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The Romance of the Unfortunate Girl


Gabriella Pereira is a sixteen-year-old girl who has moved back to her birthplace, Paris "The City of Love". She moves back with her mother Ghita. She bumps into a handsome guy. To find out it was a Prince! Gabriella is ridiculed given the nice name "Unfortunate Girl".  Will this start her romance in "The City of Love"?


My name is Gabriella Pereira and this is the story of my romance and troubles I face living in Paris. I have support from my family. I also have met new people. As the people say, this is the "City of Love". But enough of me babbling on in this introduction. Let's get to the story...

Chapter 1: The Unfortunate Girl and Prince Charming...

When I went to the airport, my friends and family came to see my mom, Ghita and me. My friends Amore and Valentina came to see me off. Valentina told me "You know I have a feeling living in Paris is a good thing". Why would it be a good thing? I asked. "Well since you aren't used to guys, you might find an attractive one". Amore replied. Whatever I won't fall in love. I don't want to get hurt and left alone. I replied. It's a feeling. When you fall in love. Give juicy details. Amore replied. Shut up. I replied. Soon as I walked to the door my Nonna whispered in my ear and told me something in Italian "You will fall in love. You will meet a young man who will ruff around the edges but you will change him" What are you talking about Nonna? I asked. Have a nice flight. Nonna replied. When the intercom called for Paris flight.

When we were walking down the hallway onto the airplane. Then we went to our seats. As soon as we sat down, I thought about what my Nonna said. Well we are going back to Paris, are you happy? Ghita asked. Mom, you know I have a bad history in Paris. I replied. I know you were ridiculed because of your father. Ghita replied. Yeah, dad is a dog in my eyes for the way you treated you. I replied. You know you can't change a person. Ghita replied. Your grandmother once told me, "Your father was a dog and he was no good for me". Well, you can't change history. Ghita replied. Well, I wouldn't be here if you never met my dad. I replied. Well, Gaby let's relax until we get to reach Charles de Gaulle Airport. When I looked out the plane window, I saw the beautiful scenery of Italy from way up high. As I turned to the other side my mom was sleeping. I might fall in love and it could the right guy. I thought.

It's been one hour and fifteen minutes since we have been on our flight. Passengers we are selling snacks. Flight attendants said. I asked for a water. Twenty-five minutes later the captain told us we are at the airport. Mom, we are at the airport. I said. We are, let's get off? Ghita replied. Don't startle me like that Gaby. Ghita replied.Hey, mom are we calling a cab or something? I asked. No an old friend of mine is going to pick us up. Ghita replied. When went to the airport, we got our luggage. A young man who looked a lot like a girl came and hugged my mom. Hey Jaimie, how have you been? Ghita asked. Been awhile, I see Gaby has grown up a lot. Jaimie replied. Mom who is this guy? He is actually the guy who delivered you. Ghita replied. Are you a doctor? You don't look that old. I replied. You see I am actually three years older than my mom. Jaimie replied. You look like you are a high school student. I replied. No, you see, I made an excuse so I could pick you two up today. I replied. I have never looked my age. Jaimie replied. Come on and head to the car. Jaimie replied.

When our luggage was put in the trunk, my mom and I got in the car. Your stuff and your car at your house. Jaimie replied. Thank you for checking. Ghita replied. Wait does that guy Jaimie have feelings for my mom? I thought. Hey Gaby, you know you were born and raised in Paris. Jaimie replied. Please don't remind of that. I replied. You know coming back here is the best ever. Ghita replied. No more of my Madre getting in my damn business. Ghita replied. To be honest, I don't even want to be bothered Adrien to be honest. Ghita replied. As my mom and Jaimie were talking, Valentina texted me "Hey r u n France yet?" "Yes, and I met the guy who delivered me." I texted back. Is he hot as hell? Valentina texted. "He looks like a high school student." I texted. "Seriously? How old is he?" Valentina asked. "He is two years older than my mom" I texted. Are you texting your friends? Ghita asked. Well, my mom, Valentina was wondering if I got her safely. I replied. That is like her, she is really protective of Gaby. Ghita replied. It is kind of like Jaimie here. Ghita replied. You two are old friends? I asked. We are actually childhood friends. Jaimie replied. Well, Jaimie lived madre and all your Aunt Belle, Caroline, and Inez. Ghita replied. Yeah, my parents gave me up as a child. Jaimie replied. Nonna adopted you, Jaimie? I asked. Yes, she did. Even though I am French, Italian and Venezuelan. Jaimie replied. Didn't you meet your mom once? Ghita asked. Yeah, she's Venezuelan. Jaimie replied. I heard she is really pretty. Ghita replied. Here's a picture of my mom. Wow, she is really pretty. You have her eyes and hair color too. Ghita replied. She lives in France because she loves the city. Jaimie replied. Do you always go see her? Ghita asked. I always come to see her when I get off or the days I have off. Jaimie replied. I think that is really sweet you see your mom. I replied. A few hours later, we were in the city. I saw the Eiffel Tower from the distance. How do you like seeing the Eiffel Tower from the distance? Jaimie asked. It's been years since I have seen the Eiffel Tower. Ghita replied. In at least thirty minutes from now, we will be at your new house. Jaimie replied. We are living in Paris, France "City of Love". Ghita replied. Isn't it ironic mom, you fell in love here and got your heart broken here. I replied. You might fall in love here who knows. Ghita replied. Yeah "might" will be the key term. I replied. You are right "might" is the keyword. Ghita replied.

Thirty minutes later, we were at our new house. This house is bigger and roomier than our house in Venice. Ghita replied. You might be right mom but I need to take a walk. I replied. When I went back outside, I took a walked. When I took a turn around I bumped into someone. Little did I know something bad was going to become of this encounter. I am so sorry are you ok? I ask. You little. Destin replied. That girl knocked Prince Destin down. A random girl said. What I told you I was sorry. I replied. You are a cursed girl. A girl full of calamity. You are an "Unfortunate Girl". My mom walked over to see what the commotion was all about. Who are they calling "Unfortunate Girl"? Oh, I see you met Prince Destin. Ghita replied. You know that guy? I asked. Maybe. Ghita replied. Who is this "Unfortunate Girl" they are speaking of? I feel so sorry for them. Ghita replied. The "Unfortunate Girl" is my mom. I replied. Come on let's get back to the house. Ghita replied. Prince Destin got into the car. Nicole, who is that girl? Destin asked. I have no clue, young master. Nicole replied. Maybe she might know. Nicole. Mom I came back and now I have a nice name and it's a horrible one at that. I replied. Can I go and crawl up in a corner and die now? I asked. Sweetheart isn't that bad now. Think positively, maybe that nickname might go away. Ghita replied. I don't believe that. I replied. While Destin went home, he was feeling really bad about what he said to me. He started asking people who are I? I see you lashed out on a person once again. Charlotte replied. What do you want Charlotte? Destin asked. Well Prince Charming, your little fan club lashed out on that poor girl. She is now labeled as the "Unfortunate Girl". Charlotte replied. Seriously, I didn't even know that she was ridiculed because of that bump into her. Destin replied. You could apologize to her or ignore the situation as usual. Charlotte replied. Lady Charlotte may I ask you a question? Nicole asked. What do you want to ask me, Nicole? Charlotte asked. Can you tell me that girl's name if you see her again? Nicole asked. Sure she looks like she is a high school student like me. Charlotte replied. She might attend my school if her grades are high enough. Charlotte replied. What are you thinking, Nicole? Charlotte asked. I'll persuade him to write a letter to that girl soon as you girl her the name. Nicole replied. What a sneaky woman you are. Charlotte replied.

When I got back home, the neighbors were calling me "Unfortunate Girl" too. Gaby ignores what those people say about you. Ghita replied. Mom, that is kind of hard to do if the nickname is really hurtful. I replied. Well, at least you are not an ugly "Unfortunate Girl". Ghita replied. Mom if that was supposed to comfort me? I asked. I'm trying in some little way to make you feel better. Ghita replied. I am going to sleep, mom. I replied. We will eat the dinner I started earlier. Ghita replied. What did you make mom? I asked. Well, I am making Beef Bourguignonne. Ghita replied. Mom, you are making that? I asked. Yes, I am. Ghita replied. Are you making this because you like that dish? I asked. Maybe I do. Ghita replied. You know mom it is ok if you make it. I replied. I know making that reminds of when your dad was around. Ghita replied. Mom, I really don't care about him. I replied. I know but what will happen if you run into somewhere? Ghita asked. You are right mom. I replied. What would I say to that bastard? I asked myself. Mom, does my dad still live here in France? I asked. Yes, he does. Ghita replied. I have on intentions of dealing with that man either. Ghita replied. Well, the dish is done. Ghita said. Mom, it smells really good. I replied. That is why you are going to be a taste tester. Ghita said with a smile. Mom did the movers put everything in our rooms? I asked. Yes but for some reason, the mover guy would keep hitting on me. Ghita replied. Mom, you always attract guys but you never realized it. I replied. I know I am a single mom but I have no intentions of dating guys anytime soon. Ghita replied. Hey, wait why am I your guinea pig? I asked. I only have you around to try the food. Ghita replied. As soon as I ate that food. I tried to keep the fact that my life was ruined by that snobby guy. 

Chapter 2: The First Day

After I finished eating, my mom started to "try to comfort me". Well, I see you met the young prince. Ghita replied. You know your timing really amazes me, mom. I said as she gave her mom a blank stare. I mean at least you're well known now. Ghita replied. Mom, you are not comforting me in the slightest. I replied. Prince Destin let me help you out. Abrielle asked. Thank you, Abrielle. Destin replied. Destin walked to a car and got in. I want to know her name. Destin asked. I don't know her name. Abrielle replied. Now I am called the "Unfortunate Girl" now. I said. Well, at least you are known for something right? Ghita replied. Mom, you're not helping. I replied. As soon Ghita and I walked back to their new house a letter was on the step. 

Soon as my mom saw the letter, she tried to open the letter but I got it first. What does it say? Ghita asked It is a letter from Prince Destin. Uh, sweetheart, I think that prince is really sorry for his actions. Ghita replied. Can we forget about him? I asked. As the two were eating dinner, Ghita said. "Wow, he really went this far?" Why me? I start school tomorrow too. I replied. What did he say, mom? I asked. He wants you to accept his apology and for you to come to his house so he can formally apologize to you. Ghita replied. Uh what else can go wrong? I asked. Well, I am off to bed. As I went sleeping she was wondering what he was going to say. The next morning, I walked to school she was given evil looks from the girls. Aren't you the girl who pushed down Prince Destin? Kyara asked. It was an accident. I replied. Oh well, you are still the "Unfortunate Girl". Awa replied. I don't need to be treated like this. I replied. I walked on to school with anxiety. I was glared at by the majority of the female student body. Hi, you must the new girl who knocked into Destin? Charlotte asked. Not you too. I replied. Let me guess you got a letter right? Charlotte asked. Yes, how do you know about it? I asked. Meet me after school and I will explain everything. Charlotte replied.

When Gabriella entered the classroom, she was given mean looks. Even as she was introduced herself. "Hi everyone, my name is Gabriella Pereira it is nice to meet you." You hurt Prince Destin. Ava replied. You are just jealous that you never met Prince Destin. Charlotte replied. As if you have ever met him. Ava replied. Yes, I am low life who never met him, right? Charlotte replied sarcastically. Ava and Charlotte stop quarreling. Mrs. Etoile* said. Yes, ma'am. Ava and Charlotte replied. As the school day ended, I ran into she introduces herself. She also told me everything. My name is Charlotte Baudin, nice to meet you. Charlotte replied. That damn idiot. Charlotte replied. You are talking really harshly about him. I replied. Yeah, he is the type of guy who is blunt, ditzy and shy. Charlotte replied. Wow, he sounds adorable. I replied. The prince is my older brother. Charlotte replied. No wonder you are freely talked harshly about him. I replied. Yes, you are right, he lashes out others and never apologizes for his actions. For some reason, he apologized to you? Charlotte asked. I don't know what you did to him, Gaby. Charlotte replied. How about we meet at your house maybe. Charlotte replied. Alright. I replied. Stay Tuned.

*Charlotte's name comes from the French dessert.

*Baudin- It derives from the word Baldo which means "bold, brave" Don't confuse Charlotte's last name with sausage.

Etoile means star in French.

Chapter 3: The Big Apology

On the way home I ran into her mom. Hey mom, did you go to an interview or something? I asked. Yes, and I got the job! Ghita replied. That is great, what is the job? I asked. I am working in the field. Ghita replied. Aren't you a historian mom? I asked. Yes, I am, how was your first day at school? Ghita asked. I was harassed about the whole incident that happened a few days again. I replied. Did you make any friends? Ghita asked. I met a girl named Charlotte Baudin. She said that she would take me to see that prince. I replied. Well, it sounds like that Prince Destin is a shy and bashful. Ghita replied. Why do you say that? I asked. Let's just say I know what I am talking about. Ghita replied. My mom opened the door and ran into Charlotte. Hey Charlotte. I replied. Let me get ready to see Destin? Charlotte asked. Well, let me get dressed. I replied. I will wait in the living room. Charlotte replied. It's been awhile, Charles. Ghita replied. Wait, Arietta? Charlotte replied. Is Adriano here with you? Charlotte asked. No, he is not, it's just me and Gaby. Ghita replied. I ran downstairs. I am ready. I replied. Let's go so you can meet him. Charlotte replied.

I have finally gotten dressed and ready to meet Destin. Charlotte waved goodbye. Bye Arietta. Charlotte replied. Ghita closed the door. So he still lives here? I hope he doesn't want her forgiveness. Ghita mumbled. When Charlotte walked outside a car was waiting for them. Lady Charlotte did you bring the young lady that the young lord asked for? Abrielle replied. Yeah, Abrielle this is her. Charlotte replied. She looks like the spitting image of Arietta. Abrielle replied. I hope he knows. Nicole mumbled. Ma'am is something wrong? Gabriella asked. No, it's just that look like an old friend I met a long time ago. Abrielle replied. Fifteen minutes passed and we are at the mansion. Wow, this place is big and beautiful. Gabriella replied. Hey Destin where are you! I brought Gaby as you asked me! Charlotte yelled. You don't have to be loud and unladylike. Destin replied. I don't want to hear that from the person with no common decency! Charlotte yelled. Can you please not yell, I think you woke someone up. Gabriella replied. Young lady, this isn't abnormal at all. Victoire replied. But they woke you up, ma'am. Gabriella replied. You might be right but that shows how much they love each other. Victoire replied. But ma'am out of curiosity, does he really want to apologize? Gabriella asked. Yes, and he also has another reason but he won't tell me his own mother. Victoire replied. You two need to act your age. Victoire replied. Yes, mom. Destin replied. Alright. Charlotte replied. Wait she called you by your first name? Gabriella asked. She is my stepdaughter. Victoire replied. Hey, apologize as you requested. Charlotte replied. I am really sorry for lashing out at you. Destin replied. I forgive you, Destin. Gabriella said with a smile. Destin blushed. 

Stay Tuned.  

Chapter 4: The Apology Date: Part One

I'd never imagined you out of all people to blush after a girl apologizes. Charlotte replied. Stop teasing Destin. I replied. Hey Gaby what are you doing this weekend? Destin asked. Well since I just moved back here I might go shopping or something, what are you doing? I asked. Hey, Gaby, I know a perfect place you might like to go to. Charlotte replied. Oh, I see. Destin replied. We all can go out together. I replied. Sure we all can go out together. Destin replied.Young master, you have a very angry look on your face. Nicole replied. No, I am calm as ever. Destin replied. Let's go back to your house so you can eat your dinner Arietta made. Charlotte replied. Who is Arietta? I asked. She is a very important person. Charlotte replied. Soon as we got into the car Charlotte had a maniacal grin. I wonder what she is planning? 

Today is Saturday and Charlotte, Destin and I are going out to on a lunch date. When I woke up and she was conflicted about what to wear. Gaby, what are you doing today? Ghita asked. Well, I am going out to lunch with Destin. I replied. That is great but you are not telling me something? Ghita asked. Charlotte is tagging along. I sighed. That girl is like her mother in many ways. Ghita replied. What are you saying? I asked. Charlotte knocked on the door and Ghita let her in. Hey, Gaby are you ready? Charlotte asked. Hi Arietta, I can't believe you moved back? Charlotte replied. I have many reasons I moved back. Ghita replied. Are plotting what am I thinking? Ghita asked. Yes, I going ditch them and leave him alone with her. Charlotte replied. Hey, I am ready now. Gabriella, he is already there. Charlotte replied. Come on. Charlotte replied. As Charlotte and I walked to the car, I asked. Thank you, where is Destin? Wow? Charlotte asked. No that's not it. I replied. Those cheeks tell me something else. Charlotte replied. Lady Charlotte please stop teasing her. Nicole replied. Alright if you say so. Charlotte replied. As Charlotte and I arrived at the outside, Destin turned his head and he blushed. Have you been waiting long? I asked. No, I haven't. Destin replied. Yea I am going shopping on the block over. Charlotte replied. Charlotte has left. What will happen next? 

Stay Tuned.

Chapter 5: The Apology Date: Part Two

When Charlotte left and Destin phone as vibrating. He got a text from Charlotte. "Hey have a good date with Gaby ". That little. Destin replied. Are you ok, Destin? Gabriella asked. I'm fine. Destin replied. Destin phone vibrated again. Start conversation already, it will be dull if not".Charlotte texted. Are you really ok? Gabriella asked. How about we start ordering. Destin replied. The waitress came to our table. Alright, what are you going to order?Inès asked. Is that you Gaby it has been forever. Inès replied.Can I take her real quick? Inès asked. Sure you can talk to her. Destin replied.Is that Prince Destin with you? Inès asked. Inès don't say anything. Gabriella replied. I won't. Inès replied. Is that an old friend of yours? Destin asked. We were next door neighbors. Gabriella replied. I'm Inès and I'll be your waitress today. What do you want to order today? Inès asked. You can buy whatever you want I am buying. Destin replied. I'll order Steak Au Poivre and a glass of water. Gabriella replied. I will have Herb Crusted Chicken. Destin replied. Well, I'm so surprised no one hasn't said anything. Gabriella replied. Let's keep it that way. Destin replied. Well little did they know.

Soon as Destin and Gabriella started eating their food, girls from Charlotte and Gabriella school came in the restaurant. Is that Prince Destin? Awa asked. Is that the girl Gabriella? Ava asked. That is. Awa replied. That is him. Hey isn't that Unfortunate Girl with him? Alanis replied. I am so sorry Gabriella. Destin replied. Destin you don't have to apologize. Gabriella replied. Let's eat our lunch. Gabriella replied. Gabriella, you bent the spoon. Destin replied. I am so sorry I didn't know. Gabriella replied. How about we do something else? Destin asked. Alright. Gabriella replied. Inès? Gabriella asked. I had a feeling this would happen. Inès replied. These are for you two. Inèz replied. Thanks, Inès. Gabriella replied. You owe me, Gabys. Inès replied. Go and follow the path. Inès replied. Alright. Destin replied. As Inès showed them the way Destin was holding Gabriella's hand. As they ran up the stairs they ended up near the stores. Did we end up here? Gabriella asked. What do you want to do? Destin asked. Destin phone vibrated. "How did the date go?" Charlotte asked. People were bothering us. Destin texted. Well take her shopping and go to the bakery. Take her to "Petit Four"* and shopping places go to *Fleur ècarlate and Vraiment Magnifique". "She will act like a little kid who just ate ice cream for the first time.She will be putty in your hands." How about we go to Vraiment Magnifique or Fleur ècarlate? Destin asked. Really I love that stores. Gabriella replied as her eyes sparkled. She was right. Destin replied. Destin and Gabriella went to Vraiment beau first. Gabriella tried on many clothes. She bought one accessory, two dresses, three shirts, and skirts.They walked over to Fleur ècarlate and Gabriella bought three pairs of shoes. Stay Tuned for what happens next...

Some of the French desserts:

These are names I made up out of the blue so

Fleur ècarlate means Scarlet's Blossom
Vraiment Magnifique means Truly Beautiful

Petit Four is a french conventionary small bite-size cakes.  


Chapter 6: The Apology Date: Part Three

Thank you for lunch and now you are taking me to my favorite bakery in Paris. I replied. What do you want to eat? Destin asked. Well, can I have Black and White, Èclair and Paris-Brest? I replied. Wow is that you Destin? Ace asked. Ace what are you doing here? Destin replied. I work here part-time. Ace replied. It's good you have a job. Destin replied. Wow, what a beautiful young woman you have with you. Ace replied. What are you plotting? Destin replied. Well, I am working this weekend. Ace replied. Why are you looking like that? I asked. What are you talking about? Destin replied. You look like you are agitated about something. I replied. What do you mean? Destin asked. It is just a feeling that's all. I replied. I'm sorry if I worried you, Gabriella. Destin replied. Let me pay for the desserts you asked for. Destin replied. Alright. I replied. Destin doesn't seem like an evil person, he is just extremely shy, it's adorable. I thought. As I had that thought of that, I thought it was my imagination. Is that my mom I just saw? I thought. I'm back here you go, Gabriella. Destin replied. Have you felt like we have been watched? I asked. Yeah, it was Charlotte doing it. Destin replied. How could you figure that out? Destin asked. It's fine actually knowing Charlotte, this was planned out from the start. I replied. Well, she was texting me this whole time. Destin replied. I figured. I replied.

Stay Tuned. 


Chapter 7: After the date...

I have nothing against you Destin. I replied. So she doesn't hate me at all? Destin thought. It takes a lot for me to hate someone, alright. I replied. Destin was speechless. I see mister someone is becoming too shy for his own good. Charlotte replied. Don't tease him Charlotte. I replied. How about you finish this off by walking her home. Charlotte replied. Do you want too? I asked. Sure I will. Destin replied. Charlotte texted Destin the directions to my house. Destin picked up her shopping bags. As we were walking to my house, the girls from school were shocked and one of them texted someone from the distance. Hey, do those girls give you a hard time because of earlier this week? Destin asked. Yeah since you apologized, I am not self-conscious about the matter anymore. I replied. When we reached my house, Elizabeth was sitting on her porch. Let me help you put those bags in your house. Destin replied. You know you sound nicer and more polite than the media perceive you. Elizabeth replied. Liz, you can't judge a book by its cover. I replied. Really that is not what you were ranting about earlier this week. Elizabeth replied. That was until he finally apologized to me properly.  I replied. As soon he put everything in the house, I directed him to my room. You know for a girls room, you have a lot maps in here. Destin replied. When I get out high school and go to college I want to major in Geography. I replied. At least you have a plan in life instead of Charlotte. Destin replied. Destin, you can put that in my closet over there. I replied. Am I in a girl's room? How do I talk to her? Destin thought. After that, Destin lost focus for some reason. Hey Destin, watch out for my trunk over there. I replied. Where is it? Destin asked. When Destin turned around he bumped his toe against the trunk. Auh my toe. Destin replied. Destin, please take your shoes off. I asked. Why would I take my shoe off? Destin asked. You could have cut your toe or bruised your toenail. I replied.  When Destin took his shoe off, his toenail turned black. I am so sorry, Destin. I replied. It is fine, you warned me but my mind was somewhere else. Destin replied. Are sure you are fine? I asked. I am fine, Gabriella. Destin replied. Are you sure, I am really concerned? I asked. Soon as I said that my mom appeared out of nowhere asking if something was wrong. What is going on here? Ghita asked. Destin bumped his toe against my trunk. I replied. I told you to move that damn thing. Ghita replied. It's ok, Mrs. Pereira. Destin replied. Oh, Pereira isn't my last name, it's her mother's maiden name.  I am sorry for mixing it up. Destin replied. You are fine, Destin. Ghita replied. Oh ok. Destin replied as he put his head down. Stop that and let me see your toe. Ghita replied. What did he do? Charlotte asked. He bumped his toe against my trunk in the corner. I replied. Oh is that so? Charlotte replied. What are you thinking about? I asked. Oh, nothing. Charlotte replied. Charlotte has come up with some kind of conclusion and I am curious. I thought.

Chapter 8: After the Date Part 1

Last time, Destin offered to walk Gabriella. As they were on the way to her house, she saw girls who gave her trouble for the incident earlier that week.  Then I ran into Elizabeth and she said something that was shocking. Soon as they got into my room Destin stubbed his toe. 

Hey Destin, can I ask you a question? Charlotte asked. What do you want? Destin asked. How do you like being alone with a girl in her room? Charlotte asked. Destin began to blush. I figured as much, let's get you to a hospital to drain the blood from the toenail. Charlotte replied. Soon as Charlotte said that, Abrielle rushed to his aid. Abrielle it was not that serious. This happened because I spaced out when she warning me. Destin replied. Abrielle helped Destin down the stairs. Bye Gabriella, I will tell you everything you want to know tomorrow. Charlotte replied. Alright. I replied. As soon as Charlotte and Destin left, I looked outside my blinds and saw his disappointed face. You know that is actually similar to how I met your father. Ghita replied. Mom, you met my dad by him stubbing his toe? I asked. No sweetheart, one of his jealous friends pushed me down and I tripped over a rail and he caught me and broke his arm. Ghita replied. I would never imagine,  a woman's jealousy caused you to meet my dad? I asked. Encounters happen in many ways. Ghita replied. Let's get off that subject and show me what you bought. Ghita asked. I will show you on one condition. I replied. What is that condition? Ghita asked. You can not wear my clothes. I replied. Name one time I have worn your clothes any occasion? Ghita asked. A few weeks ago you wore my ruby red strapless dress to a cocktail party. I replied.  What? Ghita asked. It saying "Ghita, you know you want to wear me?" Ghita replied. As my mom was telling me this story I was just giving her a blank stare. Mom well I didn't buy anything. Destin bought me everything from lunch to my clothes. I replied. He's his father's son. Ghita thought. I want to see what he bought you. Ghita replied.  I bought two dresses, three shirts and skirts from Vraiment Beau. Next? Ghita asked. I went Fluer ecarlate and bought three pairs of shoes. I replied. Did he buy all that for you? Ghita asked. You know mom I am not used to a man spending money on me. I replied. I know but I have a feeling that will eventually change. Ghita replied. Mom, what are talking about? I asked. You will figure out on your own. Ghita replied. What did he get you for lunch? Ghita asked. Steak Au Poivre. I replied. Gaby you know that is really rich food you were eating right? Ghita asked. I know he said, "You can buy whatever you want, I am buying". Gaby, he was buying so you shouldn't be self-conscious. Ghita replied. That is not the problem. I replied. What will be the problem? Ghita asked. The girls from my class will harass me. I feel it coming. I replied. As soon as we were discussing the matter, I received a text from Charlotte. Destin is fine but he feels a little guilty about those girls harassing you. I texted her back saying, "I kno it is coming but your brother is a really sweet guy" Charlotte texted back saying "He is but is a little self-conscious about his surroundings. Today was the first time he interacted with a female other than the suiters our father picked out for him." I texted back saying "I think he kind of at ease around me." Charlotte texted back  saying "That's not just it, you are the first girl who isn't money hungry." I texted back saying "I wasn't raised that way." Charlotte texted back saying "Finally he has met a girl with morals and standards". I texted back "Come on you don't have to think that highly of me". After that, Charlotte ended the conversation saying, "Well I see Mr. Grumpy Pants is coming over. How about we talk more about this a school on Monday." I texted back saying "We can do that. Bye. " 

Chapter 9: That Night and Monday Morning

That night, my mom was reading a book or on her iPad. When I saw her she looked like she was hiding something from me.

Hey mom, can you tell you what you are doing? I asked. Hey Gaby, what is keeping you up? Ghita asked. What are you looking at? I asked. Well, you see the press were spying on you and now that saying there is a scandal. Ghita replied. Why me? I replied. I shake my head trying to wrap my head around the journalist words in the article. I thought. Sweetheart how about you read the article. Ghita replied. As I read the article, I was a little surprised by the wording they used. Mom, it says I was “ensnared” by the Prince. I replied. Mom, I would never be ensnared by anyone. I replied. Don’t say such things. You will be surprised at what can happen next. Sweetheart, you are beautiful like me. So you could have ensnared him with your beauty. Ghita replied. Mom, did you ensnare my dad with your looks? I asked. You can say I did but let’s get that man out of you though right now. Ghita replied. Mom, I am a victim of the publisher’s false news. I replied. Just think of it like this. Ghita replied. No matter how hard you try, you will never be forgiven?” Ghita replied. Great mom, I need reassurance, not more doubts. I replied. You know you need to calm down. Ghita replied. It will be blown over by Monday. Ghita replied.

At first, I thought my mom was telling the truth until on the way to school, I encountered the girls from my first day were gunning for me again. What do they have against me? I thought. Gaby, what is wrong with you? Charlotte asked. Those girls are gunning for me again. I replied. So those girls are jealous that my brother took you out? Charlotte asked. You know that he really got out his shell around you last Saturday. Charlotte replied. Hey Baudin, why are you hanging with the new girl? Amy asked. Well one, Gaby is a nice person other than you. You are just a jealous snobby girl who will never get anywhere in life but picking on others. Charlotte replied. You know you really don’t have to stand up for me. I replied. In this case yes, my brother messed up but now since you forgiven him he has no guilty conscience anymore. Charlotte replied. The bell rang. Hey, we need to get to class before the teacher won’t let us in. I replied.

Chapter 10: Monday Morning

That night, my mom was reading a book or on her iPad. When I saw her she looked like she was hiding something from me.

Hey mom, can you tell you what you are doing? I asked. Hey Gaby, what is keeping you up? Ghita asked. What are you looking at? I asked. Well, you see the press were spying on you and now that saying there is a scandal. Ghita replied. Why me? I replied. I shake my head trying to wrap my head around the journalist words in the article. I thought. Sweetheart how about you read the article. Ghita replied. As I read the article, I was a little surprised by the wording they used. Mom, it says I was “ensnared” by the Prince. I replied. Mom, I would never be ensnared by anyone. I replied. Don’t say such things. You will be surprised at what can happen next. Sweetheart, you are beautiful like me. So you could have ensnared him with your beauty. Ghita replied. Mom, did you ensnare my dad with your looks? I asked. You can say I did but let’s get that man out of you though right now. Ghita replied. Mom, I am a victim of the publisher’s false news. I replied. Just think of it like this. Ghita replied. No matter how hard you try, you will never be forgiven?” Ghita replied. Great mom, I need reassurance, not more doubts. I replied. You know you need to calm down. Ghita replied. It will be blown over by Monday. Ghita replied.

At first, I thought my mom was telling the truth until on the way to school, I encountered the girls from my first day were gunning for me again. What do they have against me? I thought. Gaby, what is wrong with you? Charlotte asked. Those girls are gunning for me again. I replied. So those girls are jealous that my brother took you out? Charlotte asked. You know that he really got out his shell around you last Saturday. Charlotte replied. Hey Baudin, why are you hanging with the new girl? Amy asked. Well one, Gaby is a nice person other than you. You are just a jealous snobby girl who will never get anywhere in life but picking on others. Charlotte replied. You know you really don’t have to stand up for me. I replied. In this case yes, my brother messed up but now since you forgiven him he has no guilty conscience anymore. Charlotte replied. The bell rang. Hey, we need to get to class before the teacher won’t let us in. I replied.

Chapter 11: Monday Afternoon Part One

When school let out, Charlotte and I went to my house. 

As I was coming in the house, I heard my mom talking to someone. Mom, I am home! I yelled. Gaby your home, I need you to do something for me. Ghita asked. What could you possibly want from me, mom? I asked. Your good with colors right, Gaby? Ghita asked. Mom is conflicted on what shade of pink or purple too but on your nails? I asked. No, it is blues and greens this time around. Ghita replied. Well, the one on the right is aquamarine. The middle on is royal blue and the left color is my Aquarius Wave that you stole from my room. I replied. Mom don't go through my nail polish box without my permission. Those three are all my nail polish! I replied. Serious you have different shades like this? Charlotte asked. Yeah, I love painting my nails so I collected many over the years. I replied. Well, let me drop my book bag off at home and be on our way. I replied. Hey, where are you going? Ghita asked. Let me guess, you are going to see Destin again? Ghita asked. Yes, we are. Charlotte replied. Yes, we are mom. I replied.  As I said that I was getting so nervous. You are really crazy going to see him, today. Ghita replied. What do you mean by crazy? Charlotte asked. I feel a certain man will be coming around there today. Ghita replied. Mom, can you please stop talking as if calamity will come upon me. I replied. When I dropped my book bag. I walked out to the car and got in with Charlotte. As I got in the car I saw my mom on the phone again. Hey, who could my mom be talking about?  I asked. Well, only men who would arrive is Alexandre and Hadrien Moreno. Charlotte replied. They are really nice men. Charlotte replied.  I would love to meet them. I replied.When they reached the house, a man with hair the color of dusty blonde and olive green eyes came out the house and greeted everyone. Hey Charlotte, who is your friend? Alexandre asked. My name is Gabriella Pereira, it is nice to meet you. I replied. Hey Destin, how are you? I asked. I am doing great, how are you? I asked. I've been better. I replied. Hey Hadrien, I need you to come out here. Alexandre replied. What is going on here? Hadrien asked. You mean to tell me you forgot about that woman from Italy sixteen years ago? Alexandre asked. Yeah, I remember, Ghita Pereira was her name. Hadrien replied. That girl looks sounds like her. Alexandre replied. She even shares the same last name as well. Alexandre replied. Let me guess, he forgot about the Italian girl he dated and had a kid with sixteen years ago? Victoire asked. You know you should talk to her. Victoire replied. So what do you guys want to do for today? Destin asked. Well, how about you buy us Strawberry Charlotte's and iced sugar cookies. Charlotte replied. Alright, but whose plan was this to ask for these? Destin asked. I know Charlotte just has a craving for sweets as usual. Destin asked. Well, Charlotte told me about a bakery near your home. I replied. Sure how about we go now. Destin replied. Well, he changed his tune. Charlotte replied. How about you two go by yourself. Charlotte replied. Oh ok, if that's ok with you? I asked. Yes, I am ok with that. Destin replied. As soon as I started walking with Destin a man walked down the stairs and looked at me as he knew me. Are you coming? Destin asked. Yes. I replied. She looks just like Ghita from sixteen years ago. Hadrien thought. Is something on my face, sir? I asked. Hadrien shakes his head. No she couldn't be. Hadrien replied. As I walked off, I felt he knows something? I thought. As I walked down the driveway we walked out to the sidewalk and Destin asked me a question. Hey Gaby, do you know Hadrien Moreno? Destin asked. No why do you ask? I asked. So he is. Destin replied. We will be there is five minutes. Destin replied. What do we talk about I am afraid I might say the wrong thing. Destin thought. As soon as Destin looked as if he was freaking out again. My phone went off in my purse. I took my phone out of my purse. It's your sister, Charlotte. I replied.  Hey, Gaby, can you hand your phone over to the nervous wreck. Charlotte asked. Sure. I replied. I handed over my phone to him. Here you go Destin. I replied.  Why are you so nervous? Charlotte asked. Well I have no clue. Destin replied. Well let Hadrien give you advice. Charlotte replied. Like hell I would take advice from the guy who has children by two different woman. Destin replied. I mean if he could land two different woman for some guys that's an accomplishment. Charlotte replied. That is not an accomplishment, that shows how much he loved woman of his taste. Destin replied. Well you are talking to *Don Juan anyways. Who are you calling Don Juan? Hadrien asked. Well take her out like you are doing and buy her what you said and Charlotte asked for too. Hadrien replied. You know you should tell her before she finds out on her own. Destin replied. You don't have to tell me twice. Hadrien replied. Do what she asked of you and you will be fine. Hadrien replied. Wait what are you talking about? Destin asked. It seems like they hung up. I replied. As they saw the stop sign, they saw the bakery.

Don Juan is a fictional character who was a womanizer. Charlotte is comparing Hadrien to him because for some reason he has done some playboyery over the years it seems.

Chapter 12: Monday Afternoon Part Two

Last time, Charlotte sent up a date for me and Destin to go out with each other. Also the man I met a few minutes ago. He seemed like he knew me.

Were here. Destin replied. As soon as he opened the door a young man greeted us. Welcome to our lovely bakery/cafe! Yanis replied. Oh, it's just you. Yanis replied. Nice hospitality. Destin replied. Don't be rude to our customers. Julie replied. Yanis rushed over to me. Who is this lovely flower you brought with you? Yanis asked.Thank you, my name is Gabriella Pereira. I replied. Beautiful as your name. Yanis replied. No offense but you bought a girl here by yourself other than that bold sister of yours? Yanis asked. She was going to come but she bailed so I'm buying that vicious red-head some strawberry charlottes. Destin replied. You are so nice buying food for your sister. Julie replied. I really think that is really sweet of you. I replied.  As the man from behind the counter looked at me.  His face was flabbergasted. Is there something wrong with you sir? I asked.Young lady, you look a lot like an employee of mine from sixteen years ago. She was an Italian girl who wanted to see the world place at a time. She came from Italy to see Paris with her own two eyes. Liam replied. By the way, you are describing this girl. Must her name be Ghita Pereira? I asked. Yes, that was her name she was very diligent. She was willing to work. Liam replied. I do remember my mom told me about her adventures in Paris and how she met my dad as well. I replied. That man... Liam replied. Other than what would you like to order? Liam asked. Can I have six sugar cookies, please? I asked. A box of Strawberry Charlottes for an annoying red-head.  Destin replied. You and your sister get along so well. Julie replied. Whatever. Destin replied. Oh, I will buy myself. I replied. I told you on the way here would buy for you. Destin replied. Alright, I really hate when people buy me stuff. I replied. You are your mother's child alright. She has the mentality of not being in debt to anyone. You know you two really get along. To be honest I am an only child so I have no clue how it feels. I replied. Well, she has two sisters and one brother but I can't tell her that. Destin thought. Your order is ready.  Julie replied. Thank you, sir. I replied. Also, can you tell your mother, Liam said hi my little workaholic. Liam replied. I will, bye. I replied. As we were walking out the door, we walked straight back to the house. So you look like you two had a good time. Charlotte replied. So where is my stuff? Charlotte asked. Why aren't you rude as hell. Destin replied. Thank you, Destin. How does that sound?  Charlotte asked. There was no sincerity behind that whole sentence just now. Destin replied. Here you go, Gabriella. Destin replied. Thank you. I replied. So I see you took my advice? Hadrien asked. Leave me along Don Juan. Destin replied. Oh my gosh, why would call him that? I asked. He has was dating two women at the same time. He broke it off with one of them. Not knowing he had a child with one of them. Destin replied. As my mom always says. When a guy cheats on a woman and never take cares child they create. You have no right or even worth to call yourself human. I replied. Well, that is what my mom says about my dad. In another interpretation, it means you reap what you so. I replied. Your mom seems a little dark. Destin replied. She can be at times but she means well. I replied. Well, I really should get going before my mom gets worried. I replied. As soon as I walked to the driveway, my mom appeared. You know I told you. The man that looked at me. Ghita? Hadrien replied. As my mom looked at him, I saw an intense glare she gave him. I can tell my mom hated. I wonder why? I thought. 

Little did I know that I would find out the truth behind their relationship it would hurt me as well.

Chapter 13: Monday Afternoon Part Three

Last time, I got back from the bakery with Destin. My mom came up to Destin's house looking for me. Soon as she got outside the car, she saw that man that was looking at me.

Ghita, what are you going in Paris? Hadrien asked. Last time I checked your not my dad. Ghita replied. I see you're angry as ever. Hadrien replied. My mom was still giving him an intense glare. Mom, do you know this man? I asked. Why do you tell her how we know each other Hadrien? No nevermind you would think you were too good to be in your presence. Ghita replied. Ghita wait. Hadrien replied. Mom? I asked. How about when you get home I can tell you the truth or he can tell you himself. Ghita replied. Hey, you should tell her or your thinking about the quote she reiterated earlier to everyone out loud? Alexandre asked. That quote sounded so familiar. I can't do it. Hadrien replied. Now that I think about it, my mom would speak blasphemy upon the name Hadrien Le Roux whenever he is on TV. I replied.  She would say stuff like, "I hope he reaps what he so" or  "I hope he gets ED or a vasectomy". She would go on a rant in anger. I didn't know what ED or a vasectomy was until I took nursing courses at my last school. I replied. I mean you did screw her over by throwing that responsibility on her. I would wish all those things on you too. Victorie replied. I mean you did knock her up. Alexandre replied.  A woman walked outside. Why don't you tell her that you are her father? Aline replied. Aline. Hadrien replied. I thought I would ever see you Ghita. Aline replied. Ghita glared at the both of them. I mean I would give you that death glare too if you backstabbed your friend in the back and the one who cheated on her with the backstabbing best friend. Alexandre replied. I remember her face when she found out. She was hurt and full of hatred towards the both you ever since. Alexandre replied. Aline, you can't erase how she feels towards you. Victoire replied. Let me guess, Hadrien Le Roux is my father. I figured it out since my mother doesn't have olive colored eyes or caramel colored hair like mine. I replied. I was so disappointed when I found out who my father was. I remember on TV it said he had three children. I thought. I see why my mom thought the way she did. I replied. Gabriella. Hadrien replied. I glared at him with such intense hatred rushing through me. Gabriella, I know you are angry. You have every right to be. Hadrien replied. Hey Destin can I go home? I have had enough negativity for one day. I replied. One of the butlers drove me home. Ms. Gabriella, your father. Colombe replied. Gabriella, don't get angry. Having an angry face it doesn't fit you. Colombe replied. Thank you for trying to cheer me up. I replied. As I reached home. My mom came to the door. When she opened the door she came to hug me. Thank you, Colombe. Ghita replied. No problem, I told him to tell her but not just not now. It could affect her learning process in school. Colombe replied. As my mom was hugged me, all I could do is cry for the anger and frustration I was feeling. At Destin's house, a young man walked outside. Hey, dad who was that girl? Asce asked.

Stay Tuned.

Chapter 14: Monday Night and Tuesday Morning

Last time, I found out Hadrien Le Roux is my father. It hurt me in more ways than one. After I got inside the house, I ate my dinner and locked myself in my room for the rest of the night.

Gaby unlock your door,  I know you are angry but I have my reasons. Ghita replied.  Mom, why did we really move back here? I asked. We moved here because I wanted you to see where you were born and I got an opportunity to work at the Louvre. Ghita replied. Oh, I thought that you did this to get vengeance towards him. I replied. Ghita walked into my room and sat on the bed. I bet you think you I came here to ruin your father's career in many ways in one? Ghita asked. Well yeah, that is what I thought it was. I replied. I could have ruined his life but I have a little bit of heart, Gaby. Ghita replied. I know that mom. I smell a Tiramisu. I replied. I figured this would cheer you up. I felt something bad was about to happen to you. Ghita replied. Well mom you know me better than anyone else. I replied. As she was talking to me, I sat up and ate the Tiramisu and I felt better all of a sudden. I took a shower after that and fell asleep.

When Tuesday morning came, my mom shook me up. Wake up Gaby! Ghita yelled. Mom I am up.  I walked over to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. I then put on my uniform and shoes on. When I walked downstairs Charlotte was waiting for me. Hey Charlotte, how are you? I asked. You know yesterday wasn't planned to happen like that. I didn't know you were Don Juan's other child he kept a secret. Charlotte replied. My mom walked down the stairs laughing. So they still call him that huh? Ghita asked. Wait you know why they call him Don Juan? Charlotte asked. Yes, after all, I called him that because he cheated on me, damn womanizer. Ghita replied. I mean you are right about that. Also, Destin felt bad about yesterday's events so he bought you these earlier this morning. Charlotte replied. What are they? I asked. You ladies really should discuss this later. You will miss the bus to school. Ghita replied. You are right. I replied. We ran out the house and on to the bus. We got on the bus in one piece. Charlotte replied. You are right about that. I replied. We sat down and the bus came to an erupt stop. Who could be stopping the bus? I thought. Oh my gosh, that Asce Le Roux? Claire asked. Charlotte looked out the window. Why is he coming on here out of all times of the day? Charlotte asked. Hey, do you know that guy, Charlotte? I asked. Remember the whole sleeping with two friends at the same time. He is Aline's son with your Don Juan of a father. Charlotte replied. Hey Charlotte, what are you doing on the bus couldn't have mmmm. Asce replied. Hey, come on Asce come and sit in front of us. Charlotte replied. Alright. Asce replied. Oh, you walked off before I got to introduce myself, I am Asce Le Roux and it's nice to meet you. Asce replied. Well I am Gabriella Pereira and you can call me Gaby if you like. I replied. Sure nice to meet you, Gaby. Asce replied. Hey, why didn't you have Deline take you anywhere other than public transportation? We are going to be later than ever before. Charlotte replied. Chill redhead, my father thought I should go to public school and be around people and I also want to meet my sister. I feel bad about how my dad treated her and her mother. Asce replied.

After that incident of the famous guy taking the bus, things started going crazier ever since.

Chapter 15: Tuesday Morning Part One

This morning was crazy, Asce LeRoux came on our bus going to school. I wonder who his sister is, I hope she is a sweet person. I thought. 

So your going to our school today? Charlotte asked. Yes, my dad told me that this is a co-ed school. Asce replied. Charlotte don't be rude, he seems very enthusiastic about going to school for the first time. I replied. Well he has been enrolled in this school, never showed up in person actually. Charlotte replied. My dad has a tendency of keeping tabs on me because I like to sneak out to see the outside world. Asce replied. He would say "You are a LeRoux start acting like one". Sounds a lot like your father, Hadrien. Charlotte replied. Your father sounds like he cares a little too much for you. My mom is like that with me but she knows her boundaries. I replied. How is your mom? Charlotte asked. She is doing fine finally getting used to her job at the *Louvre. I replied. Your mom works in what exhibit? Asce asked. I believe the Renaissance Exhibit. I replied. Really, how about we visit the Louvre after school today? I asked. Let's go. Asce replied. Look what you have done. Charlotte replied. You might not believe it but he is a big history freak. Charlotte replied. That isn't a bad thing. I love history too. I use to visit famous places in Rome with my Great Uncle during the Summer since he was a tour guide. I replied. Wait didn't you transfer from Venice? Charlotte asked. Yes, I live in the city. Well going on the boats was really fun.  I loved going to visit my Aunt Chiara during the New's Year's Day and Carnevale. I replied. I have been to a few countries but I always wanted to go to Italy too during Lent and New Years. Asce replied. Maybe one day you can go back. Well knowing my mom she will plan to take off from work beforehand.  I replied. Yeah, that sounds like your mom. Charlotte replied. Our stop is coming up. I replied. As soon as the bus stopped, we got off the bus and walked to school. Girls were raving over Asce. I knew I should have taken the car but, I always do. Asce replied. You want to interact with human beings other than Charlotte, Destin, and other familiar faces? I asked. See you met me today. I replied. Asce smiled. Soon as they got into the school girls were raving over him again. As soon as we entered the class, people were asking for his autograph. Why don't you all leave him alone? Charlotte asked. You are jealous that he is talking to us instead of you.  Liz replied. I see Charlotte a lot, she and I are childhood friends. Asce replied. Wait you know her? asked. Yeah, she might be a little blunt every once in a while but she means well. Asce replied. You don't have to justify that they are pestering you, Asce. Charlotte replied with a blank stare. Hey, stop taking all the girls from us. Gus replied. I am sorry, I didn't try too. Asce replied. Know your place newbie. Gus replied. Hey, knock it off Gus before I put you out on front street. Charlotte replied. We don't fear you Red. Gus replied. Charlotte glared at Gus and his friends and they turned way in fear. Charlotte, you didn't have to give him that blunt glare your mom usually gives your dad and mine. Asce replied. I can see why is called the blunt glare. I replied. Class, here is your classmate, Asce LeRoux. He has finally shown up to class in person. Mrs. Etolie replied.  It is very nice to meet all of you. Asce replied. Why don't you sit behind, Gabriela? Mrs. Etolie replied. Yes, ma'am, I will go back there. Asce replied. Soon as class began I felt a sudden tension in front of me and from the other side of the class. It felt like daggers. I thought. Maybe when lunch comes things might cool down, I hope. I replied.

Stay Tuned.

Chapter 16: Tuesday Morning Part Two & Lunch

Earlier I felt the hatred of all the people around me because I was around Asce LeRoux. I felt like as if I am supposed to know him for some strange reason. 

Hey, Gaby, it's lunchtime. Charlotte replied. Oh hey, where do you guys want to eat today? Asce asked. Asce what are you having in mind? Charlotte asked. You know how overprotective my dad is.  Asce replied. You are right. Charlotte replied. Wait you will share your food with us? I asked. Sure, I would but I feel so bad that the classmates mistreat you for being by me. You have it bad. First, Destin screwed you up now I have. Asce replied. Wait you know Destin too? I asked. Yeah, he was so depressed in a sense about what he did. He would ask "How do I fix this?" and "I know you will hate me." Asce replied. Yeah sounds like him. Charlotte replied. He is a big softie who never left home like me. So he is not used to really interacting with people other than his close friends and family. Asce replied. When I found out about the "Unfortunate Girl", I thought you were a fangirl of his. Asce replied. No I was just walking down the street and I bumped into him and he nearly threaten me and it scared me.  I replied. So they called you "Unfortunate Girl" after that? Asce asked. Being called that doesn't really phase as much as it did in the news.  I replied. As soon as we were walking outside Asce was being followed. Why are these people following us? I asked. Charlotte asked.  Charlotte looked back and glared at them and they ran. Charlotte you just looked at them. I replied. What, I was just looking back, what did I do? Charlotte asked. Is she more intimidating than that? I asked. You have no clue. Asce replied. Hey, no offense but are your bodyguards are all over this area? I asked. Yup, his father really was against this going to school thing. Charlotte replied. You should know after all it was your mom who told him to do it. Asce replied. That sounds like her, very bluntly to boot. Charlotte replied. Hey, let's eat the food from that maid running over to us. I replied. Here you go Lady Charlotte and Master Asce. Riley replied. Everyone walked over to see what the came to give Asce. Riley, I am at school so kick the Lady title off. Charlotte whispered. I'm sorry, I will not do it again. Riley replied. Calm down, you didn't mean it. Charlotte replied. I know but your father. Riley replied. So what does he want? You know I will talk to him later. Charlotte replied. Hey, are you doing alright, Charlotte? I asked. Yeah, my dad is being a big pain as usual. Charlotte replied. He still wants you to be on his leash like how he has Destin in one? Asce asked. I don't want o even think about that annoying man. Charlotte replied. Well after school we can talk about it later. I replied. Right now let's eat. Asce replied.  We walked over to one of the tables and sat down. Asce opened the box. We saw a plate of Beef bourguignon, Coq au vin,  a box of ten strawberry charlottes and two cheese hamburgers with fries.Hey, I am curious about who is eating what? I asked. I am not a big Beef bourguignon fan so you can it, Gaby. Asce replied. I haven't had this since my first day back. I replied. I know you wouldn't eat Coq au vin or the Strawberry Charlotte so leaving the cheeseburgers and fries to you. Charlotte replied. Please and thank you. Asce replied. As we ate lunch girls were glaring again. Why don't you like this food it's really good and partially healthy with other than the Charlotte cake our loveable red-head is eating. I replied. I eat like this on a daily day basis so trying to break out of it. I really don't get to pig out on cheeseburgers any junk food actually. Asce replied.  As we were talking about the food, an idea sparked. How about one day on Summer Break, we all go on a trip to Italy to Venice and then take a train to Rome to go on a tour of Italy? I asked. Wait you can do that? Asce replied. I have always wanted to see Italy. Charlotte replied. I would love that. Asce replied. As we were eating we talked and laughed. I am still curious about who his sister is? I thought. Charlotte broke out of her foul mood towards her father. I thought. I wonder why she hates him s much? Well, that's none of my business so I will keep it at that. I thought. The bell was about to ring is fifteen minutes so we might as well eat before the next bell rings. 

Chapter 17: Tuesday After School & Night

Since school has ended for the day, Asce, Charlotte and I walked to the bus stop.

Thank God, no one recognized you. I replied. Yeah, I don't need what happened this morning to happen again. Charlotte replied. Charlotte and I sat in the seat behind Asce. As we were on the bus we were laughing and talked about our crazy day. Hey is it me or are we being watched? I asked. You are right. Charlotte replied. I think it is a stalker who want to take pictures of you. Charlotte replied. Well, I hope not. Asce replied. When they got off the bus. They were close to my apartment. As soon as we walked up the stairs, I opened the door. Mom, I am home. I replied. My mom rushed down the stairs yelling my name. Gaby, I need a favor of you. Ghita replied. Yes mom, what do you want? I asked. Can you zip up my dress in the back? Ghita asked. Mom, what is the occasion? I asked. I was invited to a fancy dinner tonight. Ghita replied. You must be Aline son, aren't you? Ghita asked. Yes, do you know my mom? Asce asked. You could say that. Ghita replied. You look just like your father when I met him over sixteen years ago. Ghita replied. Mom do you really know his mom? I asked. I really should head on home, my parents are going to think someone stole me. Asce replied. As Asce said that, Aline appeared outside of the door. Who is banging on the door like that? Ghita asked. Well, let me see who it is. I replied. I opened the door and a woman who looked so worried. Asce, you can't just go off somewhere and not call. Aline replied. Luckily, Charlotte texted me where you were. Aline replied. It's been awhile, Aline. Ghita replied. I felt a tension in the air that scared Asce, Charlotte and I. Hey mom, do you guys know each other? I asked. Let's just say, she and I have a history. Ghita replied. A history that we can never forget or regret. Aline replied. Hey mom, let's go. Asce replied. Bye Gaby. Asce replied. I might as well go because it will be a sure flyway to go home. Charlotte replied. Bye, you guys. I replied. As they left I saw hatred burn in her eyes. I have never seen my mom with that much intense hatred she gave off. Well, I will be off, I have a date. Ghita replied. Well, the party awaits. Ghita replied. My mom opened the door and man appeared. He looked familiar to the same guy from Destin's house. Well, I see you are beautiful as ever. Alexandre replied. Are you trying to flatter me? Ghita asked. As I saw my mom smiling, all I could think about is what is her relationship with Asce mother, Aline?

Stay Tuned.

Chapter 18: Tuesday Night

Later that night, when my mom returned I had so many questions to ask. As my mom got into the door. She complained about her feet were killing her. Good night, Ghita. Alexandre replied. Good night Alexandre and we will not speak of the incidents that conspired. Ghita replied. You are too much, Ghita. Alexandre replied. I'm wondering about tonight now? I thought. She was still smiling as she was before. I could just ruin the vibe of her night. I thought. Gaby, you look like you are curious about something? Ghita asked. Mom, how do you know Asce mother, Aline? I asked. Well to be straight-forward with you, Aline and I loved your father more than anything. Little did I know he was cheating on her with me. We were supposed to be friends but she was seeing him behind my back. She had an evil look on her face as if she knew everything from the start. Ghita replied. As soon as I found out he was holding Asce in his arms. He told me to never say I have associated myself with him. Ghita replied. I told you that your father was a heartless man. I meant what I said. Ghita replied. Is that why you moved back home? I asked. Yes, I didn't need a man mistreating me or making me feel as if I need him to survive. Ghita replied. Knowing after tonight, that father and his mother are going through a guilt trip. Ghita replied. As the night seemed full of drama and excitement, I was wondering if my father and his wife were really reaping what they so? I thought. I wonder how Asce will take the truth? Conflicted or Confused?

At Asce's house, Asce was watching the ball on TV. Hey mom and dad, how was the ball? Asce asked. Oh well, it was interesting. Hadrien replied. Mommy, I don't feel good. Alice replied. Aline touched Alice's forehead. You have a fever. Aline replied. Alexandre sitting in the living room in the recliner chair. Your father and mother's ball was a little caught off guard because of the beautiful mysterious date I brought to the Ball this year. You know tonight wouldn't have been as awkward if you two had never betrayed her. Alexandre replied. I know this will be the talk of the town and week. Alexandre replied. Uncle Alexandre, what did my dad do in the past? Asce asked. Why not ask that man himself? Alexandre asked. The people who knew about his relationship with her will not let him live tonight down. Alexandre replied. You planned this out, didn't you? Hadrien asked. No, it was last minute. I thought the beautiful single mother I know works herself nearly to bone needed a break and a fun night on the town. Alexandre replied. You know for a very beautiful woman, she has become bitter. Alexandre replied. Well, let me go home before I crash here by mistake. Alexandre replied. Alexandre got up and walked to the door and put on his shoes. I hope you two have a lovely rest of the night. Alexandre replied. Alexandre got into his car and drove off. What is he hiding? Aline asked. I know that guy better than anyone, he planned this. Hadrien replied. Why would he plot to ruin your life like that? Aline asked. She knew what he was planning and went along with it. Hadrien replied. He once told me, "You will always reap what you so, you never know how it will be concocted..." I am slowly reaping what I so. Hadrien replied. Asce is looking curious to what sin his father committed?

Stay Tuned.

Chapter 19: Wednesday Morning & Afternoon

It was Wednesday morning. As usual, I was struggling to get out of bed. I was scrambling around getting downstairs. This time was different. Asce and Charlotte were waiting downstairs. Wow, are you always like this? Asce asked. No, not usually. I replied. Well, let's rush to the bus stop. Charlotte replied. We ran fast as we could and we made it. Alright, can put on your hood like I told you to do earlier Charlotte replied. You want me to be mistaken as a thief? Asce asked. That might be harsh but if she has your best interest at heart. I replied. You really mean that Gaby? Asce asked. Yeah even though it might be cruel in many ways than one, alright. I replied. Stop babying him, Gaby. Charlotte replied. I would never do such a thing. I replied. As we got on the bus, people avoided Asce for once since they didn't know it was him. As I looked at him it seemed like he was troubled about something. I thought. Hey is something wrong with you? I asked. Oh, his mom and dad got a rude awakening at the ball last night. His friend's date was shocking. This is going to be in the fresh gossip all around. Charlotte replied. Soon as we were talking about this we were at school. When we got off the bus I was curious if this had to deal with my mom. I thought. Can you go more into detail about this? I asked. How about after school. He is already going to be on the gossip headliner as we speak. Charlotte replied. As we got into school girls were gossiping about last night's ball. What are you girls gossiping about now? I asked. Why should it concern you? Ava asked. Just let me see. I replied with a blank stare. As I saw the headliner it said "LeRoux Scandal", I was shocked without words. Charlotte saw my eyes and wanted to see what was up with me. Charlotte saw the headliner. Many people have warned that dummy about his actions. Don Juan is just reaping what he sows for the past action he committed over sixteen years ago. Charlotte replied. Asce, I can answer the questions you always wanted to know about who your sister is or ask your old man instead. Charlotte replied. What does he have to hide? Asce thought. Charlotte, you need to calm down. I replied. That man is more secretive than my father and that is saying something. Charlotte replied. Your father is really secretive. Asce replied. I never met your father. I replied. Well let's just keep it that way, I barely get to see him. I have to make a reservation just to see him. Charlotte replied. Charlotte. I replied. I feel so sorry for her. I thought. As class began, all day I was curious to know what Charlotte had to tell us. I thought. I saw Asce face again. He seemed like he was confused and didn't know what to do. I want to help but I don't want to get involved. I thought. As the bell rang, Charlotte and I waited on  Asce. When we found him, Asce was troubled in the face about what he might find out. After school, Charlotte went into detail about what happened. Gaby's mom was Alexandre's date. She is your dad's ex who he had cheated on her with your mom, Aline. Charlotte replied. It would be awkward seeing your ex you hurt badly plus the backstabbing so-called best friend after all this time. Charlotte replied. As they were walking to the bus stop, Hadrien drove up and saw Asce, Charlotte and I. How about I take you guys home? Hadrien asked. Dad? Asce asked. Let's get inside the car before the media sees him. Charlotte replied. Gabriella, I will take you home first. Hadrien replied. Alright. I replied. When he stopped at my apartment, I got out the car and said,"Bye Asce and Charlotte". Bye girl, I will talk to you tonight. Charlotte replied. As my mom saw Hadrien he was shocked to see her. I wonder if Charlotte's story is actually true? I have to wait until tonight.

Stay Tuned.

Chapter 20: Wednesday Night

As I did my homework, I was so curious about what Charlotte had to tell me. As I was walking in the parking lot, my mother gave off such an intense glare at Hadrien. I am now really curious about what my mom's connection to him. I thought. As I finished my homework, my mom called me down to eat dinner. As we ate together, I asked her a question. Hey, mom do you and Hadrien Le Roux know each other personally? If you want to say it like that then yes. That man ruined my life. Ghita replied. He knows what he did and hearing that I came back here makes him more afraid and self-conscious than ever. My mom evil smirk on her face. How did he ruin your life mom?  I asked. Do you really want to know that? Ghita asked. Yes mom, you never hate someone without a reason. I replied. Well, he and his wife are just thinking about what they did to me over sixteen years ago. The guilt must be killing them inside. I wouldn't be surprised if that man comes here to try to apologize to me one of these days. Ghita replied. Hey, mom is someone banging on the door. I replied.  You know we have neighbors, so stop bagging like that. Ghita replied. Speaking of the devil. Ghita replied. My mom walked to the door. So is that guilty conscious of yours coming to haunt you and the wife of yours? Ghita asked. Ghita, I know the Ball was a little awkward. Hadrien replied. I am debating on letting you come in the door or call my journalist friend. He would kill to have a scoop on Hadrien Le Roux and his scandal from over sixteen years ago and the child who he never claimed. Ghita replied. Mom who is at the door? I asked. Ghita, I have to ask a favor of you. Hadrien replied. As Hadrien asked Ghita that, Adrien called her. Adrien baby, you remember that guy I dated over a decade ago. He wants a "favor of me". Ghita replied. Wait you mean the self-righteous, Hadrien Le Roux? Adrien asked. Mom, is that Uncle Adrien? I asked. Hi Uncle Adrien, how are you? I asked. I am great. I heard you caught the eye of a certain young man. Adrien replied. Stop making a big deal about it. I replied. I wish you happiness. Don't end up being unfortunate like your mother. Adrien replied. What do you mean?  I asked. The day will come to past and you will find out. Adrien replied. I meant to call you about that banquet next Friday. Adrien replied. Don't tell me the handsome, Adrien Bataille is single? Ghita replied. Well, a beautiful woman like you is always working her fingers to the bone she needs to relax every once in a while. Adrien replied. Are you suppose to knock me off my feet? Ghita asked. You know me, Ghita. Adrien replied. I might be a lover but I wouldn't stoop as low as my little brother. Adrien replied. Let me talk to him actually. Adrien replied. I heard my phone vibrating in my room. I ran upstairs to my room and answered my phone. Hey Charlotte, are you going to tell me now? I asked. Well if I am correct, Hadrien is in your house right? Charlotte asked. Yeah, he is, how do you know? I asked. I know him, he is getting that guilt trip from the Ball yesterday. He wants to finally apologize to your mom. Knowing her she won't forgive. He will ask a favor of her. Charlotte replied. Gaby, doesn't it click? Charlotte asked. Let me guess, that man is my dad and it is still really hard to take it in. I replied. He never even acknowledge my existence. I bet he didn't want anything to do with my mom after finding out she was pregnant with me. I replied. If you think about it, a man with such a higher status than my mom and my own. They would call my mom some woman who is trying to ruin his life and status. I replied. You know Hadrien is reaping what he so for mistreated your mom. Charlotte replied. I know that wasn't something you wanted to hear in one night. Charlotte replied. I rather know than be left in dark. I replied. After I got off the phone with Charlotte, I turned off my light, shut my door and locked it. All I could do is go into my bed under the covers and quietly cry. Hadrien knocked on my room door. Gabriella. Hadrien replied. Ghita walked behind Hadrien. You might be her dad but she will never listen or respect you in the slightest. That is how Gaby is when she is lied to. Ghita replied. Oh, I forgot you would know that because you were never in her life. Ghita replied. Gaby, I know your crying and you are hurt inside. Ghita replied. I just want to be left alone. I replied. I know but you don't finish your dinner. Ghita replied. I lost my appetite. I replied. You need to leave and I will not fulfill that favor you asked of me. You can ask her yourself. Ghita replied. Why do you always try to cause trouble for me?  Hadrien asked. What did you call me before I left for home? I asked. I remember, a woman who causes misfortunate to anyone she surrounds herself with. For short you call the "Unfortunate Girl" as well. Ghita replied. I wonder how it feels to see her in the news calling her the same thing you called me? Ghita asked. This is your place so I will leave because knowing how you hate me with every fiber of your being. Hadrien replied. Ghita glared as he walked out the door. Hadrien left. I unlocked my door and came out. Mom, is that man really my dad? I asked. What did he ask of you?  I asked. If I told you, his pride who kick in. Ghita replied. Now eat your dinner like I said earlier. Ghita replied. Alright. I replied. I am curious about that request he wanted to ask my mom. I thought. 

Stay Tuned.


Chapter 21: Saturday Morning

I few days have past and it is Saturday. It is nine in the morning. I hear a knock on the door. Note that is the weekend and I am taking advantage of this opportunity. My mom walks downstairs. She opened the door and shut the door. Ghita opens the door I need your help. Hadrien replied. Hadrien was trying to open the door and Ghita pushed the door closed. Go home and leave. We sleep in on Saturday Mornings. Ghita replied. Whoever is at the door beware, mom is at her strongest when she is half asleep. I replied. I can see that. Hadrien replied. Why are you here? I asked. I need to talk to your mom. Hadrien replied. Mom, it's not worth using your strength. You are causing a scene and you know how noisy the neighbors are. I replied. Why is this happening to me, first off how did you find out where I am living? Ghita replied. Sheer luck. Hadrien replied. I know your lying to me. Alright, Alexandre told me where you live. Hadrien replied. My mom sat on the sofa and grabbed her phone called someone. Hey there Casanova, a certain man is at my house. Ghita replied. It's 9 in the morning, scold me later. Alexandre replied. Wait he is at your house? Alexandre asked. Oh ho, today is a good day. Alexandre replied. So that motived you to wake up? Ghita asked. That childhood friend of mine keeps digging his own grave deeper and deeper every time. Alexandre replied. How about we talk later. Alexandre replied. I walked downstairs and yawned. Gaby put on your glasses, you are squitting. Ghita replied. I just mustered the energy to get up. I replied. What did I tell you? Ghita asked. I walked back up to my room and picked up my glasses. Put them on and walked downstairs again. Hey mom, what is he doing here? I asked. You can't mistreat him, only I can. Ghita replied. I walked into the kitchen and took the cereal from on top of the refrigerator. I opened the refrigerator to take the milk out. Mom ar the dishes in the dishwasher clean? I asked. Yes. Ghita replied. I put the cereal and milk on the table. I walked to the dishwasher and got a bowl and spoon out. I sat at the table, I poured the cereal into the bowl then the milk. I prayed over my food and began to eat. Mom, I sense you have that evil look on your face. I replied. Whatever leads you to that conclusion? Ghita replied. Mom just like you know I am. You are hatching up something. I replied. Oh yeah, I meant to tell you before you left, "I hope you start repenting because misfortune is definitely coming your way". I replied. Stop scaring him, repenting isn't something that "applies" to him. Ghita replied. I need to get some coffee after this drama that occurs this early. Ghita replied. I heard someone banging on the door. Hey, you do hide upstair the closest room. Ghita whispered. Who is it? Ghita asked. Ghita, I heard Hadrien Le Roux is in your house. Emmi replied. If he is and why are you asking? Ghita asked. His car is here and you know how I really want that story. Emmi replied. That may be true but why are you really here? Ghita asked. You are right, I came over wondering if you would help me get a dress and shoes for next Friday's banquet? Emmi asked. Sure I will ask a certain Casanova if he will help you. Ghita replied. Casanova? Emmi asked. Hey, are you up?  Ghita asked. No, but I am now. What do you want? Adrien asked. A friend can't afford a dress. Ghita replied. What does she look like? Adrien asked. I will send you a picture. Ghita replied. Here she is, she is adorable, right? Ghita asked. A have a dress for her. Adrien replied. What size does she wear? Adrien asked. What is your shoe size, Emmi? Ghita asked. I am a size four point five in shoes. Emmi replied.  You have small feet. Ghita replied. Yeah, it is embarrassing. Emmi replied. Bring her over and Auguste will measure her. Adrien replied. Please and thank you, love you. Ghita replied. Bye and never wake me up this early again. Adrien replied. Alright. Ghita replied. As Adrien pressed end call, he was thinking about how much he loves her. Mom was that Uncle Adrien? I asked. Yeah, but he was sleepy so spoke a little. Ghita replied. I can imagine, he makes dresses for a living. I replied. I am not surprised, I bet she made your wife's dresses and she didn't know it. That his passion is to make women look beautiful. Your father was against his wishes but now everyone throughout Europe knows him for his dresses he makes. Ghita replied. Hadrien looked at Ghita and he thought about how she was so clueless about how much Adrien loves her. Why are you here? I asked. Your father wants to take you out to lunch today. Ghita asked. He called me and pestered me about it. Ghita replied. Wait a minute, how did you get my number as well? Ghita asked. The same way I got your address. Hadrien replied. Are you willing to go out with him? Ghita asked. I will have to think about it. I replied. If you go I will take you go out with Charlotte next weekend. Ghita replied. Alright, mom, I will take a quick shower. I replied. You know your daughter has always been easily by money. Emmi replied. I would make ends meet trying to pay for her schooling and keeping our house. since I couldn't pay rent I had to move in with my parents. Ghita replied. Wait your overbearing mother? Emmi asked. A few weeks after moving in with her, I got a letter for a job in Paris. I thought it was crazy. I got housing and the place was paid off. All I had to pay for is the water and electricity and I was set. Ghita replied. As I was in the shower, I overheard everything. I was still thinking about my decision I said earlier. I thought.

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As you can tell Adrien is love with Ghita so this is where I got it from...

-I used the reference to a manga I read a while back called "The Honeybee Earl and the Flower Dress". Well, I loosely based Adrien off of the handsome young man named Earl Virgil. His hair reminds you of the color honey. His sweet talk is like honey. That is where "Honeybee Earl" comes from. He is an illegitimate child of a wealthy earl. When his father died, he became the earl of that estate and he is supposed to be married to a snobby woman who has it in for the tailor, Dahlia Barton. He would flirt with her constantly but she would ignore him every time. The woman he is supposed to wed sabotages the dress that he made had real flowers on the dress. Out of jealousy and spite, she lied to her father that Dahlia tried to hurt her when she was trying to get her measurement correct for the dress. The young earl defended her. He rejects the other woman but Dahlia is then seduced by the young earl's words or as they say in the manga, "The Honeybee Earl has a dreadful sting". It took her awhile to realize that whole encounter of meeting the Earl was a trap from the begin with. Poor Dahlia lol.

I will be using reference Shoujo manga such as this one in a few chapters so watch out. So for you Shoujo manga readers,  this will be a real delight.

I will post chapters after finals.

Stay Tuned.


Chapter 22: Saturday Afternoon Part One

Last time, I agreed to go out to lunch with my father. I am still conflicted on my decision since I was bribed into it.

I got dressed and walked downstairs. Oh, you look so adorable, Gaby. Emmi replied. Thank you, Emmi. I replied. You do look adorable. Ghita replied. I wore my button up cream colored sleeveless blouse, mint green shorts wearing my light brown flats. How about you wear that purse your grandmother bought you before we left? Ghita asked.  Mom, I am not wearing that out today, that purse would fit and no. That is right, also the bracelets Amore gave me for my birthday last year. I replied. That would look great. I replied. I walked up to my room and put on the cream, light brown, and mint green bracelets on my left wrist. I put on light brown mini crossbody bag. I'm ready. I replied. Wait where did you get that one from? Ghita replied. Remember when I worked at that hipster store. I replied. Yeah, you are right about that. Ghita replied. Well bye, mom. I replied. Hadrien opened the door for me. Bye, you two. Stay on your best behavior, Gaby. Ghita replied. Mom, I know how to control myself. I replied. Did you really work at a hipster store? Hadrien asked. Yes, I worked at a place where they sold hipster style clothing. Since I worked there most of my clothes look hipsterish ever once in a while. I replied. As we walked to Hadrien's Car it felt a  little weird. Where do you want to eat? Hadrien asked. Well, I don't know exactly. Maybe at the restaurant downtown by the stores. I replied. That's actually perfect. Hadrien replied. As soon  I said that place the recollection of my "Apology Date" started to flutter back to me. I thought about it but he looked so happy, I couldn't say no. I replied. I felt his guilt and sadness at once. I think seeing who I look like hurts him even more inside. I think he was afraid I would hate him. I thought. We are here. Hadrien replied. You were really out of it for the last few minutes. Hadrien replied. You are right I was deep in thought. I replied. I smiled. You smile just like your mother. Hadrien replied. Thank you. I replied. We walked over to the restaurant. Welcome to our restaurant. Inez replied. Gabys. Inez replied. Hey, I see you attract all kind of rich men. Inez replied. Actually, this time around I am spending that afternoon with my dad. I replied. Can I take her, please? Inez asked. Sure. Hadrien replied. Inez took me to the side and whispered in my ear, "Wait he is your old man? Inez asked. Yes he is. I replied. Also, I need to ask a favor of you later. I replied. Sure. Inez replied. I walked back over to my father. Did I just call him father in my mind? I thought. Was that a friend of yours? Hadrien asked. Yeah, we are childhood friends. I didn't move to Italy until I was eight. I replied. I lived in the same neighborhood as she did. I replied. Let's go to a table. Hadrien replied. You two can sit on the top floor by the window. Jenny replied. Thanks, Jen. I replied. Gaby is that you? I asked. Yeah, I'm back with my mom. I replied. Why didn't you say? We could have made you a homemade Italian meal. Jenny replied. I'll tell her that, Jenny. I replied. Alright, I miss my buddy. Jenn replied. Here are your menus as well. Jenny replied. As we sat, he was curious for some reason. I thought.  I thought you moved back when you were baby? Hadrien replied. No, my mom didn't want to listen to what my grandmother told her what would happen to her. My grandmother predicted everything that happened to her up until now. I replied. You know it's rude to pry into others business and conversations. I replied. How did she see those people?Hadrien thought. How did you catch them? Hadrien asked. Easy, when you live around noisy people you can catch on to many things. I replied. You're the Unfortunate Girl, I don't think you can talk. Flora replied. I turned around. I calmly asked, "I am so sorry were you talking to me, washboard?" What did you call me? Flora asked.Aren't you the same journalist who wrote that distasteful article calling me the "Unfortunate Girl"? I asked. Gabriella, please calm down. Hadrien replied. Alright. I replied. I am really sorry for this. Hadrien replied. In all truth, your people were in the wrong for doing that to her.  After all, your people did the same thing to Ghita Pereira a little over a decade ago. Hadrien replied. You know what let's order something to eat right now? I replied. You are right, what would you like to order, Gaby? Hadrien asked. I want the Crevettes a la provencale. I replied. She is definitely Ghita's daughter, she just ordered an expensive dish. Hadrien thought. It's fine Gaby. Hadrien replied. Your face says something else, I could order something else. I replied. No, it is fine, today is all about you after all. Hadrien replied. Jenny came back to get our orders. Hey, what can I get for you? Jenny asked. I want Crevettes a la provencale. I replied. I want the Boeuf Bourguignon. Hadrien replied. Alright, what do you want to start off with? Jenny asked. I want a water. I replied. The same as well. Hadrien replied. Out of curiosity did you provoke that woman, Gaby? Jenny asked. Maybe. I replied. I turned my head really quickly. Alright, little Ghita. Jenny replied. As Jenny left we started talking again. Well, my mom actually made for dinner yesterday and our first day back. I replied. The one thing about your mom is that she hated some people and their actions but she loved cooking. Then again she would cook too much. Hadrien replied. My mom was the baby of eight children. I replied. Wait seriously, so out of habit. Hadrien replied. Yeah, every once in awhile they had to cook since their mom and father worked three to four jobs to support the eight of them. I replied. So your mom was almost poor? Hadrien asked. You could kind of say that. They tried to make ends meet. All of them got jobs at a young age actually. I replied. That is why she gets on your case all the time. You live life without a care in the world. She knows how harsh reality is so she thought maybe falling in love with a guy would sidetrack her mind from her suffering but somethings just don't work out right? I replied. As I looked at Hadrien, I saw the guilt build-up in his facial expression. I'm here with your waters. Jenny replied. Oh, thank you. Hadrien replied. She lived such a horrible life but she might have nagged me but I never imagined her struggle in life. Hadrien thought. As I turned my head, I saw my Uncle Adrien. Hey Uncle Adrien. I replied. Hey beautiful. Adrien replied. Adrien hugged me. I see you kept your word. Adrien replied. Hadrien glared at Adrien. Why are you here? I asked. Well, I have a client, I am a little early that is all. Adrien replied. Yeah knowing you, you don't wake up until noon or one in the afternoon. I replied. Hey don't judge me, I make or tailor dresses day in and out. Adrien replied. Well bye, Gaby. I replied. As he walked off,  my heart hurts for him. He is in madly in love with my mom but doesn't know how to tell her. He loved her when you two were dating, he felt he lost to you. I replied. Jenny came back with our food. Here is your food. Jenny replied. Thank you, Jenny. I replied. Your welcome, have a good meal. Jenny replied. Well he thought after all the backlash this would give him a chance but he didn't want to make it worst. I replied. I never knew he felt that way. Hadrien replied. Let's not mope this a good day. I replied. As we ate our food, someone took out their cellphone recording me eating with my dad.  I looked at the person. They still kept recording. As we finished eating our food, Jenny came back and asked if we wanted to get to go boxes. We agreed and we boxed our food and left. As we passed, I saw Adrien's facial expression towards Hadrien. He glared at him with disappointment but smiled at me and said, "Tell your mom I have the dress she asked about. Also tell her friend to get give me her measurements as well" Alright, bye Uncle Adrien. I replied. A really beautiful woman walked to the table he was at. Hi, you must be my client for the dress for the dinner this coming week? Adrien asked. I looked at him just pitying him. Where do you want to go? Hadrien asked. Oh, I am sorry, I became sidetrack. I would like to go to Lila's. I replied. Really, that store is meant for teenagers? Hadrien asked. It's one of the old stores I love shopping at so, I want to see what France's version. I replied.

To Be Continued.

Lila comes from the Arabic word leila. It means night, dark beauty

Chapter 23: Saturday Afternoon Part Two

Last time, I went out to lunch with Hadrien Le Roux (dad). We ran into my Uncle Adrien. Adrien tries to hide his hatred for Hadrien from me. I blurted out by mistake about him being in love with my mom. He was also jealous of him when he dated my mom.

Let's go to Lila's, I heard they have a sale today. I replied. I went into my purse and pulled out my phone. I opened my email. You know I will buy it for you. Hadrien replied. I know but I still like to use them before they expire. I replied. You took one thing from your mom. Gaby! Harmoni replied. Harmoni why are you yelling my name across the store? I asked. The last I checked your last words from eight years ago was, "I will never return to this even if it is my birthplace." Harmoni replied. I am so happy your back. Harmoni replied. No, you go to that gifted academy you always wished to get into. You are also happy because you're a Fashion Major, you need a model and now I am your guinea pig. I replied. That is not true, wait I have a friend named Charlotte Baudin, she might model. I replied.  Tell me in advance alright. Harmoni replied. Hey Gaby, can you come here a moment. Harmoni replied. Harmoni dragged me away. Why are you with Hadrien Le Roux? Harmoni asked. It's a very long story. I replied. Alright. Here is my number. Harmoni replied. Oh my gosh those shoes. I replied. You have a very particular taste. Henry replied. You could say that. After all, I worked a different branch in Rome every summer. I replied. I heard the accessories are more detailed. Henry replied. You are right, I bought my phone case is from there. I replied. Seriously, that looks custom. Henry replied. Well it is,  employees can order one. I heard they are bringing here this year in the summer or fall. I replied. Did you make the design for this phone case? Hadrien asked. Yes, I did, it was fun making the designs for it. I replied. I will be back in a few. I replied. She really likes to shop like her mom does. Hadrien replied. Ten minutes later I came back with one creme laces romper, two sleeveless shirts, white, cerise, vermillion and cool mint green shorts, three pairs of shoes. I went back and got a two-piece bathing suit. Lastly, a short sleeved white lace dress, with a golden necklace, clear bead bracelet and white mint green ring.   Well, these are all that you want to buy. I replied. If this is what you want to buy then put it on the counter and I will buy it. I put it on the counter and he bought all of it. I walked out of the store happy. You look satisfied. Hadrien replied. I love shopping, it makes me feel better after a deserved break. Who is that bathing suit meant for? Hadrien asked. Don't act like that, Dad. I buy one before summer begins because they are cheaper around this time. I replied. You love to bargain like your mom. Hadrien replied. You mom used to always go shopping like this. Hadrien replied. That sounds like my mom, she loves buying clothes and spoiling herself every once in a while. Where else do you want to go? Hadrien asked. can we go to Petit Four and buy some eclairs for me? I asked. I can't say no to that face of yours. Hadrien replied. We walked inside Petit Four and everyone was fangirling about seeing Hadrien LaRoux is in their bakery. No, I came to buy some eclairs for my daughter. Hadrien replied. Really, who is your daughter? Tristan asked. Hi, again. I replied. Why if it isn't the redhead girl from last week. Tristan asked. Young lady, how is that feisty Ghita doing? Tristan asked. How do you know my mom's name? I asked. Well, you look just like her. She would always come and eat eclairs just like you are buying today. But she would buy about twenty-four. I wonder how she could eat all that never get fat? Tristan asked. My mom is full of mysteries. I replied. Well, give these to her. She ordered them earlier today. Tristan replied. She said, my little girl, can't resist desserts in general. So she will come in and buy something. When she comes to tell her not to eat the order. Tristan replied. That's cruel. I replied. Well here is the box, watch out it's heavy. Tristan replied. She also said,  Have her dad carry it he isn't clumsy like her. Well, that whole conversation sounds just like Ghita. Hadrien replied. Alright, hold your three bags. Oh yeah here is your eclairs. Tristan replied. I didn't say an amount. I replied. He gave me twenty eclairs. I replied. I paid him while you were talking to him. Now let's get to the car. Hadrien replied. When we got to the car, a few reporters came trying to get a scoop. Gaby put your stuff in the trunk and get in the car Hadrien replied. Yes. I replied. A well drove off, a few ran until they ran out of breath. Well in twenty minutes we should be at your mom's house. When we got to my mom's house. Hadrien parked and we rushed inside with my moms delivery, lunch and my clothes and shoes I bought today. Hey Ghita can I lay lown for an hour or so here? Hadrien asked. Let me guess, reporters, wondering why you were with the "Unfortunate Girl"? Ghita asked. Don't call Gaby that. Hadrien replied. I am not, Gaby show me what you bought today. Ghita replied. Mom, you want me to show you because we wear the same size in clothes and shoes. I replied. Are you that small? Ghita asked. Yeah, I only have one kid, I didn't blow up and gain weight like most. I take care of my self and watch what I eat. Ghita replied. Mom, if you show me what's in the box I will show you what I bought. Maybe I will give one of my eclairs and then you show me. I replied. Alright, here it is. I bought a big Raspberry Charlotte Cake.Ghita replied. I  know what your thinking and no you cant eat it all in one day. Ghita replied. Do you want some Hadrien? Ghita asked. Sure, but she could eat it all by herself? Hadrien asked. Yeah, she can a cake all by herself.  Ghita replied. She doesn't like to share when it comes to her favorite desserts or food dishes in general. Ghita replied. It reminds me of a certain man I know. She gets that from me. Hadrien replied. My mom went into the kitchen and got a knife out to cut the cake. All I could think about was "What does it taste like?". My mom took out three plates and three forks. She walked over to the cake and cut three pieces putting them on the plates. We ate the cake all at once. We all took a bite of cake and we all had a blissful expression.

Chapter 24: Saturday Afternoon Part Three


Last time, Gaby and Hadrien went out on the town. He wanted to have a great day with her but with many surprises.

As we were all eating our cake, my dad picked up his phone. Hey Aline. Hadrien replied. Where are you, I'm worried? Aline asked. I am fine Aline. Hadrien replied. Tell me where you are? Aline asked. My mom had such an intense glare on her face as she heard that woman's voice from my dad's phone. Hey mom are you ok? I asked. I am fine Gaby. Ghita replied. My dad looked at my mom's expression on her face. He tried to stop the conversation with that woman because of how my mom angry glaring expression. On the way home, why don't I call you then? Hadrien asked. Alright. Aline replied. Ghita, I know hearing Aline's voice made you angry. Hadrien replied. I am not angry or spiteful about your tramp I mean wife of yours for what she did to me sixteen years ago. I have gotten over it. You two haven't gotten over guilt. Ghita replied. As my mom said that comment all I could do is sigh. She really doesn't know what to say sometimes. I thought. I will take my leave now. You stepmother wants me to leave and go straight home. Hadrien replied. Hadrien finished his cake, scraped his plate and put it in the sink. Bye Gaby. Maybe we can do this another time. Hadrien replied. Sure. I replied. He turned around and I smiled. He walked outside the door down the stairs to his car and drove off. I asked my mom, who was that woman's voice you had a distasteful expression for? I asked. If you want to know, that woman's voice is the same woman who was my so-called friend who ended taking the guy I liked at the time your father. Who I later found out I was his side girl. Ghita replied. Seriously, dad really was a player. I replied. No kidding. Ghita replied. Now to showing me those clothes. Ghita replied. As my dad got home, he was chewed out by Aline. Aline I was with Gaby and I also ran into Ghita. Hadrien replied. I see. Aline replied. Hadrien scrolled down and saw a picture of me posed in the vanilla colored laced dressed in high open wedged sandals with a grapefruit colored watercolor colored parasol.  She looks just like her from sixteen years ago. Aline replied.  Aline, you need to apologize to get the guilt off your chest.Hadrien replied. Adrien walked into the house. Hadrien, I see you were a father to her for once. Adrien replied. Other than that comment. Are you in love with Ghita? Hadrien asked.

Stay Tuned.