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Detective stories are near and dear to my heart.  I grew up reading children's mystery and Sherlock Holmes.  As an adult, I enjoy unconventional detective stories such as the Dresden Files.

Along with fictional interest, I also come from a long line of law enforcement.  My great grandfather was an Irish bobby.  My grandfather after him was in California Highway Patrol, and later was a police chief in Colorado Springs.  My mother followed family convention and was a patrol officer for a number of years before transferring to criminal investigations.  My step-father spent the bulk of his Army career in the Military Police, both in the US and abroad.

My own leanings in the profession have always been geared toward forensic pathology, psychology and entomology.  I love being able to 'read' a scene; a body; a criminal.  

I started taking my writing seriously this year when I decided I had a unique position for story-telling.  I wanted to be able to convey LGBT+ characters with the same depth and grit that we've come to expect from their straight counter parts.  I also felt that given the nature of some literature that has been put out in the past decade, we are sorely lacking a novel that approaches BDSM as a potentially healthy, normal aspect of sexual exploration.  The result of all of these interests culminated in Painted Blue.

I am also a hobby artist and illustrate all of my own works.


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