on him or you will lose the bet. Rumiko replied.

Rumiko won her fight between Leviathan. Now it is Tomoe's turn to fight.

Tomoe shows him no mercy. Rumiko replied. Also, you all came along with the other four you are not very smart are you? Rumiko asked. I figured you were going to use that chance to get in, right? Rumiko asked. One looked at Rumiko and said "You don't scare me us, you might have beat Leviathan but not the others" What others? Rumiko asked. You fool you can't bring them up. Minami replied. Tomoe lets make this quick because it seems like this is just the trap. Rumiko replied. What the hell are you going on about? Tomoe asked. Don't act like you are better than us! Adelram yelled. Oh, I don't think that but I do believe you are going to be punished for trust passing. Tomoe replied. I will love to see you try. Adelram replied. Adelam slashed Tomoe from all sides of his body. Tomoe used his powers and blended in with the environment. Tomoe was running and slashed Adelram finally. Where did that man go? Adelram thought. I found you! Adelram yelled. Adelram cut Tomoe's cheek. Tomoe reappeared and slashed Adelram with the sword. Tomoe looked at him and said, "If you think I don't know what group you are all in" Well are the Children Purgatory. Why do you have against us? Adelram asked. Tomoe glared at Adelram and sheathed his sword. I didn't see or feel that slashes. Adelram replied. Adelram started to bleed out. My dragon ability is the opposite of Rumiko's fire dragon abilities. In the infirmary, everyone was astonished to how those two finished their fights so quickly. I am wondering what his ability is? Aoi asked. He is an elemental he has powers of ice, snow, and water. Kaori replied. So adding his speed in with that, he is a force to be reckoned with. Aoi replied. Same for Rumiko. Kaoru replied. Outside, Rumiko and Tomoe were thinking. Hey, don't you find it odd that the people we just fought? Rumiko asked. This was too easy. Tomoe replied. Hey, you two who is your commander, sergeant or lieutenant? Rumiko asked. That should be the least of your worries. Adelram replied. I never thought I would hear your voice ever again Princess and Prince of Dragons. Makoto replied.

Tomoe finished is a fight with one slash of his blade. Then a person walked up to say Rumiko and Tomoe by their titles.

Rumiko don't act like that. Makoto replied. Do you know this guy? Tomoe asked. Master, she is the one who did this. Adelram replied. Told you not to fight these two. They might look like they can hurt anyone. Makoto replied. One of them alone could have taken all of us on by themselves. This one right here more deadly then she gives off. Makoto replied. Why the hell are you and your friends doing this? Rumiko asked. Can't we have a little fun? Makoto asked. You think beating up and injuring others is what you call fun? Rumiko asked. Why do you care? Makoto asked. Rumiko kicked Makoto in the nose. Those eyes of yours. Makoto replied. Hey, Rumiko you kicked the guy in the face. That was rash even for you. Tomoe replied. Let's go, that bastard is planning something and we have to warn the others. Rumiko replied. Soon as the two ran inside HQ they ran into the infirmary. They warned them what just happened. So Makoto has come out to play. Higashiyama replied. Rumiko aren't you old friends? Kaori replied. Yes. We are one of the few survivors who was spared. He was taken in by thieves and killers. One day I caught him trying a strangling a woman but we saved her. I had to arrest him myself. It didn't feel right. Rumiko replied. That man had life, how the hell did he get out? Rumiko asked. We have to look in on it. Higashiyama replied. Rumiko I could tell by the way you attacked him you really care about him. I replied. You never wanted to lock him up. Ally replied. I know that bastard. Last time I was in jail before my execution, he would talk about the girl he loved who betrayed him and whenever he gets out he would take away everything dear from her. Aoi replied. That guy is obsessed with you Rumiko. Ally replied. No get your terms right, he is infatuated with her or was. I replied. Whatever it is she needs a bodyguard for a while. Kaori replied. Everyone was looking directly at Tomoe. I'll do it. Tomoe replied. That only means Makoto is planning on attacking us but in a different manner. Aoi replied. What are talking about? Ally asked. He is going to have people attack every one of us. Aoi replied. As they were talking about it. Natsumi brushed by the door saying "That brings up memories doesn't it Haru?" Don't even remind me. Higashiyama replied.

How will Makoto fight them?

What are those two talking about?

Stay Tuned.

*When I am done with Book One of Natasha, I will transition to where I stopped in Book Two. When I start Book Three, you will see the weapon tachi once again.

Book One: Chapter Twelve: The Fight Begins!

Rumiko and Tomoe run into an old friend of Rumiko's named Makoto. He is hell-bent on getting revenge towards Rumiko for locking him up. They both see a man who is actually over them. Makoto threatens to have six people out to attack Kaoru and the others.

I am curious about who let that bastard out? Rumiko asked. That guy is out to attack you where you are most vulnerable. I replied. Yeah, I figured that is what he is planning. Ally replied. I really don't care but knowing him, he will have a few friends of his get in our way. Rumiko replied. As I would let that bastard have his way. I replied. I applaud your tenacity but he is more dangerous than you think. Aoi replied. You know you are right but don't look down on yourself. Aoi replied. Who are you? Aoi asked. Minori Miyazaki (Aoi Tanaka), you might know of my tale. Aoi replied. (Haru/My Rare Treasure). Wait are you who I think you are? Ally asked. Aoi walked pass. Do you know that guy? Aoi asked. Yeah, that guy is Higashiyama's husband and the guy over your squad Rumiko and Tomoe. Ally replied. He looks like he wouldn't hurt a fly. He looks harmless. Tomoe replied. As all of them went home, I saw Aoi talking to someone. I ease dropped and heard what he said. I'm sorry but I can't let you touch my cadets without my permission so can you please leave Rumiko alone. Aoi replied. Are you trying to say that, you will get in my way? Makoto asked. Yes I am, also those kids won't let you touch her without going through us first. Aoi replied. It is your funeral old man. Makoto replied. He charged towards Aoi and the last thing I heard was Makoto charging at Aoi. You old man, my friends are out after all six of them. They will not live to tell the tale. Makoto replied. Just keep deluding yourself with that thinking. Aoi replied.

When Ally and I were getting out my car, as she opened the door. Who the hell are you two? I asked. So you two are the two we are supposed to kill? Justitia replied. Stealing the words right out my mouth. I replied. He is ok if I beat her ass? Ally asked. We have to do it outside, we don't want this become a murder scene alright. I replied. You sound so confident? Nemesis asked. Hey, Ally open the door, please. I asked. Well you see, I have not problem doing this. I kicked Justitia in the stomach sending her flying. I don't think so. Ally replied. Nemesis punched Ally in the face but Ally blocked nearly knocking her arm out of the socket. You dodged my attack. No one ever lives after all. Nemesis replied. I  will never bow down are give into a wannabe goddess who deludes herself. Ally replied. Nemesis summoned her weapon called *Malum. So your weapon is that is a spear? Ally replied. Ally summoned her sword *Capiendas Avaritia. Ally and Nemesis started to engage in fighting. Stop fighting, there is a kid right there. I replied. So what? Justitia replied. I almost punched her in the stomach. Kaoru what is wrong? Mei asked. Someone is behind you. Mei replied. Kaoru elbowed Justitia in the stomach. I want you to test what the hell you are dealing with. Makoto replied. I see you girls are not just for show. Makoto replied. You are right, I will not warn you anymore stay away from Rumiko. What we just did to those is nothing compared to what the hell we are truly capable of. I replied. Ally glared at Makoto. You talk big let's test what you are saying is true. Makoto replied. Makoto was about to attack me. Ren grabbed him saying "I won't let you put a finger on my sister or Ally..."

Ally and Kaoru were fighting off a few of Makoto's friends he spoke of that would take out and the others and I. Ally and I gave up a good fight but the two woman were told to decline from fighting Ally and I. Kaoru threatened Makoto and he was about to attack but out of nowhere, Ren appeared an stopped him from hitting Ally and I.

What the hell are you doing here? I asked. I was going to come here to warn you about this bastards men. Ren replied. Why don't you get off his arm before you break it? Ally replied. Ren let him go. Rumiko will not live in peace after I kill everyone that cares about you. Makoto replied. Makoto lets get you out of here? Justitia replied. Makoto and the girls left. Those two women names are Justitia and Nemesis. Ren replied. They are more dangerous than they were fighting you. Ren replied. I arrested the one that was fighting you Kaoru. Ren replied. She went after you because you and I are related. Ren replied. Those are one of the six criminals that broke a few days ago. Ren replied. I need you and the others help me catch them and put them in prison. Ren replied. So you out of all people are asking me for help? What about that self-righteous attitude yours? Ally replied. I will talk about tomorrow at HQ. Ren replied. When Ren left, I was thinking about what Ren requested for her and the others.The next day at HQ, Ren appeared among the others. What does that great Ren doing here? Aoi replied. You six were asked to fight off Makoto and his friends?Ren asked. What the hell are you hiding Ren? Rumiko asked. Let me guess you want our help but we are not going to be compensated for our help as our lives are on the line. Rumiko replied in anger. I know how his squad works, after all, I use to be apart of it. We are risking our lives while they get the glory and praise for retrieving the criminals. Rumiko replied. I figured that much. Katsu replied. I am going back to what I was doing. Katsu replied. You all are already in his game he has hatched. Rumiko replied. The only way is to defeat his friends or die in the process. Rumiko replied. Aoi summoned a sword. Why did you just summon a sword? I asked. For example, I never thought I would see you again, Eros. Wait how did you see her? Ren asked. This temptress knows how to get her way. Aoi replied. She is famous for disguising herself as someone else. Isn't that right? Aoi asked. So the rumors are true about you working for them? Eros asked. Aoi grabbed Eros' cheeks and says."Yes, it is true and I have no problem defeating you or even killing you". Oh, I know that much. Eros replied.

Aoi seems like he was once acquainted with her.

Quick History Lesson:

Capiendas Avaritia means Temptress of Greed in Latin.

Eros is the Greek Counterpart of Cupid. I just chose to make it woman instead of a man.

Justitia is the Roman goddess of Justice

Malum means Calamity in Latin.

Nemesis is the goddess of Indignation and retribution. 

Book One: Chapter Thirteen: Aoi vs Eros and Aoi's Struggle

Last time, Kaoru and the others were requested to catch Makoto's friends. In return, they are risking their lives while someone else gets the glory. Then one of Makoto's friends slipped in and tried to attack but Aoi caught them.

Eros slipped out of Aoi's grip.You can't hide from me, you damn nympho! Aoi yelled. Wait did he call her a nympho? Ally asked. Seems like it. I replied. Aoi is going to catch them and beat her ass and drag her back by her hair or a body part. I replied. You sound like you think that shit cool. Tomoe replied. I really don't care, to be honest, he can do what he wants. He is a grown man, I am not his mom. I replied. That is Kaoru in a nutshell, she doesn't care because he is not her responsibility. Ally replied. As Aoi ran down the hallway, Eros ran and attacked Aoi in the side. Aoi summoned another sword. So you still got it? Eros replied. So when are you going to do that request? Eros asked. I will never do that again. You are the reason why I ended up in that predicament you damn sex addict. Aoi replied. You don't have to be mean to me. Eros replied. Aoi slashed her sides with one slash. I see you are ruthless as every to a woman. Makoto replied. I wouldn't have to be if I didn't have to deal with that lustful woman. She uses her looks to get what she desires. Aoi replied. You will decline this fight, Eros. He didn't use his true strength. What are you saying? Eros asked. There is a reason why he is not to be messed with. Makoto replied. Aoi walked back and he yelled. "You better run you, damn nympho!" That fight was short. I replied. That wasn't a fight, she was seeing testing to see who she was fighting.

What was that fight all about? Ally asked. That sex addict was testing to see my capabilities. Aoi replied. Wait now that I think about you seemed a familiar with each other. I replied. You could say, she is the reason I was supposed to be executed. I don't know but Yukimoto came to me the night before my execution and asked me. "Do you want to live and get a second chance to repent by working for me or take dying because a woman used your hatred towards to her advantage?" Eros a vindictive woman she will do whatever she sees fit. She will even use children who have a strong hatred towards others. Aoi replied. I need to be alone right now. Aoi replied. Aoi that wound isn't what you think. I replied. I don't want you to bother me Kaoru. Aoi replied. You are the most stubborn person I know. I replied. You two act just like it's terrifying. Katsu replied. Wait he just said "Use children who have a strong hatred towards others," Kaoru said. What are you going on about, Kaoru? Ally asked. Remember that kid from the orphanage we visited with my mom? I asked. Remember there were three kids and the brother was very protective towards his sisters. I replied. Yeah, I remember you befriended him. When he was adopted he was sad he was split up from his sisters. Ally replied. Kaoru are you implying that Aoi is that kid? Rumiko asked. I know he is that kid. I replied. Also, he is in danger those weren't normal slashes. I replied. How do you know that? Rumiko asked. I know that attack and sword, it is called the Blade of Purity. I replied. That is a high-level attack. If Aoi keeps trying to play tough guy he will die. I replied. I ran after him and found him in the North Side gardens. You know Haru, you can't play tough but you will die without medical treatment. Mami replied.

Aoi tells the others why he joined HQ. Someone with familiar voice catches him off guarding else.

Is that you Mami? Aoi asked. Aoi looked at Mami and collapsed. I knew you got to him in some way or fashion. I replied. Take his lifeless body not like he can break out. Mami asked. Mami threw Aoi at me. In the space, Aoi was talking to his twin sister Sora. Mami replied. When his soul was taken out his body he ended up in their father's gardens. Hey how have you been, Sora? Aoi replied.Yeah, it has been awhile so what are you doing now of day. Mami asked. I work at an organization that takes care of monsters that attack humans. Aoi replied. Your job sounds amazing. Mami replied. Aoi just caught suspicious of Sora behavior. You know the Sora I know hates violence would scold me. Aoi replied. Aoi summoned a sword and stabbed Mami in the stomach. I don't appreciate you using the memories of my twin sister to your advantage. Aoi replied. Aoi was walking closer to her. Aoi took the sword and slashed Mami's head off. Aoi had a blank stare on his face as her blood splattered all over his face and clothes. Aoi you just decapitated her head off her shoulders. Ally replied. So it's not like she is dead. Only thing I did was kill one the demons that take the forms of who is close to the victim. Aoi replied. This is Eros' magic in use. Aoi replied. Eww, you got her blood all over me. Ally replied. So that only gives that nympho the sign that "I'm not the one and I will kill her no matter what".Aoi replied. Are you fearless or something? I asked. I am not fearless at all. I have been through enough stuff that most kids shouldn't have seen. Aoi replied. Aoi how about we all go out for dinner tonight. I asked. Why are you so determined to go out after you all just witnessed me decapitate something? Aoi asked. That might be true but since we have known each other we never really had fun. I replied. Are we going out? Ally asked. No drinking Ally. Rumiko and I replied. You make it seem like she gets out of control. Tomoe replied. This one gets hot? Aoi asked. That happened once. Ally replied. Well, we can give this guy his first beer. Tomoe replied. How old are you Katsu? Rumiko asked. I turn twenty Friday. Katsu replied. We are going out on your birthday to celebrate your twentieth birthday. Ally replied. That is just giving her an excuse to drink. The others and I replied.

Quick History Lesson:

The word "Nympho" comes from then word nymphomania that means a woman who can't restrain her sexual urges.

Book One: Chapter Fourteen: Katsu vs. Minerva and Katsu's 20th

Last time, Eros' demon Mana took advantage of his love for his twin sister, Sora. Aoi became angry and cut her head clean off. After that everyone suggested that everyone will go out for Katsu's Birthday.

The next day on the way in Katsu is encountered with a woman. So you must be one of the people who are after all of our heads, right?Katsu asked. You are a smart one but can you fight me. Minerva replied. Katsu and Minvera stared at each other than summoned weapons. What the hell is going on? Ally asked. Why are you here, Minerva? Aoi asked. Oh, nice seeing you, traitor. Minerva replied. Whatever you do stop fighting her. Aoi replied. Why should I stop fighting? Katsu asked. Katsu slashed her face with his Naginata. Are you the first man to cut me? Minerva replied. I can do way more than just cutting your face. Katsu replied. You bastard! Minerva yelled. Minerva charged to attempt to stab Katsu in the stomach. Katsu summoned a sword and stabbed her in the stomach. Minerva was thinking charge at me and stabbing me in the stomach? Katsu asked. If so I know enough experience of fighting strategies to know that is predictable. Katsu replied. Thanks for that. Minvera replied. Makoto appeared. Makoto why are you sicking all these people on them? Rumiko asked. Well, so you can know how to be lonely and used. Makoto replied. If you are implying about you and your buddies bounties, we are going to have you arrested again and I will guarantee it. Rumiko replied. Rumiko glared at him with such hatred in her eyes. You know you can glare at me all you want but it won't phase me. Makoto replied. Hey Rumiko where are you? Tomoe asked. Makoto attacks Rumiko. You bastard! Tomoe yelled. Tomoe charged at Makato. Is this guy supposed to beat me? Makoto asked. I hate to tell you this but he was a high ranked knight who was once protected the King and Queen of his country where he lived. Rumiko replied. Also, you see, he is also the same guy you use to pick on. Rumiko replied. Wait you meant that crybaby will hurt me? Makoto asked. Tomoe punched Makoto in the stomach and sent him flying into the trees. Did that guy just do that? Eros asked. Makoto don't fight him. Minerva replied. What are you talking about? Makoto asked. His eyes are that color of that Dragon Clan. If the rumors are true, he could kill every one of us in one sitting. Minerva replied.

Katsu was locked into battle with Minerva. Makato has charged and attacked Rumiko and Tomoe became angry. Tomoe ran and stopped him. Minerva brings up a little bit about Tomoe.

It's Friday! Ally replied. Happy Birthday, Katsu what are you doing today? Ally asked. Well avoiding that long birthday dinner at my parent's house. Katsu replied. You alreally saved me from it. Katsu replied. You make it seem like it is boring as hell. I replied. A boring talk about the family history. I also shared the same birthday with that snobby cousin of mine who attends that all girl college. Katsu replied. By any chance is her name Minami? Ally asked. Yeah, I was roommates with that snobby bitch first year. Ally replied. So that snobby bitch is your relative? I asked. I'm sorry we are talking about your family like this. I replied. Aoi knows that they are all snobby people except my brother and I. Katsu replied. Yeah, that is true but you know that sister of your with that big brother complex. Tomoe replied. Just imagine how she will take Ally coming around. Aoi replied. Wow, I'm so scared of a little girl. Ally replied. Let's think about the positive not the negative. Tomoe replied. Where do you think we are going tonight? Aoi asked. Wait where is that place Yumi took us a few weeks ago? I asked. Why do you think I remember? Ally replied. Yukimoto passed by. Are you all about to plan a party for a guy who just became legal to get wasted? Yukimoto asked. Yes,do you know of any places with a bar and grill? Ally asked. A few but I will text you the places because I am busy with paperwork. Yukimoto replied. Did Yukimoto just pull an Ally right now? Katsu replied. Yes, she is going to sleep in her office. I replied. These two are related alright, they react to certain things. Aoi replied. We do not act alike, Aoi. Ally replied. Later that day, Katsu got ready for his birthday dinner with everyone. Soon as he came downstairs and opened the door, his little sister Ayame appeared. Hey, Katsu are you ready to go home and celebrate your birthday? Ayame asked. Sorry Ayame, I am celebrating with a few friends this year. Katsu replied. I see. Ayame replied. As soon as Katsu went back up stairs. Ayame heard someone knocked on the door, Ayame opened the door. Is Katsu here? Ally asked. Ayame closed the door in her face. Katsu ran back downstairs. Why did you do that, Ayame? Katsu asked. Ayame put her head down and said "Sorry". Ayame walked outside to the car she came in. in. Katsu got into Aoi's car. Soon as he got into the car Ayame glared at Ally from the window. That little girl is hating you already. Aoi replied. His family is kind of manipulative. Tomoe replied. You don't have to tell me twice, that little girl tried to guilt trip Katsu not to go out for your birthday. Ally replied. It like she makes Any out to be the villain. I replied. Other than being bothered with that little sister of yours, let's have fun. Ally replied. Are we almost there? Katsu asked. Yeah, we are. Aoi replied.

Katsu's little sister, Ayame was trying to guilt trip Katsu to stay home to stay. She wanted to celebrate it with her and family. Now Ayame has a grudge towards Ally. The others are on their way to the place.

We are here at Lyra's Bar and Grill. Ally replied. Katsu and the others walked into the bar. Hello, welcome to Lyra's Bar and Grill. Yuri replied. Yuri, it's been forever. Ally replied. I see you have some cuties with you. Yuri asked. Alright, who is turning legal drinking age? Yuri replied. I am Miss. Katsu replied. Oh, I am twenty myself no calling me miss alright. Yuri replied. It's been forever since we've talked. Skylar replied. Where is your partner in crime? Mira asked. Well, she is in here. Ally replied. I'm right here, for your information. I replied. You guys seem well known. Aoi asked. We used to work here during the summers. Ally replied. Oh, you haven't met Rumiko. I replied. Ally told me all about her, she is so adorable. Yuri replied. Let's take you to that booth. Skylar replied. When everyone went into the booth, the girl sat on the left and the boy faced the front of the girls. Soon as everyone settled into the booth, the waitress came to the table. Hello, my name is Rie and I will be your waitress for tonight. Rio replied. Rio is that you? Ally asked. Ally are you drinking tonight? Rio asked. No, the birthday boy is. Ally replied. The cute shy one in the corner? Rie asked. Oh here are your menus. Rie replied. As Rie walked off, Katsu got extremely shy. You don't have to be shy Katsu. Ally replied. Even though you look like you have been sheltered all your life. Ally replied. He has been sheltered. Aoi replied. Hey, stop talking bad about me. Katsu replied. Katsu we all know this. Tomoe replied. Come on and lets order. Ally replied.

Kaoru and the others have arrived Lyra's Bar and Grill. To find out, Ally and Kaoru use to work at the Bar and Grill when they were younger. One of the waitresses teased him a little to find out, Katsu was a pampered.

I am not pampered. Katsu replied. Yes, you are. Everyone said. Well, birthday boy you order first. Aoi replied. I want the steak. Katsu replied. Done or medium rare? Ally asked. Well, I want mine done. Katsu replied. We are sorry for what just happen. Rie said. Rie walked back. What are you going to order? Rie asked. I want the steak well done. Katsu replied. I want the hamburger. Ally replied. I want the Hot wings meal. Tomoe replied. I want the Bourbon Steak. Aoi replied. I want the Shrimp Scampi. Rumiko replied. I want to order the Chicken Alfredo. I replied. I want the same. Ally replied. Also, we are going to have to have you drink water after this. Ally replied. Yeah, we don't want you getting sick on us. Tomoe replied. I won't get sick. Soon as Rie came back with our food, she went back to get the beer. Now, lets tell you Happy Birthday, Katsu. Cheers to you being able to drink! Ally yelled. Hey, we didn't order drinks, only for him. Ally replied. Yeah, Aoi is the designated driver. I replied. Who the hell made that decision? Aoi replied. When you were nagging me about drinking. I replied. He or Katsu have been our designated driver if one of us have gotten completely wasted. Tomoe replied. Well, let's eat and celebrate! Ally replied. Everyone ate their food and drank the liquor they were given.Little did they know what would happen the next day.

Stay Tuned.

Quick History Lesson:

Naginata is similar to the Japanese version of European Glaive in a sense.

Book One: Chapter Fifteen: The Next Morning

Katsu had his first beer. Everyone else was given drinks from an unknown source. Ally stayed at Katsu's house out of concern and also because he ruined her outfit.Aoi was showing a soft side for children. Katsu threatens Ally for some unknown reason. I wonder what happened that night Katsu got drunk. He tells her not to tell anyone of what happened. Ally becomes scared. Aoi came over and took him to the side to talk to him. Yukimoto appears. Everyone saw another side of Katsu they never thought they would see. They find out that was the real Katsu everyone was witnessing. We also find out a secret about Katsu as well.

The next morning, Katsu woke up and he was wondering who was in his bed? He saw Ally sleeping in his bed. Ally why are you in my bed? Katsu asked. Ally woke up and she was wearing one of his work shirts. Katsu stared at her and blushed. Well you see after you drank your first beer you thought you were being bold like us. You drunk my Raspberry Sin and passed out. Ally replied. I stayed with you because I didn't want anyone taking advantage you. Ally replied. Good morning Katsu. Ayame replied. As soon as she saw Ally. Ayame glared at her. Hey why are you here? So you couldn't get enough? You are seducing him by wearing Katsu's work shirt. Minami replied. Minami, how about you listen to what people say, that is your fucking problem. You think you know everything. Katsu replied. Katsu tried to sit up. Hey take it easy. Ally replied. I went out and got really drunk. Ally stayed with me so no one could take advantage of me. Katsu replied. Why is she in your work shirt? Minami asked. He passed on me and threw up on me a little. Ally replied. One of the maid's are washing my outfit. Ally replied. I need proof of this. Minami replied. One of the maids come up and says, "Lady Alice your romper is washed and dried." What have I told you Hino about calling Alice and adding Lady to go along with it. Ally replied. Yes ma'am, some people are here with breakfast. Hino replied. This food smells like the breakfast menu from Lunar Sweets Cafe. Ally replied. Wait that place is expensive. Minami replied. That might be true but this is for Katsu and the staff as well. Ally replied. You don't have to do such a tedious thing for the staff. Hino replied. Well in actuality, Katsu has been wanting to do this one of these days. Ally replied. Katsu sits up and gets out of bed. He then walks downstairs. Well I can put this back on. Ally replied. Soon as Ally got dress she came downstairs. Hey you guys. Ally replied. I am glad you stayed with him. Yukimoto replied. Are you sobered up enough to eat anything? I asked. I am, I'm just hungry at the moment. Katsu replied. He rushed downstairs and grabbed an Apple Cinnamon Muffin out the basket. Are you ok, Katsu? Rumiko asked. I'm fine. Katsu replied. I wonder how it felt to have Ally in your room. Tomoe replied. Katsu choked on his Apple Cinnamon Muffin. Stop picking on him. Rumiko replied.

Are you alright, Katsu? Ally asked. I am fine. Katsu replied. Stop teasing him, Tomoe. Rumiko replied. I was just joshing, look how flustered he is. Tomoe replied. Stop it even if he is, he got to drink with the big kids last night. Rumiko replied. Yeah until after we wanted more alcohol. Aoi replied. Well, what did they put in that Raspberry Sin? Aoi asked. A Raspberry Sin consists of about two ounces of Raspberry Vodka, one ounce of Rottura dell'alba liquor, one ounce of Triple Sec, two-thirds of Cranberry Juice, fresh raspberries and ice cubes. Ally replied. I put more liquor in mine though. Ally replied. No wonder he was drunk so fast. Aoi replied. Then again he snatched it out her hands. I replied. Yeah, but after we left the restaurant, you got passed out and messed up Ally's cute romper I gave her for the occasion. I replied. Let it go, you know how he gets, he will apologize and apologize. Rumiko replied. Leave him alone, at least he is willing to apologize. Ally replied. True not many guys apologize. I replied. What the are you implying? Aoi asked. Did I say Aoi? I asked. Ally was wearing my work shirt and her chest was showing. I never seen her so close up to me. I wanted to touch her but I had to keep self-control. Katsu thought. Hey, so I heard my little cousin got laid, I'm so proud of you. Fuyo replied. Shut up Fuyo, don't tease him. I didn't sleep with him. Ally replied. That was a total waste. His sister said he slept with a blonde busty bimbo. Fuyo replied. I told you his little sister hated you. Aoi replied. Ayame you can't call Ally a blonde busty bimbo because I didn't spend my birthday like I do each year. Katsu replied. You always spend it with the family. Ayame replied. Ayame, your brother wanted to have fun but this time he wanted to spend it with friends this time around. Aoi replied. Your right, Aoi. Ayame replied and blushed. See your little sister has a thing for Aoi. I replied. You have no idea. Katsu replied.

Well, thanks to you guys for that the breakfast. Katsu replied. Your maids need a break after all. Aoi replied. Master Aoi thank you for the meal. Mami replied. I told you don't call me Master Aoi. You can call me Aoi. Aoi replied. Oh hey Asuka are you here? Aoi asked. Aoi handed her a Granny Smith Apple. Asuka smiled. So you do have a heart. I replied. He is a sap for children, I don't know why? Katsu asked. I have a feeling at one point he was in their position or something. Katsu replied. Mister Aoi can I have that Apple Cinnamon Muffin? Asuka asked. Sure you can. Aoi replied. I am not always the villain. Aoi replied. As everyone was eating, Katsu walked and asked Ally if she wanted a Blueberry Muffin. I would like one, thank you. Ally replied. Tell anybody what happens, I will do it again. Katsu replied. Hey Katsu, are you hitting on Ally this early in morning? Tomoe replied. Ally looked scared and shocked. Ally replied. Hey, what is wrong with you Ally? Rumiko asked. Aoi walked over to Katsu. I wonder what they are talking about? I replied. Aoi dragged Katsu into the kitchen. What the hell is wrong with you, did you force yourself on her? Aoi asked. I have my reason for my actions. Katsu replied. What are your motives? Aoi replied. Yukimoto gave me strict orders to do it. Katsu replied. Yukimoto walked over. I see you did your job perfectly. Scare my little sister so the stalker will appear.

Hey, I know this is going to piss you off. Well, it will defiantly piss off Kaoru. We have a little bad news. Yukimoto replied. Let me guess, Ren and his team were holding out on us? I asked. Yeah, how did you know, Kaoru? Rumiko replied. I grew up in the same household with that self-righteous bastard. I replied. Well as I figured that bastard would play this card. Katsu replied. Katsu did you just say that? I asked. Yeah, I hate your brother and I also know how men like that work. Katsu replied. Uh, Katsu just sounded too bad ass right now. I replied. Well, you see this is the real Katsu. Aoi replied. Since you all are here, I need you six to do something for me. Yukimoto replied. Let me guess that self-righteous bastard and friends are going to take credit and use us again after we had so many injuries. Katsu replied. Katsu don't you dare think about it. Yukimoto replied. I need you to take out three men out. Yukimoto replied.

Hey, explain to me how I am supposed to kill a guy without my weapons? Katsu asked. Why are you getting a smart attitude with Yukimoto? I asked. Well just like me our weapons and true abilities and powers were sealed off by a damn onmyioji. Aoi replied. I cannot give them back to both of you since those seals are not in my specialties. Yukimoto replied. Well, who would give two convicted criminals their powers back? Tomoe asked. What if I told you that he was accused of killing that last person. Yukimoto replied. Wait are saying someone lied on Katsu. Ally replied. Yes, he saved their lives after a night raid happened and he was accused of starting it that night. He was sentenced to be burned to death. Yukimoto replied. Is this true? Ally asked. Yeah, they put seals on me and Aoi so we couldn't run away. Katsu replied. Yukimoto destroyed the majority of the seals except for the main one. Katsu replied. Wait let Kaoru and I see a look at those seals. Ally replied.

Stay Tuned.

I bet you all thought were thinking Katsu lost V-Card too lol.

Quick Knowledge:

Rottura dell'alba means Break of Daybreak

Onmyioji means "The Way of Ying an Yang" it is a practice of the Chinese five elements and Ying and Yang.

Book One: Chapter Sixteen: I want to help the needed

Last time, Ally and Kaoru were willing to Katsu with this problem.

Hey Ally, don't just add me into this. Kaoru replied. I can see and break seals and you can read them. Ally replied. Kaoru, can you really read ancient magic spells and languages? Aoi asked. Yeah, what of it? Kaoru asked.Why didn't you say anything? Aoi asked. You never asked. I replied. Kaoru that is amazing that you can read ancient languages. Rumiko replied. If you want to know, if it wasn't for that Ren would have been killed when Kaoru, Ren and I were on a team together. Ally replied. That I find interesting. Aoi replied. Still, you have the abilities to break spells too? Ally replied. That is one of my specialties. Ally replied. Well, lets get to work. Ally replied. Take off your shirts. Ally replied. Soon as they took off their shirts, Ally and Kaoru were shocked at what they saw. Alright, Aoi your seal is not hard to break only thing you have to do to break it is to use is the power close to it. Kaoru replied. I think it's Avaritia. Kaoru replied. Who uses Avaritia style of fighting or swordsmanship? Rumiko replied. Why do I have to do it? Ally replied. You are the only one Ally.  I replied.Well, I read Katsu's and it's the same for him too. Ally replied. So the opposite of Gula is Ira right? Kaoru replied. Alright, who uses Ira? Tomoe asked. I use Ira.Rumiko replied. Well, I can imagine it, after all, it is the Dragon's Sin. Katsu replied. Ally summoned a *dao. Rumiko summoned her *tsurugi. I have never seen that sword before. I replied. I don't use it on the regular. Rumiko replied. Wow, you summoned a dao I would never imagine. Katsu replied.On the count of three slash their back. Ally replied. Wait for what? Aoi replied. Ally and Rumiko slashed their back and a light and words appeared. I can read it. It says, "the sins of these men have been lifted and they have now repented." Kaoru replied. Well soon as the girls used their swords on them, they regained their powers but for some reason, Katsu regained a memory. So you let two wanted criminals free? Misao asked. Why are you here? Ally asked. Aren't you part of Ren's team? I asked. I am but I find it weird that he had you two as teammates. Misao replied. Do you have a problem with us? I asked.
Who is this woman?
Stay Tuned.

Book One: Chapter Seventeen: The Miserable Mistake Part 1

Last time, Kaoru and the girls pitched in to save Aoi and Katsu. As soon as they finished a woman appears.

Well, excuse me for being forced into a group because we all knew each other. I replied. I hate to tell you this but we didn't want to be bothering him in the first place he used us and got creative for everything. Ally replied. So Misao, I knew you were still after me but not like this. Katsu replied. I don't know maybe because you escaped your execution along with your buddy. Misao replied. You know this stuck up bitch? I asked. I am not a stuck up bitch. Misao replied. I found those two. Misao replied. Soon as Misao said that, Tai and Ren appeared. So they let killers free? Tai asked. What were they thinking? Ren replied.Yukimoto gave both an intimidating glare. What are you going on about now? Yukimoto asked. I have my reason behind my decision. Yukimoto replied. Ah Katsu, I need you to open a portal to Crimson Jade Valley. Yukimoto replied. Why do you want to go that place of all places? Katsu asked. Well, Ren team and your team are teaming up. Yukimoto replied. First off, I don't want to be anywhere near that stuck up bitch. Ally replied. Uh, Ally please keep your blunt and or hurtful comments to yourself. Kaoru replied. Great, of all times I regain my powers its to help this ass with a mission? Katsu asked. Wait for your abilities can create portals? Ally replied. Oh, I can do more than that. Katsu replied.

Is Katsu trying to impress Ally?

What will the outcome be?

Stay Tuned.

Book One: Chapter Eighteen: The Miserable Mistake Part 2

Last time Katsu regains his powers but to use them to help the one person he hates.

So we are getting help from criminals. Ren replied. As we all started walking around, a negative vibe was coming from every one of us. Hey, what the hell are we supposed to accompanying you with? I asked. Why are you so hostile? Kai asked. Kaoru tries to hold your negative comments in. Rumiko replied. Hey, can you guys come here? Ren asked. Ren signaled his team over. I need you to keep an eye on my sister and her teammates. Ren whispered. What are you going on about? Kai asked. My sister and her teammates are not your average soldiers. Ren replied. What are you saying? Misao asked. My sister can't control her rage and hatred towards people that she believes that have wronged her. Ren replied. Ally and that female knight be on your guard by all means. Ren replied. So beware of those three men too? Akane asked. Yes, I feel evil presences from those three combined. Kai replied. What the hell are you going on about? I asked. Let's get to this damn place. I replied. We want to get this over fast and quick. Ally replied. You only say that because we were promised a reward from HQ if your agency tries to cheap out like last time. Katsu replied. Whatever can we open a portal to the place or around it? Ally asked. Sure I can, but I need to do something first. Katsu replied. Katsu walked over and saw a dead body. What are you doing? Are you trying to defile the dead? Akane asked. You could say that but I have a good reason for this. Katsu replied. Why can't you open a portal? Ren asked. Well, I haven't used my powers for two years so opening a portal is tiring. Katsu replied. All I can do is this. Katsu replied. As soon as Katsu unsheathed his sword it turned silver. His eyes turned the color of blood. He slashed the dead woman's body. The woman started moving her hands. Everyone was shocked at the woman moved. How am I alive? Sari asked. Those eyes, you are a descendant of that clan who can break the laws space and time? Sari asked. So you know of my cursed abilities? Katsu asked. What is your name? I asked. My name is Sari and the guide of the warriors from the distant land. Sari replied.
Stay Tuned.

Book One: Chapter Nineteen: The Miserable Mistake Part 3

 Last time, Katsu walked past a dead body but he brought the body back to life.

I was killed by a man saying he was looking for the Crimson Demon Slayer. Sari replied. Let me guess since you are a demon they thought you were associated with him. Katsu replied. So you are a demon? Kai asked. You mask your presents well. Misao replied. Wasn't he a criminal that was once one of the Ace's of the Heavenly Virtues I think he went by Alessandro the Merciful. I replied. Well he was the second in command. After he left someone took his place. Sari replied. I remember him he had such beautiful light brown hair and verdant green eyes. Sari replied. I wonder what made him leave? Ally asked. If we keep going on this road you will be in the town. Sari replied. Uh this town is Kiku? Katsu replied. Don't tell me are supposed to work with the Seven Heavenly Virtues? Katsu asked. How do you know them? Sari asked. Let's just say, we go way back. Katsu replied. As soon as they walked were walking, a man brushed past Katsu. So they let you live? Arisa asked. Arisa, I don't have time to be bothered with you. Katsu replied. You traitor don't even speak my name! Arisa yelled. Arisa summoned her sword as she charged at Katsu. Katsu unsheathed his sword. As soon as their swords touched trees and old huts were demolished. Katsu let us help you. Ally replied. I'm not helping him. Ren replied. Neither will we. Misao and Kai replied. We know you all wouldn't back him up. Aoi replied. Ally, this woman's bloodlust towards me goes deeper than you think. I would stay out of this. Katsu replied. Your still pissed? After all you  believe I killed your fiancee? Katsu asked. Katsu stand down and let me take her! Rumiko yelled. Rumiko stay out of this! Katsu yelled. Arisa was about to attack Katsu. Rumiko sprinted and stopped the attack with her bare hands. Rumiko are you crazy?! Katsu asked. I am not crazy that girls powers are similar to mine. Rumiko replied. How did you stop me attack? Arisa asked. It's easy, I am half human and the dragon scales on my body activated to stop the attack before she killed anyone in the process. Rumiko replied. Rumiko glared at Arisa. Arisa, who are these people? Ran asked. These are that so-called extra help from that HQ. Arisa replied. Let me guess the one who stopped her attack was the "Princess of Dragons"Chiyo Aidan. Ran replied. Wait your name is Chiyo Aidan? I asked. Yes that's my real name my mother and father gave me to mask my true identity. Rumiko Vesta is my adoptive name the king and queen gave me. Rumiko replied. What else do you know about any of us? Rumiko asked. Rumiko glared at Ran. More than you can swallow Chiyo Aidan. Ran replied.After all you did mmm. Arisa covered Ran's mouth. Stop doing that, I apologize for her actions. Arisa replied. You will never change, airing out everyone's dirty laundry. Katsu replied. Let's get this job over with so I don't have to talk, see or help these people ever again. Katsu replied.

What is Katsu's history with these people?  

Who is Alessandro the Merciful?

Stay Tuned.

-Aidan is an Irish name and it means born of fire/the fiery one.

-Alessandro is the Italian form of Alexander. It means defender of mankind.

-Chiyo means thousand years or eternal.

-Kiku means Chrysanthemum in Japanese. The flower symbolizes the Japanese Emperor. It is an old-fashioned name in Japan. It became unpopular after the defeat of Imperial Japan in WWII.

Book One: Chapter Twenty: Katsu's Past Mistakes Part One

Last time, Katsu brought a girl back to life. Katsu then was attacked by a woman. Then Rumiko's real name was revealed.
When everyone arrived in the town, the villagers looked at Katsu as if he betrayed them. As they reached the temple, four other people appeared to greet everyone. What is that lowlife traitor doing here?! Maria yelled. Well nice seeing you too Maria. Katsu replied. As they walked up the stairs, a old woman greeted everyone.I welcome you all here. Hana replied. You can stop with that nice act of yours. Katsu replied. So the Crimson Demon Slayer was spared as the rumors say. Hana replied. That bastard is still alive? Akiara asked. You can say I was given a second chance at life. Katsu asked. Katsu how do you know those people? I asked. Well lets say they are kus but we possess the seven sins but they are they go by the virtue instead. That's what the Seven Heavenly Virtues are. Katsu replied. I was one of them, I was Alessandro the Merciful their sin of wrath. Katsu replied. That woman Maria over there is Maria of Purity. Katsu replied. So that means she uses Luxuria like me? Aoi asked. The crazy chic who attacked me out of nowhere is Arisa of Kindness. Katsu replied. No offense but what the hell she pulled was no where near kindness. So you use Avarita like me? Kai asked. Wait you use Avaritia too? Ally asked. So your Kai Gersemi*? Ran asked. Yes I am. Kai replied. Wait are you from European? Ally asked. Yes I was born in Sweden but lived in Japan all my life. Kai replied. You two over there are Bashira Okita* and Misao Nikolaevna*. Ran asked. Wait there was someone else with us the whole time? I asked. Yes but Bashira doesn't talk much so you barely noticed her. Ren replied. You use Superbia don't you Bashira? Ran asked. Yes. Bashira replied. You used Invidia don't you? Ran asked. Stop pestering them Ran. Hide replied. Whatever Hide, I was just asking questions. Ran replied. Well I never thought I would see the likes of you, Katsu? Hide asked. Nice seeing you too, Hide. Katsu replied. You sound like you are all on bad terms. Hello ladies and what are your names? Hideyoshi* asked. Hey we are here to help you out. Not helping you finally get laid, damn pretty boy. Katsu replied. Well your filthy mouth of yours hasn't change at all. Hideyoshi replied. That was foul right there, Katsu. I replied. Well everyone else to afraid to tell him the truth. Katsu you should apologize. Ally replied. So you think you can talk to us any kind of way? Arisa asked. I am not. Katsu replied. If you keep babying him he will never learn, he needs honesty. Katsu replied. Those ladies are here to help not your victims to your horrible pick up lines. Ran replied. As the others were scolding him, Hideyoshi went over the Ally and started hitting on her. I'm flattered but I think you really should back off. You see if your hand keeps trying to dip even further than normal length, I will cause you unimaginable pain. Ally replied. I really wouldn't underestimate the blonde I have seen her fight she is well equipped in martial arts. Kai replied. Why thank you for the compliment. Ally replied. Hey who the hell are those people coming here? I asked.
What will happen next?
Stay Tuned.

Bashira means Joyful; Predictor of Good News

Okita comes from the name of the captain of the first unit of the Shinsengumi, Okita Sōji.

Kai means to rejoice in Swedish. Kai is a male by the way.

Gersemi is a goddess in Old Norse Mythology and her name means treasure.

Misao's last name Nikolaevna comes from the Princess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.

Hideyoshi comes from one of my favorite anime character, Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka and Test.

Book One: Chapter Twenty-One: Katsu's Past Mistakes Part Two

 Last time, Katsu was surrounded by people from his past.
Well, today is our lucky day, we get to kill those bastards. Katsu replied. As Katsu said that his eyes turned the color crimson blood with a devilish smile to match. I saw another side of him like last time. Let's go show no mercy. I replied. No, you ladies stay here the men will destroy you all. Hideyoshi replied. All the guys ran out to fight. I'm sorry but I thought I just heard him look down us. Ally replied. I will not let a man look down on me. I replied. You really need to hold your pent-up anger. Misao replied. I would be mad if Ren told me not to fight and treat me like a hindrance. Bashira replied. Oh, sweetheart you only met Ren on the surface. I replied. Why are you going to fight them after they told you to stay here? Maria asked. Well, I hate to tell you this but no man tells me what to do. I replied. For once I have to agree with Kaoru. Misao replied. As the guys were fighting off the guys. Hey, I wouldn't have told the girls to stay behind, they are actually stronger then you think. Aoi replied. As I said they are strong, speaking of the devil. Rumiko is a little mad about your comment, Hideyoshi. Katsu replied. Shut up Katsu and I need you to pull a surprise attack on their leader down there. Rumiko replied. So I do get to wreak havoc after all. Katsu replied. Alright, can you pull that off? Rumiko asked. Rumiko, I was the one who was called to beheaded most of those corrupted men you call kings. I think I can injure a leader from behind. Katsu replied. You talk a big game but can you back it up after all how would Ally like to hear what you just told me. Rumiko asked. Stop using his lust for that woman to manipulate him. Hideyoshi replied. Don't tease him. He has the potential to kill those people single-handed. Aoi replied. You talk a big game lets see this? Hide replied. Where did he go? Hideyoshi asked. Katsu disappeared. Arisa and Rie appeared. What the hell are you two doing here? Haruki asked. Well, I just didn't want to be on the sidelines. Arisa replied. You know it wouldn't kill you to at least treat them as of they are a part of your team? Tomoe asked. Who are you to say that you are an outsider? Haruki asked. I might be but if we all work together anything is possible. Tomoe replied. You know he's one of the knights of the kingdom over who was discharged from his position to go to HQ. That girl in Japanese entire it was the same but for her and she is from the kingdom in the north. Ran replied. The leader is down there. Maria replied. Katsu thrust his sword into her back. My lady, you were wounded. Ike replied. What are you talking about? Miko asked. Miko looked down and a sword was on her side. How did that happen? Miko started spitting up blood. Katsu just looked at her and had a devilish smile on his face again. So what are you planning on doing? Miko asked. Well, you're lucky I was told not to kill you. Katsu replied. Hey, Katsu look out! Ally yelled. What are you talking about? Katsu asked. Katsu diverted his head to the right. Who did this to you? Hina asked. That man he's the Crimson Reaper. Miko replied. Did you attack our leader from behind? Hina asked. What if I did? Katsu asked. You know I would fight you but you have that forbidden ability that could kill me. Hina replies. There is another that will satisfy me.Oh, look there is a victim I want to try. Hina replied. I feel a lot of power emanating from blondie. Hina replied. Hina I want you and your men to take them out. Miko replied. As you request. Hina replied. Soon as Hina said that she charged at Ally.
What will happen next?
Stay Tuned.  

There are two Arisa's. One is the snobby know-it-all and Katsu's sister in law, Arisa.

Book One: Chapter Twenty-Two: Ally's Fight and the Power of the Maiden, Virgo

Last time, Kaoru and the others teamed up to fight alongside the Seven Heavenly Virtues. It was just that Hina was targeting to fight Ally.
Explain why she is charging at her off all people? Kai asked. Ally is really good at hiding her power. Ren replied. Ally is more powerful and terrifying than she looks. Ren replied. So you want to fight huh? Ally asked. Ally charged at Hina and kicked her in her stomach sending her flying. So you are this powerful? I heard in headquarters they put a group of six misfits who are all one-man armies. Hina replied. If I remember exactly out the six there was one who is skilled in martial arts. Her specialty is hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship but the higher-ups restricted her to hand-to-hand combat because if you let her use a sword she would have a field day of killing. Hina replied. Hey, don't dry out my dirty laundry. Ally replied. Well I am sorry to say but you love inflicted pain on others. Hina replied. Oh no you got it all wrong, I like inflicting the pain of justice on people like you and you see, Yukimoto gave a strict order to dispose of whoever attacks the people of Kiku. Ally replied. You are going to dispose of me? Hina asked. As I am about to do now! Ally replied. Hina got up and charged at Ally again and cut her face. Ally your face. Katsu replied. Oh I am fine. My powers won't let me die to the likes of her. Ally had a manacle smile. Now it's my turn. Ally replied. Ally charged at Hina. and said I call upon the maiden who makes the earth shake. Ally replied. What the she knows abilities of the caliber. Miko asked. As Ally said that a sword came up from out the ground. I call forth Virgo the Maiden! Ally replied. So you are a Earth Summoner? Hina asked. Ally charged at her and cut her with body was full of slashes. Ally you slashed her with one slash. I never thought I would have to use this sword on her. Ally replied. Are you guys alright? Ally asked. As we saw Ally fight everyone was surprised at how strong she is. Ally watch behind you! Katsu yelled. Ally elbowed Hina in the throat. As I was saying are you guys ok. Hina collapsed. She beat Hina as if it was nothing. Ike replied. So this is the power of one of one of the six? Ike asked. Ally you just elbowed her in the throat. Ren said. Yeah so, that attack is called Wrath of the Virgin, Virgo. Ally replied. My sword is coded with temporary paralysis. She will be back to herself in a few hours. Ally replied. Wait why does my body feel heavy? Ren replied. Mine too. Misao and Kai replied. I can't heal your wounds but a certain maiden can help you with your recovery. Ally replied. Hey Katsu I need a favor of you. Ally replied. Yeah what is it? Katsu replied. Do you have enough power to help me get a certain friend of mine? Ally asked. Where does she live? Katsu asked. Well she lives in Akane River Valley why? Ally replied. 
Stay Tuned.  

Book One: Chapter Twenty-Three: On the Search for Lila Nigatsu Part One

Last time, Ally fought Hina and won. Ally couldn't heal everyone so she asked Katsu if he could take her to the Akane River Valley.
So you can take me there? Ally asked. Well, I can but I can't go the Akanlitic Priestesses Village. Ally replied. Sure we can. Katsu replied. Katsu unsheathed his sword and slashed a portal. As those two were walking on through it, I was thinking Katsu was hiding something. As the portal closed, I asked Aoi a question. Hey Aoi, Katsu is forbidden to go into the Akane River Valley isn't he? I asked. Well him as a person no. That power is what forbids him. Well, his ancient ancestor decapitated the leader of that order. Aoi replied. Let's just say because he doesn't like to see Ally with a disappointed face. Aoi replied. So you mean he does have a thing for her after all? I asked. Well duh, it is pretty obvious. Tomoe replied. He is just a really shy person. Aoi replied. As the portal closed, they were on the outside of the village. Wow, we are actually on the outskirts of the village. Hey, I think I just saw humans here. Rumi replied. Rumi ran off to capture Ally and Katsu. Katsu grabbed Ally and covered her mouth. Why did you run out there? Ana asked. Well, I feel the presence of not just a human but that monster who killed out mistress years ago. Rumi replied. I do too. Ana replied. They ran out to the forest. Ally and Katsu ran fast as they could. Until they ran into a girl with long umber color hair. With her fare colored skin, you could tell she was not even close to being human. Are you looking for something? Men are not allowed here. Sara replied. I know your rules and customs. I am here as her bodyguard. Katsu replied. Well alright, who are you looking for, I might ask? Sara asked. I am looking for a friend of mine. Ally replied. Who is your friend? Sara asked. Her name is Lila Nigatsu. Ally replied. Do you mean the Rose Maiden of the Dawn? Sara asked. Well, she is not to be disturbed. Sara replied. So you still have her locked up in that so call house which actually nothing be a cage to keep tabs on her because she always runs away? Ally asked.
Stay Tuned.
Lila is Spanish for lilac
Ni gatsu is Japanese for February.
I was thinking since she is Rose Maiden. She should be named after a flower. Since Lilacs bloom in February or March, I thought I could be clever and name her that way.

Book One: Chapter Twenty-Four: On the Search for Lila Nigatsu Part Two

Last time, Ally and Katsu were searching for the Rose Maiden of Dawn, Lila Nigatsu.

We just need her to help save our friends. Katsu replied. Why should we trust you? You beheaded our leader! Sara yelled. Let me guess you are talking about my great ancestor, Hironori Sakurai? Katsu asked. Yes, you look just like that monster. Sara replied. Oh I know, every few generations of the Yoshida Clan, a boy looks, sounds and inherits this cursed power. Katsu replied. I hate to tell you this but I don't kill without proper reason. Katsu replied. Why are you picking a fight? Ally replied. I am not picking a fight. Katsu replied. To be honest with you he could have revived her. Katsu replied. A girl runs out of a house. Sara, what is going on? Lila asked. Ally, is it you? Lila asked. How are you, Lila? Ally asked. Lila jumped over the fence. As she was smiling and talking to Ally, she was shocked when she looked at Katsu. Is that you Hironori? So you finally came to save me? Lila asked. Lila hugged Katsu and cried. I'm sorry but you must be talking about my ancestor, Hironori. He made a promise to you and never returned, right? Katsu asked. I have a feeling he was going to sweep you away at the right time. Katsu replied. You mean he is really coming? Lila asked. Yes. Katsu replied. Now that I look at you. Ally, are you her? Katsu asked. Yes, I am her reincarnation. Ally replied. Sara those two must need my help with something. Lila asked. Ally, are you here for my assistance? Lila asked. Yes, I need your assistance with healing a few people of poisoning. Ally replied. As they were saying that, Katsu heard someone in the bushes. Katsu rushed into the woods. Ally ran to help Katsu. Stay back, this guy out for blood. Katsu replied. Soon as Katsu said that the man in a cloak slashed Katsu in the back. Katsu got back up and sped up and was about to slash him. The guy just tapped the sword and Katsu's arm started to bleed. You are supposed to share the blood of the Crimson-eyed beast of hell. Hironori replied. He slashed a portal and walked through it. Who are you? Katsu asked. Katsu grabbed his arm and coward over in pain. Ally ran over. Katsu your arm. Ally replied. That guy wasn't human. Katsu replied. The guy in the cloak was Hironori. Lila replied. Wait it couldn't be him. Ally replied. It has to be. Katsu replied. 
This is the end of Part Two.  

Book One: Chapter Twenty-Five: Lila's Choice and Hironori's Thoughts

Last time, Ally and Katsu find Lila Nigatsu. She is willing to help Ally and Katsu. Then a young man in a cloak appears and attacks Katsu.

Ally and Lila helped Katsu. You know you shouldn't be helping me up, Lila. Katsu replied. No, I want to help you after all this is my fault. He thought you were kidnapping me. Lila replied. Alright, let me go. Katsu replied. Katsu summoned his sword. He slashed a portal open. As soon as they walked through, he sheathed his sword. I swear if I see that bastard I will do what he did to me tenfold. Katsu replied. You talk bold but can u follow through with that? Hironori asked. Katsu summoned his sword. Why did you unsheathe your sword again? Ally asked. He is here. I don't know how to explain it but he isn't visible to the naked eye. He is using time and space magic. Katsu replied. Hey, why don't you introduce yourself? Ally replied. Um. Lila replied in fear. Oh, let us introduce you to Lila Nigatsu. Katsu replied. Oh no she looks just like Ally it is scary. Ren replied. Hey, don't insult the girl who never really came in contact with the human world. Ally replied. Are you serious? You were abducted by one of the goddesses of Akane Valley?! Ren yelled. Shut up, she came of her own free will. Ally replied. Yes, I came to help all of you. Lila replied. Let me see you all. Lila walked over and started healing everyone. Oh, I am so sorry for not introducing myself, my name is Lila Nigatsu. Lila replied. She is so adorable, right? Ally asked. She is so sweet but so polite. Rumiko replied. Well, I am kind of use to men but the only men I have met is Hironori and Katsu today. Lila replied. Well, you all too. Lila replied. Lila are you ok? Hironori asked. Hironori, please stop attacking Katsu, he and Ally just wanted me to help them heal their friends. Lila replied. So please leave them all alone. I know you were planning to hurt these people because of a big misunderstanding. Lila replied. Wait did you hear that guy? Ally asked. He sounds just like Katsu. I replied. That's because that man is my great ancestor. Katsu replied. You are playing right, he can't be alive. Tomoe replied. Well, kid, I am an immortal, I can't die even if you cut my head. Hironori replied. Why are you hiding? Katsu asked. Well, I hate to tell you this but, I choose to cut all ties with all kinds of people and creatures of the light and darkness. Hironori replied. For some reason a certain White haired vixen found out I am alive and my whereabouts so I am going to be under the protection of your organization. Hironori replied. So soon as you finish your mission I will be in that vixen's clutches again. Hironori replied.
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This is the end of Book One of Kaoru.  

See you in Book Two!!!!

Book Two: Chapter One: The Beginning of something unexpected

Last time, Ally and Katsu finally find Lila and she is willing to help the others by healing them. As soon as Lila chose to help them Hironori appears to save Lila but he has mistaken Ally and Katsu as kidnappers. Until he revealed his true identity.
As soon as Lila healed everyone, everyone got payment for their services and went home. The next day, Lila ate breakfast with Ally. Katsu walked over and sat with them. Katsu, does your arm still hurt? Ally asked. I'm fine, that sword I wield would never let me die. Katsu replied. Let's not think of any depressing or negative topics. Katsu replied. As a certain low life, we just met a few days ago. Katsu replied. Sonva, you stabbed me with a poisonous danger. Hironori replied. Let's call it even for making my arm bleed. Katsu replied. Come eat with us, Hironori. Lila replied. The first step is to take your hood off. Lila replied. I have my reasons for wearing one. You see I look like. Hironori replied. You know for a guy with a handsome face you shouldn't hide it. Lila replied. Hey, you guys want some company? I asked. Aoi, Tomoe, Rumiko and I walked to the table. Holy shit, that guy looks and sounds just like Katsu. I replied. After all, I am his great ancestor. Hironori replied. Hey Katsu, why didn't you tell us he looked just like you? Aoi asked.You never asked me. Katsu replied. Don't get cocky with me, blame the guy who injured your arm. Aoi replied. That guy will be my responsibility, I bet. Katsu replied. Yukimoto walks over. Hey Mr. Immortal, hows your souls doing? Yukimoto asked.My soul is fine but that kid Katsu on the other hand soul needs saving. Hironori replied. I don't want to hear that coming from the mass killer. It's your fault I am cursed with this ability. Katsu replied. You definitely are one of those of my bloodline. You look, sound like me. What really proves it is that your crimson eye color in anger and the sword Shi no Yuri, Higanbana. Hironori replied. I didn't curse you kid blame her. Hironori replied. I am blaming you for the injury you inflicted on me, you bastard. Katsu replied. Leave me alone, you whine too much like that grandmother, Hisa. Hironori replied. Let me guess. Katsu replied with a blank stare. I have a feeling you did a lot of dumb stuff that made you question your logical process? Katsu asked. She would give me that same black stare. Hironori replied. Wow, I never have seen Katsu give someone the mom blank stare treatment. I replied. A guy walks over to the table. I see you pissed him off, he doesn't give anyone that looks for no reason. Rin replied. Wait is that you Rin? Ally asked.
Who is that guy?
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Book Two: Chapter Two: Katsu's Past Part One

 Last time, Kaoru and the others were paid for their services. Hironori reveals his appearance. Everyone is shocked even our main protagonist. Then a new character appears.
Well, it's been awhile Ally and Kaoru. Rin replied. What do you want Rin? I asked. Can't I say hi to two people I use to work with? Rin asked. Ally and I gave a real deep blare stare to Rin. The way I remember it was that you and my superior use to laugh at how hard we tried. I replied. I figured you two wouldn't get along. Katsu replied. Why would you figure that? Rin asked. You have a tendency of pissing people off and not caring about the effect. Katsu replied. What are you talking about? Ren asked. Don't play dumb, your friends use to do it to me. Katsu replied. I have no recollection of this. Rin replied. Just let it go, he and his friends will act like they never caused a problem. I replied. Soon I said that his friend Hanami appeared. Hey is that you, Kaoru? Hanami asked. What do you want? I asked. You are bitchy as ever, how are you, Alice? Hanami asked. Hey, Commander Rosalite and Yamada we need help! Karen yelled. Calm down Karen, what happened? Ally asked. A weird demon or spirit came out and it is about to kill someone. Karen replied. Alright, Karen where is it? Ally replied. Soon as Ally said that, it appeared. Soon as it was about to attack, a woman appeared. She was beautiful beyond the eyes can tell. You know I told you not to move or summon me without my damn permission. Higanbana replied. She slapped Katsu in the face. Katsu put his head down. Why the hell are you even out here, Higanbana? Katsu asked. Hiro's dumbass injured a part of you so because of I, who doesn't show my true form very often. Choose to reveal myself. Higanbana replied. Higanbana walked over and grabbed Hironori by his skull. And you, why did you do injure him? Higanbana asked. I was just fighting him and it just got a little out of hand. Hironori replied. Higanbana summoned her sword form.Higabana, even if you cut his head off he will be revived. Katsu replied. He can't be killed with everyday weapons but demon swords are another story. Higanbana replied. Hey, don't do that. Hironori replied. May I ask you a question? Ally asked. Yes, what is it? Higanbana asked. If you are Higanabana, you summoned what looks like Katsu's sword. Ally asked. Well let's say, I am just in my original form. I was once a human. I was an *Oiran but I killed a young lord. So I was killed for killing him. A week later, Hiro's father felt pity for me and brought me back to life. He told me he infuse my soul into a sword. Higanbana replied. I can imagine you as a lady who would kill a very influential man in society. Rin replied. Katsu looked. Katsu pushed Ally out the way. He summoned Higanbana. I told you not to summon me. Higanbana replied.You are the first to stop my blade. Only one man stopped my blade. Rai replied. I didn't even sense her presence. Well I never thought I would see you again. Katsu replied. So the rumors are true are a lapdog. Rai replied. You can say what you like. Katsu replied. Wait you are the criminal, Rai the Slayer. Rin replied. 
What is Katsu's connect with her?
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