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Complicated Love



This is a 1d fanfic story about:


Bailey Maze is a 21 year old who is shy  around people she doesn't know.  out with her friend at the mall Bailey   get's bumped into by no other  then 20 year old Harry styles. who running from paparazzi's. that was the first time she meet Harry  Styles.   When Harry and Bailey starts  to go out she becomes less shy around people.            Bailey and  Harry have  be  dating each other  now for 6 months. one day  doesn't feel so good  and she go to the doctor to she whats wrong. when Harry  come over  to see how Bailey  Is.  Bailey  snaps at Harry,  Screaming in anger  telling him unxpected news.

& As Bailey and Harry try make their  relationship work out   things start to get complicated between Bailey and Harry. for a third time  Bailey get mad at  Harry  when they are at a party at zayn's  an unxpected guest comes over to talk to Harry. Now things  get worse then ever between them. what's the unxpected news ?  who the unpexted guest at  zayn's party? what going to happen between them. Why is  thing being so complicted between them? Will things ever get easier and less complicated between  Harry and Bailey? These things are what they have to fingure out.

Chapter 1

Bailey's P.O.V
I'm Bailey Maze and I'm 21 years old, I'm shy around people. That's why I don't  ever have a boyfriends. I have only 2 friends name Grace and Liv their my best friend. When me and my friends were at the mall shopping, I had bumped into someone who seems to be running from something.

"I'm so sorry I didn't see you there. Let me  help you with that." I  heard a voice say.

"It's ok I should of seen were I was going." I said as The person Helped me pick up my bags. Then I saw then I saw the perso"No, It was my fault, If I wasn't  trying to  run  from paparazzi's I wouldn't of made you drop your bag." He said.

"Your, Your Harry Styles right?" I asked nervously.

"Yes I am , what might your lovely name be?" Harry said and asked.

"Ah ah my name is Bailey Maze." I told Harry and my friends had saw me talking to Harry.

"That's a very lovely name. Shit paparazzi's are coming." Harry said and saw paparazzi's coming to take pictures and stuff.

"Thanks Harry, come with me  I know a place where they won't find you." I said and went over to  my friends and told them about Harry.

Well we helped Harry hide from the paparazzi's  so they won't bother him, and find him. Harry had thanked  us for helping him. Harry  gave  me his number and  I gave him  mine. Harry said  that he'll call me some time. I can't believe that I have Harry Styles phone number, and that he has mine.

"We'll I must be going  now bye Bailey, Grace and Liv. Thanks again for helping me." Harry said

"Bye Harry and your welcome." We all said at the same time.

"Wow your so Lucky you got Harry Styles phone number and he has yours." Grace said.

" I think he likes you  Bailey. He kept smiling at you." Liv said  as she elbowed me.

"You really think he likes me ." I said kinda getty.

"Of course I do, why else  would he have gave you his number." Liv said.

"Well ok you got a point there. Do you think he's gonna call me sometime?" I said and asked Liv and Grace.

"I don't know maybe just wait and see if he does." Grace said.

"Yeah I'll sure will wait. I just can't believe Harry Styles gave me his number." I said and started to blush.

Later that day me and my 2 best friends went back to my place . We seat in the living room and listen to One Direction and other artist as well. But as we were listing to music, I was so quite and kept starring at  my phone.

"Bailey what's wrong?" Grace said seeing that I was looking  at my phone.

"Oh just hoping Harry would call me." I said  and sighed.

"Hey listen he'll call you when he wants to call you. Don't get upset if  he hasn't called you  yet." Grace said and hugged me.

"Ok ok , thanks Grace." I said and I hugged her back.

Harry's P.O.V
I got back to my flat and when I walked in  Louis saw me looking very happy. But I don't know how  he knows that I'm happy, maybe my face just gives it away.

"Hey Harry I see your happy about something. Do you wanna tell me why?" Louis said  and asked."Oh I just meet a  really nice girl at the mall today. She helped me  hide from the paparazzi's, I kinda like her. I gave her my number and she gave me hers ." I said as I went to sit down on the sofa.

"So what's her name the girl you have the number of?" Louis asked wanting to know.

"Oh her name is Bailey Maze, I'm thinking of calling her and asking her out." I said .

"So her name is Bailey Maze. Well if you  want to ask her out why not  call her right now." Louis said smiling.

"I guess I will call her right now." I said  and picked up  my phone and  dialed her number and pushed send.

The phone was ringing a few times before she picked up the and answered the phone.

"Hello , is this Harry calling?" Bailey asked

"Why yes it is, I'm calling to see if you would like to  go out some time?" I said and asked Bailey.

"Ah sure that be great, may I ask when?" Bailey said and asked.

"I was  thinking maybe tomorrow night at 7:00pm  I'll pick you  at your place." I said.

"Oh sure that be great......" Bailey said and gave me her address to her place.

After I asked her out we both had hang up. Tomorrow I was going out on a date with a girl I meet at the mall name Bailey Maze. And I'm gonna  make sure she has a good time, on our date.

" Me and Bailey  are going out  on a date tomorrow at 7:00pm. I can't believe she  said yes." I said  and blushed.

"well I hope you two have a  good time tomorrow. Anyways why were  Paparazzi's chasing you?" Louis said and asked.

"I Bloody don't know why but I'm glad Bailey and her friends helped me hide and get away from them." I said and truned the t.v  on .

"Oh ok. Niall zany, and Liam are coming over in an hour to hang out. Thought I'll let you know that." Louis said.

"Thanks for telling me  Louis." I said.

An Hour later I had turned the tv off  and Zayn, Liam and Niall had came over to hang out with me and Louis. It's nice to  hang out with them and have a good old time.

"So Harry Louis just told me you  got yourself a date tomorrow." Zayn said as he sat on the sofa.

"Yeah I got a Date tomorrow, her name is Bailey Maze. We meet at the mall today. She's very nice  and friendly. I kinda  like her." I said and smiled a cheeky smile.

" Hope every thing goes well with you two tomorrow." Zayn said.

"I do too Zayn, I hope it goes so well that she'll want to go out with me again." I said.

"Hey I have an Ideal why don't we all play a game of truth or dare." Louis suggested.

"I don't know, If I wanna play that. Cause last time we played that I ended up having to  hide in a bush, when I saw paparazzi's  spotting me. Cause You made me  run outside naked for 2 minutes. I almost got  caught." I said and punched Louis lightly in the arm.

"Hey You have to admite  that was pretty funny. I laughed  my ass off." Louis said and started laughing remembering it all to well.

"It wasn't for me, so I say no to a game of truth or dare for tonight." I said.

"Ok then  no game of truth or dare." Louis said.

"Hey let's play some strip poker." Niall said out loud. and we all looked at him.

"No way are we playing  strip poker." Liam said firmly.

"Fine then, then what can we do?" Niall asked.

"Lets watch some tv or play some Pokémon." I said.

"Pokémon it will be." We all said at the same time.

So we all played Pokémon and had fun battling each other. Later that night  we had ordered Pizza for dinner.

Bailey's P.O.V
That night all I could think about was going out with Harry Styles. I can't believe he had asked me out. My face started to blush and I let out a smile. Liv and Grace both were happy that I have a date with him.

"your gonna  have a great time  tomorrow. Cause your going on a date with Harry  Styles." Liv said to me.

" I hope so , this is gonna be my first date ever with a guy. I 've never gone out with a guy before. I just hope  I don't mess it up." I said wishing I  don't mess it up.

" Don't worry I don't think you will. Just be yourself  and you'll have a good time." Liv said to me telling me all I need to do was just be myself.

My friends  are so good to me, and they gave me great advice about what to not  do on a first date. And everything else, I just love my friend Liv and Grace.

Chapter 2

Bailey's P.O.V
The next day all I thought about was the date I had with Harry later that night. What would I wear and how  would I do my hair and makeup. I was freaking out cause this is my first date with a guy. Later that night I finally found something to wear also what to do with my hair.
I got ready  for my date with Harry. By the time Harry arrived at my place to pick me up. I was nervous that I just nodded  when he asked if I was  ready to go. When  driving to a nice restaurant  Harry asked if there was something wrong.

"Is there something wrong? You haven't said a word yet." Harry asked me

."I'm sorry  Harry  I'm just  nervous I guess." I said and  looked out the car door window. "I've never been on a date with a guy before. Cause a shy girl like me has never been asked out on date by a guy." I  said and then looked down at my lap.

"So you never been on a date. Well since it's your first  date, I'll make sure that you'll have a good time." Harry said.

We finally got to the restaurant and  ordered our food. We waited for our food to come. Which gave us sometime to talk while our food  was cooking.

" So tell me do you have any movies you like watching?" Harry asked.

" Well I like Titanic, The Note Book, Dirty Dancing and many more. But I'm not gonna name  them all." I said then took a sip of my water.

"Titanic and The Note Book are one of my favorite movies. I enjoy watching these movie." Harry said smiling cause he likes the  same movie as me.

"I do too." I said kinda shy.

"What do you do, do have a job?" Harry asked.

"Yes I stock shelves at a music store." I said.

"So you work in a music store. May I ask, what kinda music do you like?"

"Me I like your music, I also Like The Fray, Adele, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, Jason Derulo, Journey, Chicago, and so many others. I recently been listen to the song Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus. Now that's a good song." I said now getting the song stuck in my head.

"That sure is a good song. It's kinda funny, we both like some of the same things." Harry said. with a cheeky smile.

I couldn't get the song out of my head. Cause it was now stuck in my head. I ended up started to sing it. But my singing was just ok. When Harry heard me singing he jus could help but laugh. I laughed at myself as well. Cause I felt embarrassed about singing in front of him.

"I know I'm not good. But I don't care, so embarrassed to have just sang that song. I have it stuck in my head right now." I said blushed.

"It's ok, who cares if your not good. It looks like you were just having fun." Harry said making me blush even more.

Finally our food has arrived and we  started eating. The food here was good, that I eat all my food. We talked some more and got to know each other a little bit more. After we had eat Harry paid for the food. Then Harry and I left the restaurant , then we went to ice cream from a ice cream shop. But once we got ice cream Paparazzi's had spotted us, when we headed to Harry's car.

"I'm sorry about the paparazzi's showing up. Their kinda like ninjas it's like  they know where you are and how to find you, most of the time. Paparazzi's are sneaky like that." Harry said I just giggled when he said that.

" If their like ninjas then I guess a nick name for them should be Ninjarazzi's then." I said  and Harry Laughed.

"Good one that's clever, Ninjarazzi's." Harry said and we drove out of the Paparazzi's sight.

"Thanks you know I'm having a good time. I'm feeling less nervous then I did when you picked me up." I said smiling.

" Glad your having a good time. I'm also having a great time as well." Harry said.

When we arrived back at my place Harry Walked me up to my door. Then he had kissed me good bye. I  started to blush then I went Inside. I just can't believe  Harry kissed me. I had called my friends and told them about my date with Harry.

Harry's P.O.V
When I got back home, I had went straight to bed. The next day when I woke up and got dressed. I had went down stairs to eat some breakfast. Louis asked me how my date went with Bailey last night.

"It went fine, we both had a great time. We both have something incommon with each other. She knows how to make me laugh." I said smiling real big.

"By that look I see that you must like her to even kissed her goodnight." Louis said knowing me too well.

''Yes I kissed her good night, last night was bailey first  date ever. She never gone out with a guy until she went on a date with me. Bailey had told me she a shy kinda person around people. But I think I manage to make her not so shy around me at least." I said.

"Ok well I'm glad you had a good time on your date. Are you two gonna be going out with each other again.?" Louis asked me when I poured me some cereal.

"I don't know, I haven't asked her out on another date." I  said and sat at the table and eat my cereal.

"Ok than well I'm gonna go take a shower now." Louis said and went up stairs to take a shower.

Later that day I texted Bailey and asked her if she likes to go out again this Friday night, to see a movie with me. Bailey had texted me back yes. So I was glad to see that she wanted to go out with me again.

Bailey and I have been dating now for a month now. The lads have not meet Bailey yet, But I was gonna invite her over to hang out at the flat with me and the guys. When I asked Bailey if she likes to hang out at mine and Louis flat, she said sure. The lads were already at the flat. 20 minutes later Bailey had arrived.

"Come on in Bailey, I want you to meet the lads. You'll like them." I said as she walked in.

"Harry I'm gonna just make a fool of myself. And they will hate me. I wouldn't know what to say." Bailey said nervously.

"Bailey, just be yourself, you have nothing to be afraid of. You'll get a long with them fast. Their my good 4 best bandmates and friend." I said and she felt a little bit less nervous.

"Alright, then let's meet them." Bailey said and we walked into the living room.

"Guys I like you to meet Bailey." I said and introduced them to Bailey.

The lads finally got to meet Bailey, and they all liked her. We all ended up playing Foo's ball. Bailey was good at that game. After we had played that we ended up goofing off and being silly. And Having a good time hanging out.

Louis P.O.V
We had finally meet Bailey the one Harry is dating now. I must say Bailey is very cool girl. We all like her, she's fun to be around. Harry lucky to be dating her. Once Harry had left to use the restroom. I saw her starring at Harry as he walked away to use the bathroom. I went and sat by Bailey and said to her.

"I saw you starring at Harry when He walked to the bathroom." I said.

"He's just so damn hot, and I like Harry, he's the first guy I ever gone out with. Harry a great guy." Bailey said.

"Yes he is." I said.

Then a minute later Harry came back to sat by Bailey. Those two make a great couple.

"Hey Bailey were you starring at my butt when I left to use the bathroom?" Harry asked Bailey.

"Maybe, I was and Maybe I wasn't." Bailey giggled.

"Come on you can tell me. Besides earlier I was Starring at your cute ass." Harry said and Bailey blushed.

"So you think I have a cute ass. Well you do too Harry." Bailey said smiling.

"I knew you were looking at my ass. So you think my bum here is cute." Harry said and got up and stood in front of Bailey were his bum was at her eye level. Bailey put her hand on his ass and said.

"Yes I do Harry, it's a perfect ass I must say. Now come sit this cute ass down." Bailey said and pushed him.

We all were laughing are butts off. Now that was classic Harry right there. Those two are so cute together.

"Hey Don't forget that we're still in the living room." Liam said and threw a pillow at Harry.

"Hey you didn't have to throw a pillow at me Liam." Harry said and sat back on the sofa.

Bailey just laughed at Harry when the Pillow had hit him when Liam had thrown it. And saw Bailey laughing at threw one at her. Playfully Playing around, around 10:00pm Bailey left and went home. So after Bailey had left Zayn, Liam and Niall  had left as well.

"Harry, I like Bailey, you guys make a great couple. Well I'm gonna head off to bed so night Harry." I said and I went up to my room for bed.

Harry's P.O.V

Louis had went to bed. I was happy to hear that the lads liked Bailey, and I think she liked them too. Bailey sure does have a very cute ass. Just knowing that she likes my bum makes me blush. Bailey a wonderful person I'm glad we're dating each other. I finally go and head off to bed myself.

Chapter 3

Harry's P.O.V
A week later on a Saturday night the lads and I went out clubbing. We had order some drinks, sat on a sofa and put our drinks on the coffee table. About  2 minutes later I saw a girl starring at me. The girl and her friend came over and sat by me.

"Hi I'm Mandy and this is my good friend Kelly. We were wondering if we could get a picture with you." Mandy said.

"Nice to meet you lady's. Ah sure I'd be glad too." I said and posed for a picture with them.

"Thanks Harry, oh hey I was just thinking would you wanna dance?" Mandy asked me.

"Sure I'll dance with yeah." I said, and got up and danced with Mandy.

10 minutes later Mandy and her friend left. I sat back on the sofa. The lads came back and sat on the sofa to take a break from dancing.
"Oh god, Harry did you fart?" Liam asked me.

"No Niall did cause I'm not the one who farted." I said blaming it on Niall when really I did.

"Why did you have to cut the cheese Niall." Liam said and Niall looked at me then said.

"That wasn't me who farted Liam it was Harry. I would know if I had farted." Niall said.

"Dude Harry quite farting, it really smells." Liam said holding his nose.

"I told you guys Niall the one who is farting." I said and farted again.

"For god sakes go use the bathroom Harry." Zany said starting to cough cause of the fart so smell.

"I don't need to use the bathroom." I said as I finally stopped farting.

So once the smell went away, they all stopped holding there nose. They were glad that I've stopped farting.

"Now that Harry stopped farting and the smell gone. We can breath again." Zany said with a little giggle.

"We like to sleep all day and party all night. This is how we like to live our life." Niall started singing as it started playing. "It's a revolution yeah a mote town for a seclusion   Yeah come on and put a bottle in your hand go til you can't stand it and just rock it rock it rock it whoa. So much confusion yeah cause everybody loosen yeah and feeling like a festival tonight with them flashing lights till you we rock it rock it rock it whoa and we don't gotta worry sight and until it gets bright outside. Said we're breaking all the rules that we know we outta control we rock and we roll ain't nothing ever gonna stop the party we  you know we go, we all
We like to sleep all day and party all night this is how we like to live our life I gotta feeling everything gonna be alright so come on come on come. We like to sleep all day and party all night this is how we like to live our life I gotta feeling everything gonna be alright so come on come on come on let's party tonight." Niall sang still singing the song. While the rest of us were dancing.
It was funny cause Louis started dancing something funny. We all were cracking up. Then we ended up started singing along. Then we sat on the sofa again.

"That was really funny. We'll I'm gonna use the rest room." I said and headed off to the bathroom.

When I got done using the bathroom and walked out of the bathroom. I started dancing back to the lads and also singing along to the song Stacey Mom. The lads saw me and laughed, I even did a pose. It sure was funny, we all had ordered another drink. Later that night around 1:00am we drove home.

The next day on Sunday I had woke up at noon. Last night clubbing was crazy sick,but fun. That day I called Bailey and talked to her on the phone. And told her all the silly and fun time we had. Bailey told me she wished she could of been there to have seen it. I really enjoy talking to Bailey . Soon we both got off the phone.

"Harry you and Bailey talked along time." Louis said when I got off the phone.

"Yes we did, I like talking to her. Hey Lou I'm gonna make some spaghetti, do you want some?" I said then asked Louis.

"Sure Harry that be good."Louis said and turned the tv on.

"Ok I'll let you know when it's done." I said and went to the kitchen.

I had made us spaghetti for dinner. We eat and watched tv, today was just a lazy Sunday.

Bailey's P.O.V
2 weeks laterHarry had me over. He had made us a really good dinner, and we later watched The Note Book. It was nice, we both were snuggled close on the sofa. Once the movie was over we talked.

"Everything tonight was perfect." I said and smiled.

"Thanks, Bailey smile for the camera." Harry said and took a picture of us both snuggled on the sofa. And showed me the picture.

"Now that's a good one. Can you send me that picture to my phone?" I said and asked when I saw the picture.

"Sure thing ok it's been sent to ya." Harry said.

"We'll I'm gonna use the bathroom. I'll be back." I said and got up and walked to the bathroom.

When I had got up I felt Harry playfully slap my ass. I look over and gave him a look and smiled. He smiled back at me. Once I came out of the bathroom, I felt a soft had grab my waist. I turned around and saw Harry. I punched him for scaring me. Then I ran down to the living room. Harry chased me and managed to grab a hold of me. And he kissed me, I had kissed him back. A few minutes later we were making out, that is when Louis had came back to the flat from hanging with the lads.

"How cute,the two love birds are making out. Time for the Lou bear to embarrassed them for fun." Louis said and walked over by us and said hi.

Harry and I quickly stopped kissing and we blushed. We looked at him and then pushed him for making us blush. Louis was like.

"Oh that really hurt, not I had to scare you too and  embarrasses you guys. I couldn't help myself I had to do it. It was priceless to see you guys blush." Louis said and laughed.

"Not cool Lou, not cool at all." Harry said.

15 minutes later I had went back home. I really liked hanging out with Harry tonight. The night together was perfect. I had looked at the picture of me and Harry, before I had went off to sleep.

Chapter 4

Louis P.O.V
The lads and I went swimming, when we got there. We all got changed in the locker room. Then headed out to the pool. Niall did a canonball into the pool. We had put our stuff on some chairs in a partly shady spot. Then the rest of us got in the pool. We played water volleyball.

"I got it..,. Nope I don't got Sorry Liam I didn't mean to bump you." Harry said as he bumped into Liam and missed, hitting the ball.

"It's ok Harry." Liam said.

"Get ready cause here comes the ball." Louis said and Niall served the ball.

"I got it, I got it." Liam said and hit the volleyball over the net.

The volleyball was coming Nialls way. Niall went to hit the volleyball, but missed. Later around noon we went over to the food stand and ordered us lunch. We eat our lunch, Niall was done before any of us were done eating. So Niall threw his trash away and headed off to the bathroom. Once everyone was done eating lunch, we all put some more sun block on. Harry and Zayn decided to chill out on lounge chairs for a while. Niall, Liam and I went back into the pool. Liam, Niall and I jumped off the diving board. The second time jumping off the diving board, I scared Niall as he was about to jump off the diving board. Niall had went off the diving board. When Niall landed in the water, and popped back up Niall said to me.

"Hey you messed me up, not cool Louis." Niall yelled up to me as I started to jump.

"Oh don't cry about it Niall, I was just playing around with you." I said and splashed Niall.

"I'm not crying I just simply just thought it was not cool." Niall said and splashed me back.

Zayn's P.O.V
"Louis and Niall there such dorks at times, like now look at them." I said watching those two splasheach other.

"They sure are, Zayn don't move." Harry said starring at me.

"Why shouldn't I move?" I asked.

"Cause there is a bee on you. If you don't move maybe it'll leave." Harry said.

"A bee get it off me get it off me." I said trying not to move.

"Ok I got a cup. Come on you stupid bee fly into this nice cup." Harry said trying to get the bee to fly into the cup that had soda.

"Did it go in the cup? Is it gone?" I asked Harry hoping it got off me.

"Got it, now I'm gonna throw the cups away." Harry said and the bee was finally off me, and in the cup which Harry threw away.

"Thank god it's off me. I thoughtit was gonna sting me." I said glad to have it gone.

10 minutes later Harry and I went back into the pool. Harry went and jumped on Louis, and Louis quickly pushed Harry into the water. I just laughed it was too funny.

"You scared me for a sec." Louis said.

"Hey I had to scare you, like you had to scare me at times." Harry said.

"Lets all have a little race, swimming from here to the other side." Louis said.

"Oh it's on like donkey kong 64." Liam said.

"Yeah sure." Me Harry, and Niall said.

So we raced each other, I was in the lead until I got splashed with water by Niall. Niall had won that race, so we had a rematch and we raced each other again. So this time Louis had won the race. Later that day around 3:00pm we went and got dressed and left the swimming pool. And we all went back to Louis and Harrys flat.

Bailey's P.O.V
It was June and me and Harry been dating each other now for 3 months. My two friends Grace and Liv were over and we had a girls night. We gave each other mediepaddies and watched a movie. We were having a good time, once the movie was over. I had ordered us pizza. 20 minutes later the pizza had came.

"The pizzas here lets eat." I said and brought the pizza to the living room.

"Mmmm I'm starving." Liv said and grabbed a slice of pizza.

"This is a great girls night." Grace said and took a bite of her pizza.

"Hey why don't we prank call Harry." Liv said.

"Ok it's ringing." I said then Harry answered.

"Hello who is this?" Harry asked.

"Hi, this is lisa from the hair salon, did your friend Louis leave his cellphone here." I said disguising my voice.

"Hey Louis did you leave your cellphone at a hair salon?" Harry asked Louis.

"No I never went to the hair salon." Louis said in the back round.

"A no he did not, wait a sec is that you Bailey." Harry said.

"You've got me Harry I've pranked you." I said.

"You sure did, well I gotta go got another call." Harry said and hung up.

So we hung up the phone, and we all laughed. And we eat some more pizza. Once we got done eating pizza. Liv, Grace and I watched some tv, we wached The Big Bang Theory. Now that that show is funny. We watched the episode were sheldon cooper made a three man chest game. I cracked up laughing watching it. Later that night around 10:00pm Liv and Grace went home. I had went to bed once they had left.

The next day when I went grocery shopping. I had ran into Niall, Niall had a lot of food in his shopping cart.

"Hey Bailey hows it going?" Niall asked me and gave me a huge.

"Oh everything is great. What about you?" I said and asked.

"I'm good just getting some groceries." Niall said I looked at him raising an eyebrow.

"Niall don't you think thats a lot of food their. Thats gonna last you for a month." I said to Niall.

"Bailey, Bailey, Bailey this is gonna be gone in a week. I love food, and this will be gone in a week." Niall said.

"Oh ok whatever you say, well I must be going." I said and went to checkout.

So I had went to checkout. I paid for my groceries and grabbed them, and went to my car. And I put them away, I drove back home and brought them in. I put the grocery away, I later went on facebook and played some facebook games. The rest of the day I spent either watch tv or on the computer.