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Natasha: What Is True Love? Book I


Natasha Higashiyama is finally free from her imprisonment for a sin she committed. A few days later, she meets  Sam Himaya and Mariah Maruya. As their journey begins they face the Three Terrors and many others along the way. They learn they are reincarnations of three warriors, Princess Ai, Princess Nanami and Kaori Higashiyama. The three who defeated the Three Terrors.

Book One: Prelude: Higanbana

Dear Diary,

All my life, I have felt like I have been lonely and abandoned figuratively and literary. I feel like the definition of my favorite flower, *Higanbana.  My parents are usually busy with work to notice me. One day, I thought I had found love but little did I know, I was fooled by his charming smile. He brought my life anguish, misery, and pain. The day has come where I can start a new life and make the most of it. I hope I make friends who will stick by me. I hope they like for me and not discriminate towards me because the sin I committed.  I hope I meet a guy who will treat me with kindness and love me for me.

-March 26, 2025.

Earth to Natasha! Akane yelled. Huh? I asked. As I was writing the rest of the diary entry, I thought about how Akane and Hanae would take me leaving. Hanae clung to me. It's been two years since that guy used me and ruined my life. Hey what are you doing?  asked. Well since I leave this hellhole, I might as well make my entry interesting. I replied. So you say. Akane replied. Natasha, I heard you leave today? Hanae asked. Yeah, being in here around you two made it manageable in a sense. I replied. I know we will see each other again.  I know it. I replied. I smiled. Higashiyama, you are free to go! Gira yelled. You don't have to yell at me. I can hear perfectly. I replied. Natasha! Rene yelled. Mom, you don't have my name. I replied. I would hug you but that uniform screams wash me. Rene replied. Geh mom, I feel so much better. I replied. Wait, Rene Martin is your mom? Akane and Hanae asked. Yeah, I never told you guys because you would act like this. I replied. Shut it, that means your father is Jeremy Higashiyama? Hanae asked. Yeah, that's my dad. I replied. You know love his books. Akane replied. How about when you guys get out, you can get a book signed by him. I replied. Really, thank you! Akane replied. Akane and Hanae hugged me. Here are some changing clothes. Rene replied. Why if it isn't the troublemaker, Rene Martin. Kari replied. Well, I got my life together. Rene replied. She fell into the same cycle of her mother. Kari replied. Whatever. Rene replied. Mom, I am ready. I replied. Bye Higashiyama! the girls yelled.  If you see that deuce bag again, make him rue the day he ruined your life! Kita yelled. Believe me Kita, I will make him regret ruining my life. I replied. As I walked out the door, I had the motivation to live my life with hatred driving me. I thought. Natasha, get in the car. Rene replied. When I got in the car, my mom gave me advice. Natasha, don't let hatred drive you. I can tell you from experience it leads to a life of anguish. Rene replied. I won't let him rule my life, mom. I replied.  I know you will meet friends who care about you. I also know you will find a guy who will love you for you. Rene replied. Rene smiled. I had a serious face on the way home. Little did I know when I got home things will bring me of sudden form of sadness.

* Higanbana  (red spider lily) means abandonment, lost memory, and never meet again. 

Stay Tuned.

You will see Akane and Hanae names again in Book Three.


Book One: Chapter One: My Shattered Happiness and Iron Will

When mom reached the house, I got out the car. Wow the same house and know how things work, my dad is working hard in his study writing one of his new book or books of "Life of Hiroyuki". When I went up the stairs, I saw my dad measuring my room. What the hell! I was gone for two straight years and you have measuring tape out?! I yelled. Hey Natasha, good to see you home. Jeremy replied with a smile. Rene glared at him.  I glared at him too. Old man grrrr. Natasha, please calm down, here is an heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation of Higashiyama members. Jeremy replied. If you think this is going to cover up for the measuring my room you have another thing in mind. I glared. I think this will make you forget about your anger streak towards me right now. Jeremy replied. You need to apologize to her. Rene replied. If you listen, I have good intentions in mind. Jeremy replied. What are these so-called good intentions? Rene asked. Well, you see... Jeremy replied.   I looked back at my dad and cried. After, I went to my regular hiding spot when I feel negative emotions. I go to the highest place I can find. This time I ran and jumped from building to building. Back at the house, I felt an ominous presence glooming over my father as before I left for two years. It felt like a silhouette of negative energy that cloaked or wrapped him in their darkness. My father went down to his study. Jeremy, can she pull it off? Kokuren asked. Knowing her she will pull it off with no problem, Kokuren. Jeremy replied. Huh, I think she saw me? Kokuren replied. It doesn't matter, she doesn't know what you are as an entity. Jeremy replied. As I looked at the moonlit night, the box began to rattle. What the hell, boxes don't usually rattle. I thought. When I open the box a beautiful amulet with a thin golden thread with a purple onyx color gem. Hurry up and put me one! Murasaki yelled. Hey, don't get demanding on me. I replied. I put the amulet on. I felt a power of some sort surging through me. Hey, what are you? I asked. My name is Murasaki no Hana. replied. So your name is Purple Rose? I asked. Yes it is. Chikara replied.  That sounds too formal for my taste, let's change you name a little. I replied. My name is fine the way it is. Chikara replied. You serious about that? I feel as if that name was forced on you. I replied. How about I name Chikara? I asked. Strength? Chikara asked. I feel that name fits you perfectly. I do like the name. Chikara replied. Soon as I looked at the moonlit night, I saw a woman saying something about the "Green Eyed Sorceress powers has been activated". What does she mean? I asked. Listen to me, Natasha you need to lay low for a while. Chikara replied. Why should I if they want me then they can come at me. I replied. I am tired of running away. I never want to revert back to my old self. Yeah my dad is perfect but what he did was unforgivable by shattering me one piece of happiness. At the same time, he tried to make it up by giving me you, Chikara. I replied. Other than that motivational speech I just said, who is that woman? I asked. She is part of a clan of followers who fight for justice and my power you possess is the power of darkness. I form of ancient Irian magic. Chikara replied. So you are telling me, that woman fights for love and justice like that one old magical girl anime. I replied. I have no clue what you are talking about. Chikara replied. The woman appeared behind her. You look like that demon in human flesh. Hisano replied. What are you talking about? I asked. So this is the "Green Eyed Sorceress" who possesses devilish abilities who can bring the downfall of humanity? Mina asked. Yes and her buddies aren't around to stop us. Hisano replied. Who are you talking about? I asked. You will perish to the ashes like that demon in human flesh! Hisano yelled. I started to flinch. Natasha, you can take them out but you have to listen to me. Chikara replied. Alright, you have to say these exact words, "Come forth the blades that protect me, the thorn of the *Midnight Rose! Chikara replied. Alright, whatever you say. Come forth the blades that protect me, come forth the thorn of the Midnight Rose! I yelled. A flash of purple light swirled around me. What is going on, Chikara? I asked. You have activated my power. Chikara replied. When I the swirl of light went away, I dawned a black scarf and a sleeveless midnight rose colored short kimono with long black stockings. I also had dark brown sandals. As soon Hisano attacked me I summoned my sword. I wonder what kind of blade it is? I asked. Chikara, where are you? I asked. I am on your wrist. Chikara replied. A bracelet? I thought. Holy crap this is purple odachi. I replied. Stop admiring the blade and take her out. Mina, don't let her escape. Hisano replied. You don't have to tell me. I replied. I slashed swords with her constantly until I saw two girls appeared.

Stay Tuned for the next chapter!

Chikara means Strength in Japanese. 

Hiroyuki means Widespread happiness in Japanese.

Midnight Rose come in Blue and Purple colors. I chose the Purple ones instead since Natasha's powers are based on darkness. I didn't want to use black rose. It would seem a little dark for her.

Kokuren means Black Lotus. If you read Natasha: What Is True Love Book Two and see the side story, "Jeremy's Back Story" you will see Kokuren again.