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Everlasting Beauty


(Sci-Fi for those who don't like Sci Fi)
            She just wanted a life without poverty.  He wanted to conquer worlds.  She was beauty. He was beast.  Nothing could stand in his way.  He cared for no one and for nothing until he met... everlasting beauty.
                                          Anabella Torres works at a supermarket during the day and at a diner during the night.  She does the same thing over and over.  There is nothing new in her life or interesting, but she wants to go to College.  Her love for books is insatiable.  However, her plans fail when she receives a call from her brother.  Her father is in the hospital and he might die if he is doesn't get an operation.  The money she saved for College must now go to her ailing father, but things grow for the worst when a group of aliens called the Sha' decide to invade the planet.  Their goal is to rule Earth by any means necessary.  
                                          Brok, the Prince of the Sha' will stop at nothing to acquire what he wants, but when he meets Anabella Torres everything in his life takes a turn and his ultimate choice may bring him glory or doom.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


Everlasting Beauty

Copyright © 2016 by K.L. Rivers

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof

may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever

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Second Edition: Copyright © 2017 by K.L. Rivers

New Version Edition: Copyright © 2018 by K.L. Rivers

Written in Puerto Rico

Chapter One


My entire world was gone with a choice. I never knew that my choice would change everything, but it did. I couldn't allow my father to rot in a prison cell. He didn't deserve that or could his weakened heart take it.  The beast can say anything he wants to say, but what he did to him was unjust and unfair. More than that, it was cold and cruel, but I guess when you're a dictator, you're not allowed to have a heart, much less a soul for that matter.

His deep golden eyes still lingered in my mind forever watching me and my every move. Sometimes it was unnerving to think about those golden orbs looking down at me.

I wondered if he could penetrate my mind even. Would it be a good thing? I should think bad thoughts of him then.   I hated him with every inch of my heart and not just the organic one, but the inner celestial one as well, if there was such a thing. I wish I could send his ship and crew straight to the abyss of hell.

I was in a room and supposedly I was a guest and not a prisoner, but I found it quite ironic to be locked in. I guess this is how the Sha race treat their guests, by tossing their parents out of their space ships and demanding that their invitation be a permanent one.

I wish I could have known that in my Science class, oh right, my Science teacher didn't believe in green little men. Of course, this man wasn't green, he was blue and there was nothing little about his height.

"If you want to take his place, then go ahead. Be my guest, for life," he told me before tossing my father out into his doom.

Crying, I begged him to please let me say goodbye to my dad, but that was too much to ask of this vile monster, this Brok prince or whoever he was.

"Please... let me speak to him... one last time," I said on my knees. My jeans were torn, my face a bit smeared with dirt and I remember that my nails were bitten and not so well cared for. Stress damaged me this way.

"Master Brok maybe you should-"

"Take him away Rox. He is no longer my prisoner," Brok commanded. Rox who was a silver colored metallic robot with an egg shaped head who wore a long white robe.  He grabbed my father by his collar. My dad tried to fight him off, but the robot was stronger.

"Brok, master Brok, please listen to me. She's not well. She doesn't know what she's saying. Please set her free and take me instead. She's just a kid!" My father said.

"She is no longer your concern Mr. Torres. I suggest you concentrate on more efficient efforts, like trying to keep the rest of your species alive. However, they won't last long," Brok said with a soft grin on his lips.

Sharp fangs sparkled from his mouth and his smooth long, black hair slithered with his walk. His dark gothic styled clothing suited him well. I didn't believe for one minute that there was blood running through his veins, but cold-ice vinegar and acid.


"Papi!" I yelled, but it was useless. Rox who was nothing, but a metallic servant did whatever Prince Brok ordered. He radically took him away without a second thought.

The last thing I saw was the shadow of my father being dragged as he called out my name. I glared at Brok, but he dismissed it completely without a single word.

"I hate you!" I yelled at him.

"You are an inferior species Anabella. I'm not surprised at all," Brok said with a shake of his head.

"Inferior? Why don't you try to wear my shoes instead of judging me from that high chair of yours?" I said.

"High chair of mine? Your shoes? Sorry, I don't fall for metaphors, but thank you for the poetry lesson," Brok said.

"You are a monster!"

"Call me what you like Anabella. Beast if you wish.  You can hate me all you want, but that will not change your circumstances. You will still be a slave and your race decimated under my rule. So please, indulge yourself in your hate if you wish, but do not be fooled I am in control of you and your planet now," Brok said and walked away. I ran two steps and a door suddenly appeared in front of my eyes sliding itself and shutting me into this room. I was an inch away of being crushed, unless the door was intelligent, or something.

What could I do? How could I leave this place and warn others that Brok's intentions were hostile and not peaceful as he had said during his first visit to Earth? If you count a space ship crash as a visit. The presidents of the world believed him.

He was about to sign an interplanetary agreement with us, but apparently it was all a lie.

My father and I were the only ones who knew the truth. Then, it hit me. My father was going to be killed. Brok wouldn't want the truth to come out. It didn't make sense to allow him to live, so he was either lying about letting him go or...

Why would Brok allow him to live anyway? Well, maybe Brok thought that no one would listen to my father, since everyone thought that he was literally crazy.

My dad was a part-time "conspiracy theorist".  After a heart attack in the mine fields he literally began to form this strange group called "The Spectators." These were all people who believed in UFO's basically.

My mother had died long ago and he began to spread a rumor that space aliens had taken her into another dimension on the day of her death. Since then, he's been known as "The Weirdo".

  If only I could speak to my dad, talk to him telepathically or something. Don't be a hero dad. Don't go all nuts about me. Forget me. Forget all about me and save yourself. I'm done, I thought to myself in the hope that somehow, maybe a little spark of what I was saying would reach one of his eardrums or maybe his mind or his instincts, but as these words came into my mind a stream of tears ran down my eyes and my cheeks.  There was nothing but desperation in every sentence.

I'm dead. It's all over. I'm never going to see my father again, my brother, my best friend Chandra or that annoying idiot, Luke Stevens.

Not only would I lose the people around me, but I have lost everything in between. My life, my work, everything is lost. I won't be able to taste a piña colada or an alcapurria ever again. My toes won't touch the sandy floors of the beach or feel the tide of the waves. I'll never see a tree or have an annoying twig twisted around my hair. It'll never rain or snow in the planet Sha.

I fell on my knees and trembled. I felt fear, real fear for the first time. I was alone. I was sincerely alone and defenseless in the floor of my quarters. It didn't look like a prison, it looked like a comfortable room with a cozy bed and a majestic tapestry. It was all purple though. The walls, the bed, the desks and chair, all of it, even the rugs and the door.

Although it looked foreign to me, I couldn't see it as a horrible place. Where were the instruments of torture or the decay of my quarters. In fact it smelled of lavender and sandalwood. Not a single thing was dusty, or odious for that matter and yet I felt so afraid in its utter perfection. It screamed at me, I'm a lie. I just looked at my surroundings and none of it felt real. What was this thing? A room, a chamber or maybe a prison. Was it digitalized to make me believe in it? I didn't know.

All of these questions made me quiver and distract myself from the undeniable truth, I was all alone. I trembled further. My body wouldn't stop. It shook and shook until it couldn't take it anymore. Maybe it was the excitement, the fear, the sadness or the shock. Whatever it was, it overtook me and my body just shut off and broke down like a computer with a virus.