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Vengeance Of the Lost


"Where am I?
    What has happened?
    Will I ever get them back? 
    Will my life change forever or will it end here? 
    What does the future hold for me?
    These were just 'some' questions running in my mind at that time. The time when I did not know what to do cause everything was just messy and uncollected. The time I was lost"
    Alex Moore is an 18-year-old girl who was living a pretty awesome life, but her life chose to take a turn, a pretty sharp turn towards something she never thought of.Her life forced her to ask herself these questions- 'Questions of her existence'
    She became completely opposite of what she was and even worse when she was betrayed by the one whom she had put her trust in.
    Join in Alex to experience an adventurous, action, drama, love,thrill-filled journey and find out the answers to all the questions along with her.

Chapter 1

Alex's POV:

"Bye mom" I said as I got ready to leave for my school along with Kelly. Kelly is my best friend who just happens to be the daughter of my father's secretary Mrs. Alvin (her full name is Martha Alvin). Their family is very close to ours, and so Kelly usually lives with us. Mrs. Alvin stood next to my mom as I waved goodbye to my family. Everyone in the family except for my father, since he had already left for some of his work 'as usual'. He is a busy person, you see.

Who am I ?, Well I am the daughter of the ex-cabinet secretary, Mr. Henry Moore. Currently, he is running for President and already owns a big company. Many believe that he has a huge chance of winning because his works have been appreciated before by people as a secretary.

My mother Lena Moore is also a busy person, not as much as my father but she still stays busy most of the time. She is a well-known fashion designer. My mother had green eyes and my father brown. And so I got a mixture of both, strange right? Many believe that since I am a millionaire's daughter, I would be snobby and a boastful person ( what can we do people love cliche), but we, unlike the description, we don't like to show off our financial status, especially me. My family can very well be described as angels in this world full of devils.

From childhood when they had time for me, my parents had taught me never to hurt anyone and to be good to others no matter how bad they were to you, but nowadays I don't get to spend much time with them. Although I followed what they said, I always had a sense of rebellion, which I always buried in my heart. I never opposed my parents, as they believed in a good code of conduct. Only God knows where I got that rebellious nature from. But I loved my parents more than anything and so never went against them.

I looked out the window of the car at the green trees swaying by as Kelly kept on saying something. Little houses and beautifully maintained gardens surrounded my view with the warm sun blessing us with its light. We lived in a peaceful place, and though this view in front of my eyes was something I saw every day, it never failed to intrigue me. The car came to a halt when our school arrived. A familiar sight of loads of students scurrying their way into the school met my eyes

"Hey Kelly "Jackson said appearing from nowhere and started talking to Kelly, ignoring me.

"Hello? I guess I am standing here too" I said rolling my eyes giving a 'duh' look. I mean how can you ignore a person who is standing just in front of you.

"Oh hey, I didn't see you there." Jackson replied with a sick smile and I mentally scoffed, It was pretty obvious that he liked Kelly but that's not how you treat your crush's friend.

The bell rang, signaling us to reach the class, sadly my first period was calculus, and I was alone because I did not have Kelly with me! I was going to be a lost puppy in a secluded region, between other giants. Luckily I reached class on time. Lucky because you would not want to be late in Mrs. Green's class. She is a handle-with-care teacher. Once a student got late in her class and then talked very rudely to her and guess what he got as punishment- Detention for one week and cleaning of cafeterias after school. I chose the last seat, though I was a straight 'A' student and liked studies, I just didn't want the attention of teachers.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Bethany, your typical school queen bee. With blonde hair, skimpy clothes and eyes piercing and shiny as a cat hunting for a little meek mouse on a dark night. I believe the girl has issues and major ones, but she is always a bitch, no wonder why she has not yet found the person she can share her troubles with.

"Hey nerd, what are you doing? "She said in an obnoxiously high-pitched voice. Not everyone who does not shout for attention is a nerd. Not liking her presence, I said

"Trying to avoid you and your Oompa Loompas" as she took a seat next to me.

"Oh! You are just jealous" she exclaimed. Jealous? Seriously of what, her getting all the bad grades.

"Huh... If that makes you feel better than sure" I retorted and changed my seat getting rid of her. Mrs. Green graced us with her presence just as I sat.

The class was going on and on and on. The clock was ticking and so was my pen. I was staring out the window at the birds flapping their way through the air. Absorbing and observing nature had always been my thing. The class was boring and no matter how much I loved sitting here looking out the window I wanted it to get over, but it seemed as if the clock only ticked and not moved. The class finally got over and so did the school. I was excited as today Me and Kelly were going to have a sleepover with my 1-year-old brother Matthew, because as usual, my parents had to go to a meeting, and unfortunately the nanny had fallen sick so yeah it was me who had to take care of him.

″Such a disgusting sight, No, never ever. At least not until I am living.″ Kelly exclaimed when I asked her to help me clean the mess my little brother had made. Yes, this is my brother we are talking about and you might be thinking why my brother has a mention during my sleepover. Well, it all started like this...

2 hours back.

Ding Dong.

"Here she comes" I thought as I ran for the door coming face to face with an excited Kelly "Look who is beaming like a ball of sunshine, anyways, mom, dad, and Martha are gone. Matthews is over there. We have movies, shows, popcorn, pop tarts and loads of other food." I continued as Kelly got in and propped herself on the sofa.

"American Civil War is what we are going to watch today baby" She exclaimed

"As you say, Miss. Marvel" I answered. Kelly was a huge fan of Marvel, me too, but not that much. We started watching the movie in our room alongside Matthew when our nose met a foul smell from Matthew's direction.

"Oh come on Matthew, not now, " I said as I saw him puking. I paused the movie and took the cleaning cloth in hand.

"Come on, help me clean this mess" I pleaded Kelly

″Such a disgusting sight, No, never ever. At least not until I am living. Come on Alex do it yourself I promise I won't watch the movie without you. ″ She said.

"Well, if you don't remember you were also beside me saying yes, nodding your head when my parents gave 'us' the responsibility to take care of my little brother here" I reminded her with my hands on my hips

"Okay, fine, I am coming, " she said sickeningly and helped me clean the mess while my brother laughed at us. I am really waiting for him to grow up, then I could talk to him and punish him as well. Well, I love my brother very much even though he gets annoying at times. Who doesn't?

The mess was cleaned up. My brother was now sleeping peacefully. We played the movie and gobbled down everything edible. We had watched the movie a million times, but still, we watched it again all because of Miss Marvel- Kelly. Kelly and I are best friends more like sisters since childhood. We trusted each other blindly, even though we were poles apart. Looks like opposites do attract. I was a conserved, fun girl and she was outgoing and crazy. When I always tried to hide my anger and feelings she was always ready for a fight. We also had similarities, we loved the same people and had mostly same favorites.

The climax and a song by Kelly pulled me out of my thoughts. The movie was over and it was 12:30 at night.

"I wonder why it's taking our parents so much time to come back." Kelly said.

"They said they would come back before 11" I replied.

"God knows, maybe they are a little busy? " 

"I think you are right, we should go sleep now"

We had not slept for long when we were again woken up by my brother who was crying. But after various attempts at making him sleep again, he finally did sleep and we too slept on the floor on top of each other. What a wonderful life!!

Chapter 2

Alex's POV:

The sound of the clock woke me and Kelly up. Since we were not morning people, we shut it off and slept again, tired from all the chaos my brother had made last night. But the peaceful, last minute, shutting the clock sleep did not last long as we were again woken up by our housemaid Laura. Unwillingly we got ready and went down for breakfast or let me rephrase it, Laura dragged us down towards the breakfast table muttering all the way about how irresponsible we were and that she was sick of us. She doesn't know what we have been through last night. I was surprised to see my parents on the table up and ready to go. They never were so ready early in the morning.

"Looks like you are joining us for today's breakfast before school or are you going to drop us to school?" I asked my parents.

"No Alex we have an urgent meeting today and you already have a driver to take you to school. This meeting is quite important. "Mom said

"But mom, you both went to a meeting yesterday too, and came so late, and today also you are going for one, early in the morning! When will you have time for me? You are always busy!" I said in a high voice standing from the chair I was sitting on, while Kelly munched her toast beside me like an innocent child.

My father slammed the newspaper down and said "Stop acting as if you are a small girl Alex. Don't forget that I am running for President, which includes a lot of work!"

I wonder will you be even there on my wedding day or my success parties or will you be in a meeting then too I murmured to myself. Sensing the tension between my parents and me Martha said

" Oh, Alex don't you worry, today I am going to stay with you guys rather than with your parents. For now, go to school with Kelly. Fine?"

"Fine," I said rather harshly as I grabbed my bag and a sandwich before practically running out the door. I heard my mom yelling 'manners' but I ignored her. It is not like that I don't like my parents, I love them, but they are never with me. It makes me sad.

"Woah that was hard" Kelly said.

"It had to come out someday! I mean, the last time we had a quality time was when I was 10. They have become more 'busy' lately "I said pursuing a lot of hand action... While explaining I move my hands so much that Kelly believes that either I am a ninja or was one. Funny little assumptions.

"Well, you are right, but don't worry, there must be some tension at work, it will settle down. Everything is going to be good." 

"Yeah stress from 7 years," I said, rolling my eyes, sarcasm flowing in my words. "Well, you know what, you are right, I should not take tension. On the bright side, Martha is going to spend time with us. She is really fun to be with." continuing I again started looking out the window.

We reached school after some time. The bell rang. I was lucky as I had biology not because I loved it, but because I had it with Kelly. We sat down and started our random talks when someone interrupted us.

"Hey, nerd, how you doing? Heard about the crisis in your family" Bethany said. Not this again! But wait...

"Crisis in my family? Well, Beth, I think you follow the wrong newspaper, oh wait you don't read one, I know it is too much for your brain. So, I guess it's a rumor which you are going to spread. Well then let me tell you this rumor is not humorous." I said blessing her with my sarcasm

"Well, that was a really bad comeback Alex- Rumour is not humorous? Who says it?" Kelly said after the class got over.

"I do. Oh, leave I know it was a bad comeback, but my brain stopped working when I heard about a crisis in my family. I don't know where she heard that" I said, sounding sad.

"You know it's not true right, she is just messing with you?" Kelly said


"So, you are actually believing that rumourmonger Bethany. I wonder what's got in your head." 

"I guess I am exaggerating this, you are right, Oh, I am worrying so much I just need to have a deep sleep" I said.

The school got over and so did my worries. But now I was literally looking forward to Martha's visit.

I reached home and as usual, there was no one. I was once again alone. Even Matthew was out with his nanny. He preferred to stay at her house. I ate what was made by the cook for me and went to my room. Kelly went to her home after school, she had to do some work. Around 5, Martha came along with Kelly.

"I am glad you did not go with my parents" I said as I showed her in

"Well, I decided to spend some time with you guys instead. I know you are teenagers and are turning into big girls now, I wanted to relive my teen days. You know when I had those pretty little secrets" She said making a very strange hand movement as if she was trying to help spiders climb up a wall.

"We would love to share secrets with you Martha but sadly we don't have any" I said, taking out some food and water from the fridge.

"Mm... So, tell me does Kelly have a crush or a boyfriend?" She questioned suddenly and both Kelly and I choked on our water. What a straightforward nature.

"Mom??" Kelly exclaimed wiping away the spilled water

"Nope, she does not have any crush or boyfriend. You don't have to worry" I said doing the same

"Mom I would tell you if I did have a crush. Okay?" Kelly said

"I am not sure about that Kel. You tell me, does Alex have any crush or boyfriend?" Mrs. Alvin said and we again choked on our water. Looks like we will have a choke full night with her.

"No mom just leave it" Kelly said hunching her back and jumping on the sofa.

The whole night we watched movies and ate lots of popcorn. And suddenly something struck my head- a question which I knew that Martha would have an answer to, so I asked her.

"Um... Martha can I ask you something?" I said

"Go ahead Alex," she said filling her mouth with popcorns

"Well, I have seen my parents in a lot of worries, tension, and stress in these few days. I know I am young to poke my nose in their matters, but I want to know is there a special reason behind this?" I asked and there was a dead silence that lasted for approximately 2 minutes. I calculated it

"Alex, I think you should now know that..." She said

Chapter 3

Alex POV:

It's very well said that some questions are best left unanswered because right now I really regret asking the question. I was so tensed already and right now after knowing the reason I feel even more confused. But now that I know it, I have to cope up with it. The conversation we had, went something like this.

"Well, I have seen my parents in a lot of worries, tension, and stress in these few days. I know I am young to poke my nose in their matters, but I want to know is there a special reason behind this? I asked and there was a dead silence that lasted for approx. 2 minutes.

"Alex, I think you should now know that..." She said

"I should have known what? Oh, please tell me, I am eager to know. "I cut off Martha frantically.

"Yes, I would if you let me complete my sentence."

"Oh, sorry" I answered and sat down again

"Okay, fine, now this story is long. A few days back we got a notification that Mr. James the owner of Bay Producers who also happens to be another candidate running for the president's post for years, has sued us for a copyright issue on, as per him one of their invented initiatives or in a simple way project, which as per him hasn't been launched yet. Well, we knew that it is totally a false accusation, as we have been working on this project from the day the company started. And as your parents are the head of the company and unfortunately lovers of peace, they have been holding meetings with him in order to sort the matter and have been asking him to take back his accusations." Martha said, slowing down towards the end.

"But if you know that the accusations are false and that Mr. James is just a corrupt person, then why not take the support of the law?" I said in utter shock. Wait, was Bethany right when she said that my family was falling into crisis? But how did she know? This is eating me up.

"I told them, but they say that they don't want to take it so far. Also, we are waiting for some more pieces of evidence, to make the meeting and our point more effective" She said.

"Mom, isn't this wrong? I mean this is a legal matter and includes two big companies, this has to go to the court. How long will it take for any new shreds of evidence to be found?" Kelly Asked

"Our Agents are looking for more evidence, and about the law, your parents don't want to cause any trouble." Martha said leaving me infuriated, really was this the time to be good? That fake person was putting false accusations and my parents were doing nothing? But pushing aside my anger was the only option I could opt for now.

"I hope my parents seek the support of law rather being all goody good." I said in a concerned tone. Again, there was a silence on 2 minutes. ugh, I hate the silence.

"Well, you know what leave it I shouldn't have told you about it. It just ruined our perfect sleepover. Let's change the topic." Martha said trying to chill up the mood

"You are right Martha I should not worry about this, whatever my parents would do it would be good. But thanks anyway for telling me seeing the amount of time my parents spend with me I would have never known about it." I said with a sigh.

"Let's play heads up" Kelly said and I rolled my eyes, why?? I had no interest in the game. But fortunately, the dinner bell rang. Close call, even before Martha and Kelly could whine about the bell I hurried down and a beautiful sight caught my eyes.... food.

The dining table was all set with my favorite dishes. Pasta, Tacos, Rice, Ice cream and how can I forget chicken l-o-v-e. Yes, we had a weird taste all different kind of dishes together, but anyways I loved it. We sat down facing each other and Martha between us which means we were at the corner of the large dining table which had a white cloth on it and food. We ate or I ate till I was full like a bag full of chips. No, a bag full of chips is never full it's more air, like a bag full of stones, I know a bad comparison but that's what I got. I was flying in the sky when Kelly pulled me down and announced a match of  Heads Up.

"No," I exclaimed well not my fault, the acting was never my thing. But since it was 2 to 1 I knew I had to play.
"It's 2 to 1" Martha said. I knew it. So, I agreed to play, turns out I am not that bad at heads up and acting.
The game and night went on. It was the best sleepover, I had ever had, even my brother did not disturb us. But somewhere deep down in the pit of my stomach I had this rumbling feeling, not because of food. I had known something that I wished to learn from my parents. I just wished as I slept that nothing bad happens to anyone.


Chapter 4

Shopping- an eight-letter word but a big burden to me. I mean, can a person spend money on clothes when they know that they already have some and not few but a hell lot of clothes, a mountain of clothes. I have always hated the idea of shopping, so all my clothes are either bought by my mom or Kelly. I feel exotic clothes are a waste of money, a simple T-shirt a pair of jeans, converse and a hoodie at times is all I need. Even though my mother gets very little time she still shops for me. As said my mom is a fashion designer herself and she has her own stores but still, at times for a change, we buy clothes from other stores. I hate it because I don't like to stand for hours and hours and stare at the clothes and especially the mannequins in their lifeless, mostly white eyes. There are instances when I make fun of the poses they are made in. Judge me all you want but when I enter a store, the first thing I do is a hunt for a seat to sit.

But today was special, it was a mother-daughter day out as my mom proposed it to be, I could not say no. I wonder how the hell did that get in her mind suddenly. I am pretty sure Martha suggested her to do so. So here I am standing in front of a clothing store in a mall wondering what could I have done differently to avoid this, not the get-together but shopping.


Beep Beep Beep

Oh, not again, the alarm clock blared as the sunshine lighted up the entire room. I could have just kept alarm on my mobile but I had so many favorite songs and I couldn't choose one. Won't be fair for others. Kelly me and Martha were spread all over the room.


"OH Shit" exclaimed Kelly as Martha took a baseball bat and smashed the clock on the table. Baseball bat yes baseball, I used to play baseball. Martha after doing her part of Dont-mess-with-with-me-clock slept again

"Is that how your mother wakes you in the morning" I asked Kelly groggily 

"No, luckily, but she is not a morning person" She answered standing up and trying to open her eyes.

"Yes, I can see it" I said and climbed out of my bed got fresh and hopped out my room towards the kitchen and met my mom there.

"Get ready we are going out" She said and walked out leaving me confused with no space for argument.

Flashback ended

"Oh, come on, come in, don't stare at it as if it is a gate to hell." Mom said dragging me in.

Well, it is hell to me I murmured. We went in and had a look at all the clothes. Series of white, black, green and possibly all the colors on this planet blocked my vision of the stool nearby and before I knew somebody had already taken it. We ended up buying a white tank top with jeans and a denim half cut sleeves jacket and also an off shoulder black top for me. My mom bought a royal blue lace dress and a professional jacket. After we were through with our shopping we went to Starbucks. Well the two-day holiday just went by and now tomorrow's school. Got to get ready now.


"Nooo" i exclaimed as I woke from a bad dream... Why does it always happen with me, this is the second time in this week when I had a bad dream.

"What happened? Had a bad dream again?" Kelly asked waking up as we had a sleepover last night. Again.

"Ya, and it was weirder this time"

"What was it?"

"I dreamt that our school was hit by an earthquake and then we both are left all alone and we are fighting the aliens and zombies to get other people back." I said panting heavily

"Well didn't I warned you saying not to watch a paranormal fiction movie at night, if we look on the brighter side, it went well at least you woke up early." she said pointing at the clock

I rolled my eyes at her nonsense logic, got off the bed and got ready for school. I am really excited to go school today because we are going to get our calculus test sheets back which will hold my shining marks. Note the sarcasm. I hurried downstairs with Kelly and surprisingly met my mother waiting for me to have breakfast.

Well, I didn't have a conversation with her about the copyright issue thing during the shopping trip and I was definitely not going to raise that topic any day. I smiled at my mom and sat at the dining table noticing that my father had woken up too and was there. I smiled and wished good morning to him too and settled down for my breakfast which had pancakes on the menu.

"I think you would be happy to know that I and your dad have taken out some time for your upcoming competition" Mom said.

 A feeling of happiness gushed through me after listening to this. I was selected in a debate competition, and my parents were invited, I thought they would not be able to take out time but eventually, they had. I hugged my mom and dad, said thank you. And rushed out for school.  


"How did it go?" Kelly asked

"Like awesome, totally cool, I had not expected this result, mom and dad would be so proud of me. " I said cheerfully after coming out of my calculus class carrying the sheet in my hand as the only thing valuable on the planet.

"Well I need a party girl" Kelly said wiggling her brows

"Sure why not" I said heading towards the cafeteria.

We took a regular, not noticed much, seat.The cafeteria was filled with several kinds of people, gossiping, celebrating, complaining.That was all we did, we were never into food fights, but soon I was disturbed by an annoying sound of an annoying person, you guessed it...

"Hey Alex, I hope I didn't disturb you, did I?"

"Well actually you-" 

"Oh, of course not, just wanted to wish you a happy day ahead. Enjoy!!" Bethany said leaving me stunned. I am pretty sure I was going to say no to her offer of talking.

"What was that, did that just happened or was I dreaming? Bethany...sweet no never" Kelly said

"Yes, you are right how come she is being so nice to me? Either she is planning a plot against me or she is under medication, "I said

"Or has got a dare."Kelly completed me.

God save me, her pranks are not at all pleasing, this sweet greeting was not to be taken lightly but I was happy about my calculus test so did not pay much attention.


The day at school finally got over. I was waiting for Kelly in the parking lot when she finally came running towards me.

"Where in the world were you? Who takes this much time to come out of school?" I said furiously

"Sorry just got stuck with some work" she said and we took off to home in my car. Yes, I had a car finally along with a  license, I am 18 man.

We reached home and got out of the car. Today we had planned a subway party but of course after telling our parents about it.

"The house seems unusually quiet. don't you think Alex?" Kelly asked me suspiciously

"Affirmative let us see what's going on, there seems to be no one around" I replied shutting the door

We headed towards the door of our bungalow and little did I know that what I was going to see would change my life.... forever.

Chapter 5

"Mom!!!" Kelly shouted as she rushed over to the lying body.

"Martha?" I mumbled and rushed over.

"Mom! mom what happened? who did this? Mom speak something. Mom! "Kelly exclaimed and started crying as she saw her mother lying on the ground with her chest shot and blood gushing out of it. Dark, red blood was all over Kelly's hands by now.

"Martha, who did this say something please, where are mom and dad?" I asked, tears welling up in my eyes making my vision blur, daring to fall down.

She pointed her finger towards the house in a rather feeble state, panicked I rushed to the big wooden styled door of my house and froze when I saw approximately ten men dressed all in black, loaded with guns surrounding my mother, father, and brother. A man of about my father's age, with brown hair, sharp features, and a fit body stood in between those men also pointing a gun towards my dad. He looked as if he was their boss. I don't know if it was a gut feeling or God himself had sent restricted me because I kept quiet and just observed the scene in front of me. My mind seemed to be frozen and had blocked all the thoughts, I just could not think... What was happening? Luckily my mother saw me and mouthed me to run away as fast as I could, but no, I could not leave them here, they were my family, I knew nothing and kept on standing all the while trying to think about ways to get out of this situation.

"What did we do to you?" My father asked the man who was the boss.

"You are asking what you did Henry?" He said and started laughing like a maniac. There is something about the laugh of people. They seem to be so cunning and different then the others smile  "Even though I warned you not to file a case against me, threatened you to withdraw your name for president's post and told you to get away from my way, you still stood against me. I tried to make it easier by putting a false accusation on you so you could go to jail, and when you would come back I would have been already in the president's position but you, you went against me. No one stands against me I am the greatest and now that you have dishonored my commands you will pay. Or wait your whole family will pay" The man said sternly and again started laughing.

The second he mentioned false accusation I figured out who he was, he was none other than Mr. James the owner of Bay Producers who was also running for president. My parents had finally put up a case against him.

"You are a fool, James. What do you think no one will know about it?" my mother spatted out

"Oh, dear look at your anger Lena. Drop it, it's not good for you and the answer to your question DO YOU THINK I AM A FOOL! no, I am not, I have planned it in such a way that it would look as if you all committed suicide. And I can make it look that way pretty easily. How do you think I was in power as a state official and the head of a multi-dollar company all these years.?" James said smirking as he brushed off the imaginary dust off his gun

"You moron, you will pay for what you are doing. "mom shouted again at him indirectly giving me more time to leave.

James stared at her with an expressionless face and replied "Done? now let's start by" he glanced around the three "Aha you Mr. Henry" He continued pointing a gun towards him "and then you Lena and then we will consider your child here" he said pointing to my brother who was already in a fit of rage for he could not bear the noises.

As he said those words he shot my father, and before I could foretell any happenings I watched as the bullet ripped through my mother's forehead amidst the shattering crying state of my brother.I slightly gasped as I stood there lost, shocked, broken, and frozen with hundreds of emotions running in my mind, prominently fear, sadness, and utter shock, containing the anger in me I stood there and watched as he took my little brother in his hands. I was so helpless, I had never seen anyone getting shot lest my parents. I couldn't do anything everything was becoming blurry, tears threatened to come out. I was at a stage where my body wanted me to feel but I had become way too numb. It was like the tears were brimming in my eyes and they couldn't hold them anymore. Everything fell apart when he shot my brother, my one-year-old innocent brother who knew nothing about what was happening was shot in front of my eyes, Matthew was no longer alive. And that's when I could no longer hold back. 

I screamed with all my might letting out the agony and pain as I fell to my knees. I couldn't contain the rage building up anymore.I didn't care if anyone saw me if I lived anymore. I had gathered everyone's attention and as I was rising to blindly run up to them James said

"Shoot her, she is his daughter" one of the men shot in my direction, I had read in many books that the protagonist could not move when he shot her and I thought that it was stupid but right now in real life when he ordered to shoot me I couldn't move, I was in shock and could do nothing, but surprisingly I did not feel the bullet I looked up and saw that the door was closed and the bullet had hit Marco our bodyguard.

"Go away, she needs you alive," He mustered up the strength to speak pointing towards Kelly.  I was ready to do anything right now so bringing myself to my senses and registering what he said I stood up and ran towards my car grabbing Kelly along who was crying her heart out near Martha while she remained lifeless on the ground. Before the men could open the door and come out I spared a last glance at the place I called home and people I loved and I drove off as if my life depended on it, well It did depend on it at the moment.

"Kelly I need you to control yourselves and look if someone is following us. We need to get away from them, they are going to kill us" I said looking at Kelly who was still in shock looking somewhere far away,  all numb.

"Uh. yes, I can see they are following us," Kelly said petrified

"I am driving fast. How many are there?"

"Around 4 cars following us and-"

Bang Bang.

"Shit they have guns, Alex"

"Duck down, we need to get away from here I am trying my best Kelly," I said as I accelerated the car

"I know this place, take the next turn and drive towards the woods" Kelly said

"U sure?" 

"Trust me, do as I say, at least we will be off track," Kelly said and of course I would trust her so I did as she said and went into woods. I knew this place too, I had a faint memory.

I stopped the car "get out of it," 

"Why? its dangerous out here, "Kelly said

"They will catch us, Kelly, we need to leave the car here and run, go deep in the forest, I know this place, I came here once. They won't be able to find us in here, they are just behind us" I said and we both ran because I knew the car wouldn't go far and they had found us, we ran for our lives like we never ran before. Kelly found a huge tree and we climbed on it.

"Where the hell those two kiddos go ?" one of the men asked reaching just near the tree I was hiding in.

"We need to find them and kill them, only they saw us killing those four, and that girl who saw us was Henry's daughter. If we don't find them both, the boss is going to kill us" Another man said. They kept on wandering for some time searching for us. I just sat on the tree bending my back and holding myself up to the tree so I won't fall catching my breath so I won't be audible.

"I don't think they will live for long, It's getting dark and this is quite a big and dense forest, even if they ran from us they won't be able to live and moreover they are just girls. Let's go back and tell boss we killed them and buried them." The first man said again and all of them went back. Seeing them go I sighed in relief.

"They are gone climb down Kelly, " I said and we sat down the woods. Neither of us talked. The sun was setting leaving the sky orange and then dark and black. The birds were flying back to their homes to their family. 

Home.. Family

There were questions, a lot of them going in my mind. My tears wanted to pour down but couldn't, I wanted to cry and shout but couldn't. It was like I became oblivious to everything

What had happened? Where am I? Will I ever get them back? Will my life change forever or will it end here? These questions rang in my mind and eventually drifted me off to sleep... Filled with nightmares