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Welcome to an attempt at writing a good bio by a girl.
Let us get some things about me straight...
 Teen Girl
 Proud member of Mendes Army!
 Professional Singer (when no one is around)
 Dancer (which means I can dance)
 Writer (Or what I feel like)

Some things about me-
1) Every night I think tomorrow is the day I start working out 'for real', but then I feel that it is a lot of work.
2) Never ask me to choose between Shawn Mendes and Tennis or Food.
4) I could have been an early riser but then again, I "could have been".

Don't form your opinions about me based on my truths, they are not the entire story.

I am a very approachable girl who absolutely loves to make new friends and learn about different cultures.  

"Music is my heartbeat,
Writing my escape,
See me express myself as I dance
Look through me as I sing."

My first book on wattpad is Vengeance of the Lost, which I have written in different forms in my mind, but since it is my first I don't play with it much. 😊

And one last thing- 
 I don't hold grudges. BE THANKFUL FOR THAT!!


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