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Everlasting Beauty


(Sci-Fi for those who don't like Sci Fi)
            She just wanted a life without poverty.  He wanted to conquer worlds.  She was beauty. He was beast.  Nothing could stand in his way.  He cared for no one and for nothing until he met... everlasting beauty.
                                          Anabella Torres works at a supermarket during the day and at a diner during the night.  She does the same thing over and over.  There is nothing new in her life or interesting, but she wants to go to College.  Her love for books is insatiable.  However, her plans fail when she receives a call from her brother.  Her father is in the hospital and he might die if he is doesn't get an operation.  The money she saved for College must now go to her ailing father, but things grow for the worst when a group of aliens called the Sha' decide to invade the planet.  Their goal is to rule Earth by any means necessary.  
                                          Brok, the Prince of the Sha' will stop at nothing to acquire what he wants, but when he meets Anabella Torres everything in his life takes a turn and his ultimate choice may bring him glory or doom.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Everlasting Beauty

Copyright © 2016 by K.L. Rivers

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Second Edition: Copyright © 2017 by K.L. Rivers

New Version Edition: Copyright © 2018 by K.L. Rivers

Written in Puerto Rico

Chapter One


My entire world was gone with a choice. I never knew that my choice would change everything, but it did. I couldn't allow my father to rot in a prison cell. He didn't deserve that or could his weakened heart take it.  The beast can say anything he wants to say, but what he did to him was unjust and unfair. More than that, it was cold and cruel, but I guess when you're a dictator, you're not allowed to have a heart, much less a soul for that matter.

His deep golden eyes still lingered in my mind forever watching me and my every move. Sometimes it was unnerving to think about those golden orbs looking down at me.

I wondered if he could penetrate my mind even. Would it be a good thing? I should think bad thoughts of him then.   I hated him with every inch of my heart and not just the organic one, but the inner celestial one as well, if there was such a thing. I wish I could send his ship and crew straight to the abyss of hell.

I was in a room and supposedly I was a guest and not a prisoner, but I found it quite ironic to be locked in. I guess this is how the Sha race treat their guests, by tossing their parents out of their space ships and demanding that their invitation be a permanent one.

I wish I could have known that in my Science class, oh right, my Science teacher didn't believe in green little men. Of course, this man wasn't green, he was blue and there was nothing little about his height.

"If you want to take his place, then go ahead. Be my guest, for life," he told me before tossing my father out into his doom.

Crying, I begged him to please let me say goodbye to my dad, but that was too much to ask of this vile monster, this Brok prince or whoever he was.

"Please... let me speak to him... one last time," I said on my knees. My jeans were torn, my face a bit smeared with dirt and I remember that my nails were bitten and not so well cared for. Stress damaged me this way.

"Master Brok maybe you should-"

"Take him away Rox. He is no longer my prisoner," Brok commanded. Rox who was a silver colored metallic robot with an egg shaped head who wore a long white robe.  He grabbed my father by his collar. My dad tried to fight him off, but the robot was stronger.

"Brok, master Brok, please listen to me. She's not well. She doesn't know what she's saying. Please set her free and take me instead. She's just a kid!" My father said.

"She is no longer your concern Mr. Torres. I suggest you concentrate on more efficient efforts, like trying to keep the rest of your species alive. However, they won't last long," Brok said with a soft grin on his lips.

Sharp fangs sparkled from his mouth and his smooth long, black hair slithered with his walk. His dark gothic styled clothing suited him well. I didn't believe for one minute that there was blood running through his veins, but cold-ice vinegar and acid.


"Papi!" I yelled, but it was useless. Rox who was nothing, but a metallic servant did whatever Prince Brok ordered. He radically took him away without a second thought.

The last thing I saw was the shadow of my father being dragged as he called out my name. I glared at Brok, but he dismissed it completely without a single word.

"I hate you!" I yelled at him.

"You are an inferior species Anabella. I'm not surprised at all," Brok said with a shake of his head.

"Inferior? Why don't you try to wear my shoes instead of judging me from that high chair of yours?" I said.

"High chair of mine? Your shoes? Sorry, I don't fall for metaphors, but thank you for the poetry lesson," Brok said.

"You are a monster!"

"Call me what you like Anabella. Beast if you wish.  You can hate me all you want, but that will not change your circumstances. You will still be a slave and your race decimated under my rule. So please, indulge yourself in your hate if you wish, but do not be fooled I am in control of you and your planet now," Brok said and walked away. I ran two steps and a door suddenly appeared in front of my eyes sliding itself and shutting me into this room. I was an inch away of being crushed, unless the door was intelligent, or something.

What could I do? How could I leave this place and warn others that Brok's intentions were hostile and not peaceful as he had said during his first visit to Earth? If you count a space ship crash as a visit. The presidents of the world believed him.

He was about to sign an interplanetary agreement with us, but apparently it was all a lie.

My father and I were the only ones who knew the truth. Then, it hit me. My father was going to be killed. Brok wouldn't want the truth to come out. It didn't make sense to allow him to live, so he was either lying about letting him go or...

Why would Brok allow him to live anyway? Well, maybe Brok thought that no one would listen to my father, since everyone thought that he was literally crazy.

My dad was a part-time "conspiracy theorist".  After a heart attack in the mine fields he literally began to form this strange group called "The Spectators." These were all people who believed in UFO's basically.

My mother had died long ago and he began to spread a rumor that space aliens had taken her into another dimension on the day of her death. Since then, he's been known as "The Weirdo".

  If only I could speak to my dad, talk to him telepathically or something. Don't be a hero dad. Don't go all nuts about me. Forget me. Forget all about me and save yourself. I'm done, I thought to myself in the hope that somehow, maybe a little spark of what I was saying would reach one of his eardrums or maybe his mind or his instincts, but as these words came into my mind a stream of tears ran down my eyes and my cheeks.  There was nothing but desperation in every sentence.

I'm dead. It's all over. I'm never going to see my father again, my brother, my best friend Chandra or that annoying idiot, Luke Stevens.

Not only would I lose the people around me, but I have lost everything in between. My life, my work, everything is lost. I won't be able to taste a piña colada or an alcapurria ever again. My toes won't touch the sandy floors of the beach or feel the tide of the waves. I'll never see a tree or have an annoying twig twisted around my hair. It'll never rain or snow in the planet Sha.

I fell on my knees and trembled. I felt fear, real fear for the first time. I was alone. I was sincerely alone and defenseless in the floor of my quarters. It didn't look like a prison, it looked like a comfortable room with a cozy bed and a majestic tapestry. It was all purple though. The walls, the bed, the desks and chair, all of it, even the rugs and the door.

Although it looked foreign to me, I couldn't see it as a horrible place. Where were the instruments of torture or the decay of my quarters. In fact it smelled of lavender and sandalwood. Not a single thing was dusty, or odious for that matter and yet I felt so afraid in its utter perfection. It screamed at me, I'm a lie. I just looked at my surroundings and none of it felt real. What was this thing? A room, a chamber or maybe a prison. Was it digitalized to make me believe in it? I didn't know.

All of these questions made me quiver and distract myself from the undeniable truth, I was all alone. I trembled further. My body wouldn't stop. It shook and shook until it couldn't take it anymore. Maybe it was the excitement, the fear, the sadness or the shock. Whatever it was, it overtook me and my body just shut off and broke down like a computer with a virus.

Chapter Two


Death. My daughter would face death in the hands of that monster. I couldn't allow this to happen. There had to be a way, some way to get her out of there.

I swore to myself thousand times that I was going to set her free. If it was the last thing I did upon this Earth or upon any other planet, but I wasn't going to let her go. Never.

I tried to replay everything in my head and not just the last moments of her face and her voice pleading for me to help her.

I felt totally and utterly destroyed. If there was something that could kill a parent, it was to feel the helplessness and nothingness for his child. The reality of it all was that I couldn't help her. I couldn't remove those shackles from her and it was all my fault. I tried so hard to reason with her.

"Anabella, what the hell are you doing? Don't do this. You're the next generation of myself. Forget about it. I'm telling you... no, I'm ordering you," I told her before she opened her mouth and uttered her insane thoughts out loud.

"Take me, take me, not him, please..." Anabella had told the beast.

"Shut up Anabella! Shut up," I shouted, but I saw the menacing face of the beast and I knew that he'd take her up on her proposal. Of course he would. That horrible beast would do anything to make a human feel like utter dirt.

I tried to warn her to get off the ship, to go get help, to warn the world about these degenerate aliens, but did she listen? No.

Why the hell won't kids ever listen to their parents' advice? It's not like I wanted her trapped in there forever. What the hell was wrong with her? I guess that's what happens when you raise your kids to be brave. I suppose they turn stupid.

She was brave. But she shouldn't have been brave now, it was bad timing. This was not the way, I thought to myself.

Ah, what's the difference? I was just as stupid as her when I was her age. I suppose being stupid is something allowed in the time of your youth.  The ability to commit mistakes is all nice and welcome, but then when you grow up, you don't have the luxury of being stupid anymore.

What was done, was done. Of course I wouldn't hold a damn grudge on her. I wasn't going to waste my time thinking that it was her fault. None of this was her fault. The fault was mine, for being curious and stupid I suppose.

"Brok, I beg you, kill me. Kill me right now, here and let my daughter go," I had told him as Rox grabbed me by the arm. I kicked the robot in the nuts, but it was no use because number one, he didn't really have a nut sack and number two, I was the one who got hurt by the kick.

"No!" Anabella shouted. She went before Prince Brok and stumbled down on her knees. She grabbed his big, blue hand with those disgusting sharp black nails and kissed his knuckles.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, my daughter was humiliating herself for me.

I did something unexpected, I pulled Rox into me and then pushed him as hard as I could.

He released me and I ran to my girl. Prince Brok approached me and grabbed me by the collar. He snarled at me with his huge white fangs and frowned with his devilishly, thick, black eyebrows.

With his strength he lifted me up so high that my feet couldn't touch the ground.

I thought this was it. This was the moment. He was going to take my proposal instead, rip me in half, devour me and leave my chunks in the hallway, but in the meantime Anabella would have time to escape as she reasonably should have done in the first place and disappear. Unfortunately that did not happen.

"Brok I will stay with you, as long as you want. Let him go. He has a heart condition. He cannot endure the trip. He won't make it anyway. You won't have a servant, but a problem in your hands," Anabella said. Briefly,  the prince gazed at my daughter.

"I'm right here you son of a bitch! I'm right here," I tried to yell, but it came out raspy. It was no use. There was something so sinister and so cold coming out of his golden eyes, that I just couldn't figure it out.

The hairs of my arms and neck rose as he stared into my daughter's eyes. What the hell was he thinking? What the hell was she thinking? Anabella, get the hell out of here, now, I thought to myself, almost screamed it in my mind. The prince then turned his head towards me, looked at me for a moment and tossed me on the floor like a bag of hay.

My back bounced and I thought for a moment that I had been turned into a paraplegic, but it was just the exaggeration of my mind. I was hurt though and I couldn't move very well.

"Brok, master Brok, please listen to me. She's not well. She doesn't know what she's saying. Please set her free and take me instead. She's just a kid!"

"She is no longer your concern Mr. Torres. I suggest you concentrate on more efficient efforts, like trying to keep the rest of your species alive. However, they won't last long," Brok said. That son of a bitch! I thought to myself.


"Take him away," the prince ordered. Rox grabbed the collar of my stained, blue button shirt. I tried to fight him, but I was too weakened by the fall and my chest started to hurt.

I didn't want to worry my daughter with my pain. It was me who had to get her out of there. I was her father, it was my responsibility.

When I heard her say PAPI to me I nearly died. Papi. That word with its four little letters. I didn't know it was such a powerful word until now.

She had uttered them for the very first time when she was a year and a half old. Papi.

A memory came into my mind and I saw my daughter, in the shape of a baby. She was playing in her play pen, putting a toy in her mouth, a plastic Mickey Mouse doll, I think.

At the time her mom was alive and taking care of her at home. I came home from work. I was a dusty mess. A little man, a worker and a Latino with a Spanish accent that couldn't be concealed from humanity. She looked at me and smiled, welcoming me into her little world.

"Papi!" She said.

There was not a chance in hell that was allowing this thing to happen. I was going to find help. My daughter was going to escape that ship and then I was going to find a way to kill Brok.

I scampered up from the ground holding on to my chest. It hurt bad. I held on to a tree trunk and walked. I was deep into forest territory and the ground was covered with deadwood, sticks and stones.

The air was fresh, the sun was powerful and the day was deceiving, since it was "beautiful". I never would have called this a beautiful day though. I paced fast at first, but my heart hammered me and I had to slow down. I wondered why was I ailed with this impediment.

Was this God's punishment to me? Why? Because I spread the truth about aliens? What a way to reward someone after telling the truth, huh? Most people didn't believe me or my story, but I didn't give a crap. I know what I saw. In the meantime I was going to try to reach my best friend Randolph. Him and his shitty car was going to have to take me to a police station. I had to remind myself that his car wasn't shitty though. It was practical.

I had to reach him. He owed me a million favors, anyway. I checked my pockets without any real hope. There was nothing in them. Not even my damn driver's license.

I knew that the son of a bitch would take away my cell phone, but I didn't know he'd take away my identification cards and my money. He certainly was a piece of work, this alien monster.

I stumbled across a stone and fell on my chest. Damn, that was a hard blow. I was lucky I didn't fall flat on my face or all my teeth would have been rolling out of my mouth. I got up again, whimpering a bit and stumbling again. I lost a button and my shirt got smeared with some dirt.

Not that I really gave a damn. Having a clean shirt just wasn't my priority at this moment. I couldn't get up and I had to sit down on one of the big rocks beside a tree nearby. I heaved as I sat on the stone.

I looked out at the space ship. It was right here, still crashed on the Earth, so that meant that I still I had some time to get my daughter off this damn thing, but how much time did I have?

I couldn't sit here all day. Once I felt my breathing alright I got up and walked again. Randolph, you idiot, I hope you're still there.

Chapter Three


I knew for sure that I would be called back soon. Although the alien promised that he would negotiate a peace treaty with us, our government wasn't stupid.

They were taking every and all precautions with this situation following security protocols, making the calls, doing the work and going through the procedures.

It was in everyone's best interest to feel secure and although they smiled in front of the cameras saying that they were all about love and peace, our leaders were already calling on the Pentagon and the military industrial complex facilities to ensure our safety and security worldwide.

The government didn't know what technology these aliens possessed, where they'd come from and for the moment they had to rely on what they were being told.

Although I was out of the game, I had a few friends who were still in the military. When I asked a few questions around I got my answers.  I knew that I'd be called back for action. I wouldn't have returned to military if it were a call to go back to Afghanistan, but this was a whole other story.

Frankly, I was scared. If I had to die however, I'd do it. It wouldn't be for my country though.  I would be dying for Earth and for humanity. I guess if that's the way to go, what best way than to die for one's planetary survival?

It was better than to die for a tank of gas or a profit for a priviliged few. I'd be a real hero. .

I wanted to be enthusiastic about this whole deal, but I really wasn't. The people I talked to had diverse opinions about the matter. Some of them trusted the aliens and some didn't and were convinced that the aliens were just buying time as they repaired their crashed ship.

My dad had talked about these aliens for years. I didn't believe him and thought it was just crazy talk. Who knew, he was telling the truth? Papi used to say that mami was taken away by aliens on the day of her deathbed. I remember finding it offensive at the time.

I placed my hand in the pocket of my jeans and pulled out my cell phone. It was five in the afternoon. Where was my dad?

He had told me something about checking out some stuff he had stored in a bunker that would be used as protection against the aliens.  I warned him not to go, but he told me it would be too complicated.

I punched the keys on my mobile phone to try to make a call. Sometimes the calls came through, other times it didn't.

The news reporter had said that the alien spaceship would be interfering with our communications, including cell phones and internet. They suggested we used the old telephones if we had any or radio contact.

Weren't these anchor newsmen just so damn brilliant? No shit. That was if you could find one of these old things or afford any of the expensive radios. I had a radio and used it from time to time, but I didn't remember if dad took a radio or not. I did call him several times through it, but got no response, so I assumed that he's got just his cell.

But the question wasn't if they did or didn't interfere with our communications because the answer was obvious, the question was, was this done on purpose or was this accidental?

That was something that chipped into my mind from time to time, but there were no answers for this. According to the news and the government, it was all innocent and very nice.

The alien ship emanated energy from a force field that the ship automatically released from its space travel and it was this "unknown" energy that interfered with our communications.  It was all good according to them. It felt like they were almost describing a piña colada.

I scratched my head, worried with my dad's absence. He hadn't taken this long before and I was starting to feel anxious. I called my big sister, Anabella, but she didn't answer her phone either.

"Where the hell are they?" I asked myself. Today was her birthday, by the way. Dad was planning to have a barbecue or something like that. He said burgers were easier to make than mofongos.

I searched for my other contacts to see if I had Randolph's phone number. I hadn't seen his car around here today, so I figured he was probably cruising with my dad. I sat down on my dad's chair and just searched. I looked for him in the R's. Luckily, I had him as a contact. He wasn't too difficult to find, since he was the only Randolph I knew. Poor guy. He had to carry around that silly name. I wondered if they bullied him because of it when he was a kid, maybe they called him Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer.

"Hey kiddo! What's up?"

"Randolph? You got a signal?" I asked him. I put my hand on my pocket.

"Apparently so. I guess the aliens are allergic to shitty cell phones," Randolph said laughing. Randolph was a weird one. He had one of those old cell phones that didn't even have a screen on them. He only used it to make calls. He had no idea how to operate a phone with internet and I had tried to teach him several times, but he was just too tech dumb. He had bought one once and ended up tossing it in the trash can annoyed and calling it a piece of shit. When people laughed at him and talked to him about he'd just reply that he only needed a goddamn phone to make calls.

"Have you seen my dad? Are you with him?" I asked. Say yes Randolph.

"Brian, I'm going to be honest with you, your dad is crazy. I mean... I get it, he was right about the aliens, aliens do exist. I mean it's now confirmed, but to go to the damn spaceship?"

"He what?" I asked shocked. That's not what he told me. He said he was going to a bunker to get some supplies. What the...?


"He's on the spaceship," Randolph said.

"How the hell's he on the spaceship Randolph? Did you take him there?"

"Hell no. Brian, I have no idea. Like I said, your dad is nuts," Randolph said.

"Where's Anabella?" I asked.

"She's... you don't want to know."

"Randolph, where's my sister?"

"Okay, don't get angry with me," Randolph said over the phone. It was a bit difficult not to get angry when somebody said that to me. I was probably going to be furious with what he had to say, but I lied of course.

"Well... she kind of went into the spaceship too. She's looking for your dad."

"What the fu... and you let her?"

"You should have seen her Brian. She was literally going to kill me if I hadn't taken her there."

"Where are you?"

"I'm in the car waiting for her. I'm supposed to be a goddamn distraction, but honestly I'm too old for this kind of shit," Randolph replied.

"What? Okay, I'm on my way," Brian said.

"Sir, you need to leave this perimeter," a voice said over the phone, but it wasn't Randolph. It must have been somebody from military personnel, a soldier talking to Randolph.

"Randolph, let me talk to the guy," I told him, but Randolph had hung up. I couldn't believe this. My sister? I shook my head in denial. No, this was not happening. I called Randolph again. The phone just rang multiple times, but he didn't answer.

I went into my old bedroom, the one I was staying in while I was trying to get into the police academy and walked straight to my drawer. I opened the top one, retrieved my handgun and placed it in my pocket. I had a box of bullets. I retrieved that too. I picked up my red helmet with a yellow lightning image by the side. I loved that insignia and I even got a tattoo on my right arm with the same image. I got out of my dad's house in Forest East Peoria, Chicago. I didn't have a car, I owned a motorcycle instead. I borrowed Randolph's piece of shit, sometimes. I did so yesterday, to pick up my sister from the city of Chicago. I always thought that she should move out of there because she'd be in danger. I always thought that she'd be safer with dad. I guess I was wrong.

This shit was unbelievable to me. I rode my bike and drove over the broken concrete. The alien's spaceship had crashed a few miles from here two days ago and it was such a huge hit that when it happened, the ground shook. At first we all thought it was an earthquake. The streets were heavily broken, a few cars got smashed with lampposts and trees. It was a freaking mess. I had to dodge huge holes, logs and lampposts. It was even dangerous to touch the cables on the floor, it was unsafe to drive. But, what choice did I have? I didn't have a choice. I was the one who had to do all the things without making decisions. Although I was a leader in my team, apparently I was a follower in my family. I didn't decide. I responded. I reacted.