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​The lake roared something so unsolvingly distracting, so born with this song full of spit of spitefullness, Only to find this as a calling from one of his dead confidants for some darkling information.


​Don't just survive, live and sort what is left with the riches of lifes general principles and look deep within. Infinitely words from Tyke's old former guru who pasts away with age. Still the heart grown from the times he did live to dismay a source of power that he is now trying to ignite from. Like the lifestyle for instance, keeping up with judo, kanfu, his relationships and even his home sown down in the gusty dusty middle of the woods. Where it sits beside a lake that simply cries one night before he finished his meal. It moaned, cries, it speaks, monstrously appealing, but somehow, yet, still, innocent, "Tyke." "Tyke, yes, its me, who are you, what is this?" "Your teacher, your father, your father, he killed me." Tyke tries to get more out of him but only feels the gentle air push around him and up to his knees and on his feet, rises Tyke to go after his father and his empire. What people would call suicidal and what tyke would simply call a disappointment.