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Natasha: What Is True Love? Book I


Natasha Higashiyama is finally free from her imprisonment for a sin she committed. A few days later, she meets  Sam Himaya and Mariah Maruya. As their journey begins they face the Three Terrors and many others along the way. They learn they are reincarnations of three warriors, Princess Ai, Princess Nanami and Kaori Higashiyama. The three who defeated the Three Terrors.

Book One: Prelude: Higanbana

Dear Diary,

All my life, I have felt like I have been lonely and abandoned figuratively and literary. I feel like the definition of my favorite flower, *Higanbana.  My parents are usually busy with work to notice me. One day, I thought I had found love but little did I know, I was fooled by his charming smile. He brought my life anguish, misery, and pain. The day has come where I can start a new life and make the most of it. I hope I make friends who will stick by me. I hope they like for me and not discriminate towards me because the sin I committed.  I hope I meet a guy who will treat me with kindness and love me for me.

-March 26, 2025.

Earth to Natasha! Akane yelled. Huh? I asked. As I was writing the rest of the diary entry, I thought about how Akane and Hanae would take me leaving. Hanae clung to me. It's been two years since that guy used me and ruined my life. Hey what are you doing?  asked. Well since I leave this hellhole, I might as well make my entry interesting. I replied. So you say. Akane replied. Natasha, I heard you leave today? Hanae asked. Yeah, being in here around you two made it manageable in a sense. I replied. I know we will see each other again.  I know it. I replied. I smiled. Higashiyama, you are free to go! Gira yelled. You don't have to yell at me. I can hear perfectly. I replied. Natasha! Rene yelled. Mom, you don't have my name. I replied. I would hug you but that uniform screams wash me. Rene replied. Geh mom, I feel so much better. I replied. Wait, Rene Martin is your mom? Akane and Hanae asked. Yeah, I never told you guys because you would act like this. I replied. Shut it, that means your father is Jeremy Higashiyama? Hanae asked. Yeah, that's my dad. I replied. You know love his books. Akane replied. How about when you guys get out, you can get a book signed by him. I replied. Really, thank you! Akane replied. Akane and Hanae hugged me. Here are some changing clothes. Rene replied. Why if it isn't the troublemaker, Rene Martin. Kari replied. Well, I got my life together. Rene replied. She fell into the same cycle of her mother. Kari replied. Whatever. Rene replied. Mom, I am ready. I replied. Bye Higashiyama! the girls yelled.  If you see that deuce bag again, make him rue the day he ruined your life! Kita yelled. Believe me Kita, I will make him regret ruining my life. I replied. As I walked out the door, I had the motivation to live my life with hatred driving me. I thought. Natasha, get in the car. Rene replied. When I got in the car, my mom gave me advice. Natasha, don't let hatred drive you. I can tell you from experience it leads to a life of anguish. Rene replied. I won't let him rule my life, mom. I replied.  I know you will meet friends who care about you. I also know you will find a guy who will love you for you. Rene replied. Rene smiled. I had a serious face on the way home. Little did I know when I got home things will bring me of sudden form of sadness.

* Higanbana  (red spider lily) means abandonment, lost memory, and never meet again. 

Stay Tuned.

You will see Akane and Hanae names again in Book Three.


Book One: Chapter One: My Shattered Happiness and Iron Will

When mom reached the house, I got out the car. Wow the same house and know how things work, my dad is working hard in his study writing one of his new book or books of "Life of Hiroyuki". When I went up the stairs, I saw my dad measuring my room. What the hell! I was gone for two straight years and you have measuring tape out?! I yelled. Hey Natasha, good to see you home. Jeremy replied with a smile. Rene glared at him.  I glared at him too. Old man grrrr. Natasha, please calm down, here is an heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation of Higashiyama members. Jeremy replied. If you think this is going to cover up for the measuring my room you have another thing in mind. I glared. I think this will make you forget about your anger streak towards me right now. Jeremy replied. You need to apologize to her. Rene replied. If you listen, I have good intentions in mind. Jeremy replied. What are these so-called good intentions? Rene asked. Well, you see... Jeremy replied.   I looked back at my dad and cried. After, I went to my regular hiding spot when I feel negative emotions. I go to the highest place I can find. This time I ran and jumped from building to building. Back at the house, I felt an ominous presence glooming over my father as before I left for two years. It felt like a silhouette of negative energy that cloaked or wrapped him in their darkness. My father went down to his study. Jeremy, can she pull it off? Kokuren asked. Knowing her she will pull it off with no problem, Kokuren. Jeremy replied. Huh, I think she saw me? Kokuren replied. It doesn't matter, she doesn't know what you are as an entity. Jeremy replied. As I looked at the moonlit night, the box began to rattle. What the hell, boxes don't usually rattle. I thought. When I open the box a beautiful amulet with a thin golden thread with a purple onyx color gem. Hurry up and put me one! Murasaki yelled. Hey, don't get demanding on me. I replied. I put the amulet on. I felt a power of some sort surging through me. Hey, what are you? I asked. My name is Murasaki no Hana. replied. So your name is Purple Rose? I asked. Yes it is. Chikara replied.  That sounds too formal for my taste, let's change you name a little. I replied. My name is fine the way it is. Chikara replied. You serious about that? I feel as if that name was forced on you. I replied. How about I name Chikara? I asked. Strength? Chikara asked. I feel that name fits you perfectly. I do like the name. Chikara replied. Soon as I looked at the moonlit night, I saw a woman saying something about the "Green Eyed Sorceress powers has been activated". What does she mean? I asked. Listen to me, Natasha you need to lay low for a while. Chikara replied. Why should I if they want me then they can come at me. I replied. I am tired of running away. I never want to revert back to my old self. Yeah my dad is perfect but what he did was unforgivable by shattering me one piece of happiness. At the same time, he tried to make it up by giving me you, Chikara. I replied. Other than that motivational speech I just said, who is that woman? I asked. She is part of a clan of followers who fight for justice and my power you possess is the power of darkness. I form of ancient Irian magic. Chikara replied. So you are telling me, that woman fights for love and justice like that one old magical girl anime. I replied. I have no clue what you are talking about. Chikara replied. The woman appeared behind her. You look like that demon in human flesh. Hisano replied. What are you talking about? I asked. So this is the "Green Eyed Sorceress" who possesses devilish abilities who can bring the downfall of humanity? Mina asked. Yes and her buddies aren't around to stop us. Hisano replied. Who are you talking about? I asked. You will perish to the ashes like that demon in human flesh! Hisano yelled. I started to flinch. Natasha, you can take them out but you have to listen to me. Chikara replied. Alright, you have to say these exact words, "Come forth the blades that protect me, the thorn of the *Midnight Rose! Chikara replied. Alright, whatever you say. Come forth the blades that protect me, come forth the thorn of the Midnight Rose! I yelled. A flash of purple light swirled around me. What is going on, Chikara? I asked. You have activated my power. Chikara replied. When I the swirl of light went away, I dawned a black scarf and a sleeveless midnight rose colored short kimono with long black stockings. I also had dark brown sandals. As soon Hisano attacked me I summoned my sword. I wonder what kind of blade it is? I asked. Chikara, where are you? I asked. I am on your wrist. Chikara replied. A bracelet? I thought. Holy crap this is purple odachi. I replied. Stop admiring the blade and take her out. Mina, don't let her escape. Hisano replied. You don't have to tell me. I replied. I slashed swords with her constantly until I saw two girls appeared.

Stay Tuned for the next chapter!

Chikara means Strength in Japanese. 

Hiroyuki means Widespread happiness in Japanese.

Midnight Rose come in Blue and Purple colors. I chose the Purple ones instead since Natasha's powers are based on darkness. I didn't want to use black rose. It would seem a little dark for her.

Kokuren means Black Lotus. If you read Natasha: What Is True Love Book Two and see the side story, "Jeremy's Back Story" you will see Kokuren again.

Book One Chapter Two: Green Eyed Sorceress and the Fated Encounter Part One

Last time, Natasha was given her powers of the Shadow Dragon or Ira. She began fighting a girl named Mina. They were clashing until two girls appeared.

Why if it isn't Mina and Hisano. Sam replied. Why are you attacking her? Mariah asked. It is none of your concern. Mina replied. We were sent to eradicate this girl. She carries the same blood and appearance of that demon in human flesh. Hisano replied. I am sorry but what the hell is going on? I asked. Well, you see those two are supposed to be after the "Green Eyed Sorceress". She is supposed to bring calamity to all people. Sam replied. I feel that you wouldn't cause any trouble or harm the innocent. Mariah replied.  First off, I just got out of trouble. Why would I bring more trouble? I asked. Don't act self-righteous! Hisano yelled. Hisano charged at me and tried to slash me with her blade. I moved fast enough and slashed her. That girl is pretty fast. Mariah replied. We were clashing and I ducked Hisano's attack and she destroyed an abandoned building with one slash. You are a blemish on the Earth. All you do destroy everything around you. Hisano replied. I kicked her in the stomach. Before you try to insult me, think about who just destroyed a building? I asked. It's just collateral damage. Mina replied. What are you going to blame me for that unjustified? I asked. Hisano leave her alone or else. We won't let you have your way. Sam replied. I admire and respect your tenacity but she started with me and I am about to shut her up. I replied. You are a lone wolf I see. Mariah replied. That's not it. I have been through enough hell for two years. I won't bow down or give in to people. I learned that the easy way. I replied. I took my stance and took my right index and middle finger and slide for the blade. My speed increased and words fluttered into my head and I said, "Lend me your power, Maiden of Destruction, Akumu. My sword became sharper. I ran and slashed Hisano and she flew into the rubble. How powerful are you, Chikara? I asked. Very powerful, that was just a small fraction of my powers. Chikara replied. She took out Hisano so easily. Mariah replied. I told you I will not let that chick have her way. I replied. I shock her blood off the blade. How dare you! Mina yelled. Mariah summoned a bow and Sam summoned a naginata and stopped her in Mina tracks. Hisano had what she had was coming, I don't care if you say she might bring disaster. Sam replied. I don't know why but I am for some reason compelled to believe she would do such a thing. Same for me. Mariah replied. Mina summoned her dagger and slashed Sam. What is up with the sword. Mina kicked Sam in the chest. Why you little. Mariah replied. You shouldn't defile your hands by transforming your bow into its other form. Sam replied. Mariah punched Mina in the face causing her to fly into the rubble too. You are the worst. Sam replied. Well, you said not to defile my hands with my sword. You didn't say I couldn't punch her with my fist. Mariah replied. I do I feel that the white-haired girl uses her fist as her last result? I asked. Yeah, it's either my weapon or my fist. Either works fine, long as I get my job fulfilled. Mariah replied. You are a mess, let's get going. Sam replied. You really need to get that injury checked out. I replied. Don't have to worry about me, my powers heal my body whenever is in pain. The poison with just oozing out my arm. Sam replied. As she said that, I had a freaked out disgusting face. That sounds so disgusting. I replied.  You have no idea if any guy saw that he would freak but luckily no one knows about me as this appearance. Sam replied. Same for me, if any guy saw me as the girl who uses brawn instead of a brain. My status as one the prettiest girls will plummet. Mariah replied. Why do you care about that? Sam asked. Maybe you might not care about your looks but I do. Mariah replied. So you guys are high school students? I asked. Yeah, we are, we go to. Mariah replied. You know what we might just see around one of these days. Mariah replied. Mariah and Sam jumped off the building and disappeared into the night. You know I should get back before my dad freaks. I thought. I left as well jumping into the night as if I was cloaked into its darkness. I saw Hisano and Mina with a group of people. Hey, are you going to let them leave like that? Keenan asked. That girl with that purple odachi is the one you are hunting right? Keenan replied. Don't get any sadistic thoughts of getting our prey. Hisano replied.

That night was the first night, I met the two people that I would fight off the enemy that was coming nearer. We would grow a greater bound than I would ever believe.

Book One Chapter Three: My First Day at School Part One (new)

When I flipped into the window, my transformation disappeared. Chikara that was so amazing and exerting too. I replied. Natasha, I will have to help maintain my power and control it. Chikara replied. That will be amazing. I will take a shower and get change for bed. I replied. I tried to take Chikara’s bracelet. You can’t take me off. Your father failed to tell you didn’t he? Chikara asked. I knew something was sketchy about this gift. I replied. I went into my bathroom and I was cleaned as if my mom cleaned it over the years. I thought. I got into the shower. I finally take a bath where other girls don’t talk about my weight. I replied. As soon as I got out of the shower, I dried off and got dressed in my pajamas. I got into my bed and fell asleep with ease. As I was sleeping my dad came in and kissed my cheek. I heard him say, “You will a great Shadow Dragon as Kaori Higashiyama”. The next morning, my mom shook me up and told me some news I really didn’t want to see and hear. I know you don’t want to see people, but you start school today. Rene replied. Mom, I don’t want to be bothered. I replied. You are not staying home and your sister, India is here. Rene replied. Great, someone I don’t need to be bothered with. I replied. I got out of bed and saw a uniform on it. Mom, that is the uniform from that really prestigious academy, isn’t it? I asked. Why can’t I go to a regular private school? I asked. Your academic grades are why you are in this school. Rene replied. Suck it up and deal with it. You are going to the same school as your sister, India. Rene replied. I will have to see that see her in the hallways. Oh great, I such a lucky girl. I replied with sarcasm. You know you should try being nicer to your sister. Rene replied. Mom, the day that comes the *rapture might be here. I replied. Natasha, could you please stop that. Rene replied. Mom you know I would never do such a thing. I replied. I will believe as you put that uniform on. I will put it one. I replied. I put on the uniform and it felt weird putting on a uniform other than a prison uniform. Mom before you bag on the door, I am dressed. I replied. I walked out my door. You look so adorable in that uniform. Rene replied. As I walked down that steps, I saw India. What is she doing wearing a Fujimoto Academy uniform? India asked. This isn’t any fun for me either. I replied. I had a blank stare on my face. I ate my cereal. I gave my dad a hard angry glared. I am tired of you two at each others throat. Maybe if you two go to school you would get along at least. Jeremy replied. Like hell, I see eye to eye with this spoiled ass brat. I replied. I ate my cereal and drunk my milk. I put my bowl in the sink, walked into the living room, putting my shoes on and outside the door. As I was walking out the door, I saw those two girls walking in front of me. You must Natasha Higashiyama. Sam asked. Yes, how do you know my name? I asked. Natasha, you left your bag! Rene yelled. She threw at me and I caught it. Hi Aunt Rene! Sam yelled. Hey, India are you walking with us? Mariah asked. India walked outside. A very tanned guy with jet black hair and Smoky Topaz colored eyes. He gave me such an intense glare. Hi Keenan, how are you? India asked. Keenan, why are you glaring at her? Sam asked. That girl screams disaster. Keenan replied. I don’t want to be associated or around her. Keenan replied. He and everyone else walked ahead of Sam and Mariah. Don’t let Keenan get to you. He is actually I really nice guy once you get to know him. Sam replied. He screams misfortune himself. I replied. He is deceiving everyone. I replied. As we sped up in front of everyone to the school, a hole in front of the school. Damn, I forgot they about that. Mariah replied. The doors were opened. I am glad I am wearing tights today. I replied. You can’t pull off that jump. Sam replied. There is a forty-five percent change I will make and the other fifty-five percent I will break my legs. I replied. I will never know if I never try. I replied. My mom always told me you always try before you give in to the critics. I replied. I flipped over everyone and landed safely. So they let a criminal inside our school? Aaron asked. Are you trying to ruin our school? James asked. Aren’t you two adorable? What’s wrong with you two talking as if you two know her. Sam replied. If you think that is supposed to make me cry? I am used to being hated. I replied. I had a malicious smile on my face. Why don’t you find a way to get inside. I replied. I walked into the school. I went to that guidance counselor’s office for my schedule. I saw your big jump, that was a bold move, you are a little Rene Martin. Mr. Ishiyama replied. You know my mom? I asked. Your mom was a risk taker and we were classmates. Mr. Ishiyama replied. Here is your schedule. If you are Rene’s daughter, knowing your attitude will break the norms. Mr. Ishiyama replied. My mom told me before that am a free spirit and I can’t be bounded by rules. I will always be different from the others. I replied. As soon as the other students got into the school in another way. Oh Miss Higashiyama, here is a map of the school. Mr. Ishiyama replied. Thank you, sir. I replied. I walked to my first class. I came in and I saw the guy from before. Why are you here? Keenan asked. I’m sorry, the last time I checked, your not my teacher. I replied sarcastically. Now, students, this is Natasha Higashiyama and she will be our classmate. Mrs. Ogawa replied.Tell us about yourself. Well, I love to read, I am a big classical art and music fan and I am really into the martial art. I replied. So is that why you jumped over the whole like a monkey? Keenan asked. The class laughed. You have jokes, well you wouldn’t oblige if I tell some jokes too, right? I asked. I mean it wouldn’t be fair if I let you have all the fun ridiculing people. I replied. I smiled. Now Miss. Higashiyama, you should go to your seat in the back next to Mr. Higashikuni for the rest of the school year. Mrs. Ogawa replied. As she said that the tension in the room became intense.

Stay Tuned for Part Two!

For all those who believe in the Christian Belief. The Rapture is the second coming of Christ. It can be found in 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-17.

Book One Chapter Four: My First My First Day at School Part Two (new)

Last time, Natasha was having her first day at school in years. She encounters Keenan Higashikuni, a guy who seems to have it in for Natasha.

As class went on I felt a weird presence in the air from last night. As classes ended, I ran into Mariah and Sam. Hey you are the new girl, Natasha Higashiyama? Mariah asked. Yes I am, who are you? I asked. I am Mariah Maruya, nice to meet you. Mariah replied. Keenan walked outside the classroom to his next class. Keenan, could you at least try to be nice to her she is your classmate. Mariah replied. We’re classmates nothing more. To be honest, I rather not we speak like we even know each other. Keenan replied. Keenan walked off. Hey who pissed in his Cheerios? I asked. Mariah laughed. I never heard of that saying before. Mariah replied. A friend of mine named Akane would always use that term when people would provoke her. I replied. She sounds funny. Mariah replied. She is, I wish I could see her and her little sister again. I replied. Mariah, where are you? Sam asked. Oh your the girl from this morning who pulled that amazing feature. Sam replied. That’s me in a nutshell. I always break that norms of what people see fit. I replied. As I said that, the presences appeared again but I saw the sky turned dark. The students panicked and I got away. Chikara, what am I seeing right now? I asked. Well, you are witnessing an attack on the school grounds. Chikara replied. Hey don’t get smart with me. I replied. Natasha, you have to take out the source of the problem. Chikara replied. Alright let’s do this, Chikara. I replied. Soon as I transformation I turned into a shadow. I ran outside and saw those two girls again. You two again? I asked. Who could cause something so cruel to happen? Mariah asked. I turned from the corner of my eye a saw a shadow in the distance. I looked again and the shadow moved and tried to attack the water elemental user (Sam). I pushed her out the way. Why did you push me out the way? Sam asked. The mastermind of the scheme is hiding in the shadows. I replied. I looked again and I saw someone come through a ripple and attacked the fire elemental user (Mariah). She grabbed his wrist and swished it. You are stronger than you look. I replied. I can do way more than grab a wrist. Mariah replied. As she pulled him out his portal ripple, he summoned a sword cutting her arm letting him go. As soon as I saw that. I rushed over to see if she was ok. Are you ok? I asked. I am fine but I have seen that power before he did it. Mariah replied. Who is he. As I turned he tried to slit my throat. I summoned my sword and tapped his sword lightly and an intense clash of power came out. His shadow appearance faded. He wore a black cloak. He had hair the color of night and eyes the color indigo. We started clashing swords moving at such an accelerated pace. Is she keeping up with him? Sam asked. It would take at least the both of us to take him on. As I was fighting him, I felt something was off about him. From the distance, I sensed another presence. I never thought he would meet a person who can keep on par with him. Requiem of the Undead King! He (Keenan) yelled. Scatter in the mist, Higanbana! I yelled. That attack carried and knocked out the other guy from earlier. A girl with blonde hair and wearing gothic lolita walks up and snapped her finger. That attack dispersed. I see you inherited the ability to use that hellish blade. Clementine replied. What is it to you? I asked. Another mondrel carrying the bloodline of that cursed woman. Clementine replied. Are you supposed to make me or the other feel inferior to you? I asked. This power bestowed upon me for a reason. I replied. I pointed my sword at her saying, “If you think your words are supposed to oppress me?” ” You have another thing coming, blondie!” Clementine looked in the distance and walked away. She snapped her finger and a portal opened. Acedia Magic, used in this age and time? Chikara thought. Come on boys, we were being watched by a very powerful enemy, she could come out in the distance and attack. Clementine replied. What? He (Keenan)asked. Save you bloodlust for another time. You will fight her soon enough. Clementine replied. From the distance, I sensed a very powerful presence that was masked quite well. The girl wielding that Irian sword is very powerful. Ami replied. She is one hell of an optimist, Natasha Higashiyama. Kaori replied. As the fighting stopped, school let out early from the tremors. The three of us disappeared. We walked away into the crowd and left out the school as everyone else. The three of us met up again. Hey Natasha can we go to your house? Mariah asked. Why? I asked. Well, you seem like your shrouded in mystery and my curiosity is running wild. Mariah replied. Sorry for her. Sam replied. I mean you can come over to my house no big deal. As we walked together, we ran into India and Keenan. What did I tell you? India asked. I didn’t say India or acknowledge your presence. We are going to the same destination. I replied with a blank stare. Wait you are? Keenan asked. I sighed and shook my head. We all walked to my house.

Book One: Chapter Five: Mysteries and Surprises Part One (new)

When India and the others came over to the house, my dad came to the door. Hey dad. I replied. You finally met friends. Jeremy replied. They are my friends and they followed me here. India replied Oh, get over yourself. I replied. Is my mom here? I asked. You just missed her. Jeremy replied. I am in the attic, I will be down in a few minutes. Rene replied. Alright. I replied. Hey Uncle Jeremy. Sam replied. You are related? Keenan asked. You didn’t know, Natasha’s mom is my mom’s older sister. Sam replied. Is something wrong with me being related to Sam? I asked. I am off to my room to change. I replied. As I walked up to my room, I saw the shadow again. I shook my head and opened my bedroom door. As I was changing, I felt an ominous presence in the air and it felt like someone wanting revenge. I thought. Sam came and knocked on my door. As I opened the door, Mariah and Sam were ready to talk. Hey, do you feel a weird presence? Sam asked. Why would you ask me that? I asked. We aren’t stupid. Sam replied. What? I asked. I might look clueless but you are the girl who helped us fight those girls. Mariah replied. If you know then why did you come over? I asked. Well I came to remove suspicion. Mariah came for some of your mom’s cookies. Sam replied. You make me out to seem like I came not to clear up my suspicions as well. Mariah replied. No lie, my mom does make a good batch of Strawberry Tartlets. I replied. Yeah that’s what I came for. Well if you ladies want some I made a big batch of them earlier. Yes, we can eat all the Strawberry Tartlets we want. Mariah replied. As we walked down the stairs, Mariah was happy about the Strawberry Tartlets that were made. You say that but watch when you become fat as hell. Sam replied. How would your brother feel about that? Keenan asked. You are right about that, he might be devastated but that weight gain. India replied. Wow this Aaron guy must be head over heels for Mariah? I thought. My mom walked over behind me. If you are wondering who that is, he is the one who looks a little like Sam but brown hair. Rene replied. Oh so that ass likes her? I replied. A big smile came across my face instantly. As we were eating, I saw a girl who was fighting off a demon with a humanoid form. She flipped in the air and pulled out her hands and said, ” Come to me blade that leaves only darkness!” A sword appeared in her hand in the form of a katana. She then raised her hands with the sword in said, “Cresent Moon Slash!“. What may be distracting you? Rene asked. Mariah and Sam were looking as well.

Little did we know, we will end up in battle with the demon we saw.

Book Chapter Six: Mysteries and Surprises Part Two (new)

Last time, Mariah, Sam and I saw the same thing a girl with long black hair. She looked like a humanoid demon. She was still fighting back and then a girl with white hair came out of nowhere and shot one arrow turning into a million. Hey girls, what got you so distracted? Rene asked. We were lost in thought. I replied. My dad appeared, he was looking as he is drinking his coffee. Hey, what are you looking at as well? Rene asked. Well if I told you would question my explanation. Jeremy replied. Hi Mr. Higashiyama. Keenan replied. Good Afternoon, Keenan. I see you tagged along home with my daughters home today. Wait I thought India was your only daughter? Keenan asked. India is my oldest and Natasha is my youngest daughter. She is a little on the socially awkward side but a really nice girl once you get to know her. Jeremy replied. Soon as I looked again a girl appeared from the water and gliding across it. She then flipped in the air and summoned a naginata and slashed the evil that appeared in front of her. Sam was amazed at what she witnessed. Seriously what are you looking at? Keenan asked. After a flame that looked like a hell blazed from the abyss. It came from a girl with hair white as snow. The enemy came up to her and she took the ribbon from her hair and transformed into a bow. She jumped in the air and shot her arrow that turned into six arrows at once. Mariah was so shocked at what she saw a girl that was pretty but had the power to take down her enemies with beauty. I thought. Oh no, sorry mom we were in such deep in thought at the moment. I replied. Sorry, Aunt Rene. Sam replied. Sorry as well, Aunt Rene. Mariah replied. You girls are fine ok. Rene replied. I am going to my room to get changed. I replied. So it is about to begin, huh? Jeremy replied. Shut up. Kokuren replied. Well if I tell you the truth about the outcome of how would you feel about it? Kokuren asked. I have a feeling thing their fates will all intertwined in some way or a fashion. Jeremy replied. As soon as my dad said that, the sky turned black and the sun turned red as a hell’s flames. Everyone panicked and hide away in the house. I ran into my room to transform. Keenan, Mariah, and Sam ran outside to confirm it. They walked into the house and hide. A man kicked the door. Where are you Jeremy Higashiyama? Abaddon asked. So Abaddon are you after me or her? Jeremy asked. So you know of her whereabouts? Abaddon asked. What if I do? Jeremy asked. The man gripped my dad and all I could do was look at him smiling. As soon as my dad looked at me, he signaled me to get everyone out of the house. Soon as we escaped the house, Keenan disappeared. As I turned around a woman who reminded me of a goddess asked me a question. So you are the descendants of the green-eyed-sorceress? Amphitrite asked. Who are you? I asked. The one who is here to capture you to bring her out. Amphitrite replied. I see you are still after my head, goddess of the sea? Kaori asked. I didn’t see her even there until she materialized. She pointed her sword but her appearance was canny to mine. I thought. I won’t let you touch this girl no matter how angry you are! Kaori yelled.

At that moment, I met my great ancient ancestor and who I am a reincarnation of. The Greatest Shadow Dragon of legend “Kaori Higashiyama”.

Book One: Chapter Seven: Mysteries and Surprises Part Three (new)

Last time, I met my ancient ancestor, Kaori Higashiyama.

Hey are you ok, kid? Kaori asked. Who the hell are you calling kid? I asked. We looked at each other surprised to see what we look like. I don’t know who you are but, right now I need to take care of her. Kaori replied. Do you need help putting her in her place? I asked. How about I might need your help but until I tell you too. Kaori replied. Are you supposed to be taking care of me? Amphitrite asked. Kaori looked at Amphitrite and flashed towards her summoning her sword and slashed her sword. Amphitrite dodged her attack. A void opened up causing a huge crater in the ground. Hey man, you could kill someone using an attack like that! I yelled. I do as I please. Kaori replied. A monster through and through. Amphitrite replied. You can kiss it, you walking fish! Kaori yelled. The two began to clash again. I turned my head and felt that same energy signal from that guy. Chikara do sense that? I asked. Time to make your move. Chikara replied. Come forth the blade that protects me, come forth the thorn of the Midnight Rose! I yelled. What the hell, don’t tell me you are the next Shadow Dragon? Kaori asked. Well, I just got these powers as a form of a welcome home gift you could say. I replied. What the hell why didn’t you say this earlier?! Kaori yelled. You never asked. I replied. That guy appeared again. He was attacking from above. I summoned my sword at an excelled rate it blew him away. He got back up and we started clashing until you saw sparks. Kaori was fighting back and forth with Amphitrite causing sparks and lighting to happen as well. Kaori kicked her in the stomach. We need to leave now. Abaddon replied. Are you serious right? Amphitrite asked. Same for you kid, I don’t care how strong you are. Abaddon replied. I ran over and cut his cheek. You little! Keenan yelled. So she cut your face, I feel you will see her again. Mangestu replied. Whatever. Keenan replied. That voice just now, was who I think? I thought. Get your a** back here! Kaori yelled. Hey, can I ask you a question?  I asked. What do you want? Kaori asked. Are you Kaori Higashiyama, the greatest Shadow Dragon of her generation? I asked. Not the greatest now but that is my name. Kaori replied. Maybe we might meet again but on different terms. Kaori replied. As she smiled at me. I felt a sincere feeling that she meant those words. I thought. She walked away vanishing into ashes from the attacks. Well, I see you have an interesting discovery. She looks and sounds like me. She must be the reason I was brought back to life, huh? Kaori thought. After that Mariah was cornered by a woman named Suzaku. You have the face of that royal. Suzaku replied. I have no clue who you are talking about. Mariah replied. You know exactly, Princess Akurai. Suzaku replied. Suzaku snapped her fingers creating a ring engulfed around Mariah’s neck. As Mariah was gasping for air, she saw two arrows flying. One popped the ring around her neck. Well speaking of the devil, she shows herself. Suzaku replied. A girl with snow white hair appeared with an enraged face. So you are after me you go after a random person. Ami replied. What will happen if I? Suzaku asked. You will always torture girls pretty than you, huh. Ami replied. Mariah stood up.

Suzaku means Vermilion Bird in Japanese.