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13 year old Dylan runs away from home, she wasn't happy anymore , she just needed to get away. But now its been four years, shes 17 and she wants to go back. But when she gets back, she figures out her and her famiy has been.. replaced.

Headed Home

"It's been four years since I left home. I wonder if they still care, I doubt it. One day I packed some stuff and just left, Not looking back. I was fed up. Fed up with everything , my parents, siblings, my friends, my family memebers, teachers, classmates and life its self. I just had to get away for awhile. Now its been awhile. And I think I should go back.  Should I? " I say to the older woman named Julia, - I met her about four months after I left- .   

"Dylan? You are such a smart young lady, and I dont think you need me to tell you the right choice anymore. Your 17, do what you feel is right. But in my opinion, yes you should go home, if I were you I would have went back home the minute I left. " Julia said as she finished gathering the blueberries off of the nearby bush.
I quickly tied my shoes and jumped to my feet. I turned and grabbed my bag, tied my messy red hair in bun and looked down at Julia. She was picking out the good and bad berries. I went to open my mouth but nothing but slience came out. Instead of talking I just reached down grabbed a handful of berries and popped them in my mouth. She look up, grinned and pointed to the other direction- she knew I was confused on which way to go-. I laughed, patted Julia on the back and headed home.
Even though I left four years ago, me and Julia have only been walking in circles. The furtherest we got was about 6 miles away. I could walk that In two hours,- but once again we were just going in circles, no destination,-  Now theres a destination, that I need to reach.

Home Sweet Home

"Home" I wispered to myself as I stepped on my front porch and brought my hand to the home made door knob my father made when I was just a little girl. I twisted the door, and gave it a hard shove to push it open. I walked in and froze. The house was completly diffrent, there was family pictures everywhere, the walls painted a diffrent colour, kitchen was renivated, so was the living room. I took a couple steps forwards to get a better look at the pictures. Five people were in this photo, my mother, my father, my little brother dawson, my little sister darla and then me. I dont recall taking this photo, darla and dawson look way older now , they dont look the same at all. But I look the exact same as I do now. I rip the photo off the wall and search it for the date, THERE! I notice a small written sentence in the top left corner. Its my mothers writing, it says "June 14th 2016". Its now July 27th 2016. I wasn't even home the day this picture was taken, I was gone, with Julia. That girl in this photo is not me, and im certin of it.
The door knobs turns, I quickly hang the picture back up, ran up the wooden staircase and went to the room that was mine when I left. I guess its still mine now, because when I walked in all of my stuff is still there, but theres new stuff to. I walked up to the wall that had nothing on it when I left, but now, there was sports medals,  art drawings and ribbions. I didn't get these, im horrible at sports and I suck at art. This girl is not me, shes not even close.
I hear someone walking up stairs, I quickly slide under the bed, but I still make sure I can see. Then someone walks in, a girl to be exact. She was wearing high heals and tights. I try not to laugh, I cant belive this girl thinks she can be me, I hate heals and tights. She walks around the bed and sits down, Her feet almost kicking me in the face. She takes her shoes off and throughs them under the bed, hitting me in the nose. I try not to make a sound. She swings her feet up on the bed just as Darla walks in.
"Dylan? Wanna go swimming? Mom says we can go if we want" Darla says as shes jumps on the bed beside the girl.
"Sure Darla, but let me clean my room first, okay?" she says as shes steps off the bed.
Darla quickly follows her off the bed. The girl stands at the door and motions for Darla to leave, and out she goes. The girl shuts the door and walks over to the bed. She reachs under with one hand and I qucikly slide over the other way. Her hand is only a couple centimetiers away from my arm. I cant move any further or ill go right out in the open. But shes moving she arm again, i have no choice now. I quickly slide out from under the bed, Im trapped. The girl gets out from the bed and stands up, we both freeze. There she is standing in front of me. My replacement.
"MOM!" The girl yells as she pulls a shot gun out from under her pillow and points it right at my chest. I freeze not sure what to do. The girl stares at me, she reaches up and rips off her face mask. She isnt the same as me at all, she has dark black hair, tan skin, brown eyes and acne like crazy. Im a red head, im whiter then white, blue eyes and i dont even have on zit. What is this. As I stand there confused my family walks in. Then they rip there masks off. There not my family.
"By any chance are you Dylan Sheilds?" the oldest male asks as he takes the gun from the other girl and puts the gun on the bed.
I shake my head yes. He grins. He pulls rope and tape out of is pocket, grabs a baseball bat from the closet and walks up to me. "Goodnight" He whispered in my ear moments before he swung the bat back and hit me in the head.


I woke up upside down. I looked around to see my real family hanging upside down to. We were on a metal bed, that moved. I was looking around when I noticed the other family, they all had knifes in there hands. I wish I could just scream, but tape was over my mouth, so I could scream but nobody would hear me. The peope who replaced each person walked right in front of us. I look to my left, where dawson is upside down crying. The little boy in front of him is rubbing the knife on his neck, not cutting in yet. Every other replacement started doing that to there person. I felt the blade rubbing against my neck. I cant handle this. It goes on for five mintues until I looked at my dad who got the tape off his mouth.
"HELP! HELP! AHHHHH! HELP ME!" He screamed. He made a mistake. The replacement dad got fed up and dug the knife into his neck leaving a nice clean cut. All the blood dripped out of his neck leaving him a dead corpse.
Now I guess there sick game began. All my father blood was in five sepreate water bottles. Each replacement drank there bottle and laughed. Now on to Mom. They did the excat thing. Cut her neck then drank the blood. Then Darla, same thing, cut then drink. Now dawson. Sweet little dawson. This is sick. Dawson is right beside me so I can hear the knife enter then cut. The sound of his bubbling blood makes me burst out in tears. The sound of them drinking the blood to the last drop, then there laugh, the laugh that proves that all of them are sick sick people. Now the girl walks to me, she sharpens the blade and instead of cutting my neck right away she stuck me right in the stomach. Once, Twice , Three, Four times. Then my blood drips from my stomach, she gets a new knife and digs it into my neck, starting from the left sliding it over to the right. She backs away as if shes admiring her work. She picks the blood up, hands it to her family, then they drink.
Just moments before I died they wrote a note and stuck it on the floor in front of me. It says
I looked around at my dead family.
"Goodnight" I said