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The Romance of the Unfortunate Girl


Gabriella Pereira is a sixteen-year-old girl who has moved back to her birthplace, Paris "The City of Love". She moves back with her mother Ghita. She bumps into a handsome guy. To find out it was a Prince! Gabriella is ridiculed given the nice name "Unfortunate Girl".  Will this start her romance in "The City of Love"?


My name is Gabriella Pereira and this is the story of my romance and troubles I face living in Paris. I have support from my family. I also have met new people. As the people say, this is the "City of Love". But enough of me babbling on in this introduction. Let's get to the story...

Chapter 1: The Unfortunate Girl and Prince Charming...

When I went to the airport, my friends and family came to see my mom, Ghita and me. My friends Amore and Valentina came to see me off. Valentina told me "You know I have a feeling living in Paris is a good thing". Why would it be a good thing? I asked. "Well since you aren't used to guys, you might find an attractive one". Amore replied. Whatever I won't fall in love. I don't want to get hurt and left alone. I replied. It's a feeling. When you fall in love. Give juicy details. Amore replied. Shut up. I replied. Soon as I walked to the door my Nonna whispered in my ear and told me something in Italian "You will fall in love. You will meet a young man who will ruff around the edges but you will change him" What are you talking about Nonna? I asked. Have a nice flight. Nonna replied. When the intercom called for Paris flight.

When we were walking down the hallway onto the airplane. Then we went to our seats. As soon as we sat down, I thought about what my Nonna said. Well we are going back to Paris, are you happy? Ghita asked. Mom, you know I have a bad history in Paris. I replied. I know you were ridiculed because of your father. Ghita replied. Yeah, dad is a dog in my eyes for the way you treated you. I replied. You know you can't change a person. Ghita replied. Your grandmother once told me, "Your father was a dog and he was no good for me". Well, you can't change history. Ghita replied. Well, I wouldn't be here if you never met my dad. I replied. Well, Gaby let's relax until we get to reach Charles de Gaulle Airport. When I looked out the plane window, I saw the beautiful scenery of Italy from way up high. As I turned to the other side my mom was sleeping. I might fall in love and it could the right guy. I thought.

It's been one hour and fifteen minutes since we have been on our flight. Passengers we are selling snacks. Flight attendants said. I asked for a water. Twenty-five minutes later the captain told us we are at the airport. Mom, we are at the airport. I said. We are, let's get off? Ghita replied. Don't startle me like that Gaby. Ghita replied.Hey, mom are we calling a cab or something? I asked. No an old friend of mine is going to pick us up. Ghita replied. When went to the airport, we got our luggage. A young man who looked a lot like a girl came and hugged my mom. Hey Jaimie, how have you been? Ghita asked. Been awhile, I see Gaby has grown up a lot. Jaimie replied. Mom who is this guy? He is actually the guy who delivered you. Ghita replied. Are you a doctor? You don't look that old. I replied. You see I am actually three years older than my mom. Jaimie replied. You look like you are a high school student. I replied. No, you see, I made an excuse so I could pick you two up today. I replied. I have never looked my age. Jaimie replied. Come on and head to the car. Jaimie replied.

When our luggage was put in the trunk, my mom and I got in the car. Your stuff and your car at your house. Jaimie replied. Thank you for checking. Ghita replied. Wait does that guy Jaimie have feelings for my mom? I thought. Hey Gaby, you know you were born and raised in Paris. Jaimie replied. Please don't remind of that. I replied. You know coming back here is the best ever. Ghita replied. No more of my Madre getting in my damn business. Ghita replied. To be honest, I don't even want to be bothered Adrien to be honest. Ghita replied. As my mom and Jaimie were talking, Valentina texted me "Hey r u n France yet?" "Yes, and I met the guy who delivered me." I texted back. Is he hot as hell? Valentina texted. "He looks like a high school student." I texted. "Seriously? How old is he?" Valentina asked. "He is two years older than my mom" I texted. Are you texting your friends? Ghita asked. Well, my mom, Valentina was wondering if I got her safely. I replied. That is like her, she is really protective of Gaby. Ghita replied. It is kind of like Jaimie here. Ghita replied. You two are old friends? I asked. We are actually childhood friends. Jaimie replied. Well, Jaimie lived madre and all your Aunt Belle, Caroline, and Inez. Ghita replied. Yeah, my parents gave me up as a child. Jaimie replied. Nonna adopted you, Jaimie? I asked. Yes, she did. Even though I am French, Italian and Venezuelan. Jaimie replied. Didn't you meet your mom once? Ghita asked. Yeah, she's Venezuelan. Jaimie replied. I heard she is really pretty. Ghita replied. Here's a picture of my mom. Wow, she is really pretty. You have her eyes and hair color too. Ghita replied. She lives in France because she loves the city. Jaimie replied. Do you always go see her? Ghita asked. I always come to see her when I get off or the days I have off. Jaimie replied. I think that is really sweet you see your mom. I replied. A few hours later, we were in the city. I saw the Eiffel Tower from the distance. How do you like seeing the Eiffel Tower from the distance? Jaimie asked. It's been years since I have seen the Eiffel Tower. Ghita replied. In at least thirty minutes from now, we will be at your new house. Jaimie replied. We are living in Paris, France "City of Love". Ghita replied. Isn't it ironic mom, you fell in love here and got your heart broken here. I replied. You might fall in love here who knows. Ghita replied. Yeah "might" will be the key term. I replied. You are right "might" is the keyword. Ghita replied.

Thirty minutes later, we were at our new house. This house is bigger and roomier than our house in Venice. Ghita replied. You might be right mom but I need to take a walk. I replied. When I went back outside, I took a walked. When I took a turn around I bumped into someone. Little did I know something bad was going to become of this encounter. I am so sorry are you ok? I ask. You little. Destin replied. That girl knocked Prince Destin down. A random girl said. What I told you I was sorry. I replied. You are a cursed girl. A girl full of calamity. You are an "Unfortunate Girl". My mom walked over to see what the commotion was all about. Who are they calling "Unfortunate Girl"? Oh, I see you met Prince Destin. Ghita replied. You know that guy? I asked. Maybe. Ghita replied. Who is this "Unfortunate Girl" they are speaking of? I feel so sorry for them. Ghita replied. The "Unfortunate Girl" is my mom. I replied. Come on let's get back to the house. Ghita replied. Prince Destin got into the car. Nicole, who is that girl? Destin asked. I have no clue, young master. Nicole replied. Maybe she might know. Nicole. Mom I came back and now I have a nice name and it's a horrible one at that. I replied. Can I go and crawl up in a corner and die now? I asked. Sweetheart isn't that bad now. Think positively, maybe that nickname might go away. Ghita replied. I don't believe that. I replied. While Destin went home, he was feeling really bad about what he said to me. He started asking people who are I? I see you lashed out on a person once again. Charlotte replied. What do you want Charlotte? Destin asked. Well Prince Charming, your little fan club lashed out on that poor girl. She is now labeled as the "Unfortunate Girl". Charlotte replied. Seriously, I didn't even know that she was ridiculed because of that bump into her. Destin replied. You could apologize to her or ignore the situation as usual. Charlotte replied. Lady Charlotte may I ask you a question? Nicole asked. What do you want to ask me, Nicole? Charlotte asked. Can you tell me that girl's name if you see her again? Nicole asked. Sure she looks like she is a high school student like me. Charlotte replied. She might attend my school if her grades are high enough. Charlotte replied. What are you thinking, Nicole? Charlotte asked. I'll persuade him to write a letter to that girl soon as you girl her the name. Nicole replied. What a sneaky woman you are. Charlotte replied.

When I got back home, the neighbors were calling me "Unfortunate Girl" too. Gaby ignores what those people say about you. Ghita replied. Mom, that is kind of hard to do if the nickname is really hurtful. I replied. Well, at least you are not an ugly "Unfortunate Girl". Ghita replied. Mom if that was supposed to comfort me? I asked. I'm trying in some little way to make you feel better. Ghita replied. I am going to sleep, mom. I replied. We will eat the dinner I started earlier. Ghita replied. What did you make mom? I asked. Well, I am making Beef Bourguignonne. Ghita replied. Mom, you are making that? I asked. Yes, I am. Ghita replied. Are you making this because you like that dish? I asked. Maybe I do. Ghita replied. You know mom it is ok if you make it. I replied. I know making that reminds of when your dad was around. Ghita replied. Mom, I really don't care about him. I replied. I know but what will happen if you run into somewhere? Ghita asked. You are right mom. I replied. What would I say to that bastard? I asked myself. Mom, does my dad still live here in France? I asked. Yes, he does. Ghita replied. I have on intentions of dealing with that man either. Ghita replied. Well, the dish is done. Ghita said. Mom, it smells really good. I replied. That is why you are going to be a taste tester. Ghita said with a smile. Mom did the movers put everything in our rooms? I asked. Yes but for some reason, the mover guy would keep hitting on me. Ghita replied. Mom, you always attract guys but you never realized it. I replied. I know I am a single mom but I have no intentions of dating guys anytime soon. Ghita replied. Hey, wait why am I your guinea pig? I asked. I only have you around to try the food. Ghita replied. As soon as I ate that food. I tried to keep the fact that my life was ruined by that snobby guy. 

Chapter 2: The First Day

After I finished eating, my mom started to "try to comfort me". Well, I see you met the young prince. Ghita replied. You know your timing really amazes me, mom. I said as she gave her mom a blank stare. I mean at least you're well known now. Ghita replied. Mom, you are not comforting me in the slightest. I replied. Prince Destin let me help you out. Abrielle asked. Thank you, Abrielle. Destin replied. Destin walked to a car and got in. I want to know her name. Destin asked. I don't know her name. Abrielle replied. Now I am called the "Unfortunate Girl" now. I said. Well, at least you are known for something right? Ghita replied. Mom, you're not helping. I replied. As soon Ghita and I walked back to their new house a letter was on the step. 

Soon as my mom saw the letter, she tried to open the letter but I got it first. What does it say? Ghita asked It is a letter from Prince Destin. Uh, sweetheart, I think that prince is really sorry for his actions. Ghita replied. Can we forget about him? I asked. As the two were eating dinner, Ghita said. "Wow, he really went this far?" Why me? I start school tomorrow too. I replied. What did he say, mom? I asked. He wants you to accept his apology and for you to come to his house so he can formally apologize to you. Ghita replied. Uh what else can go wrong? I asked. Well, I am off to bed. As I went sleeping she was wondering what he was going to say. The next morning, I walked to school she was given evil looks from the girls. Aren't you the girl who pushed down Prince Destin? Kyara asked. It was an accident. I replied. Oh well, you are still the "Unfortunate Girl". Awa replied. I don't need to be treated like this. I replied. I walked on to school with anxiety. I was glared at by the majority of the female student body. Hi, you must the new girl who knocked into Destin? Charlotte asked. Not you too. I replied. Let me guess you got a letter right? Charlotte asked. Yes, how do you know about it? I asked. Meet me after school and I will explain everything. Charlotte replied.

When Gabriella entered the classroom, she was given mean looks. Even as she was introduced herself. "Hi everyone, my name is Gabriella Pereira it is nice to meet you." You hurt Prince Destin. Ava replied. You are just jealous that you never met Prince Destin. Charlotte replied. As if you have ever met him. Ava replied. Yes, I am low life who never met him, right? Charlotte replied sarcastically. Ava and Charlotte stop quarreling. Mrs. Etoile* said. Yes, ma'am. Ava and Charlotte replied. As the school day ended, I ran into she introduces herself. She also told me everything. My name is Charlotte Baudin, nice to meet you. Charlotte replied. That damn idiot. Charlotte replied. You are talking really harshly about him. I replied. Yeah, he is the type of guy who is blunt, ditzy and shy. Charlotte replied. Wow, he sounds adorable. I replied. The prince is my older brother. Charlotte replied. No wonder you are freely talked harshly about him. I replied. Yes, you are right, he lashes out others and never apologizes for his actions. For some reason, he apologized to you? Charlotte asked. I don't know what you did to him, Gaby. Charlotte replied. How about we meet at your house maybe. Charlotte replied. Alright. I replied. Stay Tuned.

*Charlotte's name comes from the French dessert.

*Baudin- It derives from the word Baldo which means "bold, brave" Don't confuse Charlotte's last name with sausage.

Etoile means star in French.

Chapter 3: The Big Apology

On the way home I ran into her mom. Hey mom, did you go to an interview or something? I asked. Yes, and I got the job! Ghita replied. That is great, what is the job? I asked. I am working in the field. Ghita replied. Aren't you a historian mom? I asked. Yes, I am, how was your first day at school? Ghita asked. I was harassed about the whole incident that happened a few days again. I replied. Did you make any friends? Ghita asked. I met a girl named Charlotte Baudin. She said that she would take me to see that prince. I replied. Well, it sounds like that Prince Destin is a shy and bashful. Ghita replied. Why do you say that? I asked. Let's just say I know what I am talking about. Ghita replied. My mom opened the door and ran into Charlotte. Hey Charlotte. I replied. Let me get ready to see Destin? Charlotte asked. Well, let me get dressed. I replied. I will wait in the living room. Charlotte replied. It's been awhile, Charles. Ghita replied. Wait, Arietta? Charlotte replied. Is Adriano here with you? Charlotte asked. No, he is not, it's just me and Gaby. Ghita replied. I ran downstairs. I am ready. I replied. Let's go so you can meet him. Charlotte replied.

I have finally gotten dressed and ready to meet Destin. Charlotte waved goodbye. Bye Arietta. Charlotte replied. Ghita closed the door. So he still lives here? I hope he doesn't want her forgiveness. Ghita mumbled. When Charlotte walked outside a car was waiting for them. Lady Charlotte did you bring the young lady that the young lord asked for? Abrielle replied. Yeah, Abrielle this is her. Charlotte replied. She looks like the spitting image of Arietta. Abrielle replied. I hope he knows. Nicole mumbled. Ma'am is something wrong? Gabriella asked. No, it's just that look like an old friend I met a long time ago. Abrielle replied. Fifteen minutes passed and we are at the mansion. Wow, this place is big and beautiful. Gabriella replied. Hey Destin where are you! I brought Gaby as you asked me! Charlotte yelled. You don't have to be loud and unladylike. Destin replied. I don't want to hear that from the person with no common decency! Charlotte yelled. Can you please not yell, I think you woke someone up. Gabriella replied. Young lady, this isn't abnormal at all. Victoire replied. But they woke you up, ma'am. Gabriella replied. You might be right but that shows how much they love each other. Victoire replied. But ma'am out of curiosity, does he really want to apologize? Gabriella asked. Yes, and he also has another reason but he won't tell me his own mother. Victoire replied. You two need to act your age. Victoire replied. Yes, mom. Destin replied. Alright. Charlotte replied. Wait she called you by your first name? Gabriella asked. She is my stepdaughter. Victoire replied. Hey, apologize as you requested. Charlotte replied. I am really sorry for lashing out at you. Destin replied. I forgive you, Destin. Gabriella said with a smile. Destin blushed. 

Stay Tuned.  

Chapter 4: The Apology Date: Part One

I'd never imagined you out of all people to blush after a girl apologizes. Charlotte replied. Stop teasing Destin. I replied. Hey Gaby what are you doing this weekend? Destin asked. Well since I just moved back here I might go shopping or something, what are you doing? I asked. Hey, Gaby, I know a perfect place you might like to go to. Charlotte replied. Oh, I see. Destin replied. We all can go out together. I replied. Sure we all can go out together. Destin replied.Young master, you have a very angry look on your face. Nicole replied. No, I am calm as ever. Destin replied. Let's go back to your house so you can eat your dinner Arietta made. Charlotte replied. Who is Arietta? I asked. She is a very important person. Charlotte replied. Soon as we got into the car Charlotte had a maniacal grin. I wonder what she is planning? 

Today is Saturday and Charlotte, Destin and I are going out to on a lunch date. When I woke up and she was conflicted about what to wear. Gaby, what are you doing today? Ghita asked. Well, I am going out to lunch with Destin. I replied. That is great but you are not telling me something? Ghita asked. Charlotte is tagging along. I sighed. That girl is like her mother in many ways. Ghita replied. What are you saying? I asked. Charlotte knocked on the door and Ghita let her in. Hey, Gaby are you ready? Charlotte asked. Hi Arietta, I can't believe you moved back? Charlotte replied. I have many reasons I moved back. Ghita replied. Are plotting what am I thinking? Ghita asked. Yes, I going ditch them and leave him alone with her. Charlotte replied. Hey, I am ready now. Gabriella, he is already there. Charlotte replied. Come on. Charlotte replied. As Charlotte and I walked to the car, I asked. Thank you, where is Destin? Wow? Charlotte asked. No that's not it. I replied. Those cheeks tell me something else. Charlotte replied. Lady Charlotte please stop teasing her. Nicole replied. Alright if you say so. Charlotte replied. As Charlotte and I arrived at the outside, Destin turned his head and he blushed. Have you been waiting long? I asked. No, I haven't. Destin replied. Yea I am going shopping on the block over. Charlotte replied. Charlotte has left. What will happen next? 

Stay Tuned.

Chapter 5: The Apology Date: Part Two

When Charlotte left and Destin phone as vibrating. He got a text from Charlotte. "Hey have a good date with Gaby ". That little. Destin replied. Are you ok, Destin? Gabriella asked. I'm fine. Destin replied. Destin phone vibrated again. Start conversation already, it will be dull if not".Charlotte texted. Are you really ok? Gabriella asked. How about we start ordering. Destin replied. The waitress came to our table. Alright, what are you going to order?Inès asked. Is that you Gaby it has been forever. Inès replied.Can I take her real quick? Inès asked. Sure you can talk to her. Destin replied.Is that Prince Destin with you? Inès asked. Inès don't say anything. Gabriella replied. I won't. Inès replied. Is that an old friend of yours? Destin asked. We were next door neighbors. Gabriella replied. I'm Inès and I'll be your waitress today. What do you want to order today? Inès asked. You can buy whatever you want I am buying. Destin replied. I'll order Steak Au Poivre and a glass of water. Gabriella replied. I will have Herb Crusted Chicken. Destin replied. Well, I'm so surprised no one hasn't said anything. Gabriella replied. Let's keep it that way. Destin replied. Well little did they know.

Soon as Destin and Gabriella started eating their food, girls from Charlotte and Gabriella school came in the restaurant. Is that Prince Destin? Awa asked. Is that the girl Gabriella? Ava asked. That is. Awa replied. That is him. Hey isn't that Unfortunate Girl with him? Alanis replied. I am so sorry Gabriella. Destin replied. Destin you don't have to apologize. Gabriella replied. Let's eat our lunch. Gabriella replied. Gabriella, you bent the spoon. Destin replied. I am so sorry I didn't know. Gabriella replied. How about we do something else? Destin asked. Alright. Gabriella replied. Inès? Gabriella asked. I had a feeling this would happen. Inès replied. These are for you two. Inèz replied. Thanks, Inès. Gabriella replied. You owe me, Gabys. Inès replied. Go and follow the path. Inès replied. Alright. Destin replied. As Inès showed them the way Destin was holding Gabriella's hand. As they ran up the stairs they ended up near the stores. Did we end up here? Gabriella asked. What do you want to do? Destin asked. Destin phone vibrated. "How did the date go?" Charlotte asked. People were bothering us. Destin texted. Well take her shopping and go to the bakery. Take her to "Petit Four"* and shopping places go to *Fleur ècarlate and Vraiment Magnifique". "She will act like a little kid who just ate ice cream for the first time.She will be putty in your hands." How about we go to Vraiment Magnifique or Fleur ècarlate? Destin asked. Really I love that stores. Gabriella replied as her eyes sparkled. She was right. Destin replied. Destin and Gabriella went to Vraiment beau first. Gabriella tried on many clothes. She bought one accessory, two dresses, three shirts, and skirts.They walked over to Fleur ècarlate and Gabriella bought three pairs of shoes. Stay Tuned for what happens next...

Some of the French desserts:

These are names I made up out of the blue so

Fleur ècarlate means Scarlet's Blossom
Vraiment Magnifique means Truly Beautiful

Petit Four is a french conventionary small bite-size cakes.  


Chapter 6: The Apology Date: Part Three

Thank you for lunch and now you are taking me to my favorite bakery in Paris. I replied. What do you want to eat? Destin asked. Well, can I have Black and White, Èclair and Paris-Brest? I replied. Wow is that you Destin? Ace asked. Ace what are you doing here? Destin replied. I work here part-time. Ace replied. It's good you have a job. Destin replied. Wow, what a beautiful young woman you have with you. Ace replied. What are you plotting? Destin replied. Well, I am working this weekend. Ace replied. Why are you looking like that? I asked. What are you talking about? Destin replied. You look like you are agitated about something. I replied. What do you mean? Destin asked. It is just a feeling that's all. I replied. I'm sorry if I worried you, Gabriella. Destin replied. Let me pay for the desserts you asked for. Destin replied. Alright. I replied. Destin doesn't seem like an evil person, he is just extremely shy, it's adorable. I thought. As I had that thought of that, I thought it was my imagination. Is that my mom I just saw? I thought. I'm back here you go, Gabriella. Destin replied. Have you felt like we have been watched? I asked. Yeah, it was Charlotte doing it. Destin replied. How could you figure that out? Destin asked. It's fine actually knowing Charlotte, this was planned out from the start. I replied. Well, she was texting me this whole time. Destin replied. I figured. I replied.

Stay Tuned. 


Chapter 7: After the date...

I have nothing against you Destin. I replied. So she doesn't hate me at all? Destin thought. It takes a lot for me to hate someone, alright. I replied. Destin was speechless. I see mister someone is becoming too shy for his own good. Charlotte replied. Don't tease him Charlotte. I replied. How about you finish this off by walking her home. Charlotte replied. Do you want too? I asked. Sure I will. Destin replied. Charlotte texted Destin the directions to my house. Destin picked up her shopping bags. As we were walking to my house, the girls from school were shocked and one of them texted someone from the distance. Hey, do those girls give you a hard time because of earlier this week? Destin asked. Yeah since you apologized, I am not self-conscious about the matter anymore. I replied. When we reached my house, Elizabeth was sitting on her porch. Let me help you put those bags in your house. Destin replied. You know you sound nicer and more polite than the media perceive you. Elizabeth replied. Liz, you can't judge a book by its cover. I replied. Really that is not what you were ranting about earlier this week. Elizabeth replied. That was until he finally apologized to me properly.  I replied. As soon he put everything in the house, I directed him to my room. You know for a girls room, you have a lot maps in here. Destin replied. When I get out high school and go to college I want to major in Geography. I replied. At least you have a plan in life instead of Charlotte. Destin replied. Destin, you can put that in my closet over there. I replied. Am I in a girl's room? How do I talk to her? Destin thought. After that, Destin lost focus for some reason. Hey Destin, watch out for my trunk over there. I replied. Where is it? Destin asked. When Destin turned around he bumped his toe against the trunk. Auh my toe. Destin replied. Destin, please take your shoes off. I asked. Why would I take my shoe off? Destin asked. You could have cut your toe or bruised your toenail. I replied.  When Destin took his shoe off, his toenail turned black. I am so sorry, Destin. I replied. It is fine, you warned me but my mind was somewhere else. Destin replied. Are sure you are fine? I asked. I am fine, Gabriella. Destin replied. Are you sure, I am really concerned? I asked. Soon as I said that my mom appeared out of nowhere asking if something was wrong. What is going on here? Ghita asked. Destin bumped his toe against my trunk. I replied. I told you to move that damn thing. Ghita replied. It's ok, Mrs. Pereira. Destin replied. Oh, Pereira isn't my last name, it's her mother's maiden name.  I am sorry for mixing it up. Destin replied. You are fine, Destin. Ghita replied. Oh ok. Destin replied as he put his head down. Stop that and let me see your toe. Ghita replied. What did he do? Charlotte asked. He bumped his toe against my trunk in the corner. I replied. Oh is that so? Charlotte replied. What are you thinking about? I asked. Oh, nothing. Charlotte replied. Charlotte has come up with some kind of conclusion and I am curious. I thought.

Chapter 8: After the Date Part 1

Last time, Destin offered to walk Gabriella. As they were on the way to her house, she saw girls who gave her trouble for the incident earlier that week.  Then I ran into Elizabeth and she said something that was shocking. Soon as they got into my room Destin stubbed his toe. 

Hey Destin, can I ask you a question? Charlotte asked. What do you want? Destin asked. How do you like being alone with a girl in her room? Charlotte asked. Destin began to blush. I figured as much, let's get you to a hospital to drain the blood from the toenail. Charlotte replied. Soon as Charlotte said that, Abrielle rushed to his aid. Abrielle it was not that serious. This happened because I spaced out when she warning me. Destin replied. Abrielle helped Destin down the stairs. Bye Gabriella, I will tell you everything you want to know tomorrow. Charlotte replied. Alright. I replied. As soon as Charlotte and Destin left, I looked outside my blinds and saw his disappointed face. You know that is actually similar to how I met your father. Ghita replied. Mom, you met my dad by him stubbing his toe? I asked. No sweetheart, one of his jealous friends pushed me down and I tripped over a rail and he caught me and broke his arm. Ghita replied. I would never imagine,  a woman's jealousy caused you to meet my dad? I asked. Encounters happen in many ways. Ghita replied. Let's get off that subject and show me what you bought. Ghita asked. I will show you on one condition. I replied. What is that condition? Ghita asked. You can not wear my clothes. I replied. Name one time I have worn your clothes any occasion? Ghita asked. A few weeks ago you wore my ruby red strapless dress to a cocktail party. I replied.  What? Ghita asked. It saying "Ghita, you know you want to wear me?" Ghita replied. As my mom was telling me this story I was just giving her a blank stare. Mom well I didn't buy anything. Destin bought me everything from lunch to my clothes. I replied. He's his father's son. Ghita thought. I want to see what he bought you. Ghita replied.  I bought two dresses, three shirts and skirts from Vraiment Beau. Next? Ghita asked. I went Fluer ecarlate and bought three pairs of shoes. I replied. Did he buy all that for you? Ghita asked. You know mom I am not used to a man spending money on me. I replied. I know but I have a feeling that will eventually change. Ghita replied. Mom, what are talking about? I asked. You will figure out on your own. Ghita replied. What did he get you for lunch? Ghita asked. Steak Au Poivre. I replied. Gaby you know that is really rich food you were eating right? Ghita asked. I know he said, "You can buy whatever you want, I am buying". Gaby, he was buying so you shouldn't be self-conscious. Ghita replied. That is not the problem. I replied. What will be the problem? Ghita asked. The girls from my class will harass me. I feel it coming. I replied. As soon as we were discussing the matter, I received a text from Charlotte. Destin is fine but he feels a little guilty about those girls harassing you. I texted her back saying, "I kno it is coming but your brother is a really sweet guy" Charlotte texted back saying "He is but is a little self-conscious about his surroundings. Today was the first time he interacted with a female other than the suiters our father picked out for him." I texted back saying "I think he kind of at ease around me." Charlotte texted back  saying "That's not just it, you are the first girl who isn't money hungry." I texted back saying "I wasn't raised that way." Charlotte texted back saying "Finally he has met a girl with morals and standards". I texted back "Come on you don't have to think that highly of me". After that, Charlotte ended the conversation saying, "Well I see Mr. Grumpy Pants is coming over. How about we talk more about this a school on Monday." I texted back saying "We can do that. Bye. "